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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1896, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - September 28, 1896, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Light 4 a the Kiwi if bum to subscriber at Rifae rate of 9uo Cirlic Ujj la from All Paitl of the county ail inc to or Aux ten intended for Pobu Eaton addressed to Tiu wthi8txiwmxt a Smith Jbf blk Taum the Dir Jan Tea Ballaine september 1896 1896 t h t 12 19 26 6 13 20 Moons r i rail n to third on u Quarter Bil Idslet bet poor John a treasurer of on tuesday was permitted to oat of the prison a free governor Hastings Natiku Sinh the necessary papers which the Board of pardons had aft Hoag he has had his Freedom re stored to him he will no longer be known As honest John a Prond title which i bore for Many years prior to Hie there Are those who severely censure governor Tias Tinee for approving of the Iuliu claim that Bardsley crime was of each a nature that he should have been compelled to serve out his full sen on the other band it is stated that he in in failing health and last week had a stroke of paralysis and this doubt less influenced Hastings in taking Hie undoubtedly Bardsley has suffered All the remorse and humiliation which longer incarceration could not have added to and now that Hie health in so precarious that longer imprisonment would shorten Hig life we see no wrong in granting him his Freedom for the remaining years he May 3 it however it is believed that he Lias important secrets which he should have but if he Lias such secrets and refused to reveal them until now it is Likely he would not have made them Public even if he had been held As a prisoner for a longer it is a had to a life that at one time promised so much of happiness and but the Man yielded to temptation when he should have stood firm and unflinchingly and allowed in he path of right and is no Between the mrs can be an Ade qual Residee the fallacies and heresies pro posed by the advocates of free coinage of Silver both Bryan and Tillman deserve severe conc nation for the sectional spirit which pervades their Public utter be is an enemy of this whatever his profession of loyalty and Devotion to it May be who attempts to excite and influence the unthinking and Lead them to be opposed to each other upon the around of geographical distinctions or clashing interests which exist Only in the Minde of the visionary or political the words above quoted of the father of our country need to be considered and heeded at this time As much As for evil disposed men to destroy our Nal court in its Trionfo the Many Petty cases that Are brought before the which it seems Are increasing judge Ergood in dismissing the jury admitted the fact and deplored that the court is powerless under existing Laws to prevent the Many trifling which take up much of the time of the court and incur needless coat to the from being brought into court the judge suggested that the next legislature change the insolvent Laws so that when the grand jury ignores a Bill and directs that the prosecutor pay the costs he be compelled to undergo imprisonment for some instead of Bemz As is now the of putting All the costs upon the county and he or she slipping Clear by imprisoning Sach prosecutors for some time they would become More cautious and would not for any trivial offence run to the Alderman or Justice and have a Case returned to court with a Long list of professional witnesses attached who will be ready to swear to anything for the Sake of earning the witness our Mem Bers to the next legislature should bring this matter before that another matter of great importance to which judge Ergood directed at Tention is that too frequently men who a was acknowledged to Jacob Reinoehl real estate pm n North Lebanon township As the prop erty of Zebney and Jewis trading As the Keystone ice com Rbt Job we receiving stolen goods oath of George hot tub of although the use of electricity As a motive and Light giving Agency is still in its Agency the improvements which have been made in the last decade Are truly marvelous and give us a hint of what we May expect in the in iss7 there was one electric railway in the Plant consisted of one in one electric one motor car Lack the proper intelligence and regard for their oath Are elected of the office of Justice of the peace or after a Case is to the court it is its duty to make out an and bring it before the grand hence it follows that when justices or aldermen have Little discretion or fit Ness and do not regard the Sanctity of the oath taken by themselves they will readily return All kinds of Petty cases brought before simply for the Pur pose of getting their although they May know beforehand that the county will have to pay if the voters would be More careful As to the kind of men they nominate and elect to these offices much of the wrong complained of would be this is Only too True and As Long As the taxpayers themselves Are unwilling to attend the primaries and assist in nominating qualified men for justices and but will be satisfied to vote for any men placed upon the ticket by others they must not complain if these drains upon the county Treasury grow larger from year to All the recommendations by the judge upon this ques Tion deserve thoughtful consideration and the voters of this county should act in accordance with them regardless of David assault and county to pay the Coats Cyrus embezzle ment oath of pros act Tor to pay the is gyms malicious mischief oath of Victoria county to pay the costs Daniel keeping a Dis orderly House oath of county to pay the the Case of com Brehm was re the prosecution closed its Case and the defense offered no counsel addressed the and after