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Lethbridge Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1911, Page 8

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Lethbridge Daily Herald (Newspaper) - January 17, 1911, Lethbridge, Alberta Page 8. The Lith Bridge daily Herald . Is Minry 17, Emu Majestic theatre . Sherman mgr. Phone a feeling of dizziness. 111r.ii Ibi irn fullness. Nausea Bud taste in Mouth nil stomach headache this 1 is . I a full Case of 1 ape s Din pepsin costs icily i cents and will thoroughly cure your out of order stomach and leave sufficient around the Iti Cage some one else in tin family May suf for from stomach trouble inclines. Tion. Ask your pharmacist to show you in formula plainly panted on these in cent cases then you will understand Why dyspeptic trouble of All kinds must to. And Why they usually relieve sour out of order stomachs indirection in five minutes. Diaper Slot i is harmless and tastes like Candy. each dose contains Power suf Jet client to disc a nil prepare for As into the blood All the food you Cut besides. It makes you m. To the table with a he Liliy appetite for Auto d. L. Kimball bouncer Russel Dudley t j a. The leaders in two branches of the contest athlete Kimball and Russell Dudley were the Only limelight voters yesterday Medicine hat Good Field for some candidate a Juthe change in the St tid i Nir of the candidate will be a Maile on the usual Daysja i a tuesday and. Saturday this in week. Next monday being a the last Day of the contest   even the names of the a  candidates will be published. For candidates who wish to do so have Only two More Days a o elect Rory their irl ends by \ otitis it May pay Tojo Stow some of your Nore Pih. F i Winnie Sellens votes a Small Hunch. In the main contest in the City .j.l.vtmo. Norman is the Lone and Only Jar Incerti Tecate voter and by her a. I votes gets Back into second place in  her District. 4. Miss Kathleen Karrell and Miller make about it Pink Cains. Us strict i in the City and District t in the country did t haul use a single a. Vote today lust How Many votes the candidates in Liete two districts to their reserves would make in. Terer Liik Reading. Ivok out for a a. I bumper vote on thursday Salur-4.1 Day maybe on both of these Days. Per. The hat open territory alter remaining stationary for a Vav Hen the contest was announced week so ii. I. Kimball toot racer " e candidate from Medicine tint seem be of 111, Murine the Lull in business it the Hall a Dickinson co s stove in 011111winc to the cold w t Butts aha. An i. The second annual Inre Tinc of Thi Sweet brass cemetery Samm held monday Lun with i Reidin t Litis in the 1 halt 11 was i cull at the Mecquis. To Ich i tin present i net. Tract of with a substantial Barb wire fee and to enclose the live acre Licat which is Ali adv plot ird with a Wnm it wire Fence the expenses of the association has Hern for i he past Yirai by members of the body but inuit now on it is 1 proposed to sell the lots and us. The vyv Nythus acct inert in Ivy it the vim Tiller expenses. As the Leme triv site is on Yin survive i land full title has yet hem acquired to it a a the As j Tana states that he is improving Tan Sanction but the Federal government if Liv under the treat Virtu there and cd Itas Hern petition in to set apart the i putts to Niini soon isolated warns ,.r that purpose in a a a a Here Der up rectal t the a Ronlov of the International cafe a. 1 some now this minute and for for out a Vear. Haj Wittst sent in her a. Ever rid yourself of stomach trouble resignation and will soon return to d and of on. Her Home at n new Dayton Alt. The _ patrons of the restaurant All tame to1 have Inch recant for miss a take s cheerful nature and impeachable Char Attri. And will miss her much. I word lately convert from Depute Collet of customs c k Moh Rolv of the sue t grass port who is now a Ilie Alhambra Springs a Mon but what will please v0.i most is that am prints int. The Load of cd to to the Universal favorite for the you will feel that your stomach Ami  be t on to with Over votes to Auto. Ala show Many times people i intestines Are clean and fresh. April Lac Short. To get a vote of it their