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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - January 27, 1896, Lebanon, Pennsylvania What ailed by Eleaaor what ailed Mahaly that was the question the neighbors All asked each every Day that it it waa a wet had but Jook out the window to see her Trudy oftentimes face turned if shed got religion this win Ter id feel to think shed gone Daft Over the Wayt she Pazes up at Thi said old 1 i jes think in the lace o Providence cried her litauer her Attilli Onmin round that evry Shell be Brou Erht Home some if she Jimiy Uncle by stepped to 1hc door one and the went clean thro h lie died Riff it lie made a As Bhimji nod part ail in Bis and it was fretful sad lie was buried on a i Blieve a Little empty in the Story i said a tapping her and to the talk went whether Mahala knew of the various of the Villa re or know she almost As fruitful a for conjecture As the cause of her at two of the Dorcas Banj took it upon to stamp by each other in an ution supt to find out thing about they worn to take a Day to it and report their Success or nou Sucovis at in next Merlin frown said that she t Nice Over some of her and her coadjutor said or most d shed take Over some fruit cake and elder Berry wine the thought in both far reaching and diplomatic minds being that their hostess could hardly with stand such delicate she would purely fool that something was due them in happened 13iat the Daj they set upon dawned dark and looked As though a thunderstorm wus mis puffed running without ceremony into her neighbors Back dont you think wed belter let evry thing go and git right Over there i didst think about Pickin on a Rainy dont 3ou jes the thing we can git on Subee hurry up and git on your Bonnet and Jet Tho dishes put your things right in my we want to git there before she Shull be out sure look at them a Little flushed and the two stood at Mahalas in who usually took the initiative in knocked she Felt a drop of rain and knocked the door swung slowly open and she voluble Mahaly we jes Simpson and wed come Over and sound the Day with you Hent looked a bit Well o Alied ind you must be to lonesome Here All How air you i Saint no Call to complain of my answered a Little Sho glanced up at the 11 was real thoughtful of you 10 think of Simpsons cons Cidnee gave a Little looks like dont it pursued glancing but webby Yon was Goin out Fol lowing up the i should think youd Riih your death o cold Goin in All these cold Spring Impi by a Good thing we an3 she trod on Simpsons youre git the real peaked hastily ejaculated that worthy taking up the Cue in inimitable thrown out by her com Mushala flushed i feel real she be i in Goin to try to eat hut when a persons All none they dont feel no great she Ash Lor hardly bring myself to Cook she Saint it Forf Nat i brought Over some o my Elderberry for i thought you needed up since your Mother Saint Here to acc to poor woman Low Longs she been three paid poor were jes a join to Corae Over real often in to see you dont to out in the rain no More without a Bonnet exclaim cd Irown what to you do it for any writ she youll excuse Ine for Savin know in Savin it for your own cry body wondering bout they say if they Loime they jes think you a crazy Mahala straight end up her mis she said but with i like to the she it comes from we Jav my Mother she always liked it and i dont think people hmm Call 1o Tulk bout me her visitors into the Little Par took their i cant she turned Lior Jacc and looked out of the window at the big drops pattering Down on the expand ing the rain came Down Moro there was a perfect Mahala looked uneasy and and made an involuntary movement is thou Fth to go she checked her self and brought out her work in lice in a Ilcisin Sun quilt for she Shes Goin to he married this now Trifill be real exclaimed weve got in help if Brown piece her Jeru Sahim she opened the heres the Elderberry and this is some fruit cake Ive had Nicl Crin for nigh about a i brought it Over for you to cat with the i thought it might tempt your its real Ive she took out the things and Laid them on Tho and this a mis crowns crab she its not As Good As your Mother used to interposed i Knewt your tree had and i thought id bring it said thank such delicacies As cake and Jolly and Elderberry wine were As far removed from her in Days As Victorias Crown but she would not let her manner or her profuse thanks put tier to shame her she they should not know but it was a common thing for her to have such luxuries in the least Evhen she wanted she told them Phe didst have any and didst feel like they think it strange that she haunt any Rake she could manage about the dinner All Hermid ran she had three eggs and some and she would Toast some then she was sure that enough of Pic Plant was looked at it Only Stew for and they would have the fruit How fortunate there was butter in the she was glad she had gone without it All or there might not have been an everything would be her own Bat the