the charge of the the jury Fisher represented the pros ecu and Adams looked after the interest of the defendant Charles Jenkins plead Cuilty on a charge of assault and on oath of Robert Boyer in the Case of Charles Jen charged with oath of a nol was tended Ell Attwood and daughter welcoming them bade to a very pleasant Surpris Ewas tendered Friday evening to Attwood and whore orned from a five months visit to the Home of her childhood Days in where Bhe visited her Brothers and Sisters and Many the recep Tion was Given by the lady members of the methodist Chirch who were fully equal to the they met in a body and called at her residence and were bountifully supplied with the Neces sary articles that go to make such an event a memorable Attwood was greatly surprised at such a great number invading her Home and were taken in at after Well wishes and greetings for her Safe arrival the Ler the manage formally opened thursday when Albert and this popular Wang opera company were Given a Royal reception by our music Loving who constituted an intelligent and appreciative a As this was the company first appearance in this City a favourable impression was formed in the minds of those who were fortunate enough in bearing the Sweet music of this sober a production As Well As witnessing the Star acting of the com taking things in sized t has been heard in opera Many of our evening was spent most with a of was and in Madison Square new on tuesday by generals and candidates on the till off of the Money Tony discussed the Money question in an Able manner and showed the fallacy f to is government agreeing to free and unlit Nigerl coinage of Silver at a ratio of Gimbal Palmer will go to Ala and in his Eightieth year inaugurate n vigorous Cam general Buckner has been addressing meetings in Kentucky and Tennesee and he finds a Strong Silver sentiment in he feels confident that both will reject Bryan and declare for Good government and Money Lily aus trip through the lie did not Benefit him much poli tical and three pass enter ated on the Van i Tepoele it was oper now Thyri Are some persons Here and there who like Bryan hold the erroneous View that the governments stamp upon anything constitutes we recently heard of a stump speaker who said that if the govern ment were to take a piece of mud and bake it if it bad upon it the of Ciul stamp of the United states it would be thus stupidly do Soine of the Silve rites argue and expect intelligent people to believe it in not the governments stamp but its credit and pledge to redeem it with Gold Back that makes any kind of Coin pass for Money in every that is the kind of Money we now there Are in the Dominion of Canada thirty six electric Street having a total mileage of about six bundled using 730 motor representing an investment of the electric roads ten years ago operated in this country were in port and the mileage of All combined being Only fourteen and three barters it seems almost impossible that in such a comparatively Short time the electric Street railway business should have grown to such huge proportions from such an insignificant now there Are one thousand different electric roads in our embracing Miles of involving an investment of to this number others Are Aii Deil annually in All portions of the country and the next ten years doubtless will show a greater increase in number of Miles and electric cars operated than the last the same is True of other departments in which electricity plays an important the boost Fertile imagination can not conceive the vast improvements that will be made and the uses to which electricity will be a Kep knt correspondent sends the harrowing news from constantinople that the number of persons killed in the disorder sin the Interior of Armenia a week ago is nearly six Gladstone has written a letter for the purpose of arousing the press of England and France in behalf of the armenians and against the great As he a Felt Jon Koto the flopping who returned from Chicago an honest Money but later a the nomination for governor of new York state on the Popo cratic ticket has changed his mind he says he does not favor Gold but is in favor of International the position of the Republican he says i in Oil care four cents about being elected if he keeps Oil awhile at this will finally land in the re publican at least we need not have any fears that he governor this will be elected one of the populist organs of has Given notice that it will Bolt Bryan unless Sewall is taken off the Popo cratic ticket and Watsons name chairman Jones and or Bryan were so anxious to capture the populist convention for the latter that they overlooked the nomination of wat believing no that at the proper time they could easily get him ont of the Way and thus absorb the entire populist vote for the Popo cratic bet they reckoned without their for Tom Watson is As much of a Gusher As Bryan and will not get out of the besides he is getting a Strong following and now Jones and Bryan Are gating by Vic iad the criminal court of k Lias 160 eases or Tria this the largest Ever Civin to a Rhode Island the judge in his charge to the jury spoke of the increase of crime and advocated himself in favor of the not i Euay for which s in in Rhode this is no Tiac Lor experimenting with to monetary Bryan recently proposed to give free coinage 8 trial and thereby learn what it May result the people want something tangible and no Guesswork for another four they have a offered too much in characterizes the Sultan of an appellation to which he is justly in Gladstone Well says for More than a year he has triumphed Over the diplomacy of the six they have been Laid prostrate at his feel there is no parallel in history to the humiliation they have so patiently the impending