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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Sep 17 1896, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - September 17, 1896, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Twice a monday and to today per year monday per volume Price a year or hut pm ant in Rossel Schlong Het in is Zeok Sei Kum Nule Lien Oiin Iron Elgera in sin Googer fur tier Der hot Sei Aceie he is a red Man but he Mart have had a terrible Peiperl ence before he attained tie the Steelton bed men evidently know the proper Way to discover whether a Pale face wishing to join their ranks is possessed of the necessary amount of grit and bravery required to make a Good Indian oat of according to the Fol lowing item by the Steelton correspond ent in today Harrisburg Call they scalped him with a they Tom hawked Nis nose the moccasins they made him Wear brought blood from All Bis they whooped until his ear drams Are a selves any then squeezed him i a Blanket and made Hie body they rolled him twist two Grindstone and stretched him ten feet then pressed him Down like Abuck of the Church will con Vene next wednesday our in the at by shop Castle Toul Pren Ledeit a Fol be id session until the following ministers of this City will Large attendance next wednesday the East German annual conference will Convene in the at and remain Hickey ask 1 of Der Anneyre Seit pm j mister bucker for Altes hut Raer ols Kahrt foil Leit de hex udder Bonne Hen Kenna Unes War gala wet Dos so Leit Ibre Kim Btler Eie Aga Driva Hen Dorch Iler Alt Kerl mite Longe Schons in Nau in Dena Letschka Zeita Baert Mer Fiel fun was Sie hypnotism in Mann Das Hypnotise Kann laight iian on Nerer Mann Sei Scharn in Nocht Paw Moscheni in Dann dust i Zimlich Wanner Ihn Amol so Weil hut Kanner Ibn Mahnich Eppes do mocha Dos or Boveva Ich Hob even do Nei Lien Sahne Das san hypnotised in on Nerer Mann Schlon hut moche in hut Ibn Derno in in Law in hut Ihn Fer grave for in Pahr Dann hut or Ihn Widder Rausei Rawnye in Zuten Fer so Bond Dps is Ufko hrs Schier Gar net Over Sie Sage a is Wallich so Elieh woche Zurick is de do in nose re Valley Das Mer Schier net Glaive in Doch Sie Mer saw a doses Wohr Wie is so being sin it lice Yunge Karls Fon Fil Delfy Ruf Kumme in Weil do in Barg Zug Ahner Den Sie Billy Ghause Hen hut Sich orig Farch Twohig a Dawg is Der Billy in Noch Ahner Range for Wasser Hulle on Der Der Billy War Bir Firsich in lust Bitch univ Verm Lafe is Ihm in Grosse Rosee Schlong Zwi Schich Der Bah Dorch or hut grand mar Derlich Gaji Rischa de Schlong but Mich of was Sull Ich Dull Fiji Komrad but Ihm Dopper Zurick Wolfi on Ile Zeit we de Tonnera Ware in hut Ina Feria hot was is Geveva Eswaren Kwart Drain us Der wage in Sie Hen pm Billy Csc wind Dafun i user Duckter in Der Valley War Fon name under Nai Gacht War welf Meil eni Freind Ben Over Gschwind in Goul Gricet in Ahner h for Der Duckter in de Onnerem Hen Ihm Unnica Darer Zeit but pm Billy Sei Fusun Derno Sei Bah a Hance Ufa Schwelle uner is a Scala Fericy Worre for gift Fon Der Sie Hen Ihm ols Nuch Inah Drom Eig chit in Hen Ihn rum Fiert so Dos or net Over or hot Schier Nimme Lafe Endlich Hen Sei term Alfange Zug Schwella under Billy is Blob Worre in Sicht uner hut Nimme laut Schwetzke Deweil Daser Dort glance hut is Der Duckter Kumma in but Gfrost which Emsie Hen Ihm cwt Wie Fiel Drom Dos Sie Ihm i Gavva or hut Derno Schun about in Kwart Gad Runka Kotun is hut Ihu Gar net effect Der Duckter hut a sat Der Hent Recht Paduh in Bis a gut Das Der Ihu Wocker Gap Olta son scat Waer or Nimme Derno hot Der Duckter Der fus exam hit in hut gut Sahne Kenna we de Schlong Ihn Csc Boche Weiles War Gons purple drum Wie Der Duckter Nacher gain Cut hut hut or Eppes Keahne in Der bout in hut Enzenga Gricet in Dann hut or Fer Boft Ichen Dorn son scat Iver dem is Der Billy eiga Schlofer under Dyckter hut Ihna is act Dos Bis Nior Irya i Frieb Waer a Widder Oil was War Nan Letz Dent Abr Der Duckter hot explained Dos Mit dem Dos Der Billy Sich so orig Farcht hut Wabich we or in Belli Dorn Ladrette is enter Kahnt de Schlong Het Ibn gab Issa in sell Sei mind an Mit dem Dos Sei Freind so Fersch Rocke Ware huts ols Nuch Schlimmer Omacht in sell War Der wage Dos Der Billy to of Gloffke in so Bloh Worre is in Sicht a mus son Art Here Frei a West Enni Han Ich banns net Ferscht in banns a Kann Epper they puffed his tortured body with a air worked by to the size of a then pressed him Down round his body then they bound a spheroid made of and squeezed him Down Moat cruel to the contour of a he then became insensible an cannot now recall when or where he found himself outside that Council he is now a red having walked the in session until the sunday a Bishop who is the pre siding Bishop a the East this will be present and the week Fol lowing he will hold the East Pennsyl the United a Young Man called at our office a few Days ago and showed us a work which is being introduced in this with a request that we examine we Are in a position every Day to judge of books ind Reading but we consider this entitled handbook of the United the Best of the kind every iss Nad from the press it is not a but a description of our country As it is result of four centuries of history deals with the while this Deala with the present we have never before seen anything like or its equal in