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Lethbridge Herald (Newspaper) - August 9, 1992, Lethbridge, Alberta Entertainment sunday August 9,1992 the Leth badge Herald is sunday afternoon Cap met met Sam Ita Tafi an my team of Rwy i in Tow lat Mph ram to hot 12 00 12 30 1 00 1 30 2 00 2 30 3 00 1 3 30 4 00 4 30 5 00 5 30 pm Cis airy which Way you Cin movie the outlaw Josey Wales 374731 movie the enforcer 781712 news 8070 a Krem Simon i Simon 738977 runaway Gombrick open 711996 Beauty and the beast the Road Warrior a exly Tea week Divot Brinkley business Tea Newhart movie overboard 313422 Siskel strangers of a fun olympic summer games cont d 4580002 murder she wrote 28424 olympic summer games cd 3 Khz sea Herkt news olympic summer games 5104847 cd is s c8xft la Semain Everte 13052 Sec rag. Dee Jardins movie la Traviata 762793 visions d Ici 65628 0 a 10 Bot major league baseball Toronto Blue jays at Detroit tigers Tea meeting place 87557 Northland girl Girt 38 acc wonders. connecting family 39 weeks japanese behaviour world at War 74422 la France Paul Hann elephant 9 arts movie Beau Geste cont d 811489 movie for whom the Bell tolls 919996 in search of. 621267 20th cent 20th cent a know heart o the High country classic theatre 49557 Andy Warhol 57286 nursing care elephant a ten Auto racing Budweiser at the Glen Auto racing indy car Cleveland grand prix senior pea Golf digital classic sport desk 278199 1 american sports cavalcade 3578712 racing winners performance showcase trucking roed test sports cavalcade a div olympic summer games cont d 8097828 news 12248 news olympic summer games much in ring video fam clip trip Mike vide flow 699628 310444 outlaws and heroes spotlight vide flow can week in review 355793 world report 802286 games business world sport Sun. Won great moments baseball dugout major league baseball Chicago White sox at California Angels 515083 h. S heroes two zone a super the unbelievable truth movie tune in 8739557 movie nothing but trouble 9181354 waiting Tor the Light pc kingdom Black movie canot shoe 72441 legends and heroes Martin & Lewis Golden age Eric s work a webs major league baseball los Angeles dodgers at Atlanta braves 45256793 planet wrest a sooner a sooner Robison Vanimpe 700 club prayer Palace 450712 old time gospel hour Winter . While discovery Martin pm he Man Waldo Kitty Putin so can t on to edition Streetwise movie three ring circus 2786557 Bonanza 3564267 asps to War to War great performances 383557 european Asia now editors Home me wbk movie Copacabana cont d 886793 Goth Butch open 924828 news news 60 minutes 274373 Xyz Rock n Roll remembering Marilyn movie the seven year itch 79642. news 30538 Abc news life goes on 99793 a tvs business interests Adam Smith Tony Brown Robin Hood championship skating Cosmos 15793 geographic 2 Chat major league baseball Toronto Blue jays at Detroit tigers up Tasman world vision 23335 Northland hymn sing Beverly Hills 90210 5996 of 9 Krov cur. Affair weekend Tea pea Gold Buick open 379354 new Warp lbs news the West of 11 Kubb supermodel of the world 316593 Landin travelin1 on Gloria Estefan kingdom Abc news close up newsworthy Dennis Miller outta Here a look Back at Andy Warhol Andy Warhol airs at 3 . On Channel 15 knowledge network. This profile of Andy Warhol s life and work includes previously unseen footage. It was filmed in London shortly before his death in 1987. Drag races a manufacturers Midway and a Swap meet at the super Chevy show in Memphis Tenn. Are examined on performance showcase Memphis at 3 . On Channel 19 Nashville net to highlights work. Martin & Lewis their Golden age of comedy part i airs at 4 . On Channel 25 family Channel. Birth of the team is a retrospective look at the comedy team of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis with interview Home movies and clips of their television shows. A daytime television actress involves both Jessica and her onscreen Lover in the drama surrounding the murder of her new millionaire husband on murder she wrote at 4 . On Channel 5 a fun. The pioneering research of or. Jane Goodal who has been working for More than 20 years on the most comprehensive primate study in scientific history is featured on Channel 13 tvs at 5 . Sunday evening Militi Talat Ruslon listings an pall Shaft fridays in tha lat Haringa her Ali to team 6 00 6 30 7 00 7 30 8 00 8 30 9 00 9 30 10 00 10 30 11 00 11 30 12 00 cd of Cisa Fly by night 20712 Northern exposure movie us 69625 