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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Sep 21 1896, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - September 21, 1896, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Per twice a week monday and tedi per volume id the Fibber opera House on saturday and sound Honey Worth Hundred gents on the prevailed among the immense gathering of Earnest Aid in their increasing Bryan care of those who have suffered injury in the military or naval service of the country is a sacred ton will readily notice the Crim nation i need not enlarge upon the speaker then took no of Prosperity under the Mckinley Tariff saving 1892 was the High water issues i Call your attention the different pension Vina of presidential candidates As shown m their let ters of major Mckinley says the soldiers and Eai Lont of the t Union Are justly entitled to generous of Cir mar cases in til air f r Price Sloo a be for 1isht both on the Bench Foreman of grand jury and official a polite instructions to the grand jury heard and regular to tilt it Cri iut Conr convened at 10 Oclock this on fulesday to Asonto s r All arrant Zementa have been completed Otto Trofi div lug Moil Muo Luo Walter of Nationiel and entering into a Sevee arraignment of the cratic doctrine which substituted the Wilson Bill and threw a great army of e september term of Crimi workmen out of employment said renal court convened at 10 Oclock this As Tun result of a partial before judges Ehrgood and Tion commenced by myself for the Dunne the week 101 cases pose of making reliable estimate of the Beff Ven amount of wages lost in this Congre the Brand jurors were called and signal i am from inh Light was made All formation already so answered except of the compared with Arntina it i too ten of i first judge be Goodin charging attention to the Large is race track on tuesday afternoon at z a Stockand the indications Are that a Large gathering of horsemen and Lavers of will Bei arrangements been made i by which the s Street Sulway wiil run special cars safer As Prescott where Wilf in waiting i to convey the passengers to the place of i the will be trotted at 21 Oclock and Amonette horses entered Are i Many that Are Well known in this citral and so compared with the cases of those paid since the repeal of the Momley the Jory h number Hill Wasas Burrd show losses to the Penl of the Momley the Jory attention to the Large or accomplished will number of cases on the All of which wage Dan possibly a few will have to d n show losses to the wage possibly a few will have Lebanon and Perry of at least he were three and a half million dollars he will require some time and three and a half million dollars cited instances in vital issues ably discussed by people of Giitl Kex Peri Euce Capp elected Rice Irma Devivi and secretaries Jolgui Iva Ramaker common sense views on the he Ivha untie red to with marked made a Iii Islieb and instructive Mablin Republican for redness of our maintain the life of the and retain in sullied and untainted the heritage handed Down to us by on forefathers lib anon soldiery has an enviable Silver mine owners and speculators a million of men and women owning even ten cent shares of mining it is another million of who Are after the spoils of urged that the work of examining the ther reduce now Low enough others were Given and in con and would Only Benefit the Silver mine cu3lon directed them in the matter of it would reduce pensions be in cases Ylanan which a pop Ken Newl my Man so says Jeremiah a life tone i of ass Woldman i Jeremiah aged about 6s residing at b Weidman this Saya Mckinley is my Man the reason Brohman gives for this a that for the past four years he has experienced such hard tunes that he does not want a con1 to Snabon of the same and to help make a change will cast his ballot for the be pub lican nominees for president and vice i president there Are Many More democrats who will no doubt do just what i Strohman says he will Uruo cause experience teaches that in sep ported by governmental Promise Meta Coin always sinks to the Market value of of Grace Grant the As an we Hatour Hunch and Hoffman Silver Dollar now Kont in o i Jimias Woneis were appointed in the we we Uttz Silver Dollar now kept on a parity orders of Sale were returned in the Gold by the government i were returned in to the speaker then gave attention to estates of John Philip f from Joh b i Over Samuel Kisser and reputation first and Foremost among it is another to much to be us is on own Gallant Gobin the sympathized Withan army of Ngern records at and the Battle played who have lost heir savings and scarred flags at a Arnsberg Are proud been fated to starvation in the four bit monuments of the patriotism and Brav clone behinds driven Ery of the Lebanon boys who donned to desperation without what won Frontin 61 Der is it that they Are read to turn to offered their services and