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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Jan 23 1896, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - January 23, 1896, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Per twice a week monday and per volume thursday january Price a year important and extensive improvements being Quality and qty Hatot of Gas Bujo Ide the toe it pubp08e will be Cream enhanced by the Altera will be Intro has become necessary to Supply the Gro inc demand for the new a Dipiton to the Lebanon Gas company at twelfth and cum Berland is rapidly nearing completion it is will be pressed into service by the first of this addition to the already extensive Plant will add much to the greatly efficient service of the company in furnishing the Illus Winant to local tin addition consists of a Brick Struc an Iron trussed roof of the building stands on a foundation of Concrete with Walls 2x9 it is divided into two depart in the North department Are located two benches of Sixes of the Fleming recuperative the settings Are All in Iron work and the Mouth nieces Are of an improved the retorts Are cx26x feet and the de for Coke Are Well this system in conceded to be the most improved for the manufacture of Coal in the South department is located the engine and condenser room in which a new tubular condenser and a new Tower scrubber will be the to of the former is to eliminate the Tarry Pii stance from the crude Gas and tie latter machine frees the gases of car Bonic acid and the company has also in contemplation the erection of a Coal shed of tons capacity and a purifying shed with a capacity of tons eve Twenty four no expense is being spared in Planinc the Plant in a firs class condition in every respect so As to meet the demands of their rapidly increasing which it has been found can not be done with the capacity of the old a noted convicts Jolin Frankfort succumbs to Jlloyd Pul Himic caused dog John who died in the Eastern Penitentiary tuesday was one of the most daring and Success Ful horse thieves of his and Ope rated extensively in this and adjoining he was frequently but his Success As a Juil breaker was phenom and it was for a Long time believed that his assertion that there was no jail in the country Strong enough to hold him was lie broke out of the Lancaster county jail Many Goniu out with the Buzard when the keepers were tricked by the Bird Cage scheme and locked in the cell vacated by the lie escaped from the Western Penitentiary at Pittsburg and from several jails in the Western slates As Well from a number in Penn Frank Fords death was the result of an attack by the he had charge of them Ai the and shortly before Christmas the animals be Gan among he at tempt e i to separate when they turned upon arid savagely attacked lie was badly especially on one which was All chewed Blooml poisoning set in resulting in his Excelsior literary meeting held 011 monday evening two a Rei Niar meeting of the Excelsior literary was held on tuesday in the Avon school with provident Lardner in the the at Tendance was fairly some from this City Tohm Ketch unions were adopted on the death of Milton a school teacher and a member of the resolutions of thanks to Bor an honorary for the valuable Aid he rendered at the Ziock were unanimously an oration was delivered by after Uhira the fallowing question was that Lincoln was greater than the affirmative de Baters were Bomberger and Seth miss Rouisa Uever and the Harry Wolf and derided in favor of the after a general debate the House agreed with the decision of the Lebanon brewing Blany creditors Ierard wednesday before Hie 1 n pursuance of a notice sent out by Esq to make distribution of balance in the hands of Jacob Esq receiver of the Lebanon brewing the parties interested met in room of the court at 10 Oclock the audit was largely attended by claimants from this City As Well As from other Points including Reading and the business not having been in is lied the audit adjourned to meet again on january the purpose of the audit was simply to prove claims a preferred in the first judgment confessed by the Lebanon brewing company in favor of certain kicked by a Hostler Jolin heir Perl hit la the Abdomen Aud lock John hem Hostler at the Railroad was kicked in the Abdo men by a on tuesday was rendered of attended him and today he is doing nicely and unless internal internal injuries have been sustained he will Hemperly was about to place a Blanket on the which is a vicious when it kicked him with both ing him backward some he was picked up unconscious and carried to the where medical Aid was Giyen him Ami he regained consciousness shortly Hemperly butlers severe pains in the Region of the Abdomen and serious complications May yet Eickst More to be pastor of the first Baptist will baptize eight Young who desire to enter the co Grega by immersion on next sunday even ing the band of Good Fellowship will be those baptized on last sunday at the morning service and on the follow ing sunday morning similar action will be taken with those now seeking to be come attracted the attention of far Mer George of the Man who had a rope fastened t4 limb beads to tie around Bis neck woo the Man was and what led him to attempt Bach a Bash George Uhrich is the tenant Farmer on Samuel Ullrichi a Short distance East of Prescott on Friday so it is Uhrich discovered a Man on one of his Cherry Trees on the farm and As this is not the season when persons Are