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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Sep 14 1896, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - September 14, 1896, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Twice a monday and tips Jay per volume twice a week monday 5 per september on the West of both ehg Hes badly Weeo Zed and a number of cars thrown Over the embankment and badly Oila cd on the line for Over two trainmen the fast morning freight Over the pc which passes through this City Westward let Ween 7 and 8 ii Lay morning ran into an sex in eight fit the Bridge above hummels Catling the engine of both trains to be badly damaged and throwing a number of the cars Down a High pm Many of them being wrecked to splinters and causing an entire delay of traffic from two to three hours on the main the first word received in this City was when the cast bound passenger train failed to arrive Here As and shortly after that a Telegram was received at the Telegraph office relating that two heavy i eight trains had the first passenger train to arrive from Harrisburg was about and that was the regular train which passes through Here from Reading at and Only ran As far As the wreck and the was used As a special to carry pass eng for Lebanon and Eastern the train to arrive was one Between 11 an 12 and from that time the regular traffic was again Twenty years be print from the Dally news of two chief of police Tice on this Day was busily engaged in inspecting the Street lamps in the Borough and taking account of those which needed repairing and Cyras clerk in the hardware store of Bright was in in on this on the morning of this Day while Aaron who was learning the Bitch Erin siness with Edward Gebhar was carrying scalding water n be lot to be poured into a scalding he stumbled Over a Board Lynn n Iua spilling tha water Over Hia burning his arms and legs severely thursday evening the Hess orchestra serenaded John residing of South ninth Street the item farther says the orchestra plays Well and has improved considerably of it is one Price a in response to mayor weimers out solicit of Pishin of the oldest orchestras in town and plays some of the Best dance Christian a resident of Londonderry about two Miles Northeast of died at his Home 8 he in in London Hnieday aged j2 oldest citizen residing in Loi Derry township at the fortunately no trainmen were Hur but several of them had narrow escapes the wrecker from Readin passed through Lere on their Way to the wreck at a Lively week of Anil Wei i to Weir Sun Friend among the Many Hon Utill and picturesque a Pete of Lebanon county no the least to is the Monroe with Ita bounding speeding streams and Woodland testing close to Che Tolah Lake is the summer Home o and Samuel Weiss and during the present they entertained in Royal style Many guests from including the misses of Meadow Bank Howard and George Adam Jonathon Thomas Kalback and Samuel the time was spent in Mountain and there was no minute but that had its appropriate to vary the pleasure from time to time Janck and Seidle would Reclite their fish ing and Tell about the fish they caught As Well As Thos they did not Funck served the party in the Best of All in All the visit was most and it will be Many Days before the pleasures of the visit will be lost in the land of presented a written opinion in which h sustains the action of Council in re Ference to the Deposit of City other business a special meeting of select Council was held Friday in Snicke presided with ail members present the purpose of the meeting was to hear City solicitor Fishers opinion As to the Bil providing for the Deposit of the City funds in certain Banks in this the opinion is a lengthy document and sustains the action taken by councils and the Bill the opinion in part Fol lows the charges As 1 understand them Are that two members of your Branch Are personally and privately interested in the ordinance that their votes were cast in favor of said ordinance and that their votes were necessary for he Legal passage of the Bill these charges Are general in their character and do not disclose what interest the two members had at the time of the passage of the Bill and it is Plain that the invest John Wagner died on tuesday at his son s in Swatara after a lingering his son also was lying dead on this Friday afternoon Little Harry Kochen Berger attempted to jump Over a Heap of miscalculated his fell and broke his Arm at two Joseph residing at this time on Alnut took from his Garden a Sweet potato weighing three pounds and one ounce 15 inches thick and 7 inches in of Washington at this arrived in town Friday Reinhard was on his Way to which state he was to stump for Hayes and he had nine engagements to fill in that i National of Pat Bev announced that he would Are both stockholders and directors of eave monday for new York to Purchase said Bank the said Bank is weather observations at the Observatory