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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Mar 9 1896, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - March 9, 1896, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Twice a week monday and to misday per monday and volume monday March Peice a year in the office of Alderman Booth this fou i pbi80keb8 him foe trial we tresses present from Jonestown and Bunker by president a Der to the members of uie school Board on scottish at the hearing of the burglary Case of near which happened several nights and in which Heeter John Levi Jerome Shaeffer and Thomas Windlebleck Are charged As being in before Alderman the office was crowded Long before 10 the time set for the the train from Jonestown brought a number of citizens from that place and Bunker who were directly or indirectly in the first witness called was wag the person who gave the first signal on the night of the robbery by blowing a Large the next witnesses were Judenis at it again a Well written and finely illustrated article describing a fishing the sportsman review for Gebru Arv contains another Well written and finely illustrated article from the pen of of on entitled two doctors go a Trout the doctors Are Judenis and Charles the article is written in kramers Best style and carries the Reader along Purling streams and babbling Brooks where Fine a freckled Trout Rise in the but Are lured Only to take the bait after the ingenuity of the expert Angler is called into of the five illustrations the Best and happiest one represents the who is taking his first lesson in Der showing the several bystanders the size of the Trout which he almost succeeded in it is entitled the doctor stretching and the two strangers gape with open eyed wonder and ast Osbment As the with hands held gives some idea of the prodigious length of the aforementioned the Only regrettable feature of the trip is that the succeeds in land ing More fish than the and on that score he Bays it is a sin Gular fact that whenever i go fishing with a desperate outlaw defies whole her adopted Milton and Harry the the Green and said they recognized they also gave descriptions of the other two who Are supposed to have been Jerome Shaeffer and John among the other witnesses were mayor Deputy sheriff Constable John Snyder and will gun Thomas represented Thomas Windlebleck and George the other the Commonwealth was not Capp stated that As there was no evidence against Thomas Windlebleck and As he has been a hard Workin Yonng Man with a he thought it unjust to hold him for Capp also stated that Thomas Windlebleck had never been accused of any offence and said that plenty of Jones towns Best Citi Zens were to testify that from 7 to 11 the time the burglary was Windlebleck was at the hotel and various other places in he also stated that lie has proof to show that Windlebleck was at his Home at 11 having gone with Harry of that Alderman after stating several fact said he would have to hold John Jerome Shaeffer and Hiester Stine each in bail for their appearance at next weeks term of whereupon Hiester Stine John Jerome Shaeffer and Levi Sholl were the Alder Man then discharged Thomas Windle As there was no evidence connect ing him with the attempted Woomer also spoke in behalf of his rising the hot Sun and the occasional Shady Are described with such a in the really poetical style of As to make one wish he had been there these articles of Kremer Are much sought for by the sporting journals Anil Are extensively his which he takes with a Are All very Good and add greatly to the interest of his articles on Hunting and at either of which he is an complimentary he was assisted by his letters Deputy Register Donley Satur Day granted letters of administration to Alice Kulp and George Evans on the estate of Menno late of London Derry township letters testamentary to John Matthews on the estate of con Rad of Heidelberg and letters of administration to Peter Boltz on the estate of John late of North Annville town ship president of the school banquets the members and the custom of banqueting the members of the City Board of school at the expense of each new was observed Friday evening after the adjournment of monthly meeting in the High school when president Mader invited the members and re porters to a banquet which he had pared at the Keystone the viands served were appropriate to the tastes of All and a vote of thanks was tendered who is the Only Bachelor in the but who the Mem Bers fondly Hope will have occasion be fore Long to again act As Host having then entered the ranks of those who have enjoyed the banquet were Stanley Daniel Asbury Shindel William Benjamin Irwin Henry Fred Cyrus Thomas Mark and William letters of administration on the j the estates of Elias books to John books and on the estate of John Rudy to Elizabeth shifting engine in the while shifting on the Belt line at fifth Street near on Friday of engine 29 of the Lebanon Val Ley conductor was de railed by a broken rail and ran into the abandoned Union the tank and a Box car were also derailed but remained on the Engineer Dampman kept by the Side of the throttle and was the Reading gravel train i Drew the tank and car Back on will reside Jeremiah who for Many years lived at and is highly respected for his upright is spending the Winter in this cite with his Gideon fourth and Lehman Stoever intends Selling his property and will make