question seems to be not but when and where he will proceed to his murderous and then says the question for Europe and each Power is whether he shall be permitted to swell by More myriads the tremendous total of his they can easily decide the question if they de Termine to act we still occasionally hear persons who speak about the crime of when Silver was then go on in a doleful Way to relate How since then every year prices have fallen lower and Busi Ness has become to be depressed More and they forget to mention or do not know that since 1s7s this govern ment has coined More Silver than in All the years before since its neither do they remember that the decade ending with Spring 1ss3 was the most prosperous in every respect this country has Ever then everybody had wages were prices Good and the people were Happy and the Silver question in no Way affected Trade and other influences brought on the hard and the spirit of unrest and Lack of which settled upon us like a heavy let us restore the former conditions and the Sun of Prosperity once More will Shine brightly and the people will be made a Yorsch woman died in a York Hospital whose heart after her death was found to have been on the right instead of the left one often hears of Young women with or icy heart or even but this is the first Case known of a woman having her heart on the wrong the Case Lias aroused considerable interest among medical sometime ago canadians refused to accept american Silver and now the Banks of Rochester have posted notices that they will not receive Canadian Money on Deposit in retaliation forthe the Harrisburg for some time after the Chicago convention on the Fence but More recently a free Silver or the natural result of free pro pounds the following As the Gold bugs the ratio of sixteen to one is too the present Market ratio Between Silver and Gold be ing something like thirty three to what do they purpose doing about it do they want dollars coined weighing something like 833 grains or do they want to discontinue the coinage of Sil ver they should come out i the open and explain the Republican National platform is explicit on the it does not propose to discard Silver As Money Alto Gether nor the coinage of a cart wheel but simply that the government shall just As it has been doing for a number of As much Silver As can be maintained at a parity with the recognized Standard of the civilized nations Oft be this is As much and the Only bimetal ism we can have unless All other nations adopt the double free and unlimited coinage by this As the populists and to Pocrass would simply gradually drive out the six Hundred millions of Gold Money and Force Silver Mono a fact that has been demonstrated repeatedly during this Campaign and by the Best in considering this phase of the Money question persons should remember that this country has coined far More Silver since when it is claimed the great crime was than in All the years of the country history prior to that it must be apparent to every fair minded Reader that the re publicans do not intend to drive out Sil As its enemies but to use As much As can be maintained at its full the next Case received the Atten Tion of the court was that of Victor charged by John Reinoehl with criminal Lionel it will be remembered that the defendant had an article published in the news in reference to when he was a Nan Didato or the legislature during a recent which is alleged to have been libellous and injurious to the candidacy of the Commonwealth was represented by shirk and sex judge Meily and the defendant by air Curdy and of counsel for the defense moved to have the indictment submitting a length in which it was alleged that the indict ment had been drawn no under unconstitutional act the motion to quash the indictment was overruled after a Strong argument on the part of the prosecution by Esq the evidence of the prosecution was when court adjourned until Oclock Thia in the Case of the jury rendered a verdict of fk1day the fifth Days session of criminal court opened at Oclock this morning with both judges on the District attorney Shindel formally moved the court to resubmit the indict ment before the grand jury in the ease against Aaron Hain he said there was a mistake As to the tote of Smiths death which occurred on the ninth Day of May instead on the eleventh the motion was overruled As counsel for the defense said they would not object to the amendment of the on motion of Capp the court fixed tomorrow morning at Oclock As the time for the opening of judge Ergood said that hereafter All jail cases must be tried in the Early part of the week and further that All surety of the peace and desertion cases will be called for trial next also that if it is possible the Case of manslaughter against George Witmer will he tried this in the multitude of cases in the Bentz Roh landmark family feed judge Ehr Choice selections of music and pleasant after which the members prepared a Royal table loaded with the Many Good things brought with to which every one did full Attwood has returned greatly benefited n health and the trip across the sea worked the Hope is that she will continue to improve until fully restored to Good among those who participated in the pleasures of the a visit not to be forgotten for Many a were the following John Atkins and misses Mary and Tacie Helen and Rebecca Mabel and Daisy and Marv Rebecca Harry Samuel Roy Erand Samuel shakespearean party a nigh to dra Ara presented at on thursday evening at the residence of miss Ida main Myers a number of ladies and Gen Leinen gathered to witness a presentation of a Midsummer i gets which was Given by a number of talented Young ladies from that those who had the pleasure of Hearin opera going citizens in some