Quality of paper or character of illustrations for the Price asked for every family needs such a and every Young and woman ought to possess a we have ordered a copy for and we would be glad to know that every person in the county who is trying to improve or the minds of his had done the Leaf trip for two Early tuesday morning George suavely and Bock started away from the Stone Yard of Bock with a Load of Stone for near but they did not return Home until 5 Oclock next at Brownstone Thev stuck fast with their Load and they were obliged to unload part before the horses could pull the Wagon in this Way they were detained a Long which accounted for their prolonged taken to John who for some time has been running a photograph gallery on North ninth opposite the Hartman and who was arrested Here by chief Stine on charged with having jumped a Board Bill amount ing to at was taken to Lewistwn on the train on tues Day where he will have to answer the Alderman Booth endorsed the warrant Vania annual the members of the at Are making extensive preparations for the this being the first time it has Ever been held and very interesting sessions Are sex the attendance will be As the trolley cars Stop right at the people from this Ann Myerstown and surrounding coun try will on september Bishop Castle will preach m the Avon Church and the choir bus been Dirac timing several appropriate and Beautiful anthems for the the singing during con Ference will be a special the ministers of this City who Are members of the conference Are presiding elders Blecker and next sunday von Nieda and Hock will preach their fare Well sermons in the irrespective it is said that v owing to ill will withdraw from the Active ministry for a year or two and will reside at he has been an faithful and hard working pastor while in this cite and under his Able pastorate Salem Church has prospered it is therefore to be expected that this Church will have a new pastor appointed by the whether any other changes will be made in this City cannot be known until after the report of the stationing com Init tee of Ham Hammer while thresh last for some reason the horse took fright and made to much Power that the Cylinder hurling the pieces in All no one was Hart in the Sarah of who had been visiting friends and rela Tives in this left for Home on wednesday John residing near Meyers meeting is suffering from a severe stroke of his right Arm and also his leg Are our schools will open on sep tember for a six months Rehrersburg in Trexler held ser vices in the Union Church in German on sunday he will wife brute the lords supper Here on to health of octo Hamerand of washing spent a few Days in town on a visit to Friend Samuel clerk in Longs store far the last few and secured work in Lebanon it Hie for Mer Cabinet making and under Hibschman is filling the position at Wagner left town to take charge of his school in Heidelberg Thich will begin next will leave in a few y8 of his school at the Farmers Are All Busy at present in Brecknock ii l Wincn will a non in attn Riata some Are cutting off their Corn while others Are preparing their land to sow their Harvey Miller took in the sights of Atlantic City on it is rumoured that a wedding will take place near this Village in the near boys do not delay la get the band instruments in shape so you Are ready for the Hunsiker showed a Bunch of Rice to your correspondent which was Bent him from the Rice Fields of it is quite a curiosity to see How the Rice and How much work it requires until the Rice is fit for the funeral of miss Kate who died at the residence of John on will be held on interment in Kuoppa Union Church Cem she was in her 8gth and had been engaged in weaving carpets for a number of a geez will and Isaac Kittle son will have charge of the daring tuesday Forenoon the rain fell in quickly succeeding owing to drought the Earth was not deeply soak but Benefit came 10 late Springs and Farmers can now plow to e there Are now signs for More rain and a seeding time advances Farmers Are anxious far plenteous had he head Cut John of was employed alone at the Phoenix Colliery at pime repairs in a breast at quitting time Devers was found cold in death with his Bead almost severed from the it is believed that the Accident occurred by a fall of top he was married and about 32 years of age am was a brother of the inside p of that Stu Leav i for miss Mollie who has been the summer with her sister 818 Lehman Oday left Lor her at Clearfield she is daughter of a methodist episcopal and during her stay Here made Many warm arrived trom and Homer of arrived in this City on the train this afternoon by Way of new during their stay in this City they will be the guests of the for mers Alderman ninth and Guilford fell Orer in the the Black Mare owned by of 742 Cumberland fell Over in the shafts wednesday while standing at the physicians the fall is assigned to an ugly Gutter and no damage was although it was found difficult to release the animal from its net Ferl Cicet Wunschl de sch tory is Mer Feria hot Worre ols Wohr Over Ich Kann Sie Schier Gar net Gla Vej Wos Dent Dir Damon Dek Alt Bardley a in his letter to governor Hastings pro testing against a Pardon being granted to John former Bank examiner William Drew said that Bardley systematically and surreptitiously plundered the Keystone and that be bad farther