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Lethbridge Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Apr 14 1910, Page 7

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Lethbridge Daily Herald, The (Newspaper) - April 14, 1910, Lethbridge, Alberta The Lethbridge daily april a sure and profitable Bow i i1 lion Glitis Bow Island has a population Bow Islamul is r prices up to notice prices will Advance 25 per May Bow Island gad1llag 30 s 1 wish to announce that my exclusive Agency for this territory has been acknowledged by the Cadilac people and orders have been issued for All other agencies to be Dis we can furnish cars on Short Mckenzie Story Grant Hannans fight with the Tow site Case Sci cited by the Man chiefly just Back from Ottawa where railway commission heard his Caise Grant proprietor of the East half of Section township have you priced our stoves the Meitzer furniture i i i 7k i we Are sole agents for the famous systems of the office to manufacturing of Onty 3ox 261 phone 1214 the Western Supply equipment 414 Dufferin first rail route across the Andes ice and praying Western Transfer proprietors office ii out i a 7k remarkable achievement shortens distance from Europe to Australia april a few weeks probably towards the end of next will come to fulfil Lent a feat of modern engineering is de scribed by one of the most pragmatic Cal reference books As one that will among the most remarkable in the this is notch Rugless than the con of the first railway across stores owner of the Tow site of returned yesterday j morning from elated it his Success in defeating the be Tore the Board of railway commissioners in the matter of the changing of location of Scipp Junction and the result of Hannans apply cation was briefly reported in the Herald last week but from him yesterday were obtained Fuller details of the in 1908 Hainan squatted on school and erected a the at that time had the Junction of the Leth Branch and the Lethbridge Macleod surveyed on that he wrote the officials of the asking them in the event of their buying the Section for a Tow site to sell him two lots for his store and also asking for the Agency of the and received very noncommittal that at the government Sale of school lands Tuen about a parcel of Only 30 acres was Goj ing to be he wrote to the land commissioner of the that he had been under the impression that the parcel of Laud put up would be much too in for his and asked that if the were not delirious of purchasing the parcel and he were to Purchase it without conflicting with their interests might be rely on their Aid in making it a being referred to assist and land lie wrote on june the effect that he was going to but if the have decided to make it a Tow site i have Range instead of upon the or Section 2j As previously Conte and that tins change was Ren dered necessary by the fact that the distance along the Hue of railway Between the Road allowances did not allow sufficient room for the length of siding Hannan took action Hannan took a he wrote to and placed the matter before Magrath saw the officials of the asked them to asked them if they would take the land from hanuman at the Price he had paid for told them that it was a matter of equity and failing to obtain any declared to thai he would lock horns with them Over application granted in september the Board of Railroad commissioners granted the application of the to abandon the original most of the work of grading on the original Survey a Complete and rails had even been Lai on a part of while the sidings wer the application they proceeded to the other piece which took a mile and a Naif Mclean Polione 1089 i a Kaying of All kinds prompt f by attended Coal i i f delivered 4 May bricks Mother is dead Ixer april Cable Dis Patch received Here states tha Baroness de Mother of mrs who spent Many years in a British under a life sentence died in Paris a Fexy nays ago in utmost the linking for the first time whole South american from the to the from Buenos Ayres to alter More than thirty years of under conditions quite As As those of Hannibal crossing of the and through difficulties even More the line itself is now practically an open ing which it is will be graced by Tihe presidents of both Argentina and the rival states on either Side of natures Majestic is already what this latest engineering achievement Means to the civilized world May be per when one notes that it will shorten the distance Between Western Europe and Australia by it will bring the verdant chilian what does Valparaiso mean but the Valley of nearer to the East coast by Over a fortnights instead of sail ing around the Straits of a til Iree weeks traveller will be Able to Cut across from Buenos Ayres in it will open up huge tracts of splendid Accord ing to some flowing with milk and above it will help to do away with those funds be tween the various South american states that have been for so Man the curse of South am and a blight upon every in no desire to conflict their inter ests but should they not wish this 30 acres i should like