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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - August 20, 1971, Lethbridge, Alberta 20 THE LETHBRIDOE HERAIC1 Ftitlny, Auguil 20. Your horoscope By Jeans Dixon :i Ytmr 1) i r Hi d ;i y tmlny: Tlii? is UK- year of findim; out your learning to ninkn guod of llioni. Material priisperily is nor- mal, aci'ordiiis to what ef- fort make. If you aren't v.ell regarded al uhai you're il a pood year h> iTirain, In a more compatible dis- cjplinc. T o (1 a y s natives eventually peri e nee a hi.nh tide in v.hicb COIUL-.S an abun- dance of ail I host1 tilings ihvy had linpinj! AIMI'S i.March I'D: ilia I iniraclo air rare ami never uilhoul d-.f- iniLe, pc'ihaj'S cnibe. you .irliiL'vp ;i gi-vA dfa! with Ihi1 fret1 play your imaiiiruHion U'day. TH'IU'S liil-May Think, plan, ard strive- in tcnii.s explicit change tiian stupnar ami further cfimpli-[ for all you attempt lodny. Get seem promising. Join cations. after Ihe lick'ish jobs, you've a stronger team, add a com- VIIKiO I "'I M'pl i tie! llicin I pelenl associate. And keep Ihjlrf clhori crilical fri-L oi-er n.inur mailers and 1MSCKS d'cb. is-Mnri-h (1971: By The Chicago reach conclusions you may 1 Transactions lo improve your I Tnl.unc) feel are foully or unworkable. UnilA (Sept. Hit Ocl. Younger people arc apt Lo fill your .siii'romidiiips and keep you very busy or distracted. j T.ike full advantage of (he siL- iKiliiin lo observe and learn. SrOKIMO (Ocl. 23 Nov. Sun ebody values your opinion question seems larpcr ralhor mcnls. riKMIM 21 .lunc Make ;i prc'snilalion of ycur .skills. IH- alert, pel recopnition and credit. A lonp, bul croaiive is in- dicated i.lunr :M July Conflicts h c I u P e n career needs and family lies seem incvilnhln. with duly coir.inp first. ll 1 y -JiM: Extra visitors are likely and, i I h eticuiii au'emen't. tend your inviia- question seems casual, but isn't, Reflection i.s crucial. SAdllTAHIl'H (Nov. 22-Dcc. i: Seek fresh .social contact, Romance 'jeck- through unlikely quirks of coincidence. CAPmCOKN (Dt-c. 22 .Ian. Strive for freedom of movement slay out of fami- liar cfo-nclhinp grooves. Get in- ndiust- vclvod wilh olhcrs and their doings. AQl'AIlll'S (.1 a n. 20 Trli. ALL fOU'RE POIN6 15 CRAUJLINS AROUNPON THE GROW! VO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE-DON1! JUST CRAWL NEVER LISTEN TUMBLEWEEDS-By TOM K. RYAN I NOT ONLY REDECORATE? YOlift PUT, I ALSO CUREP HIM Of HIS AWFUL KAPIT OF CHEWING WACCOj... Pmdei ce is the kcvword Ban archers LOS ANMELKS (Kcuter) The Los Angeles city council has banned bow and arrow hunting inside the limits. Archers previously were al- lou'rd lo roam Ihe rugged hills in the northern part of the city lo the size of deer herds. First printing press Andy sends a complete 20- volume set or the World Book Encyclopedia lo Joey Heidi, ape 9. of VfinsUia- Sslerrr, North Ca-rolina, for hi.' question: Mow did UK first printing press work? Printing w a s invented slop by step and many people help- ed lo make it belter, At last Ihe printing press was invent- ed. 11 put ;ill Hie old (o- I irork. A clean sheet of paper was placed on i flat part of the press. The '.ype form was brushed with ink and placed face down on Ihe paper. There uas a big wooden screw, once used lo squeeze grapes This was turned to bring a flat board down on the type form. ft pressed a page of print onto gollier and added some new 'he paper, ones. The first printing press i Gillenbergs started their made in was made in a family work- shop. Part of it was an old machine that had been made to squeeze the juice from grapes. This old grape press was remodeled to press pages of wrjulcd words onlo