of the larger cities where Dewolffe Hopper produced Albert who played the role of Begent of captivated the audience by his excellent playing which shows that he is a born Frank Casey As keeper of the and miss Norma As Crown Prince of and baby a Sweet Little the latter with her three cute companions made themselves popular with the audience and encore after encore followed the players the entire cast was a firs class one and above the the first act Dis played the Public Landing of River Menam at where Beautiful scenery and gorgeous costumes were Dis while the second and last act gave a Good representation of the throne room of the Royal Palace at Bangkok the music furnished Ity the company own orchestra was particularly and the various drills of the Blue French cambodians and other Mem Bers of the company were Fine and the choruses were Strong and Spang is to be congratulated in having secured such an excellent com Pany for the opening in this party at this piece were delighted with it ring congratulated the participants who played their parts very among i Hose in attendance were miss Vara Kal this City misses Mary Luella Cora Kalbach and May Myerstown Hiester this City Charles Bernville Harry Kar Mauv and after the evenings entertainment refreshments were served in an elaborate Money More than this will end suit in Silver resulting in financial distress and Good fined Henry and Frank Bentz each and divided the costs Between the opposing the court then reprimanded All for their frequent appearances before the court and warned them never to appear again under penalty of a severe District attorney Shindel moved the court for permission to resubmit the indictment in the Cass of criminal libel against Victor Smith for the purpose of inserting an innuendo relative to the words Houck the motion was the trial in the Case against Smith brought by which was begun thursday was then taken up and the court Over ruled the motion of the defense to strike out the testimony of three witnesses for the Commonwealth As it did not come up to the the defense rested after calling Reinoehl and then submitted eight Points in the Case which he argued in their support and was followed by the prosecution against the then followed the addresses to the jury by both after judge Ehrgood charge and after deliberating for an hour and a half the jury returned a verdict of and directed the division of the costs of the no True William alias an Drew assault and surety of the peace oath of John Cost on William alias court hound Clarence Carter has taken advantage of the insolvent the cases of criminal oath of Alfred Houck and George Man oath of George have been continue1 to december Crimi Nal the petition of John Uhler was granted to mortgage real estate to the sum of f 700 As trustee of i Isi Vir Hoff Man to pay bail in was Jefferson who was found guilty of assault and Battery on Annie was sentenced to 0 Davs in fined o and directed to pay the costs of George Reinhart was appointed a spec Ial tip staff this Aldermani they Are handsomely entertained by friends at Liat Ira the popular and Well known Driver of re Scocks trans on thursday conveyed a Jolly part of ladies and gentlemen to hummels town in one of Harry rises busses where they tendered of that an agreeable the party left from the residence of Annie fourth and Chestnut and consisted of the following Annie Polly Phoebe Frances Sallie Rosa Fannie miss Lidie miss Minnie Reeser and John they were All from this City and state that the trip to Hummelstown was greatly who is related to was taken completely by sur Bountiful refreshments were served and the return to this City was made by leaving Hummelstown at 10 arriving Here at 1 Oclock this new House and grounds Petticoat Lone is but a stones throw from a Fleury it is not wide and not particularly but it is wonderfully pretty of a june morn when the rising Sun streams in beneath huge elms that stand like staunch holding up a fair Green canopy for Queen summer to walk under or of an magus evening when the same Bright a Little flushed with his Days sends a Rosier flood from the West to linger lovingly along the greensward that lies Brood and Cool on both sides of the the grass is always Green in Petti coat Lane from april till for a Little Brook runs singing Down from paddocks Hill to the West and it finds the Lane so pleasant a place that it runs beside it As far As it ing from one Side to the Midway of its with a charming under ground gurgle and Little ears As is the Broad surface of the Stone guard Wall to Little Feek the Wall is very All its dark crevices Are Hung with and its stones Are veiled with the Lane itself is very and its houses Date Back to Long just where the narrow Brown Road Way makes its last curve to join the North Turnpike stands the oldest House of the shingled roof slopes Down nearly to the grass a weather worn Well sweep roes higher than the five fined Stone Chim Neys on one Imd on the other a am pie with queer wooden benches at either gives Entrance to the wide Central at intervals along the Lane stand other this is the historic part of on other dignified by the name of there Are dwellings which were built As recently As 50 years ago on Petticoat Lane no House Hap seen fewer than 150 and no Bummer of them All has opened upon the Earth with fairer Promise than that in which my Story the Story May be said to have be gun when grandmother Starbird to one fair May morning some 20 years a letter written on for eign and having a a Gray and a yellow stamp on the postmaster Faxon looked at it once through his spectacles and once Over before be put it into the Starbird and old Joshua who usually acted As maj Carrier for tiie far end o the King Victor Emanuels face All the Way up until he would