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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - August 27, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta LETHBRIDGE August Your horoscope By Jeane Dixon Ask Andy WEDNESDAY, AUG. 28 Your birthday today: Arrives in the midst ot normal progress combinations of ex- isting and planned ventures, productive constructive, oc- casionally dramatic depar- tures from routine Relationships thrive if deep seated, become even more superficial if casual or convenient Today's natives are methodical persistent students all their lives ARIES (March 21-April You are offered excellent chances for getting past an old limitation Small encourage- ment from associates gives vour plans a boost Keep ceace at home this evening1 TALRUS (April 20-May attention to details Correct discrepancies in your work immediately Oppor- 'amties abound to promote new ventures Speak up about the backing you need GEMINI (May 21-June Be practical with finances, small savings come jn extra ordinarily handy Be sure that purchases true to order Family agrees now on budget revisions CANCER (June 21-July Haste complicates beyond waste Associates involved in projects do not know where to channel considerable energy Explain simply LEO (July Con- ditions left unsettled in vour work challenge your sense of humor and dedication Resist strong urge for drastic changes VIRGO (Aug 23-Sept Routine schedules fail, per- sonal enterprises advance as openings develop For needed information be willing to search in unfamiliar places Don't expect instant success LIBRA (Sept 23-Oct You are to pursue happiness, but have no guarantee of achieving it Sudden or radical changes are not favored. Be patient with loved ones' SCORPIO (Oct 23-Nov Be consistent and serene Attract support for ventures by working yourself, not demanding External con- ditions almost certainly dis- rupt daily routine SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec Bright ideas of friends aren't really in your best interests Stick with methods that are already organized, proven productive Review progress this evening CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan Business demands tem- porarily conflict with personal enterprises Postpone change where possible new factors soon surface Seek guidance through medition AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb Perform your serious work today especially on con- fidential matters shielded by the general confusion, clamor Formal or legal action is not favored PISCES (Feb 19-March Take any chance to rest Relax and share whatever fun and diversion you find Be cautious about spending, but do it yourself rather than allow others to do it for you I Flashback j By THE CANADIAN PRESS August 27, 1974 Iruguav the last south American region to be colonized won its independence 146 ears ago to- dav in 1828 with the signing of a treaU between Brazil and Argentina The move against Spanish rule began when Britisn troops brieflv oc- cupied in 1807 but the was occupied successively bv Portuguese Brazilian and Argentine troops before it became an independent buffer state Fun with figures Bv J A H HUNTER There are lots of them about and thev aren't all dirty hippies' Each distinct letter in this very easv addition stands for a particular but different digit do you make of this PRIME MERIDIAN Andy sends a complete 20- volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Michael Komoroski, age 11, of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, for his question Why is the Prime Meridian in England? This tale goes back to a time when Britishers could claim Britannia Rules the Waves Their little island and their farflung colonies were guard- ed by a mighty navy that no other country cared to challenge Fleets of their trading ships sailed the seven seas All this seafaring re- quired pilots who knew where they were at all times This is how cotne the Prime Meridian was set up in England Lines of latitude and longitude were used to plot the surface of the globe, way back in ancient days But our precise modern system dates back only a few centuries The latitudes, as we know, are parallel circles, more or less evenly spaced between the equator and the two poles These east-west lines are crossed by evenly spaced lines of longitude that run north and south from pole to pole Each meridian