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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Jan 20 1896, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - January 20, 1896, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Twice a week monday Aad if Oay Hafl per volume monday january Peice a year water commissioners recommendation to plans foe a pumping Plaht heat Fob there a Hihi houses the common Branch take final action on the to be erected at the Sou i Mountain sup will be submitted to by City King Roeer let go Anclle the action taken by the Board of water commissioners As detail ii below is a move in the right they Are fully convinced that an abundant Supply of a Jere water is obtainable at the South Mountain and it Only remains for councils authorize the erection of a sufficient pumping this should be done without delay and the Money needed therefore this Iii effectually and satisfactorily Settle the water the Board of water and lighting com missioners met in special session at their office on thursday Beck Ley presided with Light and to be Fern Llred by Beladi of stealth Bones of two died from similar of the Tiro new feral the common Branch of councils held a special meeting on Friday evening with Boyd president and Bone Kleiwer Knott and schools Bill file of select which authorizes the City property committee to advertise for bids for the introduction of steam heat in the Union and Rescue houses and provides for the was passed the Resolution directing the water Board to make a report of the work i drilling Wells at South Mountain and asking by what authority they contracted the provoked considerable Dis Cussion and it appeared to be the senti wait enl present specifications were drawn Upland plans prepared for submission to councils at j ment of the meeting Tuat select Council exceeded its authority by referring the boards statement to the special water committee and thus ignoring this the Resolution was passed on final read by with Iokton Inlet steam actual with water a ticketed air Cylinder a their meeting this evening Foran air com Pressor Plant at South Mountain to be located at any Point in that Vicinity that councils May see fit to locate the plans and specifications Are As follows depth of so to Uoo feet diam Eter of the 5 to 8 inches Wells Calind Down to of Normal water level below the 7 to 30 feet Capi City of the Wells about 2oo Gallons per minute Elevation above the Bur fact t which the water is to be to the surface Only Quantity of water required altogether from one or More to Gallons in 24 one line compressor 10x14 and the steam and air Cylinder on one solid base steam engine furnished with Julji Itable compressor to be furnished with an automatic kneed and pressure with unloading automatic Lubricators for steam Oil foundation Bulan Iid Blue print of the foundation plans will be furnished with the one steel air 30 inches in diameter by s feet thickness of the thickness of the 35 about pounds of the safety h to be made of pounds Side seams durably steel braced and stayed and tested up to Ion pounds water pres Aud warranted Safe and tight on 110 pounds working together with the following fixtures pressure Drain Cocks Aud flapped for Inlet and discharge Tolic air with a capacity to handle 700 to Koo Gallons per specifications toil diameter of the 4s inches in length 12 feet of 3 Inch Square feet of heating Bur Alibi it 5111 Len Stii of 26 inches Ali meter of 20 inches i eighth of 2d inches thickness of 5hi thickness of main 71g diameter of smoke inches length of smoke feet longitudinal seams of the to be double riveted Aud devise to be double riveted to the boiler to be made of the Best Flange steel Bottom of the boiler to be without seams a cent around the fixtures for the boiler comprise full Arch grate rear Arch rear Ash door Aud steam with water end tic with Guage whistle and blow off Cheek Stop smoke galvanized wire roue Guys and the above have been submitted to City Engineer hives for his the communication from the Good will steam fire engine request ing that they be furnished was transmitted to the upper Branch and referred to the fire argument court list of cases set Down for argument on january following is the list of cases set Down for argument 27 Yingst now for the use of Janie Mease Morriset petition for Adams for Houck for Simon Felty the Lebanon Belt railway company motion for new Adams for Weidman for defend Harry Howard Reber motion for new Funck for Adams for Alfred Ream Franklin Wolf Rule to open Adams for estate of Solomon Lunatic Rule on Jacob Adams for Light for Mccall Lausch Carniani motion for judgment for want of a sufficient affidavit of Weid Man for Meily for de Mccall Lausch and of a Dinan As contained in his last will and v Calumet clubman have their a1len Matz Leo Eholt b Ubiedo commands that his children be Loyal to the starry Fla next annual meeting of Pennsylvania germans will be held in Allen who several Days ago was buried at was a native and Tor years a resident of Annville and Well known in this he had been a member of Lebanon Valey commander of and took a very deep interest in the he was also a Mem Ter of a number of patriotic Organiza ions located at that he was thoroughly imbued with a spirit of True patriotism was manifested by him not my in his deeds while living but in his ast will and testament he gives addition Al Strong proofs of the he appoints Lia Sarah executrix and be fourth clause of his will is in the