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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Oct 20 1910, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - October 20, 1910, Lebanon, Pennsylvania What to do sickly cd the sem weekly Many a Mother hat written thanks after following these suggestions ii always been mooted question just what to do with an ailing Mir mothers disagree and doctors specialise in but this Imich is Cert run Tot in the majority of cases faulty movement is at the Bottom of the the first to to will n complaining child is to rive it a a Mere fruit Stew or such thine Lut a scientific Many Rorn recommended few have been found among the latter none Nojin sout More prominently than Enlil Wilh syr top which mothers in nil Pirn of the country have used or a it can be obtained of any Dis Aram fifty and one Dollar a until no child will refuse it As it in to tasting and violent ont Artic but i Longri Pink it has Ilo Tannir propprtir1 and line Trio Little my Rinik Lis so to limit they Affrin t in their Nat rally Kali Wil Ihms of find Lakeri Phlp of in their children syrup it you Sci far to Norn n fifty cent Brittle and do it care in your Isikli Lior about it who Jinn Anhly in of syrup him write old ill lie will choir filly Semi you a san plan Gnu u1 fryc of and in Way you can Nike a Coronil simply Send your in Niland Neil rest to th1 a Ili Ourand Moth ers had a free Sample in recent pm t to the children Nortor Driff to iliac irions arid now have Rump inf cil Lluis us ill Kirsz ass Osif Hil Pierce Speaks Caldwell does not feel that the Purchase of his remedy ends his he has specialized in liver and Bowel Wisnaes for Over forty years and will be pleased to give the Reader any advice on the subject free of All Are Welcome to write whether for the medical advice or the free Sample address him 541 Caldwell Bride caught by objective county detective Aaron j on tuesday evening Inan Jeu i Sarau of Center idea shut ten affair quite and was a Surprise even to the closest f us Traci Ink parties until couple1 were driven to tue parsonage of seventh Street lutheran the nuptial was tied by the there were no after the Cert Mony and Satta Wilin Wiroj Siven a reception at he Home of Thiel at guests had been personally invited present to make he vision i revelry was continued until a late hour and tin contract Iii were the recipients of Many con own twelfth and Brandywine k being re modelled and no soon it is completed he will reside there with his Sattazahn has been noted in Lebanon As a thief taker my enemy for Many he Lias served several terms a comity de and also a truant officer of the school hosts of friends wish him Many years of tie Bride is also widely known and Sadazahn was the recipient of commemorate the Thos i present included Harvey and Daugh rut i Sara Sam Uel Isaac Pines Rove Paul Reading will Raiser and Alderman William Wei Roy and Wei and will to Tell Arnold and Claude and Harvey will Jim miss Mary Biever and Jennie John v Zimmer Samuel l Valentine Jennie bom i Tarry Ratta Zahn and Trvin and proud Susan Muy Larry and t Iii Ston in Skol i special to the a Sente me t less than us Inonu a nor More than i w years in Eastern Peni Hui diary at Philadelphia Iii a line of was Imp Seu it two Oclock 1iis Alt noon upon to Kijik Phili Idelphia wifi was found a titty of conspiracy in Uki arc Titi of state a Proton cod by presi Kun ice and notice was at onto Given by counsel for Huston of an t the Superior the disposition of the in Penl will continue at Lhorty under s thu Iun Cral of the late Cath Erine if lev of Tenry of was held this Norn Juk finn the Home of a t Ai that and Larke y service were held at avengers near in charge f Ann and of Kph assisted in k of Iti Tennent wa51 Ninilo on the the pall bearers were Kellas Iiah oink Rich and Joseph s shone Khz to ii Orsi oi1 i i Senff John Bollman this morn ing took John Afeld 1 Yeai of this to the Dionise of Brooder pleaded i Unity to having of while on parole for theft but a Short time judge Henry sent him the mouse where he will remain until discharged in duo process i1 Law on us Stuhn trip and 1hijniaa of Liis with former county commissioner and of Linville Hiis inborn Iii left Cor where they will visit for an Diki or int tin two Vears Ami Juht months old son of and Harry of North Lebanon died this morning of Nam to allowing an of t tie parents Makk Yont our Agency will prove thirty five years big sales and pleased of lie paint will save you because when painting with you Are using a Wall oxide combined with oxide is Impei and makes the Wear and Rover like Gold the colors Are therefore Bright and von Woisil need to repaint for la to year besides paint costs less than any say about per j sold sin j Leshor to Lebanon Marstown Yeagy told i to Tench Chil Dren ill school j i the Lebanon county