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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1910, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - March 31, 1910, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Off thursday March mayor and chief police in quandary what action to take citizens complain of cd that older boys Are guilty of tripping pedestrians mayor George Marquart and chief of a plier John jump Kennan Are in a Panda by As to what action to take retard Ling the roller skating nuisance pm City during the past several weeks have fairly pouring into City and it is feared that action will have to be taken prohibiting skat the mayor and chief of police Are both reluctant to deprive the Small children of this but older ones have the nuisance to such a pass that drastic measures seem absolutely the smaller children Are not much to blame according to the but older boys and girls skate recklessly and to the menace of Pedes it is said that an ated woman was recently knocked Down at eighth and Miflin and pain fully it is alleged that mischievous boys and girls Are guilty f wilfully tripping pedestrians and do other wild which have led to protests being filed at City sell two lots Myrtlia Kline Kiriu Ileal Sion by judge judge Ehrgood has granted the petition of Martha executrix of the late George of this to soil two lots in Nort Lebanon to David d Porter for f25 and Tho other to Kil Ward Heilman for Grant presented the dry spell surety of the peace Virgin Pilantz alleges Thomas Hoo threatened Thomas of this was taken into custody by Constable Knicl wednesday evening on a charge of surety of the peace and furn she bail for a hearing before Alderman of the first on tues the complaint was lodged again roof by Virgie who alleges that he threatened to kill chief Zimmerman stated morn ing that he has even had complaint of actual damage being done to Cement sidewalks by and to said that if older boys and girls do not discontinue the he will be compelled to Issue orders to the pub lice to Stop skating entirely on the lights horse Sale Vivus Host attended held in Luuy Light sold Fortye Ifft of Lowa and Wisconsin horses on wednesday afternoon at the Wil Liam Perm hotel sales stables for at one of the Best attended sales Here in Many while the aver age Price received for the horses is yet the value of the animals in the West has taken such a boost of late years that the Eastern dealers and they must bid High against those who ship to As far West As the Paci fic Cyrus Siegrist bought a pair of Wacks for and Miller ill others a second pair Blacks for o High priced horse a Grey went 6 of Potts for was the auctioneer Uhrich the Heister Stine arrested charged with Forf Fiig Check 011 limit flier Jolt Heister Well known in the City As a contracting ro0f and at Christmas time As a dealer was arrested on wednes Day by Constable Snyder on a charge of according to the information made before Alderman Stine passed a Check bearing the signature of John the Cornwall upon Richard twelve dollars figured in the efforts wore made wednesday to have the Case Jui cily but developed other phases of the Case which May make it it is said that other checks recently passed by Shne Are in an8 More prosecutions Are looked in the meantime Tho defendant was committed to to is connected by of ship with prominent families in the county and his predicament u r greeted by hosts of friends with whom he was very e tenders resignation to May or to take effect tomorrow action is regretted will assume position of chief police at Plant David who was appointed a member of the Lebanon police Force at Tho opening of tiie administration of Ihas Hia led ibis Resig nation to mayor War to take effect the first Day of c5himjf Pili or at Plant a Lynier will assume the duties of chief of police at Tho american Iron and steel manufacturing take this Post under a spec Ai commission from governor and besides having jurisdiction Over a number of company will also have charge of one he Gates and will have All Day the com Nession from the governor is similar to those issued to All corporation officers on special faithful Clymer was a faithful and efficient policeman and was hold in High Pesrard on the he was also popular with the men and his Iraq tire is it is said that mayor Marc Quirt already has a Suc Cessor in but no appointment will to made for a Day of the new appointment be submitted to select Counce for confirmation n monday evening gave charming euchre party lady Klu borate luncheon was prominent feature of the evening and prizes were wife of of Oil Cumberland evening entertained a company of ladies at a the ulay started at 8 Oclock and con unused until a late concluding with an elaborate Gingrich fully sustained her reputation do a most accomplished and gracious hostess and her those present included a Brandi and Hen Allen won tin prizes Paul i Harry Lien blowing amounts to Little owing to condition of soil Farmers Are uneasy private services held Mildred mob of Scarlet very Little water soaked into the Earth during Winter Harry Salem arc charge this held Over the Throe and Mori North sixth and Public funeral of to Luff do interment was at i Steiner in Paster w Moon of private the body of Mil old daughter f is of in lieu ii because to Scarlet in Pozor Tho of Licals of the state department and Many Farmers Are Manifest ing