Fol owing language i do not Only wish but i command my children to be Loyal to the starry Flag and not to be led into neither to the right nor and to strive and become True and industrious citizens of this glorious there is no Uncertain tone in this re quest or rather command and no doubt he upon whom the care of their Hildren now will strive to the jest of her ability to have them walk in he footsteps of their patriotic Twenty years the Roll ethos valued at motion for judgment for want sufficient affidavit of Defesa Weid for Meily for Light Isaac Mellinger Woomer for Funck for Marie Siebert Valley National motion to Amend demurrer and demur Gobin for Killinger and Derr for John Krall Jacob it Biff in Josiah Funck and shirk for plaintiff Capp Schock for it it motion for entry of decree As prayed for in Esher and Ritchie for Gobin for Jacob it Daniel Hun sicker Capp Schock Adams for n Eig Bors at Law for Here is an offer to All Send for a years subscription to the sem weekly news and the paper will be sent you two times each week for one which is 104 if at any time within 60 Days you Are dissatisfied with the paper you May order it stopped and we will return your Money to what More can any one want Here is a fair Chance to sem weekly Only mfr Satu Inyat president of the Lebanon Western yield u Public installation in 1ie town at for Campst of tin following was the programme opening by the Audi ence Pravir i Orcsi of by by orpheus club of by my by orpheus by and of music Niblic arrested at detective Hunter went to Lancaster on in answer to a despatch from Constable of that stating that Mason wanted in this county for stealing a is in the warrant was issued by Squire of East Han an old Highway in Jacl Cimon torm Phlp the Cate of 9 comply Friday and saturday the Case of Amanda Miller and her Miller John occupied the attention of the this Case has aroused much interest among the people of Myerstown and other portions of Jackson township who Are familiar with the the cause of the Contention is an old Road or Public Highway which is attempted to be Chang the contestants Are but for some reason could not the Road for Many Vears led at an Angle across a portion of Millers and so Long As the Timber was not Cut Down there was no objection to persons driving through on that Home years ago Miller Cut Down the and As the Road left a Small Triangle of of his land on the Side of the Road he desired that the Road be Given a different course so As to pass around instead of through the thus avoiding the Tri various attempts were made by the contestants to arrive at some under but they could never agree and finally they appealed to court a Large number of witnesses have been heard and it is doubtful whether the Rase can be finished the costs will be considerable and in the whatever the decision May both plaintiff and defendant will be the losers to a consider Able degree and bitter feelings will been from the a ail Tiewlo of two architect of visited on this Day for the purpose of a caring plans for remodelling the old Tore House at the Cornwall thursday Moraine Jacob Weidman lipped and fell at the engine House of he Cornwall Anthracite break no a rib on the left Side of his Emma daughter of John and Susan of 528 North seventh red on the morning of this aged a social gathering took place Friday evening Al the residence of John sear East Walnut tendered to his miss the different ice houses throughout Lebanon were All being filled on this Day and there was a Bic demand for some parties offering As High As per a news item stated the merchants fearing a change of weather Are doubling their efforts to House a sufficient Quantity of the pres ent what was the meaning of the following which appeared in the news at this time Asaph clerk for the county this morning Noti fied in writing the different proprietors of not to publish anything relating to county unless ordered to do so by the proper probably the publishers of newspapers at that explain it Ive aim to make these items As inter Estine As possible and faithfully recall All local happenings of Twenty years ago that May be of interest to the Large class of our readers who always look for these at the news columns contain but very few purely local which accounts for their Brev Ity on such sunday night Cyrus Gro Cery at Corner of eighth and Chett nut was entered and a Large Quan Tity of butter stolen George Andes and miss Eliza rein of West were mar ried saturday Schantz performing the Longacre Gable were erecting a new stable for on the rear end of his Corner of fifth Street and Spring past and past left on the train on the the property subsequently found in lavatory near the Man arrested for a stabbing affray in the Park under new Diatom equally As mysterious As that perpetrated in the Burden residence in Modi son has been brought to the Atten Tion of the four members of the Calumet one of the most select so Cial organizations in the wore the though the stolen Raluca it Over has been the Only Clew the police have that May lend to the identity of the robbers is a Towel marked Tho initials of Tho the Calumet is located at the Northeast Comer of fifth Avenue and Twenty ninth Street und is Ono of the Best appointed clubhouses along fifth its membership is composed exclusively of wealthy Young the third and fourth floors of the clubhouse Are divided into suits occupied by members of the who make the clubhouse their the members who were Tho victims of the robbery Are