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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - September 14, 1896, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Urge for november 25th handsome now but hews a sight a Kulak every Mixay Light 4 i u bulled to at tie rate at strictly in from All Para of tie Rounsv All communication Flat turf or nutters intended for Pobu hould be addressed to to nil pm it m 21 South blah to in the Ulm building the built Kiwi out an food Franklin member of Congress from the seventh District of new has addressed a lengthy letter to Michael in which states his reasons for rejecting the Chicago platform and he says the free coinage of Silver Means the repudiation of honest the destruction of oar National Honor and the reduction of the Purchas ing Power of the Dollar by while at the same time there will be no increase in the emolument of the labourer or the labourer for his september 1896 1896 1 2 6 j 7 i 8 Luj 15j 16 17 20 22j23 29j30 24 18 25 12 26 Moons full Al f third pc Quarter 4d Boon Flint n Quarter 10 Beason it appears remarkable that the per fins ski to strongly favor the Swatara water project arc so strongly opposed to on that Thev will not i willing to have a thorough is Mccause the few Fiu Ull farm Well do not furnish an Hun Maui of therefore the 11 a Glam Ismond enned t is that the Small apply More water than tie Sirj Wells would flow into the if this is actually to Lii ii it would be a extravagance to keep up the i doubt very Engle Spring of but w to Kinsall and the Zudili Tionel Small Stream above dam i would at this time furnish Verv nearly Halla million gallon vet is Liling pumped from Anion that i aus were n did win the mail it would him re water 1 Large Coti would not in s by an m in c lie tier i i i will the now being him in nine How of itself from the will Only sex More we t ice 1he Case if we Iii Smeil the Wells Are of diminishing at the the dry plying More water than they was first the to allow the Ive Nice or two More Runk at the by Preat and then Tild lie demonstrated of water can be in to he ii Kestion would be settled for a limited minnow of Illi Tilou Noiin lilt Vui i it can de pen Mill upon i in water shed at that place for ii ii imply Rel beyond that not any in who is capable of a Marin inti Llu of the Mountain and beholding within its Rocky fastness what is Eljit irined at Many other Jih ices in this country Artesian Wells have sunk in past Vears with the result thai cities larger than Lebanon Are Nuj piled w Ith a Bountiful Supply of and not hav perform the water Board d its whole duty Sintil i has expended a Little Money in milking a Ili Romigh test at the South Mountain would not he so urgent Lor this Supply ii it were not for the fact thai else within a radius of Many Miles docs such excellent water and Tor the tonal reason to get a sufficient Supply Elv where will Burden the City if the water cannot lie secured without incurring tie then so kit but Wisdom would dictate that an test ix1 made of the South the congressional conference on Fri Day nominated Marlin Olmsted As the Republican candidate for Congress of the fourteenth since Leba Uon had the representative the Hist two terms we could not reasonably make an other claim for it at this and As Olmsted is cited for the important Tolice we believe that he Wil receive the Hearty support of the republicans of this he deserves to be elected by n Large tin american protective Tariff league has just issued document the which jives in parallel hire would receive no More than he receives with Bis wages he could Purchase Only on half the commodities necessary for the sustenance of himself and Hie while Many avenues of employment would be closed against him owing to the natural decrease of the de Mand of labor through the unwillingness of employers to continue their in a bankrupt again he says i think with Webster that the Prosperity of the working classes and has its being in an established credit and a steady medium of Bryan continually appeals to the toiling and he often Speaks of the Plain people of the to my mind these appeals Are with the exception of a Small number among our Many we Are All whether we labor in the streets of crowded in our offices or work or in the Silver mines of or in the wheat Fields of he Speaks of the Plain in a Republic such As ours there Are no Plain people there Are no common people All alike equal no one is no one is Plain in that sense through which Bryan seeks to Appeal to prejudice or envy by the creation of an artificial these Are facts the Intelli gent voters should carefully they Are truths which cannot be gain no doubt since the visit of i Hung Chang to this country Many persons will feel More kindly disposed toward the chinamen in this they Are a shrewd and industrious people and generally mind their own the proportions of criminals among them in smaller than among some of the other races in our country and few chinese Are arrested As they Are less objection Able than some other an important ill the last year the United states has issued of Bonds to obtain and the aggregate interest will Lay a Burden of debt of nearly or a upon the this must be paid in taxes