considerable uneasiness i Over the dry condition of the Earth and the of up runs Rains in parts of i1 is feared that unless an extended period of hard Rains considerable damage will be done to the years with the possible exception of the which has gotten an excellent Farmers reports have been received at Tho Capitol from Many of the counties in he and be High which indicate that the Farmers Are alarmed Over the Condi Tion of the in Many sections ploughing is interfered with because the ground is dry and the soil so that very Little advantage is the hot weather is aggravating this Shouni i1roxkn the As explained by one of the state is that Iho ground was Frozen Early upon Cov ered with so much Snow Tho Frost did not get a Chance to Pene nor the when in thaws came Hie Kiowa blvd first and the water ran very Ting into the ground because or ice Cap on the this is True is shown by the condition of Many which arc dependent on t dry a pronounced deficiency for rainfall is noted for the last six Mouths and March has been unusually dry and the wheat has started remark ably Well and vegetation is advanced beyond what it in the event of a spell or wintry weather the on Many fruit Trees would be services next sunday at Tulpo at it Touchs re at 7 Ami a special song of i service at in the j choir of Tho Tulpehocken reformed Church will take got at at a marriage License was issued to Jerome John of and miss Daisy of Thia at Bridge Francos Bird this was the guest of her and Gabriel of is on and attended a Bridge luncheon Fiven by prank Dolbert for the pure Foch bit aeroplane at the next fair flights May Takk Punk on the of City Ami 1 in Roll jiul talk L�ry in indications Point strongly to Visi tors at the next Lebanon county fail being Given the treat of witnessing an aeroplane exhibition on the big rounds at the foot of sixteenth representatives of several aeroplane exhibition companies of National reputation Are after Tho lob and this morning sheriff John Secretary of the fair was called upon by a j a presenting the aeroplane with a propose Ion to show Here during fair Secretary Bollman will submit for onside ration the propositions of Tho aeroplane people to Board of i the fair at the next meet were pm who i yank Steph no tiie display in slum window at tracts much the Miller Organ and piano com Uny is showing to something new and Ovel in Tho Way of a window display its Cumberland at first glance one is led to believe the display is thai oi1 Tho old time general which car rid a full line of every Marl Tahlo commodity other Ilian and Piau Orf closer will to of interest ing of 1airs of Over Heon in with the opening of the pure food and commercial exhibit on thursday of next in the of the people of Lebanon will be Given the Opportunity of visiting one of the most interesting affairs of the kind Ever seen the exhibitor arc making every Effort to show to the people latest and Best things on Tho along various including food household of Lico labor saving devices and other Ivoe samples ind souvenirs will Given to the and during the greater part of the time the demonstration is Cream will be to among the demonstrators Are the following District agent of Iho Mutual life insurance company of Lias space exhibit stoves stove will a Ian Ner of i do sign display will pm will have a distribute cups will have a Iii the cold exhibit their David Boyer moves members Welcome his turn 1o last Lebanon k Church occupies Kinin of Joseph Kalcl Nicl i Avail of pleasant to Day moved to the farm of Joseph in Xor i near on which to becomes Tho infant Bayer is by Hia Solo Mon Boyf although 7v years continues in vigorous in company will Raf Liae Ware company an electric an Sari tiie logo will know a disc cycles will be to cutly and their sub anon is slow Gas Ruvil i licit of their Hibit a the hurrying Down into col at Mahanoy William fell into us gunboat Hole and was a Riched to All doubt in clean l in i of beholder All of City occupy Iua Prum rum of the i on tin i i a i rib Uii i the distribution camber will Leiy be Lebanon the sign display of All Man i at Tho time is of goods in his grocery company and will Chase san horns Condor a company Ilay of dry water company will duct and pass it Roger is their local Atlantic refining Aion Strate their Parge k ran so hard h with tiie Asbestos bus Nesb eos Tual by rhiness Dirac of Indian motor by John son will show rugs Mic the fuel company will and pass out pro made by their Harper will of and station Klec Trie company appliances Aud a Zweier will i play of Fine Groc u re will Spring w play and to and of r tour All Juiano at carpenters wanted 15 Hood highest Ges Why Vou wait Art i Oil cull j buy a piano ruin Lin Miller Ompa Tiv i Aud yet have enough Money to pure Chase the various Arij cles display in in Ibe including wearing j and for your when it is Long j past when you leave your j Money with the Lebanon Valley i savings and loan Anil 1 to wait ror your because it is always ready for you Dorothy of Are ads Sthool urls n 1 i i 1c should you a retune i your you can Al it All taxes Aud have it paid you Kemi annually by the Leb anon Valley savings and loan As if you want further in Call at the 160 eighth taught by y by Laurel Grove april his Good wife also cordial fir outings to Liidi Iho pastor feelingly responded i state fill appreciation of the Rej turn to the pastorate of the easm Tho former George