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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Sep 24 1896, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - September 24, 1896, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Twj6ea week monday and to Teton per volume september Pace a year Wos Ich Don a Sable in Larnt Hob in seller it it the maed to Bubble Schmoe on Schwarze in Alle Sorte do Hoite no Fin Dort a county or Archt Hick Ekiss 1 of Der Zaunere Seit pm Mosteit Decker is is Nan Etli be Yore Dos Ichen criminal court gated Hob in Weil Ich a Fonge de Woch in Eire sch Tod War Hob Ich Gadenko Ich i Echt Emol Widder in Pahr Dawg Zug Brynga in court so Wie Ich ols for Lender Zurick Ich bin Dann Derno Etlicher Dawg in de court Gonna in Ich Hob Mei sock foil Gricet Dades last Mich Euni Hau Amol wid Dor for in gut Loire Zeit Wie a Wohnlich is court Haus War foil Manns Teit Dos rum Kocot Lien Mil Obrer in Meiler of de Gong Zeit Forah Nicolie Dum me sch tory Dos feral Tsei in Wie dimmer an lob Bicher de sch tory Des do berber Ware Eie for Ledger Zurick War Olsen Ela Eck Groe Vanung for de webs Init in Ihre Over Oll Weil remmts de ant Gons Fon Der court ech tub Fer Hie Zug in Dos guck Wie in Rechter de Mains cute Fon Der Weib slept sin Yang Unen lot Blo Mauf Ihrer Ich Bob Ahen lot Olte Rundle in Gruschke Nennich de Drupp Sahne in de Hen so Feirich gain Cut Das de Aga Gazit Zort Benun Eie Hen de Meiler Oswie Wann Sie of Essich in robber Peffer Lawa Munnich Der Yunge Weib slept Ware Dale Dos Recht echa Wal ire in Over a Dale of so wisc by Baku Cut Hen Wie Silva Dawg Rayge Walter in letter by Ier a Nich Epper Der Obbadi is Ware a Etlicher Schorza Nennich Der Drupp in de Hen a Clabone nay Zierlin of Der chose ghost is sch int in Derer Hie Sicot Mochty net Fiel Schorz udder voids civil us doses in webs Menech Ich Hob Zumer seller a Dent Wie Ich lie Fiela Klaune Bobbi Lin Hoere Hob groans Des debt Widder in Neie candidate for de de Penitentiary udder is Over Waer Kann do Tinner fac Tery a Choppa Ich Wase net Well Derno de Allerlei find cent Vaselin we in de court gain Chat Warre in dub be de Zeit Fon Der jury in Zeliga of of Kors Olles Des Kosht Geld inns county Mue Blecha do War Ahner Der hot Derosner a scud for in alter Fekri Spelter blut Wagge Dos Ken Warth War us huts county about is nails Chat War in Fechte Rei Dos in lot Weib slept Unen Oner Kott Hen under Wist wies Gate Wannen lot Ferfon Chetene Weib slept on Wechta de ant get hut Csc Hora doa de Ouner set Het Ihne Schier Oil de boor rails Het Sie Schorz in Bio schlage in Het Sie in Wann Mer de ant edit Kahrt hut lift Mer Gadenko de on nere Wei Fleit sin Rechte Engelun sin Doch Zug Wie Schwerlich abuse of ver Wie Derno de Onner Seit on Schware Gunge is Dann Wal ire Tenoch Schlimmer we de Onnerem Unen Schick for very Al to Well de Weib slept Hen Mol Weil gut Foch i demo Ein Noch de to Nisleit draw Derno sin de Hev Vel in Bocker Scuta Gnora in Des hut Wann Mer Oil Der Zeigon de Holft Gaza wet Het Dann bet Mer Gadenko Doe War Icli Limmer Oswie we Der Battle fan Gettysburg of Ochoa is de Kwa Seite Ben Vadersen Pahr lawyer Kotta in in Der court sin de Noch Suchier on Wechta in Des War Doch eau in Dei Henkers a Schict Bis Olles Fer Bei War Ein de Kwa set Frei Gonna inns Coanta hat in Gater Peil Schulda Ulelah de Bis de nails Chat court ech Beckt Ich is lie same Alt Wesch Widder Dort in to Gate de Bumon Akerei ols fort Fon Abner court Zug tier Wann Mer son Nesch toll Nemma Kennt in me Oil Zomma Schnarre Bis Sie Sartich were Wechta udder Hetta Enon Ner de Kep gut Fersch Hlawka darts Fer Leicht Mol rub Derno War in Kace Foma alte Lingerich Dar de Leit Glava hut mocha or Kent Brancia in hut Oid Lich Geld Fon Denna Leit Over Nuch derhonda Hen Sie ans Funne dog or net Mahler Wase ism Brau be Oswie Enki for Sun Dawg in Seriduc Sterei hut Derno Nix Well Derno is is in de court Gontran is hut Widder in lot Kusch a Geveva fors is Oclit Nix Ous Wie de Kases Ous Tyrna udder Waer g of end Fon Ellem Warre de Kaschte us county a Wann user Yousch de Kusch a duh Kennt of de Karls in de Ursuh sin Dos so Kases in tie court Kornma Ich will in scat Aniber Bens Wetta is data net so Fiel 60 Grut Tiche Vaselin Allemon in Der court Runge Chraft is Ware Nuch Nel Rinere Kases de Ich net cartels ban Ahme Bis is Dedlich in Rechter Baw Bel Foma War Waser War us of end Nix Oswie in Fer Schinnert Lum Perei in Mer Het Der Gons poc Kovechi Zum Tempel Nous Treiva Sells Mit Der in do Ward Olles Noch dem court bans Kiahna Kinberlin Nemma Enaid an Schware in Wissa net Wos Enaid it alte Daw i Menner in Wei so Dos de lawyer under Chnag Sich Schier de Levver Roos Greischar missa for me Hoera Zunn demo Schier Olle Imp Dos sick of in Kase a Coosa Kann for ener Kana of Dar wage i2 Der Dawg for county is Ower Kun foul epee Nitz Liches in Shoffa in is Trillich Mahnich Eppes a Schware Dos ism forms at is mag in leg udder de Sohret Wie Ich be Awot Hob in ice Bob Sott Gricet Fon so Birnis in Inch dem Dos ice Kwa Dawg Oak Orcut Bob bin ice Widder of de Rise Bam ewarts in Mei Gate alte in Wann Mich wid Der Ahner be Tecot in court bans my Gitia to Fer Dollte dam Theita Obj Horcha Dann soil or Mirs Efi w Ganning for abm Der Obbadi Zug Nemma Dort Hie Hocka an Der a schlage of Horchuk Dale Fon Der Norbeit we Dort for