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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives Apr 5 1986, Page 1

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Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - April 5, 1986, Lethbridge, Alberta Be sure to take in sport show 86 this weekend please see a3 new ambulance Entrance please see As Gretzky betters scoring record please see b1 you re Worth it please see c1 Home upgrading Law changes Felt Here please see d1 Index agriculture.d12 careers. Del classified. .07-10 comment.c6-8 entertainment.b9 lifestyle.b4-b6 poetry.d6 Public real estate.d1-d6 religion .b7-b8 theatres.b9 to listings.c9 weather.a4 Trudeau rejects mediator role Toronto up former prime minister Pierre Trudeau has turned Down a request to act As a mediator in a Trade War Between new zealand and France arising from the French sinking in july of the Greenpeace ship Rainbow War rior in Auckland Harbor. He has been approached but he has rejected Giselle Brook Trudeau s Secretary at a Montreal Law firm said Friday. Brook told the Toronto Globe and mail that Trudeau was asked last month whether he would be interested in the assignment but she would not indicate who made the request or How Long Trudeau considered it before turning it Down. Haing Ngor Oscar Winner a . Citizen los Angeles a Olaing Ngor who won an Academy award for his portrayal of a cambodian teeing persecution in the killing Fields became a . Citizen with ,000 others Friday in the same Hall there he received the Oscar. The Oscar was a wonderful Day. It this certificate is a very big Day in my said Ngor proudly flashing his naturalization Certilia today is the Best Ngor 36, joined people from 72 countries for swearing in Cere monies and told the gathering How e was captured by the communist Khmer Rouge in his native cambo Fia before escaping and coming to America years ago. Ngor s experience was similar to Tat of Dith Pran the photojournalist he portrayed in the killing Fields. Pran and thousands of others were forced into work Camps where they were brutally related. Ngor s performance arned him a Best supporting actor Academy award. Seen and heard Dick Pool buying a couple of chocolate bars then realizing he d ave difficulty eating them without is Bottom Teeth. A bit of Jubilia on among St. Michael s Hospital Oard members noting persistence a Garyjohn finance commit be chairman finally paid off Asle province paid the Hospital owed for ambulance fees and Kohn saying he s sending a ote to former administrator Sis or Genevieve my Artilur to shared the concern for the Long Landing debt dog Clark feeling his services As a orld travelling correspondent for he Herald if someone would just Ach him How to write. Weather Low tonight near 2, High sunday near 15 afternoon Clouds. The let i Brula e Herald xxviii 97 saturday april 5, 1986 40 cents fatality near Coa Hurst two mounties killed four people including two Lethbridge ramp officers were killed in a head on Colli Sion Friday evening near Coa Hurst. The Accident occurred about . Two Kilometres East of the Highway 25 two killed in disco bombing Berlin a a bomb exploded Early today in a crowded West Berlin night club frequented by . Soldiers and two people were killed and at least 150 wounded police said. The bomb devastated the la Belle discotheque in the american sector of the divided German City at a.m., police said. At least 500 patrons were in the disco at the time of the blast a police spokes Man said. He said he could not say whether any of the dead or injured were . Citizens. At least 30 people were treated in hospitals for severe injuries the spokes Man said. The Berlin political police took charge of the investigation. Junction in the northbound Lane. Killed were two occupants of the half ton truck and the two officers. Names of the victims had not been released by Lethbridge ramp at pres Stime pending notification of next of Kin. The Impact of the collision caused the truck to come to rest on top of the Raj Fly Cruiser. After the truck was removed the ramp car was carried away by a Tow truck not even touching the ground because it was crushed too severely to be towed. Ramp report a vehicle had been reported earlier As driving but staff sgt. John Doree said it was undetermined if the truck involved in the collision was the vehicle reported. The Accident caused traffic in the northbound Lane to be backed up about three Kilometres until the Road was cleared. Halfton truck and ramp Cruiser entangled following head on collision on Highway 3 Herald photos by Kevin Kooy Iacocca gets Bonus Detroit a Chrysler corp. Disclosed Friday that chairman Lee Iacocca received More than million last year in salary and Bonus and Over the past five years has made an additional profit under an executive Stock option plan. Iacocca s salary for 1984 was up 17 per cent from the previous year and his Bonus was up 50 per cent. The announcement was the latest in the Auto Industry s third consecutive Spring of big bonuses for executives. In 1980, Iacocca worked for months at a rate of a year before his full salary was restored by the company directors. For that year he earned when his Normal salary would have been Chrysler said. A test to proceed without soviets Washington a the United states plans to hold an underground nuclear weapons test in the Nevada Des Ert next tuesday apparently without the presence of soviet monitors invited by president Ronald Reagan to verify that the blast is within 1974 treaty limits. However a senior . Official said Reagan s invitation to soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev also extends to another . Test to be set off at the end of april. So far we Haven t heard from said the official who spoke on condition of not being named. Next week s test the second by the United states this year will coincide with a Farewell visit to the White House by former soviet ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin who was recalled last month in a Kremlin shakeup to take a major in the Central committee of the communist party. Reagan and state Secretary George Shultz will sound out Dobrynin on whether Gorbachev intends to meet with Reagan in Washington this sum Mer and on the virtual stalemate in .