news musical sports/11 Fri. The 13th series go Krem the Road Warrior lbs news news 60 minutes 581996 murder, she wrote movie us 873489 news cd exly gun smoke 144793 news Abc news life goes on 705828 videos Home Imp movie the jewel of the Nile 960903 news 0 o olympic summer games cont d 225151 60 minutes 34977 movie Backfield in motion 37064 news studs cd 3 Kho olympic games Scenic Challenge olympic summer games 573847 news cd 8 cd aft Decou Verte 12074118 Surprise sur prise Dimanche fest d Ete la 350e symphonic Juste pour rite 92828 Sauve Reseaux 74210248 a cd 101 magical Disney family hour 92977 movie the midday Sun 34511 venture news Auto racing indy car a acc voyager passports 24915 opera stories 65985 performance 20199 Between the lines to be announced sign off 9 Abts movie the Man who fell to Earth 358809 House oleic Oil 359538 evening at the improve movie the Man who fell to Earth 634731 . 9 know african Willows profiles of nature hot House people Blue revolution 49809 opera stories 42996 Manon Lescaut 46170 a ten major league baseball new York nets at Chicago cubs 694335 motoring sport australian football sport desk inn sports raceway Speed Bill dance outdoors trucks Speed Road test winners America Rodeo 20 div olympic summer games cont d 683441 news sports magnum, . 1344809 paid prog. inventions runaway a much vide flow cont d 160644 spotlight 766793 outlaws and heroes in ring a can Prim news 351977 Campaign world news 108712 sports business world report final edition 189373 a won movie Copacabana 588809 news 5537847 monsters Street Justice 758460 movie hardly working 943267 a super waiting for the Light movie problem child 2" 7341880 dream on movie Doc Hollywood 3004267 movie Flat liners 9180625 rec Fang Zorro wilderness movie "$1,000,000 Duck 783625 Amer. Pacific Judy and Liza the Baileys of Broadway webs a sooner a sooner National geographic explorer 5346557 Earth Beauty Iii Beauty ii tomorrow golfing marriage Sung @ . White Youngren be mice Gerard Bible Hope Cornerstone 584118 tomorrow Winter . White Vanimpe a. Schulherr a bread kingdom Hobo Vid kids mansion stallion hit list 6968915 Fame 6961002 wild Side Smith children rasps workshop old House nature of things evening at pops masterpiece theatre masterpiece theatre previews alive to animal wbk murder she wrote movie us 775712 news night court Arsenio Hall 1789335 missing a Xyz videos Home Imp movie the jewel of the Nile 36151 news sports a Siskel it s Showtime Abc news i tvs nature 56828 Sci. Frontiers masterpiece theatre masterpiece theatre geographic nature 94151 frontiers 2 Chat magical Disney family hour 52335 movie the midday Sun 72199 venture Alberta Auto racing indy car 0 60 minutes 971809 murder, she wrote movie us 706422 Byron Allen 6511996 Karaoke showcase a 11 life goes on 502793 videos Home Imp movie the jewel of the Nile 360644 news Star search 426460 Abc news safari looks for Large mammals los Angeles a Dennis Miller is fired gone or As he likes to say outta Here. But there s the Small matter of 150,000 phone Calls and letters that have come in since Tribune entertainment cancelled Miller s late night talk show july 17. There s the other Issue of Tribune s two Page and spread in the Hollywood reporter. After thanking Miller and his guests the Tribune advertising copy reads Well be right Back. But the Dennis Miller show is not coming Back said Tribune vice president of business affairs Darryl Porter. The and Porter said merely notes that the company plans to return to late night programming but not with Miller. Miller however still thought last week there was a slim Chance Tribune might change its mind. I m pleading with Tribune like Albert Brooks did with Garry Marshall in lost in America he joked. Then he recites the line that Brooks uses trying to convince a Las vegas Casino Boss to give Back his life savings. Be the Casino with a heart Miller yells. Be the Casino with a Tribune cancelled Miller s show after Little More than six months. The Chicago based Media conglomerate entered a Cut Throat Market where the rules change nightly. Competing against Arsenio Hall and Jay Leno in the biggest markets in the United states and running at 2 . In cities such As cinematographer Norman Light foot journeys in search of Large mammals on Canadian wilderness journal Mountain safari at 7 . On Channel 25 family Channel. The failure to raise capital stymies the Sisters attempt to go into business for themselves on House of Elliott at 