Cumma Wawera Ganung for Enki Locha in Deb Alt sea Twenty years from the new of in Bep Tembey Cyrus Secretary of the Berks county agricultural shipped to the Centennial exhibition 1 boxes of containing 150 varieties of apples and pears which were placed on at a meeting of St Patricks b on saturday the following were elected officers Adam Allwein vice Patrick Devine Secretary chess Foster Foster has held that position Ever since a sistan Mcgovey treasurer Mcgovern John p Lenig assistant Lenig Arnold Allwein Moses Bowman c Bressler who bad the con tract for placing the steam heating apparatus in the court on the morn my of this Day received a great portion of the about seven or eight Stone cutters from arrived in town on the morning of this and were engaged working on the windows and door ways of the new Catholic aged 77 died monday morning at her Home on North tenth near save a news since the recent is offered on our streets As Low As per the Macke Reville of which Deacon program was left for the Centennial on the morning of this an item says Lucius a Young lad from this has been appointed a news agent on the and this morning left to make the necessary arrangements to fill the Only three of the original members of the Cabinet of the lamented Lincoln were living at this they were Simon of War Gideon Secretary of the and j Gomery postmaster tuesday night Benjamin Biecher a former watchman in the Lebanon National after a lingering died at Bis sons on East Walnut of congestion of the he was aged 80 and the item further says Biecher was extremely Well known in Lebanon and Lancaster counties As a drover and auctioneer and was of a Lively tuesday afternoon one of the horses of the firm of Edward Gebhard bitched to a Spring Wagon and left standing at one of their outlets on the Baeff Erston took fright by the throwing of rails to the ground and ran while running past the residence of Edward at full he was caught by John on the morning of this Day an excursion train from Annville and Lebanon left for the Centennial to witness the Parade of the Odd Fellows which was held this in formed a news representative that in Lebanon about 760 tickets were while Annville disposed of making tickets sold in september there were visitors at the Cen Tennial exposition who paid nil and 213 who paid half the total receipts for the Day were who died in trip Lebanon of general was buried on the morning of this an item says John for some time past messenger at the Wei Mer machine left wednesday evening for where he will enlist in the regular johnnys gone for a Soldier this we Hope be May kill Many Alfred of this who for several years was with Markus Nathan As on this Day left for where be opened up a Branch Michael of brother to Jeremiah who years before this time left Lebanon for the arrived in Lebanon wednesday evening and was the guest of his wednesday George of this received from Titus of a Chicken Bank which measured from tip to tip five feet two it was a Fine specimen of its kind and suitable to be Cosmus formerly of Leba non arrived Here tuesday and was stopping with his George on Scull he had been absent from his Home nine six of which he had been living in Nebraska and for three years was in the employ of a Post at fort Joseph a member of the Washington Cornet of which left that place for the Centennial on bin return Home met with a serious Accident in by coming Between two Street and being unable to extricate himself was severely his Horn was crushed out of shape by the Leinbard Wae a son of John of Republican the second Ward Republican club will hold a rally at their 849 Cumber land on Friday when addresses will be delivered by my Eise Nator Lantz and and music furnished by a Quartetti of prominent it is especially desired that All republicans in the Ward should attend and by their presence show the interest they feel in the Campaign for Good government and honest Well know detective Samuel Witti Hythe Well known Detec Tive of York who is in attend Ance at our courts this wednesday was the guest of his personal Subtle Aaron Wittick will have served As a detective 32 years next and is considered one of the most reliable officers in the the to lorm they will at the meeting of Camp of at their Hall at ninth and Walnut 15 propositions were Lour members elected and one member the organization adopted As a uniform to be worn in the Semi Cen Tennial White Duck Blue Coats and White Fedora fining engagement at clarinet Patof the Perse Verance and Fred Leader of the Bismarck wednesday left for where they Are filling a two Days engagement with a band of that the occasion being the Centen Nial anniversary of one of the Columbia fire Avon the Avon Excelsior literary society will hold Ite first meeting on Friday september All members Are requested to be Well As All others who intend to become Mem Howard of and Ira Batter and of this this morning left for the Allen Towry Kab need to fear the approach of croup if Yon have Thomas dec Hectric Oil in the never successful tuesday Hel a Hue is Ogham of be Bohr Nln Dunc an Able address by j Beruff and Speene came after the members of Oie Patmos Ancien and illustrious order knights of Malta observed its fourth anniversary tuesday evening with a grand musical entertain ment and banquet in the Lodge room after the