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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - September 17, 1896, Lebanon, Pennsylvania What was wanted of y and slowly the dispatcher ticked bade red 1flntern slowly it but if the tick ing waa the beating of tie heart of the dispatcher must have been fast the boys face lighted in a tangle of enthusiasm lie rattled off this an tumbling his words together in a Way unintelligible to any but a wait ing tear with a smile at the change of events which had arranged it so that 602 would Stop after All and give him a la Lebanon rail re for a mkt a Bly 700 passenger Yective Fie ment looked As sentence was upon attorney of and stood by his the court said the the jewish belief a that on 4he year the books of life and death opened by fire extreme penalty would not be passed people Are arraigned for that the prisoner will lie Hoar in the the indifferent ones he Grants a Boyer fee plaintiff from new years Day to the Day of atonement ten Days called Days of daring these ten a lds i Lebanon Meas joint nay Frederick take 8 1l Ches and the other 8j his judgment in Nelson a in had d in v Capp i Soi oct own Are the clerical members 3xkof Setd Jefferson schools k Edward of Lancaster Mutual Aid Adams Thompson of Eali of Potts Gnu Baltentine and Coke company a inti Owens and Pasco for plaintiff Weidman for de and other members of the boar dare Arthur Lebanon mrs Taylor of Leni Jerger my Josiah this City Archi Bald bog Era and and new Orfo it is expected that a Large delegation of fiends of the Church Home from St Philip Troutman Amanda Meily for Adams for Sallow f v Loles this will be present to take part in the exercises and All vis fiends will be granted the Privi of inspecting the Home and its Beau busses Wilf run from the station to the the liver ant that was her fair and conductor Hubbard afterwards said Ite thought that on the night of september 4 she had carried her full if he had realized what was Back of the innocent query of the substitute operator at Hogarth he would live been a pretty badly frightened even though the event was three Days in the Only Kenneth and the second trick train Dis Patcher knew How close 700 persons had come to death on the night of sep tember a certain boy have had a Remote idea of Bat that is Only a for he was a very stupid Kenneth was on the hog it habitual with his shoes were Bunches of frayed leather his trousers were Greasy and torn his coat was and although he had washed his shirt regularly thrice a week in the Waters of whatever Pond or Creek he chanced to discover in his line of Tran it was an evil looking shirt which did net beget he was unshaved and in general appearance was similar to the accepted idea of a the time had passed Man years Back when he Felt that it was Worth while to Appeal to station agents or operators along the line of his travel for his garb and Guise were not such As to prompt self respecting Teleg Raphers to talk in his behalf to the conductors of freight and so what Progress Westward he made was n tribute to Hie own vigilance and Agil Ity vigilance in detecting just when the brakeman Back was turned and agility in swinging under the cars and upon the and he perfectly and tramp ily Kenneth sauntered up the platform at Hogarth and took a seat on a Box just outside the Stati ii he would have been ordered away had the agent been in the but the agent was not the having been Over by heat at to Mcrea Oclock septem Ber heat is the Moat potent beat in that desert land had been carried up to his House to rage in delirium and per for All the medical attendance a Wyoming settlement could it was his student who eat in flushed importance at the Telegraph table when Kenneth roved up to the window Aurl anchored on the Kenneth had toured that Road until he had a first rate knowledge of the and he knew that if cos was of time she would draw her serpentine length of freight cars up to the Hogarth station about an hour after 1 lad gone whizzing East Ward with her fast email and her sleep it was his purpose to Annex him self to 602 and proceed through the open he studied the he was a very stupid looking and at this time of his superiors disability a very important boy Kenneth estimated his age at 14 or and tried to think How stupendous an opinion he himself Hod had of Himsel when he was a boy of 15 and was left for the first time in charge of an of he listened in a passively inter ested sort of a Way As the Hwy fought on the second wire for 15 minutes in his vigorous purpose to ask the time of a Fra wily even Tho ii the Lic jives it was like old All plug he re Mem do that sort of thing fight fighting Jim their determination to take the wire from anyone else who May desire to use it the train Dis Patcher alone except cd from the list those to be held in the tramp operator wearied at last of the boys smartness on the and leaned Back against the Side of the he bushed to the Chance to mount an end Sill or climb