this City his future completed his state Bank examiner major of this has completed his examination into the condition of the Penn building and loan of and filed his a Rule has been made on the company to show cause Why its affairs should not be wound operation successfully the tumor was removed from the right eyelid of Alderman of this the Hahnemann a despatch to Faust from her husband says the operation was car off the car 3 of the eighth Street line of the Lebanon Annville Street railway was off the track saturday at eighth and Lehman after working for about 15 minutes the car was got Back again and made the usual accepted a new formerly stenographer and typewriter in the general offices of the Cornwall Lebanon Railroad has accepted a similar position in the office of the District attorney and entered upon his duties on will respond to a Howard of this has Boen selected to respond to the Toast the at the banquet to the Superior court judges by the Dauphin county on wednesday March at the Commonwealth attending a meeting i miss Carrie superintendent of Mission boards of lie East Pennsyl Vania conference of the United Evange Lical is attending a meeting of the executive committee of the Mission Ary at Alderman a Luller again Alderman Henry of the second visited his office on Friday for the first time in seven rheumatism and neuralgia racked his body and As a result he uses a Crutch in walk handsomely the superintendents of the various cities and towns throughout this were in session at Altoona for two Henry of this who was presented with a purse containing in James of made an excellent address in presenting this shows the High esteem in which Houck is held by his coworkers in the educational work of this barricaded in their they to used rifles and Constable Sho kills himself Rathe than March Center in the very heart of civilized was the theater of a tragedy which to awful annals of Early Frontier life could not the than Der of dynamite bombs mingled with the crack of Winchester and ant the Spring skies were lurid with Tho Glare of All this in a frenzied Battle for human for hours a desperate outlaw barricaded in Bis Village Home and aided by his wife and held at Bay a mob of furious armed to the and he was the Victor in the in the extreme Eastern part of the county is a Little country there lived William Long known As a Man who would hesitate at last fall he was arrested for an assault on his Benjamin he nearly scalped with a Billet Cord to was brought to jail but soon secured when the Case was called for Etlinger was not to be he had fled to a Cave in Tho Mountain fastnesses which hem in the Vil Constable John Barner yesterday learn and that Tho fugitive had surreptitiously slipped Down to his he took deputies Motz and Hosterman with him to make the they reached the Little shanty to find with his wife and their 3yearold daughter and 2yearold Eon barricaded in the second they went up stairs and broke in a Pauol of Tho Barner had crawled half Way through the aperture when a shot rang out from Etlinger and the Constable fell dead with a Bullet in his his deputies Fml in the whole town turned Tho news spread and the whole town turned men gathered up All Tho firearms they could find and ran for the Etli Ugur but shots from the Man and his wife within warned them not to got too during Tho afternoon to shot Frank who was sick in his House next one Buckshot taking effect in the Tho other in the and a Little later fired from an up stairs window into the Home of Robert just across the the Bullot just missed the old lady and lodged in the window Over which she was leaning a perfect fusillade was kept up Between the that was constantly being augmented As the news spread throughout Tho and fully 500 shots Hod been fired before about dark Etlinger was seen to approach a window and Light a fuse attached to a dynamite which she in tended to hurl into the when some one fired at Tho and she threw up her hands and fell the sheriff and his Posso of 16 men arrived on the scene by special train from hut we unable to accomplish All nigh Twenty years reprint from the Dally news of two decades March John of while pass ing the Washington House on the More ing of this Day fell heavily upon the breaking several ribs in his jail and otherwise received severe thursday night the stores of Seigrist John Loose and Daniel at were entered and robbed of a Large amount of store Dodendorf and accompanied by James All of schaeffers were making preparations to leave for the latter part of this which place they expected to make their future March a committee of the school Board was making investigations to find out by what right the Friendship Hose company occupied the ground in the rear of the to Joe intended Iny As some considered the sixty most Active rail roads show Little not the compan to Oast to it improper to Nave a fire company in such close proximity to two of the Bor Ough John the Keystone on the morning of this Day commenced hauling which was about four inches in the ice was secured from Stoever several gentlemen of town rented the three rooms above the hardware store of John for the newly organized Young mens Christian a lumber of Young ladies met for some Ime and were engaged in preparing ear pets for the at a meeting of the Lebanon held Friday the following of ices were elected Frank Seltzer vice George Kline Burnside Christian Charles Kidder was proposed for Michael Reinoehl