guess. The hat candidate Vou will need to resort to laxatives1 8aie to say that . Kimball petered out entirely and the great for liver pills for Bulli Rusness con-1 on since exhausted the resources of j town is open to any live candidate St Patlon. Lira say like and is spreading out Over who wants to take a try at it. Who this City will have Manv do pepsin o her parts of the circulation zone i wants to to Cranks As some people will Call them. Of the Herald. Hut . Kimball is five Mare Days alone in this spreading out bus five More working Days of the Eon Ness. Many of the other candidate test. Do you think you have enough Nave secured thousands of votes in votes to land the of your Choice outer towns and localities 01if than Tou Are the sole judge in this mat the ones from which their Nanus Ai Ter. Entered. It to very evident that trains running on schedule time from the  West otherwise Russell Dudley could have been Able to get his votes through for today to and thus top the other but you will be Cranky about this splendid stomach preparation too. If you Ever try a Little for indigestion any other stomach misery. Short of Coal at Claresholm the Mclaughlin Buick car "9 to perfect Points out of n possible it now As the record set up at Winnipeg on october a the. When . .1. Clone won the great Oldsmobile standing trophy thereby establishing the fact boys and mat Only do Mclaughlin Hui Cit -------1 to return soon to resume his which is u0w in the. Hands the a Fairris of the association Are Clark Collins p re Ihunt. A .1. M hols ice per Steen. And w. Kerry Ker relay ii amur the Hoard of trustees is composed of t 1 Olin son c f. , t a , f Svi Herl. W. C auth is. I ii Mcmillan. W. V Corry. Lark Collins and i .1. Nichols the organization 1 .i,.nks was effected a y.- \ mass meeting of the Riti rns of Sweet fit ass was tailed wednesday january Lluli. For the purpose of for Iii a comte Cretal club put the Nevette cold Vve Atlie Previ Norn i representative Gnu Heriot and for the next meeting is yet set. Of to Inlet inspector Clark Collins Corporal Ironsides of the mounted police scrote was Here his to. Tion a it Imine on he Sione , Miles cast last week and it pm 1 thai w rather conditions on is 1011 ate no Leas set Etc tour. In 1 com is division of girls. A score of Loci my a the Pony cars Excel All others in Power and division u a mighty Good showing Speed but when it comes Down to a nut it is Likely there will be a couple hard gruelling contest where every _ i More see saws before the week ends. Nut. Bolt and connection on nil parts j jut who will win Honorer is As much of the tar. Of every description. Is of Ciare Noim Ian. even of mystery a when the voting he Ami cd at the close of the contest by Gas . O. Malcolm and family were a six riddles want Liim and five a strictly impartial technical commit-1 retiring they heard a Terry he Eom to he riddles Are going to make the tee they Are found to stand up better a a to ton oits de and soon discovered sixth kiddie Humn some to win out than any other make of car regard that a party of the neighbors and to Gie t Raig increased her score less of j mends had arrived and were Bent Anil".""", and bouncer looks about As somebody win win the Herald s me i merrymaking. So . Mar Olin put. Good to her As Ever. J latin Ghlyn Knock ear and there Are in a big chunk of Coal and All hands Alice Sparks slyly slips past Agnes Only a few More Days to put the finish. Turned Loose to enjoy themselves., k ant in that Way holds seconding touches on the Vole you expect to 1 i. Bertie Malcolm Render Tel some place. Turn the trick j Tine music from the piano. He is to Pupil of a. Moffat who is choir master in the presbyterian Church superintendent the seat than o and his pupils All speak highly of him. I Victory for a Large number of the Farmers i acne 10 town saturday after Road with 111 a i l to find the local Coal shed Falls was i Sweet i ass. Ian. 1,118 a Bao a a be of and is Road master Hess a Oman i " 0 n ver common occur Renee. Out red him supt Kevin Otth a h a i was Here from . Also on official business on the following Day. Keep a local dealers should aim to Supply on hand at All times. I Olin Tillotson