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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - August 13, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta 8-THE LETHBRIDGE HERALD-Tuwday, August Lawrence Lamb M.D. Dear Dr Lamb Enclosed you will find several clippings concerning different methods of improving the figure Since I have been reading your articles, I would also like to know if there is any truth in these or are they another gimmick to get my Do the exercises for developing the bust really work? How about the cream and lotion7 Will they cause cancer9 What about the exercises to slim down' Are they too strenuous for those who have had an operation such as an appendectomy, hysterectomy or gall bladder' Dear Reader I wouldn't give a blanket endorsement to an> of these gimmicks, Some have been under investigation bv the Food and Drug Administration Part of all these plans have some truth in them but the implied results are an exaggeration In general, if vou have to buv a device to accomplish vour goal of a better figure, you can bet there is an overriding commercial interest in the scheme About the breasts I don t think there is a thing in either the creams or the water spray device that will help improve bustlme It is true that exercises that build up the pectoral muscles under the breast will increase the measured circumference around the bustlme It is also true that improved posture will improve the appearance, not onlv of the bustlme but in over-all terms Exercises, then that help a women hold her shoulders back in a normal wav rather than to be slouched or round shouldered, are beneficial Flashback 1935 A dam burst near Turin Italv killing 600 and causing million damage 1941 The Canadian Women s Corps was authorized 1955 The Canso Causeway was opened linking Cape Breton Island with the Nova Scotia mainland 1961 Erection of the Berlin Wall was completed It is true that increased body weight or a little additional body fat will enlarge the breast But fat usually enlarges other parts of the anatomy as well, much to the person's sorrow Developing a fat body just to have fat breasts is not necessarily an improvement in appearance and certainly not an improvement in health Protein powders and extra food supplements sold by some such schemes are unnecessary and are just another way of fattening you and fattening the seller s pocketbook Regarding the device to slim you a good part ot that program is the diet that I happen to know is attached to the plan If you use good exercises particularly of the abdominal muscles, you certainly can improve your figure, if vou need to reduce your abdomen You can do this yourself, though, with sit ups leg lifts and a sensible diet You don't need to buy a device to be able to do sit ups The photos taken for such ads are suspicious Look at such ads and see how the subject is posed with the stomach pushed out and often with the back swayed The "after pictures are with good posture, the back straight and the stomach tucked in Usually the hair is styled differently and the sullen look is replaced with an engaging smile It's all designed to make a contrast, and it is not all in just losing pounds Many of these creams are just skin moisturizers, and other than their effect on the skin over the breast they have no particular actions The one ad you sent me sells a cream with no hormones, and there is no way it can cause cancer In general I consider such overcommerciahzed efforts a big rip-off of the public You could do much more for your health with a good sensible daily exercise program and a regular good diet program Your horoscope By Jeane Dixon WEDNESDAY, AUG. 14 Your birthday today: You begin to see reality from another vantage point, confronting natural and in- cidental limitations with vary- ing degrees of success Educational effort pays off. tar more than you expected Relationships are harder to maintain, cannot be taken for granted Today's natives include many who have brought the world unusual ideas great poetry, in- spiration ARIES (March 21-April Continue vesterday's activity with more energy and an earlier beginning Parents, older people require attention, perhaps your help Tend to obligations wherever you can TAURUS (April 20-May You can do a great deal for those like you by just being If there's a heavy strain on vour finances, move swiftly when there's oppor- tunih to improve GEMINI (May 21-June