won the Fine Adies Gold watch whih was chanced off Friday evening at the tobacco store of Swope Joseph few met with a painful Acci Dent on the afternoon of this new was an apprentice at the Lebanon manufacturing and while engaged cutting a valve which he had in a lathe at the in some manner his fore Inge was caught and nipped off at the first March wagons the gig driven by of the West end rolling collided with the delivery Wagon of the Adams express company at the company Friday the Shaft of the express team became interlocked in one of the wheels of the gig and both horses were released from the wagons before the vehicles could be no damage was Long an interchange of shots was kept u Tho sheriff wired Tho commissioners 1 Bellefonte for an additional of but was authorized to deputized men from the several raids were made o the but the besiegers were repulse by the Nying eventually it was determined to by him the Torch was and 11 in breathless Watche the creeping flames and waited Tho denote they did not have Long to Wai for the with her two children were suon forced to Nee to escape death the but Etlinger lingered it was thought be intended to die in the but just when the building a about to collapse lie appeared it the Cella and Straightway the officers Callet on him to he did not answer but with a determination Begotten by de Spair to put a pistol to Bis Bend and Bio out Bis the body of the Constable was then recovered from Burnin first permit for the first building permit for the Erec Tion of dwelling houses in Len chs Addi Tion since it became a part of the was issued on by mayor Feeman took out a permit to erect two houses on Mifflin Between third Street and prone Ehler building a water service pipe burst m the Uhler opposite the Lebanon Valley some time on Friday and flooded the building the railroaders club have their rooms in the building Bat sustained no pecuniary loss by the Spring Wacon a new Spring Wagon valued at was stolen from the warehouse of Carmany Gettel at a search for the missing property led to its recovery in fall allay above Church Street had their photos the members of Agnes Guild connected with Lukes sixth and Chestnut saturday had their pictures taken in a group at the photo graph gallery of Rise two lires Sarel Phoebe of Junction was told by her doctors she had consumption and that there was no Hope for but two bottles Kings new discovery completely cured her and she says it saved her 189 Florida san offered from a dreadful approach ing tried without result everything else then bought one bottle of Kings new discovery and in two weeks was he is naturally it is each of which these Are that prove the won Deranl Efficacy of this Medicine in coughs and free trial bottles at Boos 8 drag 51ezalaraie suffered won a conundrum miss Martha aged 14 daughter of Stanley of this won the prize for the Correct solution of the prize Conan drum uttered by the Carlisle Indian miss tj1 Rich is a scholar in miss Arbie Schroppe school and worked out the solution her Hagne and a drag to Thomas better known As the and William commonly known As Bull Eye have signed articles for a go with six ounce under Queensbury for a purse of the bout will be pulled off on March commissioners to foreign alb Sion in the reformed Church to be considered at the Board of commissioners of foreign missions of the reformed Church to lasting her miss Stella daughter of and of 605 Cumberland this who is pre paring to become a trained nurse at the is visiting her having arrived Here on Friday hold their annual meeting in on March and Verv Likely i be in session for several Dayi or of is the president John of via president o and our Wel known fellow Joseph Lem their most important Field is in Japan where there Are twi Good one for each and Thi reports from that Field Are very enc on the sunday school of the first re formed of this has educate two japanese one of them who is preaching to a congregation in Szappon in the Island of in the Northern part of and the other is finish ing his studies in the boys school in Hunting a sewing who represents the Singer sewing machine company in this 116 South ninth has had a warrant sworn out before Alderman charging a alias of 125 South second with having stolen a Singer sewing machine last year in the number being Mother of the claims that her son has taken the machine the search was made by Constable sat will resume Hla Thomas on the reportorial staff of oar evening who has been unable to attend to his duties the past on account of sick on monday will resume his duties Transfer sin Isaac Miller and wife have sold to the Miller Organ company a lot of ground on Walnut f largely attended the Bale of Samuel in Cornwall Friday was largely attended and the Stock brought fair Many persons from this City were present marriage Mason speck and Annie Kauff both of East John Grimes and Ming Fanny both of North fifth this aum Fdl John employed in one of the rolling owns a dog that makes itself useful in a Peculiar it is said that if he wishes to be awakened any hour of the night he simply informs his dog of the fact and invariably his faithful guard Ian Calls him at the appointed by what Means the dog is informed or How he awakens his master we Are unable to Sneor Emrol Harry of Walnut has dweeb of pastor of the Myers town b has had a very successful revival this Winter and it is still in so far 39 persons have been converted and others Are while 32 