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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Sep 10 1896, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - September 10, 1896, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Twice a monday and to misday per twice a week monday and Tir arse per volume thus Day september Price a Heiser we Farich Terlicher Soche Gocht is is a he a suite loud Shoft Twenty years in Wil of Uwe in Mead Oarn Donza Zulma Dar in Ahrlich soil in h fire k on Vns Ere hic Kuniss of Der Anneyre Seit pm mister Duck i Taser nag but sch Weltle in Pluscht of Liis in Der Valley is fiddle Villa is hut about Pinezich he sur us de sin Oil about of a Side fan Der fur in Longe Zeit hut is Der Taume Coffee Ach Tettle Kot while de Einwohner you scat Coffee of Der Arndt Side troscht Over is is in alter Gepiga Schmieler about fun Ziti Yohr Zarick in de Valley Kumma in a Wor so pleased mid Der Lon Schaft Dos Aren warts aus ins Schoettle about Huun Wear Mol License Kot hut Warre about Kwa wet in Der Woch mfg Numma Donza Zug to Worra ols Hoch Babnich Zeita in de Buwe in Ujazd Ole Oneile wide Bei Koch demos de Donza in Sci Tettle sin Warre hut a Der Jahuie Fidd Lesville Lis is net Ous pm Fer de laser Fon Der sem weekly news Wissa Zug Lussa Wos Peru Birnis Schoettle Des Hen in debtor Wuen Mensch a Nice Epes Kaufma Kon Fonda sub Isbir Hie in doll Kwa Abner Dafu used Nix Oswie Alt Eisa War ols on Der Fen due Krauft for a poor cent under Onner Gricet veins Bei in Der a in Selle wart used Bei Olle guns Sennich hum Bug wart Drin Gar Viva us won Der Porter Scibor Fohr ols Bre Dicht Don Turna de Leit in Der Consa Valley Ous Fer Ihn Zug babe while eur in Kwa ech Procha of Amol Mir Hen Ahen factory we wind but la debt Fer political Ach Wetzer in dare he factory Luht of Lewellen order Filla for in party we Der wind de Bande a Boffa Hawks in Kwa Over Ken train the Dally news of two John elder and arrived in town monday elder waa at the time editor of the Indianapolis a brother in Law of whose guests they were during their stay in of left on the morning of this Day on an extended trip to Watkins Montreal and other a Mountain lass arrived on the Pine Grove train on the morning of this Day with a Large Quantity of they were retailed at 10 cents per quart and were rapidly disposed Walter Deitzler brought to the news office several Large some of them measured 9 inches in Circum Ference and when put on the cd he stated that yet larger peaches were taken from the Trees than those mentioned on the morning of this Day a number of citizens left for the Centennial to witness the test of the different steam fire engines which took place on this and the following among others who left were Adam John Laudermilch Jclarence Uhler and Weimer Dorwart and colonel Seltzer left wednesday for Myerstown to procure a Hall in which to give an elocution Ary they secured the Good will tuesday afternoon a fire broke out in the House occupied by George and Joseph in Millcreek close to the driving Park of the lire was occasioned by a defective flue in the ceiling of the wednesday evening a meeting of the marshals of the different fire companies was held in the court House for the nor pose of making arrangements for the annual Parade of the fire department on september the meeting was pre sided Over by chief Engineer Charles Albright the following were the marshals John Lenich George Spang Edward Gebhard Adam Behney per not represented items caught up on a Dull Day by news Smith and ool Vot will speak in tie court House saturday evening september John Wanamaker unable to be to speak in later in the county chairman John Fertig has been notified by John p state chairman of the Republican of the inability of John Wanamaker to make an address at the ratification meet ing in this City on september the opening of the Campaign in this state treas of new will speak instead with Charles Emory of Philadel Wanamaker desires to speak in this City and chairman Fertig says he will arrange for a meeting on a Date suit Able to the Emmi formal letter of the demo cratic htdob8e8 the whole plat poem the be May Walt awhile until More Feulne net Toni be elected he will not again become a those who offered injury yen the military and naval country is a Dentyl like the United relies service rather than non a Large Jade Neadem District thursday the of habby to the Methe non Rodning Dame 1 addresses delivered by be the producers or wealth create the nations Prosperity in time of peat fourth re and Daniel Light hold caption tuesday the residence of and Daniel following is the full text of the letter of Bryan accepting the democratic nomination for the it waa Given ont this afternoon Stephen White and members of the notification committee of the demo cratic National convention accept the nomination ten ered by you on behalf of the democratic Par and in so doing desire to assure Yon that i Folly appreciate the High Honor which such a nomination confers and Tho grave Respo Sibil an election to the Deacy of the United so deeply am i impressed with the magnitude of the Power vested by the Constitution in the chief executive of the and with the enormous in fluence which he can Wield for the Benefit or injury of the that i wish to enter the if free from every personal de sire except the desire to prove worthy the and defend the nations Flag a time of peril their interests Onchit at All tunes to too Nam ered by those who stand in official the democratic party has Ever found Vot ing strength among those who Are proud to be Cammal i Mccurdy and of a Liau some trans one of the most enthusiastic