recognized him grandmother Starbin do sooner set eyes upon the letter than she Flung the Gray yarn stocking she Ivas knitting across the and pushed Joshua Plummer into the near test chair while she Rani to fetch 11 of Faher a hound triumphed at last Over Uncle arid whose granddaughter the acknowledged Star of the american world Brood she bore her Triumph How As she had formerly borne de i Spose youll be dreadful Busy from now ventured Little whose racked her whole nervous said grandmother my Spring cleaning is always done by the Middle of in resting but aint you going to fir up Eller ners tasty and new Shes used to having things pretty Sty Lish and i Shell find the old House looking just As she left mis and Al trays liked it pretty Well As it of assented the Little Wom she was fond of Tilbury Art shed ought to but Shes seen the world since mis an Shes come into Shes an in a Gilburts stayed about the same it Al ways like the an it wont be surprising if she finds it kind of an an after an id fix up a seems to met grand Mother Starbird Drew out one of her slender Needles and stuck it in which was fastened at her there was a curious y unruffled smile on her kindly old fix Sarah Luella fix up All Well come and see How Nice you can do but Romes a Good Deal Denejer than i Ruess and you dont know Elinor Starbird very Well for All Shes played in your door Yard so Raj in Sarah fixed All Madison Street fixed they were modern and but Petticoat Lane was ancient and and scorned to make a stir for of Klerner Starbird Hant forgot us All Shell take us As we said old voicing in his in a grammatical Way what Many of the who were too Well bred to express an of she has fico Fps of Scoti Inias okie Hundred year ago George Washington transmitted to the people of this country Hietti iritis fare Well in which he gave much advice and which it Ould be Well for us of Thi Day to Tillman and Oiler popu list speakers have been quoting general Washington considerably in speeches they have but it would be Well for those of them who attempted to stir of hate and sectional ism at the Chicago convention and who since then have been trying to array the South and West against or to create opposing would especially consider what is said upon this question in Washington Farewell he said in contemplating the causes which May disturb our it occurs As a matter of serious concern that any ground should have been furnished for characterizing parties by geographical Dis Crimi and Atlantic and designing men May Endeavor to excite a belief that there is a real difference of local interest and views one of the expedients of party to acquire influence i n particular districts is to the opinions and Aims of Yon cannot shield your selves too much against the jealous is and heart burnings which Spring from these misrepresentations they tend to Render alien to each other those who ought to be bound together by fraternal to the Efficacy and permanency of your Union a government for the whole Jivin Abb hat Constable Hunter on thursday even ing arrested Irvin Gerhart on warrants issued by Alderman charged by Lizzie Philippy with assault and Battery and Edward Arnold with aggravated assault and the accused entered bail in the first Case and s500 in the last charge for his appearance at a hear ing before Alderman Booth on monday evening at 7 he will not John bold Lemorra Tir Ciu Idi Date of new Boyd Thach candidate for governor of new York on the regular democratic nominated at declines to accept the having this morning made Public his letter of fire alarm test on superintendent of fire desires to test the fire alarm from Box 12 on monday at thereby dispensing with the usual taps on that the Drivers of the different fire companies will keep themselves in readiness to see that their indicators Are will the Keystone gun next the Keystone gun of this will dedicate their new club House and shooting grounds at East on october demonstration will on the occasion a be held on the properly set flax a chief a Bike Bishy Hack favors International bimetal ism and intimates that As a Means to that end americans ought to try the Experiment of Independent a aged and shrewd As he is be must not think that the americans will per Mit themselves to be used by Germany or any other nation As a cats i bimetal ism by a single nation is a Good thing in the estimation of Prince Bis Why does he not urge Bis own nation to adopt it heretofore he has been eager to promote the interests of the fatherland without any regard to other nations and he will do so again when he is satisfied of its let him try it in Germany and americans will watch with interest what the result will if practicable and beneficial they will then also adopt it Andrew assault and surety of the peace oath of Mason costs on True Jacob betrayal oath of Ida Feidt court reassembled at Oclock lie fore both for a half hour judge Ehrgood charged the jury in the Case against Victor who was indicted for Crim Inal Samuel when arraigned for committing an assault and Batter on his John plead he was sentenced to pay a Fine of costs of prosecution and be confined in the county jail for 26 sentence to be computed from the Day of his first in the Paet from a policy of action of the latter after numerous financial ups and Downs the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad finally passes under a new Man having been purchased at a foreclosure Sale by the reorganization represented by the Large banking firm of Morgan it is believed that president the present will be but the Road will now be thoroughly organized it is to be put upon a paying it is a valuable passes through a Rich Section of country and should with careful management be intr a paying investment Large sums of Money have been sunk in