Iii Minte called to order super in evident were Cal by s a Nerips Tunis Semi Wip and read of service were followed by conducted by i of Knoke a ii Orf address praising Hie teachers of to Fanon county for to Hearty Oral Ion in niacin cd Yiirs Insl Many out of a Toa of 217 21 worn unroll i Uio from nil indications to iffy years will in howling of tin Firrito lecture period of was occupied by of this was Forrish second appearance the Foi titty he via cordially Wroot etl by hit address was filled with Anc Colo and his the and of he based much stress Iii Oti the rigid Iii of Hooks and period i1 alias a of acquiring Ito re Milred culture which is essential to lie successful Anion a be read trip Lorils Niit Ionedi Hie 1oliowiiu a Book on such books of Mark Twain and he uni id a slowing tribute to Thi works of Twain irid lie Ion Hiat Mark Twain should and will be As one of the 10 american a Lodic Ilia inst tire such As to we Story of Trio of of Franklin and Hooks on professional pro and aiming to be read by the teacher Ini motioned the Al and Hie a journal thai Kratsios if you Are Iru lined to select scientific u9 the science if you inclined to select a music Jour an Educ Lional the third part of Ferriss lecture devoted to the necessity of teachers availing themselves of her Iii Wokim you to to in hear Maud la Lintton too Tiv would you to new York to hear Adif you i poly he fint Liet the to attend Aca icily f to to tin1 Why of preachers j to Aca Leinov i Lope in Ferris inc import f in the schools music Are a love Hie Best in music and the i isl of tile afternoon full Weil by sen ice in Irot the first i lie h i Iii period u us of Ink he the first is the first r tent Al i sup Cess fail Sci tool work ii order is heavens first Law order is Tho first Law in the school and a Jere Emp a i the value of Tel Are first to he die idea Illuri Plano could by out noned Bie show of not by nature Ali last More discipline m were than Desoi Poliuc by the principle of nor in the As text he this portion of finally All add have in my the Torai boy has mod have Faith in do Noi but ii Avn Solf without you ran discipline does it depend upon one of bes i Ever saw wished fifty pounds of the thirteenth chapter of forint inns and the orly Eiklid in to add virtue to add knowledge to add and your if you love millinery better than be a without there can no follow these principles and you will prove of a howlink1 pierces lecture was followed by a Short third the Conini ulee of the Meadins course following pref Shirnal the Hestia the school and its life and Ilie Little books on the of Venice and the vote on the commit tera report was i postponed to tues Day morning on of the third lecture period was occupied by of Michigan state Normal on tic Ivanc fion and the Riv Wittst word of flip twentieth Century is Xot a narrow View of evolution which simply traces limits Aii Testory to lie but evolution As an Over unfolding pro this Institute Way opened by services were led by pastor of lutheran a scrip Ture lesson Richards read the thir Timmith chapter of devotional services wer0 followed y conducted by a adopting the report of the read lib Linn Pittee Unanita Sously was taken on motion of my a meeting of Hio Hish school and grammar shool teachers was held in the in called in order by president Simond Pierce spoke on How to teach children in the dish who who in a Book by a company in new out of i Nai tips Vieni Conrd Only were nne Duc Jato with a com non so loot 10r with a Lickli and were College whom shall we is the no Portal spoke Lerris lies he addressed Hie meeting on lie subject of he said thai were Are in Pencil tame i cannot understand i7u teachers Over in i he notion that they cannot without a Penis and tuesday the first lecture period of Ilio Aller Roii was by ship Iii Acorn ranges and Heaters themselves first for heating first for fuel saving first for Fine baking first for durability first for appearance i the fire were a better Range or Heater made wed be Selling look Over before you buy and get our prices pendent on the teacher an t have attended Many but nowhere Bare 1 heard better singing than at this it you per Mit me to be the ill say it in the i used to think that instruction was the most important thing in school work it it is not the most the of assimilation is very in he intellect a an Well As in twin physical it is in filly possible to starve in Trio of intellectual is entirely possible to grow and Wax in the of intellectual omnivorous Reading is of Little aces not without make great mistake in considering what is instruction the answer is to know is to take it whole if simple or its elements if compound and taking the ideas of and to Lay them aside of like things and note their likenesses and Trio theory that a Childs mind is a is if the child had not some ideas in his mind when