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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Jan 30 1896, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - January 30, 1896, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Twice a week monday thursday per year monday and per volume thursday january Price get Sei experiences Mil Der Best Zeitung in die Boss hews sods of americas editor news the following verses have been com posed in response to several written by which appeared in the news Home time by a Union while the stare shed their Light in the heavens so Bright and our Eagle Over the Montit Ains soars i our Flag shall e1 or wave Oer the Hind of the and for its defence we Are ready to a Furnace ans rough experience Friday or Hent Sie bid Ohen in Der Zei Annc line j Sei it list hot Der olt Kerl j will air Feohl in a Fritscher Brltz Schreul i look i of Jer a Kneriem i or Luna Loyal firemen stand i Sunn j their right they will Ever maintain about in Yuhr Zurick hot Mer Epper for our Union of states in Pahr samples a Schick fun Ere Neie will enforce her mandates Zeitung of in Are Drucky is j and champon americas claim once Ich Hob Immor Fon Yun Rem of geese in Itter of Ion of chert Hab Schul Holte Hob Ichen Zeitun gins Haus of ver Des in do Jii Ewel hot Rair Immer to Liel Leses Osich Jie Braucht in to Hob Icli Nix drum Bekim Vertum Ennice Annera Hordich net urn Dionet ions Jednick in Independence so dear we shall Ever i As Lone As this world in its orbit moves on to our Emblem to Blue will Ever prove our colors so grand shall never so our commission of state to the world will dictate americas right upon the Iani and the san and not one foreign said our Good James Ever imperil oar dear so Way Down in there has been a grand steal Nihau Ich Hob Mir net Fiel Gebo Dilert Wege Dere Neie suit up we Rair Pectic it hut with hot shot and Shell is Worre and in Hab pie Jar and in Der Fleet in Hob Der Nancy Gawat Wann Gie to Bobbie Braucht for die Lod Wenig Heffer Zub inno remit Sie Selle Zeitung Well die nag Chat Woch drug Hota Gre Gort for Ehn Ronse Woch Unich Hob much Jie Mensch Imhaus of Holte Ich Hob Luiei ulese Wuich ols fort ols Gricet Hob in Hob a Ord heh Lliel the old Hitmi bos scented More prey Well make hint loudly for our Bave sol Tiern truly will gain the will become nurses he was recovered two Well known Lebanon v leave for Philadelphia miss Grace daughter of and miss Mary in Der Lii Ewel geese in Doch is die Zeit daughter of George North eighth left this Long Worre on cd Eli Dawg Lunt Wurst Mill Milieu unit if r e Tiki i i Lio Tegar ewer Momme on the Tram for Philadel Zug Wischt West fur in hand Draus saturday they will enter the Tramine eco tool of the Block Ley hos Hob Der Nancy Golfe Mit Ihre wet Yousch for die Fer Greiwe weres War in Evic Ber to Gege wet is Mars Bufi Faile Dos die Neie Nob in Schonk Gin in Youst Weil Der Mich be blog hut Bab Ich Ehne Raus Gricet in Bob Sie Mold Icli Bob Sie Nifgi Nacho in Mol Elm Sennich no Hob Ich Sie rum Gedrel it in gig Ackt wus of Der insert ice Bab Mit Verst Iune guck John in str Druek in so Fiji loll War Icli Iver Kop Nohre oni Lese oils Den ice Bob by inn Ulles in inline Eugene Xei tinge geese Kot Awer do Bob Icli Fiol Neie Sallie Gelernt we Mczinc Garnet Kott and Lich wars Nach usso Fertig in die Nancy hut Mer Gruhne Ich set Esse Over ice Hab Sie net Luire Iver Wacil is die Nancy Kumme for Schnec Fer Wass Ich net Kim Weil Ich Doch Gunsche Olfort so Iron it bin wants on Der dish in Sie hot for Wos in Der him Melee Welt Kumi ust net Zum nacht Essl no Bob Irb a sat Ich a Kiwi us Des in Gar Erich be Gulf fuck Yons it Emol on Der uns gut in sell Wie vie Lisea As Drin Wei ice Bob sch Lii Niche or Licinit in Denner pair sound of Ich in Monat Lerne do in site Zeitung Unich bin Noch net nags it won die Drucker Goa Shalte Kenne Mit Dere in Dann get Des for Dull Sii die beset Ial Gonze Mer sin Urno Gale in Golfe to distil in Ilola Rei Schaill fur die in Hob Ines Onnerem yacht a wet Ich Hab Derno Noch Weil in Dere Neie in West and prepare themselves to become trained As these Young ladies Are some of the most prominent society women of Leba they will be greatly missed in a number of social functions in which they have taken in Active although their Many friends will be sorry to pee them the Best wishes for Abun Dant Success accompany a joint Institute to be held at on Friday and slur february 14 Attef the teachers of North and South Leb anon townships have combined for the purpose of holding local which is designed to be a rousing begin Ning on Friday it will continue throughout ending with tin evening two popular lecturers have been Rock will on Friday on better than and the Well known Vic principal of the Kutztown Normal will on saturday on silent vocal and instrumental music will be furnished and the affair promises to be a death of an aged Adam aged 87 who for the past four years was an inmate of the