looked for on Cherry Trees he was anxious to know what this person was dome at this As he approached nearer to the tree he saw Stanton of standing upon a limb of the tree with a rope tied to it and ready to fasten it about his evidently intending to commit suicide by hanging Farmer Uhrich ordered the Man Down from the tree and demanded a reason for his fool ish conduct Groh gave some kind of excuse and hurried away from the evidently displeased that he was walked in his Stanton Groh lived with his wife and one child at he is a Barber by Trade and for a number of years employed in the Barber shop of James pot of which place he is a native and where he is very Well of late years Groh became dissipated to a considerable extent and lost his Posi he then removed to where he has been shaving some of the residents on saturdays and working at Odd jobs during the it is said that on account of his habit of drinking too much Domestic troubles have Arisen in the family and it is believed that this led him to attempt the rash Groh is aged about 28 years and was quite popular in and about Myerstown before he took his wayward course and he has Many friends who would gladly help him if he made any extort to Reform Ana Lead an upright when he left the Uhrich farm on Friday afternoon it seems he disappeared altogether it is he has not been seen since that time and that there Are no traces of his whether he has forsaken his family and left for parts or whether he succeeded in taking his life in some other Way elsewhere Are Only matters of his Liv ing at and his besides Many of Hie friends Are greatly concerned about him and would be glad to hear of his the affair has occasioned considerable excitement in that favor Artesian Wells the authorities of Camden enter into a contract to Slick for six such the City authorities of evidently have Faith in Artesian Wells As a Means with As it is a comparatively Large City it is fair to presume that the matter has been thoroughly tested and found to be Satis for the water Board and councils would not Sanction the expenditure of Money in such a manner if they did not know that the results would be in proof of what we say Here we copy the following from the Philadelphia inquirer of tuesday Council favors Kate sex Camden cily Council at a special ses Sion last night ratified the action of the water committee in awarding the con tract for sinking six Artesian test Wells to Eisner Bennett for per work will probably be commenced at although there is some talk of an injunction being taken out by those who believe that Arthur of Philadel was the lowest on the second Page of this Issue appears an interesting article on the subject of lifting water by compressed which is printed at the special request of one of our most prominent next in importance to digging the Wells is the matter of pumping the water and the air lift system is undoubtedly the safest and in every Way most these matters at present Are engaging the attention of the authorities of our City and the evidence from other places is convincing that they axe moving in the right Annok and the committee Meredith and William of select George Samuel Schott and of common the committee appointed to meet Adam Funck and the suit of William Call is the met at City solicitor Fishers office on tues Day Funck was represented by Marshall and several hours were spent in reviewing the Case and discussing the different the committe will report Ita findings at the next meeting of Rexmont band the Golden Eagle of opened their fair on saturday evening under very favourable they have had a crowded House every even for two weeks each evening a con Cert will be Given by different the object is a worthy one and should be heartily unable the the finance committee met at City treasurer spans on tuesday to Complete the work of certify ing to the payment of certain water Bonds and the clipping of treasurer Spang was unable to meet the commit tee and they will meet again on thurs Day Home Circle the Home connected with Trinity lutheran on Lehman held their weekly meeting at the residence of w Spruce above leh dog on monday afternoon As Span Nuth was passing through this City he was accompanied by a Fine Large Newfoundland belonging to Zart of my on ninth Street the dog was lost and now Spannuth sets a Liberal Jawaid for its return to Spruce this guests of Deputy sheriff John Hertzler and All of Tia Risburg and miss Eva of Are visit ing in this the guests of the family of Deputy sheriff democratic the democratic voters of it Zion Dis Bethel will hold their primary election at the my Zion on january from 3 to 7 attending the Gtoninger and red of Ross went to Lancaster this morning to attend the an Nual banquet of the Lancaster county medical unable to presiding who had several appointments at Williamstown and will not fill them on being prevented on account of Elmer a employed on the Busy North Leba non had his left hand Bane Etta of wednesday weighing the committee presided Over by chairman plans Poe work agreed Doh the import of the assessment committee Jollif cation deemed in on change of delicate system on March a meeting of the Republican City com Mittee was held on tuesday evening in room court chairman Reinoehl presided and most of the members were the committee on assessing candidates submitted a which after some alterations was it was deemed inadvisable to bold a As most of the members were of the opinion that it is unnecessary to hold such a there being