for the sum Mer months of i a summary of the weather observations of the summer months of 1896 shows i that in nearly every respect the summer has been there have been no record breaking maximum temperatures i 5 el1 in City on Friday All meeting of com Mittee two big meetings win be held next sat urday m this the Republican county committee held an important meeting in the court House saturday chairman Fertie presided and a majority of the members were present private counsel for the com As the been so sex glance at the temperature column shows that the mean temperature for the summer month is to below that of 1895 the same As that of 1894and a the and seventh i wards be known As the i that there will be two maps meetings North Ade Republican j Beld by the republicans in this City on Ward i Sato Day afternoon and when Mon wealth bulb of Harvest Home services Johns Church Chancel filled with fruit and Beautiful the annual ingathering or Harvest Home services were held in Johns reformed Church on the first being held in the at delegates from this county meet in court v i v commission s be publicans Mohe ninth above Cotty Fertig stated to a hottest Codet Srejs of the although August had 5publlcan considering will be held at 2 o clock in the after extremely Ray two the month was Tare of the july was uni Donnly and temperature was of Hau that of Aust it was the wettest s f wet and since that a Good sized i m the Yard in the rear of the court were i at which time John a permanent organization was then i of and judge and Captain of the i the supreme court of the temporary iw1 providing the weather is was unanimously elected president of adorable if not it will be held in the fee and in a neat speech thanked the meeting in the even the audience for the Honor they had being will be addressed by Charles Emory run win in run him i Mif k Wiir to show cause Why the Pray ate counsel should sol text o the flied is september the following petition was filed with judge Ehrgood this afternoon to the honorable the judges court of Oyer and Ter Miner appropriate to the occasion of features at the coming ser k by of who succeeded after a number of endorsing the Chicago and nominees who is visiting she Lias a Clear i Sweet and powerful Charles i the accompanied her of e0rsan the democratic delegates met in con Bun mention at u20 Oclock this afternoon in m Tho court county chairman h Secretary Wui Mcadam read the r Fiat every Smith editor of of new Nat the Lebanon William of the sixth City controller of the seventh vice presi Olmsted of of Auer Juaiil it uie Unity and county of charging one Aaron who to on the s of in the City was in which were necessary to be found As facts before Law can possibly be no in estimation having been made As suggested by the mayor and and an opinion being it is therefore for me to Dis cover and find them As Best i May be Able in order that i your Mav comply with Enn Sylvania state weather Fenrir a Meadow Bank he w or n i Kenui of the co Are Ward matter of holding meeting throng Hont the different districts in Clab Are Ward West Canty Wall also brought up and favor the county did shoot John Smith with intent to kill that every available the same Day said Hain was arrested and i today All the committed that on May the bushels of which could not be used in said John Smith having in the mean time said Hani was held without i bail on the charge of murder that at i june session of your honorable court i services was the singing of a hymn writ1 follows ten entitled first wardroom is Geore Jet said 7thday Home which had in of ii ten for this an abundant k shoot a certain prof and vegetables b lurch will to donated to in widows fourth William kith Joseph pins the Shott seventh George Black i bar metrical was Adam Light these officers were All an increase of Inch unanimously Keiser Over that Mann 1 the in potion of Nomann in 55r Tilas Cut visited Foiani sips of Lisses Sallie and Over the mean barometer Reading of the tons ill the question of gaming the club was i Natarte a member of select Council from the third and h p a member of the same Branch from the sixth respectively president and cashier of the far pro the the president appointed the following i Point men to serve on the executive commit motion fifth John june Ait inst said Hain Ian session held this morning for murder and a True Bill found that i 9 i an indictment was presented to i at o i to n i n t i adjourned session of motion court j seventh f Tomb Capoand attorn was held i at said upon a motion of i if which they was Down and upon the final vote they voted in with typhoid fever and on the morning mayor of said ordinance without f this Day was in a critical ing the relations which existed at the his left Friday evening time Between them and the Bank that to i their Yotes on the final passage of the Shenk dealers on cum Model and Weiss Are overcome by workmen Al Colebrook furnaces narrowly labourers John Mike