Greet Sagli of As to store chatted Abacut and and she soon found herself Abelio talk you should Hev seen her Chirk tip after wed been there a Little bit of a said Simpson at dark the visitors they told they had Hail a real Good und urged her to come Over and spend the Day with thin to think that the reason she goes out in the rain Brown a Jack As they wended their Way Home in beat poor poor thing and so the Village curiosity was defied to some although Many of the Good Folk still wondered whether Mahala want crazy and they still looked at her curiously from be Hind blinds and curtains whenever she appeared in the drenching it waa that she did not As of go out every time there was a storm that she always wore her Bonnet instead of gazing walked along As other people but a new and Peculiar phase soon developed itself which More than counterbalanced this return to the Ordinary and driving along the country had seen her with her Sun Bonnet thrown violently shaking the Trees and looking up the while fixedly As she went from clump to apparently people be Gan to warn their children to keep away from and said to each other that something must to one Ajjie word went round that Mahala was Chemini Sternad gone there to and had found her hardly Noble to crawl to the the people flocked they sent for her half Sis who was a trained nurse in new and to an adjoining town for a lie Shook his Lead grave and said that exposure in her weak ened condition had done and that it was a Chance if she Ever got any better As she Lay on the Pale and she called again and again for 1 lie look ing when it was Given she groaned and t turned her face to the another phase of the the doctor people repeated Toorean other but one who was there wont going to the hunted up an old Mirror that ipod belonged to her lie had been a Sailor and had brought it Home from some for eign it had the propert3r of Wmk f almost anyone look fair and Well if not positively at the family had exhibited it to everyone who came the course of it had been Laid away and almost forgot now it was brought Forth and Laid by Mahalas it was the next nil croon that Rose sister cried throwing her arms about i want to Tell you i Haven had no one i could one and after Liosi had taken her things ind seated herself on the bed by her told her How Liuben Davis had said to when he went away ten years before wait for ill be Back one of these and Well get married where else could i such a Good such a complexion he had she had been so she Mur and had cared then for her looks because he but As the years went and especially after her mothers Long illness and she getting old and wrinkled and Yel it was then she Hud read a recipe Tor changing All if Vou wont out in the it t would Iway the wrinkles and bring Back Rosy Cheeks she cried Aud then when folks got to talk if about me not my Bun and up to Tho sky All the rain Bents Down on your face that added 1 used to go any out in the country sos i could take it Oil and nobody and then when it didst rain went on after a i Shook the it waa just like but it want no use it want no use she and now la Rubens com Back in a Little while his aunt told me and tin so old acid i july to wont want me she buried her face in the presently she reached out a thin hand to the Lite table that always stood by her she picked up the not noticing h was a strange and gazed in she started up its True its True rhe her poor wan features lighting i wus afraid it be Ever but it said it would take in so glad i it do you she hell think in much changed the next Day an unusual Ripple of excitement Civ add the Little Mahala was and it was reported that her last words were about item bin Brown had heard what she and the ministers they had run Over that morning to fre How she was getting it was just As Boko was supporting her in the death toll she had in great toll him that i never forgot never and f hat i always believed he would come Back to All this the town with perhaps some necessary additions and enlarge ments for it had passed through St v eral hands before making the rounds but what it didst know waa How Faith fully the two neighbors had pledge d to each other inviolable secrecy concerning it didst know How icy Nad tiptoed out of the Kitchen the bed room was just adjoining and Hose haunt soon them their hearts filled with a dim sense of the pathos and a crodncs1 of it and had declared to each other that they would never anyone no one should Over know the Trulli but would wait outside a few and then go in As though they had list of All the Tovoli knew nor of the there had Leen be tween the sense of what was on the Side and the habits of a life time on the other it May to the proclivities of a curia a week Reuben Davis and his Young Bride stood above Mahalas the painted Board with her came and age Mahala 39 s 4 the few withered the unbroken the one Little tree set out by some Friendly but dying its leaves yellow and Gac an air of unutterable dreariness to the a Chipmunk had already