their assist Ance in making it a two three Days before the Sale which took place Early in dupe implied that he was not in a to make a definite attended the Sale at the auction Sale on july further Northwest and purchased 40 acres of land on 30 with the presumed purpose of making a Tow site of Weir Hannan then went to wrote that unless notified within two weeks that the Lethbridge Herald was in the matter would be taken to the railway it was ascertained that the com Pany had never asked whether they have the Road allowances moved to make Way for their sidings and that also the permission would not be refused on de Cember application was made in Hannans behalf to the Railroad a strangers offer on March 1st a Man walked into Hannans store and asked h much he would Takel to the the latter stated that it was entirely Magrath hands getting Cream of immigrants hark Drumm in Ottawa expresses satisfaction with people coming free press Mark formerly publisher of the Frank of who is in Ottawa on returned last evening from a trip to Hali while at Halifax Drumin had the pleasure of observing the Landing of passengers of the steamship Corsi among were in the largest number landed by any thus far this Drumm states that the Immi Grants were the finest class he has Ever All were Fine Fine appear ing people and All were liberally sup plied with the corsican list made a total of Immi Grants to arrive at Halifax during the last and Drumm states that immigration agent Annand in formed him the whole number pared very favourably with brought by the the marked improvement in the class of immigrants coming to the country Drumm j be attributed to the selective and re Tractive policy now being pursued by he under it i Migra agents Are required to rigidly examine and unless they ome clearly within the act they Are this has of making steamship companies exercise care in Selling tickets to immigrants with the result that the in Les Brablc elements arc not permitted to come an example of the rigid manner in which the act is being enforced by the department by an Inci Dent Drumm observed wherein be Cool Cook the i years of woman who knows How after Cal tests and hard the new perfection cd Coo stove is her idea of what a Good Coo stove really ought to she finds it requires less costs less to and Cooks All better than any other stove she has Ever she finds the new oven bakes and roasts the com those new Wick Blue flame Oil Cook stove has Cabinet top with a shelf for keeping plates arid food hot theft Are drop shelves for Coffee pot or and Nickelet Towel it Long Turquois Blue enamel the Nickel with the Bright of the makes the stove ornamental and made with and 3 burners the 2 and 3buraer stoves can be had with or without car Muir Nore be arc Yew Tuta tet Ike Reade hew dealer where if not at write for descriptive circular to the nearest Agency of the the Imperial Oil Hannan purchased die 30 acre the Man offered to pay him Back parcel at per on july 16th he wrote to first vice president Nichol at offering to give the Gratis what land they might require for buildings and so Mcnichol referred him to the second vice who refused to give him any information As to whether Klupp Sid no would be there or he work of grading the line was t this time almost two thirds com when suddenly the work was change of track Hannan heard no More of the matter until on August a news Tern appeared in the Lethbridge her Ald to the effect that Doupe had announced that the Kipp siding and Junction would be located upon the her daughter took very sick As result of catch ing mrs Dennis friars writes at the close of the Yea our youngest five years took very sick As the result of ing she became very weak and could not move around at we con in Ted doctors and gave her various kinds of Medicine but they did not seem to relieve her on the advice of Friend i procured a bottle of your valuable Woods Norway Pine As the and after using the first bottle notice Abia Tong War still on in new York new april o an Early consummation of a be treaty Between the warring tongs i Chinatown received a setback Las night when another celestial was Sho and wounded Pong an aged laundry a Ras the he was leaving h on when another chinaman fired lire shots at one Bullet hit Parish and River Winnipeg tailors Indian Reserve reserves Surj rendered and balance of surveyed Tot total area under pre and purchased Homestead in including patented chiefly numbered veral macedonians ported who lacked were ordered do Only two of the amount of Money the Law requires immigrants to with but they were clearly and the fact that they lacked the requisite amount of funds a nailed the immigration agent to shut them strike still o april strike is not but the end yesterday morning t workmen held a mass and though they had promised to co tunicate with the merchants by no they did not make known the res at a meeting at it was Lea de unofficially that a majority of strikers favored a return to the Compromise suggested at the to meeting on saturday granted to railway companies account of land chiefly Odd