alms died on sunday at 2 deceased resided in this county and conveyed to him the father of time sociable was a grand the room presented a Guy appearance excellent music by too Ambrose employed at the Cole Crook furnaces As a made a miraculous escape from serious at an Early hour on Friday Kane resides a Short distance West of pleasant Hill and a came confused in the Fotr while crossing the cinder West of the he stepped of the Bank at the southwestern end and fell 53 sustaining Only severe bodily Kane finished his work about 5 Oclock wednesday and with his Kettle in his started for to ire across the cinder As was his usual As Al ready stated he stepped off the Bank which is almost perpendicular at that about Halfway Down Lite clothing caught on Sharp Lump of which checked his fall the clothing were torn from his Side and he fell to the Earth below How Long he remained in that v condition he does not but a Friend found him wandering aimlessly about on the Berks Dauphin carry ins the handle of dinner Kettle in his he was assisted to his Home and a Phy Twenty years ago reprint from the Dally of two Simian found that no body was Bones were broken but the covered with Kane is reported to be improving nicely and expects to resume work in several o Ultra Padilla Council 718 banquet their sister Council from Unitta Padilla Council had As their wednes Day Annivhe who with a Large Deli lation arrived at sons of America in a special motor at from a number of visiting members were pres ent from Myerstown and other Elizabeth aged 08 after a lingering at he at Corner ninth and Guilfor the smoke House of Mary Ann residing in Cornwall township was broken into on monday night robbed of nearly All its the perseverance band concluded an arrangement with Mary o f by which an engagement for nearly a week was made to play for that Comra Amery Durini the convocation of the knights to begin on May the wages of the Boss Shoemakers of town were several meetings were held at which the manufacturers were present and gave their reasons for being justified in making the the journeymen finally decided to go to work at the reduction and when once business strike for an Hen Hob do Nancy j and was Well known and highly respect although compelled to go to the county Home he never forgot his Early teachings and strongly adhered to the spending his time in read ing the some time ago the Zeitung geese in beb a die Onner Woch Fum so Fon Der Schwicke Hob Ich laut geese for die Nancy in Epp Lang Rumm War Sie Yousch to gut Gep Liest of War Ufen Ich i Meizls Noch in till Holt Winorr die Nti Heige Holt in Bob Sie curb of Koliris Ich Bob die guns Gedenk Des is in Awer n in Ich Mol Recht Geum Cut Hab ice Fer Zaftig Schne Osbie Mol die Woch be Drucky Ufko irs Wii Ich Des Giehne Hob Dann is in Dor sinn Kumme die Zeitung Werd ewer Woll or Rig Jeter Sei in much Geld Osich Alourde Kann sell hot Raus j aged Christian told one of his who had faithfully visited that he hoped his friends would rive him a Christian and after receiving the Promise be seemed Happy and wednes Day his nieces and nephews accorded him the burial he so much and he was interred in the Tabor reformed through the kindness of the Theodore Klopp being away from who was sent for when the funeral a an impressive service was held at the grave and the body of the aged Man was lowered into the spirit although poor and forsaken on Earth John near had a narrow escape while threshing in some manner or other a pitch Tork was thrown into the which broke and one of the prongs struck Kettering on the inflicting a serious at a meeting of the school Board it was decided to lift the matured 7 per the Union revival meetings were still in Progress and accomplishing much at the meeting wednesday even which was held in Trinity a request for prayer in behalf of one of our prominent Hose companies the the news Fer vent prayer ascended for an Awakening in their midst and that the quickening Power of the holy ghost might descend upon Lawrence of the Learned who for Many the astronomical calculations for Many of the publishing houses throughout the received three orders from Hosteller of one of the almanacs Wasto lie for the United another for California and the third for Cubi and South at a meeting of the Borough Council on wednesday Samuel me two members were initiated in and were to the order at the same i Ina Ted for Borough me after the business session of the coun Adam elected by a Vole of 7 to 4 cil was All the including Behney left on the morning o members of trip May with a Buss Load of about 111 per needed to the haymakers where soms for for the purpose o an elegant banquet was Given in Honor attending the funeral of a Seiders 01 the which was preceded by addresses by Becky and a Genera discussion relay live to the welfare of the order was in he was seen wading in the Quitta Padilla did not waft to Denowh himself a some supposed but had fallen into the the in