William Frank fatten of the banking firm of Morgan Kernochan and Morey go Khan was Tho heaviest to was the first to discover the gave n dinner to a party of friends at the vial Orf to loft his rooms at the dub ii Jont 8 Oclock to go to the hotel and dial not return until almost 1 Oclock in the his rooms Gillilan Dis Covell Bluit tiie lock of his where he kept his had been broken and that Tho jewelry had been surreptitiously to informed the other nil ilmers of the club of his and after making search of their rooms Young ill Kern Chan discovered that their rooms had also been and Tii fir jewelry was George the superintend ent of the was notified of the Rob though at a loss to account for the he did not report Tho mutter the it is impossible for any of not member or employee of the Caliumi club to gain Access to any of the Prvul in the club is conducted s strictly that visitors or strangers canno reach the of the Only a few Fet away from Tho Entrance of Tweti Tyint without first stating their to the it was the general Opin Ion Tho robbery Hud been committo by sonic employed of the but a search for the second week in Jan uary now the sit Batioff Vest Over and brought Back for fitting will be Frest Corral a democratic the democratic of West Cornwall to nominate town ship will be held on tuesday january Between 7 and 9 at the Public House of Jacob at by order of Corn All companies Tau it carry Harry chief Engineer of the fire has issued an order to the different companies that All shall carry ropes to fires and immediately Span them across the streets to keep Beck called to Claude of 771 Maple on Friday evening for Oleve a editor me to sincerely thank you for your very kind comments As to my candidacy forthe mayoralty of the City of there usually Are unpleasant features connected with every and uncalled for criticisms frequently deter men from becoming Candi but your editorial of last tuesday strikes the proper keynote and its admonition for honorable conduct reflects the sentiment of right thinking if i will give personal attention to every detail of the work and my ambition to do right and act justly will Al ways be stimulated by the remembrance of your much appreciated respectfully Jacob appointed division Howard of 430 North ninth has been appointed Divi Sion surgeon of the Lebanon Valley division of the Philadelphia Reading Allwein succeeds his the late who held the position for Many Joseph Peffley Joseph who was an inmate of the Home of 1112 Buttonwood which had been Quad escaped from the House Friday morning and immediately left the should he return to this cite he will be Iron worker frightfully Robert rougher in the 12inch Mill of the Pennsylvania Bolt and nut was struck in the left eve by a cinder on Friday the Eye was frightfully burned but it is believed that the sight May be action at a stated meeting of Sedgwick Post it was decided As an organization to enter the association of grand army organized at this action confirms that taken by the delegates in morning of this Day for Philadelphia to represent my lib anus and Lebanon in the general joint committee of arrangements for the Centennial Cerebra Christian conductor at Tai time of the gravel train at this on this Day secured eight 8wheeler cars Ful of a Fine Quality of ice at Foesig dam at the Blue the ice was stored in the ice House at the residence of resident Engineer Weidman jul pneumonia said to be the cause of her Pepper Elizabeth widow the late major Grant of 19 North ninth is critically i at her Home with on sunday her condition became alarming and Wil Liam of was end arriving Here Early on sunday after seeing the patient Anc consulting with the attending Guilford and Pepper returned sunday evening her condition was reported to be slightly Elizabeth who is at tending a school for Young ladies at Wash was called Home arriving Here this at 3 Oclock this afternoon Weid Man is reported to be resting Bav ing improved slightly during the morn was and to Traco of the Missin jewelry was the jew can about u Oclock Man who is in charge of the labor cars in Battery Purl ind Olio was Dan Kiln one of Tatj lavatories in the found Towel containing a number of articles o jewelry Anil brought them to the sub Sui Tion in the aquarium and turned then Over to the servant in the articles contained the Toyoi were As follows Bloodstone ring with and in Tia two Gold watches with a family Scurf Sis eight diamonds each Aud five containing 12 diamonds each Flag pin of the new York yacht one pin with three Pearl surrounding n pin with Eib pearls and 11 pin with four Dia i Ponds and an several Golt several sets of Perl six Silver and Arnld link cuff buttons set wit i two Gold tic holders Ladys brooch set with 15 diamonds and an Ruby in and nine diamonds Ca Scye eats Eye Diamond five Gold shirt Gold Collar Button set with a 20 Jia irs of coif buttons Bloodstone Rizig from Tiffany and a pair of Jet link the Towel was marked and in one of the hearing Tho Crest was the name of Bart ens 20 John and the number a suspect acting chief Obrien and Captain picket were notified of the detectives Wernle and to of the Central office vis court House letters testamentary on the estate of Ella late of the City of have been granted to of the following deeds were filed record saturday Bechto lil and wife to Henry 1eif for 190 acres of in South Leb anon Taylor and Frank Taylor and wife to George for 70 acres Mountain in Millcreek Gross and Mary both of Isaac of Rehrersburg