at the expense of the labourers and we do not need the Gold in on everyday very Little Gold circulates among speaker such statements like this Are made use of by the populists against the cold Standard when they know that they Are the Bonds issued by this administration became necessary chiefly be cause the revenues of the government were insufficient under the Wilson Tariff Bill to meet the annual expenses of the when it was required to do just what the individual must do when his expenses exceed his he must either quit his business or Bor Row Money to meet Bis the fact is much of this talk about Money Prew out of the insufficient revenues of the Wilson if the govern ment had received Money from time to time to meet its obligations the Money question Likely would have Cut a very Small figure in this it must not be forgotten that a protective Tariff which will protect american labor my american industries and at the pame time provide sufficient Revenue to pay the expenses of the government fairly and economically administered is a mat Ter of grave importance and is too much overlooked just now by reason of the excitement created by the advocates of free coinage of Silver at a ratio of 16 to the Arkansas elections held on Mon Day show that the democrats elected their ticket by a Large in Many of counties the contest was Between the democrats and As the re publicans knew beforehand that Many of their votes would not be in those counties the election boards were a Way with at Poni Labouring and Southern Labouring to which tj11 Man and others of Liat ilk freq envy refer to in their Public a though the Middle and new England states bad no Labouring or that there Are two classes of Labouring men in this country and they Are antagonistic to each outside of a Small number of tramps and other do nothings the people of this East and Are composed of Labouring All of them working with their bands or some harder than and All having a common interest in each others the policy expounded by the populists that the Farmers and workingmen of the South and West need legislation different from their Brethren in the Middle and new England states is false and vicious and calculated mainly to create Dissen Sion among them and array one Section of country against each senator Tillman already at the Chicago Conven Tion tried to stir up sectional strife and hatred and he has been doing so Ever whereas others Are following in his there is neither sense or reason in such As these men put we All Are citizens of one grand there Are no geographical or political lines that Divide us and Laws or policies which Are Good for the people of one locality Are Good for All and vice the free coinage of Silver will be As disastrous to the Western and Southern Farmers As to those of the while a monetary system of sound Money is conducive to the let us remember that we All have an interest in the general welfare and pros the Dehoux hold court Boom packed to it mint capacity toe speaker held the audience spellbound and waa fre purity of on country and that what is a Benefit to one will be beneficial to there Are no classes in this Good for every Man who seeks to make an honest at whatever Call Trade or and leads a Vir upright life is the peer of every other however High or lowly his station May if the advocates of free coinage of Stiver must resort to such miserable makeshift such As striving to emitter the people of one part of the country against those of other parts in order to uphold their cause and attract votes to themselves they should be driven from the to More abominable and destructive political methods have Ever been resorted to by the Meriest demagogues who Ever engaged in the worst feature of it is that very ugly sores Are made which will require a Long time to the states is a Union in which All the people have Kindred interests and the Good of one is the Good of Silver the Silve rites constantly assert that something should be done for Silver because it is an american and ought to be Many people have absorbed the idea that Silver is the most precious Mineral product of the United states and on that account has been made the victim of a conspiracy by foreign the utter Absurdity of that theory is shown by the following figures published by the of stating the value of the principal Mineral products of this country in 1s95 suit Coal f in the presence of an audience a tic packed the court House to its oldest practice be attorney at the Lebanon delivered a length speech thursday evening in favor of free 16tol his audience was not confined to free Silve rites As at least one half of Hie auditors were Gold who desired to hear the Nev arguments in favor of the White Meta and also the oratory of the whose ability As an orator has for almost an hour did he supporting the White and denouncing the yellow Metal in no a mistaken the who a one of the staunchest advocates of free appeared at Oclock and was greeted with he began by Deci Artinr that he was associated with no party am never wanted to or expects to hol an every he had i right to think and act for himself am for that right to express i own he All had right to differ with a that Rig was by All Shoul try to