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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Mar 12 1896, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - March 12, 1896, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Shis a regular meeting held in mayor garretts Becke Tasy Heehs be Post giving the of a Krliu for Stit of sanitary to lice mini from Nui Touti the ii isun Syriane held their Repi mayor garretts president Wal Ter and and were sic rotary Herlis report forthe month of february was As follows or ctr causes of j so shark from 1 1 1 by wards the it Atli were As follows third Tarj 5 1 six i var4 2 in Jinks Jill orbit from 8 28 in Iffla s3 m 3 it Secretary fan tiry Simier reported tie Fol Lottino on March 4 quarantined Kisi Jih huts 311 Lehman Street also reims till the burial of two a a Wiiri was brought in from a Nim bar of in the Vicinity of Eliza Beth in Iofi Vince to the paper and waste Sutier has been dumped on the lot fiwnc1 John on Jacii Zarkh Between ninth and no Actium Vas f the City was reported to be in an Excel at hymns Harvey Stulir Ami mit9 Elizabeth with of East were joined in the holy Bonds of Matrimony on Riesz per furred the iiioi1e on 2ntli Simon schools and Mies were married by both parties reside in Monroe Flimm Lesory attorney Central Mccormick has decided compulsory education Law will into i dict with the opening of the school year this Spring the assessors wiil in a list of All children of school Imi the school boards will Bee that the net is properly the employment of attendance officers rests with the and will doubtless be found in quite a number of cities and Lebanon Cisclo a stall meeting of the new wheel club on monday evening in the Mariora of the it Wae de by unanimous vote that the club shall tie known As the Leganoa Cycle a Ives Littion and bylaws was committee of Constitution Ami were Weirick argument just Titre tie Superior Jolin and to attend Seimons of the Superior they Are interested in the argument of the Case of of Pennsyl Vania the two rates of the Ioas Cli urch of banker wiil Bike it in Camp of of which had in rehear lilt ii in military the Confederate a Nikci Clcil not to produce the the piece will be kept in rehear will be presented by the cast under the auspices of the Acme Date vet not been be ism Wivell hut one the City committee of coun Kleiser and met on monday evening and opened bids for the heat Nihof the verse and Rescue Silino a bid from Schreiber Brothers was the Only one received and was held Over to see if other bids will not be i a in Ciucht wreck took place at weft Lebanon tuesday when Revei Al cars of a West Iii ill freight train were the East bound passenger leaving Here at was run around Ami arrived Here 15 minutes Wii Yon the attache a to the Coal team of ran away on fifth Street on a Nav Iii anti were caught at Arnold Oal fifth and Guilford livery Wauzon was St Quot at Blue the monthly shoot it Blue rocks by Keystone ill n club will be held Al Avon c n the Sli Ooi is for St Iliou Ness pains in the Sallow loss of appetite and there is Only one which is liver Pius and pellets one Pink Pill touches tie liver an jets the in tonic Pellet acts As Sie laxative in keeping the Bow restores lie digestive tone a the nervous a Stem and Iti Akes Rich Complete two one treatise and Sample free at any blows for Sale by schools end prank n for March 1896 arranged from Peloubet and it shall be you and be shall find and ii shall be opened unto 11 the Section does not extend into the rest of the includes 1 theles Eon verse 2 the parallel accounts Matt and 3 references to prayer and its answer 2 Isa 20 Mark Luke John James 1 John in the coun try on the other Side of the l example As to is Well to note Jesus habits of to for it was after he him self had been praying that his disciples came with the request teach us to they Jonew his habits of and they wanted to know with what with what for what in what places they should to that they Milit be 1rom this incident we May gather that be must learn to do even the beat things if we would do them in the Best the holiest and most earn est we need to learn How to express it most the one most full of music usually tukes the greatest pains to study then follows Tjie the lords not an imposed but a a pattern of All True it should be studied so As to understand Ita spirit As Well As its Christ i a citing How to father which Art in not to we owe All we have and in whose image we Are made whom we and and to whom we attn pour out our inmost in whose very nature heaven what it and Able to reach every and help in every hallowed by by thy name stands for his for whatever he May that name be held in reverence by ourselves and by in in in in thy kingdom this is the most magnificent Blessin the Ivorid can unit time when god and the principles of his heavenly righteousness shall prevail among All thy will be As in heaven so in on the petition implies that ourselves desire so to do cods that we wish gods will to be done in us und for us by i Providence and by 3 that Al world May obey god As per fettle is the Angels obey what n Jirayer is this what what turnings it in daily in give us Day by Day our daily every Good and perfect gift from this acknowledges the source and leads not the bread adapted to our taken from gods hands in his enough for present but to Trust of for the and forgive us our take them away from both the penalty and we also do the an unforgiving he Virit shows that we not in u state forgiveness would and Lead us not to Ever wishes to led into and is not afraid Cost he is already More than half fallen