Lebanon Semi Weekly News in Lebanon, Pennsylvania
21 Sep 1896

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Lebanon Semi Weekly News in Lebanon, Pennsylvania
21 Sep 1896

Read an issue on 21 Sep 1896 in Lebanon, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Lebanon Semi Weekly News.

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - September 21, 1896, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Would be Gready i Mac the Iwobi Smeby this nation will he value such to we each As the Republican p i we Init of two Muse of to at the late of Cix Street or to every Dollar is referred to Gold for its final portent provided tie government irom while her lips have shaped themselves to Elmee Otobe Nante simple reason our currency today area that my Terr of sharper urge gains two metals 3soj Nior with a doable Standard of Aneli if checks Are Mout Ullh Junior past state com Oino Eroi vice of Philadelphia at two Abni Deputy i of him her forehead Are to scale one tin the committee urged that the per capita tax be raised to 30 there was Between 4 Jed Oclock when i i Many tit to Ting p of a county if All rely or intended Formigli n Houlle be Addre oed to the the org Aam an september 1896 1896 6 13 20 19 26 Moons full jrj2 upon currency William f hear that this or Jesse by championing to Bryan theoretically its final vane Tat in practise i teen that the never drives oat the f and then this find Yale must be derived rom h nil Ilii ii Atli in Iii Timu y a men misty leu to Cleie but have a final Fiat of the Sovar Meni will the Dollar at itt fall Sot the former will remember that the govern ment cannot Tau Italy Gold Olnee fanc0 twill no longer 8ve to it pays Gold for Audi dollars As Are presented to it in Doe form will k Only empty form and Heap derision and contempt upon it Wen Stralem r Itiat tiie Hep Oblein Doctone ves As while teaching tip it bimetallic mask with Silver behind the Jakk since current Public opinion so largely agreed Awn the Bat it is exceedingly desirable to make it very Clear which Side stands for bimetal ism when theories once go into it is very easy to define the Republican it is to uphold our present system of what is called on legged by to sound Money advocates Clear that this is the Only Way in which to use Silver would be very Quick in in throwing it self if Given free Opportunity against so we Grant it All the Powers which Gold except that we limit the amount of Silver to be in this Way we Are Able to maintain Silver at a parity with just As we make apiece of paper called a Greenback Worth a certain amount of but it must be self evident that our government is not Rich enough to maintain this parity in finitely or even it would require More Gold than the nation it is that the Lle Public can party for bimetal ism bulb in theory and and the Best Testi Mony is always at hand in tin free circulation of both Yokl and Silver under the present the in position is far less Clear All free Silver literature sets up bimetal list As its objective falsely assuming that do not have it at the Means which we Are to arrive at the inn fold currency is unlimited coinage of would this policy Procun the and promised result to answer this question we must Ini turn to nor to it Clear at this stage of the Campaign that these two mikt8teb8 on Lunday s number of ministers of new York and adjoining cities took occasion in their it Isaaf to Call attention to the political Sitka Fin and Rosy denounced the coinage of Silver in unmeasured Robert Macau or that bryans letter of acceptance was beneath the level of a schoolboys com lao she Daniel Webster he said he who tampers with car Rency robs the Workingman of his again he says speaking of bryans letter it is marked by an absence of thought it seems clearly to show that the writer has lost posh and but finds an Opportunity to stand by the anarchist John Campbell spoke on the Tine relation of the Church to political and said amongst berthing if the Church withdraws her influence from any of the questions that affect pub Lic life disaster again we have pictures of people clamouring at the doors of factories and Mills because they were starving and wanted to earn what these people wanted was not a change of currency Bat they were willing to Bat when that was Over they wanted a dollars pay for a dollars destroy the Finan Cial credit of the country and Yon destroy the country Thomas took for a text thou not and this was one of his statements the proposition that the nation shall independently of every consideration of honesty take 53 cents Worth of Silver and Coin it into a Dollar and Force every one by its an doubtful regard Jig its John and then the Legal gentleman asked him Eruin of will test him arid Sang Are shall d not but torn Back f that great Gulf which tie 4ntdligbnoeirfll Tell him lies open before the a sinew and Industry of seventy five Bryan is Jio foot his epee Cheb As Well As his history prove aim to Kawan who in informed and o Fie Campaign for highest office own my aspire to and he wan Teit with All heart and he be struck the right mad to and he is probably Correct but talking is doing is the is not yet born who has the ability and