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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - March 9, 1896, Lebanon, Pennsylvania F p Light Snaw mar at the ate it Nausid to up rear from an common should be dares my to tie 11cw1 is the us and Are March occupying a higher what a inspiring spectacle was presented at the Carlisle Indian last when a number of Young indians graduated and by the orations which they delivered gave evidence that they were thoroughly civilized and christianize and ready to take their places As citizen of this great upon the platform along with the in Dian scholars were a number of men from various torte of the among them Wade who a Little More than a Quarter of a Century ago was hotly engaged in an tort to destroy the und who As earnestly and fiercely resisted and of All the number these two were especially Friendly toward each what a Trio of events in history were there portrayed the indians the sole possessors of thib the White who by their skill and Superior numbers drove them Back step by until they Are living upon reservations marked off for them by the Phu a representative of an organized movement to disrupt and overthrow the Best govern ment on the face of die How fit Ting and proper it was that they should assemble at a place where and upon an occasion when the highest form of Chris Tian education was the chief one cannot help thinking that if the people of this country thirty and More Yean ago had been willing to be governed by the principles underlying True Chris Tian which is the highest form of there would have been no and if the indians had been brought under an As is now being done at Carlisle and other instead of meeting them with the sword and the All the Tribis would have been subdued Long before without the spilling of precious blood and the waste of so much and All would have become True types of Ameri can these May be fanciful but it is a fact that under the benign influences of the Christian religion and the More fully developed methods of culture and refine the ill timed conduct of the Wadi not Ilton judge who presided at the trial of Hiss Elizabeth Flagler Wandag Reedton nominal sentence after the admission of her is causing More harsh Cen sure and Adverse criticism than the con duct of the Washington authorities soon after miss Flagler bad committed the it will be remembered that about a year ago while several coloured boys passed her fathers from which other boys had stolen Mise Lakier recklessly hot twice from an up per Story one of the bullets hit one of the boys with fatal there was a disposition at first by those in authority to allow the matter to go by without so much As an investigation be cause it was Only a poor coloured boy who was Public indignation became so aroused that the District attorney was obliged to enter a suit of manslaughter miss who is a cultured lady and no doubt very much regretted that she should have killed the but the Law expressly declares that such Wanton negligence with fire arms shall be punished without any re Gard whatever As to the persons last week miss Flagler appeared in court and when her Case was called plead guilty to the charge of so that there could be no doubt in the mind of the judge As to her guilt it was expressly stated in the report sent out that when the court called the Young woman for sentence the general had five Hundred dollars in Crisp Bank notes ready to pay the Fine As though he had knowledge of the exact sum that would be the accommodating Judie convened the court half an hour earlier before the congregating of the vulgar and then with August Mien and in solemn but without a word of censure or which judges Seldom neglect to he pronounced the awful sentence of three hours imprisonment and a Fine equal to the my of Money the father had ready to namely five Hundred thin wag speedily the Jolly party withdrew from the entered a Carriage awaiting their arrival and were conveyed in Tine style to the matrons room in where a number of friends live a reception to miss after wearily waiting for the three hours to Iipp by they All repaired to a fashionable Uptown restaurant Ard concluded the farce comedy with a swell for which the three hours detention in jail Hal them an appreciative this is the opinion of the Chicago record concerning such farcical court trials it is just such sentences As this that Breed distrust in the Efficacy and Justice of the suppose the coloured boy had been the one who flew into an in governed passion and shot the would he have been treated in this growing out of the world of fashion if he had got off with three Mankind is gradually but surely lifted up years incarnation instead of three hours into a higher and nobler form of exist in been because the bringing Man nearer to the Ideal of his the psalmist Many years ago truly said for thou Hast made him a Little lower than the and Hast crowned him with glory and thou Madest him to have Dominion Over the works of thy hands thou Hast put All things under his looking Down the Vista of time we be hold men engaged in bloody when what they sought might have been obtained in u much better having attained to a much higher stand Ard we no longer rely upon Torch and the but by an Appeal to the High and More fully developed faculties of the mind and hence India and White Man meet upon one platform and rejoice in one common but Cheries in the atrocious cruelties enacted under the