lives on Ronner s t that they Are read to turn to offered their services and lives on the any Promise of Relief and listen to the altar of on country and marched and inflaming orators who Are in and ought until the surrender of Lee at Down the country the Large Republican majorities Roll what do these people offer in place i f Whitt Tad until the present admin n intr nation slate treasurer of Mude a Touti Iii and vigorous Windup by the Henry begin Ning by chairman never in the history of this City has such a political demonstration been held As that in the Fie her opera House saturday when the republicans formally opened their Campaign in this although the Stormy weather kept Many at borne the building in which the speeches were delivered was crowded to its utmost capacity within a Short time and twice the lumber accommodate were to turn being unable to main the crowd was decidedly demonstrative and at times the applause which greeted the speakers in theron reef their remarks was deafen the of speakers could have hardly been improved there was John o Philadelphia state treasurer of new York Hon Olin of Republican Tauili Date for Congress and of this they treated thei arguments for honest Money and Protection in Rua Ottily style am graphically pictured the evils which the free coinage heresy would inflict non our country and All the speakers made Good impressions upon the Large Andi county chairman John Fertig had arranged that upon the arrival of train the reception committee consisting of Cole Man and should meet Colvin and Ani at the invitation of Capp the gentle men were conducted to Hathaway where an elegant dinner was served at the residence of and the speakers and the reception committee pleasantly the dinner was an informal but decant one and just As the diners were sipping the Coulee and enjoying the usual after dinner the band who had gone up to Capps Home to act As an appeared with several Hundred citizens and the distinguished party reentered the several carriages and were conducted to Fisher opera House where they arrived in very Good looking Happy and apparently delighted with the feast and entertain ment which was provided by mine Host had the weather been favourable a big Street demonstration would have been upon arriving at the Hall and after the applause which greeted the appearance of the speakers on the Stag i had county chairman Job Fertig formally declared the Meetin opened and Thomas Capp Wai made who in acceptance Sai chairman i thank you for the honoured privilege of presiding at Thi the formal opening of the Campaign in on i predict for to a rare and a Lunid exposition o the important issues and of the eminent gentlemen who Are Pristu n in 1 k by Subj Lur i of of Jami Elaine and Harrison is ration Are the evidences of our change that and Nave won for us the sobriquet in change in our the Republican Constellation of the Little Star that never sets let it therefore once More be recorded of the Gallant and patriotic yeomanry of Lebanon county that in the year when National integrity and individual Liberty Are at that we will not assist in blackening and tarnishing the fair Escutcheon of our but will contribute to the majority in Pennsylvania Lor major honest Hon est government and Protection to Amer ican offices of the Redsecker then placed in Nomi nation these officers who were chosen vice presidents 1st k Knerr 2nd Louser 3rd we Guilford 4th d Krall 5th Mader oth Ward Moyer thick ashram Swanger Henry Webb John i Weirick John Shultz Isaac Kegerr Cin Miller Solomon Beau East Boeshore Samuel Groh Jeremiah Heilman c Benny John Ai Christian Gingrich w Kin ports Bach Man South Eby change that will not put any j our prices which will be no Good when there is no work to give wages to give Money to Bay 3bad dollars Worth half what they claim to is there any mistake about other we Are Here to talk i out what interest have aug of is in deceiving ourselves or concealing the if free Trade Aud free coinage of Sil ver will make bettor times i want it us bad As i would be an idiot of be Here and elsewhere speaking again what would Benefit he then gave a history of the Gooc times under the Mckinley Bill and no to the end when workmen had to go to soup and bread houses because they Ronld get no though willing he it Bron Glit tears to his eyes to see and asked the reason for the con he said free Trado was capital was frightened and the country was almost at a there was no trouble about Price were going Down Silver with he implied that the Law of Supply and demand and the pro Gress of invention Wai the cause that brought Down the Farmers the times became hard and intensified by the repeal of the Mckinley Bill then poverty howled like a mad Wolf All Over the and As a remedy they simply Tell us to make he then went into an elucidation of the repudiation policy of from i Rio and Agni Tinan i Conn which he entered upon an argument in the estates of piter r