Patent that Are sufficient to debate m to the presidency of the United noted yet has not sense enough avoid doing the thing that will endanger the safety and welfare of the it Bryan should be elected and carry he policy into effect the country wond be As this paper Bat the Promise is made that he will not favor such a policy after the then Why sits earnestly and persistently urged now by Bryan and his followers the Only Safe Way is to vote for my then there will be no Donal we want the country built no and made not it is ruined sufficiently in in present gentlemen Are Fertile Only in hypotheses but abnormally Barren of substantial proofs and i must rather turn to history and tie science of True economic and Here our answer is Clear and the situation into which the advocates of unlimited coinage would place us is Gold is u retain All its present Privi Leges while waver is to receive the new privilege of coining in unlimited the relative values of the two metals will not be changed in the markets of the world and we Are to have one sound and full value and one cheap and variable All great economic profiting by the experience of notably that of have observed this that inhere two metals circulate equally the cheaper to drive out replace the valuable or Thomas Greeham Uret gave prominence to this Law and numerous observations have substantiated it and Given it a the Law As stated is an inflexible one and illustration May be de in the problem under discussion Gold will be about twice As valuable As Kow if Tillman has two one Gold and the other to his situation is the Bullion value of the Gold Dollar is twice As much a that of the Silver he will therefore sell his Gold Dollar to a Bullion dealer for his melting and receive two Siver dollars for All the Gold in Cir Lauon will tend to flow into this melting pot and reappear in articles of but when Tillman offers his cheap Silver dollars for these articles of then and then particularly will realize their Depre Bat this is not the Only place into which Gold will tend to flow by Gresh every commodity which is purchased beyond the Borders of our country must be paid for in Gold and Gold must necessarily be drained in this Way Here lies the argument for International instead of National by it is consequently simply 6 question of with the enormous Supply of our country would soon see itself with a single Metal in circular Gold would be in foreign lauds or in the melting pot or in private while Silver would be the Money of the Market this would be Mono Metallis with a for we would have one Metal and that a very cheap the pseudo democracy consequently stands for Kab mask is Fusee to the honest bimetal Lisle who support Bryan Are chasing a will o the and the Farmer or labourer who fees in free coinage a path to Prosperity will discover the Mono metallic Silver monster and that it is a monster a single glance at Trade relations will with oar foreign Commerce reaching an annual value of Many millions of our Money Standard becomes of prime in foreign will recognise nothing a a full Dollar which has notice value of a Gold Dollar or represents that consequently oar Silver which will be the Xor curating medium left will backed up by its to accept it As is the proposition which is put before us for whose Bene in gods name for that of the millionaire Silver mine the ratio of 111 to 1 is not Only a dishonest but demagogues have used the phrase to make the ignorant believe All sorts of again if free Silver becomes the Law Worth of Gold will disappear from that is a panic will Bryan admits it he says we need heroic Meas the Only Way to save the nation from a according to is to give it another it is wild talk of insanity to say that we want a Cortland Myers preached on the Chicago that plate form was made in dishonesty never came from heaven anarchy never came from heaven class making and Dis Union never came from that upper its silence concerning the greatest Evi on the american continent was not inspired from no no it was from the inner and Altgeld and Bis comrades were the stenographers of his satanic shame on the pulpit which is not heard in such an Hoar As who would not speak for god and make the Mattek the beading times says that a Farmer called at the first National of that and told the that he would like to have some of that free Kaucher in formed his visitor that nobody gave Silver the Farmer then said Tell me How or where i can get it Kaucher said the Only Way to get it is to give something in return for it the Farmer was disappointed and left with the remark i dont Call that free Silver if i have to give something for it this in a simple and practical manner explains a great Deal that is mysterious and deceptive in the cry raised for free and unlimited coinage of Tsiou Sanci had been Lei to think that the word free Silver was to be taken liter ally and that if Bryan would be elected they would in some strange and to them unknown Way obtain Silver for themselves free As the it never has occurred to them that the Only known Way of getting Money is by giving something in return for it although much has been spoken and written in explanation of the Money question As one