but if god in his Wisdom s us into trials and then we Mav count it All and by gods strength gain tie but deliver us from from every tem poral and the Mark of a Raint is the strength of his Long lug to be delivered from All Jesus delivers us from evil by by filling heart with by the gift of the Violy spirit and by setting us to work for to Here Importunity in prayer is aught by the parable of a Man who to his Friend at a most time when it would re quire a Good Deal of patience to Grant the goes to a hoping to obtain bread for a late arriving a usually in the East they prepare Only enough for a single Day so with this though not so with his but though the higher motives of for the Friendship was so did not yet because it was less trouble to Grant his wishes than to endure the unwearied he will arise and give god is not compared with this selfish but if can be won by prayer and Importunity to give much More certainly shall the Bountiful lord the lesson is passed Home in the Promise which is the Golden and this forever As a matter of there Are no real another encouragement to Pray is based upon the relation of Parent and there Are few fathers who would refuse the necessities of life to a or give Titan which is harm Ful or useless the if be being evil self know How to give Good gifts unto your children As Jou certainly do unless base than shall your heavenly father infinite in his love and and in desire to help and Blese give the holy spirit the Best of All Good and sum and source of All to them that ask the argument is so Long As we believe that god is better than pts Bujo balk personal property will be cold at Public on March on tin farm owned by the Lackawanna Iron t steel lately owned by m Little East of the Cornwall in South Leb anon Lebanon the Fol lowing personal head of to Bay 10 years Good Leader and Wurker Bay b years Good worker Black 5 years Good worker and Safe at cars or steam Black 4 years Well Buth single and double Roan 4 rears Good sorrel 8 years old 1 pair 7 years both Good leaders ind Good cafe Worken Bead of horned among them Are 25 milk Durham ind Holstein some fresh and 10 with Elf by Day of Sale 5 heavy with j Stock 2 fat 1 fat and the remainder Are Young steers and beef 50 head of Poland China and Chester quite consisting of 4 Breeding with plus by Day of Sale a Chester White and Mohind the remainder from 40 to pounds two 4 arise 3inch one is a Milburn the the other Patent spin diet Stone Lime Spring with ionised Eood top Road Good As Lew 1 pair Patent Straw Lacera 22 feet 2 Hay ladders i feet 2 frets manure land Whitney Patent aay Champion 2 Veara in use new Elizabeth separator and wind rout Corn Biheller with Quaker 10 a ridding hone dinner Hay Fork with pulleys and rope 125 feet shovel 2 Spring 3 e Universal plows with Outh Bend 5iacuse sulky scorn Spike 2 Corn potato Corn scorer with 3 manure manure 4 sets Hind g teis Roit 10 4 pair half 3 pair Check team 4 Ilou 2 team Riding Saddle did step a Grain grind chopper a Patent log 20 item Long double and triple breast Jack Blacksmith mrp eater tools and Kock Cooley Patent 4 milk 4 extra Creamery 10 George washing Bakers Patent bred vinegar by the 2 old digging i Ubbine and Many other articles numerous to a Ciuc Ditlof 11 months will Sale to commence at 12 when will be made known by Otto Henry John Uhr John and wherever a Good Man the Devil has to Fig lit for All lie that so Many things go value of a Diamond is not in it but in what it that Man wrongs the who does not love his neighbor As to a stubborn Man where he i expects and you will soon Wear h the Mau who makes a noise in Church j rakes and has no right to keep still of articles too no Marshb to Public Sale of personal property will be sold at pub tic on March at the residence of the in Heidl Berf Lebanon on Road leading irom Saliaeff Erst own to Cornwall 1 mile the former the follow ing person my head of Good Lior ses 1 pair dark coming 5 and years weigh from to Pood and sound 1 pair Lii lit an1 0 years f weigh goad workers not afraid of steam 1 pair weigh both Good leaders Ami 8 tripod some fresh and heavy with calf by Day of Pale 3 Stock 7 2 from 40 to 150 All full Chemer White 4horfte 1 h and the other in 3inch both us Good As new Stone Wagon Stone both As Good As new 1horse Prini 2seated Good is Bluck Portland 2 Carriage Mccormick As Utis Cood As new Cham Ilion seed wire Hay 2 pair Hay american Hay 3 Wallace plows Cood As new land Spike smoothing 2 shovel Corn Corn Corn potato Clover seed Circle Cannon Corn fan Ning threshing machine with Straw car Rier and feet loner scientific grinding Aspinwall potato 13horse Power 2 manure 6 front and to Hind single and double new Burgy double ser Carriage Fly Harpoon buy Fork with Rone and Pul manure manure wheel double and triple 2 Many other articles too numerous to a credit of 10 months will be Sale to commence at 12 when Swopes Public Sale live will be sold it Public on March at tie residence of the on tie farm of Edward in Bethel Iwerks on the Road leading from Chuich to self frs next farm to tie Follo Virg live nearly All Western consisting of bulness and farming a Imine from to g years weighing from 00 to 1 4111 pounds Allol them Are seasoned ii head of id of them arc Cood Mich some arc fresh and some heavy with Calfon Dav of Sale the rest consist of line Stock ready for 1 of them hoi Stein Stock 15l head of Fine of Berk Chester White and Poland China wrist uni from co to 13 pounds 10 Reed Ink l Berkshire sow with 1 Poland Liina sow with 2 Chester White sows with pigs 0 of them heavy with pigs by Lay of these All weigh from to 360 nicest lot