8 . On Channel 14 a a. A journey through death Valley to highlights Sequoia National Park Yosemite Valley and other Scenic wonders Are featured on Scenic wonders of America Pacific frontiers at 9 . On Channel 25 family Channel. Judy Liza Barbara and Ethel country tackles mature topics Dennis Miller Detroit the Dennis Miller show finished dead last in late night ratings. I think they flinched Miller said of Tribune. If you re going to get in you got to get in and stay there for a Tribune says it stayed Long enough. We weren t seeing any uptick in the ratings Porter said. Even though there was some vacillation in the numbers there was t a sign of continued uptick in the reruns of Miller s show will be available through sept. 11 to the 140 stations that carried the series. His last week of original programs which were taped after Tribune s cancellation notice was marked by the establishment of a 900 number to save the show. Proceeds which Miller estimates at Between $40,000 us and $50,000 us will be donated to the paediatric aids foundation. There s been a weird Hue and cry Here Miller said of the unexpected response. His staff logged More than 110,000 Calls. That s a pretty big outcry he said. I m touched by it. Honest to god i thought we d get 10 or 20,000 Calls when Miller s talk show debuted in january he was Best known As the cynical Host of weekend update on Abc s saturday night live. In trying to save his own show Miller publicly blamed the competitive nature of booking guests. With Leno taking Over Johnny Carson s Job Competition for guests increased. Leno s people went after younger performers meaning that the tonight show was More often dipping into the same Talent Pool As bookers for Hall and Miller. I was getting clubbed to death by the publicists in this town Miller said. I got on the phone myself and started calling people and saying hey do you want to do the show " there Are ways to Book shows and be tactful about it he said. Arsenio is very Classy about it. The other show is not very tactful about Toons have Broad Appeal new York a when the cartoon network a 24-hour, All cartoon Channel becomes a Basic Cable service in the United states this fall it won t just be the kids who Are watching. Toons Appeal to All Ages said Betty Cohen the Turner broadcasting executive vice president who unveiled the program lineup this week. The cartoon network which will be launched oct. 1, is going to be Ted Turner s fifth Cable network joining Turner network television can headline news and Tbs. The never ending Toon telecast won t be available in Canada at least not initially. Eileen Murphy a spokeswoman for Turner broadcasting said she hoped an agreement might be worked out by Early 1993. But the heart of the network will be a stash of some 8,500 cartoon titles from the drawing boards of Hanna Barbera Mem Warner Bros and Paramount. Other car conductor tracking Boston pops ghost airs at 10 05 on Channel 25 family Channel. Judy Garland Liza min Nelli barbra Streisand and Ethel Merman perform in a 1963 concert. Manon Lescaut airs at 11 . On Channel 15 knowledge network. Placido Domingo and Kiri the Kan Awa perform Puccini s masterpiece from London s covent Garden at 11 . Richmond a. A once known primarily for somebody s done somebody wrong themes and variations country music songs Are now tackling More mature topics. And country music is showing its age in a positive Light said Edward f. Ansello director of the Virginia Centre on aging at the medical College of Virginia. Country songs provide an idealized version of aging he said. It s very positive. Older people Are always Strong having achieved the elderly population is growing but most people do not have much Contact with the elderly except for relatives Ansello said. So the Media Are playing a role As a socialize filling the void of the Lack of Contact with elderly peo pie he said. \ the gerontologist examined the lyrics of several country songs As an Extension of his studies on How aging is portrayed in children s literature and cartoons. Ansello said the main country music themes Are courtship drinking and rowdiness infidelity distress because love is ending or has ended enduring love and idealized or traditional values. The baby Boom Era fans of country music Are aging As Are the songwriters and it shows. Some recent examples of songs that Deal with aging Are he walked on water by Randy Travis love me by Colin Ray and where be you been by Kathy mat