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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - April 6, 1973, Lethbridge, Alberta 26 THE UTHBRIDGE HERAID Friday, April 6, 1973 YOUR HOROSCOPE By JEANE DIXON SATURDAY. APRIL 7 Your birthday Promises a peak in many phases of your development. You must learn to conquer an urge toward reckless spec- ulation. Today's natives seek to investigate mysteries, often sacrificing to gain knowledge. ARIES (March 21-April Detach yourself from the com- plex problems other people are Ask Andy Keen hearing Andy sends a complete 20- volume set of the Merit Stu- dents Encyclopedia to Anne Fleischman, age 10, of St. Louis, Missouri, for her ques- tion: Do birds have good hearing? Those pussycat tufts on an cwi are just feathery decora- tions. No bird has visible outer ears but they have very keen hearing. What's more, they know what many different sounds mean. Actually, your outer ears merely guide sounds inside your skull to your inner ears and they do the real hearing work. Birds have very keen inner ears. Instead of outer ears, there are tiny door- ways lightly covered with skin and soft feathers. The busy birds are arriving with the warm winds of early spring. Already we hear them bustling and fluttering around, chirping and chattering. Soon the woods and meadows, the parks and waysides will re- sound with their musical or- chestras. Every sweet note and tuneful phrase is heard and understood by many members of the bird world. Most bird sounds have defi- nite meanings and their rela- tives get the message. Natural- ists have decoded certain bird calls that mean: "Beware, dan- ger is "Stay off my property'" "Here's soma "Where are "I am Bird relatives hear and understand this chatty con- versation. Sometimes their, messages get through to non- relatives also. For example, one day a j sassy crow saw his arch ene- my, the owl, dozing in a dead tree. The crow had a fit of panic and almost fell out of the sky. But just in time the smart fellow remembered how to put in a call for help. He landed in a tree and uttered shrieks that sounded loud and long enough to crack his windpipe. Help began to arrive in about a min- ute. His "Help! raucous SOS meant Here is an owl or a dangerous A few kin- folk heard it in the nearby woods and arrived early. Others hearsed it from farther and in five minutes the air was crowded with crows. The res- cue squad dived and screamed down from the sky. The poor old owl woke up to a shrieking nightmare. He bsard the threats knew what they meant, and hastily flew off to hide himself in a silo. One night a Canada goose took a wrong turn and soon his migrating tenfolk were miles away. But Ms keen ears heard their voices and the sounds guided him safely back to his flock. Naturalists report less stories to prove that birds have very keen ears indeed. Suppose you go outfoors and quietly listen among the spring- time greenery. Certainly you will hear a lot of bird chatter. And, chances are, you will find your own proof that the little sniErties hear and understand many of the sounds they make. Sometimes a wise bird de- cides to keep his mouth shut about what he knows. Suppose a seagull finds a large fish or some other bonanza on the beach. As a rule he lets out a special squawk to invite all the gulls within earshot to the ban- quet. But suppose he surveys the supplies and decides that there is only enough food for one famished gull. In that case, the cunning character settles down to dine in complete sil- ence Questions asked by children of Herald readers should be mailed to Ask Andy, P.O. Box 765. Hnnticgton Beach, California 9264S. (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 1973) trying to present. You have enough challenge of y our own. TAURUS (April 20-May Where you've done your home- work and have a fair estimate of the chances, plunge in, make the m3St of an opening while it lasts. GEMINI (May 21-June Begin early everything is go- ing for you at peak intensity. Make the best of what you get, pass along any surplus. CANCER (June 21-July Speak out your deep feelings for those you love today. You may have to disengage from a few who make strong demands on your time and resources. LEO (July 23 Aug. As- sociates produce a variety of circumstances to puzzle over. You continue in strong compet- itive conditions. VIRGO (Aug. 23 Sept. 22'.: Your common sense and week- end relaxation racccd combine to bring a pleasant day if you let things take their natur- al course. LIBRA (Sept. 23 Oct. An escape from routine is very appealing try to comply m travel or symbolic movement. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. It's a collectors' day seek additions, exchange possessions to obtain something more use- ful or a complete set of what- ever you most want. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. A prune opportunity ex- ists, briefly, to get in on the start of a large venture. Be dil- igent and consistent. CAPRICORN1 (Dec. 22 Jan Correspondence with dis- tart friends or making better working contact with those who dwell nearby seems indicated. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. Your personal attitude runs to superlatives, inflated levels, overexpectations. Settle for what is at hand. PISCES (Feb. 19-March Everybody around you lias a differing opinion, a different set cf symptoms but no great problems. 1973, The Chicago Tribune I WASJV5T IF.. J THIS 15 HOW CAN I PITCH A PALL 6AME WITH P60RLE COWING UP TO ME ALLTHE 0 TIME WITH QUESTIONS? W A tKggfflW, CHARLIE WU NEEP SOMEONE TO 5CKEEN WW? CALLERS... MANA6EK CAN'T PITCH ING TUMBlEWiEDS-By Tom 1C Ryan PAJAMAS 15 NOT LAZY! HE JUST HAPPENS TO HAVE VERY; VERY HEAVY EYELIPS' THEM OPEN SAPS HIS STRENGTH] I'LL ACCEPT THAT PAJAMAS IS MISSING, COW00YI THAT LAZY VCfc BLONDIE-By Chic Young LAWRENCE E. LAMB, M. D. Reader's hands fall asleep THIS OIFT IS SETTiMS ME DOWN- V_ IM FAMISHED YOU TH L SHOULD EAT A LI' SOMETHING SO I WOW'T FEEL. SO MISERABLE I DON'T THINK YOU SriOULD, BUT ITS ENTRELY h" UP TO YOU GOREN ON BRIDGE BY CHARLES H. GOREN C W3, TM Triton East-West vulnerable. North deals. NORTH AK873 0 AQJ92 WEST EAST 6 A A 9 5 2 0 8754 10 5 3 O3 SOUTH A Q J 10 4 O K 10 6 The bidding: North East South West 1 O DWe. Kdbl. 1 Pass 1 A Pass 2 A Pass 3 Pass 4 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: Queen of AUba presenting declarer with a ruff and discard usu- ally indicates the presence ft a neophyte at the bridge table, it can occasionally re- veal the hand of a highly seasoned as wit- ness the technioue of East in defending against South's four spade contract today. East was not well-heeled is high card strength for his takeout double of North's opening one diamond bid, but h-s distribution was at- tractive. South redoubled, and after West made the ob- vious one heart call. East pissed to show that be bad oo additional values. South bid one spade, which his partner raised. When South bid three clubs next. North's hand took on added foster, since be bad fitting values in both suits which be indicated by jumping to I am spades. West opened the queen of hearts, on which his partner signaled encouragement by playing the eight, and West won the first trick. The sev- en of hearts was continued at trick two and East put up the king. On the basis of the aucuua and the appearance of dum- my, the outlook was quite pessimistic for the defense, for, unless West held the ace of appeared ex- tremely only oth- er trick in sight was East's high spade. Presently East observed a method for developing a set- ting trick -which hinged on nothing more remote than declarer's having only a four card spade suit In pur- suance of his plan, East re- turned a third round of hearts deliberately giving his opponent a raff and dis- card. South slnffed a dia- mond from bis hand and ac- cepted the force in dummy. The king of spades was ted and ducked. North continued a second round. East held off again and, when South put in the ten and West showed out. the subtle purpose behind East's tac- tics was revealed. If declarer led a third round of trumps. East would play the ace and lead a fourth round of hearts and force out declarer's remain- ing spade. This -atmld estab- lish East's lone spade as a second trump trick for the defense. Sooth abandoned spades end began running the dia- monds. East trumped in on tbe second round, howew, and cashed the ace of spades for the setting trick. Dear Dr. Lamb I am a 44-year-old truck driver and am experiencing difficulty with my hands "going to sleep' 'when I retire at night. I am wonder- ing if it is caused by poor blood circulation. My doctor thought it might be caused by tension and prescribed medicine for tension which does not seem to help. Also, could this develop into arthritis, because now I seem to suffer from swelling in my fingers whep I awaken and oc- casionally experience elbow and Tnuscle soreness in my low- er left arm. It seems I read in jour column that