hitched up his big your Norse team to the Bob Sleigh sat a urday and took the married ladies the teamsters Constable suns on the outs Viivi notice has just been posted to tie Sion of the North West mounted i of reflect that urn erred ii. W. Mowat. J 1ce service Matiie Back wednesday to episcopal minister of Lethbridge will j assume ins duties Here Ailer a Short lie Here on saturday january 2. To j illness in the Iii if Hospital. Rive a Etc tire illustrated by lantern Douglas Winn son of station agent mines on the same eve Nimr at Thek w Winn left so after Christ mounted l Oliie Barracks of coults i Mas to Tat e up fre Lunan work in the will also deliver a Merteon at the Hutte High school. As far As known no preference to be shown contractors All must pay License Send deputation to Edmonton standing of candidates votes will be added for thursday s Issue Efth Herala u it an i prizes fir$t5-Passenaer Mclauchlin Buick tour Lna car. Second european tour taking in Coronation of King Oeor i $400 in a Ai third-1400 building . District prizes District 1-first--vacation trip %7l\ second a. District 2-first-vacation trip $78 second-2s. District 3-fire vacation trip 975 second-92ft. District 4-first-vacation trip $75 second-92$. Division a. At least on of the grand prizes go to this division. Of strict no. 1 All hint part of the City of lying North ans East of Tho following Boundary. Third ave., from Al re to Street to sixth str to South on sixth to fourth ave. Esi Oil fourth ave. To Ken Venth St., South of Kle Venth to City limits. At least two of. The pro Zoa so to this District. , tenth St. And 2nd ave304,649 Campbell Airo 1304 sixth ave1m.420 miss Grace Prouse 59 Argyle ave. 97,735 Ernest Townsend 1917 Mcnett st11,045 Harold Kerr 444 Torrance ave3,025 District no. 2-All that pan of the City of Lynn South and West the Abo a Boundary. At least two of Tho prize so to this District miss Olive Davies 406 fifth ave. South 376,070 mme. E. Norman 622 sixth ave. South .170,940 miss Agnes Dowsett 907 seventh ave. South165.260 miss Lizzie Shirley 302 sixth ave. A. South.95,695 division b. At least one of the grand Prises go to this division. District no. 3-includes All towns in Southern Alberta and Eastra British Columbia Over 1.000 population. At least two of the prizes go to this District. D. W. Coulter Taber alt447,680 miss Edith Harker Cardston. Alt400,295 George e. Pelletier Pincher Creek .285,280 miss Elizabeth Mcdonald Frank alta167,275 miss Mary Mackenzie. Macleod alta148,130 John. Macdonald Hosmer b. A. 86,415 District no. Includes All towns in Southern Alberta Ami Eastern British Columbia under 1,000 population. At least two the prizes go to tit District. D. L. Kimball Grassy Lake alta502,870 miss a Farrell. Coutts alta322,660 miss Emily Miller. Bow Island Alta.115.160 miss Elizabeth Adams Stirling. Alta35.585 Stanley m. Welch. Barons Alta.16,390 miss Lillie May Tierney Burdett. Alta.10,845 Shetland Pony division a re parole contest Lor boys and c res under 15 years of age. Russ bloc Dlly. Fernle b. C.152.305 Alice Sparks. Raymond. Alta137.410 Agnes Kerr 4 7 fourteenth st136.180 Walter Pamer Grassy Lake alta81,976 Peggie Craig. 1z5r fourth ave. North. 69,760 Winnie Sullens. 908 seventh St. A.,.44,660 Jenny Mcnulty 418 Wilson St.5 7,515 Ada Murray. 1104 Courtl Wax. 10,995 Nora Stafford 1619 Horn st3,475 James Nisbet Stafford Village 2,730 closes a Ninny. January 23r$1. The licensed team owners troubles All out for a ride which was a treat Lor we very Seldom have Good Sleigh ing Here. The debate on the benefits of Iva Over. Pound Law at it Mountain Peak 1 ,.a jva.x.1 \ communication As received from a Nool Houise Friday was rather mixed. Tiie Secre at was finally ,. ,.association last Niflot team owners at he Tuv of Cate place on the following Day Ian Aoth Rev. Mowat was Here sunday  Ian. Styli set vices were held on the morning of the same Day at the Catholic Church the methodist organization announce that Ihrie is to he another regular minister installed in Sweet orals Early 111 the Spring. For the present the Niche i will he visited by. District superintendent White of Knispel from tune to tue. . Henry audit of Sweet brass returned. Of