made a Hole at the foot of the and the Earth had caved in around poor Mahala she As a schoolmate of he had not thought of her for and yet 1 by Heve i was m love with her he smiled a i wonder Mother was to anxious for us to walk Over Here they were and gazed with a forced As people it the tonely go he alter a he tenderly wrapped Tinawi around and kissed the piquant with the Clear Pink and White which the one under the Earth by their Side had so striven and longed his butt Lay did not they Only walked quickly away without a backward and the rain beat Down on Sla Halas and the thunders burst Over american Energy slip enter Story of a Chance meet ing with a former new the american can always be trusted to make his no matter what May be his a Story told by Andrew Edminister to Ger Many and illustrates this White stated that once when he was at after Aji the diplomatic corps had been duly presented to his the chinese in pursuance to brought round principal secretaries and them to his among these Vas a Fin looking evidently a dressed in a Superb court costume and covered with Gold As his chinese colleague introduced him to White in the con was continued in that Lan when suddenly this splendidly dressed personage said in English i do not see Why we should be talking i come in Western new and i was educated at Rochester University under Jour said that had the gentleman dropped through the ceiling it would not have seemed More and that it was hard to believe that pretty Little Village of or even with All the added Power of this Noble should have been Able to develop a creature so it turned out that the gentleman after graduating at the University of had gone to China with certain mis had then been taken into chinese service and had proved to be thoroughly patriotic faithful to his duties to As Well As to the United starting an flip work of preparation and the proper planting of the ground for an Orchard should be Well and deeply and free from Well if the soil requires and most soils Are better for Drain ing except Sandy or Light Gravelly soils with a liar it such land May not require but in every Case it should be Well worked and and enriched before the work 01 preparation must be done Dur ing the so its to be ready for fall or Spring in Tho Spring is which will enable the Trees to take firm hold of the Earth and to resist the Frost of next but planting1 Irisy be done successfully in the autumn by protecting tha Trees so As to prevent the Frost from heaving or misplacing select healthy and vigorous and from a reliable and if possible from a soil similar to that in which you intend to Plant your the Zijic vent Hinds of apples will depend Iron your own Choice am the suitability of soil and i should advise that the select Ion Beianu from the tried the distance apart should not be loss than so As o allow the tors Jotun to Bia chrs to form a Low and spreading close planting has a tendency to Force the Trees to run up and preventing the fruit from obtaining its proper Coli from the and it Iii or Dili cull to gather Tho at the Dis Tance of act apart it will require 29 Trees to tin the remove ii Hru sat i Rok ii roots by clean with n Lay out your ground in straight so that your will be in Ach Way and at equal vict in runners lie from Abraham George editor of the Lin Coln Freie has in his pos session in the handwriting of Abraham written in an interesting it was written to at Ono time editor of the Republican paper in Rock who has Given it 1o it reads is follows april dear sir yours of the 13th just my engage ments Are such that i at any very Early visit Rock Island to de liver a lecture or for any other As to the other matter you kindly men i in Kay i do not think myself fit for the i certainly am flattered and gratified that some partial friends think of me in that but i really think it Best for our cause that no concerted Effort such As you suggest should be let this be considered conf yours very inter no Faith in the one of tie first things the observant trained nurse does when a new patient enters the Hospital and is put to bed is to place a delicately constructed thermometer under the sick ones Tongue and get the a chamber maid from one of the Down town hotels was taken to one of the City Hospi tals not Long ago and the above de scribed operation was performed at what in the War Rule Are Yez doing that for she asked after the nurse got to merely taking your tempera responded the maid with the rats said the occupant of the sick How Are Yez going to te31 by that Little thing whether Ive got a tem or Money learn that the deaf is very i knew but i got a different impression from what you said about How you said he had no Noney to speak did you Ever hear him speak of a provident notice everybody Calls your son he seems Ralei Young to have risen to that but i Brown of his Christian i gave him fhe name so he be handicapped All his life by Lack of a As i Hare you got a permanent position jaw Ley think snip Hare employed me to collect