sheets of paper. LAWRENCE E. LAMB, M. D. Pancreatic juices help digest fats nh Drnr Dr. I.a like lo tnmv if here is iiiiy food or tinnk can be di- gested v.itiioul Ihe aid oi the pancrealic jipce. I have no pan-' not sure why you have no pan- creas in my body. I am slouly' starving. Mnybc there arc sninc foods I rat. 1 would appre- dale il DC Dear Header If reallv The firs! books wcie and copied by hand, one teller and one page at a Lime. X.u- urally Ihis ..'ork was very slow. There were no! many books around and each one was guarded as a precrouo trea- sure. On'y a people a chance to read them. Bin for thousands of years, nobody .n- venled a quick way lo make lots of copies. In EUI-OIX- the first printed pages were made wilh wooden blocks. A fiat piece of hfc absorbing Vitamins A. D i Bas wilh deep lellcrsi and P.. Additional medicine will j ancl words, copied from a page need to be taken lo VTiLing. Tbe lop pioblerns wilh Ihe liver. I am brushed wilh ink pressed down erea.s and that is a rather m. consideration. contagious? Ilr. Lamb 1 have believed any cough is have no pancreas, you have no contagious. Is there a true pancrealic irioc rod no insulin areltc cough? Arc bronchial or from the tiny in the pan- crt'.'1i thai pTvent diabetes. Pancrealic iuicc contains en- zvmcs that help t" metaliolize all lypc.s of fond. Those are essential In rbgcsting fat are Ihe most critical A person i coughs because (he respiratory with poor Hmclinn Ihe pan- creas will most of the fat he cats Irnu.-o it cannot be absorbed from the intestines, tumor or an infectioon, for ex- Conscquertly. the stools ample. and greasy. In the ah- There siTely is a cigarette ways iiMhmalic coughs Your answer help me and many olher mothers and teach- ers who care for young chil- dren. Drnr Reader A person raft is irritated which can be by a chemical, an allergy or i mechanical irritation; large and greasy. In the ab- sence of sufficient pancreatic juice, the body can still cough and it is the result of chemical irritation. It isn't col CErhohyd r a I e s antl tagiooi, but the smoker's cig- sugars) and proteins (lean arelte can surely cause the non meats, lean fowl and lean smoker lo The preferred method some- of smoker lo cough and limes gasp for breath. Coughing from any allergy is managing the problems posed not contagious and many by lack of ;i pancreas or in- j cases of asthma are caused by adequate pancreatic function is i allergy. Several diseases of the, replacement. There are com- j lungs cough without be- hiercial pancreatic cxt ra c ts; ing contagious. Having a cough that car be used, These should from a simple cold is one thing be taken at frequent intervals, it shouldn't last too long. during the day 'six lo 12 times Anyone wilh a persistent cough a day) for the best effect. If should be examined. Such a there is no insulin production, cough can represent serious this, too, must be supplied. disease, and early diagnosis is Without replacement me- 1 usually in the patient's best in- dicine you may also have trou- tercst. GOREN ON BRIDGE BY CHARLES II. GOREN tf' mi; BT TM TflBonlJ North- South vulnerable. West deals. NORTH -1 7 fii .1 'J A K 8 2 C AKQ A WEET EAST 4AKQ1D952 A 8 C J 0 9 6 5 Z 107 4 2 A 63 SOUTH IS Void 9 J7 0 in 8 7 4 3 K Q J 9 g J The bidding: West North East 5culh I A Dole. Pass S Pasi 6 Pass Pms Pass Opening lead: King of A Allho North's double nf four spp.dc opening bid is intended primarily for penalties, Soulh is at liberty lt> bid himself if he has attractive distribution. Altho North has only a singleton club, his raise to six cluhs is reasonable, for partner may be rxpcctcd lo have a good suit when he bids it al Ihe five