of the principal issues of this it is evident that much More explaining needs to be and the plainer and simpler writers and sneakers can make their illustrations the More readily will they be understood by those persons who do not read and think along such this is distinctly a Campaign of education and voters should understand thoroughly the pernicious Ness and fallacious Ness of the free Coin age of Silver at a ratio of 16 to the order of the Board of health that All school children must be vaccinated is meeting with some although Many parents have complied with it and have had their children vaccinated there Are those who contend that the Law is unconstitutional and others claim that there is no occasion at this tune to fences were blown Corn shocks standing of Ite leaves and crashed to the ground by the Hall in Orchards the Apple Trees had Moet of the fruit shaken so that in some places Tery few apples May be seen on Trees and these Are con eader ably in Myerstown Many cellars were during the Preva Lence of the storm Many who were indoors had become As the timbers creaked and buildings swayed and there seemed be danger of the houses being blown the storm continued Only a Short Bat it was terrible and the ground afterwards was covered several inches thick with Nail one mile North of Myerstown stood the new huns school built of Brick and completed Only i time for the open ing of the school Hardie saw the storm approaching and dismissed the children about it is Nell he did so for the entire building was and razed to the Only a Small part of the Southeast Corner being left the school had been supplied with improved maps and blackboards and these Are All on Krall and marshal at the Large Coal shed and self longing 150 feet in of r East of the the roof was taken of and carried across the Railroad into a at the Home of Tinea High Chim Ney bad been erected at the Cummer this was blown Over on the which was completely on the farm of Adam Tenan Ted by Levi the Spring House was blown porch before the House torn Wagon Abed a roofed Anh the roof of the barn considerably on the farm was a email Locust prove of 100 of these Only 10 Are the rest having been blown Down or twisted were on rooms to re committee of consisting 6f Jet Victur Deputy sheriff Bank and Uhic was appointed to draw up a Sun Stit Tipp and was agreed that the executive com Mittee prepare a list for enrolling All the republicans in the Many voters who were not present gave consent to the meeting then adjourned to meet next thursday a Foreman in a Stone Narry severely John of who is employed As a Foreman in the Pennsylvania Limestone of that had a narrow escape from being killed on preparations were about be ing made to make a heavy which for some reason or other hang Caus ing Farling to make an i Vestiga and upon his arrival there an in me Liate explosion took breaking his jaw injuring one of his eyes and badly disfiguring his on thursday evening he was in a critical condition but this morning it was re ported by people from Palmyra that his condition was somewhat of is attending this is the second serious Acci Dent that occurred at these quarries within two Strong opposition to the increase and Compromise was a special tax of 5 to be paid before the 1st of authorized to pay indebtedness already incurred the committee recommended that the salaries of the state councilor be and that of the vice and Junior past be this was not agreed to and the old salaries of and respectively Are to re the expense allowed the finance was re laced from to a motion to do away with the special1 deputies throughout the state prevailed their expense account daring the past year was and her Glossy Raven locks Are flecked to certify that this was so on the Back of the card in the presence of the Man the presence of the Man Chester who said he had been that have vanished since we parted Long acting for the family re and in mar others kindly with a homesick feeling Tongue con Nevei the Legal Gunt and he wanted to n perfectly certain of Johnsons when i Johnson bad written on the card that for Sweet old fashioned Hollyhock r gentleman required and signed that Tooni about the would card Over o Somerset House standing guard around a and have it stamped so that there would be no question to debate if anything happened to Patrick these precautions rather the in Ohio who Whit Lutei Vay Uji j alarmed who asked someones tons tie Man and was the journalistic business in London i be was to excellent health at much Cut up nowadays and if As Johnson pointed person wishes to Start a successful out tothe if Kil Dominie proved weekly he must be a Man of this a sickly Man liable to drop off at does not necessarily mean that he needs any no Money could be collect Penee account daring the past to know anything1 about literature or de for a natural and this movement was i Art in the less he knows about i quite understand said an amendment can be passed by next years mice cause a right in 18g1 the silent Pew por Chaae Only half their face value and prion yell be foreign Taute now is not this is not a matter of politics As much As it is a matter of god forbid even the possibilities of ban