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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives May 7 1896, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - May 7, 1896, Lebanon, Pennsylvania It is becoming apparent now the sunday escape another sentence imposed upon John Hays Bam contest for delegates to Felt How hopeless it was to speculate the american and the superintendent of Public of Mckinney at the first Choice of the great state of Noti thetard schools of this county a atm a Tui us Light i iwo u naked to at tee rate it Mutt per int Tram All Parte of the commonly Triem relat or matters Intel Ali f addressed Tutu Kows is in me Kiwi and vol Kumsu an May other members of the Reform by the judge of in the tribe was a just and sentiment in England has completely to that it is now against Jamie on and Cecil president the shrewd whom Prince Bismarck regarded As the greatest statesman he Ever has conclusive evidence showing that Jamieson and his known a the Reform had formed a league for the purpose of stealing some valuable property belonging to the South african Republic and bringing it under ripped by the 3bh of select which provided for Eab Mittin the question to the voters of this City whether two Hun thousand dollars shall be expended i provide an amply Supply of water if rom the was Defeated on Fri Day evening by mov Marknart and As appear ing that senator Chuom of that state has been an Jyi int for presidential the opponents of Mckinley May explain the result of the Illinois state convention a they the action of the delegates shows that the workingmen and businessmen favor the nomination of Mckinley and want him a their this proves that the claim heretofore made by the friends of Mckinley were not Idle but that the people the control and Possession of the English i Are for him and the probability now is the tiler was to opposition to to Tiv this in very humiliating i to the people of great Britain and j of the most influential newspapers de Mand that Cecil Rhodes be arrested and placed in the Dock along with Jamie under the cover of Reform these schemers succeeded in interesting some de in the published account of the of the afrikaners to join their expedit need inc in s Tor doing it Lon Pon but their actual this these gentlemen Are deserving of special commendation and Manv of the 2ao0t prominent citizens and taxpayers Are highly pleased with to Cir 8ach a Bill if it been would have Tho water Tjce Tion and Thia would have led to a lengthy wat the South african was too shrewd for and in due time came into Possession of letters and Ciper Des patches of the most damaging a hence it was Hammond and the other members of the committee plead Muc to slim unit try u and tiresome As has been the i foul Ltd to the treason when they Casebo there is less Call now for passing such a measure than at any time in the iat ten there have been it riots when the minds of Many persons were undecided a bet Ween our present the Hammer the Swatara or some other but there Are few of those Jiow who have studied the who Are not satisfied in their Inonu that the water Are Troino in the right the members of the1 Vater Board Are unanimous in their belief that an ample Supply of water is obtainable at the South they have arrived a this conclusion after careful and rather exhaustive experiments and investigations and in spite of the fact that some of them at first were inclined toward the As we had reason to believe a year an experienced Well who Haf allowed the business for Thirll Siref an1 other gentlemen of experience with water supplies who have visited the place repeatedly even before any tests were that All the suits indicated an abundant Supply of water at South the City councils tin dig Ging of Wells and developing the this work has been to u certain extent at although More and 1irger Welis May be necessary in the and now everything if in readiness fur the erection of a pumping capable of lifting a Sumii client Quantity of the water commissioners and superintendent Are anxious to have the pumps placed ready feb that if at any time the water in the dams should to de crease they can Start the pumps and keep the dams full to at All this is a rational As every fair minded person will and yet so prejudiced Are some that they would Stop this if they could do so and begin agitating the a Keetion m the Hope that by and by the St Vatura project could be lobbied through councils and the expenditure of any sum of Money ranging from a Juarlen to half a million dollars be in the Effort to accomplish this members of select coun cil who Defeated the scheme have been misquoted and but fortunately such a course does not have any weight with the president Hun Bicker has studied the water question thoroughly for ten years or he is familiar with a the water sources that Lave been recommended in this time and with the various surveys and reports of engineers employed by the we venture to say that lie better informed on this one question than any individual in or out of and we say this with All due respect to All other if any member of Council who has just taken his seat Aud has had neither time nor Opportunity heretofore to inform himself on t he subject is willing to sub Mit to the of Hii Siek we feel inclined to think