and Elizabeth of Bethel Mahlon Kreiser and Sarah Alice both of Daniel Swope and Emma Kincad both of this Lett for of who is crippled and became stranded in this left at noon for his through the interest of mayor Garrett others a sufficient amount of Money secured by him to Purchase his ticket to beat the Wulliam Parrel operator of a reaming machine in the factory department of the Pennsylvania Bolt and rat has the beet per Iowa item Tho clubhouse and made in Examina Tion of Tho there euro no Murks on any of the win Dows to show that the robbers had forced an Entrance through nor is it believed that Tatry could have entered the club House through Tho an the House and on fifth is occupied by Edward the president of the whether any of Tho employees of the Calumet can trere suspected Tho detect Ives and do Ninee refused to the Peculiar actions of who was arrested in Battery Park for Stab Bing Frank May have had some connection with the stolen fare who is by occupation a Cook and a was arrested within half a dozen Yards of the lavatory where the jewelry was Boyland received his Stab wound about and it was three hours later when with a hand kerchief Over his face to conceal his Fea was arrested As a suspicious Farewell is Iacchei up in Tho Church Street police station awaiting the result of the police court the bks a court reconvened at with both judges on the cases Starina Long Isaac Murrna and Jonas executors of Isaac Capp Schock for plaintiff Stanley Ulrich and Houck for Amanda Miller and her Cyrus a jury was drawn and discharged until this morn judge Ehrgood discharged All of the remaining jurors for the balance of the adjourned to meet Thia morning at Friday court reconvened at with both judges on the judge Ehrgood delivered his charge to he jury in the Case of Jonas Snyder Washington Mutual fire insurance com the jury returned a verdict in Ivor of the Plant if for Josiah Funck immediately made a motion for a manufacturers Ai Bankers Are in Surprise that Sot More failures have occurred new Dun review of Trade says Tho situation could hardly to More perplexing for business practical Mer or Bankers a have Little sympathy for those who Niin Mize their Xone doubts tha the government will raise Money to Mee but How far Themo Neymark will be disturbed or the Treasury Rose re first diminished none can the Busi Ness world cannot know As yet How far for eign questions May upset calculations though their seems every reason to expect peaceful it cannot know May be duties on any important Clas of imports a month whether imports Are Likely to exceed exports and Drav away whether the deficit of Reveny will or what other taxation vol be failure of the Senate thus far o take any action upon financial measures proposed by the president or those passed by the House affects unfavourably Al a ranches of under such Adverse circumstances it is actually encouraging Fiat shrinkage in transactions Aud result no commercial disasters have not been but four Large failures within a Day or two indicate that the same Condl Tion cannot continue Long without Ucli the Turgun Syndicate has the in loosed loan being practically underwrite but considerable Gold has already been Iran from the Treasury by intending Pur chasers and As High Asik Premium has been though at the close Only to per to some it seems i compre in Sihle that Gold has been exported during the week and Gold imported Tho same with a a Archt advantage to both i hinge stands firmly Alvo Tho Point at Vilich exports Are but the him paid in order to Purchase Bonds suffices to cause some the com mural Al loan Market was Active for some but became hard with difficulty in placing even the Best commercial paper and most Loans were made at 8 pc Domestic Domestic Trade shown by Clearing Houet payments is per cent larger than last but per cent less than in and in nearly All trades there is much Hes Railroad earnings for the first week of january were per cent Large than in but per cent less than in december showing a gain of Over 1895 and a decrease of compared with stocks steadily advanced until but Tho failures brought a move cautious speculation in products was not very and wheat was practically in though Atlantic exports for to flour have been bushels against last Ern receipts make Short crop prod Rions amounting for two wee of january to bushels again last Corn receipts we also Liberal and exports about five Tim last Cotton receipts still Indica a yield neither As Small As Neils r iterated estimate of Hales nor Large As the Bales estimated b is yet to be seen Wyeth supplies him for Bette prices Ore of cons the Price declined an eighth wit accounts of narrower demand by Spinne abroad and declining prices for goods this to Branch of manufacture has Mai for All Are unavoidably waiting Ritli financial doubts a or a demand which does not yet appear Cotton goods a not quotable by condos Sibih to business Are Rop Ortt n Many and Many of tie Mil Lave been running largely in anticipation of orders urn re in u u e better inquiry for with indict ions that dealers stocks Are running the opening f Fine and fancy Woolen ins brought in change in and Rev icons caused by recent openings of worst tis have been generally toward Lowe there his 1cen somewhat n but not enough to keep most o to Mills running Iron nil the pig Iron output weekly 1 a a decrease of or to ent in and unsold stocks in teased or Over weekly while the great steel companies who ticks arc not reported produced in