leadership of commander by which inoffensive and defenceless men and women Are brutally slaughtered in bid fair to out rival the armenian which have sickened the hearts of the people in All portions of the civilized the real about the but Cheries recently committed Are just being As under the direction of general Weyler reports had been sent out that a Battle had been fought in which the Spanish troops were and that a number of the cuban revolutionists had Iwen killed or taken helpless men and women Are Down and killed in their Homes Jast because Spanish soldiers Are thirst ing for human blood it becomes the Plain Doty of this country to what Ever other nations May think or say about it the cubans have a right to fight for their Freedom and if Spain can not subdue them by fair Means she must not be allowed to Institute a reign of terror for the purpose of Over awing the people and by such Means reducing them to general Weyler prides himself on the record of blood he has made for himself in former revolutions in but times have changed and he must be taught that War must be conducted along civilized it is becoming known that presiden Cleveland is not in sympathy with the cuban resolutions passed by Congress and naturally some of the congressmen Are very indignant at the attitude which he is the president is not taking any Steps to enforce the provisions of the Reno Linion and it is believed a second re solution will be passed compelling him to Issue a proclamation recognizing the belligerency of the cuban Cleveland has been particularly Active in having expeditions organized for aiding cubans hunted Down and broken up Ana it really seems As if his sympathies were on the Side of the of court had consideration for his extreme the sentence was worse than a it was one of those deliberate defeats of Justice which create suspicion As to the integrity of the Law and enc our ase further miss previous Good record and the fact that there was slight reason fir her Hasty action might have served As mitigating circumstances in her Case the judge who pronounced the sen tence should have Given some semblance at least of a desire to act justly and Hon and not in such a manner cringed to wealth and a most tragedy was enacted at Kast Juniata Thi several Days the result of religious Charles Ramsey a prosperous Dur the last year began Reading the Hooki of Charles treating on the second Advent of and this finally unbalanced his he conceived the idea that the coming of chris1 was near at when he would gather the elect to with this idea pervading his mind he several nights ago killed his devoted wife in a most Shock ing after having fairly Butch ered her body he sat Down by the Side o it and drank some of her so the might become one of the join heirs of the sad part of this awful affair is thai the neighbors of Ramsey were aware for a week or More that his mind was in that he would be liable at an time to commit some terrible and even on the night when it did occur several men heard the poor woman pleading for her life and yet not any o them went to her the cowards might at least have tried to save the to mans it is said that the books of known As the pensively circulated and and thai there Are a number of devotees in the Juniata in View of the position taken by our Congress of the cuban question Trench and German newspapers have taken the Tumble to express their disapprove against they have been somewhat vehement in denouncing what they term and say the time is fast a preaching when the european nation must Combine against american Daggres they need worry themselves very Little on that the old idea handed Down by the fathers that this country will bold itself aloof of All foreign entanglements still prevails and will b carried at the same time any foreign encroachments will be stoutly this country is not seeking territory that does not by right belong to it or tha is not necessary for its own preservation the cuban Resolution was passed in the interest of and while it is trn that we do not want the territory of an other on this or any other cont when we see a neighbor Stroggin to free itself and throw off the Yoke c oppression we instinctively hold out helping we would not be True ourselves As a free Republic if we otherwise and the european nations ought to know they need not excite themselves about any territory w will take by Force of As most c them have but the combined forces of Europe will not keep us from protect ing our own and All others who Volant a by come under our France also promises to Aid Spain i Case the latter nation wante to Declar War against us because of the humane in Terest were Are taking in Vei Well she can do about that As so the United states does no covet a War with any nation or nation and would rather by far live at Peac with All the nations of the Buas we have threats and bullying will not frighten us from our position o doing right and Suc coring the oppressed at our Leland Stanford friends of education will be pleased to learn that the suit brought by the government against the estate of the lab senator Leland Stanford has been decided it had been brought of the recovery of Over fifteen million do the amount of Stanford inter est in the Pacific which was t have been applied on the debt due the United states from those railroads of Aid Given in constructing the theory was that the government con collect from the stockholders to the amount of their