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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - August 3, 1971, Lethbridge, Alberta -Tuesday, August 3, 1971 THE IETHBRIDGE HERALD Your horoscope By Jeane Dixon WEDNESDAY, AUG. Your birthday today: Suc- cess comes with imaginative efforts, economy of Lime and energy as well as material resources. Your search for more effective work methods brings excellent results, in- creased earning capacity. Today's natives are generally lucky in partnership, often LAWRENCE E. LAMB, M. D, The Pill better than rliythm Dear Dr. Lamb Mv hus- band and I are in our early 20s. Because he is still in school, pregnancy is quite un- desirable. We've been married a year and a half. For the first year, we used temperature rhythm. Now I'm using the Pill, which I lake for 21 days and am off for seven days. My doctor told me that, to be sure of avoiding pregnancy, we should abstain for those seven days while I'm not taking (lie Pill (during This is no belter than rhythm. We still must abstain! My friends say my doctor is over- cautious. Must we abstain now? I'm so confused. Dear Reader If you want- ed to be absolutely sure, you could abstain all the time. In truth, most physicians do not think it is necessary to abstain during the seven-day period you are not taking the Pill The birth-control pill works by taking it regularly 20 or 21 days in succession (depending on type) and then stopping (he pill seven days, for the men- strual period. By using the pill regularly in this manner, ovu- lation is prevented. The hor- mone in the pill that prevents this is similar to the natural hormone the woman produces during pregnancy, to prevent additional ova from being re- leased and causing multiple pregnancies. The Pill is considerably bet- ter than the rhythm method in preventing pregnancy. There is quite a bit more irregularity of the menstrual cycle than is of- ten appreciated. One s'.udy points out that only about 30 per cent of women arc sufiiciently regular (o use the rhythm I method satisfactorily ar, a means of birth control. The birth-control pills make a wom- an regular. Dear Dr. Lamb I have a brother who is an alcoholic. He has an ulcer nnd two years ago started having epileptic seiz- ures. This happens only after he has been drinking for a month or so. He will not seek medical help. What J would like to know is why this hap- pens only when he stops drink- ing. Can these seizures be fa- tal if he does not get help? Also, what could I do Lo help? Dear Render It is possible that your brother's convulsions are from epilepsy, but (hey may well be what we call "rum or alcoholic epilep- sy. These usually occur within 48 hours after stopping alcohol and often precede the develop- ment of delirium tremens, a dangerous development in the long road of alcholism. The body develops a physi- cological dependence on alco- hol and heavy drinkers have to have the alcohol gradually re- moved. Stopping alcohol in a person who really drinks a lot should be accomplished undei a physician's supervision be- cause of Ihis problem. If your brother won't see a doctor, you might contact the Alcoholics Ar.onymous Assn. and ask them for help. Someone might be able to talk to him and help get him lo 3 doctor and into an active program. The U.S. Public Health Service is now establishing a number of alcoholic treatment centres and, if one happens to be in your locality, perhaps they can give you some suggestions. GOREN ON BRIDGE BY CHARLES H. trump, you miy accept Iho? IK 1971: Br The ChiUCB and If he returns to BRIDGE QUIZ spades, you may contract Q. As third hand, Iwo passes, you As South, vulnerable. 102 7 6 08 5 3 hold: What is your opening One Bpade. If you were tha deiler, the proper cm would be one club to provide in bidding has proceeded: North Ent South West rebld ol one apade IT pinner Pass 10 1 V sponded with a diamond or 2V heart, but since partner has already passed, you need not do you bid now? pare for a rebld, for ft ihould five diamonds. Partner fiu your rurprse to pass any partner mokei. the bidding and made free riise. He must, therefore. fore, bid ont a very sound hand. Your of clubs has become pro- Q. Your partner has opened with two no In value by reason of partner's bid In that suit. You have the right single ton and and vulnerable you expect no difficulty In five diamonds. What is your e-As Soulh, with both Despite Ihe fuel that you have only one high card vulnerable, you hold: bid of three spadei Is 01075 Indicated. Any seven card major Bull should prcrduce a game opposite o hand containing bidding has proceeded: West North East South points In hlph cords. If 0 Pass Pass Dble. returns to three no trump, Pass 14 2 V muil, of