tidal from a week s visit in Helena for the Hie Workings of my stut. Legislature Fri a a few Days he announces that the representative., a Lounis there to tamely. State Semi m and reprise Rimathe Tam san Aie 111 Envor of the Tuv Ision a Teton rain . . Winn is the first of Sweet i ass Young people it to away for higher school advantages than no per Friday Nuht at the Home bylaw the same ambition the Best wishes01 an i mar a a nne on pumps of the town and country should to with Winn in his climb Lor higher education Tims 1 Ollison a homesteader Well known in Coutts returned last week ft0111 an extended vacation vis Tiue. In ins Natiw state of North Dakota his longest Sta was at West if Ope the Home of .1 him Ltd Heit in Esi Uia Nagi Rol the Bridge Sash and done factory wife win visiting Here last is the daughter of t la Iii no the Maple hotel. A i,1 no at least last 1 Christ Sci Entiat. Chose death by heri0., Iii in and he was thai Utt Wii. own hand yesterday in preference Tolu Nilso knt a where of he Spute when will see provincial health officer about sewage disposal the cite Council last night decided  to Send City Kii Greer Arnold and  Aid Oliver to Kiln onion to Confer j with provincial health of her Owens regarding acceptance of t Anil Murray s plans for a sett age disposal Plant Anil Lallino a obtain Satis fac a a lion idiom Linn instil died them loan 1 peal to the 1101-Iii Council against his Dicks Iota in aria tit in Only a line Ted Appena of the this decision was the result of a discussion on tiie Tepori of the seen \ Lary 01 the Hoard of Lualta in which the latter Hoilo 1 that i 1 lie plans Anil spiritual ions for tin i Plant do gone ahead with at once and when completed hied with the provincial heal tit of Cir the Board believing tins sup would comply with the i Vii Ocial health at 1 Aid fray tie explained to the Council the present deadlock and Sumiitar-1 the discussion at the last Inmeei i ing of the Heartl of health Aid Ali code strongly urged the step finally i taken by the Council As being a bet to till if Khali l in Rige Alta. 1 with to help by paying sub. 1 a scr option to i the Herald. Weekly name of candidate address. , years and incl so cover subscription beginning. Votes if now. Votes if old. Name. Address. State whether by mail Carrier. Directions to get Hie votes on Tho above Cash must accompany the order a Permon now. Taking the Herald will receive votes according to be schedule,.when in King any payment on subscription provided Tho above form is sent to the contest department with tin Money. Voting i Ower subscriptions and tiie Price of the Herald daily by mall by Carrier new old i months. .92.00 $1.50 1200 Coo 1 year. 4,00 3.c0 .300 u a 2 years. 8.00 6.00 4500 3 years. 12.0d 9.00 150i of. 10 5 years. 20,00 15.00 27000 13500. Weekly i 1 year. . $1.00 1000 750 i 2 years. 3.00 3500 1750 i 3 years . . 4.50 5500 2f,00 i f years. 7.50 10000 5000 la in no Good. It is a Setio Elesa. Iii Ioni which has outlived its Lime the striped suit has been pern hero for some tin. The prisoner our p any cloths with no i sign u Shl a Marl but the prison it of All descriptions week made a Hasty Ali i in Budge and faced the cold a Mathei \ of a Funk net husband with the conscious tendering 011 Cement sidewalks he had no a Ian a t a lik ji.7lin.ou 01, figured his gravel Ai the rate would have to Pav licensed a Aisters in the City. It made a Rifle Revice to Back Home at the end of the week nem a he so vol Al Hundred dollars mrs no Man Dickinson and Daugh a Lar had placed in her. ,. Viands for Safe keeping had been spent Lei. Katylee Tavrell also her Small a vol nil Klow a. , has 1 a ,01 i Ali idled Mil Iii huh . Low n. Mon. I .1. Nichols Cle Sam hotel a brass. Has 01,0 a Olav by no a a 80t be ,.loan. But it was denied. Secretly she audio Untch to show and dance Foi sat abolished the lock step in Walla Walla prison i the Money was to have been loaned i j 1 of re cd a three to with in natives Iii the a. Trust ass of the a a in ,ul111 dollars and an bulk Lyle our trustees of the Church As part a. In Louisme Linn Lewis a of the fund constructing a proposed a let l ave " pm a Linn w edifice. In her inst desperate of pop Nestov of the in fort in Zulko ko0� a is went omit 11 in a 1 write ii Cipiti a. The Stuart machinery co., limited 704 main St., Winnipeg. J 111 Day. Lankan a in the Lane Hall of the hostelry the exact nature of he slow will he announced later c. F n011 is and wife who arc engaged in 1 lie mercantile business 01, the East Side of the Railroad Hack in Sacii crass departed saturday tin-14tli, for Southern California. 