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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - March 5, 1896, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Tat Light a Wpm s we Colben tie rate tit Teher i mailed to of Peryear Blank Page of paper with a Marfe name at the top add the what i think of written on a it seems that lawyers generally need very Little material upon which to construct a Law suit and if there is sufficient Money on either or both sides the litigation can be extended almost diaries Dickens in one of life novels gives a tie Dault Brant of us March f women Yvette the French Danseuse and Singer of immodest who gave series of performances in this before her departure recently rave expression to a newspaper reporter of Ber views concerning american she is evidently a shrewd observer and in borne respects pave a faithful portrayal of the so called society women of our the women of this country in Many ways reminded her More of tie French women than the italian or latter having taste in the matter of the objection she made to american women was that Bev dress too Well All the Lime and on the even trailing expensive and velvets in the mud and ruining whereas by lifting them might save their Fine she wound up her talk with a refer ence american husbands and she to Bucht american lint band were to be at once Contrat plated and granulated on twin Marrowl to the most Brilliant and Beautiful women inthe world pitied by aus it pc Cim need Smirk for them to slave n hard to make their wives she thought the Ruth after Money a too hot and fierce for that even enjoyment of Dom Lic Felicity so common in it seemed to her that american husbands work so hard through the Day As leave them no a Trench for the wholesome enjoyment of Tho evening wit i their families and the ventured the opinion that since american wives Are left so much alone by their husbands there might be danger of their seeking the companionship crave our id the family she thought it strange too that in America it to Muld be considered bad form for wives in moderate o do daily work just As their husbands and As women often do in Hui 1 Sii pause it is nil she with characteristic lifting of the if the husbands dont want their wives to and the wives Are unwilling to everybody is it would scorn to people in in Yon nothing is More common than to see a wife go to the shop every Day with her husband and assist him in the Busi either Belling things or standing at the Little desk and keeping the French women Are often the guiding spirit in their husbands but in America in is the fashion for wives to know Little about How their husbands earn their 1 am that they know How to spend this View that american husbands Are Mere slaves for their expensive wives no doubt Correct in Many crises and explains Why so Many Are driven to com mitting crimes which end very often in a term of imprisonment or business this class of women could do much to elevate themselves and lesson the burdens of the husbands by adopting the French plan of becoming real helpers to them instead of being Mere idlers and by reason of which they stand in constant temptation of falling a prey to much greater which in the end brings ruin and despair to themselves and their if it is the proper thing logo to Paris for their latest Why might it not be made fashionable to Imi Tate the French women in the things Here referred it strikes us that what Ever objections May have been made to the performances of this her views concerning the relationship of Man and wife in this country Are no far front being tin St Icide of Exco Gressman liar of when had number of this has inon a Sitf Iise As Well As Shock to his throughout the he is said to have been an exceptionally popular Mem Ber of and although he was pronounced free Trade Democrat he was admired for his honesty of he was his Domestic relations am paid to have been very Happy and lie had everything to live some one thoughtlessly said that such men by Tak ing their lives make suicide which of course is not is Kiwi to Pilika j begun and in the Imit Kallach i but the end no Man May like generations May come and generations May but the litigation go on forever or until the Money on both sides in transferred to the sinful and a subject not to be treated in tie previous reputation or High standing of a person does not atone for any but the fact that men like the one in question Are liable to commit such crimes Are proof that All of High and Low need to he on the watch it Likely that a Vartere mind was in Bank accounts of the Learned employed on the then the curtain s quickly rung the lights Are sex and quiet reign supreme and preparations Are made for repeating the performance under some other title whose attempted Rai Znuj the South african create such excitement and came near Plungin two or More european nations into a with each has been brought 1 where he is to be tried for h unlawful if such it can be prove to have he claims that he Timpl went in response to a Call from his Conn try Roen who had informed him that the Transvaal was in a state of civil War an that their lives and property were in this was not True and it no remains to be been whether what d says is the if the objec1 of his Mission was simply to bring relic to people whose lives were said to been angered it is not Likely that he will b but the statements published at tie time were of an entirely different and to the outside world it a like a Well conceived plan on the part of one nation to gain control of Small evidently this was to construction the German emperor a put upon the actions of Jamie Gonenc his tin Scranton Tribune make an Earnest plea for Harmony in the Republican party of that City and its advice Bould he by reason of Diesen Sion in the ranks of the party the govern ment of that City this Spring will a into the keeping of the democratic party by Only a very Small majority and Many Wiio heretofore served we faithfully in the various offices Wil now be replaced by this is the result of factionalism