hence of liquor he became not find his any oat for some Frank a Yonng who is connected with his in conducting a Small fruit and Candy at g23 Cumberland bad a decided to unpleasant experience on wednesday about 7 he fell into the Quitta Padilla Creek at the West end of the eighth Street Bridge and becoming confused crawled through the mud the entire length of the Bridge through the South coming out at the East it is having been drink according to his store he had gone to see his girl and while returning to Hia store fell into a puddle of he intended to visit Joseph who con ducts a Small store Over the and ashamed of being seen in such a plight he clambered Down the Wall of the Bridge to Wash while stooping Down to reach the water he lost his balance and in his wild scramble to get out he crawled through the several men saw Bonfanti clambering Lown the Side of the Bridge and fearing hat he had suicidal intentions they Fol owed the splash of water As he Ell confirmed their surmise and they fastened their several pedestrians happening by saw him crawl through the Eastern opening and before Long he was rescued by Means of a ladder which was powered and up which he he was covered with mud from o foot but escaped his country took him into his store and cleaned during tiie evening a was current that the hapless Talmin bad attempted but this was soon grim reapers one Price for the customers of this paper Are All treated alike As to prices for the sem weekly news unquestionably is the leading Public Sale we treat All for All excepting such As Are unusually paper goes into the Homes of the Farmers in Al parts of the county and this is Why every Farmer wants his Public Sale in the sem weekly look at the sales in this morning the right to the Church argued this by judges Ehrgood and Light the horse of Butcher of creates considerable about 0 Oclock this morning As or wife of of m was purchasing some groceries Wilhelmina Stracks o Spruce and while Rit Idle w horse hitched to the buggy an tied to the Post on the in som manner slipped the bit Ami ran Dow Spruce to Church thence to son seventh near where i a tried to Slop the but it is supposed that b attempting to catch the he a frightened and ran on the do ing damage to Trees until he reached the Corner of dentist hocus tenth and Weidman where h broke the porch and succeeded in freeing himself from the the lower Pur of the buggy was badly the horse continue to his course Down Weid Man Street to Bonewitz where h turned North and was caught at sixth and Lehman by Charles Arnolt and several old Armand an old lady aged is nominations dulled in by the different selections of various kinds were read and excellent music was furnished by the juvenile mandolin and guitar an attack of mrs Ieler Leslie was overcome urn Sank to the fave input the wife of Peter re siding with her Edwin 771 Maple at Oclock this morning while passing Millers music on Cumberland was overcome and Sank to the pavement persons saw her fall immediately went to her assistance and carried her into Millers Mittic store and made her comfortable us possible until the ambulance when Foo was conveyed to her in and Gingrich were f 1to nuance a it an of tin Leslie of airily resided where the husband conducted a Blacks thnh anal it is Only about two months since they moved to this taking up their residence with their court House Ich Hob can scat die Mich a Zeitung so gut to willing go Cut f fore your Zug j so Wie Ich a Bau ims Sefor die Iver an Weil if Mei aug of Der Preis Galle no ice bin Ball film Schuhl Galle Woich sell Guehne Ich Hob Mei Brill org Nimmo in Bob Sie Noch Das Ich Ken mistake Ujj Omacht Dort wors in in Ich bin in die sch Ira unit in Hub by oiled Wie in Wilder die Nancy War iras in Der Kiel univ Nizich Hebric hot Greisch is Sie Zug so Springe Somme in cared for by the who Wehr Grad ii dog his children under the Shadow of will i Sulla an Michael of 412 Cumber land owner of the Penn to Wolf and John Shu an addition to the hotel will erected on he As this has become necessary in order to meet the demand business of the hot of Kors Grad Sehne Dos Ich net j web Geduhn Weil ice go act Hob Bis i Mei Banch Csc Kittelt hot in Mei Sicht War so Ples Hrlich when Katz Wann Sie in so Bissel foil Jahm Gschlecht now Horeb Yousch Bob Ich a sat Zug Der die Zeitung web Mil Moon drugs in in Joscht Vou scat Saucet Nan hot die Nancy 1 is Hub Ichun Hob die Beituni of to sin die figgers so Plohn in Grosz in Scheuer Wann sello Kerls so a Shalte Kenne still Zeitung we in Des Haus Kommit Vin san scat Ken for in hinge sch tory Korz Zug maybe Ich Liob fur in Paar Monat Nocht front in Ich Hob Evver Funne of die als Noch Besser Werd in no Hob Ichen Lawler a Schick de for in Kummet Sie Regelman Essich Zweth Mol die Woch so Pink lib Oswie die Sie is Immer so Saucer As Schmo Ekrebs in so gut Osen Hinkel Esver Kunnert Nizich Gar net of die Lent Oil so Narris Hsin Ortli Zeitung is Geht Mer seller