robbed it of on a false and fraudulent claim of an indebtedness to him by the full Anc Complete proof of the utterly of Randlen nature of this Drew was in the Possession of the government but it was not Hastings has no yet signed the Pardon papers for will be on saturday afternoon at Oclock the new school recently but in will be dedicated and a program of interesting exercises has been arranged for the which promises to be an elaborate Henry Houck has been invited to fell in wife of policeman 57s Walnut on tuesday while walking Down throne her had her one foot caught in a Rotten piece of Board causing her to get a severe her knee and injuring herself above the is getting Large contract at Christ Frick has a Large Force of men at present working at where he is laying feet of Cement pavement in front of Henry Marks Frick has already shipped five car loads of material there for that fell and broke Throe John insurance sat urday night fell and broke three Shetter was in his office All Day and while walking across the room stumbled and sustained the he is con fined to his bed and experiences consid Erable in session ate Aston Synod of East Pennsylvania assembled in that City the East Pennsylvania Synod of the evangelical lutheran with which the lutheran churches of this cite Are assembled wednesday at in annual the counties included within the territorial limits of the Synod Are North Philadelphia and eight two pastorate and communicant members will be represented at the Synod by 100 ministerial and eighty two Lay the following Are the officers of the Synod and of Al the first session of the Synod was held wednesday at which the registration of the delegates will take and the annual Sermon of the pres ident will be the sen ices of the following evenings will be devoted to the educational and missionary work of the while at the morning and afternoon sessions the routine easiness of the Synod will be this morn ing a session was held for organization and for the election of the 22d inst will be the probable Date of of president of i of Allen Morrus Meek Eli Morris residing at eleventh and Lehman who was so terribly injured several weeks ago in a runaway is recovering from his injuries rapidly and it is soon be Able to leave his along extending the water water superintendent Sherk this morning had a Force of men employed laying line of pipe on East Lehman Between first and third for the purpose of extending the City water Mains in that picnic at the annual picnic of Hoke meeting which was to have been held two weeks ago in Zinne but was will be held on will be furnished by the Bismarck Large Blowout Nanc Mary of Derry has a Lantana sower Plant in her Vard which at present bears 654 Flowers on it it is a very pretty sight and Many per sons have visited the place to see and Admire Coful Tunc the state Hennry chairman John Fertig went to Philadelphia on wednesday to Confer with state chairman Elkins As to the manner of conducting the presidential defends Zerbe says they vote intelligently and the Philadelphia press of yesterday contained the following from the pen of our Charles Esq to the editor of the press isto be regretted that the writer of the interesting article in the sunday press of the 15th on the repeats the stale joke on the Berks county that they Are still voting for Andrew applied it to the disk Ard Farmers of Lancaster who Are nearly All republicans if there is a class of people in this country who know when and How to and to vote intelligently and con the Dinka ads or German baptists constitute that with nem voting is a serious end solemn and the party who seeks their support at polls must come with clean an unstained record and sound political were All our people equally careful in exercising the of suffrage the future safety of he Republic would be tout we had a very refreshing hoping to have More Ere Adam Boltz and of East Han called on the family of Amos Frank quite Jones preached his fare Well services in the b Church on Sun Day most of the members of the Church would like to see if con Ference would again station him on this circuit for another Levi of East a stroller in town last it is rumoured that Morris Kleinfelter and wife expect to move to the place that was vacated by Oscar and who became a Happy Man and wife sometime left last monday on an extended they expect to spend a two weeks visiting relatives and friends at Marysville and other let this be a pleasant trip for the Happy Young couple and when they return May the successful pedagogue enter his duties with great Zeal and Eli Bowman and of paid a visit to the tatters last Edwin our expert Cobbler and is kept very Busy at he will make a neat and lasting shoe for a Small sum of give him a Henry of Zions Viti cd his family last Nettie of was the guest of the family of Joseph Bordle miss Anna who i employed As a school teacher at paid her parents a visit last Moyer and family visited his of on miss Laura of visited some of her friends in Aaron Hosteller reported that he has Corn stalks which measure 14 feet which will open on miss Cora Swope Leit for where she has taken charge of the school she bad Isaac of Green was Here visiting his Mary who is in a very critical con is confined for the last six weeks with a broken besides a great sufferer with two Large festering car j bundles on her she resides with