but the Lowe court of California decided against it an the United states supreme court upheld the while the matter was in litigation the Leland Stanford which has Over students suffered greatly and Stanford made hero converting everything possible into Money so As to meet obligations an keep the University going until the ques Tion was finally decided whether she o the government would have control o the Money left by no1 the perpetuity of the University is assured and Many Young persons we would otherwise have been deprived o the Opportunity of obtaining a finish education will profit it is Sel Dom that so much Public Good is involve in a lawsuit for the recovery of a larg sum of eve by pennsylvanian should take a hand in senator quays candidacy for the forty years ago a native of the Keystone state was nominated and elected president and it is about time the state gets one of its Citi Zens into the White senator Quay would not hand the nation Over to its enemies As the Pennsylvania of four decades ago on the contrary he would give a Able and faithful administration of the Public a lairs and every pennsylvanian should take a per Pride in furthering the interests of senator Quay for president on the next Republican a Boch Esteh minister claims that he Hafl heard mice sing like a furnish ing Sweet although wierd if the person who makes this claim was not a Fri Morfor we might think he had taken a drop too As it is the matter must be explained in some other All republicans should arrive at an understanding on the Silver it May not be Wise for the Silve rites to de Mand a ratio of 10 to 1 and not listen to anything nor is it prudent to ignore Silver International by Metallis should be the goal of All sen Ator Cameron said Protection and Sil ver Are two sides of the same and it will be unwise for the party to ignore Silver the party should come to an agreement on the Talmage since his pastorate of one of the Washington presbyterian churches has succeeded i driving the As who had been there before out of the the trustees aided him in doing so and for this they have been severely censured by the which says the trustees have no right whatever to interfere in the duties or appointment of a a of tobacco manufacturers Are continuing to fight the cigarette Trust if they would unite to fight the cigarette there would be some sense in their combining and Many persons would assist it is an unmitigated evil and nuisance and should be put Pom loss of new York state suffered severely the past week by reason of the which have commenced to subside within two Days and any further loss from High Waters is senator Brice has Devcic not to at tend the democratic National convention and will shortly give his reasons for re tiring from the National organization of his if the old weather saws hold Good this year March should go out like a very timid we have been hav ing roaring lion weather since the first of the who is to blame we observe that some of the demo cratic newspapers which heretofore advocated a policy of Tariff Reform Are now urging Congress to pass a Tariff Bill tha will provide Revenue sufficient to Cove the deficiency of Over forty million Dol they Are condemning Republican senators and congressmen for not pass ing such a when the fact is Tea but for a few Silver senators such a Bil would have been passed before now it was democratic scheming and conniving that Defeated the Dingley Bill which would have Given this administration Revenue enough to pay the expenses of the government and the blame must wholly rest upon the demo cratic party for the condition of the finances As they now exist the miser Able Wilson Gorman Mongrel Bill cause the deficiency and now democratic sen with the Aid of a few Republican Silver prevent the passage of a Bill that would provide sufficient Revenue put the blame where it tins country might As Well go the one step further and instead of merely recognizing the belligerency of the cubans might recognize their the United states has the name ant might As Well have the besides we owe it to the struggling cubans to help them to the extent of our the cuban question will never be get Alec right until it becomes a and this is the opportune time for the big hats was very much in evidence on thursday evening in the Fisher opera House and the complaints against them were bitter and if the Lebanon ladies want to keep on goo terms with gentlemen friends they Wili Lay off their big hats or not Wear them at All the next time an opera is presented the has exhausted All his resources in an attempt to save his but without the Day is fixed and he must hang for his terrible Holmes Las dropped out of sight and his crimes Are Well nigh William a trained and experienced newspaper has become Point editor and proprietor with John of the Reading which has always been a spicy a do you know liver pills and tonic pellets cure att forms of disease caused by a sluggish liver and bilious Ness the Pink Pill the tonic see Little teus Aharoni hand a wee word Brown for Bale by schools and Frank be tried Atuwo session of criminal court held this District attorney Sandei and Deputy clerk Bor Klemt have arranged theft lowing trial list for March Penang today James larceny oath a jest r larceny oat Albert larceny oat of Jacob a William larceny oath of Allen is George larceny oath of Asbury com Mary larceny oath of Lizzie John Wolf and James stand larceny oath of Hunter Mason