course, proceed to ipafles. No partner, however 3 Pass luBtrlous, is entitled to play do you bid now? hand at no Three no trump. Inisimicb. partner can like care or the Q. As South, with you should be able to run and West Vulnerable, yOU 1 "Ine" tricks. Remember, v stood for the double of one and therefore hai that 49643 972 well bottled up. The bidding has proceeded. South West North East-West vulnerable, 10 1 A 20 open with one heart. Pass Pass Dble. responds with one no and you hold: What do you bid now? A There Is no VAKJ4 OAQJ5 What do you bid now? for you not to stand Tor Pass. Game Is hopeless. double, even Iho his your hand Is of the no was not oT a very vigorous family. You will do well ture. You have three very to take seven tricks tricks, which Is nil that Is irylnj; for eight. You, be expected of a player only 15 points and partner opened the hnve more than 10. Q. Neither vulnerable, B-As South you hold: Soulh YOU 10972 OAK4 493 4KQ76VQ9G bidding has proceeded: The bidding has South West North North East South 'v' Pass Pass Pass I V Pass 1 4 is your opening lead? 2 Pass Yon should atari drawing What do you bid at once to prevent do-darrr from using liny of his Three clubs. With Ink from ruffing. The best you wish to arrive nl a Is the king of This contract, buL In order to for the remote chanca mine the best medium, a dummy has a singleton queen. porizing bid of three- clubs declarer has the ace In order. If partner It makes no difference. hearts, you may rnlso to lie must make then both In that fiuH. Jf he ?ccj in any event. stimulate mates to high achievements. ARIES (March 21 -April Get to essential lacls, definite details, finish with what you're supposed to. There's no hiding important items from anybody at home either. TAURUS (April 20 May Seeing loved ones and good friends thru rose colored glasses may be euphonic for l-he moment but docs not work well at long range. Find a mid- dle ground. GEMINI (Alay 21 June Easy does it; there is time and space ahead for your hopes. .CANCER (June 21 July The pressure and nature of your work forces your life into a relatively narrow channel this week. You have little scope ol choice as to what to do. LEO (July 23 Aug. Take long range action now. The short term situation is in- convenient while you recover resources devoted to future stregth. VIRGO (Aug. 23 Scpl. Delay is the normal order of the day, but most of it serves to pull you out of the line of fire, so to speak, and is helpful. LIBRA (Sept. 23 Oct. You don't really have to do any- thing yet to bring equilibrium in your environment. Stay out of it. SCORPIO (Oct. 211 Nov. Get thru a slow morning with as much patience as you can muster. Take a break; the af- ternoon and evening gain mo- mentum quite well. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dcc. Where you have an origin- al answ'cr, fins, but let's not try bluffing anybody today! CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. Much of what you now cri- ticize may be merely another version of your own earlier views. Find a middle course. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. Now everybody says he has to make up his own mind. You're lucky to get your infor- mation heard to begin with. PISCES (Feb. 19- March The one temptation today is to squabble with partner, close associates, mainly because you provide an emotional subject for their contradictory feel- ings. The Bumblebee Andy sends a complete 20- volume set of the World Book Encyclopedia to K im Etchison, age 10, of Visalia, California, for her question: What are the habits of the bumblebee? A squadron of big fat bum- blebees may save a farmer's fruit crop. The dainty orchard blossoms need visiting insects to get the young fruit started. When the blossom-time weath- er turns cool, honeybees and most wild bees tend to stay home. But the sturdy, furry bumblebees go bravely forth to gather nectar and pollinate the trees as they shop from flower to flower. The bumble- is one of the farmer's friends. She performs several other useful chores that other insects cannot do. So for our own go o d we need to know about her habits and how to encourage her. Bees are quick-tempered creatures with painful sting- ers. Most folk are scared of a little honeybee and much more scared of a whopping bumblebee. She is twice as big as a honeybee and much fat- ter. Beside s, whereas the honeybee can sting only once, the bumblebee lives to sting again. But almost always notice her in time because of her loud buzz and her gaudy coat of furry black and yellow stripes. If we let her alone to go about her daily duties, she has no reason to sting us. She is called a social insect because she shares a home with a colony of relatives. But compared