-soviet negotiations to curb nuclear weapons. We would like to see that the soviets Are following up on the pledges or. Gorbachev and president Reagan made in Geneva namely that they to Start buckling Down to the serious work in control and set a Date for the Washington Kenneth Adel Man director of the . Arms control and disarmament Agency said Friday. The official stressed the soviets had accepted Reagan s invitation to Gorba Chev at their fireside meeting last november in the Swiss City. The soviet delegation agreed then to a meeting in june other . Officials said. Since then the Reagan administration has suggested late july also would be acceptable while the soviets have indicated they would rather hold off until toward the end of the year. The United states has not ruled out any Date. Arsenal gives . First strike capability Washington a states is developing an Arsenal of nuclear weapons that will give it first strike capability and could undermine superpower stability by threatening the soviet Union says a private study released Friday. The study was done by the Union of concerned scientists a private group which has in past years criticized Rea Gan administration policies on control and National Security. The study cited two weapons either entering the . Atomic Arsenal or under development the Trident 2 mis Sile for submarine launched weapons and sea launched cruise missiles. Because the weapons Are More accurate or More difficult to detect than the ones they Are replacing the . Ability to launch a first strike successfully is increasing the study said. Both superpowers now rely on a policy of deterrence which holds that each Side is deterred from attack because the other Side can t Knock out enough weapons in a nuclear strike to escape a devastating counter attack. Thus according to most control specialists actions which raise the spec tre of a first strike worry the other Side and heighten tensions. The Reagan administration has argued that the new weapons Are needed to offset updated soviet weapons and will contribute to stability because they will make the . Arsenal More secure from a soviet first strike. Rather than building weapons that will worry the soviets he study said the United states should construct an Arsenal of second strike weapons that would be useful Only for retaliatory Pur poses and would not have the military capacity to inflict a first strike. Ramp officers look on As truck is lifted off Cruiser Toronto up borrowing costs eased Friday As the Royal Bank of can Ada the country s largest Cut mortgage rates and the Cost of Loans to its top corporate customers. Mortgage rates were reduced by one Quarter of one percentage Point. One year rates go to 10.75 per cent two year per cent and three four and five year rates to 11.25 per cent. The Royal lowered the Blue Chip prime rate from 12 per cent to 11.75 per cent. All rate changes Are effective monday. A Royal spokesman said its prime has not been this Low since Jan. 31. The reductions were announced one Day after the Bank of Canada s lending rate dropped almost one third of a percentage Point to 10.14 per cent. Interest rates Rose sharply in february As part of the Bank of Canada s strategy to Bol Ster the Canadian Dollar. To United nations Router the United nations agreed Friday to give Israel permission to examine its War crimes commission file on for Mer in Secretary general Kurt Waldheim who was an officer in the German . The request for the file one of believed kept by the United nations on people alleged by postwar governments to have committed War crimes was made earlier in the Day by israeli in ambassador Benjamin Netanyahu. It followed reports during the past month that Waldheim served during the second world War in a unit that carried out atrocities in the Balkans. After consulting Secretary general Javier Perez de Cuellar now in South America the United nations sent a letter to Netanyahu suggesting he make arrangements with a in Legal official to see the file in a mutually convenient the letter also noted that the material in the War crimes archives had not been legally evaluated and that governments were granted Access on the understanding that the records were strictly confidential and would be treated like any other material being used in a criminal investigation. Earlier on Friday Waldheim said allegations that he took part in War crimes with Hitler s in the Balkans had collapsed like a pack of the former in chief who is a conservative presidential candidate in Austria s May 4 election a socialist said he would have nothing to fear if the report on him was released. The letter was signed by Perez de Cuellar s chief aide Virendra Dayal and was accompanied by a statement setting nut the rules covering the Grant ing to governments of Access to the material. The files were deposited with the United nations after the commission disbanded in 1948. The United nations says that much of the information in the files is unchecked. Referring to the Waldheim file Netanyahu told a news conference is there something there or is there not i think everyone who has a fair minded interest in truth without prejudging the results should have an interest in seeing these files and that is certainly the Case with regarding Israel s future intentions the Ambas Sador stated what we d like to do is to examine the file and based on what we will find or not find determine our course of when a reporter asked whether Israel would use the file to prosecute Waldheim As it did nazi Wor criminal Adolf Eichmann who was hanged in 19g2, Netanyahu replied if and i stress the word if the files contain any substantiation for some of the More serious charges that have been levelled at or. Waldheim this becomes an Issue of course that All govern ments should be concerned with. On our part if these charges Are substantiated by the material in the files i assure you the government of Israel will take Clear Cut action on this after weeks of trying to slay out of the Contro Versy Israel formally asked the United nations for Waldheim s file Friday. Informed jewish sources said another country is also considering asking for the file. The United nations has granted Access to its files three times in the past when governments requested files on nazi German War criminals Adolf Eichmann Klaus Barbie and Josef men Gele

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