receiving stolen goods oath of John James stand and John Wol burglary oath of Biley James stand and John Wol larceny oath of Biley John Conner and Jam burglary oath of Biley John carrying Cei sealed deadly weapons oath of l James assault an Batter oath of Monroe Michael larceny oath of Daniel larceny oath of John is William hours stealing oath of Edward larceny oath of George rec ii ing stolen goods oath of Al John aggravated Sault and Battery oath of James Dong John Wolf an James staub burglary oath of Biley embezzle ment oath of James Dore and Charle alias Bill Beer abated Sault and Battery oath of Frank beam Hiram embezzle ment oath of Phineas John alias Putric assault and Battery oath o Harry John alias Patricl assault and Battery oath o John Jacob l aggravate assault and Battery oath of Ezra h Light Frank cruelty t animals oath of Harrison Mease and Phineas oath of George w John falsely rep resenting an officer oath of Aaron c Jacob embed Dement oath of Elias assault and bal Tery oath of Mary Samuel interfering with Legal process oath of h William perjury oath of Felix John falsely rep resenting an officer oath of Henry Milton Georg John Adan Emrich and David aggravated assault and Battery oath of William Wahl Elizabeth assail and Battery oath of Kate Rothenberg William carrying concealed deadly weapons oath of fran Cis William aggravate assault and Battery oath of Franci Frank assault aug Battery oath of Thomas Harvey malicious mischief oath of John Isaiah assault an Battery oath of Benben assault with in teat to commit rape oath of Cinderella Frederick f Anc oath of Annie is Jacob adultery oath of James fraud oath o Frank Albert and oath of Ellen Harry and oath of Susan Jacob cruelty animals oath of Edward Mason and oath of Ann Nora Clarence and oath of Sauie Clement and oath of Annie John oath of Alice Peroival no sup port oath of Fannie Joseph desertion oath of Annie William desertion oath of Ida Levi desertion oath of Phoebe James larceny oath of Biley James staub and John Arceny oath of Biley j Ohn Wolf and James burglary oath of Biley Morris assault and Battery oath of Mary Morris assault and Battery oath of Jennie Theodore surety of the Ward oath of Charles the Rescue the Rescue firemen Are busily engaged securing advertisements for their to be issued announcing he company annual dress Ball in son f America easter april the invitations to the ladies have aset not been issued and we understand Liat Only those who receive a card can gain admittance to the Ball for Loven of the opening of the season for out of or sports is close at every Day rings new gossip of interest you bold remember that the Philadelphia Reis is an authority on sporting news fall the sporting pages of the unday press Are stronger than those f any other candidate for county Elias merchant of West Leb will be a candidate for county commissioner at the Republican Prim Aries to be held june iceman is Well known throughout the county and will no doubt make Etreyu is efforts to secure the Bec Eivins George the veil known and popular county Friday celebrated his 4sth birthday in a quiet and his Many friends could be seen whining away at mild Havana cigars in Honor of the event Hunter e receiving Many and books to be a Man ten years with the Samuel of 123 North eighth is seriously ill with Teing nearly 81 years old the chances or his recovery Are not very it we be Soma Hanx the full grand Central string orchestra will furnish the music Tot the nos next thursday in sons of America this will be bar nothing it is usually the custom music Liberty boys have a gala time thursday Colebrook blown out Pihi Deooe Hohs abounded manager grammar receives orders Vram Scranton to blow oat 1 manager of Colebrook on thursday morning received notice from the Lackawanna Iron steel of owners of the to discontinue operations in 1 Furnace at no reasons were Given and none were not another Lump of Ore or Stone was put in the Furnace and after the cast at 1 o clock the Furnace was Brownout the shut Down is a severe blow to the Large Force of workmen As it was entirely they say they know of no repairs to be 2 Furnace is running nicely and is making an excellent Grade of it is thursday a majority of to be hoped that orders to again place and the table wan loaded with Good Welch All enjoyed addresses do general Goblin and old North Lebanon Bell the 24th anniversary of the Well known Liberty fire company was celebrated in their on North ninth the members being present for the first time the members daughters and sweethearts were present at the Cerebra which made the event More pleas five which seated about 80 per were tastefully arranged by the la Dies of the Ana presented a Beautiful and they were loaded with Good things that tempted the Beautiful Palms and plants adorned the the music furnished by the metropolitan Banjo and guitar club added greatly to the pleasure of the the spacious and handsome parlor on the second floor was beautifully lighted and decorated with american flags and at the Entrance was a Large Arch bearing the word in the Centre of the parlor on a table was displayed the old Bell which was used at the North Lebanon furnaces Way Back in the at the opening capt Harry Euston introduced general who in his usually Earnest manner referred to the pleasant anniversary he spoke of the firemen under the lamented Ellsworth and referred to the Early apparatus with which firemen Laboured in 1s25 and and