think aright and no one should go to the ballot Box ignorant As to what he was casting his vote there Are none higher than the the question of the free coinage o Silver at the ratio of 16 to he declared was not shorn of great mind Are at variance on the tin Dollar to the financial transaction of our country is the same As the figure one in it is the unit the Only Nisei coinage of Silver at the ratio of 1g ounces or tons of Silver to 1 ounce or ton o Gold is what he understood by free the Republican idea of the As he sees is the Protection of what we raise and produce and therefore Silver should be for does not the United states produce two filth of the entire product of the White Metal 1 Golc is protected by free you cat melt your Golo jewelry and have it coined at the mint free of Why should this distinction be made the speaker the Gold mine owner Slio ulc live no right which the Silver mine owner has the he creates the Standard of it makes the value of which is said to be the measure of All Dollar the 53cent Filver and the Bank note Are declared a Dollar by the the stamp of the Union makes it he then explained the real value of the Gold and Silver declaring there is but cents in the Gold Dollar and should any one attempt to manufacture a Dollar of grains of Gold he would be arrested for Money is made by the legislative Power of the the first honest Dollar made was in oat of by the act of Congress which made it equal t the Spanish Dol and it was at a ratio of 15 to Gold travelled together Silver like Anthracite Coal from american Copper from american building composed entirely of not a single Republican officer being allowed in any of As it is political leaders declare that in one county Folly a thousand Republican votes were counted for the democratic an elec Tion held under such conditions has no significance except that the candidates Are elected Day a Large the Only Hope of if cheap Money benefits the it might also Benefit the firms or corporations largely employing except where there is a heavy Gold indebted Ness to care but the wage earner would seem to have everything to lose and nothing to gain from cheap All history goes to show that wages do not Rise accordingly As the purchasing Power of Money if general the speeches of j or Loeb the of the Workingman living should Advance a Hundred per and William document should be read by every Gen Wist Twenty third will mail you Era Secretary new and i a while democratic Conven lion nominal i a very Young Man for president the Indianapolis convention went to the other extreme and placed a very old Man at the head of their ticket Bryan is Only thirty six years of age while the venerable general Palmer soon will celebrate seventy ninth birthday so that be is considerably More than twice As it was ils Forred at As had been that the cunning Earl i can speak and understand the English Lan although during his stay in eng land and this country he pretended not to understand during his Brief stay at Washington he revealed the fact that he understand Earlish and can speak it k a vote for a dishonest Dollar and National Dishonour would be a vote to fice the Homes of thousands of Thrifty and Hurt sorting men Start up the Mills and make it possible for he mechanics to keep their add the Rree Silver Scourge to the present Tariff Workings and destitution will in a Man who had been earning a Day ought in theory to receive but in fact it would be a considerable time before his wages would Rise even As High As it is therefore to the interest of the regular wage earner that the full purchasing poorer of Money shall be this is farther True for the added reason that a Workingman Sav Ings Are invested in forms expressed by precise Money terms and a thousand dollars saved in Good Money would still be Only a thousand even if Money became cheap and of Heaxt and i Hung Chang Fere exactly the same having been and retorts received from the state of be Brasha Are very encouraging to the re publican the state fair was held last week and the people attending it were mainly Farmers and their hired a vote was taken each Day As the visitors entered the Gates with the result that major Mckinley received two votes to one for a prominent citizen of the Home of declares that it will give a major Ity for Mckinley and that the state will be Good for Twenty thousand Republican the free coinage of Silver excitement is fast running its course and will exhaust itself before the mkt who Are giving attention to Public sentiment throughout the country Are emphatic in the declaration that there is distinct reaction from the spirit of extreme politics shown in the Chicago this change in the Public sentiment will become still More pronounced the Days Roll 3uwuoo natural it appears that 50 per cent More Gold than Silver is produced in this since the experience of Cen Turies has proved that two kinds of Ine Talic Money will not circulate simultaneously when coinage is those who Are demanding that Money be made More plenty and that an american currency system be established ought logically to favor the Gold so tar As doing something for Silver is the demand is As aboard As it would be for the Iron producers of Leb anon