business of the regular convention was finished the following pro Gram was Given Tenor one heart divine German schaeffers companion John Seltzer Tenor Calvary companion Beekley Berg Esenwein red Cross Knight companions Gram Bein and select Yon should become t in tent of companion i Grumbein this was followed with remarks by past commander Clark and Othera the command was then Given to attack the tables which had been prepared with things substantial and palatable to which Justice was done by the sir in Royal after which he commander called order and a num Ber of selections were Given by compan Ion on the accompanied by companion Wolf on be Esenwein opened Bis address by referring Back in history to the Cere monies of the ancient romans when on some state occasion they would the old White Battle scarred men Reading the procession with a Banner in scribed we have been faithful to the Sternal the next the sol Diers arrayed in their glittering and Gor Genus sword and carrying a Banner with we Are faithful a the eternal then came these act youth of the the beardless Xis in White crowned with and carrying a we will be faithful to the eternal thus n that vast body of romans was represented the present and the fun ure of the roman so tonight we see Here those sir knights who bored in the those who labor at who were and Are faithful and Len perhaps some who like your Humble urvant will say we will be Ake the infidel and Heathen in past Ages assailed the welfare of our ancient and illustrious so today we Are men ced and the glorious institutions of our Outry Are and it is our duty o be ready at All times to be absolutely tolerant to anything that seeks to de Troy the bulwarks of this great country f the principles upon which this order is founded Are those who bring keep convictions upon our hearts and und us closely together for the no building of protestantism and the welfare f the grand closing accompanied y the Organ and was Sung with n enthusiasm that shall Echo and re Cho Down the coining years of time parking the fourth anniversary As one of to be the Keystone a porn Ite celled from Over the show that it will he Over at a largely attended meeting of the Tate Republican committee at Philadel Hia on tuesday chairman Elkin direct d the calling of the Roll of counties so lat reports could be received from the from Berks represented the democracy As divided in that he believed hat the Gibraltar of democracy will e found in the Republican column of the next the represent be from Lancaster stated that that county will give from to Republican Lebanon prom eed a Republican majority of from a Aud Schuylkill report was to be effect that the fight there is hard but he republicans expect to elect con Uressman Bruins and to Roll up a majority for at the conclusion f the reports executive committee chairman Boyer stated that he was con Dent would give majority for Mckinley and Eye nucleated or Shaak Lle witling at three Lebanon while blasting rack on his fathers East of the several weeks Shaak stagers left Eye was so severely injured by an explosion of Dyna Wiite that an operation became accordingly on wednesday Gerberich and Cauffman repaired to the Stazer Home Ead and nucleated the injured he patient Hore up Well during the of ration and is us Florine if any enjoying on wednesday party consisting of Liss Lucie miss aggie All misses Annie and Mamie miss Katie James Albert Seibert and miss Mary All the latter lady who acted As Chap went to that Beautiful inhere the Day was spent in he party Wae Given in Honor of miss a of daughter of City treasurer of that who at present is be guest of miss Lucy on orge Street taken to the sheriff Deputy sheriffs Check and Kerstner and Stephen of the Berks county a wednesday took a number of prison is to the Eastern Penitentiary from that among the in inner was of this who was last week sentenced to a four years term for shoot ing after officer Whartman about a year t horse Hurt on a while driving to this City monday lorning from his Home in Jackson town Bip to serve the grand jury John Tricker met with an Accident on the seventh Street crossing of the Lebanon Alley his horse care it one f his hoofs in the crowing and in in Eav Oring to release himself was injured Harvey Seltzer dressed he went to Atlantic on ave i essay Gloninger and Richard Meily left on the train for Atlantic City where they will spend a Short time enjoying the closing ays of they will join the family of Gloninger who Are also visiting there Lanty the third Ward Republican club meeting tuesday evening in the Shenk milling was addressed by who spoke on the vital questions f the he also Sang for the clubs delectation several Campaign Rrt unon at tuesdays session of the East Penn Sylvania lutheran of Rollof this chosen dete Gates to the general she was Hiss utile a school Bugh by handled near miss Lizzie 23 Sears Daughl of Henry Quarry Lanca Ter was the victim of an on rage one assault of tuesday be teaches the Winters Hill school at prov after dismissing the so remained to put the room in Dur ing that time she had occasion to visit the Coal House and As she came out a clot saturated with a drug was thrown Over her Strong arms were throw about her and she was dragged about 15 Yards to a miss keen Oarda with Joun pastor of the reformed near the