meetings and Otto township is necessary to protect the Maiese Fineto of the Republic exercise of every political right and in the Eam during this was at twelfth and Cumberland their thefts discovered and arrest follows within three Man atm after the match applied it stun Pichert the Bla people witnessed la Workings after Belnac driven thro Nch the their s it i d Buo us Bro w prove Woritny me Oil tenth was con Dence of my human judgment Frank i e scene a pleasant gathering of fallible enough when unbiased by selfish lives and tuesday the occasion being the fourth anniversary of tem Ltd to use patronage of the office to their fortunate can my axed determination not under in being present they were the recipe any circumstances to be a candidate for re cats of Many Hearty election in Case this Campaign results in my i have carefully considered the platform id opted by the democratic National Conven i Dorso each Plank is con seat civilization because it opens before each individual the greatest opportunities for development and stimulates to in used ice us Liola Ier divil Wardt Auer moist Olle Wile in Pohr Eliu fun Linlie Franjo in Der 011 her Drickel a Micua Linkwun Ahr Wil Fer pcs sin Kwa Duckter in Sci Tettle in Drei in Der Valley under Dave Oll swis ser will Mir Sauna Jis Ous Dahra to Hen Par Ehing eur will Miah a Ajja Dos in Duckter of Leweis in Der Valley rum pile Rad Rickfelder Diedreck used Fer Der Kinner Zug so in Duckter sed Mil fable Oier is cos a Warra so Dos de Leit Ihn Rieche Kenna Eba Brona Bous a Bisa Schmidt we Nix of Wie Grunt me Flinta mocha for Hausa Zug Chiesa we Minnich Livvel de Meiler factory is in foil de Lescht Woch sin shout Kwa Duizend Ihrer Meiler eiga bended retch Bevvie Elf Gloster hols Der Dawg is about de amount of de Heck fens factory Raus Unser fire Kompany de ring Tail Wella in Pic lie Holta be Long ins Felt Moyers Busch in de Lumer Richville band dust de Musick is blotter Backis choir will sing a in Ihram Bechte in Oil de Kond Dawda in pm county Wella Intress Drin Ahns will Ich de picnic wart net of in Sun Dawg gah Olta while de Buwe in Zug Der Kompany Kahr tin Ihre de Hen Tiel respect for seller is sell in Parade a get Yaun de Lebi iou lire Kumpaniez Warre Oil Essellen win Emelil factory about Warra nags it of Schoettle for wind Zug corporations Zug Eupelia for Street wind Gabro Chene Patent right Fowle fend Moonlight Unuer Edison Niit Seiner a Birnis Kannes net Fidd Lesville hut Nocoli fill Oungre bus Ness enterprises we net of so in Grosz Manier Acca Driva wart of de we in mentioned Hob Over Sie mocha Geld Yousch net of som a Grosza Noufa is is in or Riga saunter de Leit War re orig 150 Yohr is Gorke police unlock in de gute site Sor Brinna we Mir is Wasser Fon 50 Bis Ioc fies one Der Kehli Ardt Raus bump in s Frish Wie ice so in Schoettle i net Olle Dawg Zug Deu Alt Claka Clara aged about 52 died wednesday night at her 1105 Cumberland of Gen eral a Long text House for Many Vears for her Cyrus who is two sous survive Lewis aged three Vears Aud nine a son of and Edward of 10u South third died on wednesday from an attack of the funeral will be held Friday skank Frank residing at aged about 30 died on her death having been caused by typhoid she was the wife of rank one of the school directors of Union and a Daugh Ter of David she was a beloved Mother and highly respected in the com she leaves to survive her a husband and four or live the funeral will be held on Friday Momine at Walmers Annie Annie Nee of died on tuesday morning of typhoid aged 34 her body will be interred at Walmers Church on Friday at 9 Smoll will she leaves a and five children to mourn her the youngest but six years the invited guests began to arrive shortly Oclock and from that time on the Beautiful widows t was a scene of gaiety and commo two i those Harrr a democratic form government is con Risner Ana Edward Shott and do Civ to the highest civilization because it Edward and opens before each individual the greatest of and porn cities for development and stimulates to Monroe Strickler and mrs we th8 Ebest Endeavor by insuring to each the Heilman and Charles i ail tie rewards of toil sex Strickler and Howard and Walter misses Mary and Emma to it deals miss Liura miss Belle with Tho individual rather than with his an this and miss democracy ignores differences in jmj1m1vo1 to Long Ana in uie 1 Vulio wtt3 Joyent of their just share of the rewards at it Nat at their regular meeting held in cold Man Institute Maple Street wednes Day president Boston i desire to give special emphasis to the Plank i which recommends such legislation As is Neceia immediately after the business ses not a new it is simply an Extension of i of the erection of a handsome the court of lie Labouring men of the with the in nmn Tryhane expressed for arbitra1 dependent District Industrial in Aud Tho Railroad cannot reasonably Obi front of their Hall of Thev traction against the growing inconvenience and and introduced the glee Emba Mirament occasioned by disputes Bei Clad composed of Leader tween those who own the great arteries of i county chairman John r Fertig Stan the one and the Ley William Fertis John on the i try n to huh in operation was As soul Stobs they entered stares in this City and snatched goods from the several stores visited by them monday three lodged in monday evening Between 8 and 9 in the presence of a crowd numbering Oclock Gilbert Murray Ristenbatt at least the new chemical Harry Brough entered the gents engine of the Lebanon chemical engine i furnishing store of Erb and insurance patrol company waa Given i eighth and Cumberland and a successful teat at