have been added to the and Keiper Are faithful workers and have Many friends in the workmen Are engaged in raising the roof of the Weimer on cum Berland at Doe the change is made to make the rooms of the new wheel club More As the Ceil Ings on the third floor Are too amputation not George Redding at pleasant the Young Iron worker who had his leg mashed at the West end Mills several Days ii reported to be doing the limb will not Are Yoa a sufferer from that terrible itching piles Doans ointment a flt bring Jon Uratani Relief mfr end Henry Bentz purchased the Brick Cumberland for George a practising phys expected to relinquish his practice in this place and leave for Potts Rille on the first of an eighty Earold son of Cyrus Longe residing at this time on a farm ear while upon the top of the granary in the attempting to catch lost his balance and fell Down tween the granary and the Dis coating his neck in the when picked up life was entirely extinct the neral was held on this John who for some time had Wen employed with a gang of men put no up the Large engine at Eckerty fur near designed and manufactured by expected to Complete the Job in a few during a Short absence from the store the till of Maggie doing Busi Ness on Cumberland was robbed of a Small amount of the fair at under the auspices of the Sheridan and the Keystone at which were in Progress at this were both very largely at a meeting of the North Lebanon savings on this the following directors were elected Adam Joseph Adolphus will Iam Adam Ezra myer and John convict or the Ste Seth of the Mareet la Dae satisfactory of Railroad All show a slightly lower Range of free enlarge Mills to new Dun weekly review of Trade says the cuban resolutions and the appoint ment of receives the Baltimore and Ohio were Everts of sufficient importance to affect almost any genuine especially it therefore argues either remarkable strength of conditions or an entire want of life and genuineness in the Market that the prices of the go most Active Railroad which averaged share have never fallen Slace that Date lower than nor risen above per the Market is largely under the control of operators who Bonnot afford to see it de Cline but it is also True that the vote on cub and the receivership had both been while the Baltimore and Ohio and its feeder operated of had Stock and no Ali funded and u has not been a Strong corporation fora Long time nor to managed As to win con yet Tho transaction seems to have Caus ocl Surprise abroad and Largo Selling of american stocks by the net transactions having been about the strength of the Market is largely due to More satisfactory reports of railway which amounted in february on roads within Tho United states Only to showing a gain of per cent Over last though per cent smaller than in if can Dinn and mexican roads were As in other comparisons they tie returns would appear More the latest thou pro Only half of Tho roads have yet re looks better than the one the volume of business reflected by Clear ing House cd chanters is not materially in the weeks returns showing a gain of Only percent Over last year and a decrease of per cent in comparison with Tho Samo week of it must yet to broadly stated that business appears to improve Only in and in the Confidence on which future transactions May be but not As yet in actual sales a Power Tho industries All report a slightly lower Range of except for Iron and steel and it is noteworthy that while combinations in structural beams and wire and Cut nails Are advancing the quotation for Bessemer pig has fallen to at and South Ern 3 is offered at deliverable at and billets have sold at s17 at the bar combination which raised prices not Long ago finds an in As Rector of Lukes Episco pal this he will 00 to Massachusetts having received a Call from a Church at will Jeave about the mid dle or Church loses a Faith Ful pastor and trusted at the regular meeting of the vestry of Lukes episcopal tuesday the members of that body were great y surprised to receive a resignation from their James Powers to take effect april 15 Hawkes has accepted a Call from whither he will move sometime in Hawkes took charge of Lukes Church shortly after the death of the late Chandler by his ability and perseverance succeeded in building up the Church in a remarkable he deserves great credit for the Suc Cess he has his last two confirmation classes having been the largest in the history of St Lukes Hawkes is an indefatigable work of rare intellectual and possesses a peculiarly pleasing voice As a Public Many regrets at his de parture Are heard from citizens through out the City As Well As from the members of St the Lebanon rifles will lose a Good Hawkes having been the first chaplain elected by the who will be greatly surprised when they receive his up to this time no Calls have been extended by the Church to any ministers to succeed charming his kindness of disposition and Bis free Dom from Church bigotry have won him Many friends in this in and out of the and Many persons will learn with genuine regret that the City will lose there was a report about a month ago that Hawkes would receive a Call from a Massachusetts but we refrained from saying anything at that hoping that possibly he would determine to remain Here As the Rector of St the Church in this City loses a valuable help in the Resigna Tion and removal of James Powers cases tried and other Busi Ness Oil Ley Foreman of Banu