that he is show ing his Wisdom and prudence by so do we say this much because some of the new members have1 been needlessly and in a manner maliciously without going More fully into details in the consideration of this question we Trilleau that the select Council acted for of the City when it by its votes took such action As foreclosed any further agitation and discussion of the question of an increased Supply of water elsewhere than at South where the situation is so that a sufficient number of if those already dug will not meet the and the requisite pumping machinery will give our City an ample Supply of unpolluted water for Many years to the persons who at every Opportunity urge Coon Cileu 1o reopen this question and Endeavor to create sentiment for the Swatara project in order that a sum Money running into hundreds of thous ands of dollars May be expended and the Tity burdened by to much of an additional debt have other than the cites were arraigned before the court of pre the Surprise now is not that these men were condemned to but the generosity of president Krueger in commuting the death sentence in rather they deserve to be severely punished and to be and England should make All possible amends for the dictatorial demands she made soon after the Reform committee members had sentence pronounced upon them neither has this country any plea to Olfer in justification of Engineer Ham monds the British South african company overreached Al though it had the support of British of and there is talk already of revoking its the policy of greed is again placing England in an unenviable position before the May 1 is moving Day in new York City when new leases Are made and the rent als Are the Sun says 1 there has never been a period in this City when and not have been to much masters of the Situa Tion As at there is an Over Eup ply of desirable offices for business Pur poses in nearly All parts of the two or three of the largest buildings on fifth recently Are Only about on third filled with and Many of the new buildings in the lower part of the City Are competing with each other sharply for the Universal complaint is that for the last three years rents have been de Clining but the year just beginning Marks the lowest ebb in rental for there is a general decline of nearly 10 per in some of the Large buildings tenants have received offers of offices that be will be nominated on the first in spite of All the opposition that can be brought to Bear against and if a majority of the be publicans want him As their which seems to be the there is not a single solid reason Why he should not become the Republican Standard bearer in the Forth coming governor Mckinley is Well qualified for the office of he is sound on the question of a protective a thorough who believes and has Confidence in the institutions of his and the people have Confidence in his nomination would at once inspire the people of All parts of the country with a greater degree of Confidence in each other than they have Felt for several years and Trade and business would soon be revived under the impetus they would receive from his Hie election would be a foregone Conlu Ioli Cal the politicians who claim to know How the delegates to the St Louis convention will vote have sent out their usual array of figures and each has a Dif Ferent Story suited to his special i salary increased two Hundred who toted at Bou Brief addresses by smoke and Henry the school directors of Lebanon county met in convention on tuesday in the court county superintendent Snoke called the convention to order at Oclock and stated in Brief words the purpose of the the election of a county superintendent of South Annville was chosen with Grant of North and car of Secretary and Assis Tant Secretary upon taking his seat As president convenient rent free for the first three Dat ing from May have never received so much for their Money in the Way of elegance of and in absolute Comfort As in Many of the recently completed Struc owing to the enormous pres Are of the Supply has been made to exceed the demand so far that tenants Are virtually getting the Best that is to be offered at their own Lyman in his the Outlook favors putting the Church in in the course of an article on the subject says if every protestant and roman Aud orthodox and should Jire Ach an annual Sermon upon the duty of putting honest men in office the clarifying elect would be As sudden As it would be All of which shows the friends of Mckinley still claim nearly everything in sight for their favorite and give figures to show that he will be nominated on the first ballot with a number of votes to of tells quite a different according to that gentleman and he also gives figures in sup port of Mckinley cannot be nominated on the first or any subsequent in addition to these Gen eral Clarkson is taking a hand at making political according to his theory the contested delegations will exert a great influence in the convention and much will depend upon which claimants Are Clark son in Bis tabulated statement gives Mckinley Only delegates in the column of the Field he places 403 81 number yet to be there cannot be much objection to this sort of for it will not affect any Dele Gate one Way or the they will be governed by other there Are