her Frank James wife and of can Are Here visiting the formers Harry of was visiting mrs Sarah Sebastian is confined with a complication of diseases and is be fast Tryon is the attending phys the Cornet band of Fritztown had a very successful picnic in keepers near last Many people were in attendance from a Schanc furnished the Snyder and of were the guests of Karr and wife for several John Brobst and wife Anil Charles both of and Brobst and of Ash who were Here on a visit fur a few left for their respective Homes Miller and Frank Rhine Are engaged in painting the Brick House of Hetty in Kurr and were in who was Here on visit for Sime left for where he secured employment with his Brobst Selma widow of the late ice Cream at oar pm Binning is Changet now to oys 1 and and Samuel Bowman spent last Friday at evil lab suavely were the delegates to the democratic convention held a Lebanon on Hiss Emma of it who spent a ten Days vacation with her returned to her duties on Hiram Landi Stana of Humm sle visited Lesher on Catherine of the East who was very the Miller Organ of placed an Organ in the no 1 school to be used by the and Brandt on san Day tendered a reception to their friends in Honor of the weddings of Thenson to Mies Amanda Grady and their to Harrison miss Kate of who spent several weeks with the family of left for Home on and of Derry placed a Nice atone walk and Steps in position at the residence of citizens interested in an entirely new sob eke Tioff of a 8xlk to manna Etnyre of slut it will Gate to a Large a number of people important meeting jaad wednesday from present indications our enter neighbouring dog will have a successful silk Mill an Industry which will Ive employment to Many persons of that place and will be of great Benefit to it in various Republican by 5o000 Mana Gate acne Larzett majority la the the Maine followed the example of Vermont and a flared for the Republican ticket largest majority in her according u the latest the plurality for pow in for governor will be Over and probably in toe Nelign boyhood of Thomas Reed to reelected to the House by Over tha re turns show majority of about for Dong Lay in the Sorond Over for Mulliken in the third District and practically the same for Boutelle in the fourth District Large crowd present at Heilig speeches Webb by men Only Henry Honek commissioner Henry of 1 City held up the other in the presence of about 600 Cit Hen North and South Annville Tow a Michael Moyer on auctioneer for held Public Sale of Wood in Hiram new Ards be army pleasant Amos who manages Swopes Branch was unfortunate a returning Home from work on Ning h while driving along the sekt correspond Lent was not Able to gather enough news last week to everything being quiet in our All the schools of this place were opened on september the attendance is Goon forthe first week and it seems the people try to come up to the requirements of the compulsory school drove to Fitzgerald and Mark drove to Bellegrove wednesday and spent the Day the guests of Back from Tkel wedding dentist vane stuffer and Bride re turned from their wedding trip and have taken a their residence with his and Harry 25 North sixth Wolf Lack will Charles has been re Quested to address the first Ward a pub he has accepted and will speak at the Friday evening meeting of the Arnica the but Salvo in the world for o fever is guaranteed to give perfect Mey Price 25 Cento per by Boas a Edith Edith the six month old daughter of and Jacob Olcorn died on sunday at her Home of summer complaint the funeral will be held on at Veronica Veronica aged almost 60 died monday about 11 she had resided with Malinda at 251 South eighth and led an exemplary Christian being a regular attendant at the Union House of besides the sister one Solomon of the funeral will be held on thursday morning at the by interment at where deceased formerly re hic wife of Isaac residing at gravel Northeast of died sunday she was aged s years and is survived by a three sons and two interment will take place at Ebenezer Catharine Catharine wife of Isaac of gravel who died monday was aged 70 she was devoted a Loving Good neighbor and highly and Long moved on the farm at gravel Hill 42 years ago and resided there deceased leaves a sorrowing husband and the following children at Sonny Side near and John at the old Homestead Eliza Beth Heilman and Amanda Light the funeral will be held on Friday morn ing at 9 Oclock at the services and interment at the Ebenezer b of which deceased bad been a East Binl Difatt the infant child of and of it died wednesday of stun Ner complaint Bea Erml of pension Edwin of been granted a renewal of his pen the underwear factory started on Jlon after having been Idle for some the of this had two men who solved the mysteries of the order on Friday the order is steadily increasing and has now a membership of Over John Staeger has Laid off ground for the erection of a new three Story build third Story will be occupied by the american the second will be a Hall for general purposes and the first will be used As a Cigar the Avon Excelsior literary society will open Friday september All members Are requested to be present and a general invitation is Given to All lovers of education to your correspondent will from now on try and report aged 81 an old citizen of died on wednesday evening and was buried at Walmers