do in Detre Leute Piar woche is mers meeting on Friday on Friday evening the first Ward re publican club will hold a rousing meeting m their club on eighth Henry Houck i it i and other speakers will be All in i tie Republican candidates and officers of Desie oter cuts Are especially invited to be present As Well As republicans in Gen there will be Goon speeches and a big turnout is liquor uce Ngea not county treasurer Schultzs liquor License Book shows today that the follow ing licenses have not yet been of the seventh tavern of West Frank of the fourth the latter will engage in other business and for that reason did net lift his will attend the firemen the Lebanon Hook and ladder com Pany has decided to attend the state fire mens which will be held at in a committee of in Der sinn Somme Ich Hoecht Eich Alsey five has been appointed receive pay Mohlen Brief Ich bin Sobun j ments of 1 each per month to defray Orlich Bei Vohrer in Bob till erf bring the expenses of the for Yore Zurick Hob Ich ols j Schul Sholte in Over Wie die Neie Weh be Rei Kurae sin Hob Ich Ufa Evve in Hab Meren Kleh Schick lond a Ekaut do in Der censer Kuner sin Oil o in Ibert in Esis Ziemond mail Dahlmi Wie Ichun die i m Winter Hab Ich Ganz Sennich Zug Dull und Ich Kennt Eich Alse Mohl in Brief die Sproch Kommit Mirs Nasht in aus Dere Issach Schreib Ich in Dere Sproch Unich webs is but a Noch Fiel onsure die Verst Ehne die Sproch kept Busy writing Secretary of the Corn Wall Mutaal fire insurance has been kept Busy today writing insurance policies and filled up six by hence e wears a Broad smile on his face and is in exceedingly Good and is look ing for an abundance of new Loci is gut Alt sixth Street the funeral wiil be i Iver Ami Ich tomorrow from the eng sch Over Sie Welles net Mir Noch Deitsch Widder Schreib Dann Werd Ders Wohl Ich will pm Drucker Sage or soils Allemon so about an Der sehm Blatz in Der Derno Brecht Der net Long Suche Fer a Swinne ebs Drin Dak broach to Bere for the remains of late of were brought to this City at noon and taken to the Home of her Mary to school and Franklin and John Siegrist and pan Kochenderfer yesterday paid a visit Tath Sweet Home taught by miss Bertha har Londonderry North and South Londonderry teach ers will hold a monthly Institute in the Campbellstown school on Fri Day when an interesting pro Gram will be visiting teacher of the it Zion High and school visited the Frederic Fosburg schools on county superintendent Snoke is making Bis second visit to the schools in Bethel township for this an old John tenant on the Stees Fai sooth of is in Possession of an Apple of the wine sap variety of which is As solid As the Vear it was fining a Dice Milton of the Church Baa erected an ice Honse which he is having filled with a Fin crop the audit of the accounts of the Leba non brewing Jacob Kein was held in room court Bouse tuesday is the and almost every member of the Lebanon bar is interested in the among the visitors at the court House tuesday were expos master Philip Heil of Annivhe coins of Richland William of Bethel township George of Annville of and Constable John of Kast Hanover town Lebanon Lebanon bidders for government work successes in securing contracts for about on half the entire amount of work awarded at on the following contracts were received West and 12o tons of Chain Lebanon Chain 13 tons Union boiler to buoys and Leba non manufacturing meet it r of this and James of went to Allentown this morning to attend a meet ing of the Lehigh Valley medical Assoc a Belier is a member of the executive committee and Keith a vice president of the Schuylkill judicial president judge Ehrgood this morning went to where with judges seller and Craig they will again hear arguments relative to tie jurisdiction of judges Dunn and Schalk and Marr represent judge Dunn and Ryan and Ramsey appeared letters Deputy Register Donley has granted letters of administration on the estate of David late of Kast Hanover to Sarah Stuckey also on the estate of John late of to Levi veterans to give an Sedgwick has engaged the banquet Hall in the sons of America building for february 2s and when a stereo Ticon entertainment will be Given under their received the the Lunion boiler works received the contracts for an engine and boiler from Iron City brewing for one 100 horse and a two flue boiler for the Pennsylvania Bolt and nut agent for a card master Arthur of 411 North eleventh has secured the Agency for the Laurel card com Juany and is pre pared to furnish All kinds of cards to letters Deputy Register Donley has granted letters testamentary on the estate of Lydia to George of inspected county Conny commissioners Sholly and Kreider drove to Swatara township and examined two Bridges which were in need of Martece William Bollman and miss Ida both of tomorrow is the last Day for filing Sincli tapers under tie the following certificates of township nominations have been filed in the