twelfth and Cumbe stated that they were getting ont an and land wednesday under i ver Tising and wanted the firm to the most Advent As the take a which was while crowd Persia gently packed itself about of them was conversing with or the engine and made its operation diffi1 Eto the other two left and after the Trio cell nevertheless the teat was entirely i had gone ont it waa found that an unit waa sometime before 6 Oclock when on who operate of the Henry i molten Euston while the democratic party welcomes to the and who Sang in Fine country those who come with love for our in voice labourers lament and Fomo stint tons and with the determination and be ind at once Boutte Ards of toil sex Cepic Euch contribution As is necessary to sup port the government which protects him democracy indifferent to it deals dumping of Tho criminal classes upon our shores and to the importation of either Pau per or contract labor to compete with Amer ican Wilhelmina neither riches nor poverty can be in during the evening the misses Miller voted behalf of or against any de the guests present enjoying risks i sets of duets and it welcomes All to a common Ine Interior of the residence was guarantees equal treatment to no matter through what forms they and later in the evening a most delicious i with their repast was a dual honest differences of opinion have Ever sex Church cases continued isted eve will exist As to the most effective Means of securing Domestic tranquil Trinity and eighth Street evangelical i citizen fails to recognize at All Church times and under All circumstances the also of Trinity and Dohner and Daugh the erty restraining them from exercising any pastor i he Public in a government like ours Law Tut tha Eristal ligation of the of without it the citizen is neither mint of life and Liberty which Cial session of conference last waa defend Tho Constitution and Ensor government in s pledged to Tho Laws on motion of the United and it is also pledged to solicitors for defendants the court made i Respet preserve the dual scheme of gov eminent instituted by the founders of Tho re the name United states was happily it combines Tho idea of National Lizzie Border wins her the arbitrators in the Case of Lizzie Border John Mcknight Tina morning returned a verdict in favor of the Plain Tiff for the arbitrators Peter Hauer and John Bright fixed for september solicitors for defend the following order defendants above the time for and suggests an indissoluble Union of inde Ling an answer and argument in the str Tibie our revolutionary above is extended to october fearing the tendencies toward on the same Day the court continued we of dangers of the time for filing answer to Bill of As evangelical a Nurali Case to october they it will be noticed while the United states guarantees to every state a Republican form of government Aud is empowered to protect each state against it a not authorized to interfere in the Domestic affairs of any state except upon the recent abuses which have grown out of injunction proceedings have been so emphatically condemned by Public opinion that the Senate Bill providing for trial by jury in cer Tain contempt cases will meet with general the democratic party is opposed to it would be Recreant to its duty to the people of the country if it recognized either the moral or the Legal right of these great aggregations of wealth to stifle bankrupt rivals and then prey upon corporations Are the creatures of and they must not be permitted to pass from under the control of the Power which created they Are permitted to exist upon the theory that they Advance Public and they must not be allowed to use their Powers for the Public the right of the United states government to regulate interstate Commerce cannot be and the necessity for the vigorous Turciso of that right is becoming More and More the interests of the whole people require such an enlargement of the Powers of the interstate Commerce commission As will enable it to prevent discrimination be tween persons and places and protect patrons from unreasonable the government cannot afford to disc rim Djate Between its debtors and must there fore prosecute its Legal claims against the Pacific such a policy is necessary for the Protection of the rights of the patrons As Well As for the interests of the Tho people of the United Happy in the enjoyment of the blessings of free govern fuel a sympathy toward All gators son of sex county com missioner of left itt j j f r i dumb slip Tui mrs 01 any state except upon on wednesday for where he application of the legislature of the will enter the Sophomore class of Frank Lin and Marshall Benson is keel in six sunday school of Cerii the zip sunday of Avon held their annual meeting on Monda 5 to elect officers for the when the following were elected Peter Haines vice Edwin Swope Secretary Krick Moses Kreider Stephen Light assistant Spengler superintendent infant miss Bechtold assistant superintend ent infant William Saltzen assistant George Jacob Stoner Noah Light set i Kay pm charged from William of Indiantown Gap who was sentenced to i months confine ment in the county jail for larceny was discharged from that institution on tues medical the medical Board of pension examiners met on wednesday at the United states hotel and Exa lined two applicants for Laree Corn Henry a prosperous residing near raised this rear some tall three of them were measured and each found to be 12 feet s inches in All those itching diseases of the skin that i Elp to make life miserable for is Are caused by external Doans ointment kills the parasite and cares the perfectly never