Steve and whose name could not be were overcome by was saturday morning at Colebrook Furnace while engaged in putting in a new were quickly lowered to Theroun and taken into the open where or Gingrich attended them and or dered the men to walked until the e facts of the Gas had be n the Good Samaritan ambulance a called out at 10 Oclock but the men were All Able to walk to their an Accident occurred at the Furnace Friday morning when the Bell ant Hopper fell into the a new Bell was secured in the evening ant workmen were engaged at work in placing it in position All at least a dozen Are reported to have been affected by the Gas during the but there were no serious new officers the new officers of the grand Home brotherhood of the were installed thursday at the state meeting at they Are past grand Charles Philadel phia grand Mary Philadelphia grand Jessie Philadelphia grand Fannie Columbia grand scroll Charles e Philadelphia grand Harry Philadel phia grand Bessie Leba anon grand watcher of Mary Philadelphia grand watcher of Kate Lancaster grand George George Busher Elizabeth the grand Home recommends the establishment of a Home for the Enk dry goods Bill were necessary for a Legal passage of Berland covered the Bill in other the air floor with a Beautiful pattern of Oil not have had a Legal majority of the which greatly improved the a members elected to your Branch without Yearance of the room the item further the votes of these two councilmen ays the Shenk Are thorough in fairness to said councilmen i also siness men and Are constantly striving find that prior to the final vote on said to please their Hill they consulted a competent and the Republican county committee met reputable member of the bar of Lebanon n the morning of this with one who served the City for sever Jacob Heilman in the the Al terms As City solicitor and who after assist the District attorney in said prose John g 6ted the county As president and was advised by him that their James Peter relations with the Bank did not interfere Alfred Stephen with their duties As councilmen this John All of town latter fact is mentioned Sim nov for the from the county were Abner reason that forfeiture of office is made of web Samuel seethe punishment for one who intention William Daniel ally violates the Law in the above Partick John n Illiam Martin Lar and that if there was a violation of Jeremiah it was made unintentionally and in George George no gently and should not work a forfeit t to air i on Quenet happened on the 1st of june while for the same sea son of the minimum temperature was on August 22 the warmest Day was the 9th of August its Man temperature being and the mean temperature of june 1st the coolest was humidity and the mean relative humidity waa and the mean Dew Deg f the rain measured being inches More than the rain of Latt there were 40 Rainy Days while during the summer of there were but 30 Days on which Inch or More of rain the the prevailing direction of the wind at 8 was and at 8 attorn was held this morning when judges ehr1 Neys for Tho a continuance of i Good and Light i said Case to september a petition was granted James weis1 r Kil was granted by your honorable court and i Ner and Stanley executors off the said prisoner recommitted without i John late of Tor i to it bail that although prior to the holding i an order of Sale to sell the real estate to or of the hearing in said prosecution pay the liabilities Are a Sonny Oral George Woomer and e had been employed to petition of Zach Light of Iris of Solomon for the appointment of Peter Bonn and David Ohnsat commissioners to make parti Tion of the september 13 is fixed As the Day for the Walker and of the first was elected ure of their office As but no matter what their intentions were or it or and James of what advice they if they had a per the third assistant Secretary tonal or private interest in that a Arfin Peter fourth was elected Lar and if that personal or pm eme scroll keeper of Tod ays successful the Friday says messes of this Horoath and John of formerly of this spent tuesday fishing for Bass in the Swatara near pal Lebanon they had a Fine Becker arrived Home on wednesday morning with three Fine the largest of which measured six teen inches and weighed Over two these quite Likely were the same three fish that Wilfson proudly displayed to Many of our citizens on tuesday which he claimed were caught by himself to wonder that he refused to pan with the two Pound Bass to one of his particular friends on Chest nut Street on tuesday evening when asked whether he had any to will be Dodo Cut september the new school House at newmans town will be dedicated on september 1r the different local societies will the Sheridan band has been the citizens of Newmanstown Are grading and beautify ing the surroundings of the school build ing and will Plain the Case in our Issue on thursday we stated that Timothy who Gate himself up before Alderman Booth had