under a Kenneth Rose and walked up the it not a ions plat for the town was but by the time he had reached the end he the Light of 602 swinging into the Only five Miles of straight track on the and he realized that in a few min obeying the command of the red lantern on the she would Stop give him a Chance to get on he turned to look Back at the signal Light and his face took on a Stony Maui of he was to be disappointed the Light was not doubtless the order had again been the language he used was inelegant and the train Drew he could hear tie rapid sound of the locomotives exhaust and there was no Hope of her suddenly a fearful thought come to he remembered he had not seen the boy put out the lamp at what he rushed Back to the window like a wheres your red signal for this train he Stop the train Stop Herl the dispatcher has orders for her very Likely the boy would have told the ragged and dirty tramp to Blind his own but for that allusion to the heaven permitted the fool to have a thought at the right end in an mumbling Way he Eaid he he told me to put the Light and Ive been five minutes trying to put it had to sentenced to four years in the Eastern Penitentiary on the first and the other two charges will be held Over him As surety of the peace cases for his future Good As Garrett was being led Back to the prisoners an unusual scene the convicted assailant saw detective and called to you lied to this created a great stir in the judge Ermen Trout ordered the prisoner again brought before and in severe tones reprimanded Garrett interrupted cant i speak to you the court will not hear if there is to be anything More of this you will receive the full limit of that the court will not tolerate any nonsense of this with a dogged expression on his Garrett was again placed in the and shortly securely hand was returned to prison in the his removal from the Dock was the signal for several Hundred people to Rush from the court room to see him pass through the officer Wartman at the trial yesterday testified that in while on a freight train on the Lebanon Valley he saw Garrett and two others on the train Between sinking Spring and Wernersville that he went up to Gar telling him he was under arrest for illegal car and had a warrant in his pocket charging him with assault and Garrett Drew a re and pointing it at the officer threatened to shoot at the same Ime Garrett commenced getting off the and in doing so fired several shots at nearly hitting the officer returned the shots and Garrett claims he was brakeman both corroborated the officers and said that Garrett had a gun for wart Beilly Eschief of police of was called to prove that Garrett had made threats against wart and that he had shot at the officer with intent to Garrett testified that lie had permission to that Wartman came up to said he would arrest and made a grab at him with if they remain impenitent their names Are written in the Book of according to the jews is that if during the ten Days of penitence his Good deeds outweigh his evil deeds he is certain to have his name written in the Book of As no one can be certain whether he has been ranked with the the wicked or the there is during this period much prayer to god for the forgive Ness of sins and that their names May c written in the Book of 0 this Day the most bitter enemies became reconciled so that reconciliation May be counted an atonement on their this Day was ordained by god a time when the High priest was to make an atonement for the sins of the the jews at the present Day having no High say every Mai is his own High priest and atones of himself and prayers and alms Givi Zigare features of the atonement ceremonies Are observed which Are substitutes for the original ceremonies of the every sincere jew looks Forward to this Day with extreme interest and the Observance is perhaps More general than is accorded to any other Dav in the jewish another club the Republican of Jonestown form an the Republican voters of Jonestown the Handcuffs Garrett pushed the officer when Wartman reached for his pulled it out and shot him Gar rett in the and then through the he said he did not try to shoot the Case was strongly fought by George son of congressman of Woomer is a prominent member of the Lebanon and made a forcible and eloquent speech before the times of take it apart Afore i could blow it and now it smokes like All there was no time for him to com plete his for Kenneth through the window now and had the red office Flag in his he seized the Hall lamp from the Telegraph and with the flog folded about the Chimney to give the Crimson Hue of danger he rushed to the the improvised red signal sending Ita dim message of warning weakly Down the track toward the thundering engine of now scarcely 50 Yards but it answered its although the trains momentum carried it for past the she came Back in response to that Well known the kids red Light blew out and i had to help him fake one said Kenneth to the and