Church cemetery on saturday at 2 Small Gerhart had charge of the owner of the Strouse is having it which gives it a very Fine Frank Strouse has the contract Miller was in town this Mary of your was a visitor Here on tuesday and Ephraim Gettel and Bride were the guests of his Jacob Gettel and on sunday miss Susan Urich visited her near on the wife and daughters of Heilman visited the family of a brother of at Heil Solomon Boeshore new Bouse makes a Fine Benneville will have Public Sale of her real near on september Albert Schubart and his were in Gettysburg on Jacob Shaffor is building a new House on his premises near John Kline and Adam Long Are constructing the masonry and John Degler is master Moyer and Are constructing a Large Wagon shed with two Corn cribs attached for the Ziegler Samuel of Here visiting his who is still Farmers rejoice Lor the Welcome and refreshing rain the Are Able proceed with their blowing and Bethel one of the largest townships in Berks lies in the Northwestern Corner of the county was settled As Early As 1733 by the it so named after a place in it reveals religions senti ments of first named after Bethel the Blue Mountain forms its Northern from which several peaks project one of the most noted is round about two Miles North of which is Over feet above the level of the and Over looking the Fertile valleys and rolling Hills of Berks for goo Square Miles it stands High above the surrounding a Monument of natural a witness of natures terrible a Mark of precis Pike he broke the shafts of his Arnold is having a new foundation placed under his Solomon Haldeman is doing the Mason work on oct Heister will hold communion services in the re formed John Samuel Jeffer son will Mckinne Michael Eby and wife look in the Lawn a Cursione to Atlantic City on they All report having had a very Nice time and were Well pleased with the Snyder had a bad fall from his Bike on saturday while returning from work at he ran into a breaking his wheel and throwing him to the he was struck dizzy and considerably bruised by the this is the last week for the photo in Thia he leaves for Bachmanville on an infant child of Adam aged three was buried in the cemetery on tuesday John near purchased the Bumbach Between Here and Hock at private paying 55 an acre for Seltzer and of washing spent several Days in town As the guest of Seltzer Christ who had been employed As bartender by his at returned Home on John Evans and of it Joy visited their Abraham and a living South of to saturday u Repi ing Hughes been in Myerstown for several Days conferring with the people and on wednesday evening about 100 of the prominent and enter prising citizens held a meeting at the Enterprise where the practicability of erecting a silk null at their place was thoroughly Hughes being present to answer questions and give an organization was effected by elect ing Loose and George the firm of Hughes t have bilk Mills in operation at Shamokin and they propose to remove the latter to if an agreement can be the machinery of the Plant is valued at which the to remove if the citizens of Myerstown agree to fur Nish Cash and a suitable the Plant when in full operation will employ about 100 the people present were enthusiastic Over the new project and the likelihood is that before very Long this much needed Enterprise will become a at this meeting a committee on finance was As follows Carmany and also a committee on ways and to in quire More fully into the character and standing of Hughes and the Man Ner of conducting their the in the state legislature the democrats it a Larse Mckinley and to Iriart to we apparently have less than half a doxy rated front of the Heilig hoi an of the Yeprem Mauvas la Tho House and not one id the As was the Bezub Lucana polled a trn Mendon vote and secured Many democratic on the other band Many disaffected Demaat Anmann cd at and Only a few voted Tor the nominee of the Gold Standard the populists and votes have been received from Only a Low but it is evident that neither party polled a Lari re a vote As two tsars the successful candidate Tor governor la the Llewellyn Popien of Houlton the nominees of Tiro other parties Weru Helvin Frank of Portland Luther a Bat nun of Auburn ammo Ladd of Calais Pur and Wulim Henry Clifford of feat land National Thomas Reed of from the it St District Nelson Wingier of Lewia from the second District Seth ill Skou of from the third and Charles Boutelle of from the fourth who for Yean reprusmiteu1 Maine in the National Are the congressmen tone where is the mind that Cai in penetrate its hoary history where the pen that can portray its grandeur and glory How Many times have the magnificent beams of the morning Sun first crowned its towering head with a Halo of Light before reaching the Rock and Trees be As they flashed Over Penns mount and the rolling country far on to the West and How Many times have the same beams left it last before they were drawn in behind the Western Hills thousands of years when the Waters under the heavens were gathered together and the dry Laud what a spectacle must have been in this what a crushing and a thundering must have reverberated in the valleys round the great rocks rolled from their primeval Beds Down into the Gorge be fore Many Hundred feet South of round top a a place known to historians a fort a place of Refuge to