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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

- Page 14

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - August 26, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta LETHBRIDGE HERALD-Monday, August Your horoscope By Jeane Oixon TUESDAY, AUGUST 27 Your birthday today: Finds you discarding the unwanted, conservatively speculating, expanding and beginning a search for fresh tools, resources, ventures. Relationships broaden to include many diverse types of people, but are at times dif- ficult to find time for. Today's natives develop intense, perfection-seeking efforts, special vocations ARIES (March 21-April Tie up yesterday's loose ends quickly, prepare for day at peak energy Quickly strike a bargain and go on to another transaction Evening's social climate is clear and happy. TAURUS (April 20-May Help, encouragement, good news, perhaps a meaningful new contact all come from distant source Business propects brighten, but sen- timental interests attract more of your attention. GEMINI (May 21-June Make a deal while possible. Adopt new budgets, settle things with partners or add to associates. Keep pushing, even though morning activity slows down by afternoon CANCER (June 21-July Pursue plans with verve and enthusiasm Many are aware of your progress and methods although they say nothing Ex- ploit the evening's situation, keep your sense of humor LEO (July 23-Aug Work with present resources rather than projected ones. Be alert and energetic Overtime is justified VIRGO (Aug 23-Sept What you've been doing for Goren on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN Q.5-Both vulnerable, as e it74, TIM Chicaw Tnbvnt Q 1 vulnerable, as South you hold A KQ76 KQ982 3 A43 The bidding has proceeded East South West North DWe. Pass Pass Pans 24k Pass Pass What do you bid now0 A It is unsound tactics to contest the auction anv further Partner has little or nothing, for values he could have bid again over two spades In addition, he might have a tour-card club suit South vulnerable, you hold. "AAK1087 AK943 The bidding has proceeded: North East South West Pass 1 Pass Pass What do you bid now9 choice is a lump shih to three diamonds It is true that two diamonds, a change of suit bv responder. is forcing and. there- fore might be considered a proper bid However our experience shows that failure to jump now thus showing a strong diamond suit tould lead to later complications vulnerable, as South you hold 4kQ854 V Q QJ10652 A8 The bidding has proceeded: South West North East Pass IV Dble. Pass What do you bid? Three diamonds Considering vour previous pass, a jump response to the double is indicated. For the moment vou should prefer diamonds to spades Though the ii-mp is not forcing, if pannei bids again, vou can introduce spades, conveying the message that vour second suit is a rather scragglv tour-card suit South, vulnerable. you hold: V AKQJ1076 Q54 The bidding has proceeded: North East South West Pass Pass What do you open? an opening bid ot one heart is technically, correct, oui vote is for tour hearts Partner's pass rules out anv hopes of slam and since our defensive values are limited, the preemptive opening might shut out an opposing spade South you hold: 4.9 VQJ63 The bidding has proceeded West North East South 14k Pass INT Pass Dble. Pass What action do you take9 Partner's double on the second round is for could have doubled one spade had he wanted to hear from vou Your substantial values will corne as a pleasant surprise to partner, so vou can look forward to a handsome profit South, vulnerable, you hold 4> 10762 V AQ6 AKQ1095 The bidding has proceeded' South West North East 1 Pass 1 NT Pass 9 What do you bid now9 Ihree diamonds A slightK aggressive call but vour hand rates to produce seven tricks and vou should encourage partner to bid again if he has reasonable values Two diamonds is far too consena live We would not quarrel strongh with a reverse bid of two hearts, which pinpoints the weakness in the black suits South, vulnerable, you hold The bidding has proceeded- South West North East 14 Pass Dble. 34k Pass Pass 9 What do you bid now? There is no point in flogging a dead horse You havt alreadv shown a strong hand bv opening the bidding and then doubling at your second turn If partner had enough to guarantee vou safety at the four-level, he should have bid at his last turn (Yes. do not like passing 20 points but Q 8 vulnerable, as South you hold: 4A1074 VQ1052 8762 The bidding has proceeded: North East South West IV Pass Pass 2 