Ottier and More certain ways of getting out the vote on election plans were Laid for working up the interests of the party in All the wards of the City and before Long a vigorous Campaign will be entered there was a feeling Manifest at the meeting to employ every Means for the purpose of be Cuenza Large vote for the Republican c the question of changing the system for making nominations was fully Dis it was decided that an election be held on saturday March when the Republican voters of the City will have the privilege of voting for or against the present Ana at the same in pursuance of the rules of the two delegates will be elected by each these will meet in convention the following monday evening and decide upon the system to be which will be the same As that at present in use in the unless the old system should be Al though there Are Many who advocate a Harry Dohner consigned to Mother Earth at Lebanon wednesday All that was mortal of Harry the six year old son of Mary Doh of 111 North tenth was con signed to Mother Earth on services were conducted at the House by pastor of Centenary and interment was made in Lebanon the Little body was dressed in a suit of Brown plaid with a pair of Black slippers and a Large Blue Necktie and All traces of his terrible sufferings had been Elimina Ted by the hand of his features looked the body reposed in a handsome White cloth covered casket with Silver appointments and was almost covered with Floral tributes from relatives and among them were a chair and Star of Straw Flowers from his of Philadelphia a Basket of yellow carnations and Smilax and a Harp design from the ladies employed in the laundry department of Lebanon Industrial works a Wreath from his classmates of the Cen Tenary sunday school an Anchor of carnations and from Henry and bouquets of Carna lilies and White Flowers from the school taught by miss the misses George Ethel John Meily and an eiderdown Blanket covered the lifeless from the time the first visitor was Al Lowed to View the remains until the ser vices were begun people passed by the casket in a continual Stream and took their Las look at the dead Arthur spoke feelingly of the de parted and the Centenary choir beautifully Sang several under taker Steiner had charge of the the second temperature and weather data up to january the mean temperature of the decade ending at s on january was which is above the mean temperature of the same decade of and higher than the mean temperature of the same period for the last nine the mean daily Range was the mean of the maximum temperature was and of the minimum the highest temperature took place on the be ing and the lowest temperature was on the the warmest Day was the its mean and the was the coldest having a mean temperature of the mean Dew Point was the mean relative the mean barometer inches and the Clouds amounted to 44 per cent the precipitation amounted to of an inc hand the Snow measured there were two Rainy the 19th and during the second decade of Jan there was of an Inch of and inches of will assist in a Allen son of Marble this will tonight appear before a Boston taking a number of the Solo some of Bostons professionals Are also assist ing in the Daugherty has won for himself quite a reputation As a last week he played a Cornet Solo in East at present he is attending the Boston conservatory of will give a the joint composed of three members of each of the Knight of Gol Den Eagle of this which met at the West end tuesday decided definitely to give a Public smoker in the near the proceeds to go towards purchasing new the following prizes will be awarded parlor bed room Side Board and chamber set business the firm of Youtz of this dissolved Seibert having secured a lucrative position As telegraphed with the Lehigh Valley at the new member taking place is and hereafter the business will be con ducted under the firm name of Yontz marriage Charles of Lancaster and Nora of Kew Harvey of 36 South ninth Street and Luella 524 Willow will be Given a the family of Stephen residing on Freeman this whose was taken to the at har the other will be Given a donation by a Large Circle of mends and acquaintances this shipped cinder the Weimer machine works today shipped one of their latest in Der curb to use Bird Gol ennui at she passed peacefully away Early tuesday typhoid pheum05ia tee cause of from which she suffered last devoted Hother has gone to her eternal was i lived and esteemed by Many for to second time within a period of Little More than two months the Angel of death has entered the Home of the late major Grant this time he took the Elizabeth Weid and now the once Bright and Happy Home is cheerless and the grief stricken son and daughter sit in the keep shades of sorrow and the Only Ray of nope and Comfort for them is that their father and Mother have gone on before into the eternal Home Fuhere they will await the coming of their loved Elizabeth relict of major Grant had been in Beebe health for some especially since the death of which was a Ter Rible Shock to her As he was stricken Down during her absence from on Friday she had an attack of typhoid pneumonia and in a few Days her Condi Tion became on acting under the advice of the attending William of was telegraphed who arrived the same even he found her in a hopeless Condi Tion and the family was informed to pre pare for the everything possible was done for the patient but her life slowly ebbed away and at Oclock tuesday morning her spirit took