the heroic efforts they made to fight the he paid a glowing tribute to the Devotion and sacrifices of those who braved the fierce elements which Are so destructive to life and and paid a High compliment to the Volunteer general Gobin was greeted with applause in the course of his which was listened to very chief Engineer Carmany and assistants Fields ind Walmer occupied seats on the plat following Are the committees who had charge of the banquet and program for the evening Grant Paul annus Bechtle and John the ladies were Grant John Benry Irwin John Kate Frank Tobias and mrs the banquet was in charge of Augustus the Well known who appeared with his male the company has a Good and among its members Are some of our most prominent business and other in he Northern part of the the sex presidents Are As follows Captain judge Adolphus Bowman and Selim Captain Euston and Selim Thomas Are the Only ones the present officers of company Are As follows James my president Secretary John Many pleasant incidents were recalled 3y the various who could be seen in conversing with their Fel of it is remembered that the organization of the Liberty company was effected in the Guilford Street school the first run out occurred in l872 to the fire at lights rolling at that time there was some dissatisfaction As to the name to be Given the com Boatmen on the canal at that time ranted to Call it the North those in the Vicinity of the Northern Jart of the City wanted it which was finally the committee who purchased the Steamer about 24 years ago were the Fol John Charles Elias Benjamin Augustus Meyer Gardner and John a number of Beautiful cakes bearing he names Liberty fire company and 1s72 were displayed also a handsome Cornucopia All the cakes and other which included everything n were contributed by the members and their the Furnace in blast will be received in the near future and its operations continued to an indefinite at Camp of celebrate their anniversary in a fitting on evening Washington Camp ii May eve of of Grant celebrated the fifth anniversary of the Caius with appropriate the following program waa rendered music address of Wel Boyer Harry better known As John of Scran ton Frank music Charles Early history and statistics of the Lerch Battle of recited by Harry who is noted As an elocution St and comedian of a High order also a Nam Ber of characteristic sayings by Uhrich acted in the capacity of master of the music during the literary program was furnished by the tour ours mandolin and guitar of there was an intelligent and appreciative audience and those who assisted acquitted themselves cred her who Cornea when an with my Aat indoor Ball and Charest Zacran the Hall her who run i to proffer Mea chair and has a Bent pin lying and tells his sister if i swear her who fills my pockets full of Coal and Calls attention to a Hole that worn entirely through my sole her who nails my rubbers to the and from the water urn doth pour into their Depths a quart or More her who steals behind me on tiptoe just when in talking soft and Low and pipes serenely is that so her who will not go to bed tout on my knee each evening climbs and holds me up for All my dimes her who was it that her father yanked upstairs last night and soundly spanked it it gods be her love my by Gwendolen Roll of bomb and girls present every Day in the Mcgill Latonn school deride Bertha Eliza Stella Maggie Annie Lydia Mary Edna Barbara Emma Cora Acnes Carrie Kate Stella Charley James John Robert Kobert Snavely and Albert scottish or John knot Mary the scottish which has made for itself a most enviable record during the is being perfected by nightly rehearsals and by next thursday Anil Friday evenings those who visit the opera House without knowl eee of what has been prepared for their entertain ment Audi edification will meet with a Surprise of the most pleasing the scenes Are such As will impress on the minds of the audience the two most prominent characters in Over which historians have pondered and poets the costumes Are picturesque and those of Mary Stuart and her four marys Are elegant and very grocery a number of sugar and canned goods the wholesale grocery store of Thomas on North eighth was sometime during thursday the thieves having gained Entrance n the Hack part of the the first discovery was made this morning when John of g02 South sixth teamster for arrived at the in the ear of the upon seeing the panes of the rear win Low of the building broken he had his suspicion aroused and after investigating Nond that an Entrance had been effected y breaking the after which they opened the window and proceeded to the which was closed by a bar on the 3 As far As Walmer could bout 50 pounds of a lot of considerable Coffee and canned goods were the Peculiar thing about the robbery s that the office was not ouf Ide of lowering the blinds at the eighth Street some Money had been Eft in the but this was not Dis Walmers idea is that pos ably some Amateur burglars from this who were Well acquainted with the committed the act donations fur donations to Good Samaritan Hospital during month of february report publishing powder papers potatoes oranges and eggs Jelly Salem flow ers Lukes Flowers oranges and preserves Paul cake mothers 3 spreads Dis counts on John 75 cents Paul Isaac fire on the South a which originated from a spark of a freight on the Cornwall rail raged for about s hours on thurs Day on the South mountains