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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives Aug 8 2015, Page 4

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Lethbridge Herald (Newspaper) - August 08, 2015, Lethbridge, AlbertaA \ crop y e/a4i�,dpe information submitted to City Council w h become part of the pub a Foord and we appear on me City s website for we detailed a formation on the City of to to wow tet hand a Caez Seuy a a Public notice City of Lethbridge environmental Protection and enhancement act notice of application in eco Canoe ski tse end Romenta Protection and e nk3&Quot a quote a a f e c to it cd ref or one As arc a to Enron Reot a 0 Par it or a to a Fri a of put Pusti App cat or s to Douce Kosp Fortis a vets it a la a a a a a a it Rea. Pc a a to a via Toonis ak3 doors be it of Skoc re Apa e to tire we once or a a e a e Sprng by a a x a Sor Lane s located at 2710 parts ice drive sout to Letha Edge Ptan 1178gt b of 115 a i it pursue no to s4 it a taxi 73 of the protect or a cd a be it act any Perse to s a rectify affected to Gay fews operation May submit a written state is it of concern this a opt cat a Pax a to the a statement of concern affect the re go e a not be of ape i so be be Quot. To quote to a Orea s Board such a statement of coxtr0 uni St t>0 Sufert Quot Utec to environment pars Reg Atory a Prova s Center a floor 9620 106 Street dec onto afo Erta "5k 2j6 a it 3c 92 01 >1 a v ads. A h n Joda its of the Date of the s notice please quote a Quot \. 301 3c24ae 5utv�?��?o-ng a a a Ems of concern n regard to the end Rome a Protection and enhancement act application note any statement filed regarding this application Are Public records which Are accessible by the Public comes of the application and additional information can be obtained from a Ftp a Etner Doe attest can Kent 3 i Stafford or \ Leih badge a3 to 2a6 Teles none 1 13 �?��?�22-3108 e May a kept Setlif Cudse Ca please ensure the above suggested information relating v the description of your application s Correct errors May result Ltd the requirements to re advertise the Public notice for Sale downtown redevelopment Opportunity the City of Lethbridge s offering for sate on a request for proposals basis in Elt own Oliver building 316 5 Street South 0 069 a 22 a lots a 4-16 bloc 31 plan 4353s Zon Nguc a downtown commercial the s property s located n the downtown Core and is s u object o t he re q u r e me s if the Dow r 11 a w n a r e a redevelopment Pian the City of Lethbridge s accept my proposals for this proper on or before 4 00 pm thursday september 10 2015. The cry trends to fave a proposals a thin a four week per gtd and reserves my night to reject any or a proposals a copy of the request for proposal s available at wow it abridge Ca of mercy Al or by contacting the real estate and land development department City Hail 2&Quot of too 910 4 Avenue South 40 3-320-3905 All proposal is must be de live red to m Chat Kelly manager real estate and land development City of Lethbridge by Nati 2nd floor 910 4tn Avenue South Letha Edge Alberta t1j 0p6 or Ema 11 to 0ui0,at e j Sitter or de a a phone 403-320-3194.403-320 3905 land use bylaw 5700 take notice that the. Following discretionary use applications and applications involving waivers have. Been approved by the development officers North avenues and streets 2653 Scenic Orive North a request to develop phase 1 get a com Mero a site Sfach incudes a service station use request for a 2 47&Quot 8-1 i front landscape Width waver and a request for a 6 stall waiver for a car Wash War is an accessory use to the service stator t de to 7151 ? neigh tax mood Commerce District South avenues and streets 2924 South Edge Road South to construe a detached garage and a request for a 1 48rr Side be Latac waiver a. 1 23m 4 1 a Warver of the maximum by wig height and a 37 7 7nr 406 57 Fri waiver of the maximum Loor area dev07256� direct control District 329 5 Street South a request for an exterior ate ratio to construct a rooftop Pato above existing lower even Fdl to 72 731 downtown commercial District 50 i a Dieppe Elo Levard South to construct a a Gie Oeta Cheo a wetting Ano a request for a 0 56m d 10 Long front setback waiver a it Ong Ortona Street South i dcv0 7291 Low density Rew Dentai District West avenues and streets 5 Loyola place West a request for a 1 90m 6�?~3�?~ rear setback waiver to bring the existing single detached dwelling to com p Ivanee de v0 7,294, density residents a a do tract 180 Ganyo Crest Point West to construct a single detached1 owe King Ato a request for a 0 44m 1 6"�?� front setback waver and a 0 39m 1 4 rear setback waiver dev07295 Low density residential District 101 Harvard Crescent West a request for a 0 50m 1 8 Short front setback waiver along Harvard Crescent West to bring the existing single detached dwelling into compliance and to reconstruct the uncovered front deck with a request tor a o 05rn 2&Quot Tang front setback waiver along. Columbia Boulevard West dev07296 Low density residents a District 67 North lands Way West to construct a single detached dwelling and a request tor a 0 23m 9�?