level. Wilh North holding live spades himself, there is an excellent chance lhal .South Is void in thai suit. West opened the king of spndcs nml declarer ruffed with Ihe five of clubs. A diamond was led to thai suil and West's Jack was covered by North's queen. The appearance of the missing honor cleared up any posslbil- I ity of a potential loser in that suit and South was now really lo draw trump. The ace of clubs was cashed and the closed hand was reentered by ruffing another spade with the nine 1 of clubs. Declarer attempted lo split out Ihe trumps by i cashing the club king and I queen. If that suit divided I evenly, he intended lo cross over to the king and ace o( diamonds to clear up the block in that suit, ruff a spade with his remaining trump and then take the lasl lour tricks with the ten and eiyht of diamonds and dum my's high hearLs. When East discarded R heart on Hie third round nf I clubs, Soulh's hopes were apparently dashed. It is now necessary to use up his last Irump, the jack, lo pull I Wesl's remaining trump, and i with Ihe diamond suit blocked, it appeared that there was no way to gel back to Ihe closed hand. Soulli had one string left In his how, however. He drew the last trump, crossed r.vcr lo Ihe king of diamonds, cashed Ihe ace and Ihen led n heart away from the ace, king. East was obliged lo pul up Ihe queen, hut since he had only red cards left, there was no way thflt he could keep declarer from regaining Ihe lead. Enst returned a heart, South won the trick wilh Ihe ja-'k and cashed Hie jack and eight of diamonds. His only loser was Ihe queen of hearts. onlo a sheet of paper The left marks lo show I ho letters and nothing in the spaces. The block cou'd be useii to make any number of copies. .Many prin' slicps used tbosc wooden printing blocks over 500 hundred years ago. Oflen Ihey used colored inks and added beautiful artwork lo carvirjgs. Sometimes a block made fur every pape in a whole book. But this look loo much time and people weie gelling impalient because (Jiey wanted more bcoks to read. At lnsj. Hie Cintcnbergs sol- ved fhe problem in their fam- ily workshop. Johannes Gulcn- berg thought of molding sep- arate letters from inelal. The lellers were nrranged lo biii'd words. The words were ar- ranged in n rous to form a page of print. When the rows of metal type were set in place, the page form was locked to- gether. Later, the form could be taken apart and the same letters used lo spell out anoth- er page. This idea was quicker and much better than Ihe old carved wooden blocks. But Johannes did not slop with one good idea He used that old grape press lo do the printing press around 1440. Soon they were printing 300 copit., a day. Wlit'M [hey had enough copies they look Ihe lype form apart and used the tellers lo line up the nexl page. In 1456, they were makinc the world's first printed Bibles. Nowadays, our mighly press- es hum as t'ley rcll the paper over Ihe tyiM.-. But the basic idea is not so very different from Ihe first printing press. And il all started in the Ger- man town of Mainz. If you go there VOL can visit a model of the old Gutenberg workshop, just as it was about 530 years ago. Andy sends a World Book Alias lo Reinhard Ilerrera, age 12. of Phoenix, Arizona, for his question: VYIial is inraiil by judo? is short for jujltsu. the name of a favorite Japanese sport. Originrlly it was devel- oped as part of the Irrining of the r.amiirr.1, Japan's special warrior class. ILs object may be self defense, eomhal or merely a series of mental and j physical exercises to keep Ihe body in good condition, The v a r i o 11 s motions somewhat rejemb'e a wrestling game. Ihe art of judo is based