still six weeks before the convention will meet and in this time considerable changes May be one thing is if Mckinley does not secure enough delegates to nominate him self on the first or second ballot it will be one of the lir list conventions held since Bachman thanked the convention Well chosen words for the Honor conferred upon the chair appointed a committee of one director from each of the 17 districts to fix the salary of the after Tome deliberation the committee made its report recommending that the salary be fixed at which was adopted by a vote of 41 to the salary was hereto nominations for county superintend ent were next declared in of placed the name of John Snoke before the convention for reelection and urged his Choice in a stirring Frank of seconded the nomination and occasion to make a few re Marks in behalf of the there being no other candidates the nominations were closed on motion of of the Roll was called and the tellers re ported superintendent Snoke having received below we give the names of All the directors in the the s after each name designates that the person voted for those with a dash after it did not vote or were absent North s Calvin s description and illustrations of cheap Hoe House and these pens be either single and or built More two or More the usual size of afar rowing pen is six by seven the which Are face the in the accompanying the front d d Are three feet Anil the openings above three by six each opening1 May be closed with a swing As shown in pen to open this door for ventilation and or other swing it Back As shown at c in pen and the s John s Levi s Adam s South s s s s s Jacob s s Alfred s s Frank s cheap pig same wooden Bolt that fastens the door Vuen closed May by very simple arrangement be made to secure the door to the rafters out of the the openings e e e let the pigs out to be fed on the floor in which floor if be divided by portable panels at when a More expensive Doghouse is a double Row of pens May to that will admit Sunshine to All the pens through i have noticed several built after the style shown in the annexed the size for eight pens is 24 feet Long by 2 feet which makes the pens Sis by eight with a four foot Hall run Ning Between their two the Mair s s s s s North destroyed the that the Abbott knows very Little about or of the effect ser Mons generally have upon the people when they Are based upon themes outside of the the new York sunday Sim comes much nearer the truth when it says All the preachers in the Union might preach an annual or a or even a quarterly upon that text without producing the Fui prising result he predicts or any prac t ical result to far As the elections were elections Are not controlled by Euch Means As sermons preached by ministers from the Philadelphia press finds that men like senator Tillman Are a legitimate outcome of the policy that was inaugurated in the South in the Days of the slave holding Many denounce Sena Tor the press As a ignorant and deplore the Fate which has put him in the seat once occupied by Calhoun and and More recently by Hampton and and other granting All 1 hat May be said to the pre Judice of Ben after who is responsible for his existence and for the conditions which have raised him to a position of Eminence and supremacy in the Palmetto state who but Calhonn and Hayne and their who Tiave discouraged schools and education and Public instruction and free Discue interests in but the people Are keeping an Eye on them and they not so readily succeed in their scheme of crushing the life out of our City by Euch As that would we the gentlemen of select coun cil who Defeated Bill Are deserving of the thanks of the citizens for their Good the gentlemen who voted for the measure Are All new members and men of care and but pos bbl they were influenced Inthis ele ment that has been standing Back of the Swatara scheme and at every Opportunity Baa attempted to foist it six in the tto cuban delegation in York received a despatch that the Bermuda had once More safely landed her men and ammunition upon cuban where revolutionists were in waiting and aided in unloading the there were about ninety 000 two galling Many pounds of be Kdee rubber Coats and medi the Bermuda eluded two Spanish major general a Soldier of the former commanded the troops and at once joined the this successful Landing of another lot of men and munitions of or j Sion who have created the the the ignorance which makes South Carolina what it is i is colonel Wein Forney Sev ered his connections with the Harrisburg Sta Independent to enjoy a needed and Well deserved colonel Forney was associated with the paper from the Day it was Twenty years and did Good its Success no doubt be ing due largely to his Ripe experience and thorough training As a he will be seventy years of age next june Aud in his time did work on a number of influential in the Sere and yellow Leaf period of life he can look Back Over a period fraught with stirring events and great in Many of which he took an important he in one of the Pioneer newspaper men of this country and made a Good the decree of the court that if the Liia nagers of the Reading Railroad do not pay accrued interest amounting to nearly five minion dollars within Twenty Days the Road shall be sold it is believed will