of pigs that i Moer articles too numerous to mention Taall persons purchasing hogs at and having no said Bors will be delivered within a radius of w Miles free of la the live the Bors will sold la Rita All persons to make purchases will please note this and arrive in time to examine tin Stock before the particularly Lue cordially invited to partake when conditions will be made known by Levi auctioneer Olaru fcb 2jtd John balls it Julio sat farm live Stock will be sold at Public on March at the residence of the in Jack son Lebanon 1 mile Northwest of on the Road leading from West Myers own to about Miles from the former and about 4 Miles from the latter the following Farmand of hones 1 Bay Mare 6 years heavy with foam Engle or double Good worker Black years single or double Leader and Good worker Gray in years heavy with single Leader g Ordo singlet work Rbrown Good Leader 1 Colt 3 years and Colts 1 year old 41 Bead of Horn and follows 12 7 fresh or will be with calf by Day of nearly All Young cows and Good some in 1 and others by fall 7 Stock profit by Day of tale 1 Galloway 2 Holbein 13 head of Young rang ing from 5 to 10 months 40 head of Chester White and Poland China weighing irom 40 to 130 pounds 4 Breeding sows two 4horse l a Arnber with tar and nay ladders Good As new the other if a in Good both with Box 1 new Wacon Box Osborne right hand used Only 2 seasons 5foot grass Mower Wiard Hay 4 front1 and 2 buggy Chi eco then Cal Ltd Tadge was a a outliers Jeulle Naoa of the old Aud Hail been a Pahang in his old Are did not find him forgetful of his but with increase nor years Row nory strange tricks with his recon Ruiton of and on this Point the judge was one Day to met at a reception a 3 Oung woman who at onco come up to Hin with 41id smiling to save his the of Man could not recall judge exclaimed the you forgotten i met Yogi Only years fee bowed the courtly vainly racking his Mem Ory the on the i have been striving for two years to conditions will made known by John Grant Wagner a pm buc 8al personal property i will be bold at Public of Maroli of tie farm of Jacob East Over Lebanon pan ear the Road leading from tie Iron Bridge to shirks meeting about 1 mile from the former and i mile from the the following per Sonal cd mine 5 years a Good worker Analea can to use and Voutil Gray t years an extra Leader and works Dongle or double that we Are How do you like me cant Tell cant Teri touch about a woman until after thai Silver Ija Lbw Ona permanent bos Derst told 4ir 4 3 heavy with Call t fit Tor service 2 1 heavy with Litte the other an excellent a aging from 75 1 4jaona As Good Witt 3 Inoh tin 3 and Wagon with top Spring with shafts ind Unzue 2 pair Hay is and 21 feet As Good As new set manure but 1 year Patent Bay Patent Harpoon Hay we and mailers Yale chilled plow a Jeff hut i Spring wheel cow and Halter f ores double and triple Trees a Chick and Many other article too Romero unto shocks ten not allowed on in and on Day of to i i scale to at 1 we conditions we be made in pwn 6jluhx i personal property will be told at Publio on March on the herein described premises of the in Marion Berks 1 mile North of 3 Miles from Sheridan on Lebanon Valley 3 Miles Northwest of womels so Miles East of Myerstown and 3 Miles South of the following personal head of horses among them its 8 years by Volin record sired by Gray Eagle a Fine Road Mare of Kentucky is a Trappy kind and 3roke u Al and by proper hand Jig May Trot than 2jekfc 1 is a Percheron 8 years Chunky the most Good nurtured Mare we Ever broke single and is not afraid of electric or steam fearless under All Droum Stancea and is factly Safe foray lady to drive any person la invited to drive her before toe Day of Sale 1 Chestnut Comins 5 years sound and Tood is not afraid of any broke to All would make a family horse Percheron thorough Wershing pounds 2 Iron Gray coming 3 and 4 years Well will make pair of Fine heavy Active and sound sorrel coming 4 years rather a sound and Well broke this is a Beauty few heavy 5 of these horses Are 3 four Inland leaders 04 head of among them Are frisian vol Stern and Galloway 1 Treslan Holstein is eligible to registration these cows yield from 800 to 900 pounds of milk a or 270 to 300 pounds butter a week of these cows give 40 pounds of milk a when fresh some Are fresh and some with calves by their Side on Day of Sale among them Are 12 fat 1 fat Bull weighing 2 Stock 1 a thorough bred 2 Fresia Holstein 1 is a Leibla to registration 100 Heid Poland China weighing from 6 to 170 some Are fat 10 heavy Brood 2 with neat of and the close to parturition by Day of Sale i of sows pedigreed and and All the reit Are eligible to registration 1 heavy weighing about 403 raised by of registered and pedigreed 4 Young fit for service 2 heavy fat and few Chester White pigs 3 heavy 1 2 piano Box Road cart 2 heavy 2 by Jac pleasure separator Vith Chi Versal 6horae Power used for threshing purposes Wood fanning Fleetwood Cannon Corn with cleaner and Bagger Complete band Corn platform scale Wershing 2 seed Hay Post Straw crosscut circular scientific grinding s sets Hay s sets manure 2 Wagon com Patent Bay Fork with rope and manure 4 Spring 3 Spike Large and 3 Small 2 Corn Plo land 12 Seta with collars and bridle 5 Check a team pleasure Riding 6 Fly 3 Seta buggy z Riding 2 i sicken size respectively 7x14 and 8x20 feet Creamery 14i20 feet with Oak Frame 2 baby Cream of de Laval Patent butter Dairy table 4 feet in diameter Square Box butter 100 gallon capacity butter Printer of butter ship Ping shifting All kinds of Hay 2 sixth 3 Halter and other All kinds