in a party an there is scarcely any excuse for this in the re publican party at this the people everywhere Are turning to this party of Relief from the business depression tha has lining Over the country like a Black Cloud for several years and when its Lor Mer bitter enemies Are ready to assist i to Power it ill becomes those in the party make rents and breaches that can hardly be close up the ranks and present a sol undivided the Republican select councilmen o Philadelphia had a bitter Fielit in the selection of one of their number for of the and the com Blue by a majority of one succeeded in capturing the although it is As sorted that fully thirty thousand Dollari were expended in accomplishing one of the members states positively that he Otle red five thousand dollars if he would vote for the Combine Candi this is a matter that should be care ally How is it possible to expend such a Large sum of Money for an office to which no salary is attached what is the the object to be gained in securing it these Are questions the investigating committee might inquire into with profit no doubt to the men generally do not spend much Money unless they expect a Good return for and Pince the office is not the inquiry might Why should any person be so eager to secure the to say the does not look daring the Progress of oar cml whereby Bossia manifested Friendly feeling toward the United the then organized Southern confederacy would have declared War against Basing such a declaration upon the action of the latter country conduct in the interest of Justice and the confederacy would have made itself the laughingstock of the such a step would not have been any More Ludric Ous than if now which is unable to Cope with and needs All her resources of Money and soldiers to fight the cuban would declare War against the United which is about to do in behalf of the cubans what Russia did for the cubans have no Navy and yet hold Spain at in spite of this the excited and inflammable spaniards threaten to destroy our Commerce and drive our ships off the How absurd such boasts by the n a Craven has been dealt with new York yacht Elna As his con settled at the time when the sad the new York he committed discovers that while there is life and activity in the re duct deserved and he has no one to blame but this fact some of the most Influent ii Inglish newspapers however much they May dislike to do the Irish Earl is a great Friend of the Prince of but this fact should not canse bin to act a gentlemanly or unsportsmanlike and if he conducts him self As he did at the last race for the american Eup he must expect to be Cen h May be unfortunate that this rupture should occur now when the re lations Between the two countries represented Are somewhat but Dun Raven and his friends should have thought of to he was Given every Opportunity to apologize for his uncalled for action Aud when he refused to do so he could Only to be treated with his expulsion from the yacht club is approved by All last saturday the Odd Day coming even leap year saw a number of disasters near new the Steamer Ailsa was run into and sunk by the la born the new York ran the Clyde was stove in and rendered helpless and the Advance was grounded for some publican ranks in View of the approach1 a heavy fog prevailed throughout ing nomination for the and i the Day and this no doubt was the cause while n number of candidate Are prepar1 of the which fortunately re ing to secure the nomination for them1 suited without the less of any it there is a spirit of apathy and in1 does As if some a method difference in the 1 democratic this j of signals might be adopted by which is accounted by the fact that such accidents would occur less fre Cleveland wants to be the candidate fora third term or to Force the National democratic convention to offer it to to that he May have the sensational glory some other time the loss of life May be unless special precautions Are taken to guard against which by the Way seem to be far More numer of declining the party Ous now than in former has been put under the suspicion of treachery to a priceless National Prin Cittie once lucrative and Well managed Imd no genuine Democrat would Baltimore Ohio gave desire to be taken up fora sacrifice by the Garrett family an immense the suns conclusion is in a very bad shape financially and re aft be matter is that the paralysis which i revers have been appointed to take has been creeping on the democratic or1 charge of its the elder Garrett and upon its highest men i confined the business of the Road strictly has readied its Climax with i to railroading and made it a great the spectacle of As pres after his death other interests were As silently permitting Lus officeholders mugwump worshippers to threaten Bis nomination for a third the House of representatives with commendable Energy passed the cuban Reso lotion on monday and by an overwhelm this leaves no alternative for who must now see that the cuban republicans Are fully pro besides a warship a bold be for the Protection of Socia Ted with it and they have helped to drag it the other Day while a new York Citi zen was at tie butchers some one stole a Small Skye terrier dog that had accompanied him and when his wife Learned tha terrible news she became hysterical and the woman worked herself into Yueh a condition that the doctor feared she might not it hardly seems pos sible that a sane person should a Soch Al Boyish Triebe is an intensely Strong sentiment developing for the stars and stripes and hostility to great which is manifesting itself in various ways and at every the expulsion of lord Dun Raven was received with great Satis and no doubt principally because he represented the English in the last yacht and at a meeting of the Sal vation army on at there was a Large gathering of but on entering the Barracks they All pinned Small american flags on their this is right we should rever ence the Flag and be devoted to our coun but in All this we should not become there is no occasion for War and that