Promote personal interests, make trades and lump sum settlements where feasible Without mincing words, claim whatever vou feel is rightly CANCER (June 21-JuIy Private business outranks career moves Divide your time and attention to achieve a balance Revise finances in line with your reactions to favorable news LEO (July 23-Aug. Put minor complaints aside, get down to basic facts and dollars and cents Close obser- vation uncovers beneficial conditions, but you must initiate change VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. Credit where due" is your motto for the day Get a receipt for what you deliver Extra duties come your way, may as well be dealt with now No complaints' LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. Concern over your own problems, or those of a parent, shouldn't be allowed to impede career Stick to es- sentials, postpone expansive innovation or plans for it SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. Creative effort subtly over- comes an old limitation Nothing dramatic happens now but the small headway achieved promises future benefits SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec. Apply standard business methods as much as possible before experimen- ting Home life is richer and worth an extra, but sensible, outlay of sums CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. There's no use investing time or consideration in rivals or partners in hopes of a return Just get busy and do your own work AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. You could easily reach for too much, too soon the moderate approach is a sure winner Call a gathering of the clan tonight, you have news to share PISCES (Feb. 19-March Strive for practicality You now find feasible many things you'd been struggling, to assemble Pay attention, revise your tactics' ITS IT'S MY FIRST SWEETHEART! ALL RI6HT KIP STAMP K.VU THIS FLAY6ROUNP SEE? r COME AROONP YOU 5TANP 00 YOU HEAR ME1 IF HOU DON'T 00 UMAT I SAY THIS BEA6L6 WILL BITE L66 THE KINS WANTS VOU HE'S SUFFERING- FROM PUT HIM TO SLEEP TWS AFTERNOON AND HE WANTS TO DO IT A6AIAJ. 1374 by inc t M fag Jjj, Pal. Of HI AND LOIS IS IMASINE HNPIKJ6 A MV LUCKY STEPLAPPER STANPIN6 NEXT TO A DOUBLE BED BUGS BUNNY Ask Andy Send your questions to Dr. Lamb, in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y 10019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb's booklet on losing weight, send 50 cents to the same address and ask for "Losing Weight" booklet. Goren on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN S, The Chiogo Tribune North-South vulnerable South deals NORTH 6 5 3 2 10 7 5 4 10 5 WEST EAST VJ1075 93 SOUTH 4 K Q A J 8 6 3 K J The bidding South West North East 2 NT Pass 3 NT Pass Pass Pass Opening lead Five of V At the beginning of the 1960s, world bridge was dominated by the big four-the U S Italy, France and Britain Then, several new challengers for world bridge supremacy began to arrive on the scene The first to make a mark in the mid-60s was Australia, spearheaded by Tim Seres, a former Hungarian and today recognized as one of the world's great players. Watch his defensive technique on this hand from the recent Far Eastern Championships South had a difficult open-. mg bid problem Though he held the strength for an opening bid of two no trump, he had no stopper in spades Nevertheless, he decided that an opening bid of one diamond should be ruled out because three no trump could be makeable on many hands where one diamond would be passed out North had barely enough to raise to game West led the five of hearts. East put up the nine, and declarer won with the king, concealing the queen The ace of diamonds felled the king, and declarer continued with a low diamond Seres stepped up with the queen and paused to consider the situation It was obvious that declarer held the queen of hearts as well as the ace, for East would have played either of those cards at the first tnck if he held it Thus, the heart suit held no future West then considered a tlub shift, but with Q-10-5 of clubs in dummy and only a doubleton in his hand, it didn't seem that a club shift offered much promise By a process of elimination, the spade suit was the defenders' only hope However, a spade shift was not in itself sufficient Seres unerringly selected the only card to beat declarer To tnck four he led the jack of spades' This fine play pinned declarer's ten of spades