distressing kidney and bladder Dis eases relieved in six hours by the new great South americas kidney this new remedy is a great Surprise on account of its exceeding promptness in pain in the Jack and every part of the urinary Pas sages in male or it relieves re mention of water and pain i passing it almost u you want Quick and cure this is your sold y Leni Bergera and icons personal of 506 Korth seventh on wednesday evening Eft for whither she had been ailed on account of the sudden and ser Ous illness of her p m Bartlett left this morning for me where he will transact Busi of returned at noon from of is visit ing his family in this Sarah of Mother of is visiting in this of Union were in town William Bross and of Union spent the Day with friends in this miss Mary daughter of exre Corder Henry of Union was in town miss Lillian Obeirn and miss Anna of who have been guests of miss Bertha Weaber at the Laurel North eighth have returned of clerk for Benjamin receiver of the defunct National of that was in town Vallie Newhard and miss Joel of North ninth today at miss Maggie Saleslady in the Soston Novelty is spending part of Ier vacation with friends at and Albert Garver and Katie and of 342 North a graduate of the City High and completed the studies of the freshman year at Lebanon Valley Ann during the last four years he taught school at front Midway and and holds a professional certificate under county superintendent with the Emanuel of Crosskill Berks who is suffering with heart disease and nervous Prostran is gradually improving tinder the careful attention of of this Mark baggage agent at the Leba non Valley is confined to his 537 North seventh with an attack of Hay Flag and pole every Effort is being made by the com Mittee in charge of the Mckinley and Hobart Flag and pole raising on saturday at to make it one of the grandest events of the presidential Campaign of 1s96 in this prominent speakers have been engaged to address the meeting on the the famous Sheridan band has also been engaged to furnish letters letters testamentary have Bern granted on the estate of Esther late of Bethel to Rebecca Ober letters of administration were also granted Benedict Eckert on the estate of Mary late of this her daughter who boards at the Valley left on the 1 Oclock train for where she will visit her Emma who con ducts a Large millinery store she received a letter on tuesday evening stating that her daughter was ill and obliged to take her prominent officials pass wednesday noon a special train of two one of them the private car read containing general manager l vice president Vorhees and Snopl of the passed through Here on their Way to non the application of the executive when the legislature cannot this provision rests upon the sound theory that the people of the acting through their legally chosen be cause of their More intimate acquaintance with local better qualified than the president to judge of the necessity for Federal those who framed our Constitution wisely determined to make As Broad an application of the principles of local self government As circumstances would per and we cannot dispute the correctness of the position taken by them without express ing a distrust of the people since governments exist for Tho Protection of the rights of the people and not for their no expenditure of Public Money can be justified unless that expenditure is Neces sary for the economical and efficient administration of the in determining what appropriations Are necessary the interest of those who pay the taxes should be consulted rather than the wishes of those who receive or disburse Public an increase in the bonded debt of the United states at this time is entirely without sex the Issue of interest bearing Bonds within the last few years has been defended on e ground that they were necessary to secure Gold with which to redeem United states notes and Treasury but this necessity has been imaginary rather than instead of exercising the Legal right vested in the United states to redeem its Coin in either Gold or Sil the executive Branch of the government has followed a precedent established by a former administration and surrendered the option to the Holder of the this administrative policy leaves the government at the mercy of those who find a pecuniary profit in Bond the fact that the Deal ers in Money and securities have been Able to deplete or protect the Treasury according to the changing whims shows How dangerous it is to permit them to exercise a controlling in fluence upon the Treasury the government of the United states when administered in the interests of All the people is Able to establish and enforce Ite financial policy not Only without the Aid of but in spite who Are endeavouring to secure like blessings for this while respecting All treaty is especially Earnest Wheir excited by the Trug the cd ure near enough to observe of a government which derives All its authority from the consent of the civil that Tho american people Are not la favor of life tenure in the civil service is evident from the fact thut As a make fre quent changes in their official representatives when those representatives Are chosen by bal a permanent office holding class a not in Harmony with our a fixed term in appointive except where the Federal Constitution now provides would open the Public service to a larger number of citizens without impairing its the the territorial form of government is temporary in its nature and should give Way As soon As the territory is sufficiently advanced to take its place among the new Oklahoma and Arizona Are entitled to and their Early admission