flight Aud winged away to her heavenly while the sorrowing children and Roedel were watching around the bed Side Elizabeth Weidman was a Daugh Ter of the late Aud Christian and was about one year younger than Weidman had she lived in this City All her lifetime and enjoyed the esteem and Friendship of a Large Circle of persons Here and other she was for Many years a devout member of Zion lutheran Church and delighted in doing Good to others in a unobtrusive but the place of chief concern of the deceased was her she found her highest Joy and Delight in ministering to those who composed the family Circle and Here is where she will be missed most of Weidman was a wife and Mother in the highest and fullest sense of those terms and she lived in the Comfort and happiness of her husband and when the former was taken away a deep wound was made which time could never now that she too is gone the family Circle is Brok and hence the tenderest sympathy is Felt for those who Are left behind to fight lifes Battles the surviving children of the deceased Are Grant wife of Thomas of West who with her children has been visiting Here for some time Ethel and the latter of whom had been attending school at but arrived Home on monday and was permitted to see her Mother alive for several Bright Young Man dead John Guilford Llona flus Dies unexpectedly of John Guilford aged 17 died at the Home of his Caroline 710 Guilford at Oclock tuesday Neu after a Brief his two Vertie and and two James and the latter residing at survive on saturday january who was Best known to his friends and acquaintances As spent several hours skating on the Basin of the abandoned Union he was an excellent skater and became Over he had contracted a severe cold some Days before and his exertions resulted in an attack of pneumonia in an acute necessitating him to take his bed on monday his Condi Tion became Seno sat once and John who was diagnosed his Case As most his wonder Ful vitality led the family and the physician to Hope for the Best and As late As monday afternoon his condition was a at 3 Oclock this morning it was seen that a decided change for the worse had the patient falling into a Semi conscious state from which he did not death came peace fully at deceased was one of Lebanon finest Young although being almost a boy in years he possessed a magnificent form and a handsome he had an Ami Able disposition which won for him Many friends who Are grieved at his Sud Den dissolution and Mouru the loss of a True among them he was considered an excellent companion Aud an always Welcome addition to their gather his Home life was indeed a Happy Loving his Mother and Sisters with the love that Only a boy ran to them he was the favored being the youngest of the his sudden Tak ing away and their great loss have Al most overcome them and their grief seems no arrangements have As yet been made for the deceased was a member of Christ presbyterian sunday school and also the americas social attended the James Mcgovern and Pierce Thomp son were among the passengers bound for new York of the train wednesday while in that City they will attend the furniture exposition now in Progress at Lexington Avenue and forty third Street the remainder of their visit will be spent in business and sight Archean club the Archean clubs social dance in the sons of America on tuesday even was Well attended and an enjoyable evening was spent tripping the ight fantastic by lovers of the the management were untiring in their efforts to make All comfortable and in All the dance was a attended the of Heilmandale Henry of and of left on the morning train for where they attended the meeting of the state Board of which is in session in that cite remarkably Good Baker of 154 North eighth is the owner of a bulldog which has shown itself to be a remarkably Good recently it slaughtered 10 rats in a barrel in 15 seconds and then Dis covered and killed a nest of 13 which it carried in its Mouth and Laid them at the masters removed to this the machinery of the sunbeams publishing which was formerly in operation at was removed to this where it was placed in our evening contemporary who have leased Pierce Arnold had charge of the paragraphs specially prepared for Busy news put in code used form Glovine accounts at what has been transpiring on this sleety first Ward democratic by a cinder a Smith shop the South eighth Street liquor who is the owner of several houses on the old Colebrook and also of a had the shop moved to twelfth and Chestnut streets Nowlen and Eastman had charge of the Henr Geesy will take Possession of it in the near first Ward democratic the democrats of the first Ward have selected the following ticket judge of Mish Gates Samuel Deturk Alder John Huber school Henry Pfankuch select George Gassert Charles county jail John who was confined in the county jail for assaulting watchman Fred of the Lebanon Valley Railroad was discharged this Alderman Smith made out the application for his discharge under the in solvent Law on will meet the Good will steam fire engine com which was organized som time ago in the sixth and seventh hold a meeting this evening at Lapes Barber twelfth and Brandywine when business of importance will re a full attendance is injured by John of met with a painful Accident while driving along the near a runaway horse collided with his wrecking the vehicle and causing him two highly dislocated besides severe bruises to his will banquet Annville Quitta Padilla Council