near Over 125 acres of Woodland were burned Over before the flames were a dispatch received in this City on thursday evening stated the flames were extinguished at arranged for a meeting at a joint meeting of the executive committees of the Susquehanna and Leba non Valley dental associations was held wednesday evening at the office of Howard Walnut and Hall and a program arranged for a meeting of the associations at Lebanon next Allentown at hymns altar a pretty Church wedding was that solemnized in the methodist on thursday when Liss Gertrude Sheiner and Clinton both of that were the Prin Powell miss Kate Matthews was the brides Naid and Robert Shenk the Best and Charles Donley were the ush is and Joseph Leibig presided at the a reception followed at which Ere guests Harrisburg and Lis the couple left on a wedding rip to Southern on thursday at their 50 North tenth Adam Shaeffer and Sadie Hartman were United in oly the ceremony was per Ormed by the Pas or of the first Baptist the cession was a pleasant of new Cheser and miss Elizabeth gritting of Lebanon were named at the residence of Gor 262 Forster wednesday by the Bride is a sister of will have a walk prior to the rendition of the great military the drummer boy of to be Given by Sedgwick Post sons of veterans in Fisher opera monday and tuesday even Ings of next a Wal around of the accompanied by of drum who will Render a number of new will be marriage Frank of Kleinfeltersville and Cem Auna Lan Caster Adam Haefler and Sadie Hart both of this removed his Philip who for several years carried on the baking business in the Rise 154 North eighth Fri Day removed to 334 North tenth where he will continue in the baking Exchange hotel landlord John Hower has sold his Good will in the Exchange hotel to Sam Uel of Dauphin Blyler will take Possession of his Purchase in the near saps tale by that ave till it has Delegate to the of 360 North tenth and miss Mamie of 344 Orth tenth Are delegates to the annual convention of the women ome missionary which will be eld at March 17 and Bey Are delegates from Christ Presby Terian and Cross will also attend the Conven caterer at Ferrn Charles of the Opelar and obliging caterer of Penryn has renewed his lease on the res Aurant privileges at the Park for the iming the prospects for a most Access full season very Bright As a arge number of picnics have been booked at this Early Ste vth1ly but and the system cannot stand it there is no saying More True of any disease than of kidney i Yon dont know you have it begins in such a Way that you dont care about it is Only a slight and will go but it dont it stays right and Vou soon learn it is a Peculiar ache and seems to be very deep it it is in the kidneys and will stay there unless and nag the life out in its sapping and painful we simply say to Stop it and per when the Back aches is the time to do it easiest and Best a Little fire is put out easier than a big first symptoms Are More easily eradicated than chronic Doans kidney pills never fail in kidney in any we wish we might so impress the fact that backache is kidney that All May know the fact while it Only takes a few doses to we Are a nation of newspaper and rapidly learn the matters of every Day interest it is so in and the conditions Are bettered wherever Doans kidney pills Are of 124 Academy gives his opinion of Doans kidney to use webers own words he said i have been troubled very badly for about a at times i had a Sharp pain in the Small of the Back directly Over and in the they also extended up the Back and caused severe a catch in the Back As it was often prevalent when stooping Over or bending or or when i caught a and colds always made me affecting i began taking Doans kid Ney and Felt improved after three or four and they helped right along onto i got entirely Over it i shall always recommend Doans kidney pills to i am satisfied they Are a Good and shall take them again if occasion requires it for Sale by All 50 hailed by Foste Milburn sole agents for the i Duffy was the property of of the and looked in the Light of an having come Down to him fron the the latter had been ordered Caldwell went into Wentworth quarters at and found Duffy rubbing up a pair of his emasters discarded with a View to using them him lie liked the mans looks and he liked the condition of the vacated Quad with their slate Gray pointed so he took the quarters and agreed to take Duffy at a strikers usual ate of Duffy entered promptly upon his and was entirely lie had no incur Brancs in the Way of family or he was Faith Ful to a degree that was occasionally sex for six months he served Caldwell in Ting chess of hav ing in that time been incapacitated Only for six Days that for 43 hours after each of the paymasters visits and knowing the ways of made no Duffy slept uproariously in his and Caldwell made his own and brushed his own went with unblocked in the no hour was too Early for none too late to sit up and keep logs on the andirons that the rooms might be warm and cheerful for the no duty imposed too provided it served Caldwell seeing the excellence of departed from the strict code of honesty in the matter of servants which governs the and made overtures to the Model Blackstone had no business to do and Duffy knew and a Fine and inscrutable Grin come upon his hibernian Blackstone had with an Assumption of of handedness what to you get having due regard for his employers credit in the he calmly