thought should be farthest from our As we predicted in these columns last week matters Are rapidly shaping them selves for the organization of an Amei i can salvation commander and Ballington Boot having been strongly urged to remain in the country and to continue their work they can not do if they desire to carry out those than organize an inde pendent in doing this they will have the support of All americans who have any interest in the salvation and the Best thing general Booth could now do would be to Call off Bis British although it is scarcely probable that he will do the Ameri can army is bound to take the Lead in a Short state treasurer Haywood on monday returned from a visit to senator at and is very enthusiastic Over the old mans candidacy for the he said i feel More certain of his nomination by the Louis convention than i Felt for my own nomination for state treasurer by the ast state senator he is in the Field determined to win and is in excellent health and i firmly believe he will be the next president of the United were treasurer Haywood concluding the sprightly York dispatch on thursday issued an Industrial number of Wenty four of which the Veteran Hiram a native Lebanon May Well feel its con show off their City to the Best and whereas the make up and typography Are of a Superior it is a worthy souvenir of Yorks Best and most enterprising and we heartily congratulate our friends connected with the paper upon the splendid Success they Are making of promptly of flows the senates recognition of eps the pres meets Hext after a sober second thought the spaniards do not seem so anxious to shed heir precious andalusian blood in a War with the United states and they Are Wili so they to make amends for the Barcelona rescues chairman Resolution adopted by an Only sixteen Agat nit the the Senate strengthening our March the after two hours spirited under the limitations of u suspension of the by a vote of 263 to agreed in Lien of the resolutions adopted in the sen the concurrent resolutions reported last week by its committee on foreign of declaring that in the opinion of con Gress a state of Public War exists in the parties to which Are entitled to Bellig Erent rights and Between which the United states should observe a strict the following Ore the resolutions re ported by the House committee on foreign affairs by the House of represent the Senate that in the opinion of Congress a state of Public War exists in the parties to which Ore entitled to belligerent and the United states should observe a strict neutrality Between the that Congress deplores the de strict Lon of life and property caused by the War now waging in that and believing that the Only permanent Solu Tion of the contest equally in the interest of the people of Cuba and of other nations would be in the establishment of a government by the Choice of the people of it is the sense of Congress that the government of the United states should use its Good offices and Friendly influence to that that the United states has not intervened in struggles Between any european governments and their colonies n this but from the very close relation Between the people of the United states and those of Cuba in consequence of its proximity and the extent of the com Merce Between the two Peoples the present War is entailing such losses upon the peo ple of the United states that Congress in of he opinion that Tho government of the jolted states should be prepared to pro act legitimate interests of americans by intervention 1c that Congress pledges its sup tort to the president in carrying out tha Ore going Hlf Strong the principal speech was made by chairman of the committee on for eign who said in substance these resolutions have been considered with great Core by the foreign affairs in Many through several the question bos been Dis they have been ripened and matured after consultation with the most eminent in the interests of of of our own and in the interest of those who Ore making a Strug Gle with which we sympathize we believe these resolutions present the More Pratti conservative and effective Mode of a they that Congress shall express its opinion that a state of Public War exists in the Island of and that we recognize that the conditions prevailing on that which have involved suck great and deplorable will find a per manent solution Only in the establishment of a government by the free Choice of the people of Cuba and that our government should use its Friendly influence to that in the interest of the people of of Cuba and of All other in View of the vast interests of our people in the Island of close a neighbor in View of the immense Commerce that is being destroyed and the prodigious investments of our american citizens there being con that our while it Hoa never entered into any connection Between european Powers and to boil colonies in any of the struggles Welch have taken place Between should be prepared to protect the interests of our american citizens by if intervention be Neces these resolutions ought not to cause any trouble Between us and any country not seeking to foment trouble with tube opposition tile yeas and the Roll and the resolutions Ware agreed 7 b vote of s6s to those toting in the negative were Atwood of Black of Bontelle of Cobb of cd Lorrai of Elliot of South of Grant of Harrlyn of Mccall of Moody of Moma Rennu of Sam Kina of Tucker of turn or of Georgia and Wright of Senate for i Cream of the Bill which was yesterday passed by the Senate for the increase of the Navy attracted considerable attention in View of the tension Over Spanish cuban in explaining Tho measure Halo of who reported it from the naval raid that while he did not believe the United Totta would to involved in War a a result of the present yet to considered it desirable to give the presi Dent authority in Case of emergency to Call out the naval militia and charter private ships for to Bill As passed authorizes the addition of enlisted men to the the enlisting foe not More than two years of the naval