numbered school land a surveyed area not acres granted to Hudson Bay a surveyed not other Wise of Manitoba swamp april earthquakes Felt Down in new edition Homestead map for his to give him two lots in the new Tow site and to move Bis store he denied that the mat Ter was before the and made no mention of expenses and As his credentials did not appear to be very Hannan declined to negotiate a couple of weeks after Magrath was informed by the that their offer had been favor ably received by on the fifth of this the matter came before the Railroad commission ers and As previously reported in the gave a decision that was the unanimous verdict of the forbidding the to use the track an rescinding the or the permission to change from the original briefs will he the regions in America in two girls were arrested m which the French were it is estimated that s Progress of Settle ment from year to year april new edition of the Homestead map of and corrected to january for which there have been Many inquiries from Sll parts of Canada and the United is issued today by the depart of the the in addition to showing a the Post offices and new surveys to Date shows at a glance j by systems of colouring the pro sales of irrigated Northi Halfbreed scrip and military j total area under Grain includ1 ing Tot Al area under total yield of figures from department of earthquake shocks were reported 1 night by the Seismograph of k Sas the first i gun an reached its full to at the second Shock at and lasted five of the dist Urban within and Miles c Gress of settlement from year to the homesteads of the year 1900 Heing shown As on the previous editions in special red also All the Timber berths and grazing the map is of special value to All persons hav j ing interests in the Prairie i Coats a Lamis disposed of Are shown in in the Fric and nut pcs Val various and the uncoloured porn and put in charged with j breaking into a railway coach and starting a Texas Rouit of the recent sons show the land yet available for Peter who Rains which accompany i j by cold interesting thirty nine More bodies of miners the table bowing the land Situa Hern taken out of the Paul Tion under the title of the at where the Folio wins interesting information of William Annis at and is serving a sentence in new is still on the army pay although major Gaynos excise order will not be read Tor a week or new York policemen turned in fifty seven complaints against More Wili charged with a Worth of postage Stamps in the last seven Mason clerk in the mailing department of a Chicago packing was Andrew a switchman pm at where they j in been entombed since its disaster i total and area approximatemanito1 november it is believed fifty a 40s488so recovered within 1 i surveyed Canadian Pacific railway sailings from John Lake april Empress of april Empress of May 6th from Montreal Lake May 12th Empress of May Lake May Empress of june Lake june 9th Aii steamers await the arrival of passenger trains leaving Montreal wind Sor Street station Oclock previous special attention Given to prepaid for tickets and All information apply ticket Lith Bridge general agent Winnipeg local Lethbridge Cju icily stops cures Ibe Throat and 23 it to i is of great use at this beat int any too Good of that5 1jbakery stuff h 11 that leaves this bakery our bread and other 1 goods is popular owing to goods delivered fresh from him in Lions improvement was the result and after t w my a Rutt f of feud in which two using three bottles she was entirely i can certify it was through your the loft his assailant played by the was dragged More than a Block with his oot caught on a freight and suffered Only the breaking of an four Hundred and fifty thousand earners in greater new York was not a Tong so far police can it is possible that he was mistaken for a shot Down in a Contin valuable remedy that she regained her chinamen were killed on Mother self i would not is without a bottle in the forty dogs and three cats burned to death new april dogs Woods Norway Pine syrup nor three cats were burned to death gains All the lung Healing Virtues of the n the Street while imprisoned in Norway Pine tree combined with wild sep Tjai automobile truck of the so Cherry bark and other pectoral of melt the test for Many and to animals the vehicle which a is now More generally used Tiaa 1mrortcti presented Price 2o cents at All Man Facto society by org Russell Sage tured Only by the a album wag destroyev1 m arc receiving wages smaller than i the minimum of decency i cd by the annual report of the com Iii tee of of an immigrant special was derailed at Mill this the tender and four cars loft the one ear was badly smashed and three occupants of it slightly spreading of the Rii ils was supposed president Finley of the College of the City of new was selected today As Hyde lecturer at the sorbonne for next his subject beside fire phone 1811 Taylor Oist phone 675 store Majestic Hifa phone 347 r Box 13531 fresh cot floors plants for All Weisul free delivery to All of Cit

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