entered bail on the charge of in Justice to Sweeney we wish to state that the charge of desertion by his wife was settled and the Only one he is held for is that of assault and Battery on Constable Yate interest therein is the interest contemplated by the then it was their duty to disclose the name and refrain from voting a number of moulders from this place i ref1 View the Case in All its leading he conclude Daniel Carmany left on the morning of this Day for quite a number found Christian Shank left on the morning of this Day for where heat tended a meeting of the grand Lodge of the knights of the Mystic of which he was an on the morning of this Day Joseph residing in Cornwall township was thrown from his vehicle and was so severely injured that his life was despaired he was badly Hurt about the the following marriage notices appeared in this Days news on september 9 by the at the House of the brides David Bow of South to miss Lucetta of this on septem Ber by the Charles Moore to to miss Addie both of this the democratic county convention met on this Day in the United sixth and formed the following lows Des As Fol the percentage of the wind was 9 14 12 and 12 the mean direction of the wind was 47 blowing for a period of 26 76 the mean Force of the wind was ticket Gibso Lackson Samuel Thome n Bower an North Lebanon Lebanon John Lebanon Uriah Millcreek director of the Joseph bet Eljury Henry Lebanon associate Thomas Lon and Anthony Leba William Breslin was elected of the county committee by sat Roar a gut officer arms saturday night arrested Brooke Sterling for drunkenness and Dis orderly conduct a stranger who gave his name As James Reilly was arrested by officer Miller sat urday charged with drunkenness it is therefore my opinion that Section 10 does not apply to the question before me and that the personal or private in Terest therein mentioned Only compels a member to disclose his interest and re Frain from voting on any measure when such interest is Adverse to that of the City and m this position i am sustained by a number of decisions which Are not necessary to be cited the bicycle ordinance was considered and passed first the Bill was amended to include the carrying of a lamp after Sunset and before Enrico f Banock s Resolution directing the removal of the Safe in select Council chamber to the City solicitors office i enthusiastic missionary the woman Branch of the East Man conference of the United Brethren miscellaneous there were 38 29 fair and 25 Cloudy the average cloudiness was 46 per cent the first decade of the mean temperature of the first ten Days of september was f which is lower than the mean temperature of the corresponding period for the last nine and Deg below the mean temperature of the first decade of the mean maximum temperature was the mean and the mean daily 31 0 the maximum 91 0 was on the 3rd and the lowest on the 2nd the mean temperature of the 3rd the finance committee of the fifth Ward Jacob sixth and of the seventh the meeting was then adjourned to meet at the Call of the hustling first new members uniform chanced off at the Friday evening the first Ward Republican club held an interesting the committee on uniforms reported that about 40 members had signified their in Tention of getting uniforms and that they would shortly be ordered and urged All members to have their measure taken As soon As a committee on entertainment was of which Bordlemay is who will secure speakers for each meeting night to address the club on the issues of the after the business was Dis posed of Bordlemay delivered an excellent political address and was frequently ten new members were admitted to the club and they have a number of propositions not yet acted the committee who were Selling chances on a uniform chanced one Deputy recorder ram say and John being in charge of the the Large room was Well filled and All watched and wait Brandt arrested Fred hol and Fig Tini officer i Utji by saturday night on the the three spent the night in the after paying to Fine each they were working on Barren the Lebanon foundry and machine this sent a gang of in Christ convened at Elizabethville a last week and adjourned on notwithstanding the Stringency of the times the reports of the several local societies showed this Lart year to have been the Best financially in the history of the 357 so having been the following officers were elected for the ensuing year of Reading first vice Leba non second vice of Lebanon of Myerstown of boilermakers sunday evening to erect a Barren near the is in i of Avi Ham Hoffman and is composed of Harry Harry Bainbridge and John Christian Endeavor next sunday Christian Endeavor Day will be celebrated in St Pauls Evangeli Cal when a special service will be held at for which time an elaborate program will be prepared the will preach a Sermon appropriate to the Occa the discovery saved Falls Beaver says to Kings new discovery i owe my was taken i of this was