Joey to fight Lehan otlans who Are getting ready to go to War if the spirit of 76 and 61 is beginning to Manifest itself in Lebanon and already a number of men have expressed a willingness to Lay themselves upon the altar of their country As a sacrifice in Case Spain will declare these Brave men met at the Heilman House on thurs Day and at signed their names to the Roll for the organization of a company to be known As the a number of divorce cases placed on re report of the grand fury Caen tried Horn the March term of criminal Reoutt opened at 10 Oclock this morning with judges Ehrgood and Light on the previous to taking up the list of cases the following business waa transacted on motion of Jacob of was appointed guardian of Caroline and Annie and Ada surety in the sum of was ordered to be the report o viewers on the opening of a Road in South Lebanon township was on motion of to june Paul Ulrico was appointed commis Lioner to take a suit for divorce of Rebecca Shutt Jonathan on Moti ii of Stan lev the report or Sale of Daniel guardian of the minor children of Lavina was assigned estate of Daniel Weaver and Brendle was appointed Audi the report of Alfred auditor in the estate of John was con firmed exceptions Are the Sale of Tho assigned estate o Emma on motion of Gran was continued to March Longenecker was appointed col Lector of taxes in South Londonderry on motion of Mark was appointed com missioner to take testimony in the divorce suit of Lizzie Gerhat Irvin i Curdy was appointee commissioner to take testimony in a sni for divorce of Susun Tilberry we Weirick was a pointed commission to in the Sui meeting at officials of third class of 111 Asseran at Reading on on councilmen City solicitors and engineers Fror nearly All of the 27 third class cities i the state will gather in for the Eirp Ose of organizing a body to forum the plans to secure better legislation i the cities they represent Allentown har Hazleton Mckee Monongahela Scranton an York have All sent lists of the Delegate who will represent and it is prob Able that nearly All of the balance o the third class cities will report before the among the measures which the Reat ing representatives intend to Advocat is the changing of the present Politica police Force to a metropolitan system also the election by the people of a police Board of Public works Ani in whose hands the disposition of Petty criminal cases shall be letter of inquiry from the Al Lott Hatch typewriting company to the Board of Jacob Secretary o the Board of this morning received the following self explanatory letter which the Board of Trade should consider if the facts Are As represented efforts should be made the induce the company to Transfer their business to oui r new March to Tho Board of will Yoa j inform was a it fording part of the business absorbed by Heilman following Are the antics of a stranger at Ala Fieldg Nusic North eighth several evenings ago an unknown Man entered the music store of William 33 North eighth and on demanding employment from he was informed that he had no work for him and needed no when he became rather desperate but went outside of the while stand ing at the window he Drew a knife about 8 or 10 inches in length and held it toward who was standing inside the the door guarded by it happened about 5 Oclock in the evening and the stranger was seen by Ralph Reinoehl coming Down from the office of in the adjoining master Ralph at once ran for patrolman Boyer who a Bat As no warrant was shorn out the arrest was not the Man is rough looking and his appearance indicates that he is either an escaped convict or a Lunatic from some insane he was seen later in the Lay and is said to be an entire stranger such suspicious looking characters should be arrested at Tho demand for no Luss of Iron products is at this time hut a Large structural Hus nets is expected in the and there is still much hopefulness about Railroad As earnings continue to the reports of the Hoot and shoe interest Are on the whole More encouraging this shipments from Tho Oast being still neatly 20 per cent loss than last but there was no further decline in it is Felt that the manufacturers cannot afford to Rcd co figures with the present Cost of and yet the condition of the Trade and the recent considerable reductions have led jobbers to believe that de Lay in buying will he to their no important change appears in the leather and hides Are somewhat prices of Wool have according to the quotations printed by Coates of an average of per cent within the month of presumably because of Tho failure of the proposed Tariff which included duties on at present the sales Are the smallest re corded for at the three chief markets Only pounds the Ernst week against a year ago and 600 in punch John John Dexter nully Fred Jacob Lewis Jesse Harry David John is to be the Cook of this celebrated the above named Are All Well known As patriotic who will undoubtedly be among the first to respond if this country should at any time been they Are filled with Tae right spirit and they have the we Are that Many others Are ready to join them when once it becomes Trinity lutheran the Trinity lutheran choir has selected the following officers Jacob i Edward Wolf miss Mary Reinoehl miss Lizzie Peters Felson Schmidt miss Stella the choir at present includes 21 forces eight five four asses and two a male chorus of 20 has been organized to assist the choir on special railway cases