your account with by the told me today 3 was the most gifted bar another letter from travelling in where the a Tjit is Bat it is near the Border of flail and Deer also Large Tampa Bay hotel of interest Harry Hort writes is a second let Ter from this time from Era Den under Date of the 20th a5 Follower we left Kissimmee on the 3sth and came to the country we travelled through is a Jed mostly for its hogs which Are raised More for Speed than the natives say if they would raise cur Breed of fat bogs tie negroes would catch and kill the cattle also have Pood travelling they Are compelled to go from 50 to go Miles a Day to find food enough to sustain them the average Price is 6 per head and hogs sell at per Hundred pounds the country is thinly settled and few Orange Groves Are these were All killed by the so that they do not Bear this but Are expected to Blossom by next on sunday we took a View of Cuba town on the outskirts of it did not look like for nearly every place of business was the Princi pal business is Cigar at which thousands of men Are who speak a broken we also inspected the Tampa Bay said to be the largest hotel in the we spent half a Day in the which covers Many acres and in which Are planted numerous such As banana and other Trees and plants that grow in this the cars pass to rough the Yard and Stop within 20 feet of the hotel door for the convenience of a special train of editors from be Braska and several other states was there on the Bay in front of the hotel is crowded with wild but they Are tame As no one is allowed to disturb taking everything into consideration Tampa is the liveliest place we have but still we were not we wanted to see oranges on Trees and so we decided to take the Manatee boat which runs about 45 Miles Down the Bay and up the Manatee Here we found Trees loaded with we have just returned from a walk through about a dozen different Groves and saw and cot All the oranges coming Down the Bay we saw hundreds of ducks and some on the North Side of the River there is nothing but Palmetto while on the South Side Pine and Cypress we Are near the end of there Are a few Small settlements about 15 Miles up the a second that there Are scarcely Deer is plenty Here and Venison is served on the table this is a great fishing place and a person is Able to catch As Many fish As he has a mind but there is no Market for across the River there Are Large truck from which they Are shipping radishes and strawberries will Scon be certificates nomination papers of country districts Iso turned to the the following certificates of Nomina Tion have been filed in the county Cirn missioners office North Lebanon town East democratic William Arnold Peter stump school John John Rohland Edward Adam Sholly Cyrus Behney township Philip Fol Mer assistant Nathan West Lebanon Republican judge of Frank Weddle in John Ballock school David 1 Joseph 3 Cyrus 3 William Templin Justice of the Fertig John Lerch township George Union rep Philoan Adam shirk Grant Gernard Justice of the Ilal deman William like township Edward Gerberich township John Boeshore township treas Henry Bross Peter John fake school Michael Frank k Richland Republican judge of Samuel Klopp Isaac Firestine registry their first tile Lebanon killer and soils if veterans show to Good the Friday prior to the rendition of by the sons of which was participated in by a detail from the who appeared on the streets for the first time in their new dress attracted n great Deal of and too ranch Praise cannot be Given Captain who Lias been so successful in bringing the boys to a Lizeh order in movements of various the rifles showed Good military training and As they made the turn at ninth and Cumberland streets a number of com ments were they were preceded by the sons of veterans drum which was headed by and followed by Sedgwick Camp of whose reputation was fully a powerful Ilum Inabit to to introduced acetylene Long ago known As tie most powerful Liuni Ibatici through the efforts of lius been made a commercial some of anon representative citizens have secured the entire right for Elsmann facture and Sale for Lebanon county and Are pre paring to equip a Plant Here for that Pur James the electrical Engineer of the is now Here and will be pleased to go into any details with those interested in room Nutting placing Tho machinery in a machinist at the Penn Sylvania Bolt and is placing in position in the building at the Colebrook quarries the machinery for the operation of the new Etone which will shortly be placed into the Crusher has a daily capacity of 40 treated in Samuel of 928 Walnut went to Philadelphia Friday to be treated for Throat Riegel teaches school in the fail View building and during his absence City superintendent Boger has charge of the will examine the chief Engineer Harry of the Lebanon fire and his Assis John Fields and John Fri Day afternoon visited the different engine where they examined the after their work is finished they will make a report to the