will entertain the members of Annville Council with a banquet on next wednesday at the meeting held on wednesday evening the Oriental degree was conferred on two members of the Annville damaged cell doors a machinist of the Weimer machine works repaired the damaged Iron doors of the cells formerly occupied by will Iam Garrett and Robert Harter in the county jail on wednesday the bars which had been sawed off were plugged and the cells made secure once serious Accident at Daniel of was run Over by a team on wednesday and sustained two broken Blattenberger attempted to Cross the Street ahead of the team but stumbled and Brecht dressed his burned by a cinder Charles who is employed in operating the in the puddle Mill of the Pennsylvania Bolt and nut was struck on the left Eye by a cinder on tuesday the Eye is severely burned but the sight is uni pair presented with a Sedgwick of on tuesday evening were presented with an by William of 420 Walnut one recruit was also mustered the Camp is in a flourish ing arrived from West Thomas of West Vir arrived wednesday to attend the funeral of his Grant will take place on Fri Dav visiting Cornwall county superintendent of is visiting the Cornwall schools and the remaining Days of this week lie will visit the schools of South Lebanon their final tonight the sons of who on Friday and saturday evenings of this will Render the military Fritz in Fisher opera will hold their final water commissioners to the Board of water and lighting com missioners will meet in regular session at their office this a report will be made on the condition of the City water Supply removing to William in the Bak ing department of Kings steam removed his family to where he hag secured a similar Columbia of worked the Bank of the degree team of Acme Lodge knights of pythias worked the rank of Knight on one applicant at a stated meeting held on wednesday one new member was Trinity lutheran Young the meeting of the Young Peoples society of Trinity lutheran Church has been postponed from thursday evening of this week to wednesday evening of next on their Way to Shenk and of Lancaster passed through town wednesday on their Way to where they attended the funeral of his who was interred Large number of since the cold weather has set in the number of tramps at the station House is constantly and last night chief Kingler had As his guests eight of left for the ninth Street Den left on the train this morning for Berks where he at tended the funeral of his miss went to Louisville to miss Nellie of 127 South twelfth left this morning for Lou where she will reside i the Butcher shop sold by the sheriff Reuben Sttne this morning sold the Butcher Wagon and Butch ering utensils of George at Examina Tob examinations were held this morning in the different branches in the High tour eyes should loot through our Stiles at at the Home of Isaac eleventh his daughter the pair Belde who if wedded to photographer Samuel Parlours beautifully decor ated for the elder cheer the officiating a pretty Home wedding was solemnized at 6 wednesday at the Home of and Isaac 433 North eleventh when their miss was married to Samuel in the presence of a Large number of relatives and invited presiding elder of the Lebanon District of the United Brethren the ceremony was performed in the spacious which were profusely the bridal party standing under an Arch of tastefully the Bride wore a pretty dress of White Organ die and looked supremely she carried a magnificent bouquet of bridal roses and was attended by her Sis miss Phoebe Miller and miss Annie who looked very pretty in gowns of White and they carried Pink and Pearl the Groom was attended by Jerome Weltmer and Harry miss Meyer resided at the a reception was held at the Home from 7 to 10 when the Young couple received the congratulations and Well wishes from those Many costly and useful Gills were received by the among out of town people present were Miller Ami of and miss Cora of Myers tuesday Forenoon at 11 Oclock the marriage of Samuel of and miss Minnie Book was solemnized at the residence of the brides and David near hum the ceremony was performed by of the Brethren in miss Lizzie Hoffman was brides maid and Robert Zeiters about 25 guests were the hide and Groom left shortly after the ceremony for a Short wedding which will consist of a visit to Freder they will reside with the brides parents on their consigned to the Tomb departed friends Laid to rest by Loving of 2320 millin West was buried tuesday at gravel Hill Church near pal services were held in the undertaker Thompson was in David wife of David Ger of East Hanover who died was interred a number of Lebanon ans attended the fun Thomas Spang Thomas of was buried this morning at the Tuple Bocken reformed Church ser vices were conducted in the Church by Welker and were largely at Salome the funeral of Salome Umstetter was yield at Oclock this afternoon from Ber late seventh and Guilford services were held in Kochen defers meeting House and interment Fol Lowed in the adjoining balance wheel it strikes John Breaks his Arm and fractures one of his John a residing in East Hanover while cutting Corn fodder with a machine used for that Pur on saturday one of the knives broke which hit the Large balance wheel with such Force As to break a piece weighing about 10 pounds striking breaking his left Arm and fracturing one of his of Belle was who attended to the injured mans it is reported today that he is resting experienc ing very