have the effect of putting it on its feet once As it is hoped the fiends of the Road will reorganize it non another and better if this is not done it is Likely to pass into other in the platform adopted by the Allen town convention appears this Plank the democratic party has fulfilled the pledge under which it was entrusted with relieving the people from and oppressive taxation by the enact ment of a Tariff for Revenue framed on constitutional we Are opposed to any backward step in the Reform thus we demand that the legitimate business interests of the coun try shall now have a rest from All disturbing agitation of this it is True that the party has destroyed the Tariff Laws which were in existence when it came into but the Relief spoken of Bas never in Stead distress and ruin have been the legitimate outcome of its the demand that the Tariff question shall not be agitated is As that is the very thing the people expect the next administration to a protective Tarifi along lines Laid Down in the 1k90 Tariff is one of the great needs of this country and the people demand its John of new a Large land owner in Illinois and proposes a plan to make life on the farm More and per haps to make farm work More Reuner his idea was obtained from observations in the Rural districts of France and and May be productive of much it is simply to concentrate the Rural population in villages of 500 to to give them the advantages of social life and Modem luxuries and Bookwalter will begin on a acre tract he ownes in and pro poses to organize a town which is to have a music Library and other advantages for amusement and instruct John s s s s Henry s East Amos s Elias s s a Archibald s e 8 8 s Henry b e s s s Davilla s a s s b North s s s 8 North s s 8 hog glas3 see a a a in is six there being1 one window in the same for each the second Eleva Tion at b b b is Foar the windows placed in it admitting plenty of Sun Light into the Hack Row of 3 is an end View of the same the a to Are 11 feet 8 inches Ald joined with the 10foot rafters b e at 11 feet s from the the Short piece b c is attached to Point of long1 and to Short Rafter at the space South a Nimrod s s Henry 8 Henry a Edmund s Jacob West Elias s David s s Adam s Zeigel Michael e s s a Jacob Samuel 8 s a e Hostetter s Grant s Daniel Frank s Thomas Henry s s Snoke was called upon to make an address and responded in feeling he spoke briefly of his efforts in advancing school work and suggested that Henry Houck speak on the compulsory education Houck was present and pave one of his characteristic provoking considerable he gave an outline of the office of county superintendent in this naming the different succeeding candidates up to the present his talk on compulsory education was Brief but to the Cox Chessman Jack Robi sox in his Iraq brought great cheer to the a be nominated for presi Dent by the republicans the people of this country expect him to be a thorough protectionist and Media Ledger says we read eve now and then that governor Daniel who was so prominent in the Effort to Down Quay last has retired to a literary Den and surrounded with a barrel of Ink and a Gross of pens is hard at work on the greatest Effort of his his presentation speech nominating Quay for the this is As it should be and big will no doubt make a big but just about Here comes in the lamentable How will it be should Mckinley be nominated on the first ballot where will big Dan and his greatest Effort be Centennial the congregation of the first reformed Church making a week from next sunday the Centen Nial Celebration of the dedication of the first reformed on South tenth this will be and Al ready the members Are making extensive preparations for the among the speakers who will participate will be Fisher and of this and of the this is one of the oldest sanctuaries in this and considering that it is located a Little distance from the heart of the City the services Are usually Well at tended and the congregation is Large and View eighteen hog along rafters from c to a is not so there is very lit tic to obstruct the the Gates to twin several pens arc placed along the Hall should be just feet to that alien opened they will reach across and close the which will be found a great convenience in handling As itch Ableson Penson unaided to sort outland separate a and arrange them As he May As to the floors for pig there Are divergent that the dirt floor is the Heah Hiex i have no but it is far More troublesome to keep Ili Good if Board floors Are the3r should not be nailed but so put in that they May be taken great care also should be had that a crack in the floor does not admit a draught of serious objections Are raised Tig must building1 a lot of pens under one some breeders favouring individual pcs that can be moved from place to for Brood sows at far rowing Lime a single pen is far pref for wintering a lot of hogs Pic larger one is As Many As co to 300 pigs can be arranged in the shed above and still there need be no use disinfectants Sprinkle with use mercurial ointment to keep pens free from change the bedding give the pigs the run of the pastures on pleasant with this kind of care your Cluster of pig pens will be All in Louis journal of a first to Kings i had just taken my and a standing in the booking office