county to ask the government to Purchase their entire product and Issue Treasury notes the proposition to revolutionize on entire currency sys tem and ruin business and Industrial enterprises for the Benefit of a Mineral pro duct which amounts to Only a year is the most monstrous thing i the history of Telephone the London daily news is informed in a dispatch from Odessa that Kil an has discovered an improvement in the by the use of which distance has no effect upon the in a recent Experiment Between Moscow and Haitoff on the a distance of 890 talk music and singing were heard with perfect for the purpose of this an Ordinary Telegraph wire was the despatch adds that Ivi Lischewsky will go to London to Experiment with his improvement on the Atlantic cables Between London and new the indications Are that great improvements shortly Are to be made in the use of the it is under stood that Edison has perfected a num which would be in use if it were not for contracts he entered into Long ago with the Western Union com it is said that Tesla is convinced he is working on the right line in order to transmit Light As Well As and if he succeeds it will be possible for the sender and receiver of messages to look upon one not Only but it is expected the time is not far Distant when it will not be necessary to take up an instrument in order to Send a Mes the words being transmitted from and part of a room in which the trans Mitter is thorough mated couple till 1313 when the former advanced a Point or declined and Gold and were again equal till then when the country was struggling under an enormous debt the so called coinage which was under consideration for two years and de monetized when it was quoted three cents higher than the present value of an he is reported to have assisted in the passage of the act which was signed by president who afterwards declared he did not know it de monetized England water comm Putonen the water commissioners met thurs Day evening when Beckley and Weitzel were twas decided to pay the Bills of Allen Kranse and Walter amounting to out of the general superintendent Sherk was directed to Lay pipe and place in position fire hydrants in Len chs Addi attended the among those from this City who left Friday morning to attend the Sale of 63 head of horses at the famous Speedwell Stock farms were John Shu Geraod a Tonto who went there and hoses Bittner and Cyrus Kleiser left on tiie in foday a Omilig Over the Cornwall Railroad makes the Price of oar wheat the Trade Dollar was struck off and this act restricted its the act of 1874 provided for the Standard while in 1878 Silver was re monetized by the Bla Dallison which provided for its coinage of not More than per he then gave Bis attention to the obligations of the government and dissected the platforms of the Republican and democratic the Dollar that appreciates is Asun Staple As one that the government has prevented its Gold from depreciating but not he then asked How the immeasurable and in conceivable debts of the world could be paid by Gold which would go into a cube 22x22 feet that is All the Gold we hard times and Depres Sion of prices were next taken up by the who said wheat was Worth a Bushel in now it is Only Worth 60 cents Cotton was bought for is now it brings but 7 Silver was quoted at now Only 67 he has always been the labor ingmans most Subtle and sounder by it helps the intelligent Man to press Down the Gold is the prime although invention has done it Silver has always been the Labouring mans while according to is Only Good to plug ones he saw better times from 1878 to 1893 when the stability of Silver was shown by its free Gold remained in the the he in its magnanimity and for not pro Viding a meal for the poor Man and his while it provides for the education of the he said it was not right that the child is compelled to go to school while the Parent is Given no Chance to earn its he pictured the Mil Lions of Silver stored away in the vaults which might have gone to pay the coun try Bat instead interest on the debt is not being after denouncing the office of Gold in the most strenuous terms be abruptly closed and hurriedly left the after the applause which was Given the speaker had moved that a vote of thanks be tendered Bun and it was made by a unanimous there was no organization of the meeting and the speaker appeared with out introduction and none was As he was known by during the course of his speech he re cited Many Happy anecdotes and the laughter which greeted them was great the meeting opened and closed with a musical selection by the grand Central Back from the Sheetz and wife on Friday re turned from where the former attended the annual meeting of the grand Home which was in session there for two he having been a representative of Lebanon Valley of this Sheetz this morning stated that the sessions were the most interesting Ever attended by next year the communion will meet at Squire the other also returned at the same Frank whose office As District Deputy select commander expired on returned in the evening from where be attended the annual session of the knights of the Mystic next year the convention will meet at he also reports the