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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Jan 13 1910, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - January 13, 1910, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Is the counties to to Nib of per retd by and if in the their it All of tit Ana at a Sale in into Section the the appear be Jow we nubile on the Days Tufty been sent for 6t having them if the news Lownis to How sales their Early As possible 7 Andrew Krelder Henry South jackal i held Elbe att of Jeremiah for Fife Latown South Annville John Fortna Aaton m John o Bear Host Berks air my Tedy Row 16 years her and f hitched a Piglet about 1400 8 of Voth to 2 Maok h Yeara and gentle in stable i Lnig ab6ttillpo Safe Tor eat Yorty to will tree in this Sein weekly news is the Best medium Tot advertising sales in Leba non it All others in Cir for proof of this a Quiro of your Ana you will learn int foot another county paper As Many As Tho Terni by a Public Sale Advertis in this put per will be Roft in nearly Virv farm or wad Yew wow to of Tott won dealing with our to it jul for you Ana for Weltme 10oeo or Ahn Vullo 10 10 10 Longeneck 10fred 10harry Leb b Berks 2 nth Annville her belch Bast Hanover Gruber Annville t u t Marion of Bible Bethel Berks co womels Jahic prey town Annville Union East Hanover Berks zinns near Winters ill Hanover near Bethel to Lehocki Moyer Swatara Marlon nth Jackson Henry Lingle Palmyra 11lorenzo Lebanon Krall near Emrich near Palmyra Swanger near i Daniel near Frederic Kurg Bechto w or Frederk Sig Lebanon Rhu child can line weigh 2260 it Ltd dark Bay 4 yer Trot both one extra Bengl i Lead at 2100 head of 10 milk g of them will have Calomi by Day of 2 yearling 3 service 4 8 and 5 months old 10 head of 5 of them Wolsh Between 200 and 800 1 Bow will la tort m balance weighing from t 4and 0 and Ronda ton Owego Wagon lop Spring Wagon with front and top buggy Good As Buck Ito Board with one year in use new Block Sleigh carries two pleasure Only used a few a e Missour phosphate Hoosier 3 pair Patent Hay l7ahen Wengert near Jonestown milled South is but East Hanover Schneff Rstow Greary Leb near Heffell Reinbo Kimm Erlings bks Tulpehocken Poneys 2 sets Anure 12 4 feet Long 2 Grain cradles double and triple roes it not afraid of any object 9 years weighing about 1100 single Chestnut Bay 8 years weighing about 1000 Good lady can drive her and no Road too far for Light Bay 6 yearn weighing about 1200 not afraid of steam or Good Driver Chestnut Bay coming 6 weighing about 1300 Tyl ish High any drive no Road too far for also a double worker Light Bay 4 years weighing about j200 Safe suitable for n doctor or Young shows plenty of Speed she is it Dandy no Road to far for her 8 Bay 12 years weighing about Good draft works anywhere 9 and 10 Bay of Ming 4 years 1 a Good single line weighing about 2400 11 and pair of Black Mare coming 3 years weighing about 2200 1 a Good single line hard to heavy build 13 and two coming 2 Good size 30 head of 27 head of milk Durham and Jersey 12 fresh by Day of some close springers 1 Stock weighing about 1400 2 head of hogs and 6 fat to some White leghorn 4horse Columbia Good a new with Box 2 and 3horse Wagon with Box Good 1horse Mccall Good As new 2 Good As top Spring Wagon with Glass coming b years old very gentle about 1300 i horse coming 7 years Safe of All objects weighing about 1200 Iba 1 Ana match in 3 inches coming 5 years old till Spring Cream can not be hitched wrong and both doers 3 Bay no 8 years 16 hands 2 inches family 1 pair coming 10 years Well mated Safe and gentle both Good 12 head of 8 of them Are fresh by Day of Sale rest Are heavy with cat by Day of 1 Heifer with calf by Day of Sale