then he sat Down to take the pushing the boy aside As though he were not to be matrimonial col hear your is go ing to get judge he is about to become a Benedict Why dont you make him wait until he is older and gets More sense Humph if he should get sensible spell he would not marry at Texas Bow won i cannot live without her i the Young mans brow was thought big trotting event will take place on september on Samuel Phillips Charles Roatz has completed arrange ments for holding a trotting contest on tuesday september on Samuel Phillips in South Lebanon about four Miles East of Leba there have been races held in the county for Many and the Opportunity offered on this occasion to wit Ness a test of Speed Between some of the fastest Trotters in the county should be the Means of attracting a Large Yontz says that if he receives the station listening to the clamor of the dispatcher to reports and other minute of running trains by in the course of time he Learned a thin which caused him to curse his Luck and look upon himself As one for by attend ing the Racket of the dispatchers line he found tace passenger and instead of meeting her it the station Cost of where the tramp operator was the fast had been Given permission to go As far the station next West of for the 1 had been warned in due time of the the Fust freight had been out of Rosalie ten minutes and was fast approaching Hogarth when Kenneth heard the Man at Humboldt telling the dispatcher that having made up 15 minutes of her time and being now but 45 minutes desired to proceed in eastward to Hogarth for the meet rather than risk having to wait at the order was promptly for express trains Are things which must be Humoured by train Dis of made it peremptory to Stop 602 at Hogarth and her a revised order in conformity with that now held by the conductor of it was easy All that was needed was to Call up the operator at Hogarth and Tell him to display his red signal and Stop the approaching freight Kenneth understood what was to you cannot tramp Over a transcontinental line for a month with out acquiring a thorough knowledge of if you be an Kenneth was acquainted with the significance of the various numeral signals which the dispatchers used so is to economize on was tiie warning to make ready to receive a train 11 meant for the operator to repeat what he Hod received and so and so when the dispatcher called upon the Bov at Hogarth and sad 36 the shabby of the Morse was aware that what was wanted was the display of the red signal and the consequent holding of 602 for revised to the boy did not make the 37 which would he the Short Way of say ing i have Hung out my red signal will hold 602 for scratched his head in a puzzled and after a moment telegraphed Back to the loan who had directed Hiya Hows that what do you mean it is very Likely that at any he went As he toyed mechanically with the package of unpaid i see no other method at that night he town top he Walter the humorous clergy was one Day to a brother of the cloth a facetious manner raid i after All has been that my head could hold two of replied with a Pawvk i never thought before that your Heid was sae better miss bid Lebanks of Philadelphia a glorious thing to think that ones ancestors never worked for a Liv Houseton Bleeker of new Tork what a still More glorious thin0 to think that a fellow do thave to Orl for living you City Chat a Plankington my husband would Only Stop playing poker i could have a new Bonnet like he had stopped playing with my husband before they began the last Yon might have had City Chat he found an Are Jim and All you need is exer you should walk Miles p Dayi but your walking should have an object ill travel around trying to borrow enough Money to pay your and Bow legged Sll Leigh he want so whats tie matter been courting Mlaka for three and Ahe weighs sop Bonds of i shall Las you dreadfully when you go away for the will dear there int another woman in our set who has your facility Tot pick ing up Roper Incon argement this time he will old other John Adam Funck and John of this have been selected As the and the trotting will commence at 2 an admission of 25 cents will be and the Street railway will sell tickets for 50 which includes Street railway fare from this bus and admission to the the following Well known horses have been entered and will be trotted to harness the Best three out of five 3 minute purse Bobert Ned Harry Bertha tree for county it use g4 Minnie Franklin Tours to the sooth la Pennsylvania Ball two very attractive Early autumn Tours Are offered by the Pennsylvania leaving new York and Phila Delphia september 29 and october after the experience of the past few years it is hardly to say that these outings Are planned with the utmost suffice it to say that Allar Rani the place to the Tours each cover a period of ten and include the Battlefield of Borough and Vicinity met in the vacant school room of the Public school build ing and organized a Mckinley