sessions As being very he at Constable Wagner thursday afternoon arrested Emannel who is wanted on a Lebanon warrant charged by his wife with Reading was brought to this City thurs Day evening by Constable Hunter and in default of bail was committed to jail for his appearance at this months term of court the warrant was issued by Alderman the Sona of America Hall and perseverance orchestra have Al for the november the fire company will nol their annual dress and engaged Bone of America Hall last november already for the the balls of the above companies bavi always been very successful and the committee of both companies having the matter in change claim that o this season will be on a larger scale and something entirely different from and held each company Wil try to outer rive the other and naturally will do All in their Power to make their respective balls Moat it is hoped both companies will receive that patronage which their Golden editor of the Manheim Sentinel and one of the brightest and most neatly printed week y papers in the on thursday Cele rated his 50th wedding Ensminger a Well known in Thia City and has numerous friends Here who congratulate him and Bia and lop for their future the of Friday modestly says it waa jobs fifty years ago yesterday that the proprietor of the Sentinel and his Bette half were United in this Long time Haa brought them their Joys and sorrows and while both Are yet Active they feel the weight of these Many years bearing Down upon their they spent the Lay without any particular Cele ration of the memorable Clabence the funeral of the on of and of 09 South third buried Friday services were held at the House by the seventh treet lutheran and interment was made at my Lebanon funeral director Frantz was in Flakk funeral services Over the body of prank late of East Hanover were held this morning at palmers Church by inter ment was made in the adjoining Ceme East Pennsylvania the East Pennsylvania Synod of the evangelical lutheran Church will con ene in St fault next september 17 and the sea Iona of the Synod will continue five and extensive preparations Are Deng made to entertain the 150 clergymen and laymen who will be in he meeting will be presided Over by of Harris matters of unusual importance pertaining to the Church will by Dis used and acted of Zion lutheran Church and of the seventh Church Are members and will be in returned to Edgar of has been the guest of his Monument lorning left for came Here from the City on his was unable to return on heaving been unfortunate enough to have broken while visiting Jonestown on during his stay in this to e greeted a number of Hia old acq11 i his Hei to was visiting left on the no train for will work near this City Monroe Telegraph has been working at ath or the past month and who at i waiting Hia parents will work at 1 lie be Annville office for several Days Haiir Sis ire returning to new Hie Interior who was employed will Telegraph operator at Haddon architecture maw o Inere Aetna capacity of an old strap tire at Snail the barns on Many farms heretofore devoted to mire farming have but limited accommodations for when starting id work no a Al Many barn room becomes a it is the Pur pose of this article to show How the Denary barn May have its capacity greatly increased for at a very Small with the addition of a which the Dairyman must of necessity it it not necessary to increase the storage capacity of the but simply the the Solo is put in the mid dle of the Long Hay Bay that usually runs the length of one Side of the while the addition is made at right angles to the the original title quarters and the Side of the in the form of an the new arrangement is shown clearly in the diagram of the Interior which is two calf pens Are conveniently located in the formed by the two lines of cattle More room can be made for if in the manure room that a located at the outer and of the into this is wheeled just Zahed putting Tho children to and was tired ont it seemed to her that they never acted so badly As visiting at her husbands old of All wished them to show that they had been carefully As she passed through the three weeks and no mls Takev his pretty feathers Ali gone and Only hate Wiful Little Pine Ateliers sticking out All Over and his disposition changed he was Kinder off his feed and he stopped that pretty chirp the women folks liked so and he on her Way to aunt Louise say she heard Yon never would View of the Bahn As each a j the manure from the two lines of when it la covered with litter and kept solidly tamped by or Young running upon Large doors it one Side permit a cart to be backed into this manure room to be Yards can be made on both sides of is thus keeping the cows in smaller herds when turned the addition May be made High if to afford a chamber for storage or for poolroom and work it is desirable to have cattle quarters warm when ont lives in Northern of flows m it Multi ku11m have thought that Marguerite would be so poor a Archie used to have so Sweet a but Shu bos spoiled it with Bud and Mother Hathaway rejoined his father Nevei but Marguerite hurried glad not to know what naughty thing Archie did of which his father was never she Drew a