is demanded by their material and political inter the demand of the platform that officials appointed to administer the government of the the District of Columbia and Alaska should be Bona fide residents of the territories or District is entirely in keeping with the democratic theory of Home j am also heartily in sympathy with the Decla ration that All Public lands should be reserved for the establishment of free Homes for Amer ican the policy of improving the great Waterways of the country is justified by the National of those Waterways and the enor Mons tonnage borne upon experience receiving rounds of after which splendid music was rendered by the Lebanon Elm was the first speak on the and Bis address w mostly confined to the Tariff h dwelling at length on this which he admirably Geo woo me was then introduced and i h usual political dwelt chiefly Upo the Money which is agitation the minds of the voters of this count Philip candidate for the made one of h characteristic speaking Upo the issues of the Campaign in Genera at the close of each speakers remark they were loudly after the mass meeting of the Evenin had a meeting of the exec Tiv committee of the club waa at which capt Euston also when the matter of equipping the club and adopt ing the uniform waa a committee of three were appointee to consult with the other committees o the several City Ward clubs prior to arranging to go to Jonestown on the 26th at which place a Large mass meet ing will be when it is expected that Many members of the club and the Lebanon band will an excellent program rendered in seventh Street lutheran Church wednesday the annual convention of this which Lias been in session for two Days in the seventh Street Lump a nmn Ber of canes were the latter were found on the pave the Advance guard of the crowd put in in front of the but the us an appearance at the vacant on i Brella waa the matter was reported which had been erected a Frame building i to officer who reported it to chief miss Martha Motzer and Gettel United in Wedi tuesday 27 at the residence of the new 433 canal heated at the tuesday evening at 7 number of relatives and Fric Nils of at canal Street to witness the ceremony of Misa Martha daughter of and Jacob to Ephraim a Ham fifth ant Shortl after the time apr ii the bridal party car the Down Taira miss Kathryn Harpel a wetly Tinct by played Mendelssohn a and a the charming strains 01 dote played died r pastor of the seventh the Interior of which waa filled the engine in the meantime Sandos dry goods j awaited the bridal Parv num1 and notions store waa visited where the in the following Nidd b 11 j in j i of of Tot Blu we cd u1o i Luk her was swelled into the a too tried another they went in costume of Cream Satin anal m Cream Satin be arrived the Small boy air n very much in evidence by Emit Ting earsplitting screeches and whistles but r m my a Yonng boy employed i ensue sat no Gnu and said they wanted to 6nv Carr tug Enlal the Bride Black he told them the beaut Iraq As the 55 e pretty i i Pou Avi i j eng me aved pan which he refused to give he then Andes Aldand handsomely was s they Woad go to the Back part with Cream ribbon is As the horses of the store to pay for the and carrying a pretty i1 Stond they made a sudden break for the i roads might by front door and it was then found the male members of to a pair of Black Hose and a pair of drawer i were become ugly attired in even in had been Milton shutter acting is Best Zied with excitement it m would be made at tenth Are the guests of Carvers near miss Mary North seventh who was spending her vacation with her Addison of near returned Home tuesday miss Bertha daughter of of is visit no her Robert Heilman on tact not Street Frank Kern and were i the City miss Sadie of was in town William who is employed t the commercial advertiser new t returned to Eddie son of Deputy sheriff David who has been spending his summer vacation in this City this morning left for where he will again resume his studies at the institution for the deaf and buildings will be a number of the smaller buildings on the grounds at the insane Asylum at which have been occupied As will shortly be extensive improvements Are also being made at the water and who is vacation with his father at Wasin town Elsherif Ffrank of East Hanover greeted friends at the Kephart at county conventions of sunday schools Are being held this week in Clearfield and Kller c 3 of Secretary of the state association of sunday conducting the proposed Woods United evangelicals will hold a Woods meeting in Gingrich near of any opposition which syndicates May pre to assert that the government is depend ent upon the Good will or assistance of any portion of the people other than a constitutional majority is to assert that we have a government in but without vital National Bank the position taken by the platform against the Issue of paper Money by National Banks is supported by the highest democratic author As Well As by the interests of the the present attempt of the National Banks to Force the retirement of United states notes and Treasury in order to secure a basis for a larger Issue of their own illustrates the danger which arises from permitting them to Issue their paper As a circulating the National Bank being redeemable in lawful has never been better than the United states note which stands behind and yet the Banks persistently demand that these United states which draw no shall give place to interest bearing in order that the Banks May collect the interest which the people now to empower National Banks to Issue circulating notes is to Grant a valuable privilege