Little will again go Charles son of colonel John 935 Chestnut will leave he latter part of this week for where he will remain until Spring and then go to cripple Creek which Are at present the chief Points in the Colorado Gold mining Mark formerly resided in the hav ing returned East about two years ago on a visit to his aged he is a Prin Ter by Trade and also a graduate of a Philadelphia school of typewriting and during his stay at Denver he will be the guest of his Mil ton who is extensively inter ested in the cattle will hold a the Well known and popular Organiza the grand Central on the 28th of this give dance in the Lebanon rifles Corner of ninth and Scull this the full band will be in attend a Novelty of which will be the 3tand to begin at will be by the this organization deserves a Good patronage by the Board of control the Board of consisting of five of the Lebanon rifles met in lieutenant Shindelus office tues Day evening and organized for the ensuing the interests of the company in general were and the out look is very democratic the democratic voters of Independent District will meet at the Germania Park on saturday january Between the hours of 7 and 8 for the purpose of nominating a ticket for the various offices to be filled at the Spring to shoot at Avon William Hippensteel and Humer have agreed to shoot three matches at 25 live pigeons each for a the first match will be shot at Avon on Washington Send your address to Bucklen and get a free Sample Box of Kings new life a trial will convince Yon of their these pills Are easy in action and Are particularly effective in the Core of constipation and for malaria and liver troubles they have been proved in they Are guaranteed to be perfectly free from every deleterious sub stance and to be purely they do not weaken by their but giving tone to stomach and bowels Motly a Giodp or eight Jolly Meh All of whom have been in the sheriffs office or candidates for sheriff four different audits Testa tame Nury As a reporter was entering the re corders office today he saw a sheriff Eish Riff Bow a sheriff Frank sheriff Reuben a Deputy sheriff Landis Deputy sheriff David rank and William candidate for grouped i a Comer discussing the experiences each had Dur ing the times when they were candidates for the they Are a Jolly party and had a Lively time together this morning As they rehearsed some of their experiences in the political George Schock auditor to make distribution of the funds paid into the orphans court by Henry under the provisions of the last will of Philip in favor of Maria now to and Amone those legally entitled met in room this at 10 and heard parties marshal auditor to pass upon exceptions in the matter of the account of executor and trustees of met parties in room court this letters testamentary on the estate of John late of South Lebanon have been granted to James of this marshal make distribution of the balance in the hands of Adam executor of John Koch to and among those legally entitled met parties interested in room court this at 10 George auditor of the assigned estate of Robert held an audit today in the grand jury George of represented the the Penn Sylvania Trust company for the insurance of lives and granting and of Reading of this City of Harrisburg Robert of and Adair appeared for the proceedings in equity have been by in by Edward Esher and William counsel for representing ministers of the evangelical to gain posses Sion of the evangelical Church at Schaefferstown and similar proceedings for gaining Possession of the Church at new the presiding elders and trustees of the churches Are the with the business transacted in Vari Ous shipping clerk at the Leba non Industrial is confined to his Home with a severe a Foury Earold child of John of 523 Maple is ill with Neu David residing at eat is confined to her Home with an attack of the who has been con fined to his residence for a few is out the new James electrical Engineer for the company of and Harvey Sec of the Lebanon illuminating and Power forthe manufacture of the new Are Here now in charge of the office and ready to make any explanation or to answer their office is in room third Nutting where the new Gas can be see their m the fourth Page of this Bock at the Chambersburg repository says of preached very Able sermons morning and evening in the first this sunday night six persons were at the Al one professed conversion and a num Ber Rose for the Valley spirit of says of preached two masterly sermons yesterday in the first and will preach again this Chautauqua Board of the Board of managers of the Penn Sylvania Chautauqua held an adjourned meeting in the Lebanon National Bank building there were twelve Mem Bers present and it was decided by Resolution that the proceedings of the meeting be withheld from several unimportant things were decided the Board dined at the Eagle Otei and adjourned to meet at the Call of the drum corps will the drum corps connected with the sons of veterans will meet in their eighth and Chestnut this the tiring squad of the Camp will also go through the movements preparatory to rendering which will be Given Friday and saturday mite society the Salem lutheran mite society met at the Home of 33 South second on wednesday when the annual election of officers was the evening was enlivened by the souvenir Banjo and guitar which furnished excellent refreshments were school directors association to a meeting of the executive committee of the school directors of