and of the meeting was called to order by c Eshelman and Adam members of the county who stated tie object of the after which Woelfly was elected temporary chair and after a few remarks by a permanent organization was effected by electing presi Dent j4 Secretary and Hen Man the different committees were appointed to report at a special meeting to be held on Friday about 75 members were enrolled and it is expected and believed that by the next meet in several Hundred will have been enrolled considerable interest is taken in the new organization by both old and Youn voters of that Savilia Smith it Al executors the City of Capp a Sohock for Fisher for de Savilia Smith it Al executors the City of Capp Sohock for plaintiff Fisher for Woomer George Stan Woomer for Houck for Samuel Fox John Keiser for Capp Schock for Henry Kleiser and wit Benson Beinhard for App Schook for defendant Capp Schock for Lantz for defend stricken with the Harrisburg Sta Independent tuesday evening Arin depend says o and brother Ana Trotner o Wem of 410 North second Stree late editor of tha through this City today o us Way to where he expects to make his recently h was stricken with from wind he is suffering very shot a Bald Fred of on tues Day noon shot a Bald Eagle while on the which measures five High inches across the wings from tip to tip the Bird was shot near the Bridge Cross ing the Swatara at in the right Wing and is still Enis was accompanied by Oliver John Ttorp and Irvin violated the chief of police Stine wednesday arrested Elaine charged with Riding a bicycle on the thereby Vio lating a City he was Given a hearing before mayor who after giving him charged a severe reprimand die anybody caught violating this act in the future will be compelled to pay the returning from beb Ecra wife of Eli at of 49 Cumberland this City and miss who were visiting her James at near for the Mients Are so adjusted As to afford Means of visiting each Lebest past five journey Home next have begun their they Are expected Pauls reformed Church and Derr for Woomer for John Albert John Funck and Zerbe for Ulrich and Derr Tor Frank Dombach Diamond coun cil Reinoehl for Plain Miller Boltz David exe Benson for Jerr for Monroe Boyer William Sholly Capp Schock for Benson for Cyrus Wolf Henry Adams for Weirick for Jacob traverse of Adams for be Herd and Keiser for Morris Mease Grant tres Derr for shirk for defendant Aaron Bank Daniel Capp Schook for for at hymns Louis of this and miss Sophie of were married on september at the brides rabbi Samuel Happy two brother unknown to each other concluded to Surprise their the feeling to visit the loved ones at Home and the scenes of childhood and youth is Ever present with who have in the course of their business gone away among the Force of this cannot be understood or appreciated by any so Well As parents who yearn for the presence of children on whom they have lavished Loving and tender to whom Success in lifes Battle comes As the re Ward of duty Well a Happy coincidence of this Home love taking Possession of two persons in Dis Tant parts of the country at the same time was the arrival within fire hours of each other of the two sons of b Wagner on neither knew of the others nor did the doctor expect either of both wanted to Surprise their parents imagine the Surprise of the doctor when at 1 o clock his Grant of stepped into his time passes quickly at such a meeting and while father and son were talking of the occurrences during the years which intervened since their last the door suddenly opened and there stood the other of the arrival of the first son was a but when the other came also the cup of happiness was indeed full and today in spite of this dreary rain there is a very Joy reunited family in the Home of and wag on Chestnut Street had a serious Pink pm route Jentle laxative in keeping the Bowel restores the digestive in the nervous makes be Rich to one treatise and Sample free at any store by wit for Sale by Geo and Frank Atkins Antn Reite Coal used clean line and do effect May tbatn3 leave via hmm it m or new via wee for brother of the was Best and miss Fannie Grumbacher at tended her sister As the los hoi the roundtrip picturesque Blue Luray Basic the natural Grottoes of the the cities of Richmond and and including All necessary is from new from and proportionate rates from other each tour will be in charge of one of the company tourist he will be assisted by an experienced lady As whose Especial charge be ladies unaccompanied by male special trains of parlor cars Are provided for the exclusive use of each part in which the entire round trip from new York is for detailed itinerary apply to ticket agents or to tourist 1196 Broad new or Boom Broad Street shipment of Hopper the Lebanon manufacturing company wednesday shipped 8 Hopper cars to the Philadelphia heading Railroad company and will ship 10 making the total shipment of 256 it is expected the remaining 244 cars will be finished in