which convinced his hearers that 93 per p Kosminer and the reports of auditors o was George Faure the entire payments of More than out of the state not Ais trustee of the estate o one cent was what we Nail in pc Ufa Berand Reinoehl was Church topics of inter erf to the the Carloni i presiding conducted services in Salem can Racli swept Over the Leban o 5tjmerotj3 bulb los snapped off Bonn i of Cam shocks saturday afternoon about severe storm passed nothem and Southern porch eing tie v y our City he storms having thae Stem part Arthe county r John popular g or Senate while chocks run went Muu Wai appointed guardian of Paul and Percy a virile Ooopes non foot it is a spa Gaa Ruian of Faal and Perc mistake to suppose that Money always sons 9f Joseph j an was granted Sherif to address i bespeak a cordial Wel and an enthusiastic this is not the first time the integrity of on government has been in the War for the preservation of Thi we contracted a National Deb aggregating nearly three thousand Mil Lions of the Republican party pledged our the Honor of our the common honesty of our and it Faith in the stability of the Republic that we would pay this debt in honest dollars of one Hundred cents since this on several dishonest aggregations of Callec by different have in vented Many schemes including that of Fiat to repudiate in whole or in part the obligations by which we were but during All these years the vast majority of the voters have rejected these schisms and and upheld and maintained every pledge made by the Republican in those dark hours when on govern ment was assailed by the dogmas of rebellion and til today lets than on third of the debt now when Midsummer Ness seems to have palsied the reason of a Large number of on fellow con try we Are called upon to enter into Between National and individual honesty and the Law and on courts have been and and free riot Are boldly advocated in on midst the Sabre has been sheathed the science of the individual citizen must be appealed and through die instrumentality of the ballot Only can the Honor and integrity of the nation be heretofore Lebanon has stood second uphold Kurin Long West Taylor Boyd West secretaries Marshall j Frank John the chairman then introduced to the audience John Candi Date for United states senator to succeed senator he was received with Ffield applause and evidently made Manv friends in this Wanamaker acid in part i am a Workingman and like my sat i Day nights but it is Well Worth while o make a Midnight journey Home to neet so Many patriots and enthusiastic republicans and he Lik ened the audience to the Cedars of Leb of biblical who wrought Lebanon county proud position for courage and common and have aided to give to Penn Sylvania so prominent a place on the because whatever comes the Citi ens of Pennsylvania Are always on the right Side for the Best interests of the the speaker made a Happy reference to saying that whenever there is something to be done it is the country buy who is wanted to do his timely compliments to Gen Gobin and Olmsted Drew Forth vociferous the speaker then branched into a discussion of the conditions existin0in the country today and said Ever since the War the country has not faced seme one in the audience called for a the doctor was found and Wanamaker seized the Situa Tion to make a Happy said he since Hes gone in Goine to talk of the country sick its bleeding at the lungs its wanting away and Mckinley a he said that during the evening h had Beard a Hurrah for Cleveland changes hands in payment of them Una Ign Quieu Nonenn he stated that Iree coinage would hone Cas of the Deerin company break Down that parity instantly or report of viewers Bryan has publicly admitted that it in a Road in Richland and Mill would cause a temporary but he Creek townships was the thinks that eventually a better state hotel was transferee of health would to Jovand Olmsted Drew attention to the r presented the Peti trivision of patties this year and in Coul t10 of 9 members the a for a new delusion said i never believe in the by of mex Long in the dockets of the application of harsh epithets to those s who differ with us but this Ito following were appointed tips aves year we should cry Honor and All Hail Tor the week Joseph to those of the democratic Faith who Aaron Edmund overlooking minor differences stand Jonn a Lent and John with us in opposing this threatened accounts presented by the Protho taint upon the fair reputation of the Register were confirmed Nisi fairest and greatest of All the nations i return9 or the constables were of the you heard in this Campaign the Petit jurors except some reference to the crucifixion of and Stouber answered to Mankind upon a Cross of this is eur names not a year of crucifixion it is a year True for resurrection of f Harvey oath Annj 01 Harvey assault and oath of Chas Andrew assault and Battery on an oath of Joseph f nut a the evening of Trinity