school when she failed to return at five Oclock he sent his son after and b did return the minister himself started in he found evidence of a body having been along the ground and found miss keen in the Woods in assistance was my she was removed to Bis House am Wentz he was unable t say that she was she remained unconscious All night and at Lucid inter Vals repeated the word Iti her assailant was a so considered in a serious a Large Poese is scouring the want German speakers was and co to deliver a the letter which follows this Para graph recognizes the Well known Renta Ion of Reinhard As a valuable German speaker on the and we Are glad to learn that he has written to the state committee that he will be with our Republican friends in old Berks on the Day his speeches through out this county in former campaigns have always been Well or dear sin can you go to Berks near heading on october for a German speech in the open air there is a very fair Prospect for the be pub can candidate to carry the congressional i strict in which this Donn to is by a Hole Effort on our and there Are a Greal people in the Donn to who prefer that hey shall be talked to in their Otra the request that Yon report to the county on october for a German we Hope oar engagements Are such that Yon will be ble to nil this and we would be Ery to Hare Yoter very earliest reply in regard to very truly Joen Rosebud vill Boll ail ice Cream festival u the Hillock thin the Rosebud composed of a umber of Young girls of this whose i u to life up the will this even no Giva a to in the Bise Orth eighth ii Ere they will avs on Sale ice Home made candies and fancy the proceeds will be used exclusively to help a few Soor families of this whom the Ong girls have in the object is worthy one Ana the sociable should be Ell patronized As the girls worked very Ard to gather the articles that will be n these Young ladies deserve a great Deal of credit for being mindful of be needs of the 18 polishers about is polishers employed at the National brass and Iron Uit at 5 owing to a Dif culty about one of them said until this week the men in the depart who Are engaged in the finishing chandeliers and other Orna rental brass were paid by the piece and averaged from to very two beginning with Mon a the firm announced the men should e paid by the Day instead of As hereto and that would be a Days Thisbe refused to and we decided to our old Foreman left several weeks ago and a new one was employed on and when we eard of the reduction we held a con ustation and decided to pm Nebr of persons accompanied meeting a boar of German con Ferenee convened at Avon on a More perfect and Beautiful Day Conli not have been selected for the excursion from the different protestant Episcopa churches to the Church Home at Jones twit some of those who were in attendance left on the train this morning As die also the consisting of refresh however the greater number left on special Bain which followed immediately after the arrival of the train from which was in charge o conductor Andrew among those who left were right Rev Bishop Nelsonl Bethle hem beading Edward bake and Harrisburg f Birdsboro James f Ballentine Scranton Rockville misses Woodward and Gertrude Lett Elar Risburg George Comstock a Mechanicsburg Taylor Boyd Grittinger and miss those from this City were mrs Arthur and mrs miss Sallie Grammer Anc miss Linea Weaver and miss Grace James Lesley Maguire and Florence and Ethel Van de Sande and George Zellers and a number of other friends rom St Lukes this the meeting of the Board of directors of the Home was held at 2 Oclock and was presided Over by Bishop platters pertaining to the welfare of the lome were brought before Board or their shortly after the arrival of the visitors to the Home an Legant luncheon was served which was prepared by the ladies of St Lukes this Robert Lowry went Long and served the by Liss May after the meeting of the Board of directors of the Home the guests were ranted the privilege of inspecting the building and surroundings of the worthy which is under thi4 Able care of of Marks who is to be congrats lated in making such Complete arrange our condemned As the executive committee of the authorized by the recent Conven in held in Reading to draft an sex ression of criticism upon the recent in held at that adopted this that the women Tristian Temperance Union of Berks in convention de ounce the action of the officers of the Erks county fair in permitting the immoral and depraved performances and we Hope the mayor of the City of Reading will positively prohibit any Ling of the kind in the a famous Man of who has be ome so popular with Lebanon ill be at the american Kleis on South ninth n september 25 and from Friday Oon until saturday after that very Friday afternoon and saturday of Ach after All others fail consult he will cure by Faith All diseases of the body by the laying on of ands will positively use no lasters or instruments of any 50 ends a treatment to cover sep91223sw4t Bellow in 81r distressing kidney and bladder Dis eases relieved in six hours by the new beat South americas kidney Bis new remedy is a great Surprise on account of Ita exceeding promptness in Nevis pain in the ack and every part of the unwary Pas sages in male or it relieves re mention of water and pain