Colin to commissioners office West judge inspector John schoo Ili rectors Jeremiah supervisor John Alfred North Lebanon West and Independent democratic Adam Thomas William school dist John Aaron William auditor assistant supervisor William North Miles Stout Michael South judge inspector Jackson registry assessor John Justice of the peace Henry Constable auditor Albert school directors John super visors George Zion Conrad Yingst registry Bright Spang Fredericksburg Emanuel Wolf inspect Samuel Miller registry assessor Adam township direct William Hiram deck John Henry Ditz Ler John Klick township Elias Thuerwachter Klinfelter township Henry Wenrich Zimmerman Waltz school direct Henry Michael Spangler Stonier town hip Oliver Hoke Witmer assistant Gim Mie township Amos county commissioners clerk Snyder say that the following townships have As yet not filed their certificates of nominations it Zion District Fredericksburg District cold North East District Newmanstown dem and South East and West North and South Ami newmans own Millcreek Jonestown Bor cold tomorrow is the last Day for filing the three patrolmen mayor Garrett this morning notified Ringler of the suspension from Luty of patrolmen John Joseph Weaver and Joseph mayor Gar rett officers who will pass by places where robberies have been committed Frith the evidence of crime plainly before them will be made an example they Are suspended for three rom february 1 to May Hume Tho have been i recently called to Exchange time for infant the Oney Earold daughter of and Samuel of sos South Partridge died during wednes Day Maky miss Mary Ann aged 111 died at her in at on wednesday of a complication of after an illness of live deceased was a daughter of and Samuel and will be buried on the sad news of the death of k at on sunday has been received by her fam ily and friends in this with whom she was a Areat death was due to Ashmead was about years old and is survived by a husband and one besides a Large num Ber of relatives in this Lewis paralysis caused the death of Lewis aged 73 at on monday deceased was a native of Jonestown and is survived by a wife and three sold at a largely attended Public Sale on the Public Sale of John Ami Elizabeth at last saturday was one of the largest in Point of Atten Lance held some Relk among them o were John of was the the Sale commenced at 12 and was con tinned until 7 a lot of rare old dishes and old Coin was them being Canadian Anil United states a Dollar of Mold pennies and an old fashioned Platter was bid up to Gingrich was the inside and Houck the outs Ile and both were kept very the bidding at times was very broke through the Daniel of Brandywine Broseth Routi the ice while skat ing on lights near the Lebanon rolling on fortunately the water was not very deep at that Point and he was easily drawn out by his Young erected a Fine turn Bohto Howard with George consigned to the Tomb departed to rent by love nor make the funeral of Mary to dict of tie late Jonathan of Kali ref was held at this from her late residence and was one of the largest held in that place for some services were conducted n the reformed by and interment was made in the Church the last rites Over the body of the late e North eau blah this recently erected a Fine Nide of Portland on the re formed at the of Simon thumb torn Samuel or roaster Boss it North Lebanon bad tie thumb of his right band torn off while at on tuesday the thumb was in a coupling As the car was being pension Meu Cui Kim incurs the medical Board of pension exam Lineaweaver and Wal met at the hotel wednesday and conducted the Examina Tion of several applicants for Grain and for Ali january and steady 2 2 Anil easier for local conducted at the Home of her i 2 in Export Mary 110 South sixth at 2 Oclock this afternoon and and easy 2 Many relatives and friends were 2 pastor of Centenary Winter in interment was made at it Lebanon the Floral triantes were Many and Verv undertaker d Frantz was n pythian endowment Thomas of Little Arkan a past grand Chancellor of the order of knights of who is interested n the endowment rank of the attorneys Charles entertained a number of his fellow members of the at a dinner at Bis 114 North sight at 6 on wednes Day those who enjoyed Liis hospitality were Frank Georee District attorney Bindel and left to attend a Walter of the Boston Eft on the afternoon train today for Rachuy Bill where be is attending he dance Given by the ladies Chrysan by Mem of that this Che dance is Given by prominent Yonng Adies of that place and Boyer for Merly held a position meetings Friday a meeting of the second wan re publican club will be held on Friday when business of importance will be the first Ward club will also hold a meeting tomorrow which will k addressed by prominent knocked Down by a As John Musser was driving cloning Era spirited on Cumler and this a Little boy while at play with his companion ran directly in front of the horse