Long breath As she Sank into a she was so tired the three for the was Only were Active and Bright enough to see thut punishment was not quite so sure to follow their mis doings when they were at grandmas As at so Between has secured a similar potion at both were students under Jerome erecting a Harvey of the firm o l Daugherty Marble riday morning with several men left for where they Are erecting a Monument in memory of the late John of that Daugherty took an Early train riday for he is superin ending the building of several Large Monument at hymns Amos of and miss Ary of this were mar de thursday morning in marys Catholic Church by father Adam Christ miss Sarah Harttman was brides Aid and Stephen Wacter Bestle Young couple have gone on a wed no Jef Lintol on taraday Tonuia near the Goodwill fire engine Adam of hut Hanover prolific peach county commissioner Henry Sholly is a peach tree on his farm in North which has the dec and yield of fruit ripening on its ranches for this he brought a Tecimen of the latest yield to the court ouse this morning where he showed it Many secured a John of 1030 Church As secured a position in John Wana Akers Large Bright will work in the carpet depart with which line of goods he is roughly he left on the 01 train grand Central band next wednesday evening the grand Central band will open the dancing sea Eon in the Armony with a which were so popular last while this is the first it will by no Means be the and they will be held at Short intervals from now club be the Lebanon base Ball club gave a festival thursday evening in the Market near ninth and Lehman for the clubs Benefit the my Lebanon Bard furnished music for the dancing which was a a neat sum was hone seized Witt a horse owned by livery Man Samuel Eckert was seized with a severe attack of Colic thursday evening and suffered Ter Rible veterinary surgeon Harvey Seltzer succeeded in saving its life by prompt Eliease Amone a Peculiar Long disease is at present prevailing among the Swine in the Vicinity of miners and within the past week Between 2o and 30 have people who own hogs in that Vicinity Are taking the beet of care with their taken sick at miss Maggie clerk in Roberts Novelty who Wase Joyine her vacation at was brought Home thursday having Token sick on her condition is much improved oel Schual Church Fetter Al a delightful festival was Given thurs Day evening in the sons of America Hau by the reformed churches for the Par pose of raising funds for a Mission at the festival was Well patronized and a neat Sam was sold by the Stine Eold the Pereona proper to of Edwin both in East Hanover on thursday to attorney for i 1 plan of v adv att inside of the stud it and of the of j a dead is jilt in keeping Lile tie smooth Iii with Many a Rooks and Corners and filth May for Economy in feeding with such 9n arrangement of the it will be Wise to have or to run along the feeding floor and through the a design is Given Here this is arranged to hold a Good by Quantity of ens Ilage to be carried to the cribs of the and has a watertight Box fitting inside the which can be put in place when the Ess Bulky Grain ration is to be a Handy car can also be constructed for wheel ing out the manure to the making it of a form to be easily though a wheelbarrow will answer the purpose very us 1 re was needed i a to a of Nina Ion of american sheep in the form of Outton and on the Hoof went abroad last year to the amount of valued at europeans Are learning to appreciate or imitation last they called for valued at United slates since their have coined Gold pieces of All Worth Silver dollars pieces of subsidiary Silver coins Worth and of minor tech As Copper and Worth total amount paid out for All kinds of pensions in the United king1 Dom for the year ending then pensions for the civil list amounted to for the for the and for the survivors of former distinguished naval and military the whole number of recipients of All classes is mosaic work Ettli which the of Pauls Cathedra to pared was made by the female convicts at Woking the quarries of the Isle of in sup plied the materials for Pauls Cathe and for the most to tended build Ings in about tons of Portland Stone Are now exported annually from these old tie has been refitted 000 for exhibit at the coming Kiel naval her timbers Are in Good condition spite of her 107 was Nelsons flagship for Only one it was from the Yardar of v that Prince Carracci i Miral of the Republican a prisoner of waa hanged without a trial it was on the Quarterdeck of the Foo Dro Yaat that sir Abercromby died of us wounds after defeating flu French at Alexandria in the indulgence and mammas desire to make As Little trouble As pos they managed to Send Mamma to bed in tears nearly every to Days behaviour was the worst and Marguerite acknowledged to herself that lonise must be the trouble must be in her what a bit Ter reflection after she had tried so hard to do her whole duty As a Mother Marguerite did not notice that grandpa was in his red chair at the end of the or she would have sighed less audibly but though apparently list in his had heard better his fatherly heart had Why i Haven fed my How careless dont you want to see me feed my