which the inhabitants could Retreat when danger waa imminent Dur ing the years 175558 in the French and Indian when the cruelties were mostly in this particularly in Tulpehocken and Bern town Levi Napp will have Public Sale of lumber in Kurrs sep tember mis Sallie Henry a Dorfis from a pay ing a visit to her and Lineaweaver threshed stauf fers crops on Kauffman and of Lancaster visited at Genra Beina on monday bicycle of Leba spent monday at the rising Sun taking orders for Swope and Landis were at Annville on tuesday while there they had several Teeth extracted by dentist of it purchased the farm belonging to Levi Gingrich near on the Price paid waa per of will hereafter serve Patrona on sunday with the follow ing Philadelphia papers inquirer and he made Hia first trip last committee comprising the following m u Horst Weirick and the latter committee will also look up suitable one of these a Peter Boeshore near the Corner of Mam Street and the it is built substantially of 100 feet in length and would be Well adapted for the Busi there May be other suitable build and the committee will make a thorough we should live stated that the Mill is to be fitted up for manufacturing dress lining Silks and gentlemen tie for All of which there is a Good Market another meeting will be held at the same place next monday evening ats when the several committees will be expected to submit their reports and no doubt farther Steps will be taken m arranging for the permanent location of the new Industry at that like our own City and is greatly in need of just such a number of diversified in giving employment of a varied character to men and women Are the life of a City and town and will be of vast Deneui in bringing Prosperity to them we Trust the people of Myerstown will put Forth every Effort to have the new silk sail located in their which is in need of just such impetus at this no doubt at the meeting next monday evening the matter will take a Moie de finite Twenty years be print from the Dally nem of two at a meeting of it lib anus encamp held monday the following officers were elected Sharp p Miller Solomon Smith Miller treasurer j t Nitrauer Samuel Jacob Reuben Reiber and Samuel in company with John Shindel and Daniel Stone a left on the morning of this on for it Hope Furnace where they assisted in placing the Furnace in Condi Tion for blowing the funeral of Christian Bowman which took place on was largely there were 86 carriages in the the funeral services were conducted by John Stamm of and Strickler and hum of the mile this e brn the meeting was opened by the Tion of county commissioner of Ann viev president of after which selection played by the Annville Henry then introduced Tho i speaker of the Deputy Recor opened his add Reffi by saying thu never was Premier that he was a re r lican than Thia fall and said major Kinley and Garrett Hobart Are to be elected on the 3rd of Noemi he congratulated the republicans South Annville township for raisins a Fine pole and spoke of the great snip my during the past four Veara thrum evil effects of the Wilson Bill thought there was no danger of i Sonny Bryan a Chance to sit in presidential chair and sign a free is Bill for the people of this will put put him the speaker created considerable Ami ment when he said the Silver Buga a from where the potato Toga for Tho Rocky and said the r ver bugs would receive a severe Dost Paris Green in at the cd of Hia remarks be was heartily applaud Henry next introduced a Gen Man Dormund raised in Siuth i opened by saying that great pleasure afforded Bun to address his fellow publicans of this township and a mended Brosey and the of South Annville for the Good w they Are Mccurdy then p used three which were give heartily and the echoes could be half mile he said there a doubt that South Annville will come Vith a rousing majority for the re pub can ticket he did not wish the audience any length of time a h had so by explained the Silver Al Mccurdy said that today we Are Calif upon to stand by the Eoo try As we won in 1861 that it is the same party today that is trying to ruin i pantry Asia that he Alau greeted with the last speaker was Hinr Wolfi a night school in he will instruct pupils in the following branches bookkeeping algebra and the Woods meeting held near Lawn was fairly attended by people from Tia place on Samuel of of Tho tip of its nose to the end Veteran aged Han Ivhon expects to vote for major while a reporter was attending the political meeting at the Heilig wednesday he had the pleasure of meeting John of Ann aged 82 who had walked from that place to hear the political speeches at the pole Reinhard is a Well preserved Man residing with his John and has been a staunch re publican All his Reinhard said that he voted for Benjamin Harrison and also for Williami Henry Hia said if he waa preserved until the 3d of november of this year he proposed to cast a solid vote for the entire Republican ticket he also stated that he never Felt better than at present during the delivering of the different speeches Leinbard was an attentive he a a brother to and and for Nev of this Republican american transacted by the state Council at the opening sessions of the state coun cil of the Junior order of United Ameri can which convenes at out held tuesday Burgess of delivered a warm address of to which state councilor