it during the last Quarter of a the next Case called was in which Geary was charged with the Lar Ceny of on oath of Peter District attorney Shindel for prosecution and Mccurdy and Light for Jacob Lowry plead guilty to betraying Ida Stefy and was Given the sentence usually imposed in such Harry Lehman was next arraigned at the instance of his Annie on the charges of assault and Battery and surety of the District attorney Shindel represented the prosecution and Jacob Reinoehl for the Lehman was also charged with non he said he was willing to again Endeavor to live peaceably with Bis Wile and support her and the Case was dismissed at the county Cost the jury in the other cases returned a ver dict of not guilty and divided the Amie Monroe felonious As Sault with intent to commit race oath of Frank William his Harry son of us North tenth who has for some time been employed in John makers is at pres ent visiting he has resigned hit position and accepted a More lucrative one with the Large stationery of that and expects to go on the Road on committed to the Clem aged about 45 who is afflicted with dropsy and resides in Union was brought to this City on Friday by Constable of that and taken to the alms where he was sent for the commitment was made by Squire of wants to practice Simon saturday made application to the court for theadis pittance of Jacob of Page formerly an attorney of Mauch who desires to practice in the courts of this the application was referred to the bar examining com grounds in Honor of the event which will be participated in by the club Bers and their the shooting grounds will be Laid out tomorrow or on monday and will be among the finest in this part of the the club has gone to considerable expense to place the grounds in condition and erect the will the used Only on the occasion of the matches held on the the club Headquarters will remain on South eighth adjoining the Keystone fell off an Apple John of n concussion of the John aced about 65 residing near on thursday evening was engaged in picking apples off a tree and in some manner lost his balance and fell to the sustain ing a concussion of the of this was summoned and did All medical skill could do to re Lieve today his Condi Tion is reported As being serious and slight Hopes Are entertained for his re cheering news from Peter of received of her currant wine As a Reward of drink and wish enjoy Elinor Joshua eyed her the or had Safe Jas Little old eyes do ills if you can read letters Afore be open on that a terrible Flimsy 10 hut i didst know As your yes was quite so i dont need to read sex cytto find what Day Shell be 3he was 21 Jears old a fort it ago tues when her mothers folks took her she said she should come Baci soon is she was her own and Starbird never Breaks her he Thall Kinder rile wont it remarked old Man in a tone that said Uncle Faynes riling was matter of Small Roneen to either of the persons pres grandmother Starbird merely Oom on thursday a letter from his Morris who is extensively engaged in the gents furnishing at in which he makes mention As to How politics look in that we have a few Silver men Here but not near what we had a month from general reports Mckinley will get from to majority in this Cook county which has always been will give Mckinley from to which is claimed by the Chicago merch ants tron a thorough canvass by and is Correct Londonderry teachers the first local Institute of the school teachers of North Londonderry town ship was held thursday evening at pal the program was Complete in every respect and contained much in the attendance was guilty of gave a Fine the and societies of Albright collegiate Friday held a sociable in the College a program consisting of musical and elocution Ary selections was the object of the sociable was to form a closer Friend ship among the members the lawyers sound Money com posed of two thousand prominent Mem Bers of the new York democrats and was organized on it is More than a Mere to organization it is emphatically a protest against the doctrines of the Chicago the membership embraces practically the whole Leeal profession of that City and it will Wield a great Abl addresses were delivered after an organization Iliad been a sited void jul of them denounced the Chioso platform entirely in the very William who was convicted of was fined directed to pay the costs of prosecution and be imprisoned in the Huntington Israel who was found guilty of assault and was ordered to pay a Fine of costs of prosecution and be imprisoned in the county jail for 20 Tillie Geary was directed to nay the costs in her suit a Anat Laura for malicious George who plead guilty to stealing brass and Harry who plead guilty to stealing brass and were Fine directed to pay costs of return the stolen property and be la prisoner for 7 Sherman convicted of was ordered to pay a Fine of costs of and be confined in the will preach at Smoyer this morning left for Lancaster where he will tomorrow conduct services at the reopen ing of a United evangelical he will officiate in the absence of Bishop who is Stu scale to be the Young Peoples society of Salem lutheran Church next thursday evening will give a sociable at the Home of Josenh 723 Chestnut Street the program will be published miss Jean Krause is chair lady of the Tractive Bottenstein met with an Miller of this who participated in the bicycle races at lao Caster on thursday an Accident in the one mile Handicap race and was compelled to drop something was wrong at his wheel and compelled him to decline to enter the five mile Handi Cap Rode Here on their George Kidd and Grant who spent a Day at the Allen town returned to this City thursday evening from that having Rode Here on their wheels in a Dis Tance of 70 the trip was much