do up uber the production is s the pms Jit demand for finish it roil cts that Ichii ornery stoppage of Many Urdi eos is yet pig Iron is High ii Linn 50 cents Aud Grey Forg and although finds hot products a generally with Les controllers of the Coke and or output Are said to have agreed to maintain rices above those of which mean pig but if orders for finishes not materially increase the and acc in can hardly be main minor metals Are with to ppr at about tons t 3 teats and tin it 13 shipments f boots Iii to Lor two have Bunn 3 cent last not f the fat Lori i Are running and orders Are buyers still believing that Prico just go failures for Tho Post week have been larger i numbering 393 n the United St tee against 373 Jast and 81 in Canada against 60 last preparations being made doing telling Ward clubs being obga3jized Kerry Ward in the City should Hare an Active Republican meetings should be held at various wind up with a grand the republicans of this City Are Mak opening and prosecuting a vigorous Campaign and nothing will be left undone that May Aid in electing the whole with a handsome a one of the most Active and energetic Cunhs in the City is that of the first which has its Headquarters at the Corner of eighth and Chestnut the republicans of the second Ward met in the times building on Friday evening and effected a temporary organization by electing Ned Bong Ter to the chair and acting the permanent organization was effected by electing Meredith Ned and upon Tak no the chair thanked the meeting for the Honor conferred upon him n a neat it was decided that sex finance and membership committees be appointed and it was agreed o meet next Friday the club s in an excellent condition and promises o become a Power in the party in that no doubt the other wards will also organize Active working at least Thev hould do a movement has been set afoot among he employees of the Weimer machine works for the purpose of organizing a John Weimer Republican club and Good Progress is being such club will be very not Only to miss Barton and her assistants will go to despite the 8ultajp8 refusal be candidate of ire in but to the in fire More members at a stated meeting of the Lebanon rifles at the on Friday two new members were elected As were also three others at u previous the Drill was engaged in by nearly every member of the company and commend Able work was Mee unc of Kings the Kings daughters of Zion Luther an Church met at the Home of dentist and 835 Willow on thursday where they were entertained in a splendid manner and had a very enjoyable ice Cotters at fifteen ice cutters went to it Gretna saturday to assist in the cutting and be this c Een set on fire by Yparke from a passing the Contention on the part of the company was that the Railroad Aad not the insurance company is liable for he loss the last Case to be tried at this term of court was next which is that of Amanda Miller and her Cyras John n John Benson for plaintiff to Weirick and shirk for defend ant Kramer District president of the Western District of Lebanon in stalled the officers of i s ton Camp opened a commission Harry a noting and Harry Linea Weaver Hare opened an office in the i fitting building and will engage in the commission Ney handle and other articles of i Tabu and increase John of this has bean granted a reissue and increase of his pen Aon bythe the first Ward club held a Meetie riday evening and a number of the Reading republicans of the Ward were resent giving encouragement to those Are leading off in the it was decided to holding a Public meeting in Leir club room on Friday Jan Ary when Good speakers will be resent to address the in the eau time plans Are being Laid for bring in out the entire vote on election t the meeting Gobin presented a ook on the Industrial statistics of this which contains much valuable the City committee is also beginning 3 arrange for doing Lively work before a committee on Jollif cation has Een and the committee has artly agreed to recommend that on saturday january the Jol fiction held in the court Hen Gobin and others will be in Ted to address the we in that this move ent is not meeting with much any preferring a later it has occurred to us that a better Way would be for All the wards to organize their clubs and then arrange for holding Public meetings in All of the at these meetings important Public questions could be discussed and the voters thoroughly aroused to a sense of their duty at the by this Means interest will be awakened in All of the wards and Vot ers who might otherwise be indifferent will be stirred up and induced to Dis charge their whole duty As after this work has been done then let the Jollif cation be held one or two nights before election by that time the voters will have been thoroughly the workers will be actively in the har Ness and the Jollif cation will then unquestionably be a grand we simply offer this As a but we believe that much effectual work be done for the Republican ticket if tins plan is and All the Way through let us have a clean free from abuse or any the candidates Are clean men without All Well known to our and there is no for abuse land mud All that is necessary is to awaken the voters to a sense of their duty As citizens and this can in no Way be accomplished so Well and so effectually As by holding Public meetings in All parts of the Inlet lie changes his mind the errand of mercy May be Olney Lias had no reply Fromm Olstei Terrell regarding the Clara