to a favored surrender to private corporations the control Over the volume of paper and build m a Tolaas which will claim a vested inter i a Iwu Eton car United states Oom Montuy known a being redeemable in either Gold or Silver at the option of the government and not at the option of the Are safer and cheaper for the people National Bank notes based upon interest bearing the Manroe a dignified but firm maintenance at the for eign policy first set Forth by president Mon Roe and reiterated by the presidents who have succeeded instead of arousing hostility is the Best guarantee of amicable relations with other it is better for All concerned that the United states should resist any Extension of euro Peon authority in the Western Hendi phere has demonstrated that continuing appropriations Are in the end More economical than single appropriations separated by Lone inter the it is not necessary to discuss the Tariff ques Tion at this whatever May be the individual views of citizens As to the relative merits of Protection and Tariff All must recognize that until the Money question is fully Aud finally settled the american peo ple will not consent to the consideration of any other important taxation pre sents a problem which in some form is continually and a postponement of Defi Nite action upon it involves no sacrifice of per Sonal opinion or political but the crisis presented by financial conditions cannot be tremendous results will follow the action taken by the United states on the Money and delay is the people of this sitting As a High must Render judgment in the cause while greed is prosecuting against the decision will either give Hope and inspiration to those who toil or shut the doors of mercy in presence of this Over shadowing Isio differences upon minor questions must be in order that there May be United action among those who Are determined that Progress toward a Universal Gold Standard shall be staid Aud the Gold Aid hover coinage of the Konsti Tuzun a we preserved old Elizabeth of 1029 cheat nut residing next door to her Samuel who Sev eral months ago celebrated her 90th birthday on wednesday assisted in boiling Apple Gerhart is one of the oldest female Resi dents of this City and although 90 years Theran being attended by Many people interested in this particular Good work and on wednesday evening the Church was crowded when an excellent was published in the news of was rendered and the entire program carried the Soprano Solo by master Clyde of the collection re citation by miss Lorena beam were particularly enjoyed by the audience As was also the eloquent and Able address on the new by h pastor of Pauls evangelical with his Clear and Power Ful voice held the closest attention of Hia during the evening a number of per sons from Myerstown and Annville arrived in the trolley cars and were ent to enjoy these interesting will a housing Republican meeting to held Friday on wednesday evening the executive and room committees of the fifth and sixth Ward Republican held an important meeting at the Valley House among the matters brought up was the renting of a suitable room in which to meet during the the room committees reported favourable and stated that the North ninth Street Market House had been secured and the committee will recommend to Consoli Date the sixth and seventh wards at the meeting Friday when All i Uit a i Ucucu i out bar a a psf on hour in it seems that the store of Gantz Hoffman and Behr dry goods on co Beffi Nsheiw the three gentlemen an Opportunity to witness the test it was also Here they de Iaea in the lapels of their the i trained themselves at the Book Beautiful Dahlia roae after their arrest Gantz in stands in the parlor identified the pocket a it had his 8cene a pretty o clock tuesday morning on Wai of twelfth Street and the Load where the crowd awaited its arrival and testing waa required some eni Ringering to re1 be engine at the desired location and Ihen manager and Auperin indent of the in Avegon manufacturers of the declared he Ould not begin the test until the crowd my fallen Back from around the chief Engineer Frank Motzer and his assistants with members of the chemical company finally succeeded in stretching opts about the engine and House and Leld the crowd two Hundred feet f Hose were unwound and placed in Ead Inesa when Morria of 115 Forth tenth applied the match to be combustibles in the Chiel Motzer gave who had Barge of the the signal when the melding was seemingly engulfed by the been the time for to 8 had arrived and Lents in abundance were served which waa in charge Jug by the who states that no resistance was made mrs by either of after their arrest Benney and Edward Sander they were searched when underwear i attended to the want be ongins to and a pocket Book i Ruth o belonging to were found it has since been Learned the tried to sell the umbrella at the Bride and Groom a c i uui4 go Quill Ili f that they m this City and Are Active t i the United of seventh Street states hotel and the pocket Book at the the Groom being Central at which places the officers Bolt nut where he i to their it seems Tauy that the advertising scheme used to beat la take up their residence at merchants has at last been nipped in the which had been for the of the Yonne on the secon men Nan Homi i in nov men has been y pretty and useful gifts Wei the three were lacked in the police b7 who visited the h three minutes iter the match waa applied the last ves the be froma Ynar the engine Haa a capacity of 300 of age she is a Well preserved lady and highly regarded throughout the visiting relatives George of Green Mercer is the