with the honeybee's neat hive, the nest of the wild bumblebee is rather shabby. What's more, it lasts only through summer. Come fall, the young queens leave home with escorts of drones. After a few days or weeks of mar- riage, each qi'fen bumblebee bides herself in a cozy crevice and hibernates through the winter. In spring she comes forth to feast on the nectar of early flowers and to select a suitable place for her nest. She may choose a deserted mouse bur- row, rocky crevice or just a Ihick clump of shaggy grass. Then she builds one or two waxy cells to hold honey and a wr.d of wolly material with pollen (o hold her first brood of eggs. In three or four clcys, Ihe CPRS halch inlo grub- by larvae. For the next week or so, the young queen is busy gathering pollen and nectar to feed them. The growing larvae molt twice and oat their old skins. Then Ihey spin silken cocoons and spend aboul 22 days in the resting pupa stage. The first four to eight bum- blebees nrc smallish workers. In a few days they take over (he field and nest duties. The quern mother spends the rest of her life nt home, laying eggs. By mid summer there may 50 to 200 or ,100 bees in Ihe nest. Most of them arc field workers and nursemaids, .atcr. numbers of drones and young queens hatch from the eggs. In early fall, they leave home. The weary old queen soon dies; so do the drones and the workers. Only the you ng queens survive the winter and start new colonies when spring comes around again. The workers, drones and queens have different habits and share their life stories. The field worker's habits are very useful (o farmers. For ex- ample, honeybees and most wild bees cannot gather nectar from red clover and hohey- so they don't visit these plants. But the big bumblebee has an extra-long tongue, She can reach down into these deep-throated blossoms to get their sweet nectar. Dusty pol- len brushes onto her fur and as she visits around she car- ries the grains from flower lo flower. Andy sends a World Book Globe to Donna White, age 12, of Coventry, Rhode Is- land, for her question: Can a giraffe make a noise? He makes a crunching noise when he chews his favorite acacia twigs and his hoofs rumble like thunder when be gallops over the hard ground. But for a lorg time nobody heard the giraffe utter a sound and he was thought to be voiceless. This challenged ob- servers to investigate. The job required endless patience, for the graceful creature is not a gabby character. Far from it. Some observers suspected that he goes through life without saying anything and others be- gan to think that after all, he is mute. Certainly the giraffe keeps conversation down lo a mi'.'- mum so does his fam- ily. However, Mrs. Giraffe has been heard to call her stray- ing calf with a gentle mooing sound. Junior tends to have more to say for himself. When he is hungry or when things go wrong he is likely tn "bl-a-a-r" like a baby bull. The larynx or voice box of the giraffe seems to be somewhat undeveloped and perhaps some of these animals are mule. Since the young have more to say, it may be that Ihe adults tend to lose their voices. Questions assert by cnlldren of Herald readers should be mailed lo Ask Andy, P.O. Box 763, Huntinglon Beach, California MM8. (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 1371) POVERTY THE CAUSE KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (Router) Ninety per cent of parents who wilhdraw their children from school after pri- mary education do so because of poverty, a Malaysian educa- tion offic-'r said. BUGS BUNNY ANOTHER r LETTER I S-rd[ DL 11 DEAR FRIEID OF FRIENDS.. I AM A FAILURE... I HAVE JUST WASHED OUT OF EA6LE 1 I HAD AIWS DREAMED OF SQME0W BEINS AN EA6LE AUP 50ARINS HI6H ABOVE THE QSWS. WT NOW WPREAMS ARE OVER... I O'.T KR 6ETTIN5 TOO MAW 6EAK-PLEEP5.." TUMBLEWEEDS-By TOM K. RYAN ITS HOW A FEW PAYS IN THE WIPE OPEN SPACES REST5-UPA <3WJ..I'MRARIM' TO SO! BLONDIE-By Chic Young BLONDE, r V GETTO SLEEP- I MV STOMACH IS LJPSETY BEETLE BAILEY-By Mori Walker 111 ABNER-By Al Capp YOU KNOW. THAT'S THE WAY 6.HE. KE ACTED WHESJ I TO OSCA.R TO SCHOOL LAST IT ISN'T SAFE FOR ANYONE It -SO GLAD BUT THEIR WIVES AND PLEASE Yf TO.V FIANCEES TO BE PRESENT.) LEAVE, AT THEIR.-SHUDDER.'.'- GIRLS- GRADUATION-- WETRAHSTORM APATHETIC LOUTS INTO RAMPAGING 3-J -OMLVTHEIR) MUST WIVES CAM J BE DANGEROUSLY COWTROL ROMAMTIC.'. THEM .'.r SHORE IS GLAD WE OUTA THAR WAY HAINT YO; DATELESS? ARCHIE-By Bob Montana MY WHY ON EARTH DIP YOU RRIKJ3 ME ARCHIE WILL TAKE OH DEAHM YOU WHERE IT'S THE VOU WANT CHAUFFEUR'S) TO GO, DAY OFF.' J HI AND LOIS-By Dik Browne DAD, WAS THERE REALIVA WRITER NAMED WASHINGTON IRVINS? SURE THERE WAS YOU DON'T CARE FOR PEACE AND QUIET, SHORT RIBS-By Frank O'Neal ;