preached a Uhler held services at sinking a Prog on saturday pastor of Christ presbyterian has returned from his vacation and on sunday occupied the both morning and of on bunday Rooming occupied the pulpit of Lukes episcopal no ser vices was held in the Calvi an Tttus Lulu a of the currency question and held up in an exposed position the machinations of the men of so or seven states who Hope to secure supremacy of Silver at 1g to making the just claim that free Silver would Only Benefit senator Stewart and others of his he then went into a Eulogy of protect the giver of Cood Sayin the Only Way to keep on Good Homes is to get labor to make an honest what nonsense to say weve an interest in All the we have to a certain but must look out for ourselves and take care of on the Vic tory in this state will be great and id like to see a Hole dug so deep on Bryan repudiation Day that it would never be we dont want this agita Tion every four years it May be a Good thing to turn the country inside out every four but it will be like in the Case of the surgeon who tried an operation 17 times with the same result patients All so would it be under he commended newspapers of 1896 for turning themselves Over to Educa Tion of the people and another or Cefel argument against impressing How Silver depends upon and of a our dead and for return to that High degree of motion no and individual Prosperity which we enjoyed in under president Harrison and the but there is one easy Cross which i wish Yon to Bear in mind from now until election put it on your ballot in the Little Circle at the Bead of the Republican column and All will be he said we have plenty of to Kiev if ept in circulation and mid we have More Silver per capita today than nov ther nation save France and nether he told How fear of free Coin age is sending american deposits to Canadian to o and then showed the uni uni Fleet of Silver non citing japanese and mexican Statis tics after denying bryans declaration that Gold and Silver Are the metals of the Constitution and the Money of the Bible he declared the history of the nations does not afford one example of the debasement of Coin by any govern ment for the profit of private owners of the Metal to be coined upon such a magnificent scale As that proposed by Bryan and his the next speaker was treasurer of new York who was introduced As the Man who More than any other looks like Okiu he opened his speech with a poetical effusion characterizing the Bryan peo and after thanking the reception cases due Hume services were held o sunday in the first reformed Church the Church was appropriately decorated the choir rendered the following Sele god of Abraham by Dudley and god be Weison also rendered a contralto entitled the holy communion was celebrated n St Johns reformed Church sunday the a Sermon non answer to objections urged against partaking of the lords the decorations of the Church were a the plants being from he collection of prayer meeting on wednesday evening n seventh St lutheran Andy Friday German preparatory services on Satur air lutheran weekly prayer meeting on wednesday in the moravian Church of Chester pastor of Brown backs reformed occupied the pulpit of Marks reformed Church sunday and preached two excellent ser Fisher preached at Brown backs Bible lecture on Silver miners in 1 several Are s verely trying to blow up mines with do Namuj to entire military Force of state called out5reat excitement sept to desperation by leadville1 locked out who have Bee threatening the peace for two attacked the Coronado mine with Dana mite and guns at 1 Oclock this morning arousing the City and throwing its inhabitants into a heavy explosions aroused sleepers in the Eastern Par of the the mine is heavily guarded by special police behind Strong bar the explosions were followed by Many Rifle shots by an attacking Force to cover the Retreat of the Dyn miters the shooting lasted about ten minutes and has since been followed by scatter eur a Telephone message received from the mine after the first explosions stated that nobody inside the barricade had been after receiving this message Ammu cation with the mine was interrupted and has not yet been restored another presumably Dyna was heard after the followed by a Bright Blaze in the Vicinity of the the fire department and the to years Albert oath of Lizzie and John of Lucy William wantonly pointing oath of Monroe a or Evean on the and said he is an honest Man but that he would Hurrah for him when lie rets out of but there is no or the Yean of course we cannot expect yet if we believe in honesty the Taring Protection and an hones Dollar then Mckinley is on sort of a in the Republican party there b As much love of the old Flag and patriotism As in any in the he honoured the democrats who place country above party and have grown out of the who will vote for Safe government and this is the Vear to do and he further said that if the