biddies your chickens have gone to Roost first to Marguerite was too tired to care for hens or but she would not deny who took so much Pride in his so she took the proffered dish of cracked Corn and proceeded to the Hen it was and the chickens came running and flying up with clamorous grandpa was very methodical in his treatment of hta feathered Beau the hens had their repast a troughs at one end of the Large the chickens were served with dough spread on boards Laid at the other Margret was entrusted with the feeding of the the More delicate and interesting duty of feeding the Chicks grandpa always reserved for Marguerite had soon completed her task and returned to watch grandpa a he carefully doled out the say what youre a mind a Hen is an intelligent Bird see How knowing them chickens look when i hold out a ladle us of you big this aint your Tubiel and grandpa waved his indie sternly at a Hal grown Chick in which was making Quick work of the provisions of the tiny Hes a greedy and i have to give him a lesson bout every he continued to reached Forward Aud give the audacious rooster a vigorous tap on his Back with the now you keep to your own what Emit Fps these Little Darlings Are exclaim Al As she picked up a tiny Chicken and gently fondled to pecked softly at her hand and cuddled Down with a confiding Margret returned grand he aint a week there pret Tiest when there and that reminds me of my wrap youll like Ter hear i dont Spose its As Good a Jesups or any of them noted but theres some truth in it and wont Hurt you to hear it just about Marguerite signified her desire to hear the and grandpa went on you see that saucy Chicken Over there the one i whacked a minute ago Marguerite assented with a silent he was in an Early and he was mighty cunning when he was the size of that Feller you have in your a soft Bunch of yellow and White with tie cutest Little head and brightest i used Ter Tell Mother he was her and he a fact and a sight More everybody fell in love with that Chick Louise was to crazy Over him she wanted to paint him from Sair shed never seen such delicate color pekd13jq the grew ugly in his that when mis Williams and Louise dropped Hla mis Williams didst want the of and she had considerable to say about his ugly you tvs raised chickens this 30 year and i didst get scared so Hes got a smart look in his Eye if he has lost his soft Little and he carries his head pretty for a Young Louise makes no end of f in of that cracked voice of hut hell have a Good Crow on him by Ned he in pretty for always first for his dough and not Over careful about crowding the younger and Hes rather free his beak when he can get a Good dab at another take him All around you might think him poor Mother says he aint Worth and mis Williams says to has inherited Bod Shes great on you she declares i can never make anything out of he does give me a Deal of i have to rap him a half dozen times a Day and i talk Consi Dable to Sharp sometimes grandpa paused while he scanned the Bock carefully through his As if searching for some particular theres the one i he Over there by the grape that handsome cock with the Bill Tail see Margret Marguerite assured my that had found the master spirit of the Yard and added no question about his be ing of Superior laughed youre just and this Little trouble some Rascal is the same purest blood in town and that just the Way hell look a year from when Hes strutting around next scratch Ingup Worms for his flock and gallantly escorting his wives and mis Williams will say what i want is a rooster like that Fine but i shall have a Deal o trial non and to do before youll have a Deal Trainin and feed to do before your boys Are Stalwart Good to look at and Safe for a woman to Trust her heart and life with but dont you get discouraged be they dont act so handsome while there growing is they did when they do by Chicks with no say their there Only pm Fen tue dont you be by what Louise and mis Williams they Saint never had any of their own to bring up better not mind too much what Mother its near 30 years since hers were and she has most forgot How but different with Ive had the chickens All the Vou and there bout the same As what do you think of my a forget laughed that is just the fable i ill try to remember that my boys Are pin and Trust turn out As Well As your and with lightened heart and new courage she went Back to the and slept that night without a tear on her a filch is an Experiment of proof by a Xie Huion something new is an Moat be proven to be a be at Home or Yon doubt the statement of a manufacturer a not convincing proof of Bat the endorsement of friends supposing Yon bad a bad a weak or aching would Yon Experiment on it Yon will read of Many so called but they come from faraway its different when the endorsement comes from easy to prove that it is Home endorsement a the proof that backs every Box of Doans kidney head this Case David of 354 North ninth the wife of the Engineer who runs one of the shifters in the Yards of the Reading r says i have been troubled with weak or disordered kidneys i might say All my i be Lieve i was born with it seems to be hereditary As so Many of my relatives were troubled the