elected Delegate to represent this Branch at the general Board which convenes in fan next miss Ellen a returned missionary from was present during the sessions which added greatly to the interest and enthusiasm of the the next annual meeting will be held at pal Myra next by Champion shot of the miss Annie Oakley writes myself and Many of the Buffalo Bill wild West have Given Allens foot ease the powder to shake into the a most thorough and it does ail if not More than you it instantly takes the sting out of corns and Allens foot ease is a certain cure for swollen aching or sweating sold by All druggists and shoe Sample of the coolest the the mean relative humidity was 304 the mean Dew f the mean barometer inches and the average 24 per cent there were two Rainy the 5tb and the rain amounted to or 055 of an Inch More than the rain for the first decade of september there was a to acre of rain on the sheriff properties bold by sheriff Stone saturday they at the court House on saturday the personal property of the following was sold by sheriff Stine Gideon Light the Michael eng for Keystone ice company to Jacob e Reinoehl for John Bishop to John Saylor for Benjamin and May Shuey to Henry Bross for Cleona Creamery company to George Woomer for Henry Fittery to Adam bomber Ger for Mary and Cornelius Black to Matilda Klink for George Feaser to Elizabeth Feaser for de until Bordlemay announced that the bolder of ticket 357 was entitled to the and those present closely examined their tickets but none held the Lucky the following which is Selex was forwarded to the com Mittee this morning office of daily and sem weekly 3426 sooth eighth to Chai Omav uni Foksim first Republican ticket the number which takes the club is held by this office enclosed find and we hereby presen uniform to the club for such use As theyse yours Light political the second Ward Republican club on Friday evening held one of their Usua enthusiastic meetings in their Hall Shenks was among the speakers present who made a most prominent Points of the terrible three Days encounter and the courteous treatment they received at his hands my Nib is a brother to the wife of George at one time pastor of Salem lutheran this attending Many Ira Secretary of the Alt Gretna Industrial this morn ing left for where he will at tend the Berks county he will also visit the Ahe town fair next he is attending these fairs in the interest of the and recently also attended a fair at my about the 1st of Kutter will leave for where he will spend several weeks at a Large flayed at during the absence of organist s Lukes Church who is at present enjoying a ten Days Vaca having Ridden to Philadelphia in company with his Calvin who Isander Bowmans creditably filled the position in that Church sunday morning Snyder possesses excellent musical abilities and is to be congratulated for officiating in such an Able Lebanon an arrested As a Elmer of enlisted in the United states army August 7 week afterwards lie deserted and the aug at it tha sent address Allen be Olmsted audit Esq auditor of the estate of John of held an audit hearing in the court Bouse Friday John Benson and Cappi were the attorneys for parties spoke at a school the new West Grove school building was dedicated today with interesting Henry this made an address during the exercises this Shantz Hill the 155th anniversary of the Jerusa Lem Church at West Lehigh will be sep tember will make an with la Grippe and tried All the physicians for Miles but of no Avail and was Given no and told i could not having Kings new discovery in my store i sent for a bottle and began its use and from the first dose began to get and after Siny three bottles was no and about it is Worth its weight in we wont keep store or House without it get free trial at Ross drug another cheap coat Stambaugh Haak will offer another cheap lot of ladies sizes 32 to 34 Worth from to the whole lot to go at the uniform Price of 10dtfbw2t diseases of miserable for us Are caused by external Deans ointment Iffla the com the with the William watchman at the ninth Street crossing of the Lebanon Valley is confined to his 240 South tenth with baggage master Mark Scull de from a severe attack of Hay saved from Joseph Engineer r North Lebanon res a Mongrel cur from death by starvation wednesday when he discovered it at the Bottom of one of t at cued hungry loot coate3 Tith known As Lebanon it was decided Friday eve Nim business meeting of company hereafter the organization shall be know locally As Lebanon a const tuition and bylaws were adopted an a an private Edward Euston were elected treasurer and Secretary of the compan lieutenant Vereean Corporal Edward Mcdevit William Mcdevitt and Herbert Man Beck were elected a Board of i was decided to meet every Friday even ing at 8 trolley Parry of the businessmen trolley party held Friday evening Over the lines o the electric Street railway Companie and was a Success in every respect the ride