lire committee of letters Deputy Register Donley has granted letters testamentary on the estate of Maria to of old old who require Medicine to regulate the bowels and kidneys will find the True remedy in electric the Medicine does not stimulate and contains no whiskey nor other but acts As a tonic and it acts mildly on the stomach and add ing strength and giving tone to the or thereby aiding Natare in the performance of the electric bit ters is an excellent appetizer and aids old people find it just exactly what they Price so cents and per bottle at roes january Hetty aged s3 died tuesday at the Home of her Henry about one half mile South of this Annera took place sunday i Tennen at Union meeting Jacob mover and Pfautz undertaker Jacob Ger firt had charge of the re Mains and the funeral was largely attend Wilson aged 19 a daughter of Elias died monday morning at her near Bunker funeral was held on saturday morning and was largely services in Johns this and interment in Cedar Hill her husband and an infant child Elias of had charge of the Frank eldest son of Elias died on wednesday morning of enlarge ment of the aged 25 the funeral will be held tomorrow with interment at my Hilbish and Stambaugh will Jacob Gerhart will have charge of the Levi who spent several Days in returned on tues Day the Republican primaries for the nomination of the township officers will be held at the Behney on january from 3 to 8 Jared Umbenhen is very you can hear him Hammer from morn till he is making the mountings for the new which is to be built by this by Jacob on the farm near known formerly As the Blouch ton Henry stick was the guest of Joseph Strohm last Moses Breidenstein is at present haul ing milk for the Prescott some of our gentlemen attended the ladies at quite regularly last Ephraim of spent wednesday evening with his David Long will move on the farm of Isaac this coming our school is fast John Evans is the the news will be the leading paper in this Vicinity before it includes All the news that a person wants to especially in and around this our people Are very fond of the quite a number of people attended Andrew Reifsnyder on said to her whats the matter that you Are so dreadfully today my razor is so internally Dull i ripped up an old shirt with it Only yesterday and it Cut Charles paid a visit to his in Over while looking after his last week one met a polecat and while trying to shoot it missed and shot himself through one of his the wound was dressed by the prayer meeting wag Well at tended on sunday evening in the on thursday night John mounts meat was stolen from the smoke it seems the thieves did not mind the storm water january marry Light and Warren both from Belle paid a visit to our place on sunday the singing which is held in the was Well attended on Sun Day of was the guest of on misses Annie Stella Tacy Delia Maggie Kret Emma Hannah Kreider and Washington Harry Augustus Kleinfelter and John All from our attended the revival at of saturday which is conducted by Joel at present two penitents Are at tie seeking to make peace with their misses Clara Boger and Tacy Light were the guests of William at on George John Miller and Harry Zimmerman attended the protracted meeting at on saturday which is conducted by Moonshine paid a visit to her Alice at on Jacob and Harry of were the guests of Adam Boger Over Sun All the ice houses in this Vicinity Are filled with splendid ice ranging from 0 to s inches county superintendent Snoke passed through our town on tuesday visiting the North Annville Green january of this was engaged in surveying land for John this and Alberson Rhen visited at tie Home of George on wednes Day Wilson Clayton Roland Zimmerman and misses Sadie fable and Emma Gauss visited the Green Point primary on Fri Day Ellen of this left for Philadelphia last Henry Wolf and Charles Stroup liar visited the Green Point grammar school on Friday Monroe teamster of John Gro i delivery of was in this Vicinity on and Senjamin who were seriously ill tie first part of the week Are improving under the care Ful attendance of Daniel of it is rumoured that the Goodwill Cornet band will fill an engagement at the race horse on february january our school is progressing miss Jennie Keam is the owing to the rain work in the quarries is suspended until fairer a number of our residents Are trans acting business away from miss Maggie Unaak is visiting in Rich of was in this neighbourhood supplying the doors with substantial weather the people Are filling their ice houses about this they get it from a san net chs Frank of this is visiting her at Frank Schmaltz is on the sick january a called the Black has broken ont among the hogs in this Vicin Ity and Many Are dying from it Elmer Greenawalt lost 17 shoats through the for several hours on sunday we had real Spring like the question whether we Are going to have that Ter Rible and severe Winter As had been pre has not been fulfilled yet the Basket filled with found by Daniel in the Road