same As during the last nine years i have not known what it was to enjoy my kidneys were in such a condition that i never was entirely rid of a backache Day or and a distressing and annoying urinary weakness accompanied it particularly at i have often no woman has suffered As i night after night i would hear the Dock strike Hoar after until three or four in the then i would dose off to i can not find words to convey an idea of my it sounds Odd to say that i have taken medicines of All kind in Hope of obtaining Relief but i always failed until i got Doans kidney pills at Lem treers Drue two boxes of them cured i would lie willing to take them All my life for to Benefit derived from if it was i have recommended them to a number of ladies and know of two or tbre3 that have been benefited by them Here in the neighbor Roans kidney Pill dare for Sale by All Price 50 cents per Box six basis for by mail on receipt of Price by Foster Milburn sole agents for the s it is about 10 years since we have opened the dental Parlours at 812 Willow and by giving patients the Best service we have built up a lucrative in that time we have extracted almost Teeth our patients Are our Best we do Good service for others and can do the same for in that time we have filled and furnished hundreds of people with artificial Teeth that were highly satisfactory to dont you feel like entrusting us with you work Miller 812 Willow stocked with brie coolant keep did Banner break aft the engagement waa a they Are a thick in Montana As colonel in tue Helena has a larger Stock of governors on hand than any capital City in the United states that i can think was the observation of judge Gilbert to an judge Oil Crit haunt been in the City a treat 1efore he ketone governor in the court Why not buy a Beautiful piano or Organ ton can eur 821 at any and at your own terms we also have a Fine line of mandolins at greatly reduced instruction Al ways free with these instr the safety dont you want to see me peed the biddies in a common Towl him in the Housa Ami tried to i Auk stand still Thile Etc tool his and mis Down in thut Brown House used Ter come no to Aee him most and she was always telling what a handsome Chicken he was and How not greedy and ugly like some Are and she wanted i should sell her q Wittin of his mothers she sure be was a specially Fine there atop that grandpa a voice was and again the ladle came Down on the naughty which was this Tims viciously peeking a smaller there you Aee How i have to train where was i Williams thought he was of Fine supplied Yea Shes right tout too though Sbei changed her mind and grandpa of unwed to but there inhere the fable part comos he he was a Peart fellow and grew Maying in comae of Nind he lost off All his pretty with is yellow which aloft i made me thin prof archives Yel Low be Ferreyra cot pm i Iown Rosr tooting Chick judge said n Mit me to introduce our governor of Montana inquired judge with a questioning ele Antion of one not said the without going further into and he turning to another of the interested spectators in the a he is the governor said judge but without omitting the ques Tion used to answered the is judge the other answered anticipating his this is judge Gilbert did not but a looked inquiringly around and some one ventured to explain lieutenant you a was the Brief reply to when the court adjourned judge Gil Bert went to his on the Way there the party stopped at the first National where Hanser was introduced to in the afternoon they dropped into the courthouse and visited the state there was another experience of the kind for judge Gilbert this is said one of the As they passed through the office of the clerk and and even then judge Gilbert did not meet the governor of the for that official Wos ont of the City on official a ugliness at the capital of the i met some very pleasant men Dur ing my stay he As he de parted the next and the impression i carry Vruth me is that they were mostly Helena in vex7 the late Earl of port Arlington was Al ways forgetting the names of people Tohom he had on receiving1 a gracious nod from Queen at a Marlborough Bouse accompanied Fay a few of kindly h Quiry after his he replied ton Are very Madam your face seems strangely familiar to hot for the life of me i cannot remember your Francisco has a capacity of pounds milk skimmed clean per runs very easy and skims very close this machine pays for itself in Lees than three for further information apply to or a no gun is fired in lord lion the ked Cross the world it met Iii in cry in a lesser Crosson jobuson3 1 Anil it this Naji Laul is i or to nil try it want to be Well then go to int bobbins rather miserly miserly wont even go ref 16 n1nyh for your largest assortment in the this of for do Yon want a years ends caption die news free of Charny this is the Way to do it Betmon throw 3 yearly at a year Send us the names acco Puum by and year name will be placed of the list and credited with one year1 Paidas Thil if ran Chance far ton to Honre without Lott aa4 but Little labor one of Kebert Pagan published in the the him is published two Tomi a week t plea win of ninth it Church

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