Twenty get out said replied i want to know the not lies like Yed Best ask i he works you Deuce does then my Man is no suppose you come to you wont have to sit up o All hours for Duffy Only but the smile was not what do you think of Duffy i Niver the Leftenant fays to to do is in told and not upon this Blackstone went and Duffy saluted him in Justice to the officers common t must be said that it was Only partial jut oxidation which could have led him to place himself in such a position to Ward a Duffy did not repeat the conversation m because he knew it would trouble Between the two and disposition was not of fhe several quarrels on Lis it the lieutenant fell into the habit of keeping the striker up very night if Ter so Duffy inspected his pock its several times in succession while Aldwell was sleeping As soundly As if Justice had been the and 46 was the butlers whisky and he from the fact that sometimes Here was much Loose change and again almost that his master was playing too much at there was to thing to be Duffy did not con Sider his duties As striker included the moral guidance of his he reflected that it would be a Good thing f Caldwell should Only then would very Likely lose his so he sat up night after and it grew just at this period there came into Duffy life a yellow and White exactly Why it should have wandered to the door upon one wet and freezing night when Duffy was in a particularly weary Frame of and where it came he never it was Well after and Duffy was sprawled in a leather chair of the troop saddlers dozing with both ears when there came scratching at the Duffy thought it was lieutenant trying to find the had never been so bad As that nevertheless the striker went and opened the to be rewarded by the sight of an extremely Small and miser Able with piteous now Duffy was Only a and a Soldier loves nothing on Earth or in heaven As he does a cur so Duffy called the dog and warmed it and fed and watched it with satisfaction beam ing Over it was spotted and dirty and wounded and woefully but Duffy took it to his he spent three nights before the no longer contentedly trying to find a name for that at last he determined to Call it often the much admired daughter of the com manding and with a Complete disregard for the entire inappropriate Ness of the after he had settled this to his Satis he tried to discover accomplish in the Cal Owen saw the dog on rur Occa stayed in its nip tors and slept in his and Waw fat in he had spoken of it Sev eral took to notice of its which secretly riled but Caldwell was and not quite he Carce Home a great Deal the worse for wine one and being in his v got a kick that sent him crouching to his masters Caldwell might far bet Ter have kicked Duffy the striker understood and sympathized with the lieutenants he himself could never Hare kicked a even after but All men Are not alike so Duffy petted Bessie shut him up in his own and returned to look after the bodily Comfort of his the pardonable but the next offence could not be it occurred in Broad Daylight and Caldwell was he Hod been having an explanation with the commanding that gentleman had made Relec Tiu upon borne of the lieutenants fast growing habits that had exasperated the Al ready Over worried Junior almost beyond he Struile into his quarters and found who was not expecting dividing his attention Between Bessie charms mud the buckle of his masters Kow bes sies disposition inclined him to for give he ran to looked up to his face with affectionate and put his Little one yellow and one upon his Caldwell did not dare to kick the but he kicked broke the yellow it was the one always held out to Duffy to Greet Duffy bandaged the and in time it grew but Duffy hated Caldwell with the most dangerous of silent and waiting Caldwell habits did not his fondness for whether Good or he had Good whisky in his Duffy knew it for he belonged to the old school of strikers who do not look upon cigars or tobacco As private one after Bessie foot was Duffy went to get a because his spirits were there was very Little whisky in the barely half a and on idea suddenly flushed into the strikers Caldwell was officer of the he never started to make the rounds without taking enough liquor to keep him and Duffy knew and saw his revenge Laid the striker took Bessie for a walk Over to the to show the Steward the mended say said Ive got the tooth i didst sleep none lost Hev be got that be give me once was it Kin be let me Hev a bit yes i guess the Steward and went into the dispensary to get shall i take All that inquired Tho with Sweet lord put some on Cotton and stick it in the of and what wed it do to me if i was to Swallow it wed it kill me there aint enough for it would put pretty fast of sold then Bessie went through his tricks for the and trotted Bock Home at his masters that night Caldwell finished the whisky in the and grumbled that the Sutler Selling him vile tasting then started off a Little while afterwards to make his the next Day he was under drunkenness on who with Well played Given some of the most dam aging testimony in regard to Caldwell habits at the which Dis missed the said Goodby to the disgraced Man with a was not of his eyes and lie told Bessie to give the Lif tinant the right which was the yellow Francisco Arctic Par from the frigid North he had i Olio Otto and his interviewer yet were again baffled in your quest pole the explorer sighed he the expedition Ami a and our