on strategy, rather than Ihe use of force. Balance is a factor in the various moves. Most young Japanese prac- tise judo as a regular part of physical training. However, teachers and experts in jujitsu mnsl live a strenuous life of training and concentration Since World War II, several forms cf judo have popular in many countries. In judo was officiallv ac- cepted in the United States. The rules of the game are set down by Kodokan College, the jujilsu centre of instruction in Tokyo. Questions aslved by cnlldren of Herald readers should be mailed to Ask Andy, P.O. Box 765, Huntington Beacfl, California 92648. (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 1971) BLONDIE-By Chic Young "SO JUMP IN THE BLTT T CAN'T MAKE OUT THE SIGNATURE I'M CLAD I HAVEN'T AW ENEMIES HERE BEtTIE BAIlEY-By Mori Wnlker WONDEEWHAT THE GENERAL WANTS TO ME A3OUT? X PRESSED UP IF FOR II L ABNER-By Al Capp Druggists warned end in sight (-'ITSA CHIPPCHOAit- CKIUIHAi NOTHIMG LIKE l EXERCISE TO KEEP A MAW HEALTHV. WEALTWANPifla.' WRON6 CHAIR." ARCHIE-By Bob Montana I'LL SAY.' -i-> PITCHIN6 HAY FOR OLD BEAZLY.' WELL, TOO DON'T STAND AROUND... 'CAUSE HE'S eor A prrcH- FORKTOO.' HI AND LOIS-By Dik Browne WINNIPEG (CP) E. K. Rcme, chairman of the clnig manufacturers association, has asked druggists for co-opcra- lion in fighting any legislation aimed al lowering drug costs through product sele Speaking to the Cai Pharmaceutical convcnlion Mr. Rowe warned of a possible end to the pharmacists' pro- fession and the danger to pulj- J lie health inherent in any leg- islation would allow pharmacists lo avoid use o[ hrand name dri'gs when fill- ing prescriptions. IN ALBERTA This type of Icgislnhon is al ready in force in Alherla and Saskatchewan and the. pharma- cists associalion has agreed in jrinciple v.ith Ihe system. Mr. Howe said Ihe system, which allow.' the pharmacist lo sclcft drugs by price and qual- ity factors ralher than hrnnd names could be delnmcnlal to drug research. lie said the higher priced brand name pnxhicl.s .subsidize drug re- search. "To an innovator in nhar- macciiticals in Canada is a thankless task, and now to lop all. fhe pharmacist decides lhal he will have Ihe riglil lo change Ihe decision of Ihe phy- sician regarding Ihe prrpara- .ion which his palicnt will re- he said. Mr. Rowe said he eoidd fore- see a silualion u-hon Ihe gov- Tnmenl. noujd .set] mimlXT over the, counter at li- oiior and grocery slorcs. He re- minded pharmacists that pro- duct substitution had not been supported by the Canadian Medical Association. llg uuhli) air fares being developed EDMONTON fCP) Cheap- er air fares lo enable Cana- dians to sec Canada are being developed, says Victor Emerv n[ Monlreal, marketing develop- ment direclor for Air Canada. Mr. Emery, here for the Ca- nadian Parks and Recreation Associalion annual conference, said in ,rm interview that thp ai -line's view of recreation is that il must involve travelling. Current Canadian air fare structures often make Europe and olher areas, via charier flifihls. more attractive for va- cations lhan other parts of Can- ada, he said. "We hope lo make Canadians aware of whnl Canada has lo offer. This is being carried out by working wilh provincial gnv- crnmenls and oilier tourist in- dusliirs." The chef approach seemed to be providing low-cosl-inchisivo package tours lo Canadian lour- isis seeking Id visit other part.s of C.inada. Such lours would be made al.lraclive. by fare and lodging discounts. I SURE SET TIRED OF BENS FED EVERYTHING WITH A SPOON IT'S TIME TO J PUT A LITTLE AWENTURt IKTTO EATINS SHORT RIBS-By Frank O'Neal i PIC eerA STOTM fflONT ID MOVE IN AS FAP SOUTH AS ALASKA. BUGS BUNNY ;