embraced a Hal hours stay at Ann Avon and Myerstown and a made in two open which were Bril Huntly illuminated with coloured lights the Perse band furnished music on the jul Olie a fj2s suit All those the Ekin that help to make elected an manager of the Hiorth Lebanon Anda Mem Ber of Sedgwick poet has been elected an Aid Decamp on the staff of commander Darte of the depart ment of win attend the convention District Deputy 513 nil Ford will attend the convention of District Deputy grand chancellors of the knights of which will beheld monday evening at Transfer san heirs of Lydia to for a in Jaitoon the Crystal Palace club will give a suit to the person who is fortunate enough to hold the Lucky the members Are now disposing of tickets Al one cent apiece and the person securing the but can have it measured to his m the the friends and relatives of John who was shot by policeman Aaron Hain on the evening of May 7 have employed Marshall Esq As additional counsel to help prosecute Hain when his trial takes buckles Arnica tax Brar Salve in the world for Salt fever chapped and All skin and positively cures or no pay it is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or Money Price 25 cents Ner for Bale by bog Delegate Miller secures a handsome badge at school controller of 926 Chestnut who was a Pennsylvania Delegate to the National Encampment at is the pos Sessor of the official badge presented to delegates by the City of Paul and was the passport to the the badge is a Beauty and is highly prize by the it is designed in four alternating Gold and across the top on a Bronze bar Are the Letoile do then comes a finely executed sheaf of wheat in horizontal Posi in the Center of the sheaf is the Seal of at either Side of the Seal appears 30th All artistically wrought in two Semi circular bars of Bronze Are suspended from the main on which is engraved in the Center of these is a Monogram forming the next Section forms a pretty Center piece in on which is an two the Spears of which reach the extended wings of the Eagle forming a below the Eagle is a with crossed shot and the lower portion is a five pointed Star of on which is a medallion portrait of a governor and on the reverse Side of the portrait is the presented by he citizens playans arty composed of misses e authorities have been keeping a Lookout Lor they were astonished this afternoon when Burke walked into the recruiting office and gave himself Omer Peters was summoned and placed him under and he was taken to jail Tor Safe in consideration of the prisoner surrendering himself voluntarily it is not thought his punishment will be very breakdown of a on saturday Between 4 and 5 o while Urich and of were passing the Eagle this on their Way homeward one of the front wheels broke Down which delayed them for a Little the buggy was taken to filberts liquor where another Bolt and which had been were last of the on sunday the largest and last excursion of the season to Atlantic City from this City and passed Over the with 300 persons from this including 100 More which were gathered up from along the and an enjoyable trip Over this celebrated route was time of the hearing of the aforesaid application for a continuance of said Case said private counsel appeared and were heard by the court upon said application in the presence of the District attorney and refused to consent to the granting of said but the District attorney having consented to a it was accordingly continued As above Sta Ted that at the time of said hearing said private counsel suggested to the court that any further preliminary motions should be made then or at such time that they could be disposed of before the next regular session of court that since said time they have interrogated differ ent persons with a View of securing Evi Dence to be used in the trial of said Case and have otherwise prepared to said District attorney in said prosecution that on september the District attorney notified said private counsel of Bis unwillingness to have them join in the prosecution of said Case by of which the following is a copy september Wood web and gentlemen some time ago i consented to have you act As private counsel for the purpose of assisting me As District a Torney in the Case of Upo the express condition that i was to b pay ets the Uati Ueo Easery and assets the order is made s Coj returnable september North Heil the petition of Zach Light it heirs Nathaniel of Solom Udo i w i Amos to be Here Klytta tinny Lodge 85 will entertain a prominent a committee on consist ing of Cyrus Spangler and have been appointed by Kitt tinny Lodge ancient order to make arrange South marshal Harry Henry s David consulted concerning the management o the tip to this late hour no con saltation hns been neither do i fee that the interests of the Commonweal fishing on the John Casper 3yrus Gerhart and George of this and James of left this morn no on a weeks fishing trip on the to Omac Royal Arcanum