born in would have no knowledge to acquire new very child has the Power of lunatics have this although it be to search the thing Yon wish to present to see it in the Childs and to natural Laws will take care of the All truth is youve got to turn the Childs mind Art bund Johnny May think of his Tom will Mary of a new Book she must turn the Childs the second lecture period of the after not was occupied by on the hous Soalii and social the great topic of nature who Doest love nature everybody loves go with to the Why do we go Over there we throw care to the we for get social but we have certain we get just a bit nearer Rousseau was a had he was 20 years a i sometime take off my hat to a Railroad Jack a typical a typical child of in be wrote two epoch making his social contract tired the French heart to the borrowed sentiments from the social the Cornile was his great educational democracy and education Are the great i would never Send a boy or girl to a private it is soon As you take away democracy from a school it is it la not the study of the individual the child in old psychology is of Little use to the within 5 years there will be a new social psychology one Lair underlying Progress is suggestive of the positive there is a the third lecture period of after noon was occupied by Ferris on manners and you get Back on monday to your school remove All tin old if you dont you should be our outhouses Are a disgrace to any thing called remove All Obs Jie pictures clean a teacher who allows obscene Pic Tures before the eyes of children is not exactly is certainly morally if it is necessary to shave and perfume for the it is necessary to do so for the it it is necessary to Wear a Collar on a Wear if flip live Days in Wear your Best provided you have a Choice no girl Are too Well dressed to go into the Owlet of Lebanon county schools what we need in our time is parents who will direct the read a Book of As the Book of Margaret the sessions of the county teach ers Institute Are of instructive and superintendent extends a cordial invitation to All friends of education to attend Institute opened this Nevorn Jwj wit i devotional conducted i by of first reformed which were followed by song conducted by the first period was occupied by on the subject of iut tremendous emphasis on to what is Complex fractions Are of m use Iti practical dont each a Oilie caries because you Longitude and yes u Tuii chats wont turn to tin metric not Are 1u the com Mercial Wen id will Force us to Tho world will a jct u b rational compound no to iiii1 i inc oui i i cube Friol unit w i Hill t whits about tic Ferriss waa followed by song conducted by Yod Tiik Mother hone waa followed by lecture on Mother Tori the Points of Oral is More important fijian the Tifre nil instructions is to enlarge Vocab i enrich to Correct in learn ii from the boo because it is an it to lie acquired by Ronti Nudd inscription on Festal Ozols born in died at february Saviour of the poor at teacher of the poor in Leonard and father or the orphan fender of Turat Public school it educator of hit Kinnity at for himself what was Leonard and crop Trade 1 was an epoch making in 10 years it was printed in 11 la the 20th Century Uva Diode Cotton one Kail Stylos of Light and Outin irs v h All Wool main oils in All the inst shades Mcva Rivnack in Ozios and Sac nos for it Loach of and Unhul nachod shooting in All guru widths and Foa Lior pillows and agents for ladies1 Home journal Shensky both phones 816822 Cumberland a step ahead in Quality a step behind in Price is where we stand this As far As Price is there Are Many stores where you can buy clothes at the same Range of prices we they do not measure up to ours in material or workmanship suits and overcoats for men and Young men ranging in Price from to every garment is made from the Best possible materials at the boys warm suits for Cool weather they Are just what your boys need suits in double Plain or Knickerbocker a russian and Sailor Imorae prices Range from to boys Presto Snappy to Ruhn hade clothes Harvey m one Irice a Lodier mini 7il cd Silhi land is be Intsons Uesel value nothing Mcgowans blood liver purifier a Good remedy to have in the enriches and builds invigorates the strengthens the alleviates pro motes a Good refreshing an unequalled a tonic without a i and a remedy for All blood and liver 75c per i in our u Lebanon hardware 217 eighth Street Book is Pra Euch u to Iho Yuoi Sifas world Lei children along until Illey get to the fourth tirade or better to Tho Rich have Nofu tiny ii to nil analysis Placo in the Noi in Lei Trio Tlachi i Down we Diuver your the Rex All store where the Wexall Remediz Are bold the most successful family Medicine Ever placed of the almost 75000 gala annually i in Lebanon sole agent
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