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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Jan 27 1910, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - January 27, 1910, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Rising at rate of four inches a be Quarter of City of in is this morning the enormous pressure of the the retaining Walls of the rail station on the quo Dorsay gave n tumultuous Hood Over the entire cans panic among the the hotter Rose in the streets with fright Fhi it was necessary to get by wits in it hurry to begin the work of rescuing the residents near the 1 Leolf dad the inhabitants of tin Liusea flocked to the shout for the Hue Lille and Tho tue Poitiers were covered with water k i Vicli Rose it the rate of four inches the Boulevard Germain similarly flood has penetrated the hotel and also the wealthy quartet champs the louvre is As parts of the Quai do louvre have the Chapel of the Cathedral Durne Are the Ger do of the i soft five of Lutio in Cottons for fire itself has been divided into distribution or jsts13 Glatts says Secretary aided Courtr of the work done for Tho pub Lic under their direction is of incalculable the soldiers and police Ore Busy from Dawn to most of their time in wading in mud and Witter above their Knees distributing food mid rescuing the sick and others threatened by the the rescuers often meet with the greatest difficulty in persuading peo ple to leave their this has been particularly the Case in the District of a densely peopled non beyond the Champ de the District had already suffered by the compulsory closing of the Automo bile works where Many of the inhabitants were the ingress of water to their Homes often raised helpless anger and vague threats against the authorities or More prosperous about per sons residing in the District of Javel Are one of the greatest dangers to Paris now is of subsidence and the Crum bling of the foundations of Tho evacuation of one Wing of the ministry of foreign affairs is an Indi cation of the realization of this Dan the ground gave any at the metropolitan railway station at and the water rushed this constituted a danger to i to neighbouring which the police caused to be hurriedly a volume might be tilled with even the Brief and incomplete reports of Dis Aster from Tho the extent of Tho catastrophe is for nearly a Hundred Miles upstream from Paris in the combined Marne and Yonne country there is nothing but in the department of Pas de Calais the Waters arc and the flood is assuming alarming proportions at the Situa Tion at kit May is also very fourteen have collapsed at con the canal at justs has burst its and the Fate of several fam Ilies living in that District cannot be the Marne continues to at whore the Marne joins the persons have been obliged to leave their according to reports from i he Rivers Adoti and Dordogne lire the roofs of known houses have been torn away by the in Savoy the Village of ter Reno is completely the lower Pilot of the mov Eros is and several factories in the mouse Val Ley have been compelled to cease Dauxerre and Are in the midst of floods As Well As the towns farther such As Corbeil and two thousand persons have Ipi it their houses in count less in distress la the smaller towns Anil Coal land ordered him to pass claims declares that present Cabinet of after being land commis took an Active part on Side of the Twallin go Pinchot investigation before the joint committee of the Senate and the House appointed in accordance with the terms of the Resolution adopted by Congress and approved by president Louis who was Dis missed from the government land i Cyrus service for making charges against Simon gave Glavys testified that while he was a special agent of the land office investigating certain applications for Coal Hind claims in Lewis i the following additional Cert i Cates of nomination Bee filed in the county office at the court having been received by clerk Noll from the Sev eral townships South Mon Roe gab Wilson Haag registry school George Brubaker am Benjamin Swanger Jacob Behm Road a Jonas Hru Barcker a Nathan i the nominations in die North District of the township Are uie same with the exception of following Grant Beckley Light registry Horace South Daniel j Sanders Adam witmeyer i Peter Bachman Road Bachman school Behm and Philip Fernsler Harry Long on Riem Lami Rotor Bruba Ehor