Mph Cla forces in Case of Tho Bill passed under the five in Nuto Rule and by unanimous Meta a Liberal a state or War think that gentleman will agree the pigs caught by Seltzer and the pig race held at the Rescue londay caused a Large crowd of Cople to assemble at fourth and leh Nan where the pigs were let they were chased for a Short Dis Ance and finally caught by William Weitzer and and the Fol owing also entered the race Robert John Samuel returned the pigs to the Corn for which they received a following Are the articles chanced of White Star Wenrick be ton of donated the company by William Eckenroth Elaine in the shape of Ong red Nellie the Ike walk again was an interesting of air and the contestants marched in Liss Stella Shoustal and mayor Garrett de the the first walk was a raw Aud in the second two Young men Ere the the grand Central ind furnished Fine he and the gospel worshipper Kieft trained by a court decision from Issinga March the Supe for civil court Here Justice Bradley Ren erod a decision in favor of the plaintiff u Tho Case of Bridget Hay for an injun on to restrain Daniel Crowley of Dan ers from using or occupying Pew 113 n Tho Church of the Dan the findings of the court Are based on 10 fact according to the rules of Tho the defendant under hereby he had Tho possessing right in be was required to pay his rent Quad Raj in and if not so paid would of be considered to Honvo a right to a sit no until paid Aud any Pew or it can Ito considered vacant if the pay ment of the rent to delayed beyond a the defendant failed to pay the and claimed the i occupy said preparing for two the ladies interested in the fair of the Lebanon chemical and insurance patrol to be opened March held a meeting at the Home of George 152 North eighth monday the ladies interested in the proposed air of the Good will fire company met n monday evening at the Home of 1115 Lehman bilious Are you constipated or out of sorts one Little Punk Pill accompanying or Booklet will give you immediate and the tonic peuet3 a Perma the government May fail it pills Tooi pellets Evet one does it Send with me that Tho proposition of the com Mittee is one far More prudent and elect Ive than Tho Senate 09 to the belligerency of the cubans that there is a state of War is a fact shown by Many things besides newspaper the official reports of our consuls show the growth and extent of the More than on half a year ago the consuls re ported to at the forces then in the Field contending with desperate Earnest Ness and unconquerable will were three times greater than the men engaged in the rebellion of 1868 when at the height of its and the tide of War Lias swept on from one Side of the Island to the other until today the Spanish authority is not in fact exercised Over More than probably not More than of its the Spanish minister made a Public statement in which to said that troops have been sent to the Island by is not that War Sithat apollos Torco putting Down a Street disturbance recently the Captain general of Cuba issued a lengthy which we have read with which contained detailed regulations and proscription concerning this War in the very and spirit of Tho orders issued by Napoleon when he commanded the greatest forces Ever enlisted in modern it will not do to say that this is guerrilla one Hundred and fifty thou Sand of the finest soldiers that Ever marched into Spain took Possession of its cities As the Spanish troops have taken posses Sion of the cuban cities and assumed to subdue a people who could Only resist by Means of guerrilla warfare and what was the result guerrilla warfare destroyed that splendid and it was the defeat of Napoleons forces in that mighty conducted by this harassing and irregular that deprived him of Bis to that after to final blow in the Retreat from Moscow that greatest Power of mod Ern times crumbled and was that War con a spaniard deny it there is not a spaniard in the world who is not proud to recount it is the grandest Era in Span ish history and one of the proudest Chap ters in relation to that equal rights to Spain and v we not Only seize a ship that the ish minister notifies our judicial officers is about to leave before it gets out of the As was done with the but we Send our cruisers to pursue them on the High if cubans Are recognized As they will have Tho same rights that we now give fully to by recognizing the cubans belligerency they will Bave a nag and can Purchase in our i will say to gentlemen who Are fear Ful of the relations of our country with foreign countries that 103 not thu recognition can excite ground of for Tbs Var bos existed a with great Spain a cognized the Southern confederacy a month before the of Bull the Spanish pretend that the Are in their we do not believe we wish them to have a government at their own we believe it will be a free no government can ask in a Friendly for the Independence of apart of a last in regard to inter ii one that his been the usage of of that has been practice by so and wherever american interest an imperilled we land Marine 11 and if it is necessary for the Protection of a great property in midst of extreme confusion and we can land b sufficient Force for tie gnat Arm of this Republic ought to be ready always to follow Iti to protect their their property and their lives anywhere in speech sin by of to the Good will and insurance patrol the North ninth Street Oil has made a proposition to the Good will and insurance patrol fire recently that for 30 Days he will furnish his Driver and manager and will equally Divide be tween the companies the sum of two cents upon every gallon of Oil this a a most Liberal offer and the friends of the two companies Are highly pleased with it and will do All in their Power to sell Oil during the time arrangements for carrying out the plan will be perfected in a few Mekka services Over the remains of Meno who died from were held in Hershey meeting hons tuesday morn ing by of the funeral was held from his late near deceased was a member of the new mennonite Church and Bis funeral