of single and double Crow Post grub jockey poles 3 Grain and Many other articles too numerous to mention Sale to commence at 10 when conditions will be made known by Ubantz Jia Sals of live farm Stock will be sold at Public on March in the farm of Henry lately tenanted by about j4 mile North of my on the Road leading to y the following Uva and 5 years Fine family de to single and double harness 3 one a a Good Saddle Hore 1 pair of Black 4 years Well broke and at team 48 head of Eitra Fine cat consisting of 28 among them g 5 will to and Oil of idiom is Iuar unteed to produce go pounds of Mill per Day he rest Are with second and turd Milf 2 of tie Best milkers 1 extra Fine Guern Scab the fatso cow have been n my Possession for 4 Mouths Una 1 guard Vitca hem to be Superior milk procure it Lii Stock Amone them is 1 Fuli blood til blood pedigrees 5 i 6 of mixed Ami 1 Ful hoi weighing Between Tinl Inu mls 1 a from blood Ilo Stein cow Vic Luiu 7u pounds of milk Irray 1 a mixed ill Stem and Iho n Guernsey Between co and to heart of Ivel Hing from 45 to 150 pounds among cum ire 2 Chester White boars and a few Crosier White sows 1 Complete horse Power no feed Corn Grasa Good As Dew 3 Foti horse 2 almost new Spring met sets Trout new 1 set Hind Heck Hay and numerous other articles not desiring to buy Good cows and Are respectfully invited to come and see or i guarantee that no better lot cows were offered for Sale in Lebanon tills trains arrive at Myon Nown Harrisburg and Way stations at and and from Kea Diomand Way stations it and 1cs trnin3 leave Viyer town for und p and for Reading at Ana a credit of c months will to Sale to commence at conditions to mad known by oracles Stupp and on March at Ziegler 1 mile North o m the Road leading to or Miles Louth of the following live head of flue among Are galloways and in the rest Gurncy and nil guaranteed to be Good milkers t Durham Bull go head of consisting it Poland Chester Whites and Berk and All of them Are a credit of 6 months will be Sale to commence at i when conditions will be made known by men gel Jonathan feb3td a Aery Butosi Public Salk of personal property will be sold at Public March in the Arm of tin u eat Hanover in in the Road i to Swami 1 mile from him cd and 5 Miles Fromuth the ii be personal proper horses find 1 Nar year Iii excellent single i sure a Jet Stutin an f Driver of est i pm a horse 7 Csira unit Coli s utjn1 in cannot Black and Ira land a Mare with foal of a a River women c Ilarene t inn 50tdc heavy with at Day of ilium a Ariit calves by their Sindir 1 18 Mouths a bred 1 sow heavy with litter 8 Weishon Ifo to 150 Pou Tifi 1 it fur Iol Alid a out 4horso Inch Las Good As lox j Lori with As As new set 3 pairs of Hay rom 2i 20 and 17 feet Ili equal to Hay jul rope and pulleys Der inc As i it Corn 2 Lintl front plow Check reins and Grain cow Aid Duun Aud triple Imis a lot of Chicken a potatoes by in and Many other articles too to Sale to commence at 1 Oclock anti conditions will be made known by Hilicki bobs jan27td a mo8 Sale personal property will face sold at Public on March at to e Rcw dec f the at lick Dale Union Lebanon the following live arming implements and household head of irom 2 to 12 years old 1 family Public of a Large and Good single and double worker by Tel Cood Leader and Gen eral purpose Zorae excellent Well broken Bay u Good Leader 1 i year old 1 sorrel i years very promising 1 Black t years an extra fresh Ondayog Aud a few summer and fall cows 2 one 18 months old yearling he and i calf 6 months old 1 Fine 2 years old 0 2 with Presb Ydavoy and 10 weighing from 40 to co pounds 3 heavy i la Belle Wagon with or6 Good us one 4horse one for 3 or 4 horses 2 pair Hay so feet Long step f Long 2 1 heavy and 1 Market Sleigh manure Good 2horse Spring Wagon with Daering Cham r Rafiei hoes Corn 2 1 1 Root and 1 Wallace 2 Spring tooth land with pulleys and rope feet ions May Handy Hay fanning 2 Grain grass scythe and Brush s Hind and 3 front Good us new j 8 5 plow and other siring of Sleigh set of Yankee the above men tinned Are All Good As new also a bugs re breast and other chains single and double double and triple lot of open jockey All kinds of such As and pitch works the digging lot of lot of old Iron and 90 Bushel of potatoes by the Bushel a Good Vertod Bureau and other a tides too numerous to Kate administer matrix of Amos Complete livery will be sold at Public on March at the Well known City livery Corner Doe and Spring rear the court in the City of the Fol lowing Complete livery consisting of firs class Berlin single and double har and h As follows Roan 6 years 15fet bands Good single and doable very sorrel 7 years h hands a free perfectly can be driven by a lady and is not afraid of of Sale or calves by their a credit of 10 months will be Sale to commence at 12 when conditions will be made known by Kate Darcas and iuar3td Jacob la Dis Public Sale personal property will be said at Public on March on the farm of Jacob East of count i the following personal head of horses and mules pair Bay voicing 9 years Well Good leaders and Einsle about 1u hands High 1 pair dark Bay coming 6 years Good Well about lands Hiljah 1 Chestnut Bay to years Speed and Safe a regular family Mare Yaj head of consisting of 20 milk Tome fresh by Day of All Good Milker 6 Slock extra weighing from to pounds each 1 fat five fat heifers 24 head of 20 head of weighing from 75 to 125 pounds 4 heavy with extra Good breeders threshing machine and engine manufactured by the Hage Ratoiu steam engine 33 Inch Cylinder and 40 Inch tank id horsepower machine and engine in Good running