Johnson made re a Gavel Cut from an Oak tree on a naps with a Bullet imbedded in the was presented to the aate Council by a member of Gettya Birg the Only business transacted was the placing in nomination of Candi dates fir the various a Lively contest has sprang up for the position Junior it is conceded to the Eastern District and Edward Pike and Cut the of Crosskill printers Devil made a big mistake in mondays about klines Boving and Selling Price of Bis in the first place he had that Kline sold his 22 for where it should be in the second place it that Kline purchased a farm of 53 acres for where it should read of is canvassing this Section at present with Mayers knitted Isaac Brown and John Donkel Are canvassing every Section with new eng land rom for mince Brown sold 18 Gallons in one each one claims to have the Best and Thev both sell for of at hymns on september at by of East Hanover and miss Ida of will be held october 10 in camerons about one fourth Mil North of this the Onward Bane of will be present and Dis course some of their choicest the speakers will be Gobin Bordlemay and George Woomer refreshments will be furnished everybody is invited to be present Albert and family spent the Day at the Reading the democrats held their primary at the Public House of Walmer Las saturday evening and bad a fair turnout Samuel Ulrica and James Paine were elected miss Helen of is stay ing with miss Ida Matias Garner and wife visited their Jacob at Belle Jacob Paine made a business trip to Lebanon on the childrens vacation Days will Ter Minate in the near future As the Days for the ensuing term Are rapidly our schools will open septem Ber i4 the republicans of this place expect to raise a Mckinley and Hobart pole in the near future and also Promise to give a Large vote on election oar Farmers Are still anxiously waiting for a Good soaking rain in order to finish their blowing for fall Only a few of our Farmers have finished blowing and a few have been sowing George Mercer who was visiting Hia Solomon and also visited relatives in East re amed to his Ephraim Gilbert and who hurl been visiting in Philadel phia and Allan tic cite for the past returned Home tuesday Berk has treated himself to a new j next saturday evening in the flier opera time chairman Fertig is making extensive preparations for the Republican meeting next saturday when Capp will preside and the speakers will be John Hon Charles Emory general Gobin and Republican candidate for Congress of this District it was an error to say that a meeting will be held in the afternoon in the court House there will be Only one grand rally and the meeting will be held in the Fisher opera the perseverance band will furnish and the distinguished character of the speakers will draw an immense it will be the opening of the Republican Campaign in this Edith the last Ead services Over the remains of Edith Ellinger were held this afternoon from the Home of her parents and Jacob at Corn fall services were held in the Metho list Church and interment was made on he Church funeral director Thompson was in Veronica the funeral of Veronica Riegel ook place this Asher less conducted impressive services at he 251 South eighth after which the funeral proceeded to Annville where interment was undertaker Teiner was in James of and of Glen Riddle were in the the contest has Nar rowed Down to Crawford and rambo with the chances in favor of the former unless a combination is l Martin and Brown of Are striving to be elected National Delegate to represent the Eastern the Parade on which would have been an impressing demonstration was considerably interfered with by the which fell in torrents just As the line was about to shelter was sought and later the enthusiasts marched Over the line in the Large Dee Many of them accompanied by 2ni3 dram present from Carlisle Hagerstown and tuesday evening an illustrated lecture on the Battle of Gettysburg was delivered by guide Luther the Junior order of american me chanic devoted themselves wad Nesda to balloting for officers and receiving re ports of the state Only one bal lot was taken for vice councilor and the result was As follows 81 100 130 under the Onlea the lowest Man is dropped on each ballot the fight a now expected to be Between Pike and Lecklider was chosen councilor and John without Only two representatives to of the september the second Story of building 14 South eighth was rented by Jacob chairman of the re publican county a the re publican the Parade of the Lebanon fire department took place on the afternoon of this Day and made a creditable appear the perseverance and Hook and ladder companies were not in at this time a bitter rivalry existed betwee the members of the different the Barnum show was to be in Leba non on the 28th of Samne Spangler the contract to forms the Hay and Straw and Abraham Strickle waa to Supply the Oats and september the body of the Young child of David an employee at lights rolling which died of cholera in Fantom was sent on the morning of Thi Day to where it was after the firemen Parade wednesday afternoon the Jamestown Comet Bane serenaded John of the key atone sheriff Ebnor arid John superintendent assisted by James was busily employed in preparing the fire plugs for on the morning of Thia Day Joseph Euston and Kooser and others left for where a convention of the agents