Republican party Ever diet races itself As to allow capture like that of the Chicago convention was and places itself on a platform to pack the i preme court and Swallow i shall Stop Down off its platform and be glad to walk to the polls with democrats and do As they do now who will ote for their we will examine what the so called Emo Cratin party offers pack the supreme court of the United states until it yields to let is open on Home markets to the cheaper labor of Europe and let us surrender on and make one that will take in All even if it a Only Worth half As much u who is it that offers ibis tried men of experience Wise Leaden of the people it All itis Ietmad How Gold will go out in the event Silver he said and when you go on of the Hall tonight Yon go As missionary to bring the unwilling to he one platform Salute you with one belief that Victory is ahead of not Only this one but More t is just As important to elect Yon May god bless us a with prosperous and i the Hope of this i bid you Good chairman Capp next introduced Hon candidate for Contr Resi from this who said it affords me great pleasure this evening to stand face to face for a few moment with so Many citizens and sons of Thi Frond old county of so Justh renowned for its faithfulness and Devo Tion to the patriotic principles of the grand old Republican that parti which once saved this nation from disintegration and is now called non to Sav it from disaster and our National and indeed our rational existence is again no openly and bravely As but even More because insidiously and by those who f Alslev proclaim them selves friends and if Bryan and his platform Ara then the immortal Lincoln was Ajia Coin was if Bryan is right then Yon were do Yon believe that be fore sending Grant to capture president Lincoln ought to have waited for an invitation from the governor of Virginia or that the solicitation of the governor of Georgia ought to have been considered a Neces sary prerequisite to Sherman famous March to the sea or that president Cleveland ought to await an interchange of courtesies with an Altgeld or a Tiu Man before enforcing the Federal Laws Shioi the Constitution and his oath of office require him to enforce As president Harrison said in his v new York if the american peo e approve the Choice of a president holding that we have sur the Victory the boys won in 86l As he also that Doc Rine was shot to death during the and out never be made victorious in s Ami before proceeding to disease totter committee for their Good care of he dropped into a humorous vein which tickled the audience immensely and kept it in an he then addressed himself to the Silver question and As a Young Man 38 years of spoke to the Young who Are the safeguard of the and whole patriotic duty now in the dark Cloud of financial disturbance is to cast their ballot for Mckinley and he then paid the highest compliment to Moki lev and dwelt upon the Domestic life of the and the Devotion he shows toward Iii it was expressed with deep emotion and wrought a great impression on the he spoke of his sudden Spring ing from total his Chameleon changing of parties and poli cies at and raised a question As to the safety of placing the reins of government in his Henry Henry Houck then made one of his characteristic and wound no with a proposal of three cheers for Mckinley and Hobart and the whole is of Harvey Boltz plead guilty to stealing a quart of whiskey from the hotel of Biever and also to assaulting Charles Biever and Miller told of the Boltz refused Legal assistance and was sentenced to pay a Fine of and costs of prosecution and under go an imprisonment of 40 Days in the county to be computed from August Andrew Christ is a hungarian and was charged with committing an assault and Battery on Constable Joseph at Christ can not speak eng neither does he understand it j conducted his defense and after hearing the prosecutions Testi Mony withdrew his plea of not guilty and substituted that of Christ was sentenced to pay a Fine of costs of prosecution and undergo imprison ment of 50 Days to be computed from the time of Hia which was 50 Days new school building a bean Tirol Structure erected at Newmair pastor of Christ lutheran will preach next sunday morning and evening in Trinity lutheran even ing service at Oclock the in the r preached sunday morning Baptist Church on heaven and in the evening he preached an excellent and most impressive Sermon on the result of the text was taken from exodus take it by the j Church society Rose Bud Mission Ary society meets this evening in the to Mitt ladies Circle meets this evening at the Home of Samuel North eighth Street a general invitation is extended to All their friends to Young Peoples society meets on thursday at the Marks mite society meets on tuesday evening at the Home of Ida near North Lebanon on Satur us Ana the local Dihtia companies hurried to the As Istance of the besieged they found the