Lam for John of Jersey declared that the doctrine of free Sil ver is a delusion and that unprincipled politicians Are playing on the ignorance and prejudice of a certain class of voters and strongly denounced the free Silver of said today we Are at the Cross roads of our period of National when it is proclaimed that a Grain of Gold representing the Cost of production of thirty one grains of Silver is an equivalent for sixteen grains of the latter Metal we Are confronted with a Hare faced such a doctrine leads on the Trail of thirty five years ago the Liberty of a people was hunted to its and it was preserved with the the people of the United states will assemble this fall As they did in Only instead of the Bayonet the ballot will be used to prevent repudiation and preserve the nations these Are but Brief extracts but they indicate the Force and earnestness with which the ministers declared against the free coinage of As proposed by Bryan and the several political organizations which Are Back of when ministers Are thus outspoken it should Lead All honest voters to consider carefully the political situation and de cide for themselves How to vote As their conscience and sense of right dictate regardless of past political this is a time when the voter As be goes to the polls Mast act the part of the Patriot and not of the make and Vermont have done exceedingly for a real old time majority the people will have to wait until no vember when the grand Keystone state will give a Vole for Money and Protection that will the subject the children to the pain and agony resulting from vaccination As no epidemic of Small pox exists and there May be no danger for years to the Board of health on the other hand contend that they Are doing Only what the Law demands shall be done and that the time for providing against an Epi Demic of any kind is before it makes its there Are still a number of school children who have not been ciliated and there May be a clashing be tween them and the health officers be fore the question is finally disposed the Frame stable of Aaron near the Corner of main and Washington was blown Down and is a com plete at the Enterprise office two Large window panes were broken by the other buildings in and around town were slightly damaged by the wind and county commissioner Kreider Hai a number of men at work repairing the canal Bridge on Locust before the storm came up Kreider had re moved his Collar and Necktie and Hung them on a afterwards both were missing and a dinner pail of one of the workingmen could not be at Stouchsburg anew lutheran Church is in process of the Sandstone Walls were blown Down even with the foundation and will have to be rebuilt again Between Mere town and Stouchsburg 19 Telegraph poles were blown Over and the wires greatly in and about Womelsdorf considerable damage was the Corn was beaten shocks blown window panes broken by the fences overturned and other damage was it is trains on the Lebanon Valley Road waited for the storm to cease before they proceeded on their the storm was the severest that has passed Over that Section of our county in a Long there was very Little Thun Der and lightning accompanying Bat the Hail fell in a continuous Stream and Hail stones came Down thick and fast afterwards the air was much cooler and bicycle harps Charles Frantz and Grant of the Delta have placed bicycle harps on their the in Novation was introduced on thursday evening and they Are the first seen in this the Harp is arranged on the Frame of the wheel Between the wheels one Vest interesting feature of the Pennsylvania state sunday school association to be held at car october 13 to will be conferences of the state and county at which there will be discussions with re Gard to methods and comparison of views and plans for the More efficient carrying on of the among the workers present will be Marion Law of has been exceedingly successful in managing sunday school interests in his own Lawrence will give an address on Progress in Sun Day school full particulars with reference to the convention can be obtained by addressing the general Sec who will also furnish the now in and plays As the bicycle moves the Harp takes the place of a Bell retained Mcgorda Alfred son of the late chief Aaron who is charged with the murder of aged John at Phila George Woomer of this to defend the former has already consulted with his client in Moy amen sing to the South via Kail two very attractive Early autumn Tours Are offered by the Pennsylvania leaving new York and Phila Delphia september 29 and october after the experience of the past few years it is hardly necessary to say that these outings Are planned with the utmost suffice it to say that Allar Range ments Are so adjusted As to afford the Best possible Means of visiting each place to the Best the Tours each cover a period of ten and include the Battlefield of picturesque Blue Luroy Basic the natural Grottoes of the the cities and and the roundtrip including All necessary is from new front and proportionate rates from other each tour will be in charge of one of the company tourist he will be assisted by an experienced lady As whose Especial charge