enjoyed by water comm Blonera the Board of water commissioners met thursday evening but As there was no business on the Calendar the meeting was devoted to expressions of opinions As to the South Mountain water All the members were uniform the fourth Ward Republican club met thursday evening and decided to procure a uniform similar to that adopted by other South Side the club will go to Jonestown saturday evening to at tend the pole f bilious constipated one Little Pink Pul accorn jiving 3ur Booklet we give you is mediate and the pellets a Perma Ilic May fail but Ramons liver pills it said relics one docs 250 Send for trial Box and boo Lilet and Frank attended us Frank of at tended the funeral thursday site noon of his Daniel held in this he returned to the City in the chosen a Synod pastor of seventh Street lutheran has been appointed a Delegate to the general which meets Jane sold three at a meeting of the Homestead build ing and loan association held thursday evening in the court House three shares were sold at per guardian Joseph of mul Creel town was appointed guardian of Abel and Heber and pressed her puckered old lips and in coated her nose a she never discussed family affairs with it her expressive face was not under 10 strict Joshua Plummer Ril be Goin that Ivilue is most excellent Good Yeha tread yer letter but Asye seem so Piug sure of whats into it i Spose there aint no objections to my spreading the news a mite spread Joshua if i was to Fiat dont would be Oll the some in the so Yon May As Well be regularly in expecting my grand daughter some time within a and 1 Slont care who pm tvs now run and let me read my letter so Joshua departed and the news Tilbury was All six scam before a fair haired just Cut of Short had sat on All their and eaten apples from All their Early Apple and they had regarded her As being like Loving and hat in Nowise unit was differ Fortune and foreign travel had Oil materialized to Tilbury in the person of Elinor Beautiful miss As she had come to be called out yonder in the or cat when Uncle Ilay Nep who v As Geardeen had per sister in carrying his charge off to eur he for the completion of her but As All Tilbury lie Only to her from her fathers family and old of one grandmother Star Liing sup posed she would Ever return to dwell a Ming her own people As Flint her coming was imminent Only the prime old lady seemed Able to await it with in this old new eng land peopled largely by the descendants of the original the Long habit of Friendship and neighbor Hood had grown to be second Only to the Bond of their old f Chirt had been like grandchild to them and her taking away had been deeply resented by them now that she to come among them again no other subject could occupy thought or speech for the time would she come or would Uncle Haynes since he could no longer Lead would her stay be Short or Long would she still be the open hearted girl they had or would time and travel have and ordly polish have hardened her All these Point could but be guessed at but two things were certain she won id be a woman and All her clothing would be fresh from there was not a girl in with Eny Sion to social who did not spend the waking hours of those two expectant weeks in overhauling and re touching her there were few housekeepers who did not meditate certain fresh touches to their Parlours and parlor meantime grandmother Starbird knit quietly on her Gray and at in every 24 hours took the thin Sheet from its thin envelope and the first three sentences dear grandmother i am 21 i shall sail for by the Castalia on the expect me at Home by june that was tie one salient Point of the whole letter to its she paid Small attention to the Clever accounts of roman ways and wonders that Fol beyond Reading through As in duty what Airth should we put ourselves out for so june the Castalia the depot Hack rolled up after dark to the far end o it and the til Bury season Hail fairly the next Day was every one who went to the Stone and who had a wore gloves and ribbons were very Fresn and and faces feminine were very the mens faces All wore a Oft hand As if their owners had had their curiosity stirred up against their and were determined not to betray most of them did look around out of the Corner of one Eye when grandmother Starbird soft Black silk and Gray Barege shawl moved quietly up the but they might have spared themselves the to one followed tie old Lody she let her self into the Square buttoned the door behind and sat serenely there was a general turning of Heads and Exchange of wondering a few sniffs and tosses of disapproval and and then the Bell ceased and the Good old Rector began to read the they got through it they confessed their sins and were for Given they read the they re they sat reasonably still through the and some of them recovered breath to join in the last led by the unseen choir behind and above music seemed sweeter and More than they were blessed and Dis and turned to leave their anal then they saw her stand in among the other justas she used to dressed simply and freshly in As she used to hut with a Rounder Grace in the womanly and a Happy Light in the face that Bent earnestly Forward to find old friends among the groups be such a face no wonder Europe railed her the Beautiful for her hair was like an and her eyes like and the Clear tints of her and the Noble contour of her features were like nothing that Tilbury had Ever seen none of them Ever quite think Elinor herself hardly just when she ceased to lean from alive and began to he Down there Amon them the3 came about her like bees about their and she knew them All and called them All by there was no further thong lit of new bonnets or Fine in the 20 minutes that they stood there she Mil them new knit