NT Pass What do you bid now? hearts Bv promoting vour heart honor I point, vou are maximum tor vour raise. Partner has shown additional values bv bidding again, and vou owe him the count's) ol expressing confidence in his bidding and would have returned to three hearts without the queen Ask Andy pleasure becomes important enough to aid vocation. Many sidelines suggest further development. LIBRA (Sept 23-Oct Provided you're willing, close associates may meet you halfway and form sound basis for future ventures. Make it a good family evening. SCORPIO (Oct 23-Nov Be prompt and diligent in nor- mal routine. Install new procedures, based on recent experience before ex- perimenting further. Celebrations are appropriate tonight. SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec Financial moves are favored, especially where you've researched the details for some time Gather what belongs to you; collect what you've earned CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan Revisions of long-term arrangements are feasible. Don't dawdle or use partial solutions for speculation Dealing with close relatives suits your purposes AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb You may find minding your own affairs quietly dif- ficult today, but productive in the long run. Silent partners stimulate change. PISCES (Feb 19-March Seek co-operation for your own program on this relative- ly calm day. Work hard, be consistent, particularly where others are negligent Andy sends a complete 20- volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Eldon Hemminger, age 11, of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, for his question: What are radiolarians? Their name means minor sunbeams, because their delicate skeletons radiate in such delicate designs. So far, almost radiolarians have been identified, each one a tiny jewel Most of them are microscopic in size and too small to be seen. But a few species span a fifth of an inch. All of these mini gems are single celled animals of the protozoan group. The radiolarians are at home in the plankton-rich waters of the salty sea. They share this realm with teeming multitudes of single-celled algae, mini-copypods and dainty diatoms, plus swarming populations of the eggs and larvas of assorted sea-dwellers. Most of the plankton populations are invisibly small But together they form a rich seafood salad This is the first link in the food chain that feeds the hungry ocean The or so radiolarian species are merely single- celled blobs of cytoplasm. But almost all of them are talented builders and their artwork often survives through hundreds of millions of years, long after the living builders have departed. Their building material is silica, the mineral used to make the hardest of the earth's common rocks. Silica is dissolved in seawater and the radiolarians extract it, molecule by molecule, to build delicate lattices around their soft little bodies. Many of them build openwork spheres, often with one lacy ball inside another Some are dainty saucers and others look like lacy caps or helmets In many species, the tough silicon designs look like little bells. Naturally, each species inherits a family blueprint and builds a perfect copy of the design used by its ancestors, way back into antiquity The tough lacy shells protect the soft bodies within and the holes allow them to poke forth sticky fingers called pseudopods. They do this to catch passing diatoms, copypods and other smaller- than-small plankton dwellers. The victims are trapped when two or more sticky pseudopods grab them and stuff them down inside to be digested. The soft body of the average radiolarian has an outer layer of frothy material which seems to help him to select his preferred water level. Most species live 600 feet or so below the waves and some go down as far as three miles. However, many live just below the surface where sometimes the sun is too hot and the waves too rough for comfort This is when a surface-dwelling radiolarian releases his watery bubbles and sinks below until things improve The radiolarians prefer warm or tropical seas and we know they have lived there for countless ages. When they die, their durable little skeletons sink to the bottom In the Indian and Pacific Oceans, some three million square miles are covered with radiolanan ooze. This is a mixture of slimy mud and tough radiolarian shells that have endured through several hundred million years Questions asked by chil- dren of Herald readers should be mailed to Ask Andy, P.O. Box. 765, Huntington Beach, California 