before reinhards tinsmith shop and was knocked fortunately the Wagon Over him without doing any Learly denied the great benefits offerell y the rank and a Section will most Likely e formed in the Essex will Emain in this Vicinity for several visiting other lodges of the order with he object of organizing other railroader and Elias who for the past 15 held the position of flagman on the Tremont will Relin Quish his position tomorrow to accept a position in the pump House of the at Sowers has been in the company employ for Al most 50 Yeara and is one of their oldest for the past year he has interested himself to some extent in evangelistic work and he will be greatly miss cd Chestnut Street evangelical Lias been ducting successful revivals for the past j several at present there Are 20 i penitents at the and the prospects i Are tie meetings Are Well attended Pauls evangelical Church is also holding successful with a Large number at the they Are Well Spriner in bailed Hay steady and in fair de Mand Small Large halt s12uk bailed Lvi Hiuet but firm for Fine goods Creamery whole jobbing at s eggs quiet hut steady Western cheese quiet and live poultry quiet and steady 1 Spring of Dresser poultry finn and in fair demand fresh killed Eoj Tity court held this morning to hear arguments and receive u said to be to final fetus Leas transacted before the judges Ehrgood and Light sat in equity court this morning when the Chest nut Street evangelical Church Case came up for final the the regular were represented by Edward Esq of and Howard of this the the United Evangeli or were represented by George of this the suit was instituted by Orner pastor pre siding elder William George Levi Light for the evangelical association of North Charles Jacob Isaac House Wengert and Bordle attorney Esher opened for the complainants by giving a Brief history of the evangelical Church of North stating that this congregation had been controlled by the action of the East Pennsylvania conference and had accept Ted All pastors sent them by the conference up to when a disruption in the East Pennsylvania con Ference led to a division in the the he thereafter re fused to be controlled by the conference or accept its he denied that the association had abandoned the prop erty and asked that the defendants Heen not ejected from the from interfering with the complainants in their Possession of said the remainder of the morning session was taken up in the examination of wit Nesses for the other business was transacted As Fol lows presented the pc Ilion of executor of the state of Elias for the Sale of and pay which was Josiah Tesij presented the re Ort of Esq auditor in he estate of Philip to Lis tribute monies paid into court by Lenry which was con armed Roost fashionable weddings Ever solemnized the Bride is of our charming Yonng ladies and the Groom is an out town Yonng our Tannery old roasting Choice and Loa broiling As to size and Western Western mixed hens and Young Small Young Large old nearly i la prime City coun and weak at per Bushel As to Stock and Grain Market Dally by 773 a non Der Lurt january open right Lee painfully Edward an employee of the Lebanon manufacturing was painfully injured at the right leg while at work on by having a car wheel fall upon the leg is badly sprained requiring the attention of a Phy attended the Jacob Shenk and miss were among the guests at the Ding of Frank Christy and miss i Jerk Central May which was solemnized at Ushers on wednesday ran Lead j Pacic Vilall third Ward ticket the Ward ticket of the republicans of Coal s Iron Cott american i take Lefi Lake Kansas few Jersey 123 m kit the third Ward has been completed by the nomination of Isaac of forge for judge of vice to rough a company of 25 performers on its Way to Wilkes Barre from passed through Lebanon on the on wednesday they play a trip to the try a can of Hopkins steamed Hominy Texas Union Pacific m open a lout lows olog cull i 1st James an employee of the East rolling on tuesday after Oon had the misfortune of mashing one f his Jac band Harry Hunsicker have leased Lenry Haaks at pics and will begin operations in the ear of is visiting is Barr s an excellent Cornelist and last evening t the Home of Reiter rendered everal Fine the lutheran unite society met on tuesday evening at the Home of a Well prepared program Schantz delivered an address n Pennsylvania German before the Ger Lan of on tues a Abri Shujin was awarded the con act to rebuild the tenant House on the inn of West of a party of Lebanon Young folks in Neil the hospitality of mine Host of the Coover last dancing was the feature of in evening Abner High has purchased the Good ill and fixtures of a bakery at Schuyl in he will move there Hertzler on wednesday Traus cited business at new he also lived several Large orders which will keep his shirt factory running steady for a society has been organized at this whose object is to promote Socia the