the City and county will be held in the Library room of the court on saturday at 10 to fix the time and place for Hokl Hig the annual meeting Ana also to arrange a state Board of of Lehman this a member of the local Board of left on the train this after noon for where he in attend ing the meeting of the state Board of which is in session in that City today and caught six Large Levi Yingst and Frank of it caught six Large on which they have penned up in a they Are a very Lively Possum evidently these Tricky Little animals Are very plentiful in that Section of the committed to the on wednesday mayor Garrett issued the necessary payers to George who for some time had been employed at Landis Stone near for his admission to the county he has been ailing for some time and is supposed to Nave inhaled a considerable amount of Congress reads Europe a Les son touching her the Powers asked to an Appeal for the enforcement of the Berlin treaty of Terrell aiding1 the belief red crop society starts for Senate com Mittee on foreign relations is ready to support Tho to any extent in any action that May be taken in regard to Tho turkish this is Iuie apparent by Tho series of resolutions which were reported by sen Ator Cullom As Tho result of Tho unanimous vote of the the committee recognizes Tho fact that Tho United states has no excuse for inter Fering directly in behalf of the armenians or any other citizens of but it has taken the very unusual course of propos ing to Call upon the european Powers which participated in the treaty of Berlin to enforce the stipulations of that the Resolution referring to this treaty is equivalent to an intimation to the signatory Powers that they have failed to carry out Tho duties they assumed in be coming parties to the treaty of while it is not proposed by the committee to suggest to the administration any direct interference in behalf of the tone of Tho Resolution regarding Amer ican citizens is such As to suggest vigorous action for the Protection of such american citizens As May be in Tho turkish it declares that Congress will support Tho president in the most vigorous action to May take for the Protection of american citizens in Turkey and to obtain redress for injuries inflicted upon their Persona or May item Ulric a a member of the committee in of this that it might be necessary for Tho administration to Send a Strung invt to turkish so As to Back up United states demands for Protection and indemnity by a show of and that the purpose of the commit tee was to give this if it should to thu support of As the resolutions were passed by a unanimous Voto of the it is hardly Proba ble that All Tho members of that body appreciated their full jingoistic import when they were it is not that they will pass Tho Senate without their full meaning living made senator in re porting the asked for their immediate saying that he did not believe there would to much de Bate upon the resolutions had not been and senators Seewir de to to indisposed to vote for them with out having been Given an Opportunity to examine and senator Gray Accord asked that consideration to portioned until go As to enable senators o have printed copies for examination be fore being called upon to the treaty of the Resolution embodies sections of the supplementary treaty of Berlin of july Between the ottoman Empire and runt Italy and in which this declaration is made in no part of Tho ottoman Empire shall differences of religion to alleged against an individual As a ground for exclusion or incapacity As regards Trio Dis charge of civil and political admission to the Public functions and donors and Tho exercise of Tho different professions and Liberty and the outward exercise of All forms of worship Aru assured to and no hindrance shall to offered either to the hierarchical organization of Tho various communions or to their relations with their spiritual Tho in declares that it is an imperative duty in Tho inter ests of humanity to express the Earnest e that the european brought about by Tho treaty referred May Speed by be Given its just effects in such Deci Sive measures As shall stay the hand of fanaticism and Lawless violence and As shall secure to the Uno fending christians of the turkish Empire All Tho rights belonging to both As men and As and As Boncell curies of the explicit provi Sions of the treaty Antivo bed Cross leaves for new Clara bar president of the american National Rcd Cross and the members of her who Aro to Aid her in her Mission of humanity to the suffering Viu ims of the red handed left by Tho Steamer now before starting miss Barton suld to go to a Vii non and the journey will take about three t is my wish to convey to constantinople the impression that we arc just and i know of no reason Why Tho turkish government should object to our i expect to d is tribute food to Tho hungry in Armenia regardless of their re Aliss Barton expects to communicate with Tho Sultan through the american Terrell helping the United states minister Terrell says he does not Tesiro to make any statement in regard to he probability of the Sultan consenting to miss Clara Bartons distribution of Relief among the armenians in Asia it is a turned from other sources Fiat Terrell is making Earnist efforts Joth at Tho Palace and to the Porto to be Uro the advil Sioui of the red Cross society into with full to Supply the needs of the starving Ami naked the opinion prevails at Tho British that Tho Relief which is being afforded by the