of the York awaiting the departure of the night mail for when the above words caused me to torn room with a there was something weird and uncanny in the tone of the voice which impressed with an in definable feeling of apprehension could not account turning round i found myself face to face with 1jua he was a remarkably tall and Mas sively built possessing every indication of great personal strength he was enveloped from head to foot in n Long Black buttoned close re under his Chin and reaching Almas Down to the which concealed Tho whole of his person with the exception of a Bony hand of a almost gleaming the face also riveted my attention a massive forehead firmly set High a Sallow and a pair of Coal Black eyes which seemed to glow with unnatural were the most striking features of the strange individual who stood before As i confronted his Eye rested upon me for a moment with a malevolent but it was in stantly averted whether it was fancy or not i cannot but i Felt a though under the influence of some mysterious Power of which acquired the exercise of All the self control i possessed to the sound of the Bell announcing the de parture of my train had the effect of calling me to my i hastened not a Little relieved to see my strange instead of Fol lowing move toward the Ether end of the after a Zun of some three hours the train Drew up at Here my companion and i alighted and at tempted to Swallow a cup of boiling Coffee in the five minutes scarcely had we taken our places again chancing to look out of the Ridge i beheld tb6 identical figure in the Black again the old feeling came Over for although i he averted his eyes the moment they met and moved i Felt con Vinced he was watching my startled look must have been noticed by my for he immediately asked Are you acquainted with the gentle Man on the platform it was Only by a great Effort that i could answer in the with assumed unconcern what led you to think so returned my 1 have observed at every station where we have stopped during our lie has walked past our window and looked in it you As if expecting you to recognize his appearance is so remarkable that i do not think i could in for single look at the door convinced me of the Folly at tempt in order to reach 1 Hare to pass my terrible he looked at his and said quietly minutes gone Only a Short five minutes Between life and death the ghastly glitter of the polished steel seemed to grow red in the Pale and the gleaming eyes Bent on me with the eager look i had noticed a sudden thought struck i remembered having heard that almost All lunatics Laboured under some special and that by hum Oring them on this one and abstaining from contradicting they often become so interested in the Styli Jet As to lose All consciousness o everything that was passing around was my last and i resolved to try i at once divined my companions weak and looking him steadily in the As calmly As i could my dear As t have still to detain you some five minutes i am sure 3pou will Pardon me for asking single Yon have just now referred to an ingenious essay by the late or de i need scarcely say that i fully agree with the views therein sex and that if you Are really a Homicidal dilettante in follow the Art from a genuine love of it of Iny Throat is most heartily at your sen but on the other As i imagine from your you Are Only then i beseech for our own that you reflect serious y before you commit yourself to a pro session for which you May find out too International for May lessons on Tike is a Ranfred from per Oubes Golden the publican ins afar would not lift up so much his eyes unto but smote upon hts god be merciful to to a Luke is Public q if Tel Phi ups Public Sals will be sold at in bloc on May the Section includes the whole chapter an example of prayer and its cleaning the seized with Charles Broadway who was a poor boy after the civil War and has made a Large Fortune in business in new is losing his eyesight he offers a million dollars to the person who will restore his sight Aud a hypnotist is pre paring to do it Bouss says he is willing to return to poverty if his Eye sight can be restored and begin life Over again at his he is Well known to some of the merchants of this it Boss Hae Butts arbitrary control of the Allentown by which not even the minority was Given an port Unity of being has caused much dissatisfaction throughout the and democratic newspapers pre dict that the Republican majority this year will be larger in Pennsylvania than Ever Bis spite of tiie Strong claims made for major Mckinley by those who have chaise of his senator Quay says positively that the Ohio Man cannot win and that another will be anon Nambi re come in the offices of John of 525 North eighth was seized with an attack of ver Tigo late monday afternoon in the Law offices of 136 North ninth he was removed to the Good Samaritan Hospital in the ambulance and later taken to his where he a reported to be doing very Ham was formerly engaged in the of Catling he submitted some papers to Derr for his opinion and was about to go away when he was seized with the attack and Gloninger is attending Hoir to remove Tust id three or Foo tiny from a drug store four ounces of sulphuric acid and pour it carefully into a pint of do not spill drop of it on the flesh or