the cases of Henry Heilman it Al the Lebanon Annville Street rail Way company were argued before the in Dreme court on at Philadel Bassler Boyer and made the trustees of Lebanon Valley at the Pennsylvania annual conference f the in session at Shippensburg f boiling and Bishop f were chosen trustees of the Lebanon Valley attended the and Earle Daniel Lonley and Charles Donley went to Danheim this morning to attend the fun Era Lofa Addison bos who died sudden la on saturday morning and was buried this shovelling out Colebrook workmen Are engaged today shovelling it Colebrook Furnace which was Lown out on Thor slav the fur Nace was cooled in time to allow the re to be commenced this purchased a blood residing at the Sand North of this who was robbed some weeks has purchased a hand Kame blood hound weighing about 100 thieves in the future will be properly holding Wool Domestic holders Are still somewhat obstinate because prices abroad Bove been raised by the London and it is believed that the stocks of Domestic Wool held Here awaiting transactions Are unusually Thero is no improvement whatever in the demand for Woolen and a number of establishments have closed or reduced working there is also a retarding effect from the strikes in the clothing Trade in several some further reductions have been made in prices of Cotton although it does not appear that the concessions have thus far been successful in calling out new Bonsi reports Aro frequent that Many of the largest Mills Aro about to Stop production for a time in order to give Tho mar Ket Opportunity to Clear speculation in bread stuffs Bas not been particularly nor has the change in prices been Western receipts of wheat were against for the same week last hav ing been in february bushels against last there is still an excess Over Tho movement of a year though not so great As appeared in Gebru on the other Atlantic exports again fall behind those of last amounting for the week to Bush flour against last with continuing Largo Corn remains substantially unchanged in the Cotton Market has cont Mutl its downward spots have fallen three sixteenths again and the May option n the rear lots continue As before so Large As to Render quite Cartini Stiblo the Low Tho crop of at the same time the preparations for planting this year to on at such that it is by Many conservative that Tho with favouring a prove one of the largest on failures for Tho a cps have been s5 in Tho United states 234 last year and of in Cicada against 58 last finely the parents of Lantz gave an elaborate supper thursday the reception tendered and Harry the newly married Cou by and parents of at their in thursday was an elaborate affair and attended by a Large number of and wife and and of this and Many others the rooms were handsomely decorated and a Bountiful supper was Weaber is one of the proprietors of the German Welt published at and interested in other publications and his family is one of the Best in the City of Lantz will Complete his studies at Muhlenburg College and then Likely go into business at he is to be congratulated upon having obtained such an excellent Young lady for his Christian enjoyable an enjoyable entertainment was held thursday evening in armory Hall under the auspices of Centenary sunday an appreciated audience was delighted with the efforts of the Little Many of whom showed commend Able Talent in their the chorus consisted of 45 voices and was a feature of the will move to William of a la tomorrow win move into towns at and will rur in dinner to All who will help Large demand for Butcher Michael of 156 North Inthia haying an non Skaliy Large ii 111 4ww f will Gate another the vested choir of Lukes which contains some of the Best male voices in the who have Given High class recitals in the among them the Are arranging for the Rendi Tion of another recital in the near this promises to be another treat for the music Loving people of this parliament of Lookout work held on thursday the county executive committee of the was held thursday even ing in Marks reformed this chairman and president of the an open parliament on Lookout work was held and the following spoke Fisher and Light and the chair appointed the following committee on convention miss Bentz and miss the subject for discussion at the next monthly meeting will be missionary deserving Veteran made John Singer of patriotic who had been a member of fifth was made exceedingly Happy on thursday afternoon when he received notice from the pen Sion at that he has been granted a pension of a to Date from february the number of his pension certificate is and a voucher for dollars accompanied his it was through the untiring efforts of congressman Woomer that Lascomb pension was at last Vorce of Annie Rfifsnyder Harr Adams is the attorney for the an alias subpoena was issued on motion of in the suit for divorce of Grace Elliot Grant Elliot returnable at june the court issued a writ of venire to the prothonotary to serve on the Sherit and jury commissioners to Espanel 42 traverse jurors for the special apri term of the court appointed As tips aves for the week John Krei John George Weirich and Joseph Register Donley presented accounts o administrators in 10 which were the two accounts presented by the prothonotary were shirk presented the insolvent petition of Felix Kreher and the hear ing was fixed for june the order of Sale in the assigned estate of William Zehring and wife