Tea. Travis song is about his Grandfather Ray s song is about a grandson speaking to his Grandfather As his grandmother is dying. Where be you been is about an elderly couple who have been married for decades and Are now living their final Days on separate floors of the same Hospital. " where be you been becomes a. Message of deep meaning not Only to the husband and wife affected but to the younger family members who care for them he said. But aging should t necessarily Lenox mass. A conductor and . Composer John Williams is tracking an apparently music Loving ghost some believe is haunting the summer Home of the Boston pops. Williams spent a Day last week joining in the Hunt for a spectre that is reported to haunt rehearsal rooms at the Tanglewood music festival treads the Halls at its photographic pantheon of musical greats and even scared Leonard Bernstein shortly before his death. Some say the ghost has caressed someone s hair opened doors and faucets and rustled around the second floor of a More than 140-year-old House on the festival grounds. Others dismiss it As a fantasia played by an old House on some Overly sensitive imaginations. A one thing appears indisputable the ghost real or imagined has played havoc with some people s nerves. It spooks me said Beth fran Cey who helps run special events from an office inside the House. You have to leave when you re Here others tickled by the reports have prowled around the House and even offered to stay overnight. A week ago festival spokeswoman Caroline Smedvig took Williams and two others on a one hour walk through the House. On tuesday she told of opening a closet and being met by a mysterious Rush of hot air. Marcia Duncan the House manager remembered it As a blast of cold air. The women said Williams who wrote the music for Steven Spielberg s tale of an extra terrestrial the House. But he has since left for a National tour and was t available for comment. Other reported encounters with the ghost were closer still. Duncan said someone or something once tossed Back her hair. She said it made her a believer. I never believed in ghosts she said. It in t that you can see anything or touch anything. It s a Creepy she said Bernstein was sitting at a Bay window two months before his death in 1990. He flew out of that window seat recalled Duncan who was with the composer at the time. He threw his arms toward the sky saying what is it that s Here who is it that was it. He left the House she said. Tanglewood workers say the ghostly happenings seemed to multiply this summer after they Hung a series of photographs of Tanglewood greats including Bernstein on the second floor. Asked if the spirit is moved by classical strains Smedvig said Why else would it have stayed the exact age of the three Storey victorian Home known As High Wood Manor is unknown. Toons will be acquired As time goes on said Cohen adding that within two years original programming would further supplement the mix. Rather than what she dismissed As cartoon wallpaper the daily schedule has been built Block by Block much like any other Channel. Weekdays from 6 . To 10 . Edt morning Crew will link cartoons with voice Over comments from what you might Call a cd that s cartoon jockey. The Tom and Jerry hour will be next with a mix that also will include Popeye and Spike and Tike. Cine Lex ode on Cinema guide Park place cinemas Pauk place shopping Centre Rani. 501 -1st ave. South  329-0002 la q to Money 7 20 9 20 sunday matinee 1 45 mature raising Cain 7 15 9 35 sunday matinee 1 35 mature not suitable or pre teens Universal Soldier 7 05 9 15 sunday matinee 1.50 mature extreme violence coarse language throughout Buffy the Vampire Slayer 7 05 9 05 sunday matinee 1 55 parental guidance not suitable Lor Young children death becomes her 7 10 9 25 sunday matinee 1 40 parental Guance not suitable Lor Young children a league of their own 7 00 d-30 sunday matinee 1 30 parental guidance pert. Wholesome. Way lethal. 3� in Southern Alberta s #1 dealer congratulates. Be downbeat Oriol said. We need songs of Triumph visitor was intrigued by the visit to Angela s 1 denture clinic Ltd. Angela Huisman Dent Urist 215 10th St. 327-6169 12 02. Splash focus 21 7.25 savings of $5.00 men s Perm special hair de Caire 724 23 St. North  328-5335 Vaughn Frayden tops in sales for july Dunlop Ford also wishes to Roco Gelzo. Larry Blanchard Dunlop Terry Stilgoe 328-8861

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