92648. (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 1973) I'VE SAT HERE NOW FOR 5EVEN HOURS, ANP NOT ONE PERSON HAS 5AIP A KINO ME! S HELLO THERE, LITTLE FRIENP THERE GOES SPOT IN THE "6UINNESS 000K OF if- SHORT RIBS KING is MIU-ION FOR A NFW WELFARE PROGRAM., GREAT. I'M GOING TO SEE IF I QUALIFY. THIS PROGRAM IS FOR THH KtNGS WELFARE, HI AND LOIS WHAT A PAY I JUST CAN'T SEEM TO MAKE ANY WHAT A ARE YOU POING? To FINISH THIS BOOKT, BUT I THE PHONE KEEPS BUGS BUNNY CUP ACCORD1N1 T' TH1 COMPUTER VEK S'FOSEO T' HAVE CLEAR SOUP, A LF-TTUCE SANDWICH AN1 SKIM MILK FEK EVER SINCE WE. GOT THAT CONTRAPTION, I HAVENT BEEN ABLE TO MAKE UP MY OWN MIND ABOUT ANYTHING.' Al BLONDIE Lawrence Lamb M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb My husband has just celebrated his 52nd birthday and since he turned 50, I notice he has seemed depressed. He is in good health with a good head of black hair, no gray yet. He seems to get headaches across his forehead. It seems to me he is going through the menopause. He refuses to see our doctor saying he is not sick, just under the weather I try to cheer him up, but feel helpless when he is so depressed and won't even take aspirin I think he also worries about retirement in about eight years time He is an accountant and in recent years quite a few of his colleagues collapsed and died shortly after retirement. I reckon one cannot run away from retirement, but rather prepare for it Could you please recomment literature on 101 ways to occupy one's self in retirement9 Dear Reader You are very wise Most people go to great lengths preparing for death. They have insurance for death, estate planning for their heirs and even plan where they are going to be buried, but all too few plan for living. You are absolutely right, the best way to survive and enjoy retirement is to plan for it properly. You may be interested in my booky "Stay Youthful and (Harper and It provides a complete guide of what changes occur as you get older, and what we know about how to prevent such problems. That most definitely includes plans for keeping occupied. Your husband is probably having a true middle-aged depression If it is any worse, he may need some professional counseling or even some medicine to perk him up Men do get depressed when they realize that the major span of their supposedly productive years is behind them. Our society isn't very helpful here because the retirement system often makes people quit being useful members of society In fact, many people in their 60s and older have the best years of their lives before them, if they use them properly. I pointed out in my book that the Abkhasians often are working in the fields from age 90 to 100. And, they keep a vigorous interest in community affairs and family affairs In short, they continue to feel needed. It is important to increase social contacts. Get into organizations that will keep you active and involved. Each person has to choose his own area of interest, but the point is to choose something. It may be a garden club-type activity and learning to raise your own food. That might come in very handy after retirement or, the way things are going, even sooner. WMY ARE YOU WEARING THOSE TAP SHOES SO, RDR PPACT1CE, I'M TAP MY WAVAL.ONS ITS LIKE GETTIMG YOUB MAIL. DELIVERED BY ARCHIE JEEVES IS SERVING A I PARKED VTAILSATE THE OTHER 1 LUNCH STATION WA6ON WITH ALL OUR HORSE' THINGS IN IT THIS IS WHAT I CAUL JUS, THERE'S PLENTY FOR -YOU TD EAT ON THE TAILGATE OF WAGON HAGAR THE HORRIBLE Fun with figures By J. A. H. HUNTER It's a Magic Square today That's a sequence of positive consecutive numbers, arranged in checkerboard style as a square, so that each row, each column, and each of the two diagonals will add up to the same Magic Total. And that Magic Total happens to be 99 more than the smallest number in our sequence How many numbers are there in that sequence? (Answer tomorrow) Friday's answer: Joe spent Mr. Hunter answers all letters: ideas welcomed. FISH JUST AREM'T TODAY. TRY TMBRE. BEETLE BAILEY WHAT DO YOU CALL TMAT ON TOP OF LEMON PlE? DARN YOU, BEETLE I 6OT TO LI1ABNER TUMBLEWEEDS WELL! AS I LIVE ANP PREATHE! IT'S HOGARTH THE WHAT PRIN6S YOU ID TOWN, HOAGY? VOL! LOCATB A.RAVeM THE PALEFACE WHC 6OT LVK SECRET OF HOW TO GET AMERICANS TO BLOW UP UMSELF you FOR MOONS I FOLLOW HIS TRAIL OVER PARPEN WASTES .SKIP DM SMALL. TALK! BEFORE you OUR RSO PAINT THE RUSSIANS TAKE THE PLACE OF THE POLECATS -LAST REMAINING UN- PEFEATEP INDIAN TRIBE NO...TVMDOFMY ROPES GETTING SORTA PRAYER INEEPA NEW PAIR OF SUSPENPERS. PROOPY EH? ;