Whether or not declarer covered with dummy's queen, the defenders could score four spade tricks Note that had Seres switched to a low spade, declarer would make his contract with an overtrick by simply allowing it to ride round to his ten SPIDERS y sends a complete 20- volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Joseph Glatz age 11, of Gravslake, Illinois, for his question What do spiders eaf All the spiders are born meat eaters but they do not compete for our precious food supplies Some of their favorite foods are the pesky insects that devour our fruits and vegetables Some species are especially fond of mos- quitoes and the flies that con- taminate our foods When it comes to menus, we should rate the spiders among our most diligent allies We share our well-populated planet more than different spider species All of them are carnivorous creatures vet none of them can chew chunks of solid meat All their food must be reduced to liquid form In most cases, the soft insides of their insect victims are partly digested before the juices are sucked down into the spider's tummv All spiders are arthropods, distantly related to the insects and crustaceans Unlike the insects they walk on eight rather than six frisky legs Itnlike the insects, their bodies have two rather than three sections One is the head-thorax the other is the abdomen Unlike the insects, none of the spiders take to the air on gauzy wings However both spiders and insects have rather elaborate mouth parts, made of paired sections The average spider has a small round mouth opening, a couple of fierce fangs and a group of sections arranged to form a short tube for sucking Attached to each fang is a gland that manufac- tures a poisonous liquid Black widows, tarantulas and a few of the giant spiders can bite and poison people But the fangs of most spiders cannot do much harm to human flesh Most insects are quicker than most spiders No doubt this is why the spiders use such clever devices to catch their prey Most of them spin silken threads and weave silken nets traps or snares Some of the threads are WHAT'S YEK THE SPARK GAP IN THE TIMER HAS WIDENED, CAUSING A DELAY IN THE IGNITING OF GAS IN THE CYLINDER., RESULTING IN A LOSS OF POWER BLONDIE IF I HAD THE TOOLS I'D FIX IT coated with goo and when a fly flies into a gauzy web, the more she struggles the more entangled she becomes Mean- time the hungry spider watches and waits in her shadv corner When she decides that the fly is safely trapped, the spider strides forth for the kill Her eight feet step brisk- ly over the same web that stuck to the struggling fly This is because the spider put goo on only some of the threads and she takes care to step on the non-sticky ones The first thing she does when she reaches her victim is to stab in her poisonous fangs This paralyzes the fly and perhaps puts her out of her misery Meantime, down in the spiders intestine, glands are producing special enzymes These digestive juices are pumped into the fly and her internal organs are reduced to pulp Now the hungry spider can sip her dinner Questions asked by chil- dren of Herald readers should be mailed to Ask Andy, P.O. Box. 765, Huntington Beach, California 92648. (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 1973) DO YOU HAVE CHICKEM LIVERS MO, Bur i HAVE CALVES BRAINS' AIMO I M PIGEON TOED' 12. ASK A SIMPLE QUESTION.' AND YOU GETA VAUDEVILLE ARCHIE MY GUEST ARE YOU STILL PLAYING WITH RUBBER TOYS DO YOU MIND IF T USE YOUR TUB? IS IN THIS ISN'T RUBBER MY UNCLE 6ROU6HT ME A BABY L ALLIGATOR FROM HAGAR THE HORRIBLE Fun with figures By J. A. H. HUNTER TO WIND -JUST WET YOUR Each distinct letter in this addition stands for a par- ticular but different digit Right away you can see what digit the letter L must represent Then what are the possibilities for S' That's a start, so what's the total LOSS' SON SON N 0 LOSS Thanks for an idea to N Norman, Victoria, B C (Answer tomorrow) Yesterday's answer- Ages: Joe 25, Kate 32, Jean 56. rioLD IT UP IM AIR..- AND WHICH1 BEETLE BAILEY LI'L ABNER A DRIVE IN THE COUNTRY SHOULD TAKE MY MIND OFF MY PHOBIA .THERES A CHICKEN IN THE ROXVD SIR' CHICKENS HAVE CHASE IT- BLAST HOW PAR SHALL I CONTINUE (THE CHICKEN AWAVC VOU'RE FIRED, WOftMB TUMBLEWEEDS "HUSPANP HUNTER'S HANP900K" "Losing; around, Puture Bride? TiE takes you. for granted. Maybe Give HIM some about I" to worry HI, HONi PO YOU RAVE A CAPTIVES' REGISTRATION PESK OK ;