in passing it most if you want Quick and cure this is your sold by and toss Bowes of Isatu for pets in Letb democratic congressional District including the counties of Che stud two and at Enka nominated Henry Bowes of at for member of russian entente Wlton dispatch to the lobe from Shanghai Maya it is believed lera that the dispatch of a russian Arnad n to Shanghai will be the first result of agreement reached Between i Hung bang and returned to George who has been lending Bis summer vacation in this today left for where e will again resume his studies at the Ini Verity of Pennsylvania in the de of of interest to if Yon positively wish to save Money Len Bay your Oil cloth and window shades from 327 North eighth car pets can be seen on the no Misrop 24lw Advance who will appear Here in the outcasts in a great is Reg prominent clergymen and oth Era Joh Browh today end Only interesting Aud to Fot indulge in Aiuto or the Hamlin and round top Valley correspondents have had a controversy bout the Sabbath Day and holding picnics on that Day and this week each i lad written an article is More bit than any of the former and for that Eason we withhold such con oversees create ill feeling and in the and fail to and for that reason Edo not tolerate them in the sides we want a much space is pos ble for local which we to eve will be of More interest to the Send us All the news of your neighbor but do not become personal or neither waste your time in con oversees which when once like Enn sons will go on forever in rudely Cut Short by an outside Daniel the last sad services Over the remains Daniel Carmany were held this Ter noon in Salem lutheran Church y the funeral As held from the Hooie at Oclock and interment was made on Lebanon undertaker Frantz had Large of the Calvin the funeral of infant son of and Harry of 913 aple was held this morning Hen services were held at the House by interment was made at undertaker Teiner was in Florence the 15year old daughter of Dward Millardi 522 canal wednesday afternoon at 4 of deceased was a Bright Young Al and the family have the sympathy of be entire Community in their sad be pavement infant and George ving on Liberty near Walnut lost their 13months old daughter portly after Midnight this eat was due to summer lost a valuable Buff Cochin David Engineer on one of be residing at 354 both ninth is the owner of Asne a flock of Buff Cochin chickens As can be seen about a year o Dampman purchased a very re and handsome rooster in new York ate which was much a few ays ago the rooster showed signs of eckness and after doing everything pos ble to save him be succumbed this will enter a Lincoln son of Peter who was badly injured Ime ago at shortly return o that City and enter a dispensary fur he will be accompanied by Lis father and Hopes to regain the use of be Muscles of his neck and right Arm which have been effected since the Acci Back cram a miss Rebecca of 1207 he Start Saleslady in Banks nov to who has been spending a two weeks vacation in Philadelphia and ther returned Home wednesday having bad an enjoyable farted Saltne in Muffler Hottenstein Nat Horton ent to Lancaster this where e former is entered in the one and five file Handicap races at the bicycle meet eld Horton is Hotte Eteine Harralee of Neyr and miss Anna of Edward Lynch of 209 North Velfli and miss Catharine of s12 Schaefferstown water to the Board of water and lighting com missioners will hold a regular meeting this evening in their Bumch burhop cast a of the annual session of the East German conference of the United Breth Eren in Christ was called to order on wednesday afternoon at 2 Oclock in the Avon b by Bishop of after singing a charge to the Bishop led in the third chapter of Coloa sians was after which the Bishop chose kindness As his he spoke eloquently on this and showed clearly the effects of kindness upon our fellow after another prayer the conference proceeded to Busi Ness after Call so Miller was elected recording Secretary and Bong Ter was elected Finan Cial the various committees were then announced by the the following correspondents were Shen Lebanon rank Lebanon Miller Etar Risburg Komi Reading Allen j Francis and Bong Ter were referred to the committee on applicants for annual conference Mohn and Heber of East Pennsylvania were granted advisory seats in the conference after singing a hymn the conference and Igor pronouncing the Large last of criminal cases Down for Iala Day for Lions Ancu of the boys in Bine paraded the streets of that City the sex soldiers and sailors of Pennsyl Vania today Are holding a reunion at which will continue until it is did that at noon today t least 49 or 50 posts from Lancaster counties and other posts of the Tate congregated there for the Parade which was held at 1 Oclock this after when thousands the Good old vets had again come together at old Camp Washington Heights and Harris Park to celebrate the Day with imposing after the Arade the veterans visited the Flag oui at the Capitol and other Points of interest in that a weigh no 600 pounds was killed for the Barbe be Large campfires will be eld in the House of representatives and court one of which of this has been invited o preside but owing to the court will be unable to be present Post from Assed through this City this morning or