it will Burn like Cork the bottle tight when ready to pour q Little on the and let if soak in when dry give another coat if the plow is very Rusty three or four applications May be scout off with Fine Sand and rub dry with rub Over the steel a mix lure of crude Petroleum and lard equal set the plow upon floor in free from Radii or a plow thus treated will scour Bright after a round or with a Good the Furrow will turn Over with out a when the plow is being cleaned is a proper time to Samino the nuts and bolts to see that they All screwed and that the threads of bolts Are not so much worn As to work it is of advantage to have a few Plain and cuter Points and a dozen such As bolts for landscape and Mold Massachusetts plough two opinions judge Ehrgood tuesday filed two Opin As follows in the Case of Light Isaac for Book the judgment of the Justice is set for puff for de tin the other Case which is Maria Seibert the Valley National of the plaintiff prays to be relieved from the obligation of a certain the execution of which she alleges was procured from her by fraud the demurrer is Over ruled with leave to defendant to answer within 30 Gobin for Palfe for deft fan from the the 5year old Eon of l 344 South second on sat urday evening while sliding Down the Banister fell from it on his head and the Maggie Murphy one of offic most popular potatoes of recent introduction is to Maggie Surj and it has been accepted As first class by Many of the largest it is of the Sha Eliest and evc3 in ill Ouight seasons its perfect shape is it is claimed to be the great est yielded Ever it bears its tubers very close to the of the largest averaging1 in weight a it is a perfect both skin and flesh Are of extreme the foliage is heavy of a dark Green color vines Strong and the tubers set while the vines Are quite but do not Ripen until this gives All the advantages of continuous growth for the tire Field and possibly have been a cold shudder ran through my As j wiped the Jam my perspiration from my i could not help recall Ingall the stories i had heard or read respecting the Power of the evil and the mysterious influence of mind upon what was the meaning of the Subtle fascination which that dark stranger seemed to exercise Over me that night it Only the effect of an excited imagination i tried to persuade my self that it horrid but it was of no i was quiere was my companion opposite evidently Dis Turbed by my strange my brain was in a whirl i Felt sick and and remained entranced in a kind of morbid stupor out of which i was Only awakened by the stopping of the train at said my fellow traveler heres the end of my Jour hastily by Jove Here he i have a dim recollection of his Leav ing1 the Carriage and some one else in who it was i knew Al though some time elapsed before i could Muster sufficient courage to raise my at last i looked it was As i had opposite to in the far Corner of the sat the tall figure in the Black the same wild look in his restless Ujj same evil expression in his forbid ding1 directly our eyes he leaped from his seat with tie yell of a wild something right flashed in the dim and As he paused for an instant As if preparatory to a i saw that his hand grasped a clasp whose glittering Blade was stretched towards in a moment the terrible truth burst upon was alone with a raving Tho train going1 at express and no stoppage nearer than escape was next to i saw at a glance that in a struggle for life and Denali i should not stud the slightest Chance against my Gigantic adversary under the impulse of the moment i stretched out my hand to seize the handle of the determined to risk a desperate leap rather than await cer Tain death by remaining where i a burst of fiendish laughter greeted the futile locked he then modulating his voice by a Strong he continued now i entreat you to be Rea my let me of you must see that you have do possible Chance of escaping listen calmly to what t have got to 1 took a fancy to your Throat the first moment i set my e3es on you in the Bookin Oitice at i said to my Telf mans Throat is the very one i am in search his carotid Isper fact 1 will Cut it a natural anxiety ate that you have to natural for a moment i thought i had gained my As he assumed a Almedi Active but after a Brief suddenly with the air of a Man who had perfectly made up his mind my it wont do i am do Ermmer to act up to my o Pray say no More on the subject of have just a minute and 33 seconds a in the meantime 1 am sure of will excuse me for attending to Lis Little and suiting the action to the Woro he turned up the sole of his Boot and commenced sharpening his knife in the most Bushie Slike it was a situation full of horrible the precious seconds Weie i fancied i heard a mock ing1 shriek amid the Roar of the hurry ing the hissing As of a thou Sand snakes rang in my a wailing a slight Jar ring of the timbers of the Carriage was a maddening Hopt leaped up in my one minute muttered by again the sound was but Pense Verog god is nor compared to the Unius but consisted with i wicked cared for neither god nor by Only for himself and his own interests would yet Grant Justice on account of the perseverance of the How much How infinitely More read ily win the Good our father in who loves to give far More than we arc Willingto give us the help