order and will be sold As j have it use for it whatever one 4horse 2 or 3horfe ior2horse with Box and solid steel a Good As new 1horse siring Wagon with 4horse Wagon entirely new 2horse Wagon 1 pair Niay Lute Mersl feet 1 pair Hay ladders two entirely new Deering steel to with folding used Only jeering c feet Cut Superior Serd Hay 2 Spring 1 with lever 2 Corn Corn potato 2horse Patent a with Ropos and single log 1 Hind and 4 front i Check and single Corn cart and 10 milk lot of 200 bushels extra Good sued about 75 chickens and Many other ural club Noi Tel dinner will be served at Home of the in on Railroad near the Only a Short distance from place of Sale to comi Nance at 12 when conditions will be Mac known by Jacob mar2td tames Peiefer Public Sale farm of live Stock Ivill be sold at Public on March of the farm of John in Lebanon 2 a nisus Northeast from Myerstown and 1 from on the Road from layers town to the following farm and live driving Well broke f rum 4 to 6 years used a Lesini and Lac Curie cars i Well broken coming 4 Well 20 head of 10 of cows will i ave calves by the Day of tic rest Are fresh fat weighing be and pounds 3 Stock fit for service 2 1 a thoroughbred hol Stein 100 Bead of Chester White and Poland China Stock 10 Breeding heavy i ill pics by Day of Sale 2 400 head of 1 four horse Wagon with Home Good ils new one Norse Spring 1 with Toi platform will suit for Murkot Hay Hay pleasure step crosscut split Ling Butcher l 1 bed with u parlor water 1 dozen Al in Iron Copper dinner and Many other articles not a credit of 8 months will be Bale to commence it 1 when conditions will be made known by James f it win i Orts Public Sale live will be sold at Public on March at the residence of the residing in South Lebanon Lebanon on the Road leading from Cornwall to about 2 Mileg from Cornwall about 3 Miles from 1 mile Tram Urooj and i Miles from Leb the Roll Wing live Viz 2 amp i years suitable fora Baker or Batcher i i he other is 5 years a Good single or dnunlc4 Eis with Cit lots by Tohir some fall cows and some Are they Are of hoijl3q Guernsey Aad Gurnani inc Mieor lit i being extra milkers 8 Holstein and Durham Stockt a selected a tricking from 7xlto pounds 1 Holstein extra Stock weighing pounds 5 Tonk Well Well Cnoc from too to we pounds Between tto and so head of Ches it White ant Poland China weighing from4tio 150 pounds 2 Breeding sows with Young 4 weeks old by Day of Sale 2 lit for 1 Chester White the other Polam China the bold will be delivered free of charge within a distance of 5 Icilus a5ot of persons Desir to Purchase Stock should not fail to a Liberal credit Pale commence at my Marte known by 1rw1n in Arioul m Waldo bus Public Sale of one car Load of Western horses i ill be sold at Public to at the Ponn pro in the City of Lebanon Onelar Toful of West to consisting of gtd drive k and Busi Ness finito year 1 Titi to business two pairs of Fine Block and horses will arrive a few Dag to before the when they can be Ken at the above mentioned place a credit of 60 Days will be Sale to commence conditions be made known by i Guam clerk a n Nduku lights Public Sale personal property jul be Euld of Mihlic of March on tie premises of the in North i try non Lebanon on the rofl leading from Lebanon to a ont mile North of w riffles East of the ttt1 1l Public Sale of to Kane shoats will w sold at Public on March at the Public House of near the do pct myst Stavn Lebanon pct acts thu Foh Owins like consisting of one Carload i Chester county Tjho ats Ana this is an Eitra Fine lot and weigh also some Fine Breeding sows and boars Poland China Stock was selected with Ore Chester county and will be sold without in need of pigs or sows is in Vitato attend this a credit of 4 months will be sate to commence at 1 Treen conditions will be made known Fay Fesa Leb jnar5td Plieni i Pisut of Bay t Jears Good driving Aud working horses 2 2 years old Black t years works single and double All ranging f no 2 to 10 years old 4 in 2 of them if Fol 2 horse Wagon Hay lot of land it ii of Faay Ingr articles too numerous to whim ence at 1 o when conditions will be made town by Mariod and saw household will he sold at Public of March As the property of Peter Bod Eannel at his fare on West main Lebanon toe follow info household Marble g 2 ing by 2 Bedsaul brass and Many other articles too he melons to Sale to commence at 1 when conditions Black 10 years 15 hands single and doable fear less of All objects and is a 1 All Cay can be driven by a Yea 12 years and can 1 t gentleman s hands does anything that a can and can be driven any Pace Una by any this a a perfect Ladys or old a Strawberry 7 years 15 hands High his equal is it m the county and he cannot be nit lied wrong can be driven by the most timid Seal Brown yes 13 hands very gentle and tree Driver Uit afraid of Iron Grey Kentucky 6 years 15 hands High he is a perfect Saddle Fine Isle footer and works single not afraid of steam or trolley cars be Beauty and everybody likes 10 years 15i hands Hinh this is As pleasant h Driver As is to be found in this is a perfect Ladys horse cannot be recommended too Seal 7 years 16 hands perfectly can but driven by is a Well shaped Ana makes a Good 10 Bay 8 years in hands an elegant single and sorrel s years Hijji hands High she is always All Day and even Day perfectly can be driven this and 2 Are a very pleasant double Jet Black Kentucky 8 years 15 viands High he is exceedingly single and double Driver for style be is is speedy and can show a minute clip and w of everyone whose s him will like Black 0 jars Ufi hands High Good single and Driver