� rear setback Walvur for the uncovered rear deck dev07298 Low density residential District appeals a. Letter of Appeal. May be delivered and / or mailed to Secretary of the subdivision and development Appeal Board. City clerk s office 2nd Al 910-4 Avenue South Lethbridge t1j 0p6 phone 403-329-7329 no later than August 24 2015 Public he Dune news a Canada Ani beyond saturday August 8,2015 let hand Herald Pat ? a4 Hydrogen Sulphide Gas forces pipeline do sure a i Auren Rugel natural Gas pipeline that extends from northeastern British Columbia to thi x hic ago area has been shut while its operator disposes of dangerous Hul Rogon Sulphide Gas that lot into Tiu a Stem Oliance of Peline Saiti it experts its mainline to he closed Foi an indeterminate amount of time As it deals with the Gas. Whit h is poisonous corrosive flammable and smells like Rotten eggs the company did not a How much of it entered the pipeline univ that the amount exceeded its Stam Laitis. Out chief concern now is to ensure the Safet of the Public Empl Trees anti the environment vice president Daniel Sutherland m a news release late thursday we apologize for any inconvenience this May cause to our t customers and we Are working with our partners and the regulator to determine the t Ause. Alliance plans to Burn off the Gas at its Lamella compres it or station about 230 Kilometres Sogutlu ast of Regina and at a Block valve 21 Kilometres Northwest of die station Saul ion Stra quarme manage r of t oilmen Ial and government affairs. Vectors along the pipeline alerted Oliance to the fact that Hydrogen Sulphide Levels Wen too High and the pipeline was shut on 1 riday morning Oliance said the incident was the result of a complications exper fenced by an upstream operator but did not identify the company involved i however natural Gas prox lessor and transporter Kevera t Orp said there was a Brief operational upset at its Simonette Gas Plant in Northwestern Alberta on Yeti mesday a a result Gas a which did not meet sales Gas specifications entered the pliant to Stem it said there was no t Isk to the Public or to the environment. Quot we have offered out assistant e to Oliance pipeline and Are working with our producer customers to div Ert Gas and find alternative solutions tor their production until regular operations resume on Oliance Kevera said Oliance has told its customers to expect the line to be out of commission for at least the weekend and it w ill provide updates As they i ome available said Straquadine i he t Ompah has not had to Deal wid1 an event like this in its Mote than 1 t year history lie added. 1 he Liam v pipeline is jointly owned by an affiliate of pipeline giant and Algary based Peresen. It runs i his Kilometres and carries 1.6 billion Cubit feet of natural Gas a Dav. Meta Orp capital analyst Dirk 1 Ever Sau the outage is a pain in the neck for producers hut the t on sequences 1a too dire i be expects the line to be out of sort it e for Days rather than weeks i he Iru fit actions ate it s More of a Nunsant e most guv s have got Interra Jitian mus Tail a so that May Kic k in lit Saiti and thing Alliance is being t nit ions in burning off the hazardous Gas in a controlled setting. Nobody s Liappa that tins is happening at a Low commodity Price end imn ment 1 hese things Are expensive no Mattei How von look at so far seven t generations Energy Euvista i Energy. Rep Energy Rev i Nerv and sequent e i Energy have suspended production As a result of the Oliance outage. 1 year free filters with your Furnace amp duct clean a keep your air conditioner running smooth clean the ducts a boo today beat the fall waiting list 403-320-7740 locally owned for 30 years All you need for the air you breathe i Standard size fitters Man pleads not guilty to shooting Good Samaritans Nib Veat old Man accused of shooting a family who stopped to help him on tin Row tribal reservation pleaded not guilty i Bidav to murder and assault charges. Les is Deni of Wyoming appeared at a four minute heating in Billings Federal court. He entered in pleas to two counts of first degree murder assault w Ith intent to commit murder assault with a dangerous weapon and assault resulting in serious bodily injury. . Marshals then took Deni also known As Jesus Deni Mendoza Back into custody. Deniz is act used of killing 31 year old Jason Shane and 17 Veat old Tana Shane on july 26 when Thev and their daughter. Lorah Shane offered to help w hat Thev believed was a stranded Moto is in the Small town of Pryor. I he gunman pointed a i die at the family ordered them out of their Jehu it and demanded Money according to an f by statement included with the t criminal complaint filed after Deni s arrest. Hen they told him they had no Money he ordered them to walk away from the car and then opened fire the Fri statement said. The couple was killed on the Roadside and their daughter was shot As she ran away tin statement Saia Deniz told f by agents Jit shot the family bet Ause he was getting tired of waiting around and bet Ause the daughter laughed at him. The criminal complaint said Deni s Public de tender did not immediately return a Call tor comment Friday. The murder charges carry a mandatory sentence e of life in prison upon conviction and the assault t barges eat h live maximum prison terms Between 10 to 20 years. I he Case is in Federal court because the victims Are native Nisi a cans on a tribal dentistry the dental appointment of your Foothills voters move on Quot i a a an Edmonton 1 he Jim Prentice Era officially ends in Alberta on sept. 3. But one of the candidates seeking to replace him in c Algary Foothills says voters the former Premier abandoned on election night have already moved on. It Haven t really picked up a lot of a n i m of i t y out r t he far i they have to go Back to vote Quot said Imp by election candidate Bob Hawkesworth in an. Interview. A it s not voter fatigue As much As disappointment in the d dec i s i 1111 of t he la r 111 or p re Ini or to resign on elect ion night. A it was perceived by them As a m p Premier Rachel Notley called 1 lie by election this week setting the stage for the first binding referendum on her new g give i tie n to a i be i t wit 11 a very Small Sample size. Pre 1 it ice won the Riding on May 5, six months after winning it in a by election. But As his progressive conservative party went Down to an historic defeat Pren t i re q u it even be it mall the votes were counted. Political analyst Bob Murray said Algary Foothills will be a. Barometer for Motley s recent initiatives. I n the e t h ree Man the is Nee Winnin go we a Mot Ley has fulfilled Campaign promises by hiking taxes on corporations and on individuals making More than $125,000 a year. A children a dentistry a implants a Wisdom Teeth a inv align a laser gum treatment 22 years experience providing in sedation amp general . Paul Hall Hall Zobell

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