is a half circle of longitude linking the two poles As we know, the planet Earth rotates on its axis toward the east completing a dav-and-night circle in about 24 hours Because of this, the sun rises in the eastern sky and sets below the western horizon Its path is related to the passage of time, for it crosses 15 degrees of longitude every hour Hence the half circle meridians are the keys to our timekeeping system The problem is solved by special timekeeping astronomers, who rely on a celestial system of latitudes and longitudes For example, the celestial equator is direct- ly above the earth's equator There are celestial lines in the skv to match the poles and all the latitudes and longitudes A special observatory staff- ed by specially trained astronomers is needed to make use of this basic blueprint When precisely charted, the passage of the sun can reveal the exact time What's more, the same basic system is related to where as well as to when For the latitudes and longitudes chart every location on the face of the globe One of the earliest centers set up for the scientific study of when and where was the Royal Observatory of Greenwich, England. In 1710, with the most up-to-date equipment and staff of the times, it was the best of its kind The seafarers of the world depended on the globe charters and timekeepers of Greenwich When it comes to where, there is no doubt at all about the north and south directions. The two poles are there to mark the spots But there is no natural marker to divide the east and west Hence it was necessary to invent one Naturally the astronomers of Greenwich chose to place longitude 0 degrees right above their heads This is the Prime Meridian, running directly north and south from pole to pole In 1884, it was of- ficially adopted by the civiliz- ed world From the Prime Meridian, 180 degrees are counted westward and 180 eastward The east and west hemispheres meet at the International Date Line, which runs down the middle of the Pacific Ocean Meantime, the Greenwich astronomers check the sun as it crosses their Prime Meridian This precise moment of noon by Greenwich time is flashed around the world Questions asked by chil- dren of Herald readers should be mailed to Ask Andy, P.O. Box. 765, Huntington Beach, California 92648. (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 1973) HAVE YOU EVER 0EEN IN A SITUATION WHERE FELT WU WERE IN OVER WR HEAP? HAPPENED TO ME A LOT LATELY M I GET UP IN THE MORN INS, I FEEL I'M IN OVeK HEAP.' IB "THE MIRAGE IVE-EVB? SEEN, HI AND LOIS AS NIGHT CAME ON ANP THE CRIES OF THE NISHT CREATURES BE- GAN TO BE HEARP IN THE FOREST, THE LITTLE 6IRL THOUGHT SHE MI6HT NOT EVER PINP HER WAV WOME AGAIN THAT'S THE ENP OF CHAPTER TWO, TRIXIEY ANP I THINK THAT'S A (500P T THINK IT WAS A TERRIBLE PLACE TO STOP BUGS BUNNY HOW'S THAT FER A PERFECT FIT, FUPDSY? THIS JACKET WAS MADE FERYOU' WHAT HAPPENED TO MY HANDS? CAN SEE YA GOT A QUESTION WHAT'S ON YER MIND BLONDIE N U T (Answer tomorrow) Yesterday's answer: 16 numbers in Magic Square, 23 through 48. Lawrence Lamb M.D. Goren on Bridge BY CHARLES H GOREN c 1974, The Cliicjso Tribune East-West vulnerable South deals NORTH 5 4 Q J 8 4 3 9 7 WEST EAST SOUTH AQ 9 5 A K 7 A K J 10 8 5 The bidding: South West North East 1 Pass 1 Pass Pass 3V Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead Three of A The obvious play and the right play are not necessarily the same thing South held the obvious play in reserve and found a line that gave him an added chance to bring home his contract North and South conducted an intelligent auction to reach their best spot After South had jump rebid his suit, North pinpointed his heart stoppers in case South held values m spades and wanted to play in no trump. When South denied a spade stopper by reverting to North's suit, North closed the auction at a club game West led a low spade to his partner's ace. and declarer ruffed the spade return It seemed that the fate of the contract hinged on the heart finesse, for declarer had an unavoidable diamond loser unless he was fortunate enough to drop a doubleton queen However, he was loth to rely on a play that had only a 506o chance of success, so he probed for something found it Declarer cashed the ace of clubs and led a club to the nine, drawing the opponents' trumps in the process. Dummy's remaining spade was ruffed and the ace and