South of on Village has been claimed and identified by of who lost it while travelling in that presented huh a Miles a Swatara township Friday presented sheriff Stine a social to be known As Tho railroaders social composed of r has recently been organized by electing the following officers presi Greth vice g Greth financial Yafee corresponding Houck these members compose the club Al Frank b Nathan John Het Adam pro Andrew Mason Daniel to they have rented the room in the Uhler on Scull opposite the and have furnished in with a number of tables and chairs Anc will in the near future have the adjoining room fitted up As a gymnasium and Wil shortly organize a string orchestra and glee coupons the finance committee destroys coupons of certain City the finance committee of councils Mel City treasurer George Spang at his office on thursday evening and destroyed the following certifying to the payment of 40 per interest on cer Tain City and water Bonds City 125 coupons off 300 coupons olt Smo 600 water 159 coupons off Bonds so Sioco 570 interest on registered 4 per cent Bonds Ity coupons 18sc cast Liau debating a stated meeting of the castilian de mating society was held in their he sons of America Friday even when in conjunction with the regular a program of literary features was the debate was on the a question that the cubans should be recognized As Belli the affirmative Side being up held by John Hunsicker while Fred Light argued the two other gentlemen appointed on the debate were unavoidably Harry Harper Yorty and David who acted in the capacity of decided unanimously in favor of the As also did the after the Larry Wesley Lebo read a Well written essay on presidents of and avid Siegrist delivered the Laving chosen As his the a Happy departure was Intro Lucid by president Eugene Siegrist at stage of the he apportioned different subjects to the several members and requested each to deliver a five minute Impromptu address on the particular topic assigned to the spoke on Public wis the american the american the postal tie printing Fos it was decided to open the doors to the Public at the next on motion improved order of District Deputy supreme Archon of the improved order of Hep installed the following officers of on Friday evening Bowman pro Houck Frost Ellenberger treas Meredith 7unck Granello War Musser Houck Henry second Ward Republican the second Ward Republican club held i meeting in the times on today which was largely at the follow Nir finance Comingtee was appointed by the Oscar Klopp and Harry serving sheriff Wenben Stine vitiate to Schaeff Erst in and Newmanstown saturday and served summons in the cases in equity or the Possession of Church hold an Charles auditor in Che estate of Conrad Leld an audit in the court House Friday Esq represented the and Capp the John Borgner is the things a number of Allentown anglers Are contemplating having a Law introduced at the next session of the legislature to change the Trout which now is Tom april 15 to july to from May Al it August will give a social tha perseverance band has engaged he sons of America banquet Hall for tuesday february when it will hold a social prisoners Hammond Anil other americans Mill conic Vicil at Flis Antcli to the this from a Torii says thac All the isomers Liell Tirc on a charge of complicity in Trio Pilunt except Ham mond and will to released of Ball and Prici Minary examination will Jiru bully to hold on wednes after which it is inc lived thu bulk of the prisoners will during Trio the times correspondent Trio portuguese at Delagoa Biry the Transvaal re quest to loan them a cups town dispatch to the times says that Tho police Thiru have Etc five a Wirra it Tor the arrest Ami of Ciu Irles it is reported that to Lias Aho Acly for Laie unarmed englishmen Xirum 11m who have arrived at Fujart but they Hail been Gentl on by Tho arrested and a crust subjected to Tho or Eabost and kept in terror of heir lives until they were released by Tho English troops who via members of Jame sons Tipti lotion have embarked for eng land on Board the Etenger Harlech Whilo Tho colonial troops that were taken prisoners it the same time go on Board the Toslin Pacific the projectors of knt Prisc have a House com Mittee of Commerce a hearing to colonel a leading planter of Tho Law Nisan who is working in the note rests of the Pacific Cable company of sew of called Lic Causo it has been corpor Pitej by that unlike the Pacific Cable with Admiral Irwin a the Spalding Tompary is chartered for Coa Between tha United states and while the former company pro poses to Lay its Cable to colonel pading stated that his company was wiling to agree to any reasonable terms which would secure the establishment of a the company has secured a subsidy of 40tooo a year from the hawaiian govern colonel Spalding proposes to give Bis concessions to the United states if this Over Ament will undertake to Lay a As an alternative the company offered to invest if the United states will no real