bar the president of the american bed Cross and her George were exceedingly Busy completing their preparations to sail on wednesday for so Busy were they that they could find no Timo to answer queries As to Why they were going or i they propose to do after they get All requests for information were met by the statement that Thuro wore no new to Volos mints in the two Days ago miss Barton herself told a correspondent that she would not take any step in Tho armenian question until it was definitely known whether or not the Sulthin objected to the distribution o american Charity by the red Cross to his subjects in suppose i wanted to enter your said miss Barton to the and do certain if you were will i should thank you and proceed to Avail myself of your but if you were to reply to ing that i should not be allowed to enter your what could i do i should have to stay should i not that is the situation with regard to the Sultan and Armenia Aud Tho Keu it is that miss Barton and her associates Hove doubted the authority of the turkish minister Here in is suing his recent statement to the effect that the red Cross would not to allowed to distribute the funds that have been collected in this country for armenian re they have been under the impression that Mav Royneri Bey acted solely on his own without instructions from his in making this proceed aug according to original with this miss Barton feels that it is desirable to proceed according to her without anticipating the possibility of Taing and so she will Start on wednesday from new accompanied by Secretary Pullman and her personal stuff of lied Cross work no answer has yet been received from minister Terrell in reply to Secretary of for liquor licenses in various parts of the by jud6es Ehrgood and Light Many witnesses heard Tor and acc list the granting of few Jeen seethe court room crowded with witnesses and judges Ehrgood and Light met at Oclock this morning and gave consideration to the new applicants for licenses for the ensuing the first ease called was that of Michael for a hotel License on East leh Man Street a number of witnesses were John Benson for the next application was that of Grant for a hotel License in Rise North eighth Street Jerome Harry George Boltz and Paul Kochen Derfer testified to the fitness of Don Moyer to ran a hotel As Well As to the necessity of a Public House at that no George Ulrich for applicant Funck presented the petition of Alfred Wenrich for a License at pleasant witnesses were called who testified to the Good character of the applicant and the necessity of a licensed House at pleasant no keys instructions of Friday last to Ascer Tain finally the decision of the turkish authorities As to whether miss Barton will be allowed to conduct her work in arme at the turkish legation some Surprise was expressed at the determination of miss Burton and her associates to Start for it was stated that there was no room to question Tho authenticity of the ministers und that it was issued under instructions from Tho Turk ish miss it us of be allowed to land at but she will not be permitted to make any distribution of funds unious the armenians unless the Sultan is brought to change his mind through representations of the state a to earlier flayed daily de scribing Tho massacre at Marosh in no says Tho two head teachers in the armenian Academy were one Heing flayed alive and then Cut to ran into train bold dash of Baker Donmoyer runaway horse this a thrilling runaway occurred on North ninth Street at 2 Oclock this Baker of Brandy wide had left Nis handsome delivery team standing at the store of Charles Between the Cornwall Lebanon and Lebanon Valley and had gone into the store to make a leaving his twelve year old in charge of the a shifting engine on the Railroad frightened the horse despite the boys desperate cation of to Grant a hotel License for a Public House at the Union water a Remon Strance has been sled against the Grant ingot this which was represented by adjourned to monday court reconvened at Oclock with both judges on the the application of Bordner for a hotel License at Union water works was again taken witnesses against the granting of the application being at Oclock shirk presented the application of of for a hotel South West Corner Berks and Dauphin Turnpike and Public Road leading from Millers Burg to Lee Grumbine represents the witnesses being the Case of proprietor of the hotel against whom a remonstrance has been was not reached in time to report for today before a Large congregation in marys jobs of this out assisted by other priests celebrated sol emn High other during the Day tue Hany Dohner bin from the result at sunday was a Day of unusual interest to the pastors and members of St marys Catholic this five priests wer present m follows father Adam and his father Henry of Cornwall father Frank r g father Henry and father John Ich of these said mass at of the of in usual a finance m which pastors my participated pleasure and was the 10 Oclock for it was the time when the recently ordained father John Thompson was to celebrate his first solemn thigh the Large Church waa literally packed with people of this City who have taken a deep interest in the Young mans Wel the choir for some weeks had practice a special mass for the occasion which they rendered in an excellent father the celebrant was fathers Frank Seubert and sub Deacon listed celebrant from a text taken from Thegze Pel of John be have not chosen