provisions gave oots but even his tones were As sad As we lived upon the fat of the and at the recollection he broke Down and blubbered a Tongoh of Meek on Street find that i have no Money to pay my fare that 1 have had my pocket of conductor old Morf wont go pay or want a my wife went through my clothes be fore i got conductor sympathetically a pay next weekly an editorial the wind the water and the lord know eth we Are in need o our dues so come a Tula thing of Dunnun gives a the Democrat Bow were la Rome miss were not in Darling we were in dont you re Mem that is where we bought silk Stock Ings so what took the where do you Corne from asked 4 Dallas Man of a in just in from the fair have the judges of live Stock awarded the prize to the biggest Jack they did my Uncle or my father get it of a strange Donkey from Eastern Texas got the Texas dramatic your daughter is study ing for the stage and she is progressing very How far has she got she has already had her photograph taken As lady sift senior Pastuf toll Ien wiper he could be on his wedding trip Junior How can to spare him that length of time senior hell be Luick inside of ten her old set up cant you set no give us your cant Yon give us your Paw lie Down lie cant Yon charge speak but bes Sie could Only follow him with his curious eyes and come when so the Solace of Many More hours of patient waiting Lay in teaching Bessie these and Many other until he was the most accomplished dog Taall the Garrison and greatly be loved at the was a Little annoyed about the comment the in appropriate name called but he insisted thai it was As Good As his file had been a Constable for Anft had never made an i had Iwen walking All Day to reach the Hamlet of and As i entered the place at Sundown and was in Quiring my Way to a tavern a rough looking Man accosted me with look i dont quite like your sorry for but i aint help i i dont like your he con fact you Pear to be a suspicious and i guess ill lock you have you the authority t do that i should smile that i Hail i in a con and i shall lock you up As a suspicious i tried to argue the matter with but he was Sot and ugly to and he was taking me to the lockup when or three men interfered to the extent of suggesting that i be taken be fore the Justice of the peace for imme Diate after some hesitation this was agreed and a crowd numbering n score of people accompanied the Edge Wasa Tingsun but he hurried up and came Over to his in the Back end of a store and Oji Ned when Rel was ready he asked of the officer whats the charge the prisoner replied suspicion of what jest i but i dont see no than suspicious about said his As he looked me who be you i told whar1 be from whar be Goin on to mount Nlle suspicious what made be think him but it come Over me that be do you want to Swor out a warrant agin him guess then the prisoner is i went to the hotel and got supper and after the men sat Clown on the vex auda for a in the course of five minutes the Constable walked up the Steps and approached me and Taid cum to for arresting me you were but its All thank you its jest this Way Ive bin Constable in this county fur 22 years and never arrested a Crit Ter got to thinking of it and made up my mind to uphold my dig nity or bust a and As you looked like a cuss who haunt any friends and w Oulen t kick about locked i run you Hev a drink with me and ill resign in Detroit free Itiat he know about it never marry a girl with the Lea that 3ou Are going to Reform my said Uncle Allen if she Chews Guiu and Giggle when she is a Young she will Giggle and Chew gum when she is Cago Ilia natural what makes husband so sober tonight said who waa trying to make herself to my replied Doest an even did you Trade any when you Wug town asked Silas replied How did you come out thus what Yed Call a i give a Feller a counterfeit Bill for a Gold new do you some of those dough outs i made yesterday Are missing dont be i took them downtown to a Friend of did he eat them not he is a an my cake is complained the rejected responded the energetic All cake is More or less All fou need is to Brace up and Cook Detroit free Home what will you do for exercise when the time comes that you cant use your bicycle i shall get All i really need by talking about the 96 Lyn first grocery Loafer How much did old sol Huggins give toward Tatchiu the Church second Loafer of the Ole cuss is too Dern stingy to even on his bal not How does the hair out you hair altogether too Short Little Fliegen Deblat a last first lawyer both the Law and tha acts Are clearly against second to great care in Mel Patiag medical Perkins sooner remarked to Friend medical science has made wonderful strides in the hut so i cant see people died then Jolt the same As they do Dallas those fearful Price its no she Well have to keep this ourselves and get something else for aunt hannahs birthday Why he they must have put lie bargain Day Price Mark on this with indelible it won come in which Man and maid Ara Down to be Terai not All hired a bicycle yesterday and took a what did the rent Cost you dont know Haven heard from my tailor when he he vowed that his love would be Chan a less and surviving Mana oftshlftina1 Humours tit in spite of his protests she lost him flew on the Day that he saw her i you say he has sunk very Low Clear to the what he doing Hes a professional Chicago True marriage after All True met Lusona

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