was held under the reports of the different constables were received and the Bonds of the newly elected constables were John Beckley was appointed guar Dian of Sarah on motion of Marshall and he furnished surety in the sum of Myrtia Hartman was appointed Cuan Lian of the four minor children of Alice on motion of and furnished Bond in the sum of Beckford was appointed commissioner to take testimony in the suit for divorce of Mary Fornwalt Forn on motion of All the grand jurors responded to their names and John Cilley was made Fauber was All but Fourou the Petit jurors responded to their not trite Mason receiving stolen goods oath of John George larceny oath of Asbury True horse steal of George William larceny oath of cases horse steal your earliest As to what induce ments Yon have to offer for the removal 01 to Jour with a i minute from us to employ in least Hun tired per Ami with the possibility that we aim employ ten times unit Ana we should wish to make provision your prompt very 111 greatly very respectfully Elliott Hatch at hymns Harry of and miss Kate of were married on saturday at the brides performed the Cere John Grimes and miss Fannie Wal of North fifth called on von at the Salem saturday were quietly and subsequently they left with an East bound train on a wedding wolfs a private wedding took place on Satur Day evening at the residence of the brides Walnut when miss Tillie Mckinney was United in holy Wedlock to Arthur the officiating Clergyman was John Uncle of the on february Gingrich United in marriage Morris mover and Alice both of North Ann with the Elizabeth daughter of Lehman who has boil with tonsillitis for past h William of 437 Walnut who Lias Bera confined to her lome with is greatly in Solomon an aged and resident of is seriously i with an affection of the Daniel landlord of the Lei Man is confined o his bed a severe receiver Reinoehl Security one Hundred judge k Matt is his oou5s the new receiver will now take Cha of the society or company makes inquiries relative locating Zwell Olgs Frank Meily presented court this morning the Bond of the newly appoint i Mceiver of the Motoa Aid the Bond is for and the a i can banking and Trust company is sole the court this proved the receiver Reinoehl has judge Meily As his counsel and Wil i session of the company affairs the Bond having now been his appointment Dahl Ghl factory to All concerned and rest assured that their interests v 3e carefully protected by Reinoehl enjoys the confident he people in a marked degree an my a Long business which Jeci ally qualifies him for settling up affairs of such a intricate Buskin covering a period of Over a Quarter a Largo one of the largest sales held in l Section of the county for some Bat of Solomon Boeshore held this Loon two Miles Northeast of Frederic on the Road leading from thru i o it consisted implements and Stock of various Kin free Boeshore and Cilicia those in attendance from vere Cyrus William Harry or and Many and several Hundred fall Sheet 1 at this Ollice and advertised n the which acts no doubt account for the Law Aldermani Case David was charged on f John with stealing a pair appeared before Alderman Bix Lis afternoon and after Payi Nir the f prosecution wus discharged ind ise Kiefer failed to who wan arrested on f of r having signed a Check for was to Ven a hearing this Bur account of Kiefer not appear Iai earing was not Kiefer bail m e held Boll of the following scholars were very Day during the month of february n the school taught Bertha Haf at Hebron Harry Don Charles Bertram Harry Maui Moses Paul Ralph Edwin Sadie Gertrude Rebecca May Annie Bertha Bessie Stella Annie Cora Hoover said he had no counsel and the court appointed Mccurdy to defend the counsel held a Brief consultation with the prisoner and to substituted a plea of meanwhile detective Hunter and owner o stolen took the stand and test it was the belief of counsel tha the prisoner was not responsible for i acts As he talked in an incoherent Man sentence was the Case against William Trout a next Trout was defended by j Walmer told How h was robbed and identified the shirts re covered from Trout As his property detective Hunter told of the arrest am recovery of the shirts in trouts Horn and Constable Sohn corroborated him the defendant swore he had bought the shirts from Harvey paying in cents he denied that he Stol the shirts or knew that they were stolen court then adjourned until 1 30 Oclock firs class farming held an Thomas auditor of the Lebanon brewing held an audit in room court Friday morning the usual Large gathering of attorneys attended the skin and blood All sorts of dire disasters to human Happi entertained the a meeting of the executive committee of the of the East German was held at my wednesday a pro Gram was arranged for the annual con to be held at it june 3 and and other business was trans after which l the presi invited the committe to the Baney where he had ordered an elegant dinner to be this hospitable act on the part of Haak was highly enjoyed by All the a the horse attached to the delivery Wagon of grocer John Shingar be came frightened while standing at the grocery on Cumberland near Friday and ran Chanes the seized the horse by the bridle and waa dragged to sixth where be forced the horse on the pavement and get it under what a person will see a lion Samuel Samuel who tills one o the finest farms in North Cornwall town is noted As a practical any one