Hamlers though at her and took up with in finite tact and Grace a social scepter such As few can she was the same Sweet girl they had known and loved but the Subtle differences of physical and and tin years in which she Hod been held aloof from and from her by those in Legal enveloped her in somewhat of distance and As if she had spent the time in and a mightier flood than the Atlantic had tolled Between when gradually and one by they had All slipped with Starbird and the the old Man turned to her again and took her my dear he in tones deeply stirred from their wonted you left us a child under you come Back to us a with great great wealth and great and you have taken our hearts by what will you do with All this Power that is placed in your hands he watched her keenly for the answer get them Tea Hie Public Cotta Nusca off Lebanon Cut tent am what count Publ Tolj in what people them Tell let the Public speak on the it Means a better under Means less misery in Means Confidence in a Good Home endorsement easier to believe your than strangers away every Box of Doans kidney pills la backed by Home kidney Are on the decrease Doans kidney pills Are the cause of relieving Hacks and curing citizens is their daily heres a Case in your attention is Sulci to the Case of Juliana i Vii at 1114 Cedar who for the last three years i have suffered terribly from rheumatism and As a result of not etting the proper treatment it All settled in my Back and kidneys and was so severe that for la months i com m sect around at the Muscles and Joiiya Beirut so stiff and i had Teni Rilo faint Ness and flattering f and a dizzy feeling in last fall my trouble devel Oji into incipient dropsy and a Uriu Ai v or diff my feet an hands puffing and swelling 1 had got thoroughly tired taking Medicine and receiving no but Doans kidney tills highly recommended by parties so near Home 1 made my mind to try them and procured a Box at Lem Berger drug am Happy to say that they entirely cared Doans kidney pills an for Sale by All Price 50 cents per sent by mail on receipt of Price by Foster Milburn Jle for the United Toon to the South la Pennsylvania Bill two very attractive Early autumn Tours Are offered by the Pennsylvania leaving new York my Phila Delphia september 2 and october after the experience n the past few years it is hardly necessary to say that these outings an planned with the utmost suffice it to my that Allar Range ments arc so abjured As to afford the Best possible Means of place to the Best the Tours each cover a period of ten and include the Battlefield of picture sic Luray Iliasic Grottoes of the the cities of Richmond and and the roundtrip including All necessary is from new Joo from and proportionate rates from other each tour will be in charge of one of the company tourist he will be assisted by an experienced lady As whose Especial charge will be ladies unaccompanied by mule special trains of parlor curs unprovided forthe exclusive life of Tach in which the entire round trip from new York is for detailed itinerary apply to ticket agents or to tourist Broad new or room Broad Street will acini Uhny the Harry the Well know newsboy and will accompany the first Ward Republican clubs Mckinley excursion on october he wiil engage in Selling badges to the excursion lists and expects to secure the right of the ordered Flambeau the first and second Ward Republican of this have ordered a number of Flambeau torches for use Dur ing the coming Thig Torch is quite a Novelty and is constructed on an entirely new and dil Trent and throws n flame 20 feet Why not buy Beautiful you calf get at 821 at any and at your own terms we also have a Fine line of mandolins at greatly reduced instruction Al ways free with these instr thin Acura for thin people Are you thin flesh Marie with by a scientific they Civ t tation of every form of the valuable parts and discard i they make thin faces plump until round out the 1 hey Are the Standard remedy containing no and absolutely Sifi for How to get the thin Acura 940 tee safety but the uplifted to might have been that of the child he told her so free was it from any taint of conscious Ness or so Clear and pure were the wonderful eyes that Ahone through uns hed it is not because of my wealth or my Beauty that they welcomed me with such Loyal she said but because i have always loved these eld friends and never forgotten it seems to me that now i have come Back to spend my life Amon them i can do no better to keep on Loving and the rectors eyes grew suddenly and All their keenness he raised the firm hand to his lips As if it had been the hand of the Little Ona whom Christ set in the you Are my he said gravely and love and there is no surer and no grander Home journal a profitable the Dairy world says there no mistaking the fact that ice Cream Mak in Geither in a Creamery or on a farm la a most profitable we have pointed out several instances of this character in the and now we Cream separator has a capacity of 00 pounds milk skimmed clean per runs Verj easy and skims very close this machine pays for itself in less than three for farther information apply to or address a agent for Lebanon you shod again show elsewhere in thu How a Connecticut Fanner has Tsue been coining so to by Tran forming the Cream of Bis Large Dairy into a delicious and eagerly sought com Mercial it Creamery men do not utilize such Oppatt Mittiea h to their own 16 ninth for your largest assortment in the to Hafl Offir to you want a years gub Striction to me Nore free of Chaviel this is the Way to do it secure three 3 yearly at a year mud us the names accompanied by Tho and your name will be placed on the list and credited with one year1 paid up this ii a ran
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