about six passed through wednesday a number of veterans from Allentown and beading a through this City on the their Way to the annual reunion of the 128th and 130th Pennsylvania regiments which was held today at Antietam Battle Field in connection with the dedication of the Moln ment to the Pennsylvania to meeting the executive and finance committees of the North Side Benu lican club which were to have met tuesday did not hold a meeting but instead met wednesday an important meet ing will be held in the North ninth Street Market House on Friday preparing for a Charles of the Keystone Pun is arranging for a big live Pigeon which will be held on october 10 at Avon All kinds of matches Wili be shot and purses will be awarded the winners of each at least 500 pigeons will be liberated during the shoot a the Home of Samuel Gram 309 East state looked exceedingly pretty last when his miss was married to Louis of Penn the marriage was solemnized at rabbi Gabriel the who is an exceedingly Retty was charmingly attired u White Fallino silk with Diamond Orna an elaborate banquet was prepared by Thomas Hill am music was furnished by an entire room was filled with the resent sent by the Many friends o be Young More than a score of telegraphic Rran Latorya messages were Reoe Ivec rom friends afar who had been invitee o the last saturday Harry of and miss Edith Ger of near the same were United in marriage by Al Aldermani two charges Jacob of this was arrested on tuesday by Constable Sattazahn on the charges of assault and Battery and surety of the preferred by his Elizabeth bail was Given in both the former for a hearing Friday afternoon and the latter for court before Alderman alleged disorderly Kate bord was arrested tuesday after no to by Constable Yost on the charge of keeping a disorderly House in Union Alderman Gerberich held her in Frederick Haddon makes a misstep and is serious try Frederick of Rebstock proprietors of the Lebanon steam about 1 Oclock Turs Dav afternoon had a fall by which he was Genously he had just left his on North tenth Street near Willow d was on his Way to the taking a Short Cut to the rear of his residence be made a misstep or in some Way slipped and badly bruising his face and hurting himself in he was walking along where an Annex of the High school is being built and no doubt the which Are nearly Are Slippery on account of the he carried an umbrella in one hand and a trap with two rats in it in the other for the dog to kill at the a reporter called at his residence at 3 Oclock in the afternoon and from his wife Learned that his condition was not any Guilford is attend my gave them a Charles Jenkins arrested tuesday morning and confined la 128 for fool Fulg its a tiny set for ims on and Attar mat w1b leave Lebanon As coir l leave Lebanon at t arrive at Phil it Tab this close connect i t m for via m6 winning a every rider wants to every Winner wants to win those who ride our Cleveland will be Able to Load All the Iii the pacemaker that enjoys the sport those who ride our wheels can set a Pace which gives others a hard struggle to write for catalogue and prices Frank 424 North third trains leave new Fork via of and Al Bjo i xxx leave new York via and Allen my 8oo leavened York via Philadel weekday lao leave 1m6 of 73 Sunda i leave san to ims i leave Lebanon 15 Arelva k c pm 1j close connect Lou at Harshb i arrive at con Ai Nabar leave Lebanon arrive or Lancaster Psi new York Qeni 1c genl weekday to the Young face to the renewed try at 5 Betm Nanc to Aloysins of 390 North Partridge left on his return to St marys near to resume his James Mona Han and Seubert have gone to St Vincents near this stole the Ether Day a sneak thief gained an Entrance into the bedroom of Frank 1225 forge and stole a new suit of underwear and a be longing to Cyrus and a bicycle belonging to Frank brought Home miss Annie daughter of Peter employed i Strawbridge clothiers in arrived Here this morning very it she is staying with 806 Locust her painting Sou or America Han a Ninaber of workingmen Are engaged today in painting the fan on the roof of sons of America building with a Bright red unable to miss Bertha daughter of sex mayor John teacher in one of the schools in the Harrison is unable to teach at present on account of with which she is confined to the her Many friends Hope for a speedy state shoot at the annual state shoot of Pigeon shots will be held september and october 1 and at Lebanon will not be represented in any of the matches but quite a number of shots will attend from this Enta Iba Atai son of William Christ North ninth has entered the Job anon business where he will take a thorough course in bet nud from misses Fannie and Ann of returned Home late tues Day afternoon from they spent a year and three months in where Ann jct unlined for the Board of medical pension examiners met on wednesday at the United states hotel and examined eight applicants for Biever and Lineaweaver conducted the exam