missionaries sufficient for the needs of the armenians without the assistance of any the Porte has not yet reached a decision the matter in response to the representations made by minister grim reapers those who have been recently called to Exchange time for log the friends of miss Lou daughter of the late and David of will be grieved to learn that this estimable Young lady died Hist she frequently paid visits to friends Inthis visiting Harbeson has been visiting some of the country schools during the he found the schools at Sweet to angst by miss Bertha Harbeson and in Fine condition and complimented the teachers and pupils in addresses on the duty they owe each a new merchant tailoring firm will be formed next monday to be known As Lenn sati room 11 received a Frank the popular and hustling typewriter and with George Kranse South eighth this received a Remington latest improved fell Ino a a labourer named employed at formerly of Man now boarding on North twelfth had the misfortune of falling into spit and breaking Bis Biever so attending is an Opfer 10 ail new Send for a years subscription to the sem weekly news and the paper will be sent you two times each week for one which is 104 if at any time within 60 Days you Are dissatisfied with die paper you May order it stopped and we will return All your Money to what More can any one want Here is a fair Chance to sem weekly Twenty years be print from Tho Dally of two decades William of shipped this Day a Fine yearling weighing 500 to Thomas a second meeting was held on monday evening by the citizens of form a Stock company for the manufacture of lire at that the news said there are270 share subscribed the gentlemen from new who Are at the head of tin will proceed at once if 15 men will pledge themselves for 20 of the remaining shares we do not suppose this offer was the As far As we can never the funeral of Emma daughter of John and Susan sfas held on the morning of this the class of whirl i she was a member and the teachers of he first reformed sunday school at ended in a the funeral was the largest that had taken place for Many years in at a meeting of Council monday even Len Hoffman and John were reelected a Mem Bers of the Board of at this meeting Riley Ringle was also ejected Newmanstown at this time Laid claim to one of the most Active men in the considering his old in the person of Jacob an old and respected citizen of that Koehl was aged almost 75 and yet though t nothing of walking from 15 to 20 Miles a Day and be Home in time to partake of t Hearty quite a number of Lebanon ans left for Harrisburg to witness the inauguration of governor John Hartranft which ask place on this about National guards in line of including a Large number of political Dre who at this time taught the Murray in East Hanover resigned that position and was succeeded by Samuel a handsome Gavel was presented to the Union steam fire engine i by George a member of the of East Hanover town was granted a Patent for an improved Hay while Jacob of South Leb anon was driving along cum Berland Street on the morning of one of the horses got his Teg across the pole of the and to free himself threw the other horse to the Brubaker was thrown under the horses and received slight in juries while attempting to loosen in after regaining their feet the horses ran but were caught at Louser Bros on this Day Mary widow of the late Samuel died at her late with John on North ninth Street she was aged w 5 months and c Ezia of this Pur based the drag store of of the Steeple on the Liberty engine Louse was fast nearing the we learn that it is the in Tention of the Liberty boys to place u clock in the Steeple and thus give portion of town a thing which will be useful and fill a want Long the clock not yet been placed m the while founder at the Anthracite at with hid wife and were on their Way t Lebanon they Down Over the cinder Bank into the Creek the vehicle upsetting while making a the wife and child caped with alight but Beck received severe injuries about the according to the news the weather at his time Twenty years ago must have Een something similar to an Tern says we Are having the mod remarkable Winter on scarcely any the ground in that the Farmers Are the by nerf singing in the boughs of the Ami the people walking about without the warm wearing apparel that other Winters it is a godsend to the and if it does not eventually grow cold the wheat crops will be better what would have become of our poor if the present Winter would have been like that of last received the David a former student of Lebanon Valley has been appointed by presiding elder of the Shamokin to the charge a one of the members of the Middleburg Cir Snyder this partnership the firm of George Haruie which has its Stone Yard at tenth and Scull has dissolved Hiram of 408 North tenth retires from the firm and hereafter Hartlieb will be the sole owner of the another successful another foil rehearsal of the military Fritz to be rendered by the sons of on Friday and sat quiday evenings of this was held tuesday All the characters taken by the different participants were very successfully medical the medical Board of pension exam Lineawever Ami met at the United states hotel several applicants for tensions were Given a quorum we there was no meeting of the Board of Trade held on tuesday evening owing to absence of a Only three Mem Bers putting in an Tow Hoard wih meet on Thor buy
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