of the Mutual Aid society was to be a news splinter Maya our Young is carrying on the cobbling Trade at Bis Corner of seventh and Walnut he does work cheap and country Church walkers next sunday at Tulpehocken Church at and at Stonchus Borg at 7 the he began to saying that the which Hegmond waa shaky but re party was not or Hook said he remarks would be he Hail received a letter from j Good Friend at we Baa been living there for Mun the aame precinct As candidate in he considers the candidate a Eood Nival Bor but says he will not carry his Oku Ward at the november Houck also made Brief remarks in Cin and stated while this meeting being held thousands of similar of were being had through ont Tea country of he declared in of an honest honest work and he always has will and shall for Protection to american the crowd cheered for severs compelling Houck to Sto after which he stated to Attis was solid for Mckinley and very Litti talk was he gave Etory about a team in which Bryan was de scribed As a Sewall As bucker Watson As a stinger and Tillman a a which caused the crowd to after which he thanked All preteen for their close attention and urged every body to go to the polls a the pole is 80 feet High and was furnished by William of South Ann Ville it was put up during the 2 Day and at the meeting flan a Fine Banner to the some of those present from the cite were Deputy sheriff p h As Charles Tater Corn the National Council were g w Cooper and of the Westro District Altoona beat out Williamsport for the next meeting place receiving 273 to an agreement was reached in the trouble Over the revocation of the charter of the pen and Pencil of Phila by it the Iward of officers is to be sustained a their past actions and the Council is to be reinstated upon Condi Tion that All indebtedness is paid Winnin six if it is not the charter is to stand the Council will act on the agreement at tomorrows organization of a catechetical class at Tulp Nocken at Aud catechetical instructions at Kimm Erlings Church at will preach next sunday at boars at in German and at a and at Kloppen at 2 a collection for orphans will be weather local personal Andrew of eighth Ami Monu ment on monday left for Montgomery where be will attend ursinus William Aon of Baa returned to 10 resume his studies at Franklin and mar shall Jonathan of Ana miss tar Are visit intr tie Dorsey John Fohn Hartman and before he meeting special cats were run Evert half Sale waa largely the Sale of Daniel of one of the Well known and reliable cattle held wednesday after at the Union House Stock Yards Ohn r was very largely attended and the which were pronounced by dealers to be the nest lot drought to this City for a Long brought Good averaging 50 per the Union House Stowit with the excellent and courteous treatment of the Propri is becoming a popular place for the Sale of cattle Potteiger is a trustworthy dealer Aid always advertises in the which Nal rally accounts fur the Large attendance at his s fax soldiers and a sailors o Cen tra will hold a reunion at on thursday and 24 ail a elaborate pro Holg Wield l of this Naa to participate event an i will take action has g i it re Vosi int him u i Birmily of will 216 Chestnu their Tia even Aad other relatives in this cite urls Are requested cure Tor As a remedy for All forms of headache electric bitters has proved to be the r very dest it effects a permanent i and the most dreaded habitual sick it cure sick Bead Inland at the a Taco aches yield to its we arc All i who Are afflicted to procure a and doling the races Samuel of i give this remedy a fair in cases of Lebanon was thrown habit nil rom his sulky through another Driver running into Phillips was itched against a Fence and badly the was driving who was badly dined and will be unable to race again this spation electric bitters cures by giving the needed tonic to the and few cases Jong resist the Nee of this try it cents and at Boas and other relatives in this Booser and of near Are the guests of her Albert 342 North tenth Street miss Beatrice of Lebanon is spending a week with misses Annie and Ida 543 Howard Lan Caster Grant of arrived Here monday afternoon and is the guest of his and b 728 Chestnut by revert Harry child Ami wednesday left for Berks where they will visit Millers Louisa of East Han Over spent wednesday in this Mary of 1113 Mifflin who had been visiting for the part seven weeks her Anil other relatives in Westmoreland county returned borne monday Warren of Aon of representative tuesday to it any theolog blood bitters m Nataren True one to fro of Doans remedy for constipation and Kindred it lev Walt care the worst Case of itch late this i Bra 11 dire Chyhai the the m i never saw and m to be g Bowers Rajo Kings new i my was taken Situ l i Ami irid All the Phuyai f r i b tit of no Avail f and was 2 Vui Tom i k Anza s w in my Turr i no a anti Benui i a a dose begun to of t or niuta three bullies f up a Xuc it is its mkt in g we it at keep More or booze without get a free at Bose co s drug a tampon of miss Annie Oakley writes and Many of the Boffalo Boffl who West have Given Allens the powder to shake Moat thorough and do Estabil not More than you it instantly takes the sting out of cores and Allens Coo tease is a certain Curt for swollen aching or sweating sol Byall Sumple
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