but i have chosen and preach a impressive m16 in this fathers Seibert and Henry each celebrated their first mass in Srmarys on this occasion was especially signify from the fact that father thump son is the Ward of father Christ Ami ran As it wheeled boy jumped out the Valley about and sharply the crossing at aped in the Leb Railroad was blocked David Rebstock chosen for City treasurer and gluon Gaby so Haeser for City the democratic committee on vacancies met at the West end Friday there were present Moses Hammond Mish and David of 939 third Una nominated for cite treasurer by acclamation and Willoughby of 423 North eleventh seventh for City or jobs track is nominated in place of who Aud Schaeffer succeeds Abraham who also rest Ocic has accepted and says he will make a vigorous fight for the although the Republican majority is town of we have been informed that some Harrisburg parties have just about 800 acres of the land immediately unwinding Conewago on the mainline of the Pennsylvania or the purpose of creating a Mann Factor be Centre and developing a Sev ral firms Are already said to be negotiating for Sites and in the coarse of a few weeks final arrangements completed with May hem to remove their plants to Cone manufacturers will obtain free and lots to erect Homes for work be men will be sold at cheap the Cornwall Lebanon Railroad ibs its terminus at mayor Garrett mayor Garrett has become interested in the pitiable Case of John who was injured at and came stranded in this and by his influence White will secure a sufficient sum of Money to Purchase a ticket to he has friends there who ill him transportation to Bis ome at preached at assistant pastor of Unity left on saturday or where he spent nonday with Washinger he popular pastor of the i that Bock preached Sun a morning and sold by sheriff saturday coming Sherifi Reuben Stine old the office furniture and lot of ready made the property f Joseph who conducted shirt factory on the second floor of the milling in which Millers music store be amount realized wag presented Wilt a presented a Lbw Job by a local freight train and the Gates were into the South Gate the maddened animal breaking it off the horse struck the irate with considerable Force and swerved sharply to the left into the private Street along the Central Market where it was the Gate was reduced to splinters and the Wagon was damaged somewhat the horse escaped serious thieves the Home of Henry her South tenth thieves gained an Entrance to the Home of Henry 237 South tenth during the family absence at on sunday and ran sacked the securing a Gold three a pair of bracelets and about in they made their escape unnoticed and left behind no clue by which they might have been when the family returned from Salem lutheran Church and entered the House they at once discovered that some one bad been there daring their everything was in the con tents of the drawers and trunks being tired about the an examination showed that Hermans Gold watch was Bis daughters bracelets and in an open transom window above the rear door showed How the thieves gamed Entrance to the patrolman Yost was summoned and made an exhaustive search of the premises but Coald find no Ite tracks of the thieves in the soft ground of the Yard were followed to the rear Public installation of the officers of Washington Camp of were publicly installed in the town at on Satur Day by District president before a Large an elaborate program was observed and addresses were made by judge Ehr and enjoyed a Sleigh at an Early hour this morning pedestrians on our streets saw the unusual spectacle of a horse drawing a Sleigh and the Jingle of the Bells proved not unwelcome livery Man Samuel bom Berger and a Friend occupied the Sleigh and from All appearances enjoyed the argument by counsel who represent the new applicants will not be heard until All the witnesses in the various applications have been fought the Jacob Barr Kong Fly handled at his Home in Jacob Well known in this having resided Here for Many years and at one time served on the police but now residing at now under the care of a suffering from injuries received in combat with two who entered his Home Dur ing Barrs absence on Friday night to a reporter of the Columbia news Barr related the following account of the assault he stated that he spent the evening at the Post room of general Welsh Post and re turned to his Home shortly after nine when he entered the front room he saw Wittick and Boyd in a rear room roughly handling his Burr ran into the room to take her part when the two men turned upon Barr attempted to reach the stove poker to defend him self when he was knocked Down and kicked several Wittick and Boyd then ran from the House when they pro cured stones and began throwing them at the House breaking ail the Barr then went to the door when with a Stone in his rushed at the Man and knocked him Down after which he set upon him and beat him Over the head in an unmerciful Barr was left lying on the floor p i known As the child of the co Grega his parents having died some years ago the Church took an Especial in Terest in him and he likewise in the so that the relations Between them Are peculiarly after the services at 8 and 10 Oclock at 3 0cock m the afternoon father Thompson invited the people for Ward to the altar railing and promised to give a Blessing to it is hardly necessary to say that All the people gladly took advantage of tha Opportunity and at each time