snit has been instituted against she preme Council of the Royal Arcanum by of this As guardian of and Heisey of the proceedings Are brought to recover a sum of local a Accra to a race meet will be held at Lancaster on september 24 when prizes t the value of will be awarded in the seven another meet will Reading on september 26 be held at when could be any the Subserve b having one especially in View o the fact that other private counsel has been retained by the friends and pm Plover of the dead Man who has con suited with we have concluded upon such a course of procedure in this matter As will Ren Der additional assistance altogether in i will therefore respectfully relieve you from any further attention to this very District that your Petitioner is verily believes and therefore avers that said private counsel were at no time notified of the desire of the District attorney to consult with them and that no time was fixed by him for such consultation Al though said private counsel were ready and willing to meet for such purpose at any reasonable time that he might have fixed that it was not an expressed condition upon the District attorneys consenting to said private counsel assisting him in the trial of said Case that he should be consulted concerning its Man but that he should have control of the trial of the which said Pri vate counsel were of Couse at All times willing to concede to that in View of said refusal at this Kunlai meeting on r nday september at 8 invitations have been sent to All the urging them to be Ven Bickel will explain a number of new changes in the which will also receive the attention of the grand in at the close of the meeting and cake will be pleasant at the Home of Samuel in North Annville we had the pleasure recently in com Pany with Riegel of spending several hours in the afternoon at the Home of Samuel in North Annville whose hospitable Fine fruit and live Stock made it a by no Means the least enjoyable waa the splendid supper by Kettering and her three companionable daughters the family have a variety of old plates and dishes and an old earthen air made in which is quite a Hospi Silas ate Day your Petitioner believes that the Worth of prizes will be Given away both meets will be participated in by local Martha misses Emma and mame Haner miss Bertha of renova r Martin and Carl Karmany this morning Eft for Penryn where they spent he Day playing the party is in Lonor of miss who is visiting the misses North eighth quite an miss Lillie l of 105 Mifflin who As Well As an excellent in Ician is also a firs class she re entry painted a Beautiful Cravon of three Lorse 32 inches and a Moonlight both paintings Are being displayed in Samuel Bowers Forth ninth Street tailoring establish she displays considerable skill n this line of be timed to misses Elsie Swartz and Ella of who have been the guests of and Robert spot of 12 Spring returned on the train Over the Road for their Home after a pleasant visit Here of four they made Many friends during their visit Sinjour Nln at Atlantic Gloninger and his family Are Jon Ning at Atlantic the visit is made mainly for the Benefit of their in fent who is reported to be in Oor new sane at the Mia Maria of this has succeeded miss of nurse at the Good Samaritan Lee Weidman is a graduate of Pabila Elphia returning to their Western Harry wife and of fort who spent several weeks in this City the guests of left sunday evening on their return they were much pleased with their visit accepted a of 341 North ninth this has accepted a clerk Shipin the Book and stationery store of witmeyer and entered upon his duties this untre for As a remedy for All forms of headache electric bitters has proved to be the very it effects a permanent cure and the most dreaded habitual sick head aches yield to its we urge All who Are afflicted to procure a and Eive this remedy a fair in cases of habitual constipation electric eaters cures by giving the needed tonic to the and few cases Long resist the use of this try it fifty cents and too at Boas 4 District attorneys refusal to permit the dining of said private counsel with him n said Case arises from a personal Anta ism against several of said private your Petitioner avers that i Florence of opinion by to the proper manner of proceeding in said Case has occurred and now exists Between m District and the Foresaid private counsel employed by he As above set where Are your Petitioner prays that the court direct Howard George Boomer and the private counsel employed by to con not the entire proceedings and to verify any indictments necessary to the same by their As fully As the same could be done by the District attorney and so your Petitioner will Ever John Julia Lebanon before Deputy clerk of he court of Oyer and personally appeared John the Petitioner above who being duly says that the facts set Forth in the above Peti so far As the name Are within his Are and so far As he has been informed of