king of diamonds were cashed, m case the queen dropped. Though declarer had no luck there, he had yet another string to his bow. He continued with a third dia- mond. When the suit divided 3-3, and East had to win the queen, declarer could claim his contract, for East was end- played. If East returned a heart, it would be into dummy's ace-queen. Dummy would win two heart tricks, and de- clarer's third heart would be discarded on the thirteenth diamond A spade would be no better, for declarer would discard a heart while ruffing in dummy. The ace of hearts and long diamond would take care of declarer's remaining hearts Dear Dr. recent interview on television Dr Atkins stated that 100 people were put on calories a day of pure carbohydrates, then put on a diet of calories of all fats and finally on 1 000 calories of pure protein The biggest weight loss was recorded on the pure fat diet Next in line of weight loss was the diet consisting of all protein But on the pure carbohydrate diet no weight loss whatsoever was recorded Remember these diets were tested in the same 100 people How then can you explain your statement that a calorie is a calorie and that all calories count7 Dear Reader I didn't see the T V program, but if it is a recent one Dr Atkins should and I am sure does, know better No doubt he is referring as he did in his book, to the work reported by Kekwick and Pawan in 1956 in Lancet, a British Medical Journal This outdated study was repeated by other scientists and extended to 24 days The original study you quote was a short term study In the logger study the weight loss was exactly the same for carbohydrates, proteins and fats The experiment has been repeated several times by other investigators who have also confirmed that if you eat the same number of calories each day for 24 days or longer you will lose the same amount of weight, regardless of whether the calories are from protein, carbohydrate or fat Now, why does it make any difference whether it is for 10 days or 24 days9 The whole question revolves around losing weight or losing fat On the protein and fat diets the dieters initially lost a lot of JULJUS I BOUGHT ME THIS MEW IT 5 CALLEP HOW TO AVOID COMFUCTI MARC? I AS E" water not fat because thev didn't have enough carbohydrate in the diet thev had essentially none That is not fat loss and is temporary Carbohydrates help the kidney retain normal amounts of needed salt and hence water So, you are just telling me again about the old water loss gimmick for low carbohydrate diets There is a practical point m this When you are on a diet other than a low carbohydrate diet don't expect to be washed out and run and jump on the scales and see a dramatic weight loss You should wait three or four weeks to see a good result Many impatient people can't stay on a diet three or four weeks and never see the results of their efforts As the excess body fat is converted back into energy it releases water At intervals it is filtered out by the kidneys Many people lose weight by plateaus A sudden loss, then a lag of even two to four weeks before the next meaningful results are apparent on the scales Meanwhile as the water is retained you are safely and sanely losing fat everyday Remember, that is the real goal You want to lose fat and stay healthy If the goal was just to wring out your body and watch the scales, any doctor could give you some of our powerful new diuretics and have instant dried human But, most doctors are far more sensible than that So, a calorie is a calorie, the basic laws of nature remain intact not withstanding what you have heard on T V Dr Atkins's quotation of an old and long since clarified experiment doesn't change that one bit. AMD IT REALLY WORKS, TOO WHENEVER WE HAVE A FIGHT I JUSTHITHIM WITH IT ARCHIE BETTY, YOU HAVE A WHITE SKIRT LIKE THIS GREEN ONE I COULDN'T GET THE GRASS STAIN OUT OF IT... SO I DYED IT GREEN WHERE DO THE YOU GET DRU6- HAGAR THE HORRIBLE roue INTENTIONS, YOUNG MAMf TO RAISE HEM OF HEP SKIRT. o. ANP IS PAPPY JUMPING UP ON MY BEETLE BAILEY PLEASE, LORD, PLEASE LET 60 WELL TM YOU CAM START IN NOW, I.OKD Lll ABNER TUMBLEWEEDS HIM NOT WANT WORLD TO KNOW HE IS EX- REDSKIN. SO HE HATE FEATHERS SOME JOKE HUHP WE NOT LET HIM DRAG RED HERITAGE ACROSS HIS PATH if A NUTLEV REAILV RUNAWAV WARRIOR NAMED "SCORNED- SWINE HOW'S THE HANGMAN HOA6Y? 8-77 EVERYTHING'S COMING UP ROSES ;