meetings will lie held weekly the Homes of the various members and the exercises will consist of musical this is a move in the right direction As it will be the Means of overcoming the Petty jealousies so prevalent in this quite a Sticky sensation was created at the freight on wednes when the Bung of molasses belonging to Donges dropped out and spilled the contents All Over the on thursday president of Dickinson col will deliver a lecture in Albright collegiate Institute on qualities that Kalback son next week will move their portable saw Mill from Derry to Forney Woods at who is a teacher in Friedens sunday has organized a Bible class which meets monthly at her the class met last Rumor is current on our streets that to sorial is getting the new into Hia Barber it is now an assured fact that our town has its own water yesterday the Stop Cocks were All opened and the residents can now get their water from their on saturday afternoon the Good will Steamer will be attached to the plug in front of the engine Honse and will be Given a thorough test the Phillips concert company Are exhibiting at Bernville at a milk station is to be located at this place if the proper encouragement will be received from the Farmers in this i it is proposed to erect a Large refrigerator at the Railroad and the milk is to be brought there from where it will be sent to Eastern these stations Are to be erected All along the line and when a sufficient number Are put up a regular milk train will be run on the a party was in consultation with a similar party Here Fisher visited friends at Reading Cyrus Seigrist and Jacob of Lebanon were in of was in town misses Mamie Maggie Spangler and Katharine Zerbe were shop Ping in Lebanon on Morgan of visited his and will Fisher will spend sunday at the guests of and Jacob of is visiting relatives in Zartman is the guest of friends at Peter of 1s spending sometime with his or and the following registered at the Behney House yesterday if David Harrisburg read Everette of was in january the following officers were elected at the evangelical sunday to serve for the present Adam Snavely assistant Wengert financial Thomas Albert Ira Kriguer misses Carrie Krider and Agnes on saturday the East Hanover town ship primary meeting was held at the Public House of Allen the turnout was one of the largest for a Ion time at this the following Cand dates were nominated to form the re publican ticket with the votes cast of each judge of Fleury r Yonly Grant Houser and Basehore township clerk Adam Gerberich Justice of the peace John those were elected by at the following were voted for John us we is is Jos school John 163 John 104 Henrj John Donmoyer so Jacob 72 41 Isaac George Seltzer is engaged at presen s unable to attend to his duties on account of Robert Miller treated himself to a Good riving which he purchased of Joe Vindia which was held at Leb Mike linger moved in Jacob Louse last the change in the Peoples Emesto have n effect on the when we had Zero weather everybody appeared to be Well and but since the change a a great Many Are complaining of a head which might result in pneumonia in some Wengert and Elias Wengert have secured positions at Daniel Buchbach a critically ill from an attack of of Home with Liis parents on Thomas Albert and wife visited Anios Mark and Levi Savior took a business trip through Pinegrove this sheriff Reuben Stine made a Levy on the personal property of on tuesday the property will be sold on february Annie Mease is on the sick of was elected pastor of the Walmers and Satta Rahns lutheran next Folmana the Sale of John and Elizabeth was Weil attended on of was the purchaser of the grandfathers which was sold if this bought the government Donds sol Bonds sold Anil Bonds at Clarence of the Lebanon a Lional passed through this Village ast he has one of the Best equipped teams that passed through Here for some Adam Kliott is Busy preparing his summer Edwin Schaeffer is the owner of a Ger Man Bible that is 150 years Cyrus Miller is on the sick Paul of was the guest of John on Robert Feese and wife were guests of Amos Bachmai and on Sun at on Snoke and Adam Light visited our school this county superintendent Jobi accompanied by the Board of South Lebanon paid the Ond official visit to the Hebron Achi they found 61 Snoke in his address referred death of the and praised the work Dom the present at next tuesday evenings meetup the Avon literary the anew that hard times Are profit t to a nation will be As is a question in which All Are inter the attendance no be car and of w on sunday visited the of Henry on moravian Henry Phillips is in the bicycle b Harry Lawrence butchered a weighing 336 pounds when and Jacob on wednesday called on gyros Dodo Christian of near spent sunday with his cons Sun Malinda Leob and cat Bucks visited Mollia Leob regi on forge Sama Lkrause will move with his ily into Monroe omber Gers m present resides in Myerston Pierce