we need against our Adver and if tiie unjust judge does this for a poor in whom he has no How much More will our father Grant Tho prayers of his own even his select whom he bos prayer must be in not because god is unwilling1 to bestow Brood or must be or for lie is More ready to give than we Are to Trayer that this time More distinct and i could not be mistaken it was Thi sound of the the train was Stojin Ping it might be Only n temporary Diminu Tion of Speed we were perceptibly slackening our the train about to and in another minute assistance would the ques Tion was would he perceive it i looked too late too late with a the Mere memory of which makes my blood run he sprang Pon me and As we roiled to Gether at the Bottom of the i saw the gleaming knife brandished it was a struggle for dear despair me strength to make a last Effort to Avert the the form above me swayed for an in the Blade swerved in its glancing harmlessly within an Inch of my shivered into frag ments against the ilor of the with a wild curse lie seized me by the his Knees pressed heavily on my Chest and All was a when i came to my senses i found myself on the platform at that was a rum of said the when to opened the door he had Anost nigh throttled and it took half a dozen men of us to hold it seemed he escaped at York from his who were bringing1 him Down from Scot and whom he tried to murder a score of times but it was not until after they had him for some hours that they made out he had gone by the of they Tele graphed to All the principal stations but the had left Hitchin before the message they sent it on arid we signalled her just in time but it was a close a very close shave is not persevering1 indicates a Lack of and and ii Ness to receive the kind having illustrated to his disciples one cause of the failure of some prayers to receive Jesus Points out another Dan there is a generation that pure in their own and yet is not washed from their filth Tess 12 which say stand by come not near to me for i am holier these Are a smoke in my self righteousness is a righteousness of outward acts and not of a True and Loving it sin in this connection to note the position the Pharisee that he stood is not of for it was Ordinary attitude of but the word employed Here Diters from that used to designate the publicans and Givey a very dil Terent it Means stationed Hini Sel struck an Stenta mow As to the it is Well to be but his thanksgiving Pride and in the mime of grat that he not As other the rest of and then his Alig Liting on the m drags him into his milking him to Supply the dark background on which the Brigit colors of his own Vir tues Khali More gloriously to fasted twice in the the Law Only required one fast Day in the surely did More than has and he give tithes a of nil he the fac that he does not say a word about his shows How Lov his one do All thac the Pharisee claimed for yet be a most hardened tin prayer that is am the publican had no doubt committed sins of often chosen from the Dregs of the and were notorious for their extor he would lift up to much As his eyes unto so deeply did he feel his but smote upon Bis saying god be merciful to me a Lite rally to m pet Bay by pm Folh 1st Duffin Pat Tell a rat and can show sire Siml r i red Byj 11 and one pair of Mitish t t econ to to 2 3 coi near Lar of sired m she by Kilbuck Toai e Dumler the from Loti i Ien to drive can Trot close to 3 minutest lie she goes three different n lies commends to serve to serve Samuel Ralls Public Sale of wagons Anil Fara Iid will be sold at Public m May at his on Norelli near the m the City or a hurry my Uura in All facts of interest to of the Manly the Irish water Spaniel is the King of the Esqui Mau ads the v Olf dog for nothing can so peculiarly gratify the Noble dispositions of human a lure As for one Man to eee another so much himself As to sigh his successful advertisers Anc groan his to sing his from of the tier invade the the train might be stopped by Somsac cd Mentor i Eren be Able to make Tiki to lose Avirl took the trouble to get out at every station to assure myself Teaf you Hail not left the car for although i prefer doing these Ehtle things in rather than miss the Chance 1 would have stooped tothe vulgarity of Ling your Throat on the Public plat form in the presence of a lot of coarse minded you will see that no Only carrying out the doctrine dec admirably enunciated by my esteemed the late de with whose Lucid essay on murder consid ered As one of the Fine arts you Ore doubtless there shall be no indecent there Are yet five an Twenty minutes before our train will reach i will allow a Quarter of an hour ten minutes will be More than ample time for me to do All that 1 and we with your devote the interval to a Calm discussion on any subject you May can 1 fairer All this waa Aid in the calmest and most natural i mentally thanked heaven for this unlocked for Short As i Felt there was yet a Chance for my much might happen in both drawing and Hunting in Labrador and Newfoundland is found a parti juy we footed Newfoundland valuable for Hunting Birds in a country of the English foxhound is the most carefully bred of All the com Mon hound in this country is a combination of different the modern English 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