was attended by hundreds of the denomination interment was made in the cemetery adjoining the meeting cathab1ne the remains of Catharine Darcas were interred in Lebanon cemetery at Oclock on the ser vices were held at the residence of Rob Ert a son of the on Spruce Street near and were con ducted by of the first reformed several selections were Sung by the choir of that the pall bearers were Andrew John Adam stains and Frank the body reposed in a Beautiful casket covered with Black were the words at on the lid at the foot of the coffin was a sheaf of and a few White carnations were held in her the funeral was in charge o Pierce Savilla the funeral of the late Savilla Fowler was held at 2 Oclock tuesday at the residence of her and Corner of seventh and Lehman the ser vices were private and of Trinity the body was attired in a Plain Black shroud and reposed in a handsomely covered with the word Mother in scribed on a Silver plate upon the the candies were of Ebony and the trimmings of the pall bearers were Marquart and among the Floral offerings was a bouquet of lilies and carnations from Bibighaus Beautiful White from John Loehle and family Large bouquet of Trae trove to arrange Arpra Pelon acts notes grub so Shalt love thy god with All thy and with All tar and with All thy and with All thy mind and thy neighbor As lit beyond though possibly near Jesus left Galilee the indications Are that lie went along the Bor Der Between Galilee and Samaria to crossed Hetver into thence southerly to the Fords of to and thence to Bee Luke c2 the Section includes 1 the final de the Plano in sending the seventy before he Bod previously sent the twelve in 3 the Story of the lesson which took place on this parallels the departure is recorded and Mark Luke is partially parallel to Matt Jesus in Gay Jules Jesus had been in Galilee and Vicinity since the last of near the close of his first Public and he Laboured there a year and almost ten be fore his final Ife made a visit to Jerusalem to attend the feast of tabernacles John that october during this visit belong the events described in chapters seven and and probably nine and ten to verse though some place these lost chapters at the feast of dedication John in the december from the time Jesus left Galilee in till his final arrival in the Vicinity of Jeru Salem on april a period of five is called the Perean because most of it was spent in that the Region beyond Jordan Perea Means on the other though there were frequent excursions lesson Jesus had now completed his work into of the three Judea nearly year and Galilee a Jesmond nine there remained but Perea about five where lie had n work to do on his to on his Way along the Southern Borders of Galilee toward the Jordan Jesus uttered his Farewell earnings to the people where he had preached so these words to Chorazine and Bethsaida were not prayers a curse upon not angry but simple state ments of facts warnings big with tears and flee from the Wrath to there is still time for repent in preparation for this Mission in Perea Jesus commissioned 70 disciples in addition to the 12 to go two and two before his face into every City and whither he himself would it was somewhere on this journey that a certain a student and teacher of the jewish stood up and tempted he wanted to test Jesus with some controverted question of tie saying what shall i do to inherit eternal life it is fair to assume that this Man wanted to get after the that he was no nine at any rate Jesus meets him with every Mark of respect and Allis what is written in the Law Jesus acknowledges that the Law is the Fountain of the Mccain was Peculiar possessing Many eccentricities and extreme lie was called idiosyncratic by but nevertheless was Good natured companion at the by his friends he Looker at times As but his liberality and Good nature More than counterbalanced his undesirable qua the King of Good of of hews equally disagree Abl when be Wes expected most of All to be cheerful and Good Abbu three Miles from the quiet Little Vil Lage of Vernon he had spent the greater portion his from Early boy Hood he bad lived at the old Homestead strange to he had never mar in the blessed state of Bachelor Hood he had passed his and now at the mature age of three score am he Hod no of taking unto him self a he was satisfied with his and smiling Anc chuckling Over human had Neve complained of his so much for a lawyers business was to study the to he answered thou Shalt love the thy with All thy and with All thy and with All thy and with All thy and thy neighbor As Jesus rejoinder comes this do and thou Shalt for the doing of this is the life of this looked too simple to the this be hid been taught All his and to justify himself for asking question for which he himself hid supplied the he asks another question who is my neighbor the degree in which he had kept the Law of love would depend on the Jesus replies with a a Man Down from Jerusalem to Jericho and fell among was stripped and wounded and left half and there chanced to come by a one most of All who should lend a helping he passed by on the other from Bowman and Misa ma1 there was danger from the same or Ria and from miss Mother and the delay might Jean in those lonesome parts after Nightfall for the Road was a very dangerous lying much or the Way in a deep Ravine through soft rocks in which caves afford just to the right of the Moxa in Man Sion lived it was an Ordinary farm cottage that had Given shelter to the colonel and his family for Many the luxury of the Mclain Home was not to be found in the humbler dwelling of is but it was Home to the Mashburn family end they looked wit i disdain and con tempt upon the abiding place of their Bachelor though the dwell Ings were separated by Only a Shon there was but Little love lost Between the two it is True that their lands adjoined and Only a few blazed Trees told the Story the yet that distance that Issaic to lend enchantment unfortunately was not great enough to bind the fam Ilies in neighbourly years previous to the