the same by others he verily believes that they Are John whom and subscribed before me the 14th Day of Deputy judge Ehrgood has set Hep temper at 2 As the time when the District attorney shall show cause Why the prayer of said Petitioner should not be i u aauoli1 Talvity reigns supreme in the Kettering Home and it is a great pleasure to pass sometime with the members of the Thrift and Industry every where Are evidenced on this attempted to and his As the result of continuous inf ered by reason of his Robert a aged 23 years at tempted to throw himself in front of an approaching electric car on the Lehman treet line on at the boarding House of he was pm Loyed at the Lebanon Industrial works but has been taken to his Home at Pine his mind is returning to the Ottmar wife and two f have gone to Philadelphia and tomorrow will set sail on the red tar for their old ome in where they will Schack and his family have Eside Dhere since last Samuel agent for the steamship com sold them their Bow Londonderry Elli Snave Jacob South and Jonestown Edward North Noah John South Moyer Charles h Frederich Newmanstown Morris Edward East i Samuel West Lebanon George John South South William South John aged 85 died a 3 o clock sunday morning after a Bri illness of general debility at the Home o his exc Ommon councilman Harry 360 North fifth he was born in Maryland and is survived b have Josep and the funeral will be held on wednesday morning with services i marys John Jons of died on sunday at his Home of general debility aged 68 he carried the mail a that place for Many years and was we known and John John a brother of Adam of this died septem Ber of heart at Minn aged o5 where he had been engaged As manager for the Hasca Mercan tile deceased was the eldest son of the late capt John Bechtold was born february in Jackson Lebanon and in 1859 Mamed Susan and removed to Jersey where his family re the interment was at Tulpehocken september j Welker conducted the selecting As his i 43 u1o deceased was a prominent member of members of appeals Harry Mann and Lydia Whit both of this the former of 429 Walnut have been appointed by the grand guardian a members of the committee of appeals of the Home com their associate is Toner of cholera cholera and All those other deadly enemies to the Little ones Are in Early closing declared the committee having in charge the continuation of the Early closing move ment has decided that in View of there being some opposition to said movement they discontinue the canvass and declare the matter and pay the Pennsylvania Bolt and nut con Pany paid the vim Ployer their regular the order of knights of pythias for Over 20 years and was a past his wife Susan died in March there survive the following children John Alexander and Annie wife of e All of Jersey his Catherine is now in her 83rd a and a wife of Adam Funck of this and a wife of Isaac of John John aged 50 died at he Hamburg Asylum on saturday after being confined in the institution he was formerly a resident of Union residing with his family near Borders Peter Burg Ner went to Harrisburg to brine the 1 Home for burial Aba i v Maclara late of Loo Cumberland was held at were held in Zion sent Michael cold George Christian Frick challenged the Dele Gates from cold Spring and chairman alter said the committee on credentials would look into the there was no committee of this and of were nominated for president of the the Fisher and reported Hersh having 47 votes to Elliott Hersh was conducted to the chair by r Elliot and Light and chairman Walter introduced the president responded to the introduction in a Brief speech in which he prom ised to exercise his Power impartially and thanked the delegates for the Honor conferred on tellers Borrell and Fisher declined o serve As permanent secretaries and the names of Wim Cadam were presented and they were elected by John Walters motion to suspend the regular order of business and proceed with the nomination of county com missioner was adopted and the names of Cornelius of Jackson Zim of North Cornwall John ii of the first Ward Hoff of Heidelberg of the second and of the fourth were after which balloting tellers Borrell and Fisher reported the result of the ballots As follows first Cornelius John William Cyrus second Cornelius John u William Cyrus Thiris Cornelius William the names of Rauch Hoffman were withdrawn at this time and the convention at once began ballot no for bit Cornelius 15 William 24 finn Cornelius 37 12 Villiam 2 the following ticket was placed in nomination by acclamation 15 2 3 19 10 28 13 0 3 20 30 11 3 23 0 fourth Wii am i the of the of Ann when eran bar interment was made at my Emil a pastor of b orphan8 f East ver Jacob of Wui in Siuze a k of Jonestown Bor Ough and Vicinity Are requested to meet in the Public so fool building that Mckinley and cured by fowlers ext of r n for the coming a full attendance a with
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