Large num Bers pressed Forward to receive a bless ing from the Young a very pleasant meeting was held at 4 o Dock in the afternoon when the Mem re 39daliy and other members of the Church met in the the Pur pose being to present the Young priest with a handsome costing about which the modality had purchased As a Mark of respect and esteem for him who for years had been one of their most Active and devoted father Christ was in very Good spirits on the occasion and introduced his Young Ward to the by say me that Fie would give his first Public talk since his entry into the Vav Ith tears of gratitude flowing Down Cheeks father Thompson made a Brief and very felicitous address and All pres ent were deeply Raymond Thompson and misses Katie Mary and Stella of witnessed the ordination service and Celebration of the first mass by their they will remain in this City for some left bleeding profusely while Bis assailants made their the victims head is in Day Cut and causes him much the most painful injury is on the left thumb which he claims was bitten by after the affair Wittick and Boyd bade their friends goodbye and left for parts consigned did the Tomb departed friends Litho to heat by Thomas the funeral of Thomas of Phila who died at the Hospital on Friday was held from the under taking rooms of Bowman co this services were conducted in marys Catholic Church by father Adam and interment was made in marys no word was received from relatives who Are sup posed to live in although several messages were their addresses could not be Humer willing to shoot any Harris Bare crack but not on even ride will celebrate lint David loser left this afternoon to spend a few Days at his Home in Leb doric his stay be win attend the Celebration of first mass of John at the St marys Catholic he waa ordained pries from St Vincent College several Days of Charles who some time ago won the live Bird championship of cum Berland county at Hardy the West Fain new called a this office last evening to Denv the re port that he bad recently offered to shoot any of the Harrisburg cracks for a stipulated amount on even what he did say was that he was willing to shoot any if Given not now cum Berland has turned the championship Over to his Defeated who already has a challenger for it in the Peison of a fellow a match at 25 live with a 30yard would Likely be arranged for next at West Humer will no to Leba non in a few Days to Endeavor of get a match on with one of the cracks in that Telegraph of Satur Motherless John of 428 Freeman who was adjudged a Lunatic and was taken to Harrisburg on Friday was the Only support of a Large family of Motherless Hia terrible Afflic Tion has left them destitute and neighbors Are now contributing to their rapport this Case appeals strongly to our Sharita Harry Dohner dead after week of suffer inc he Greir weaker until relieved by Harry aged 7 son of Mary of 411 North tenth died shortly after 3 Oclock on sunday from the effects of the frightful injuries received in an Accident on Lehman weeks the boy is the second victim of the terrible Accident in which Ned Light was almost instantly killed by being run Over by a cinder on the pole of which he was stealing a ride with a number of the wheels passed Over Downers head and across the Abdomen of John aged 9 of tenth and Lehman Meily has entirely recovered but Downers condition was grave from the first Ilia remarkable vitality led Thep Hysi cans to Hope for his but the crushed portion of the Skull at the base of the brain refused to mend and Large quantities of cerebral fluid escaped through the Dohner suffered greatly but bore up with marvelous Forti on Friday there was a decided change for the worse and his which had remained unimpaired until became dulled and he fell into a Semi coma lying unconscious until saturday after it was seen that death was fast approaching and he continued to sink until Oclock sunday when he passed painlessly to sleep for the last Dohner was a very Bright boy and was a student in the Public school taught by miss he was popular among his Young by whom he was considered an excellent a kind and Loving who has been sorely tried by her untiring care at his with a Young brother and two baby Are left to mourn Hia a areal Solis and Peter who reside in the same and several angles und the funeral will be held from the House on wednesday at 2 0 of Cente aary will conduct the ser vices and interment will be made in it Lebanon citizens and All donations will be thankfully received by the at hymns miss Emma Kiscadden and David Slopey both of this were married at sur Palm on saturday evening a donation composed of a number of estimable la surprised and Joseph residing on South ninth by unceremoniously entering the Bouse and loading up the table with a Good Supply of such parties never fall to Gladden the hearts of the recipients and Point the Way to a religious example that is indeed worthy of Erda a Chanca at Leader la cellos Wal and miss Carrie Alto members of St Marka reformed this have tendered their they have been singing in that organization tar a number of several offers have recently been made Bat a yet none have been chief Hinzler has received word from Colebrook and Pinegrove to be on the a hew Nam William a Young Mart of f his Printer by from today will be m the employ of the if Zig one of the reporters and any favors or Courte sies shown him will be greatly App re based by the
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