will be ladies unaccompanied by male special trains of parlor cars Are provided for the exclusive use of each pm in which the entire round trip from nun York is for detailed itinerary apply to ticket agents or to tourist 1196 Broad new or room Street will meet the East Penna annual conference of the Church will be held in the first and will Convene on the 30th Insl Bishop Castle will of this and so pleasant belong to this saw the storm at Joseph of 723 Chestnut was at Womelsdorf thursday afternoon when the storm struck that he said the Hail stones fell there As Large As a Walnut and the came Down in Tor rents while a Ter Ruffic display of Light Ning accompanied by Thunder was wit at the residence 1138 a Hutch the dwelling badly damaged by fire and water sick Sou we lowered from second Story window to miss Gertrude daughter of Edward of 113s Church Dis covered flames in the attic at her Home several minutes after 12 Oclock at noon she instantly gave the alarm by the North Side fire depart ment was called ont by an alarm sent in from twelfth and Lehman Street and responded when Mies Rhine discovered the names they had already gained consider Able headway and had it not been fir attractive to the Public and yet not took ins leave and h is Able them to collect any Money from to Somerset House to have the card him this usually takes the form of life i Johnson was somehow or other h a imagined that coming to town his Eye caught an item the Public simply yearn for life insure in the paper that for a moment Par that kind Coni Only Zeta it was headed execution Koles the widow after the insured is at and went on to say that smashed no in a railway Kilpatrick been hanged Way trav Lingin England is so Safe that the morning before in Manchester very rarely anyone is never for the murder of a fellow Workman the less on the off hundreds of a slip added thousands of papers Are sold every i the were not but it was and Many of these estimable understood that everything had gone journals have their life insurance Poloff without a ices so arranged that unless the Tram j Johnsons fears vhf re Only too Well does some eccentric such As stand i the widow from Manchester on its head or turn three and the Legal gentleman who had de no Money can be collected by the i fended Patrick Kil Dominie during the mourning trial came Down like wolves on the fold the excellent service of the will Hose company a More serious fire might have the neighbors quickly removed nearly All the furniture from the lower and second floors and carried them to places of causing the loss to the furniture to be of no the fire May turn ont to be a serious inasmuch As a life May be lost five weeks ago the Nineteen year old was seized with typhoid fever and since then has been in a serious shortly after the fire was discovered he was tenderly re moved to the new Home of Annie 337 North twelfth where everything was done to make him com the great excitement attend ing his removal Mav cause him to suffer a the Good will which arrived on the scene confined the flames to the attic of a Well directed Stream of water and soon extinguished the damage to the building by fire is but a considerable amount r water had to be thrown the attic the smoke so dense As to make it almost Ligate the flames at mice and As a mule the entire building is water mice at irk am 114 matches which Iliad been allowed to remain in a coat lunging in the attic is the cause As signed to the there Are running in London several j with a legally stumped und autumn ar50r Schaef for loaded his usual a Wrocla mation amputation May be Harry 821 Locust operator of a screw cutting machine at toe Pennsylvania Bolt and nut had Bis right thumb mashed while work ing thursday and will in All probability lose the the injury was dressed by at the Good Samaritan a diverting and by no Means insignificant incident of the canvass occurred at a Bryan meeting in on monday night last one of the orators had eulogized Bryan As the greatest anarchist that Ever and the characterization was shortly after Ward senator Blackburn reached the and seeking in his speech to differentiate the to Pocrass from anarchists be confidently asked who is the recognized Leader of anarchy in this country remembering the previous the crowd shouted Bryan i hold on a minute said the dismayed senator it is Herr most but the Point was knocked off his bad put a new Point on marriage of and miss Emma of Crpss Kil John of this and Mies Clara of Robert of 430 North thirteenth and Clara of 928 Guilford this returned from judge Ehrgood returned thurs Day evening from where he sat in the commission in the Schuy Lucill Licary his return necessary in order that he might preside this afternoon in his own retained from cues and mrs Robert of red with their Gautland of and Lou of with and Edgar of this returned thursday evening from an Outing on the Susquehanna River at files the time was pleasantly spent in boating and win argue the Marshall Funck and will argue the Appeal before the District court of Philadelphia on Mon november in the Case of John Mills and John the who were Given seven years by judge Adams is out on bail and Mills is about being