Harry and Katie Strohn visited on tuesday Jere Cari Nany made a flying visit to h near and Simon of get visited the family of John chit on on sunday Kneght priced a powerful after the nine were received As members of congregation worshipping in Albrigh the protracted meeting a still in or and is Well attended by Many prom far and Amone those ome distance Are from there Are still a Nairn f seekers at the Hoffman he officiating Clergyman in the absent f who is conducting a Vival at Newmanstown at the Republican primary of township was held on i allowing Are some of the nominees so John William school be the democrats have nominated the following school Fetter John Sechrist was Home on turned again on january May go out As a Spahr and wife pail a visit to the received a car Load of bran and one of Corn this our residing Southwest of this is Busy haul ins Lime from the Kiln of general has received a fresh Supply of an excellent remedy for a number of our Young people attended the revival at Yauip Over if the people of our Vicinity could Rea Lize How much Benefit they would derive from rending the there would nut be a family without january the funeral of Frank a 111 year old son of twins of near Jones took place Jere on tuesday interment m the Johns Stan Isiach Garrelt will Hull Sale of House hold on shortly after the Sale Garrett will reside with at of canvassed this Section with Milton of was a guest at Mumford George Muyer made a trip to Stu Uchs miss Amanda Zeller left for she is a guest at the residence of the Jam Frank of near will move his family to town into the House of Croll of the Revenue was Here on official Jonas of was a guest at the hotel a grand opossum lunch will be served to the customers of Mumford music will be furnished by Hoffman and Merrick of on saturday Constable Frank of Behrers was Here on official Jacob of who leased the Brown was Here of George ileum received an immense amount of new furniture which be will dispose of at Short the renowned Philips musical of gave an entertainment at the Central on thursday oar town is situated on the Emile West of the Berks county i Bethel Lebanon be have a Hue school building Lara and 33 on population is made up follows Moses who tends the Lebanon Market Peter Arthir Blacksmith Carpi tar Jared labourer school teacher Henry Carpin Ter labourer Levi tailor Aaron Fence maker Mary quilt maker Isaac Basket maker gentleman Aaron merchant huckster Frederick Boss Miller Frank Mill Helper Peter Dank Stonemason Jacob school dirty Tor Henry a Good Snow would be Welcome to Mir Young boys and girls for John of was a v i Tor in our the democratic voters of Xion Bethel held their Uriona Ries at the Zion on wednesday afternoon and a Large vote car polled and great interest was manifesto from beginning the following candidates were voted for and the following number of votes judge of Adam 55 a incr 12 Harry 15 Fgeorge 18 6 John 1 school i Joseph 40 Willi Iii and Hiram registry Bright Spangler it township Elias Thierwechter s Nathan Miller Frank Long John Krick january George Spayd and miss Mrna Strickler spent sunday visiting friends and relatives in today Jacob cleaned the Well of Adam who resides about 1 mile South of Isaac of today visited Hia miss Emma Bennetch is at present in visiting Agnea residing on East Lehman master George who is ill with is improving James of Isaac Phillippy and Witmer Here in Lebanon today on Isaac Phillippy shipped a number of dressed calves to new York George Diesinger Las week was con fined to the Honse with a severe Abe who was ill for some time from a severe is improving Bucher and on monday evening attended the Excelsior literary society at schaeffers the society is in a flourishing tobacco january there a nearly a Universal complaint among the Leaf tobacco who nay things Are about As Flat As they can be a Little spurt in the Market was caused during the on account of a Pur Chase of nearly one thousand cases Mai by k Bach so of new of sold 200 cases Hoffman a of Bain 730 cases Sissel Kramer 00 cases and Fry sold 48 the tobacco Lea says theweek1 i business has been very connect Zim Mcra Spanish and Pennsylvania Havana have the in Pennsyl Vania the 93 Havana is find re ail prices from 8 to 11 took a As the train from Harria Barg was about stopping at the thursday a gentleman about 3o years of age attempted to step from the train before the train came to a and warned by the brakeman not to jump he took a polite Roll in the he did not jump in the Way the train was but went the direction he intended to Dere is an offer to All new Send for a years subscription to the sem weekly news and the paper will be sent you two times each week for one which is 104 if at any time within 60 Days you Are dissatisfied with the paper you May order it stopped and we will return All your Money to what can any one want More Here is a fair Chance to sem weekly
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