by api ointment by shop at the re tit at members of Tho congregation tendered a reception to the pastor Ihla Par 114 North fourth on wednesday crat Chrlou at and Hamilton were met at the conclusion of Tho midweek service by Hiram Joseph Mccullough and Alvin of the of Lilc cil to where live minutes later a Largo nun uber of of Tho had gait Nerod at the Homo of Joseph joined of am present joined in de he Tho titlist binds and a Stephens reformed musical this formed will lie liven in Cli Urdi this evening St Stephens on Locust a Tiki Cal will be rendered by several a lend local the feature of the program will be the solos by the program begins at s Oclock and will he rend ered As published in the news of Home and Street cast of do to after me president of the Byrd f made a Tine Welcom ing i to returned pastor and congratulating him on the excellent Char Acter of his work and expressing the satisfaction Felt Tho members Tho iia Stoil 1 Misi Htu Nimon to remarks and to those of several who followed thank ing them for the mud Nesses which they had showered upon him during his wet april predicted was War Niosi Anil of cyst March in thirty rive the wan nest and driest month of March on record at the in cd states for thirty live which to will follow we by cold and rain to and Lod waru Tho for Wist in rage rainfall for March is two and Tilroe in Uio present Nimshi min fart waa being Lief von sixty and seventy of an both Hie dry spell and Tho unset warmth in Imit of con no by will be broken air Iota tic will and decidedly of tier Colum Timis by preceding Tho atmosphere will warm up it will begin to Cloud up and got i shuck after Toni Row Tho ool conditions will follow Iho but it will not be the Coridi Tiona Wil return to Tho aver age for tote season present to Christian Yea Foley died at his North part Ridge Avenue invalid 21 years from injuries sustained in Accident at Large water wheel Christian of 229 North Partridge died tills morning shortly after from pleurisy and combined with rheumatic Twenty one years ago Yeagley waa unfortunate to of in adv Dent at one of the Large water wheels in Tho when he received internal injuries of such a character that to has Boon an invalid since unable to walk around he has been in need of constant attention from the members of Hin All to Liege years to had sat upon his rocking suffering with Groat was deceased was born in Yeagley to Hijra 56 years and was a Wheelwright by us Are All his who Learned the Art of fashioning Wood from their was a member of the first re formed of this and was formerly identified with Bismarck unformed those who t Yeagley Kiir vivid by his a wife and three children Ray mond of Spruce Harry and Mayton both of whom reside Throe Frank of Lun Mill Lin a treat Adum of fifth and Walnut Ami Lemy of to Velelli and Chestnut also sue Cess of venture efforts of t1 Klick Home Arad fore neatly represented Anco Graphite Illy Day school a Pom presbyterian our men Iberti Tion and the Jar Fri numbers kit entertain and conceived1 Sones and Otberg Young folks wow attired in appropriate added much Leftt Ali Berrall quote irks the altar was an educational k Mission was of the audience in a Liberal waa passed and fund devoted to the Mission the missionary society of i Tho tub part i of the to a att Torii to Home part l of foreign Jilla Iri Orria was the Leader in part of the her were As Eleanor t As b Alfred is Vance As Joel As a Phine Willeata Miller As a missionary to the in and Groupe of a my Salonay to Souta sea Landers and Groupp miss Florence it in the Foro Loftt assisting Draper and Leon Morrida and Johnston and Etell Miriam Michael and Vara tr4 died in Philadelphia angeling aged Tive of this wife of Zaiq of died there on wed from a complication of following a lingering six was and is survived by her husband and she was a daughter of to Hun David of i and Alit Llin pretty dance in Samler Hall miss Ike Totev Ipoh toss ot1 a Dorothea Mary me it euro in ital Mary car Ter cat a i mar Ami on at in infant child buried and Tea lung Young ladies Honor j Jullue and Jrew Dorothy Light was the Homes jut a charming Ulica i Day in Sailor i cum j Beiland in of May miss Marguerite do Rosiy of and miss Kurily of the Hall was door cited with and of rih Ipuy Bryn Light Blu and Mew louder Aad Edward Moad Aua wore he the Tiu ests Catherine Lillian lit Myrl Millio May Mariner Btij All of or and Orr Dit to mias Hie Success of the venture waa la rely due to the until off efforts am f miss is Sanary san Lay she in Ujj forge of the train aug of and was in charge other go preparations w the affair under elks Benefit seals still available the third i Lent seats apr the two o be Given to h Al Ana today of cent seats on is and below to be i Are Scro held morning or Mains of child of of Jox a requiem mass Bun Over tue remains at Cyril Catholic thirteen in arid Shinan father Kennedy of Kiat j make their Artel Radons without pc As the play Strong in dra Matjo it has always won from the gallery and that part House should be clerk Man John Thomas David it Irge 10 of head jute Valley Sav lugs Aud loan Aero if you Hava funds which Are Pora Rily bring them to the of Ami Robert cute Niheu was marys director made Tii 160 North eighth where they will draw interest at the rate of 5 per of went to Philadelphia on a i j h if t la i it of today the
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