1., spend an extended vacation on the roast some of those who Are led also have a longing for More Halm weather than prevails Here at pres Lent. Determined to end it All she purchased strychnine repaired to the Butte Annex secured a room and swallowed the Poison. But of All 1 ins her husband relatives friends a us numbers of the Church knew nothing All Day yesterday last bight and a Ponton of today. Fri Lely they spent hours searching for the missing to Man. The police ant sheriff s office avs sted. The directors of the Clui Reh new Ivnel her return with Tho Money when mrs it Niberg s body a discovered this afternoon by Accident by a chambermaid. Census for trams the contract the exemption discriminated against local my in to of of outsiders it pin the men who had to pay licenses Art a disadvantage some further discussion took place in which All who spoke favored the motion which Ai by Law was referred to to the motion fully coined Hie question was put and carried. Plans without kilo thing whether of the plans would he Turne d Down by the provincial Hoard of health the Mailer of milk Scarcity a a a Al u dealt with the Hoard of health report in Aid. Biayne s suggestion the Secretary treasurer was instruct Eri to get out the letters and circulars Siw a Vash formally cling informal Ion be girding Railroad Spokane wash., Ian. irling it. Utterly useless and worthless a living without Good c. S. Hoed Den of the mate Penitentiary at Walla could walk ten Yards without resting. Weak heart was the cause. Mrs. Robinson Coll Stre Roe Casville nil writes i an now Enjo wet he Best of health after having us you Milburn s heart and nerve pills i i troubled with a weak heart and wis Awid to draw a Lone breath for the a " it would cause me. I Coul ,.ot Niglis am u was for walk ten Yards a Hho Turt sting1 Rev self Jurt w Pilu a my Al your nun a scree t ills for Thev Are the p,., consigned Tho Pill i have Ever Ussi Andt co n. Meriul them to All sufferers " rates pro Abl available Ter the make sure a Isidro Johnston senior judge of Al Soma is dead at St title Ste Marie of the milk Scarcity it the time the Poptic action census is taken would be feasible Antl that the milkmen s in Swers a the quantify of milk Thev a -7---it Al t co Llort handle would give Suft Clent in ukr us to All sufferers method of 11" a which it came. Mince he he la urns�,0"w1. U of people i o about Ihrie ii no asm uth Loch top has been the custom of Vino of death and nyx the Hoard health i Braz Felt tue . When the prone a that the Enji Urik would Cany More j came in to their meals March out weight coming from the Secretary of j to them Thoy did so in Inch Slop. The City thai Fli hit Sec Elnory of 1 , Eli inns and Ember Rolls of the Hoard of health it was in t u More Kaiim riia nge Are a Shitik of that to earn nut the Home of Ith l 81" we a Willu. The h k a Falth s suggestion of take a census ? pm tuo Bupp 1 8."-% a a Mir a Warden Reed have come Down to us from Tho past. Why How they originated is now of Little interest. It suffices that what Ever May have been Tho reasons in Holcli net tufted their originators they do hold Good today. The lock step Corves no purpose. Do know it Little attention is pit to the slight we of the heart Lor the simple reason Bluit one thinks it will Riichi itself but 1 line is where the mistake is nude. It is Only when a violent Shock comes that the a calmness of the heart becomes Ophir Cut. On the first sign of any weakness of the cirt of nerves ene Rojy physical breakdown the use of Mil bum s Loci it and nerve pills will soon product a ii Uick Ami permanent cure. Wire to a tits per won i for f 1.2s. At All dealers mailed direct 011 receipt of Price by the t. I Quirn co., a Linit do Toronto on

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