works at the mine in a Blaze and when they attempted to turn on a to fight the flames they were ordered o desist by the attacking finally they succeeded in making connect Lons with other hydrants and getting a Tream on the hardly Tiad this occurred when a series of explosions were heard in the direction of the Emmett and Marion and it is supposed that an attack has been made non these a later report from the Coronado mines states that fireman okeefe was fatally shot while attempting to turn on the water and that two unknown men Are Many Rumore Are one being that every building at the Coronado has been another states that John a who works at the big while on his Way from the mine and near the mine was shot in the stomach to to be another Man had All his clothing torn from his but escaped with his the miners w be print from Tho Dao Newi of to doing much damage and other the storm North of is was i of a fences we shocks overturned a Trees off or twisted out line of the on Street near Tama stable of Sassaman Trau and to of Timber was left of a Shon fore had taken the horse and b for a Ese Likely both been tie huge Boose on Andrew formerly was and destroy i Bui the storm South of us More severe artidia a great it passed Over font it a item says we stepped into shop of Tobias darkes this morning and i Southern line of on Oitt re were shown Waram few Ummi iui9 iuuvuu1ic 1 were shown a handsome cab which he i painted for David of at the Junction of ninth which in Point of Beauty and the Southern part of ship cannot be Jonn Driver of Welt Theodore residing on East Cumi stopped to put Brand was seriously ill with Tyr of his Wagon when a h Hrmel i Nara w j Nobu pc of i t Bucu t i1 com was blown Down and Tell on the morning of this Day John j the using the Driver who had Barze of the Cornwall i 8 was not in the took the last Batch of the Shebara of Michael Hoke i was completely Becks South of on As a o e Cornwall employees to the i to 00 employees were taken to the Centen Nial Nia from Cornwall of Cornwa is so Charles an employee of august1 was Tola us while on the roof of the cast the of i Ngoho broke the barn of the Bleistein far Wiite on the Root of the cast1 due on the Bleistein far Inse of the North Lebanon furnaces Way Between this City and o broke through and fell a distance of of Henry bomber bout 20 but a his descent caught considerably use land escaped without much in the school House roof South o ar7 Ville was blown away and the the barn of a at Alberts depot at Midway was was destroyed by having been roof of hokes meeting House a1 Rucic by the loss reached torn bout the barn was insured in on the farm of w Annville insurance company for tenanted by to mens Christian our my the a new barn was us a horse was killed by a falling t the Wagon on the farm of Aaron the Western federation of miners almost every mine worker was in the ttiu3 1u Lilly Union when their demands were at us Day at 2 ladies sewing meets on Thor sea Tono and dedicated on on saturday afternoon one of the largest assemblages that has gathered in the Beautiful Village of Newmanstown for Many assembled there to help dedicate the Beautiful school building which was recent was dedicated w Nutly Vith i erected and which interesting and in which were Given with a to the music of my tin i by the perseverance the audience filed out and one of the great est mass meetings this City has Ever seen came to an two lunatics one to take charge of the Dei Ter a Verr stable late saturday afternoon officer Brandt was called to the United note where he arrested a supposed o be insane and who was unable to give any dec not of he was taken to jail where he will be kept until some one claims sunday night officers Brandt and Smith arrested another insane Man at he Dexter livery where he at tempted to take Possession of the office of Harry proprietor of the he was also taken to jail where in will be confined until some Dispo i Ion is made of some were of the opinion that they had escaped from wer but thus far no word has been received from their names could not be posing addresses were made by state superintendent of Public instruction Hon Henry the exercises were opened with a prayer by Long and the Benediction pronounced by Lein of also made some Brief the Well known Sheri Dan band discoursed Choice attending sunday school Secretary of the state sunday school was in town this Nornine and went to Harris Burg on the train where he will make an address at the county Conven on wednesday and thursday he will attend the York county convention and on Friday that of Delaware and Chester he also stated the program for the state sunday school which meets at Carlise october 13 and wag now in bands and is expected to be published shortly and anybody desiring copies can get them by addressing at Getty no Keady for tonight the committee of the first Sard Republican composed of John Kreider and Charles who have the matter in band of