some Hoff twin and Durham Fine Holstein bulls owl u eight wad of and ii Good worker ant Amer and fearless of All 2 Bay b years weighs 1100 works single and double Fea Leab of All objects used this horse under the Saddle last sum Jet Black 5 years weighs 1100 stands Handy double to pkwy 2 pair breast chains fifths cow lop and other chains 2 Hind and three front 2 Yankee harness 1 team and 1 Riding 5 heavy trinies single Good condition Good As new Phaeton Spring Wagon rubber acquitted 2 Tilar Check single ones Strep All kinds of brio a is 1 Elk Banff about 75 chickens no 12 1 Laval Cream Only 1 year in Uso or 8x10 1 cooking my Flen Irving s 1 barrel cop per butter or tubs und Many Othni articles not f murder 12 noon conditions kill Lynn and ought and w Harry who shot Harry Rubinson formerly of this Harry Tine who Sho my killed John another at on de Ember was Aciu loud by a Pottol on plea 6f Robinson was a former Resl Lent of this or Lof James and or Rehr Ershig Union near Jackson 1 Pinegrove or Berks South Annville near so Ellaville Kummerl Ingv is Simon Union township North Jackson Millcreek s North Lebanon Grantville Schaeffer Union upper Tulpehocken Grant a Jackson North Cornwall near Grantville of Myers Tor g2pavld Swatara near 24ainoe Annville Marlon South or Jonestown East Berk Gibble Bethel Tuple Nockey Host Hollinger Heidelberg two corp Wall South Cornwall Grant ill a Hertzb Publio of a Bofbby 1 will to sold it pubic Salu on Jab Rjaby on the farm of formerly of in North Lebanon on the Roud Cimi Illinik from the forgo Road to about a mile from the for Mer Sirl 1 i Miles Froin tie latter plier thu follow lab personal to two Heill of extra Sood working 1 a Good single nil double four less of St Tynni und trolley r any woman can drive ilm 3 head of Good in Icli will la on Day of about 2i i horse 1horso Wagon and a prank 1 with Glass front am Slih Pony John Mori in Good running condition graph Lovoi Nelko Turco t As Roo As new i Liikal porn with it Corn Corn Shel fanning 2 sets front gears him a Sohenk try about 10 bushels plan liar porn Hay 110 us Hay Luil Dei about i 1eot Iron Copper holds manure Forks pitch breast nine butt and Many Oiler Lolles not no dinner Sale to at 1 when will be Tumuli known by Samuel Tybus pub if Bale of personal fropebty1 will be bold at nubile Sale on Jas vary on Tho Prem sets in Juo son on the Road Lead ing from Myerst Jiwu to about l Melloh from Forini Puiul 2 Miles from Trio latter the followiiu1 personal to Viz Ono works sniffle or if stood Leader 1 one fro fish by Day of Sale 1 1horso i top Spring 1 with Surrey with seated Johnson Vinnue Good As now Iliad 3 auctions As Lull 15 tooth Spring 2 2 potato Corn Sbol cutting wind Grid no id i shift Kapps put Zizo of property i will to sold at Phi Bolo Sale on on Tho premises in Marlon township Berks Noar the Road Lead ing from Stoul burb to Winto Syll 1 mile Northwest of the following personal three intr of Mulen coming 7 years extra Good Stock no a coming 9 years Good no 3 4 will of the above pair 1ms a Good Hon Orlf Lino Leader sorrel 9 years old family broke and a Good loader 20 head of consisting of 7 head of mlle i cows some fresh and some close Spring 7 heavy with calf u Stock bulls fit for service Tho above ii thu Are of Guernsey and Alder by Stock 55 head of including needing heavy with litter ext i Ino Poland China fit for service Uii balance Are shoats weighing fron to to 75 pounds 100 chickens 3 1horst new Gruber with Hay used very Little Tho other two in in extra Good condition Low Down wag on with Box Spring for 1 or horses 2 Block Sli Adriance Binder i it Cut 1 Adriatico and 1 Wood Darla no Hay for 1 or 2 horses pair Hay Lio feet Long 2 set manure running Michel extra Good for