Harrisburg and brought with 3out 20 Meu avid a Cannon which Wae displayed in the from Post a Dele a on of 15 or 20 also passed through on be train this among Lem were Samuel those who were noticed going from Lis cite were William Henry Las Daniel j Ohn who represented Post and those from Post 42 were Eter Asbury Joseph Onley and Moses society birthday Kaley of Lew and Nate of 206 East Chestnut to arrived at the age to entitle him to enter our Public and not forget no that his birthday occurred wednes a invited his Young friends of oth sexes to his Home where a most enable time was spent the Yard of the silence was decorated with sags and Hinsee lanterns and for some time the Ong folks enjoyed themselves in Vari us the party was Lien invited to the dining where were to which 11 Justice was master Kaley re lived some very handsome and be anti 1 the following were pres it Mamie Fannie and Ethel Verna fld Bertha Mychal Frances Ethel and Helen Nettie Ellen Robert and Dick Shay and Orace evening the Home of miss Jessie 241 ast Walnut presented a scene of piety tuesday when a party As Given in Honor of miss Roberta car of who is at present bd8i5e88 wednesday after both number of heard and disposed of this mornings session a lot of new cases Cate a for findings of grand court convened at Oclock ibis morning with both judges on the the first Case called for trial was that in which Jefferson Ristenbatt was charged with committing an aggravated assault and Battery on Anna St Candy on the evening of june 1119 Church Street she Eaid the prisoner beat her and threatened to take her he was under the influence of the defendant swore that whatever he did on that night be did in William Brehm was next arraigned for stealing a horse from Cyras Wolfersper who resides South of Fisher for Commonwealth and John Witmer and Beck Ford for True George involuntary manslaughter oath of George William larceny oath of Peter Charles assault and Battery oath of Robert Charles larceny Roath of Samuel assault and Battery oath of John Harry assault and Battery and surety of the peace oath of Annie no toe George assault and Battery Bath of Rebecca prose Mutrix to pay the Charles assault and Battery with intent to Rob oath of John cases Monroe felonious As intent to commit rape oath of Frank Solomon oath of John not costs on the recommended that Rudolph be reprimanded by the court and instruct the to take More care of the de Oah of Grant upon being arraigned he plead guilty an was sentenced to pay a Fine of f34 and Harry fornication and oath of Susan he plead Golty and Reoe Ivad the snal sentence imposed in such Albert fornication and oath of Eva when be plead guilty judge Ehrgood imposed the usual Francis fornication and oath of Clara waa Given the usual after pleading Alfred fornication William Korsner shoots k he was of he 0211 and Bastardy oath of Ella Marnes the Ward Jefferson Ristenbatt guilty aying a two weeks visit to miss the evening was delightfully Jent and the songs of the Peerless sex the were much an elegant Nch was enjoyed their Horn Belfield and of Hart c who spent their honeymoon this City As the guests of Alderman and Charles ninth and Guil Ord left on the train this of noon for before re ring to their several Das will e spent in Philadelphia and new Aey were delighted with their visit tour City and kind words have been expressed by them in reference to Penn Booth and mily gave them a Royal Al to had the pleasure of meeting Elfield Hope for a return visit to this to in the near he is a Nephew f Speaks Well for who was Secretary for be Gretna Industrial exposition bring the past wednesday re red from where he attend 1 the Allegheny county hich he thus far considers As one of the est he has attended during this Rutter this morning stated that of 1 the expositions and fairs be has at need within the past the in ement display at Gretna surpasses by of them and also stated that the exhibitors were exceedingly Well pleased Ith the management and display at it Ilsc blend Annlea the Best Salve in the world for Salt fever chapped and All skin and Posi vely cures or no pay it guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction r Money Price 25 cents per for Sale by roes spent the at pc party gotten up by Robert consisting of a number of on wednesday left for Richland Here the Dav was they were be guests of for Erly of this will bold a joint the second and third Ward rep Bli m data will bold a joint meeting in Weir in the Shenk for the mrose of arranging for a big Ratific on meeting in the near the us new Banner will be erected on the of assault and Battery with a recommendation of the mercy of the Leo plead guilty to adultery and Bastardy and was sentenced to six months imprisonment on the first count and the usual sentence on the second deeds sheriff Stine acknowledged the follow ing deeds to Elizabeth for real estate in Swatara sold As the property of George to Michael for real estate in North Lebanon sold Ashe property of Gideon Light consider to Adam for real estate in Cornwall sold As the property of Henry to Henry for real estate in East Hanover and Union sold As the property of Mary Shuey and Benja min administrators of town to John for real estate in Sontz Annville sold As the property of John consider vat Utah la this and of thirty West