shot a Large Monroe of the Keystone gun shot a Grey Squirrel thursday after noon while gunning in the Vicinity of Ebenezer the Squirrel weighed 2 13 ounces and is the finest specimen shot in this Vicinity for Many on thursday the superintendent of Public instruction issued a proclamation designating As autumn Arbor and earnestly urging direct teacher Sand pupils to observe the Day with appropriate exer both by the planting of Trees and by the dissemination of information on the growth and care of Trees and their value to present and future Shaeffer says it is a function of county judiciary was made Necess left for John of and miss mame the latter having been visiting in this City for some thursday evening left on the train Over the Road for where they will spend la six weeks from next the people of this Conolry a Fol drum Tiftz Vio Hicen of the blaster usher and of tenth and Chestnut on Thyrre returned from a trip to i whither they had gone on the made the return to this if Iny Felfle More flan two had a break Owji tothe break Down of the air compressor at the Lebanon foun dry and machine company works thursday work was suspended for the it was repaired and next morning the usual work was from his Craig pastor of Christ presbyterian and wife have re turned from where they spent two months at then old Cross was enjoying Bis annual returned prom George Dawson Thomas reichly and William Santner have returned from a four Days Camp along Swatara the efforts at fishing were met with Success and a Large catch is the is months old daughter of and Howard of483 new died thursday afternoon of the funeral will be held Wheeling George of the Lebanon Cycle Rode a wheel from Reading to this City on thursday after visiting erecting two William Gassert is erecting two new kitchens in the rear of his Locust Street which will greatly improve them and be a convenience to the people who occupy his scorchers wheel while scorching on South tenth Street on thursday bicyclist Buffamoyer collided with a horse and he was thrown heavily but escaped serious in jury and his wheel was Sale of Floe Western Harry Light sold 25 head of Fine Iowa and Wisconsin horses Friday after noon at the William Perm hotel sales among them were Pac steppers and Trotters and fab prices were our Public schools to train pupils to Lead in such improvements As will Best Perpet uate the for this each sue feeding the Are in joined by Public proclamation to turn aside for one Day and consider the relations which the Woodlands of the Commonwealth will have to your Prosperity when you Are the citizens and rulers of the for this Yon Are asked to in by your planting of a bin will grow into a source of wealth and thus you May trans Mit influences for not Only to the next but to those which sue need a waste acre which produces nothing is a reproach to any As much As a wasted life is a disgrace to him who has led it lend the weight of your character and example to the Public duty of covering the Barren Hills and Mountain tops of the state with whose leaves will distil moisture into the whose trunks and bark will furnish material for our and whose roots will Aid in producing fresh soil to replace that which is wasted from Pur Down the streams and Rivers into the journals that have offered millions in and yet never have paid a this All comes about because editor is a Man of ideas who blazon the announcement of innumerable pounds on his title and then wrap up the conditions in Small Type some where inside so that even the most impecunious of us do not Hail a Accident in which we Are with unseen when Johnson thought of starting his paper to be made up of clippings from the american he deter mined to offer a thousand pounds in Kii Rance to a subscriber who died from any Accident so Long As he had s copy of Johnsons weekly in his at the time of the John son had Only a thousand pounds capital when he and he was naturally very anxious that his Money should not lie looted from him the first week by one stumbling Over a Cliff with the paper in his so he went to his told him frankly the state of cose and asked him to draw up a set of conditions which would make it impossible for relatives of the Man to collect the the lawyer thought Over the matter very seriously for a few minutes and then said in you will have so Many cases on your hands if you scud omit Suft a general policy Lille this with your paper that some one will be sure to collect you see the safety of tie other papers lies in the fact that there arc so few railway a paper of Fering a railway insurance has so few claims that there much publicity even when a claim is not but so Many accidents happen entirely unconnected with trains that you would be almost certain to be brought into court by somebody on an average of once Ai i should not mind said John if the paper went up to the danger put in the Man of that you would have so Many claims to Settle that if your paper went up to a million the Legal expenses alone would cripple How would it be if you were to offer insurance of this collected All that poor Johnson this is Why Johnsons weekly did not come Cut last to the great disappointment of its numerous read