managing for the excursion from this Vicinity to Canton Iberi a visit will be paid major William will hold a meeting in the office of Harvey b Hock Esq at 8 the lit w already rapidly filling no with citizens who contemplate taking advantage of the cheap Jiuu Youny Everi inac the Home of David tenth and cum Berland monthly meeting of the juvenile missionary society will be on Friday evening in the Chapel Salem mite society meets on wednesday evening at the Home of on Mifflin seventh Young ladies Aid society meets on thursday evening at the Home of Seibert to Unity ladies Aid society meets at the Home of on Chestnut on tuesday full Gnu inn this morning the Light double breasted overcoats that will be used by the first Ward Republican As Well As several others during the coming Campaign arrived and will be used for the first time on saturday night when the club will participate in the exercises at with their High Cane and Bucini ecu Iosub were the miners ask a Day for All classes of including sir fact and under ground the employers declared at the beginning of the that they were willing to continue paying the wages which had prevailed in Leadville to that under that scale surface workers were paid Only and practically the Only change the Union proposes is the Advance of the wages of this class of men i in the farm of a Karen s eth John was Sere Dart of add Friday evening by the Liberty net w Jacob who left some weeks ago for Colorado and the far returned Home thursday evening delighted with with his two Fine hogs of George one of the proprietors of the Large grist Mill on is Orth ninth died Friday after noon of hog the body of Mary Nelson o a daughter of g of was brought to Lebanon on the morning of this Day and buried on marys she was age 3a 8 months and 3 september auctioneer old at the Central on sat Nadav lot Lent the Aldermani cask Case of assault and Battery of Brownsweiger Joseph new settled before Alderman Newman was Given hearing Sif urday afternoon and must pay the p Fauber for William a residing at this time in the fifth caught a Bird which no oae was Able to it had the head and Bill the Wale its feet were Here is something for oar i ers to says the item on the morning of this Day a Large number of Leban orians left for the Cen at the funeral of Josephine Arnold wife of Wiiiam Cornwall town who died thursday of typhoid Toor place on the morning of this and the body was interred on St the barns of Kindig and near were partly i near Loca a Farmer was sowing with a Drill and two storm approached the horses rat afterwards they found either Side of the Fence and the banging on the a Large wind pump on the flir Jacob near was Down and a Large Mckinley pole was Down at the barns of elders and i Bales Amold badge they will on Lake a Fine appearance found a Leb Tor he Western Grant son of wag who paid Hie parents a visit in this left for St his in sunday on saturday Fagner was in receipt of a letter from it which stated that at a Mckivey and in that Civ a Parad i wmd1 people participated that shows which Way blows remarked Wagner hum Imundo Man trmrian s totter just before stepping on the Bonol Bank while going to Bank Friday afternoon to make a Deposit grocer Thomas a Walmer lost a Roll of Bank amount ing to and a Olive of 1316 forge found the Bills at the methodist Church and after waiting almost a half hour accosted who was looking for the Money having found the after proving property he was Given the at the Bolt a nut the paddle and and s Inch Roll ing millat the Pennsylvania Bolt and not works resumed operations this morning after an idleness of several weeks the de operations on san Rob for will have a pole next monday evening Robert proprietor of the Germania Park hotel on canal will raised Mckinley and Hobart pole in front of his arrangements have already been made for the occasion and a band of music will be engaged for the As Well As prominent local speakers who will discuss the issues of the jul be an Episcopalian George son of John the this morning left on the train for where he will enter the episcopal Academy and will study to be a he has been a member of Lukes vested choir this for some where he was one of the Solo Alto spoke at Wen of made an address on sunday at West Lehigh the 155th anniversary of the Jerusalem Church was observed there and Schant gave the Church committed to William who was arrested at Lancaster the other charged with the larceny of a suit of clothes and an umbrella from Peter was Given a hearing before Alderman Booth this who held him on that charge for be taken before Alderman Miller who gave him a hearing on the charge of robbing George Frantz of he was committed to jail for this term of court meetings the Hook and ladder company will hold a regular meeting tonight at 8 o All members who desire or to we daughter of Jacob of North Lebanon the perseverance band had an engagement to play this week in Philadel phia at the Odd