time this Story is written a bitter dispute As to the location of the line bad caused a breach to occur Between the major and his As time passed the chasm and the quarrel became More the county Surveyor had been called Inin the interest of peace and but his which was in favor of failed to pour Oil on the Waters of and hos resumed with greater zest than Ever it looked at times As if there would be and the inhabitants of the Little settlement frequently discussed the final outcome of the As both men Are now i have decided to Tell the Story of the manner in which the dispute was finally the Story May or May not be but i will relate it just As it was told to me by one who lived in the neighbourhood and was a Friend of both Mclain and Ria Mcconnell the interment was made a Ebenezer Mcgovern bad charge of the a serious an aged woman fell Down the stairway and was severely Magdalena relict of the late Isaac who is aged about so had a serious Accident on she resides with her Andrew at 1258 forge and on tuesday about g Oclock made a misstep while coming Down stairs and fell Down the she was quickly picked up and hol Bergand Gerberich they found that she bad sustained severe internal injuries and had both arms a Large Lump had also formed upon her which the doctors found necessary to the aged woman suffers great and the serious injuries besides the great Schock May prove she was made As con 5 portable As a prosperous Lebanon Valley Veteran which was organized about the first of the is dome very at the meeting held Friday evening three propositions were received and four net members five will be initiated at their meeting on Friday after the initiation on Friday evening a special business meeting will be it is expected that the finest paraphernalia of Iny Lodge in the state will be at present there Are about 40 left to attend the accompanied by his John Wal Merand Oliver Siegrist left on the train for hum where they attended the funeral of Jessie b a Nen Bew of who died at Philadelphia Sev eral Days ago and who was interred at Hummelstown tuesday Board of manager the my Lebanon cemetery association held its annual election of officers on monday when the following were chosen for 3 years John Tobias Reinoehl and John John Tordy was elected for 2 years to fill the vacancy caused by the death of major Grant furlough nearing an Henry who 1s an inmate of the soldiers Home in and who enjoyed a furlough with relatives in this will shortly return to the Home Fisher was member of 93d and served throughout the taken into the the Lebanon Baptist Christian Endea Vor society has become a member of the Union of Christian Endeavor societies of the beading Baptist it will be represented at the annual meeting to be held at on May it Bertha the Young girl who was held at beading until her Mother was brought to this City on monday her name is Bertha Hanck Ana although quite Young she has already an unsavoury ing shelter to them sallied Forth to prey upon travel then came a he did a Little More than the for he came and looked on but resisted the first impulse to but a Samaritan coming that Way had compassion on it required great moral courage to thus exalt a Samaritan before which of these thinnest was neighbor unto him that fell among the thieves and the lawyer frankly confessed he that showed mercy on said Jesus unto and of thou evangelical conference Albright Institute deficit and Schuylkill seminars at mondays session of the annual con Ference of the United held at treasurer of Albright collegiate at Myers submitted Nia annual Snow ing receipts of a balance last year of expenditures of and a deficit of a plan was presented to raise the for the col Leges Purchase by securing annually for three years the following sums members to give 50 cents to give 500 to give 200 to give 100 to give and to be secured in larger amounts each a recommendation was also made to increase the Bishops salary by assessing each member in the District four cents per evangelical Thomas of was elected principal of Schuylkill sem at at a meeting of the Board of held at monday the conference ses Sion was taken up by the secret examination of applicants for licenses to hearing the report of the committees on statistics and minor against the City from the Joseph of seventh and Church was seized with Haemorrhages from the nose on a doctor was summoned and gave him re i us i Brick have sold 30 the Harrisburg manufacturing company brings Salt tuesday suit was brought tuesday morning in the court of common pleas by the Harris Burg manufacturing company through their Gobin and Capp to recover with interest from september the papers were filed with prothonotary the suit is for the steam Road roller which has been agitating the minds of our As it is not Clear to them whether by the action of the Highway committee the City will have to pay for two rollers instead of which is about All the City if the company avers that they complied in every respect with the specifications and therefore de Mand payment for the roller furnished by be Tomed to of the first grammar who had been unable to on account of the death of a took charge of Nis school marriage Early one morning in Many years Mashburn left his Home walked Down to the contested line he was in an unusually bad humor that morning and had Token the walk with the Hope that it would Benefit him and Aid Bis bad he had spent a restless night and was feeling the Bod when he reached the line of blazed Trees that Lead Langbeen regarded As the Boundary to possessions he looked Long and wistfully at the surroundings of his More prosperous he conscientiously believed that he had been upon and his blood boiled madly and he was in a rage of finally his feelings overcame and with an oath he sought the path that de to the doorsteps of Mclain palatial Mashburn walked rapidly up the Long he was and it was his intention to Bav talk with the major and see if he could not either by threats or pleadings bring him to terms and secure Possession of what he thought was Bis a form hand