improvement in Busi Ness is to demand for finished goods prices of Iron advanced owl Eto the Richer prices for Coke and Laton fat up the Price of wheat Money a new Dun weekly review of Trade says the week has been marked by improve ment apparent rather than prices of some products have but Only because supplies Are believed to be smaller than was prices of pig Iron and Bil lets have but because Coo and Ore have been Mode and not because of any better demand for finished Money wins been but Only because More has been borrowed hmm Europe at a time when the actual balance of Trade to pcs Money hence to Tho Senate still injures All business by doing and the Treasury cannot expect to gain in loses less than was exit is generally assumed that the new loan will to placed without though Tho successive payments May cause continued business at Tho Mills does not nor is it to Boex petted while Congress does and payments through Clearing houses for Tho week Are percent larger than last but per cent less than in being loss satisfactory than for a Long a deluge of foreign reports favourable to wheat speculation found ready answers in an Advance of Over 5 cents in spite of Western receipts 50 por cent larger than last Corn advanced because wheat receipts and exports continuing As Cotton Rose an although Ellison estimated the yield at 000 and receipts to Dato support that but there Are Many who reason that the surplus will be dangerously Small at the end of the crop even if the yield is Cotton manufacturers have for months Beun storing up Staple but prices have gradually declined Over since and now average per cent lower than at that when Tho Riso from the lowest average of quota in had Lieen per in As Mills Are run Ning largely against Woolen goods also tend with Small and Are practically at the prices of a year though Wool is Iron and Tho Iron and steel business finds encouragement in the Advance of Besso Mer pig to at Pitts Burin and Gray forgo to but these Aro results of the Advance ordered by combinations in Coo and Anthracite is not dearer at Tho Anil Southern pig is for finished products Are not Whilo pig Iron has advanced cent since prices of finished products aver ago por cent lower than it that tie demand is plainly too Small fur the nud Tho works in operation Are kill ing profits for each other by under bid in such a Case lower prices for Ore and Coo would seem but lost year Tho raw materials hoisted every thing and some expect Tho operation to to Tho Money markets Are a slide by no Means there is a con Stant fear that preparations to pay for Donds will cause and Bankers Are protecting themselves As Best them he Nitro because the magnitude of recent allures loads to a belief that maturities within a Short time to come May result exports for Tho week Lave been while imports Aro rela icly for three weeks the Mer Chandise exports and imports have been scarcely 1 per cent larger than last but this and other official statements make no account of tie undervaluation of in and the rate of Exchange and Tho amt inuits exports of amounting to this week in spite imports amounting to for Bond show that the Ordinary Trade balances Ore decidedly Tho failures for Tho week Havo been Tho United against 303 last and u in against 51 lost dissolved Swartz and William Cavallo tobacco on North eighth have dissolved no sold their store to who ook charge on Swartz in tends locating at and will read while who left on the train this afternoon for har has accepted a lucrative position with an extensive Western inn he intends leaving next week for where he will have his future unable to be representing Hart Man who was to Lave met the joint committee of nine of knights of the Golden was unable to be present Friday he will arrive in this City this when he will meet the committee at the West end at transfers in Gordon Chambers has sold to Jacob of this 13 acres of in Jackson in which is embraced lock 14 of the abandoned Union Lizzie and John Fisher have sold a piece of at of 24 to Adam consider and Blessing have also sold 281 perches of at the same Placette returned from new phone a Young Man of Fine who has been spending several Days in new York and who is at present staying in on Friday arrived from that he was on a business combined with attempted to Friday evening an attempt was Raade to Surl Arize the store of Corl Mander at the burglars were disturbed by some one passing and having a Emch Auger the number there were eight guests at the police station Friday and the police re port since the cold weather Nas been letting in the number is continually on he Finger Charles employed in the 8 Nch rolling Mill at the Pennsylvania Bolt and nut had the Little Finger f his right hand mashed while working n Friday the Finger will not e Tysl tone in this Secretary of the state medical society and the Board of health of and wife Are the guests of and Reilly tenth and Chestnut will give an the Fredericksburg 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