and Adam Lichtl school and Etc Nimetz As Stern Ociz Zimmerman High Independent Wil Liam Light Jerome Mili if Light registry George Meyer school Dianthony Bleichert and Matthews John kercher1 White Samuel Grant Olllnger Charles school i Leonard Shott and John care Lem Matthews Albert Hoveta a feed registered in the state of Pennsyl and guaranteed to past inspection agricultural and states which have made feed ing trials Are unanimous in re porting Cotton Saed meal and hulls As an excellent cattle feed when Iuo Perly mixed i1oveta is the registered name of a scientific mixture of Cotton seed meal and weighed Ity machinery mixed by machinery no Chance for an error in the ingredients after each ingredient is weighed by a every Carload is Analysed be fore hence is can be absolutely certain in every Case that the feed in the hag is the same As the claim on the tag Boveta cannot contain Weed it is Boveta should not be con founded with cheap feeds made by adult rating Cotton seed meal with ground particles of Boveta is made by the Southern Cotton Oil Char and sold by Isaac of Bross lev George South William Richland William Louis Hie Wilson company Premier ar1stide head of French Hook hum embassy and the Academy of Medicine Are rendered by the Pont de Salina and tin Pont Marcole Are in grave there is reason to 1car the of the floods Lias not been reach the Seine is still and the truest buildings in Paris Are menaced More than Pewo is have been rendered homeless t the damage is officially estimated at p but it is really in calculus Premier a Ruud Heads a National r for the Relief of the suf Amain sewer at the largest in has and the possibility other sewers bursting is one of the gravest factors i the the officials Are gravely concern u because the River and its overflow already contaminated by refuse of sorts washed Down by the torrent Street sweepings Are usually Load to barges Aud towed but tin Mckade of the Bridges now prevent Anil for the last the sweepings been dumped the Tim drinking water Supply has Heel jul some parts of the City owing h is doubtful Leiher the water now supplied any or Lieut in the City can be safely coir Tui we Eafin when n another serious problem is the kill of the some of the Ceme Are deeply one in an Eastern suburb is under water to tin on the Many Aro awaiting burial in the City business is greatly and in Twe Dio traits it is stopped Momiy manufactories Are either been Laluo Ileal or deprived of Dud men and women thrown out of work by the hum Pirn number Coits of in some of the horde parts of City us Little work As possible i 1 the Uliks pitl other living in the suburbs Art to h then places of pm or Are Busy rescuing uie ii at Tuii flood invaded the hotel comi bios Ltd tin Trie Supply Ain it i i a tin ii Mihui arc doing in Iusi to Louk at to hid of f Vul Aucul to thai r u Tow prices of i wish people be Tull la Louus Aie Btag pinched but heir a punic Lou paid with the of the thousands who Ueen Dreen from their it inured that Tut re at least Iii Public build floods in Belgium floods prevail in the valleys of the mouse and Many houses Are Subj professional merged to above the ground in this Case the destruction is Rhine Valley damage has been caused by floods in parts of the Liine the losses to Farmers and peasants is Zion lutheran and reformed tons Fleet lutheran congregation elect re the following Oltie ers on sunday after the morning services Liy of the Church Council Klias John Frank Klick Ilick marry Lamos la Ion after i lie Bachman elected us Council i Holz the ii Vinnal services by Rev and o the Church Frank lutheran sunday school hold their annual election of officers of sunday evening and elected Hie Fol lowing for ensuing year Pissi Adam Webbert vice Jerome divisor i Harry a Lengsi assistant superintended nth him As he secured a deposition from Watson Allen of who represented the Wilson in which Allen stated that i Cliartt then a practising Olio had not yet become commissioner of the land had drawn up an agreement and certain deeds to lie held in escrow conveying lie interests in the lands of the entry men to the Wilso Corporal he secured this deposition in conjunction with he airy Hoy District attorney from the state of who is now attorney Gen eral the inference conveyed by the wit Ness was that by the service he had rendered late been parly to a Transi action which would have ultimately