at in the Field looked up from his paused and then continued to the end of his at the door Mashburn was met by the two men glared at each other and then retired from the old negro Cook heard several closed the door and went out into the Tell ing one of the men employed about the going to be passing by on his stopped at the which was near the and listened to the the Story of the feud was and he paused Only Long enough to satisfy himself that the major and Mashburn were quarrelling and then spurred his horse to catch the morning train to late in the afternoon Suttles re As he passed the Mclain Home he saw on immense crowd in the the sheriff told him that Mcloin had been a coroners inquest was being that was and Suttles hurried on to his thinking of the quarrel he had overheard As he passed the House in the at the door he was met by his who told him How Mclain had been found dead in his the old coach Man made the and the alarm was Given and the crowd i believe that Mashburn killed said leaning close Suttles whispered into the ear of his wife i know it there was a Peculiar emphasis to the words As they fell from the lips of her and she looked up into his lace the hot words of passion heard in the morning by Suttles Weie Suttles went immediately to the Home of he elbowed Nis Way through a curious crowd and went into the where the inquest was being the sheriff was closely wound was just above the and that death must have been instant when asked by counsel for Thede Case just what must have been the distance from which Tho hot was the physician slated that the nature of the wound was such As to cause him to believe that it must have been several the old Coachman of the major was next sworn and put upon the before the in a trembling lie negro told How he had found his Naster sitting in his chair Stout tie said he was rubbing Down the horses n and found one of them had i sore place on his left Hind he bought something should be done for he and went into Library to a moult with his when he in ered the Mclain was sitting 31 the chair in which he was accuse Omed to take his morning the Jerky called but received no on he called then sent close up to tie with Cream he fled from the for he Law his eyes were Glassy and set far lock into his he gave the jut was too superstitious to again Euter believing it to be Bat the an old apparently 10 years was the next Shu she heard old Uncle Tom cry Mur and rushed out of her House on the rear of the lot to see Arhat was the mat the details of the finding As told the Coachman were corroborated by the Suttles was asked to take the in he stated that he was pass ing Home of Mccain when he heard loud voices talking in a very cited and boisterous he stopped and and recognized the voice of Are you positive it was the voice of Mashburn asked the counsel for the i would know that voice anywhere i were to hear i swear positively hat it was Mashburn and major Lin whom i heard quarrelling in the what time was that it was Hal past nine re plied the Here the state rested its and the defense announced that no testimony would be and cold Ufa Cliburn would make a when argument would be waived Ancl the judge would be asked to charge As Mashburn mounted the stand All eyes were turned upon the judge rapped for order and Tho Bailiff motioned for i stand before you today perfectly innocent of the crime with Whie i am in a voice trembling with i am As in Nocent As a Newborn babe or the purest Angel in i spent two hours Ith during which time Ive quarrelled Over the land lot several blows were and i Eft the House at a Quarter to 12 and strolled about the at about i heard the report of a and i believe report i heard was the discharge of the gun that killed i know my Case is Circum Tantal evidence has already convicted and i have Given up All i am prepared for anything that May is that All you have to say Alicd judge that is the jury was out just five minutes and returned with a verdict of a death like stillness pervaded the the spectators craned their Ecks to hear the sentence of the execution was to be Audie time for tie expiation of the crime Vas set for june just 30 Days from the Date of More like a Shadow than a Man Ashburn was led from the courtroom and carried to the murderer s cell of the As he leaned heavily upon tie pm of the sheriff the sympathy of the entire crowd was with though he evidence against him was too Strong o admit of there was a great Lany wished he had been of his very look appealed to and Many eyes were wet with ears of sympathy and genuine but nothing was Fon Iid that would gym the slightest Clew to the identity of the for hours the Man continued the but his Mission appeared to be under the Jim rays of Tho new a Rock he made s careful search of the and surveyed the hop ing that his Quick Eye would fall something that would bring the weary from his continued the detective fell asleep on the lounge in the the next morning he awoke at nine the morning Sun was Stream ing throw ii the open windows and the room wn3 flooded with the detective turned Over Anil craze to at and other objects in the his thoughts were and he of the scene that would transpire in Bondale in just three the grim and end the trembling body of the colonel flashed through his it was the Day of the execution and Only a few hours while the detective his Eves followed a Riall Ball of fire that diced and darted Back und Forth on the it was a tur red but ils brilliancy and heat were he watched it As it played seemingly for his amuse just under the spol covered by the Little fiery Ball he noticed a charred place on tha caused that he revolved the question and Over again in his springing from his bed he rushed to the Wall and held a match under the quivering piece of living fire that placed i about like a serpents quickly the match the detective was nervous Ana his brain was on on the wa21 two Stags at equal they had served support for a filing to the he called 1he old the negro Wei into the room with his Teeth and its eyes were dilated with superstitious where