poor circula- tion could be corrected if treat- ed early enough, and I am nat- urally concerned. Dear Reader The sensa- tion of your hands "going to sleep" at night is usually re- lated to decreased blood flo.v to the arms. It's often related to the position one sleeps in. If you put your arms up over your head, the stretching of the muscles around the collarbone at the shoulder region can sometimes press down on the arteries to the arms and de- crease the circulation. You can also have this occur by lying on the arm in the wrong posi- tion and creating pressure or collarbone and muscular struc- tures pressed against the ar- tei-ies causing trouble during the daytime. There are some disorders to the terminal por- tions of the circulation, which can involve the small artieries and veins, that can also cause I swelling of the hands and some of these difficulties. The pressure on the artery caused by muscles and tendons which causes this difficulty can BEETLE BAILEY-By Mort Walker ofttimes be examination identified during by moving the causing pressure. As a truck driver, you might have more tendency to exter- nal obstruction to your arteries from 'mechanical means than some other people, mostly be- cause you probably have well developed shoulder and neck muscles related to your occu- pation. Young, healthy soldiers have been described with this problem if they carried a heavy backpack that pulled their shoulders back. Literally, the Two fires in town; 16 others PICTURE BUTIE (HNS) Fire Chief William Vogt says last year there were only two town fires, white 15 fires were attended in the rural area. Fire losses in town amounted to Rural losses were 000. Chief Vogt thanked those who had donated old buildings to be burned down. This gave the de- partment experience in the control of fires. There are 19 members in the fire department Mr. Vogt also gave the school report Schools can now be used by the community for various activities. j Principals must be contacted to see if the schools are free. The town is now opening a subdivision for mobile homes, j j Discussion followed on Ujc 1 i "Jack of services" that consult-' ing engineers provide to the i (town. i arm backward to see if the pulse at the wrist diminishes significantly as compared to when the arm is in its normal forward position. By rotating the arm in different positions and noting what happens to the strength of the pulse at the wrist, the doctor can often get a pretty good idea if there is external obstruction causing a problem. Of course, you can analyze your sleep habits and try to sleep with your arms at your side without lying on them or having any other source of pressure to see if this helps your problem. I doubt that your symptoms have any relationship to arthri- tis. It is not usually associated with the sensation of your I would also guess that if you have something that needs to be corrected, it is related to an external obstruction of the type I have discussed as opposed to the arteries with fatty deposits or atherosclerosis which is very uncommon in the arteries to the arms without other im- portant problems being obvious. I would expect that kind of difficulty to give you trouble in the daytime as well. Send BTOUT questions to Dr. Lamb, in care cf this news- paper. PO- Box 1551. Radio City Station, New Yorfs N.Y. 10019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb's booklet on choles- terol, send 50 cents to the same address and ask for "Cholesterol" booklet. ANYONE MAVB A BOTTLE OPENER? Ill ABNER-By Andy Capp BACK INTO THE. SW1WE 7HE.MIUTARV ARCHIE-By Bob Montana THIS IS THE OFFICE WHERE THE PRINCIPAL j DIRECTS THE OPERATION OF A MODERN HIBH SCHOOL! HERE HE AAEcTS WITH FACULTY, SCHOOL BOAgCj STUDENT COUNCIL, P.T.A., ETC. AND THIS IS WHERE HE BANGS HIS HEAD AGAINST THE THIS IS HIS DESK WHERE HE COPES WITH THE TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS OF BEIN6 HI AND lOIS-By Dik HAOAR HORRIBlE-By Dik Browne Fun with figures Tom checked the boy's fig- ures. "You're he said. "2832 is 28 squared plus twice the square of 32. The square of the first half added 10 twice the square of the seopd half. Thai's really "Sure. Dad." Ted agreed. "Bat d'you think there sre any other 4-figure mimSjers just like that? What do you say? Yesterday's answer: FINCH 3H340 SHORT RlBS-fly Frank O'Neal VVSJL.I-QVV ABOUT TJ-'E OUEHN? m KJT I'LL T5LUVOU BUGS BUNNY V V WHAT5 I'M REAPING A N-nKWEt? sn FILLS? WITH sresyAN INTRJSUEJ -E CAul WE WHEN }l' THE ;