led to perjury and a fraud upon the Public Hind Ollice he explained that it was necessary for an entry Man in making his Linal proof to make Atli Davit that the was the i sole party in interest in the Hind i i Hiilis stated that Ballinger name appeared As attorney in the Dep but that when the Wilson Coal company Case later was carried into l in courts by the government in a1 suit to invalidate the title to the lands he had heard that the attorneys for both sides entered a stipulation thai in the record of the Case the name Olas attorney should be omitted and that it had been omit cd in pursuance to this Pilavis then reached that phase of the ii Chot controversy related to the statement by Charles Davis of an Alaska who told when l he latter asked him for an All Davit the Hunt group of Coal claims that commissioner Ballinger Hall told Davis to make no Allied ask or statement until after the government had made up its when he Wol Letl just what he was expected to re he declared that it was a Vio lation of the rules of tile Ollice Ami that it interfered with the efforts of Al Llie necessary proofs on u Linch o determine the Validity of the limn West Thomas Blessing Edward Crue Smith Sarnol Lowery George Tice and level d school Joseph Dissinger Ilandis school Ltd Henry Smith Sam Hitz Samuel Kauf Goshert Perry Justice of the Richcr Road commis Bross registry Wagner George Lousi Simon boo Shore Ney inf8hore school the Sale season is so is the Sale of he Good old German none once always just try Fred in fan t miss Stella Mey Harry Annie la tile Irea Schock i s Mary Silver miss Alice pm assistant miss 1 pm Ricoli musical Calvin and Revl a letter written by y of Hie Interior in in Hail lie had received no ii an a William a prominent Tui had a narrow c death on ind Kai Iii tin monday Anning Ai i deput Jui As l Liu Citrain do ainu Tor Lii ii lie re Lerrell luit said reply limn in reply in a question by kept Seiil Pilavis that Lenl linger a land Cociu missioner Hall Tak Iivari in the claims Ami n cd con Liim which made it improper i appear a counsel for the he a harmed Llinat Hal iced ii properly in ordering claims 10 ii Tetil Ilion him a Chance to in a coiling a linear ill tile lit Crest of the at r Milton William David Clark school Cyrus Grose and Charles Fox Itrich of the to Jillian and Bio Stine As Cyrus Heverling commission Charles Kell John David Shiner Sam dipl North of Tho Frank hire Dubler As tto Ihn i school director Harvey and Fisher Kut fone Llowmon Scorpo j Brown Rudolph cast j a mtg la Airiel a Inch floss rank Herb Rich Houser school i Harry and Crin Rich Daniel Sie i of the own Augustus Millor and John Kern school Charles Light and Clark Long Adam Yeagley John Crist Michael to Lin Mill Huch and Isaac Kiros Tinc inspect Lueion Iloyar registry As David heed school direct Home and Moore Shaak asses John Teedy to Tram l Illig Eddie Annville Eye livens Cal latin Road i Sibyl or a Clad suy Lor school Brandt and myer i 1 10 m or at Abraham Moyer Jeorge Lasher George Miller registry Oier Ector school Alfred Krall sup i Carpenter i Henry Keno Nevis John i Schai Fierston rank Noll Hurst As Miller Nui Stry As Joseph Midi school Allred Krall Tarp Tiger Henry Keger n s Lawn in spi Longiii Icker Charles Forrest registry Killian Jar ret t John Forrest and Mere Dith and Adam Schmaltz Al Bert Nartu Doz Road Joseph Ben try school Behney Jos Ali Reinbold and Norman South Fra Bat i corf Calvin Potteiger registry Charles school John Thomas Wagner Michael Phillipy Frank Kauffman James Asaph fris Samuel line i Aaron a Immerberg or and South Londonderry Jacob Monkey in spitter Hower re Road swore Tjo Shore school Hiram deck Aud Span North genre Bicker Daniel Alwine re Cristin Samuel Wagner school John Dundore and Wagner Michael Phillipy Frank Kauffman James Klopp and Asaph Samuel line com Peur Elmer Miller and Karl North West Theodore Arnold school director John Arnold Nathan p Wolfe Road Arnold Simon Reinsel and Adam Hank in John soul amps Shuey Hoover Buck Justice of Tho Brandt Cier Berich Road school West Leighton Hoke Hinry shutter Paul Border and John wit Mer Spangler Isaac 1mre Stone Thomas Shaak registry David Steed As John Reedy Wilson Shaak a clump Home and Moore Audi Independent District Harry Haiti Arnold Wolt Harry Kercher Ditt Traut record breaking clearances a wonderful 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