this City tuesday the latter i defendant plead guilty to both charges tide Ezra and oath of Agnes Henry Bentz and Edwin assault and Battery oath of Emma Francis and oath of Clara Harry and oath of Susan Benjamin Fornica Tion oath of Grant Alfred and oath of Ella Zerbe and oath of Lizzie Norman and oath of Katie j Victor criminal libel oath of or John com William Brehm horse steal ing oath of Cyrus Jefferson aggravated assault and cattery oath of Annie Victor criminal libel oath of Alfred Albert and path of Eva Mcconnell Solo non assault oath of Leo and and oath of Ida Wise and Aaron Levi false pre Samuel perjury oath of hot True Jefferson eaves dropping and surety of peace oath of Annie county to pay the Washington assault and Battery and surety of the peace oath f Elias county to pay i he Charles assault and Battery with intent to Rob o Ith of John county to pay in the surety of the peace Case against Henry Nath of Christiana Koh the court ordered a not in the oases against Henry and oath of Christiana Bohland Henry Bentz and Edwin Bentz Frank assault and Bat oath of William Snyder Lizzie Gwennie Henry Edward Bentz and Frank aggravated assault and oath of m and Harry Edward Bentz and Frank assault and oath of George were All tried the parties All live in the Vicinity of fourteenth and Brandywine in August 15 there was a free fight in the neighbor Hood and there seems to have been bad blood Between the Bentz and Bohland the witness contradicted one another greatly and every person who saw the fight had a Minoh different aspect of it the occupied the at Tention of the court for several col Frank Seltzer and Eben Oehl were the private counsel for the and Funk and Woomer for vhf Norman Brown twin do Ormenta of t and on oath if two Lizzie Katie Gantz the tha Case was dismissed at he Cost of comity v Levi false pre oath of George in this ease the defendant waa indicted for falsely representing the pow Ower of the defendant said he wanted to plead guilty to save the county he promised to leave As soon As discharged from judge Ehrgood fined him and one Day in after wards remarking that there waa no Law to cover the crime with who Glass Meyer was Leo fornication and Bastardy and Nath of Ida Wise and Aaron the defendant plead guilty and sentence was suspended for a few Solomon oath of Harbeson the defend ant a charged with assaulting Edward a brother of the jury appointed for defendant in the assault and Battery Case against John the jury brought in a ver dict of not but directed him to pay the in the which occupied the attention of the attention of the court nearly All after jury found Henry Bentz and Edwin Bentz not guilty of assault and and directed the Emma to pay the Frank Bentz was found guilty of assault and Battery on William Henry Edward Buntz and Frank Bentz were acquitted of Ana Suant and Battery and the George directed to pay on half the costs and Tho defendants the other Lizzie Gwennie Henry Edward Bentz and franc Bentz were acquitted f an aggravated assault and and Tho costs divided Between the who shall pay nne half and the defendants the other Henry Bentz was found guilty of assault and stricken with Clour to Hal Neofa Attar she had a Errata wound crowd j affair onacra7 a Volt Richard a talk expired sudd Eutt at Knox while engaged at Agurk at third Anil Guil Ford Heeil of Veura highly shortly before 12 Oclock at noon today Richard who resides at 2si South tenth 62 while engaged in doing some work on the water at third Aud Guilford was stricken with an attack of which caused hi3 immediate he was picked up by fellow workmen and Laid on a porch in the meantime the Good Samaritan Hospital ambulance was sent but unfortunately upon its arrival there he had breathed his the ambulance of was then sent for and removed the body to his upon its arrival there the wife and remainder of the family were five children All of whom Are they Are Kate Maze Lizzie Risten Batt and Emma All of this a resides near the deceased for a number of years was engaged As a contractor and waa Well known in this where be had been a faithful resident for Many he waa regarded by All who bad known him As being a peaceful and Good Citize to u death be seventh Street lutheran when a reporter called at the Resi Dence this afternoon no arrangements had yet been made for his Allentown wednesday about 100 people from this City and Vicinity left on the train for where they attended the Leigh county fair which is being held this among them were and Moses and Horace Frantz and miss Bessie George from this and miss Nora of up to the time of his on Nert 26th in e was a faithful member of the Webbert Beautiful Grove at Teeth that blow a French dentist discovered new composition for false Teeth is Marv lonely like but which is As dangerous As a Sample was recently the dentist struck a piece of the it exploded and nearly wrecked the Home say that scolding women who close their Teeth violently dare use such Teeth or they i g went to this morning Mart Reizenstein and Harry left for where they will spend two Days and be in at Tendance at the Centenial exercises of one of the Large fire companies of that place w Lio Are celebrating the to Morrow an immense Parade will be held in which it is expected that 22 fire companies will books Robert Lowery desires to inform the