is the gun that Hirnton these horns asked the the Eoa Climan was gon for a to and returned with an old army the Coachman said hat be had taken it from the rack on the morning that hit master was As the gun was very highly and placed it in his room the gun was reloaded and placed on the the Little Ball of which was but the concentrated rays of the Sun thrown through a Blister in a Glass of the danced about the pow Der pan of the old joint the detective placed a Pillow in choir in Wrich Mclain had been found then he with a Flash or fire that half Way reached to the Pillow and report that awakened Mie echoes of the old Man the Center of the Pillow Bullet was the detective looked at his it was 12 the drop fell in Ion Miniea at High and col Mashburn was pronounced dead in the funeral procession interrupted by a stranger dashing madly on a foaming the sheriff looked in astonishment it the reckless the old turnkey the jail wiped a tear from his Eye and went Back to feed the cons Titu of 435 Walnut this and Cornelia of court House notes i the widows question Ingall who came into the Suttles was but he tried to conceal his True beckoning the sheriff to the he told what he had col Mashburn is not said the Here i and tile pole looked into the face of the iou Are my said the Sher placing his hand the Arm of the coolly remarked the several weeks later tie courtroom of Iron Ole county was filled Over eager Imd curious the window were filled and there was no standing room fhe Large judge Lewis looked Stern through his Gold rimmed glasses and knocked Bis Gavel severely on the desk Tor tiring in the said the trembling and utterly the colonel staggered in the crowded court an Ashy pallor was on his face and he fastened his eyes fixedly upon the in a Lear voice the indictment found to the grand jury was and then the trial the first witness was late in the afternoon of Jane 4 a Tranger called at the jail and asked to e allowed to see he As refused As the colonel old the Jailer to let no one in to see the stranger was and said that his Mission was one of great importance to the the turnkey closely inspected the he was dressed in a checked business and Hail the appearance of being commercial there was a Peculiar meaning in his eyes and an air of dignified the Jailer but tie Little Man in the Check cil suit placed Hii band upon the officers looking him squarely in the my business with Mas Burn is most As surely As you he 8 an innocent the Jailer became Mashburn did not kill my continued the of this Lam and if there is a possibility of saving his i am going to make every i am convinced a an innocent without any further persuasion the Little Man was admitted to the corridor and directed to the cell of the condemned for several minutes the two were engaged in Earnest thed the stranger turned on his Heel and walked rapidly from the that evening just it dusk the old Macb Emu timidly stared from the door Winter wheels a very serviceable about the Snow in on the it would often be very convener it to use a wheelbarrow in win were it not that the wheel docs Roll in the especially if it be at All it is very easy to put the bar Row on As in the Accola tha of the servants House in tie rear of Mclain the faithful dogs were Barking some one it the and the super St Darky closed Penis things air they Sho is Herder Hollerin at night am a bad 1s Ben a feel in mighty queer and powerful skittish since master done the Coachman to the the stranger at the Gate passed through tie Arches and walked briskly inc front going up to the Steps Iio rapped the echoes rumbled through the deserted Hall and come Back increased a thou Sand to one and he pushed the door open Aud went the Holla were deserted and the place was weeks had passed since the footsteps of human being had trodden the and now in the fast gather ing Twilight the old Home was gloomy and the newcomer passed through the Halls and entered the Library where Melain bad been found in the cold embrace of in the doorway was the chair he he was sitting when i gentle Breeze that came through the open window played the lace tall grasses that a the wheel is in and two runners that Bavo been fitted by a Blacksmith inc screwed to the framework in the Imu incr Sug if the runners Are firmly attached the Winter should prove very serviceable about Judd renewing the asparagus it takes very Little to asparagus into and occasionally it is desirable to replace Beds of old plants with Young taken up and placed in or even a Frame where they can be protected from and the asparagus sprouts will come into use a month or two before they can be obtained from the open they con be set very closely so that Large amounts of asparagus shoots can be obtained from a comparatively Small space but these roots usually Ore not considered of much after one crop has been Token from them in this i rhubarb roots con be made to produce Early stalks in much the some size of the Lodel a potato that will weigh on Quarter of a Pound is about two inches in diameter and is of the smallest size allowable when the when if this size Are used for there in far More waste with larger and the Quality is no Ivetter than that of two Pound Pota toes of the same the Model potato is kidney has few eyes and those nearly even with the sur rounding and it weighs three quarters of a such a potato is but for use in a Farmers Faro Fly there is not tin least objection to those that weigh two pounds if of variety not liable to be poor daubers Only Means of gain ing a living is by his really i didst know he was an artist of no he Hes a hons i two Johnnie said the Maum if you and Willie and i each Tad an and you should eat All of How Many would be left Rpu Jund the other Wax is you Ore pretty Good in getting round the men so replied the As she glanced at heir Sylph like Waist in the but the men Are pretty Good in getting round City of look you said were going to Kew York on eral by Tiv and you went and got int getting married Hobbes your Little boy is i

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