bail for a hearing on Constable John soon made the assault and Constable Sattezahn tuesday arrested Albert of Jackson town charged by Lewis Reich with As Sault and he entered bail before Alderman Miller for a hear ing this afternoon at 2 Case the Case of Commonwealth Laura Smith was settled before Alderman Booth charged with Constable Hunter tuesday evening at about 5 Oclock arrested John of charged by Sarah Smitn with the embezzlement of As guardian of her minor he was committed to jail in default of for a hearing before Alderman Booth on Friday after at gives a Charles charged with the Lar Centof Rollof goods from Peter Sandos dry goods on oath of chief of police and with assault and Battery upon Bobert was Given a hearing wednesday before Alderman who held him in default of in the first Case and in the latter for John the last sad services Over the remains of John Nagle were held wednesday morning in marys Church by father Adam the funeral was held from the Home of his Harry 366 North fifth Street inter ment was made at marys funeral director Thompson was in i fast a Nix the funeral of the child of and residing in Union near sixth was held wednesday noon and interment was made at Belle funeral director Thomp son was i favored if Lih miss Painter and of Bead who Are visiting 634 Charles Jenkins was arrested Oclock tuesday morning by chief of police Stine on a warrant sworn out by Alder Man charged with the larceny of a Roll of goods from Peter Sandos on Cumberland and in default of he was committed to jail for a hear ing tomorrow at 10 on monday evening he gave officer Brandt several Long chases and kept the officers searching for him All night How this morning chief Stine located him in the livery stable of Harry Lau he was also committed in default of bail for a hearing at the same Eha Reed by Bobert Boyer with assault and will Damp in West the Well known to will go to to join a camping party of Lebanon including his Casper Shaak and and Benson All of and of the Camp will be named Camp after who is president of the Farmers Bank of the party passed through Here this and will be away for a couple of weeks fish ing and Waxon party to Wagon party consisting of a number of ladies and gentlemen left the residence of miss Katie canal Mon Day evening where a sup per was enjoyed at the Franklin of which Martin formerly of this is and the evening was spent with music and they were conveyed there in one of Simon Berneys two horse busses and returned to this City in the wee sea hours of the if your or Bun ions Are an easy shoo made to order by David 720 c m Norland of shoe and Gaiter uppers also in Luther i Kaui Ach Hugli Grade no gun is i Buttle on the Flag of the bed Cross All Over the world it Caus mercy and in a lesser docs the bed Cross on Johnsons Belladonna and it also Means that this used and endorsed by the is Superior to All try it for every ailment in which plasters Are Johnson manufacturing new repairs made wheels and All kinds Farmers Ria Chinery such As threshing we Are prepared to do any repair work at Short Kalbach factory third and Cumberland streets have Tiu got two handsome George of the Eagle Marble and has just finished a handsome dark Barre Sar Copha which will be placed on St marys Catholic cemetery in memory of the late of this he is at present making a Beautiful Granite Headstone in memory of the Hue John which will be placed on my Lebanon b oddred Ami for Deputy recorder Lemay tues Day received the transcripts of 21 from aldermen and justices of the peace for trial at september the num Ber of cases already received is 90 Ami will reach thus exceeding All other heretofore 93 cases was regarded As the High water Mark which was reached in not one part part of hires Root Beer tends toward making it the perfect Temperance and health giving gear by the cd to b your wheel if get it at it can be placed on any old wheel and we make it a specially to put the gear on our new if wanted you can change the gear with a lever in a second to make Hill climbing for Sale David Brightbill to become club Thomas of and Edward have declared their intention to become of the rank the hair Balsam Fifiel flu Btte Lut Baton am the bicycle forge and Willow it Klc Batna tag Almli the pills Tia of Lac do Yon want a Subir option to the of i yearly n at Jena bight now while the great summer Sale of Gold is sent to Vitore in the Dean Safo Batem of Ipen Over 3do Jot per that the buying Public look Oor offering of the year All not Mer footwear reduced to Cost and Bend the accompanied the sad year name on the Haj Walnut were tendered a de got Peter of has declared Jacob who for the past two his intention to become a citizen of the months has been visiting in Levi aged 77 who is Arion quartet and after the parts of retained Home tuesday charming a elections they where a pleasant evening highly delighted with his trip to the county Ahn Ahouee by Jud Raman

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