Public that he has opened a Book bindery at 743 Cumberland Street shop rear end of Law repaired and bound in any style names put on hymn books and your Patro Nageia respectfully attending Foll Linery miss Margaret of miss deeds left on the train on wednesday for new York and after spend ing a Day with Byron Nee attending the fall and Winter wiil return to where she will be in attendance at the principal millinery openings in that retin med his studies at William master of Law of wednesday left Over the i Railroad for new York from where be will go to new and again enter Yale taking a special course in United states supreme during his vacation be was in new Sopt 24 3t Jean a newspaper a t mud what Baa taken 40 grate Pha Naceno for Slot nails the girl that be Bee of Brno in front of the metropolitan Taber in seventh fourteen at Oclock last Kosrov does not oven now know tha girl that he soot died an hour late the new York and the police not know yet whether hta Demeanour la result of insanity at effects of the policeman Fowler of the wart try Street station waa on duty at Northeast Corner of seventh Avenna a fourteenth Street at the a startled by three pistol shots in rapid a thu sidewalk to tie South w crowded with clerks and shoppers to their in the crowd in fron the Tabernacle be saw a Domino ton heard a woman a a ran acre the Street the crowd made Way and Back to give plenty of room to a woman who Kotlier arms about the noon of a struggling re swayed an made efforts to free hot tha an Clang than aha cried Sieo one in the crowd shouted out for officer a Baa the in his right band Fowler seized Tho about the Ariss from the woman released and All three fell to the the crowd penned them and who Fowler pulled himself oat bin we covered with the Man woman in Tab Lay quite still in Tho Rigi aide of the woman face there was wound from a s3 Caliper revolver another had entered her breast and 3024 Clear through the the third 9ho bad Gono wide of the to a brag the Man also was and j Hasty examination did not show Hetnar or not he waa with Tiia Aas ifs Ance of bystanders they were both oar Riidu to a nearby drug store and an amb Placca summoned from Beu Evne of the Way there the or Orynn she waa 5 feet 3 inches bad dark complexion and was she was lint expensively dressed in a Brown tollo made frock and wore a Blok Bas and to a card in her pocketbook that sea was Koslo and on 12 was the 159 Washington where she formerly her later told Ber Correct address and said that Aba was employed As a stenographer by Wade or expert in Pica Street in the Hospital it was speedily discovered that Kernor was buffering from thu effects of some and the pump was brought into alter thao and Beu Artin Olat Rose Craton bad been be slowly regained in Bis Possession a letter he had written to Bis Charles pen of 275 Carl Tou that plainly showed Bis infatuation for the Wom i bad killed and a clearly showed big in Tention of committing it waa a letter that showed a diseased imagination and disconnected ideas Zion mrs local Fri san to a by two Well known Cornet an elaborate program has been arranged by the Bernville Comet of in connection with the Commonwealth of it who were engaged by the Union sunday school to furnish the music for their following Are some of the selections March revival March soaring Liim overture Boe Ebud March Cutter March Waltz March March overture March March overture Jolly accompanied with Anvil and e March Sangamon l Silver Ocean Spray merry Glei Inera Monitor coterie March directorate selection caledonian beauties March merry Minal rela the picnics at my Zion always draw Large crowds and it is expected Thia the last for the will surpass them from while driving in the neighbourhood of twelfth and Walnut streets wednesday John Schuyler and Crua Leslie experienced a thrilling escape from when on the crossing of the Cornwall Railroad they saw a passenger train bearing Down on them and Only escaped being struck by backing the horse Dove a ten foot embankment they escaped injury and the Wagon waa Only slightly Ket orned to and Joseph of far who have been visiting friends and relatives in this City the past three on wednesday left for their borne after a delightful Many of their relatives saw them off at the Alderman 1c Frederick the who was charged with assault and cattery by was Given a hearing by Alderman and want of sufficient will qualify commander of the third and the resident members of Bis will qualify Tomor it the weather is at Gretna the inclement weather prevented them visiting the Range last attic noting Tea Cental dual among those who this morning left for Columbia to attend the Centennial Celebration of one of the fire companies were John Bober Spotten and Thomas Dorsey Groff and miss lot tie will remain until tomorrow morning and win be the guest of Samuel proprietor of the a congregational meeting of theft Ortefa Street presbyterian Church was held on wednesday evening when th0 Tion of Emil As Pai was major Ghent was chosen to represent the Church at the sessions of the Carlisle Baad at Camp coat sons East of Goi Brook and have with them a Fine lot of wagons and a number of citizens make daily visits to the a those creeping Stag Sai torn of any the skin and pee mently lace w
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