great of his Deputy prothonotary Bressler visited his Mother and relatives in East Hanover township and will return Home this republicans Are earnestly requested to be present for the purpose of effecting a permanent the fifth Ward committee on membership has already enrolled 125 Mem nothing As yet has been definitely decided in reference to but it is expected the matter will come up at the meeting tomorrow enter tanned of 5p the ladies Aid of Trinity Church met at the Home of on North ninth wednesday a business meeting was held with Twentyfive Persona pres including the and a Beautiful recitation by Misa Winona Kehler comprised the program which followed the business the who is the president of the provided tool some refreshments which were appreciated by these weekly meetings Are a source of help a Well a entertain my to All who afternoon vane shinier and miss Agnes Krall become husband and at 5 Oclock this evening at the Home of the brides and Mac Cyrus 828 Scull miss Agnea Krall was married to vane Shiffler by pastor of the first United evangelical the ceremony was witnessed by Only the relatives and intimate friends of the trading the service waa solemnized in the Par the bridal party entered the room preceded by two Little Flower missed Carrie and Mabel daughters of who wore pretty dresses of woe and White materials and carried baskets of Sweet and master Lee who also carried the same kind of the Bride looked pretty in her gown of White silk with Mulle and rib Bon trimmings and carried a Cluster of Beautiful White she was attended by her Misa Jennie who wore a dress of Cream brocaded cloth and a bouquet of the Groom and Hany of wore the conventional the Ushers were William Mark and Harper Ely Mendelssohn wedding March was beautifully played by miss Maude who was formerly one of the brides As the bridal party entered the morning at 10 two charge of larceny were brought against one waa the larceny of a pair of drawers and a pair of Hose from Peter Sandos store and the other an umbrella from Erb Cramers store they failed to enter the bail required in each must answer at Cal Bart Murray Ludden lilt Harry Bro High Given u Gilbert Murray Ristenbatt an Harry who were arrested on tuesday morning by chief Stine and officer charged with the larceny o a pair of stockings and drawer from Peter Sands store and an umbrella from Erb were Given a of suing before Alderman Booth at ii o clock thie Erb Cranmer both testified that these Young men were seen a their store on monday evening Tea after they had and live min the missed the umbrella which he and Erb identified As be ing their property at the hearing this beginning on septem Ber the meeting will be in charge freed while services Wal get Hue be conducted by different rather than invite the continual irritation which would necessarily result from any at tempt to increase the influence of monarchical institutions Over that portion of the which has been dedicated to Republican gov can afford to Beju lust to h de pole Balsino at the Bells a Mckinley and Hobart pole will be raised next wednesday evening at the Heilig West of this the speakers have As yet not been chosen but will be selected from the local sex Pounders of Republican Oyster an Oyster supper and tie party will be held on in Hof Cleius Hall refreshments will be served and the a metropolitan band will Render some of its choicest it pro Mises to be a very pleasant Railroad the employees of the com wait Leb anon Railroad company were paid their wages for the month of an when treasurer Allen i Over the guessed the for some time the members of the Junior Aid society connected with the first Baptist third and Wann sold guesses on a Large Glass a holed with pieces of the count ing took place on saturday evening an it was found that the Jar contained 32i pieces of the Correct number guessed by miss Verna Mcchalicher aged six residing on East Walum who waa awarded the presented a communion for some time the Yonng ladies connected with the Junior Aid society of he first Baptist h h third and Walnut have been collecting Means for the purpose of purchasing a communion bet for the and on sunday the society presented a Beautiful frosted Sil ver com traion paid a John of Indiantown Gap this afternoon appeared before Alderman Booth and made an affidavit that he had killed a wild cat in the he later appeared before the Contr com missioners who paid him hia2 which the Law allows for killing an animal of Thia after the when the Yonng Ingle had received the Hearty congratulations of those they with the guests repaired to the dining room in which the wedding dinner was served the table waa tastefully decorated with Palma and later they left on a wedding trip which will embrace adjourns at the seashore and Vinita to East Ern they will reside the Bride received Many Beautiful and costly presents of glassware Linen and variola other the Bride a the eldest daughter of and Krall and is a finished having been awarded the Gold and Silver Medala by the Sisters of of this under whom Ahe she is of an amiable disposition and has a Host of friends who wish her All Joy in her new found the Groom is the Only son of and John of 25 North sixth and is a graduate of the univer sity of he is a having been a student in the offices of Wil Ham of Thia he is Well known and has a Host of Clarence darkes and William clerks in Sandos store were next the former recognized the three men and said they were the men who were to tanning at the counter where the hosiery and under Wear were and the two former gentlemen identified the article stolen John proprietor of the Union ninth and