free advice for chloroformed the the Beautiful Black trick Pony of Clarence North eighth was chloroformed by Harver Sel the veterinary surgeon on thursday the cause for killing him was on account of the enlargement of the the sudden disappearance of this Beautiful Pony will be greatly missed by master Clarence and his Asso who had Many pleasant times with a favorite among his Young knights of dwelling Home during the storm thursday evening lightning struck the borne of Calvin and damaged it to some extent Lucky the Bolt did May organize a a ohling the second and third Ward Republican clubs May reconsider their action As Reading on go turd acuity courts several Back alter a Jacob of South sixth a time clerk at the Pennsylvania Bolt an Dent has resumed Bis duties after a two weeks part of which was spent at the Charles the Well known fish on thursday received a 31 Pound Spanish Mackerel from new which is one of the largest fish brought to this City for a Long Patmos ancient and illustrious order knights of will celebrate their fourth anniversary on tuesday evening in their with a varied including music and the principal address will be by Berg Esen of the Albright collegiate Institute a sir Knight companion of tvo More barns the barn of Kate at burned thursday together with its contents and three George Millers near Shar about 7 Miles from womels was also destroyed with the seasons fourteen cows and two the loss on both properties is about partially two monuments Daugherty and son have erected two handsome Monument on the blocks of Bowman and Simon Bowman on the cemetery in palmy fell off Bis Bermam the popular clerk in Urich schools grocery store on North ninth while out Riding on wheel on thursday afternoon Accident ally fell off bruising Bis arms and he is however Able to attend to his kind suppose you allow the taker of the paper to insure somebody not and then when that other per son happened to be killed Yon pay the thousand pounds to the one who insured the others it sounds a 1ttk but perhaps you understand what z i understand what you said but i dont see the advantage of dear the advantage is Many men hate so Many oth ers that they live perpetually on tie verge of killing their this offer of yours would throw the bal Ance completely and some Man who wanted to slay that other Man would insure him in order to draw the thousand dubiously ventured hut i dont want to pay the thousand pounds at certainly answered the Law and you need to the murderer would not dare to claim the Reward he would do the murder As quietly As of and when it was done would get frightened and make no the oddity of the of Fer would attract great attention every and probably some Case would come up in which it would be shown in All the papers that this subscriber of yours had committed murder for the Sake of getting tie thousand pounds then tie go Crement would step in and make Stop offering a thousand which was practically on incentive ton would protest that you had no such Iovu a us would withdraw your declaring that the government compelled you to do meanwhile Johnsons weekly would be advertised tip and Down the and everyone would want to see a and your Fortune would be by Jove said i believe theres Good Deal in the ill the Best Way of training a dog for never be too familiar with a Young he must have a certain not necessarily a fear of you but he must learn to any intelligent Puppy will learn his name in a few Les once you have Given it to him never change mind you has once recognized you As being his his one idea is to please you and to deserve a Pat on the head and a word of never Tussel with with a never deceive Der any More dogs have been spoiled by their masters not playing fair with them than one could lie honest with your and he will be honest with if possess a and your dog is of that kind which Baa inherited the scent for the first thing to teach him is to fetch and to re this without chewing or object which he a Way to break a dog of this is to take in nut a few tacks with tha Ami it lilt full he will find that by picking it up gently he can carry it without Dis while if he attempts to worry the consequences Are not this lesson is much better for him than tiny amount of he will re member it much if Yon wish to shoot Over your the next thing is to make him find the to do the Best Way is to procure a live which can Easil be had from any Bir fancier put it in n Cage and show it to the warn ing him not to touch then conceal the Cage in a copse of Fern or and bring him carefully in that direct never let him nearer than within four or five feet of it then speak to him under the influence of your words he will become All and a dog thus properly Brohen will never flush o unless he runs into them by Accident or when he is carried Tovay by under which circumstances he will show con hound Active life Van be seen any Dav at Hillys Butcher Short in Nia time he has Cut up Many a carcass of Mutton and pork Anu when on the shambles he has doubt less noticed the great similarity Between the internal Economy of a pig and that of a human Midway it Weer the Thorax or that is 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