perfectly fearless of All objects Caa Road 10 Miles an no Bay 10 years 15 hands High too much cannot be said of tills horse either for shifts or and is perfect Ladys he is i Fine is utile footer and rides very the above horses cannot to too recommended for to boil excellent qualities far is gentleness and endurance Are they Are used to work every Day Ami nil Day Aad any purchasing a Jirs Claas family horse will not go wrong if he buys one of the above there is mean about them they will work they Are hitched and Are not a fish to they Are very highly ail Ted for Baker or Vevy us As for private family 3 Berlin modern style and in 1 also of modern style Aiichi in 1 18passenger bus in firs class 1 9passengbr also in Good 4 2seated canopy its Good As Black 1 2seated canopy new finish Aud y 2seated canopy top Spring with in soot id piano and White with end Dexter Springs sonic As Codi us new and All in Good yellow Aud Carmine 5 homemade Carriage 4 sets of double coach Silver and j drops mountings in excellent condition and a sets of double Carriage harness in Good 1 set of double bus in Good order and 15 sets single Silver Aud rubber mountings some As Good As new and All in Zirat class 5 pair Hames and lot by Coachmen Coats and lot of horse Lap Robes and fur All in Good and us Goud As lot of stable l harness 1 writing revolving cot bed and other of Flint Curry a four Inland whiff tree and Many other stable fixtures too numerous it at the same time Anu place Ami to to sold the Large Frame livery stable on leased the main building is 50 by 7u feet Ami the Carriage House is 25 by 7u it has stabling for m head of Large Wash floor and Nice harness the building u in Jurat class order and Well suited for the livery and boarding the Carriage House is quite u3this building a located at the most convenient and Public place in the City and to Large business has been carried on in it a number of tt3if be sold it will u rented to the highest he thu Battung will be sold first Sale to commence at when conditions will be made known by Samuel grouse Public Sale of personal property will be sold at Public on March at the resilience of the in Jack son Lebanon i mile Smith the Road leading from Myerstown to the following Good b Owman Bodib Eltges Salk personal property will he sold at Public on March on the farm of in South Corn Wall Lebanon bunt 1 mile West of along the the following personal property horses and 1 being a Bay b years Safe family and Sinyieu Leader Roan t years weighing about Pound Chest nut 3 years broke will make a Ely Iii Driver Bay 8 years Iti hands Good Leader 30 head of consisting of 1 milk Holstein and Durham jail and the rest being fresh on Cay of Sale 3 i being years weighing the others head of 50 head of line Chester White and Poland China being sows with the rest wait Lino trom from 40 to Lix pounds head n Chick turkeys and peacocks u pair i Iii Pekin lot of Peacock 1 Spring Wagon with As Good us new Fleet Wood Grain As Good Asniw Fleetwood horse with Universal Jaii Mosley Diin with Copper chopper Keist Patent 2 2 Syracuse plows Spring lot of and triple Trees front but by As As new lot of and of Lite of huns to pot lot of Good and Many other articles too numerous to Safe to c9mmeneo 1 Beham when conditions will made known by Milton Bor Killian febi4td personal property win som at Public on March on vie w formerly known As Swatara Iuar Bunker Hill station and Janti South of tie four wisc per sural consisting of live and Fao Cachola Forni hem Ofili Hubred horses 1 blocs excellent Leader and gentle Iris Bav with Block 15khands Jocil stylish and Fust Driver dark sorrel Prid worker and Driver Bra 3 years of Coit i year above units re All Well Rel my Promise to become Verv is head o rattle 9 Sori fresh by of others heavy with calf 1 Alderney and Jersey Heifer heavy with calf 6 Young of Alderney find Holstein these cattle Are All of Strain and Are Eood butter and milk cows 7 Fine of Chester White and to Lan China ready for persons wishing Sneh Stock should not fail to fee them i new 4 and Wacon with 3x Inch tire 2 or 3horse Watron with 1jj Inch to id Spring Chat Toplon Complete Patent Hay seed 3 Seta Hay 2 Wallace 1 Spike and 2 Spring cider seed feed double Corn fanning Hay c sets manure tree min lot of urine 100 feet of Sand Post double and triple 3and4horse Halter and other chains 3sets Yan Kee 2 sets front and 1 set Hind Sleigh reins and Check 4 harness and implements nearly As Good As having Only been in use a Short time 1 bedroom suite with crib and 1 dozen 7 2gatlou milk butter Coal stove Ani paper Stone and earthen Apple lot of and other lot of turkeys and Large Oleander potted Flowers and Many other articles too numerous to Sale to commence at 1 when conditions will be main known by so by Spring 3 1 rat in Nice horse Spring Good Smyre Corn Good Corn pair Hay top As Good As Shaft for land front 1 is Good a new a Good Fly sets Busty 1 As Good As new pleasure Riding a food As new 2 rings so lieu 1 As Good As new Check 2 sets Ali kinds shaking pitch All kinds of Halter Uther Siu Jill double Trees and about Ijo potatoes Ivy the also the following Lious Thold Urti Eua meat about ill vet Long butter churn and Large 1 is new Large meat hour and ii inny other articles too numerous to of these articles Are As As Sale tit commence at 1 when conditions wiil be made known by Samuel Mays feb Lott Alki Meeks Puiello Sale personal property be at Public of March on the farm of Lydia on Trio Road from Annville to Miles from Ann Ville and 1 mile South of the the following Ofir Sonal prop head of Good working horses 1 Linck 4 years