entering upon the premises at an Point will see at once the results of Goot the Fence Are in firs class buildings kept Well pain acc and the surroundings in Good Sprecher not Only pays attention to till ing the be is known far and wide As the possessor of valuable live his Herd of cows Are great milk producers and they Are attended with Greal the Stock embraces the Hereford and polled Angus from eleven of of which Only some Are his receipts daily Are from 135 to 145 quarts of this is furnished to of supplies our City people with had his thumb Grant employed by the Lebanon manufacturing had his right thumb mangled by having it caught in a gear my Guilford dressed the returned from father Adam Rector of St marys Catholic this has returned from where he assisted in the forty hours Devotion held in Josephs Catholic for representative George of today registered As a Candi Date for reelection on the original pension of bag died at Frank Sonin Huv of of died at his a Cumber land Sah Mlay the funeral will be held at Mechanicsburg on thursday at 2 Catherine Henry Lowry and of this Are relatives of the their final John Elon Kehler and committee appointed to appraise the Ihler including Meadow representing the will finish their work and make their re port by this will open a Hunt Neofit president of the Lebanon business this morning left for where he will arrange Tor opening the business College next Mon it a expected that about 70 pupils will Fiir committee to the ladies of the fair committee of the Lebanon chemical engine and insurance patrol company will meet this evening at Oclock at the residence of 15 North eighth i where business in regard to the fair will j be work done by Zweizig preached his fur Sli Sermon to the congregation of an Street Church sunday Evenne e made a report of his work Tarim year As follows sermons ii pastoral 351 i 2l children am i during the year the member ill As increased from in to and the y school enrolment from 120 be Epworth league Bas 81 member i Veitii will be sent to urge at the approaching session which meets in Philadelphia a at old of North Inri has in his Possession an canal which bears the in those Days there were no roads in this and Euke Urot had charge of Tho a which ran from this City to used to transport lumber and Lime he also has a Manifest of shipped Benanc the same old papers Are very much prize by Teuny in new who had been cited with and who Mui thought be our missing arrived in new York last he was accompanied by his whom he had married in another but declined to make statements about except tin1 he was said to have been a Soldier Fortune nothing use is known abut shop Grant Donmoyer today will move his a lilt rooms a social known As the re Alffa composed of a number of Gantu men of this have their rooms John Bressier hardware it saturday evening their room was of a number of chairs and one table i amid Jer of other articles Are no clue As to who the guilty parties or been discovered As addressed the holsters on Friday de the students of the Lebanon Ruhim taking for his subject Flie lecture was greatly enjoyed by All the doctor several yearn the Island which now so engages the attention of the people Anil no doubt the lecture was full of interest o who had the pleasure of hearing a checker Frank of this and u Man named of Lay a series of nine games of Theatter Parton this or the championship of this and Dau Phin the exact Date will Many friends in this City Are willing to Back dim for any marriage i Morris Swatara a nine issued t Barber shop from the Weimer on North eighth to the building formerly the office of the paper on eighth near the a dined at the taller the Thomas Phea comedy composed of 14 passed through this City on sunday evening from Lan Caster on their Way to they dined at the Valley returned from Edwin Alderman of the seventh returned saturday even no from where a tumor was removed from right Eye the operation was in the Jefferson Loa Pital Arthur of 10 and miss Tillie 1113 Walnut this a dutchman a German was this afternoon arrested in front of Frantzsr hat on Cumber land by officer Englehart charged with having insulted a number of ladies As they passed it is supposed that he is of unsound old old people Tio require Medine to Reg ulate the bowels and kidneys will find he True remedy in electric this Medicine does not stimulate and Altaina no whisky nor other it acts As a tonic and it acts mildly on the stomach and dding strength and giving tone to the thereby aiding nature in the per Romance of the electric bit ers is an excellent appetizer and aids old people find it just exactly rat they Price 50 cents and Loo per bottle at 4 my try acan of Hominy hulled it is removed to the a who resides at Furnace North Lebanon this after noon was removed in ambulance from big residence to the he is afflicted with a severe Case of getting ready for Alderman of the second visited his office again this after noon and arranged his papers preparatory to resuming his Alderman Miller still suffers with the rheumatism oses a Crutch in taken to the remains of Christian Laif of passed through Here at noon today on their Way to where interment was Ness Are easily and quickly cored by bar Dock blood from common Imit ple to the worst a Aalona if taken into the head Fay then Ostria two or three times a Thomaa dec will positively relieve the most offensive Case of Maya e k
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