Chestnut Ste Eta testified that Beck offered him theml Brella and said he bought it for 50 cents Beck having been there about 7 m monday a h Leader of the grand Central waa sworn and said Riat Enatt had offered to sell the umbrella at the United states and that Beck and Brong came in afterwards and offered a purse for Samuel bartender at the United states corroborated Jacob Driver for the Iron City said Broch bad offered to sell the to s chief Milliard Leinbard and Thomaa stains also the us Brelia was identified by Erb Craumer Alderman Booth held the Trio in 8200 bail each for september criminal a pall or water i unions new of the new Wheeling miss Miriam of Campbells in company with Edgar Hei of tuesday Rode o their wheels from Campbellstown an were guests of their Thomas i 743 Monument m Heilman will spend several Days before returning to Inanna not company the Law Mutual storm and Lightn no company Haa been granted a carte which waa recorded the com Piny Baa no capital Risser is president vice president John treasure and Seth electric electric bitters is a Medicine suited or any but perhaps More Gener ally needed when the languid exhausted Eeling when the liver a Lork and sluggish and the need of a tonic an asked to Fern lab county chairman Fertig has been re Quested to furnish speakers to make an on when fee seventh eeg Anent band will observe is first the event is Bei i the Yonng hens Rednou iterate is Felt a prompt i Vertex use of Tel Uto Medicine Baa often averted Lone and per haps fatal Hions no Medicine will act More surely in counteracting an freeing the system from the malaria constr dizziness yield to electric and f Loo per bottle at Boss drug win an Deputy superintendent of pub ii will make an afternoon at the Dedaj Camion of wat has a experience of 85 on september first a Beer who Haa a National reputation took charge of the Union brewing com Tia and since that time has inaugurated new ideas into this Well known Gerber comes Here highly recommended and Bringa to the Union brewing company an experience of 25 years in the he is a gentleman whom it is a pleasure to meet has Little to Bat what is said con Vinces one that he understands his Bai he is busily engaged in Auperin ten dog new improvements now in Progress and says when they Are completed the Union brewing company product will equal any now in the mar Beer will speak for itself said the management of the brewery will be continued by g and Many other articles which w especially during the evening Royance waa experienced As the m was performing the by Ren on the who pretended state a Calitha Motian electric railway car of Lihue stunt Wiik 1larad at Kumleh to Pratl Light and Killinger attorneys for the electric have entered a Rule on the lowing plaintiffs to file statement Mand for injuries in Days or judgment George Ulrich and his dais a the Lebanon railway also for damages sustained Liet now for the n Henry Heilman plea of not guilty have also ered in the cases brought by the of ing plaintiffs for damages abstained Jacob Abraham Martin Henry Martin Jacob Gabriel k Henry a Westheffer and Frederick Mckinley and Hobart to to be based at Jones Totsu at i on saturday a Mckinley and Hobart will be raised at the hop of Ellis in ext saturday afternoon at 2 the pole will be furnished by John s who will Cut it on the land of s it will contain a White and Blue Banner with the of the Republican candidates mad candidate who is an Amateur Art 1jcal and a Large stuffed by Jonas Laudermilch on magic words addresses we made by John and a Eil into the fun found tying in a wednesday morning at 2oclock officer Arma arrested an who gave his name As in the Back Yard of scam Els on South eighth Street he was in a Drunken condition and taken to the police next morning he was committed Tojal for ten As John Light and Winfield of 364 North were walking to the campmee1 at Washington Park tuesday and were passing Samuel on North ninth some one ran on the and threw the contents of a bucket water into their the Dreston Xith ladies were thoroughly so Keil m the formers hearing is affected by Quantity of water which entered her the Ablest the nomination and election to t a Essof Martin of Harr will give the state capital dist i the Ablest representative it has had a Long it has been altogether r Luar Cable and the subject of much in Luvaul in different parts of the state Tuia District has been willing to put with the mediocre representation it had so much of the it could done much no matter from which county the selection was but til now it has never seemed to Olmsted will bring the District in the position to which it is entitled Philadelphia office Squire of a now occupying Hia handsome new residence on North atme Ilia of fice is Aiso located at his Arnica set Best Salve in the world for so t and All skin and ively cores or no pay is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or Money Price 25 cents per Aale by Ross cholera cholera and All those other Nadjy enemies to the Little Onea Arefin Phillips hones Samuel of near entered and Mary i in the laces at the Berks county a next week at and they will Pear in the Trot or purse on and also in the 240 or inrae on visited her and Frederick of tenth azi Chestnut this Moraine left i f the train l when they will visit Tremera and Jacob who former v resided they Williema for several off for our ions correspondent says and Israel Ligpit were Passen Gers a the 823 train on tuesday my for where they Are attend ing special course Fly lectures at the bait to premedical previous to the of Peng of the regular w
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