Good single and double Nacelle it Driver Gray s double Liny years Safe at 01 a Lecirio tirs sorrel s years Jijoo i Leader and Safe Driver Black Good in Iriri Black 3 years old Lui head Tif of a milk most of then fish by Dav of some heavy with calf and Suine full cows 2 Fine Young Stock build 4 to incr 100 Berk hire Aad Chester White consisting of 10 Breeding some with by Das of Sale 3 Berkshire without teams will have the ios delivered 1rcc of charge within a limit of s 1 when Euni Litimo will be made known by Eki u Killian Lilleon raar3td Snyders Dubuc Sale personal property will to sold at Public on March on premises of the at Thiu Hach Lebanon mile West of the Foll Wini per social to Gourd coming March and both ii excellent Milkos 2 1 heavy with calf 0 Darham Stock from thu to 9oj pounds 75 among Are 9 Lier Shire 1 Cheater White 1 Large it him China Atli the rest ure suckling Dud weigh Ink from u5 pounds up one horse join As with Bern Villot in Spring Whitely cod new self dump Whitely a self dump a aril land self dump Whitely new i dump a aril land new Spud intr new Syracuse Spring Nar with it paid a new Wiard Corn single double douche set Yankee nod As used Only 1 year breast try single Check Grain manure 1 pair tobacco Peck and one 10horse Power Peerless Geiser fraction engine and Star Aultman All As Good As new pair Hay and Many other articles not Sale to commence Jit 1 when conditions will be in tide known by u and Mariita Isaac Zug annual a live will be sold at Public in March at the the t Miil cach Springs in Miller Eok Leb Noi in Trio Road leading Vroni Erst own to 3 Miles from tin1 and u Miles fro Iii the latter the of from 3 to 6 years consisting of Coa purpose and Rome Fanniy not of steam o some sit Lyle 1 of Ali Fujii u year old with most of are1 Western shipped in re consist Littig fit 1 Poland 1 Kerk Shire Chester White fit ror 5ervic Brt Euing so have and others Are heavy with the rest Are pigs and weights irom w10 Loo Bock Vril without Terve and All wishing to Purchase will please be i cime a3 will be Eold will Oil trains at Richland Day of a credit of 8 months will be Sale to commence at 12 when con Duoos will to to known by Isaac m Becker and Torris Hoffas Nubuo Bali i of personal property be sold at Public on Toch the Fernt of Mark situated in Swa n on tie Niad to Fredericks about Kmil cast of Juo Winf excellent Idit Iichi h Liuio it River and weighing a Uklid 4goou in Lech i1 them a fall and 2 Are Freswi Dav or from so to 6 about us Iii Vii i 3 4horse 1 Peri diff adige not Coin Grain Patent Patent Turk with it front and 2 Hind i double team Check other fall set o dinner if breast and Otter a Juliio kii1 triple mature and and Many other articles too numerous to a credit of will be Stdio to commence at 30 when con Dit Oswill be ma4o known by Morris Gideon Jacob of Cut kicks Public Sale live will be sold at Public on March at the residence the in Betel Lebanon near tue Road leading som Zion to mile North of the following Liviu head of from 3 to 6 years All Good among which Are Fine driving horses 16 stoic i Holstein horses stoic i Wershing Flora co f o a no nods is Milch consisting of Holstein and nearly All fresh by Day of Sale 1 head of Well Peifei with calf 1 Fine Ciu Sensey with calf Fol Fine weights from40toti Poon disnew top Spring never need i two seated Carriage Tot of Fine turf Ceya and chickens of Crocka milk a credit of u months Wal he Sale to k39 Conan tons will be Maddt known Kline is islets Sale b Western horses will be sold at sub ii in Harch the Peim pro in the City of Lebanon Oao car Load of Neatem consisting of heavy draft Fine Drivers and Ien eral purpose Weso Uldall to me uentleman3 Fine Good 5 years not afraid of without fault or and can Trot than those horses Are front 3 to years and Are sound thu in Good Coa will arrive a few lays before the when they can be seen at the above mentioned a credit of 60 Ilass will be Sale to commence at o waen will be Arad Boot and pimples Are due to impure remove them by making the blood pare with hoods Pas Sarras pit Etc Pale will ice Soltel at Public on March on the Landtr along the Road loading from five to near in Routh Lebanon Lebanon the following 4 horses sorrel 8 years horse and Lewier Bay 9 years Leader and worker Bay 5 Good Driver and worker Mau 3 yearling pair of Black years Cue estra Leader i sonic fresh and some heavy with calf by Day of Cale 3 Stock some heavy Vita pigs weighs from to 150 Pound Wood hinder with 2 1 new thrash in with Power Farmers favorite a new Hay new wire Corn wind two 1 to 5horse j is As now top up Riff i Stone bed and sets Bav manure Lund Nin Nure urn re Hay with it alleys ind Rove Ian feet ions 2 Syracuse new Imperial Cora Corn 2 syring 2 Spike shovel 2 chopper Keiss Patent Seiling Erin sets Hind and 4 sets front All Cood 3 sets buggy team Ritins 3 Fly doable and single fines houses and and other Cli Ains Douile Ami triple imy Grain grass 4 milk Al Sarby i Chick and Many other articles not a credit of ii months will by to commence at when conditions will be made by Joii Henry John Mariod t Eye a heirs Public Sale l personal property will be sold at Public on March on the farm of Levi in Han Over Lebanon about i mile Southeast of Zions 1 Niile South of Ulricht 2w Miles North of yell Enroku and 1 mile Southeast of the following personal 1 Bay coming years the off Ido Ingle is a very Good the other an excellent Leader 1 Black coming 5 years is an excellent Leader and very quiet 1 pair 1 Bay and 1 Rouso coming 2 years of extraordinary and broken to harness i pair dark Roan coining Cara of fair Exee Dinely