Fellows having teen engaged Apollo l o of f of that City they Ware to leave for Philadelphia storm that visited the fiercest this Section of the cd Wuhu i us country probably for passed Over this Slarb snarl pc i Juvers Ana Uio oies a the Vicinity of were con Bly on the barn of Abraham Herr anted by his Christ Green the barn w All the chimneys on the v were blown Down and a Large stack was carried away acid the scattered in All on two Gloninger one John Engle and the other by the barns were partly uru and a Large Windmill was blown lad part of the roof on of Bleistein on Cornwall Pike was torn a number of other buildings damaged wherever the Stoi pm struck it was a ind and the this place companies by the amount of damage done was consider Wanton we Are enable to name the different places where the work of destruction was for a time our streets presented the appear Ance of miniature Trees is and broke off like so Many St Ebnor that he to the fireman convention at Johnstown Are requested to be present and notify the committee Eoas to make arrangements for hotel and other Wheeling chafes Henry and Frank of the Lebanon Cycle Rode to Allen town wheel on they returned Home at Flo log to new of the firm of Stam Baugh will leave tomorrow morning for new York City to Purchase a full line of dress which will be open for inspection the latter part of the mixer do e Althouse and Joen of Rode Arneel to this aty on sunday and took dinner at the once a e h passes in this Bor Ough and throughout the county at an Early and invited All those who were desirous of cultivating their in american Herl of Sale at Deputy sheriff Hank sold the personal property this morning of Holu Uger iat Syner to the execution the sum realized was lost exc Ralon to the the last excursion of the season Ove the lines of the Philadelphia and Bead taken to Lebanon for a Alderman Cummings on Friday even ing gave a hearing to William Gary on a charge of defrauding a he effected a settlement with the prosecutor and the Case was As was stated in the examiner of Friday Gary and wife Are wanted in Lebanon on several the Eureka detective Agency was requested to detain them detective Borger served two warrants for larceny on and one for assault an Battery on Hia the latter had been under but the bail was thrown no by her they were locked up Over and this afternoon detective George Hunter arrived from Lebanon and took the accused to that Lan Caster of Nurvic vol grab term Sztul of and Many of the Public were blockaded sunday Mornia alien Trees and fences that had blown into nor in Manv has disastrous storm Pasahii portions of our in Manv of Orchards most of the apples were from the Jonas Consu of South Lebanon was Wal m Street when the storm and he was blown Over three time for he could get under county who will Dene on the state Ani Tarj Alfred Houck this morning Froia this i Emen rom to 0 Wio have received their members of the state auxiliary com m Froni tha they Are As Schaeffer Fredericksburg Palm Richland Samuel East r Boltz Jamea Kreider and John the appointments were made by chairman of the be pub executive the above named have received their fire in a sex Monalu Chad of Wuu am tvs w no Aoam of Monument saturday received a handsome hand made thread handkerchief from her Soninlaw Charles who at away on her miss Jennie daughter of Elbe Corder John left on saturday to spend her vacation at Lancas Steeton and new Bloom she expects to be gone three Board the Boardo health win Nolda ing Railroad company was held on Sun present is engaged in business in Para Day to Atlantic about 100 people g8t soot this twin Ifni went from this piece of work was made by the Lebanon rolling Mills resumed operations this morning in All depart ments after a Long the ont look for their continued operation looks Thomas Sechrist and mass Ada d both of Heidelberg towns Sov Whf curl work was made by a lady of Paraguay and is prize Terr hah by by la5ies and take an interest in tha kind of say it is the finest handmade work yet w William residing on Inird near Spring was a aged her stove in an Kitchen in some manner became of heated and shortly after flames were v shooting upwards and for a while looked As if a conflagration might ens for and several of neighbors succeeded in the Little damage was done be Ptg a six months old was sitting in the Kitchen at the w slightly burned on the but f bums Are Only took to Nonam of City Harry and formerly landlord of the Alnut Young men have had considerable exp Lenc Ein the hotel busing and will r Joab conduct the hotel on a pay they to Creed George w i conduct ii the place since the de Atli Jehu Lei Dpi Senu William Shine has moved Bis family Ancho Oehoa goods from 1138 Church to on Brand Rine w near with from Ehner who is Ferer and was Bolier on saturday eve of the Krai Ward Beau Xvi became entangled in the arc if to Floeh and t l of Bowman
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