Well mated and broken to the Halter 1 Gray Corning 7 years heavy with works wherever hitched 1 Bay coming 4 years and a tie nolo driven 8 head of Mil nearly All with calves by their on Day of i Stock rang inc from 50j to Tot ibs fat 4 Fine of which Are Durh Nui Stock and with calf 10 from 50 to iou 1 4horse Spring pairs new Hay in feel Long Champion Luth steel Keerins Hay Loucks Patent Hay with of rope and pulleys fanning 2 Oliver chilled with Jointers and wheels Spring land buc Fityo fertilizer Grain Buckeye sulky cultivator rout Corn gras Triin manure Lig chopping my 4 front 2 Lind i Yankee Fly Teliin breast a hindi 1jt of certain qty nifty of Liay by thu Viiu Nimy Oiw articles too in Nienus to Sale to a t Oclock when conditions will to made known by Levi Fly Hotd he tricks Public Sale personal property will to sold at Public on March by the in East Hanover town Lebanon the farm of Thumas 1 mile Southwest of Zeho und Viilu West of the follow Ini personal Taro 3yetir old it Ivy Honel and Jowid Stock two 1 year old cows with calf 1 Tifer it Ivy with flow Stern Stock 1 a both weigh Fraijo to it Pomula Nool Stock i Newton Spring Hitu Shaft and pole 1 new 1hoite Wapon Frith 1 new or i horse with 1 Tiute 4 or 6liorse Wagon with Box the above wagons Art All with 2iiich tires Ami steel nxlcs4 new Isth is vol ions new Corn new 3 shovel Ujj Corr Rcw wheel new buggy 1 shovel Imitato potato 1 Drill in gait new Price fanning Loco singly Ami Imi Imo new triple homemade 11 2 manure of Nii Ihlo crinum and pm nov lot Ilya inuit Ziock and Lephonia 2 Turkey May other too to a credit of will Sale to commence 1 when conditions will he made i Iown rank Riippi and h enav Stokes Public Sale live will be sold at Piialii on March on the farm of Cyrus in North London Derry Lebanon on tie travel Hill Abonit i nifty inti the following live 1 buy 11 years Yacc Llemit worker mid Roan h years Good worker to years Del Var and 6 years excellent Driver Bay 5 years Good Antl like in to by cute i speedy Driver a Satlof con 12 Milch Fino a Rush and Amie heavy with and some calves by their sides on Day of murky of these rows ire Jine and Batir to two Zarlini with 2 Lull 2 Iii 2 i Mihaiu Stock year Lurig 7 of Viola Tui my Ijiri Lupin from to to pounds is of 7 Barf ring being a Titi i with liter the rest arc from 10 to m Hoits Are ii Fuji ind China and Berkshire wishing Taimy Breeding Stock should not fail to spa i be sold Glrst und a i a months i tale to at i conditions be mad known by Henry rank fed f Yumio Sale personal property will be in Tuo it of March Ontic farm of formerly known As Iti Iwerks on the Fiad loading from Vav Bont disc South i the following Kiev Hal Wal t working us not in in inc cows in rims Kottl bikers u Stock Jit to i is a Rull thu Roii Niichi and i jilt Are Khiav Vith Cian Viil Ira Ull Vari it tit Iii Tibrov Tecl will All be Anil can Lenin at tin risk until april ind will Lee fed the As before the Day i Ono hoes within live Miles and has Iio Cliver them free of Baleta at i Litu Condit Vorih will Matie known Ity Kuanku bal Ivra Cyrus Why not buy a Beauty Ltd Elrga when top oar 821 at any and at your own terms we also have Fine line of guitars mandolins at greatly reduced instruction Al ways free with these instr to keep it before the our line of 15o shoes ror men and in All for dress and guaranteed to Wear and this week we receive a lot of mens for dress and if you fail to give us a Call you will miss great Call and see our new rubber soles at 846 Cumberland still harping that what were doing and As ban As about oar dentistry and we propose to keep it Wholl n the tooting of the Horn or the harping of the Harp if we dont and theres a Good reason to keep for we be something to Harp Odo Tunder it defies the world As a harmless an we Harp because we want new users of this the old ones dont need our they keep on coming to the new people Are the individuals we Are 812 Good business for Sale the undersigned will sell their entire general merchandise or to a Good Man will sell half Good excellent store room with bulk agent for Gereon Berks jan23tf you want to be Well then go to 16 n1nyh for your largest assortment in the denial Parlours 12 i ei6hth Lebanon set of Petit tip Best set of i re Gold up i Teeth 25c Silver Teeth am Bilgam i vitalized Teeth extracted without owner and Gray ills 1lblic Sale household will be sold at Public on March at the residence of iieidr1 beep on the wad Lealiu Irum to Corn 1 Mitt Frrtz the Lon incr the follow ing personal Beds with bed bed room Bare Extension 4 other Large Glass o Large refrigerator flour dozen 1 kit Civit Walnut Iid wit Mable 1 old Grandfather Apollo s with water tank 1 scalding barrel Copper barrel off Milih Copper Iron j sausage lard 2 Batter butter butter 2 co Hes wringers Large washing washing Auu baby we iwo 3 Yards rns 30 Yards Straw a lot of Apple and Raway other Artieres too num Eions to Sale to commence at 1 when this offer do you want years subscription to the Symia weekly news free of chaise this is the Way to do it secure three 3 yearly at a us the names accompanied by the and your name will be placed on the list and credited with one years paid up subscription this is a Rhanie for you to secure without Colt and but Little labor one of the Best papers published in the the news is published two times a or 104 times it and the met Cristion Price a Only end Royal pills j Charles and Lesti menu of All Unda Wii ten and acc omits Coue Buooa pea Bioni a ban Lesa a Taoping Tad ninth u Church Sola atm Tor the Howard hot air mating of
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