cleaning seeds of ill description Spangler with phosphate attachment double con planter with phosphate attachment used Only one season 1 Riding and single 2 1 Syra Cuse and 1 gang land three 1 Section Harrow Puli go Teeth Spring Corn scrape and Corn Corn Outton Hay Fork with rope and Pul Complete 2 Hind 6 front rears 2 buggy Check and othe Good team 8 new Fly Neth Halter cow double and Trees jockey und 1 extra Good scalding s Cream swing butter churn 1 wooden and 1 galvanized butter Box i tubs and Many ii Thor articles too numerous to mention most of the above articles have been used Only three years and Are in Good condition und will positively be sold As 1 will move to Sale to commence at m when conditions will be made known by Leonard 1 tired Good As new 2 Sood ground 3 sporting Good is new Market Sleigh and one Block a Lough with Box Mccormick Binder and Good As Mccormick 9 it self dump Rake 2 pair Hay 1 pair 22 Good As new Supe Loi seed fertilizer in Good condition steel land Straw Patent Hay rope and 2 set Man ure Ranuro Hook manure potato san Golf double and triple u big two Grain Forks All kinds of quarrying Wagon Halter and other lot of 2 cart 3 set in Elcee front 2 set Bug y Good As new express har Check ind other also some household such As butter milk Early red seed potatoes by the platform Scali ind Many other articles too numerous to credit of 8 months will be Sale to commence at 12 Sharp conditions will be known by Cyrus it for service 1 weighs about 1200 12 head of two 4horse wagons 1 Gruber and other Columbia make 1 Columbia Box 2 heavy 4horse 2horse was Ron with Box Low Down wag on top apr engr Wagon with Miller make this Wagon la entirely new not having been used just out of the shop Buck Spring Wagon 2 Patent Hay ladders 18 feet Long Adriance Binder c foot Cut 2 Adriance mowers 6vfe foot Cut l Adriance Hay Tedder 8 foot Cut Adriance Hay for 1 or 2 horses double Corn planter Bullseye potato Iron age make Farmer favorite Grain Drill land roller with Harrow combined Large land roller Spring Riding walk ing Small cultivator 2 scor ers and fur rowers combined for 1 and i horses Oliver chilled South Bent walking potato plow Grain fanning Mill Corn Sheller new Hollam grinding Mill 8horse Power Spring reel gasoline engine manure Market sporting Sleigh 2 sets manure planks 2 wheelbarrows grinding Stone 6 inches 48 feet Long 2 Large Hay ropes and pulleys 4 jockey poles 2 single and 2 triple Trees one spreader 4 Hind and 2 front gears 2 Yankee express harness sad 3 Check lines Fly nets chains Forks shovels rakes brain set Stone Quarry tools 2 2 Iron 3 casting drills Liay by the ton and Corn fodder by the and Many other articles toe numerous to Killian and 1230 High this horse has style and behaves Well at All than offs and is As flip a horse As i Ever 4 and i 2 Black a Fine 6 and 7 years weigh 1050 each Good work ers and extra Good no Road too far for them Are tame and a pair you dont find every Day 6 and pair Black Mare 8 years weigh 2150 1 an extra Good Leader Are tame in stable and harness Black Mare with a Little single line Leader and tame for a child to 12 head of Young some with calves by Day at Sale some close springers and a few fall cows 6 head of yearling heifers 15 head of Breeding sow with pigs on Day of Sale the rest Are pigs from 25 up 100 head of Gruber 2vi Inch 3 Inch with Good As new Columbia 2 Inch 3 Inch without made Over the Gruber pattern this wag on was Only Usel through Hay making and harvesting last summer 2 horse Wagon with Gruber in Good condition Spring without in Good condition in Good conf i Tion extra Good 2horse with body Johnston used few seasons Adriance reaper in Good condition 2 Johnston and Continental makes Hay with 8 Forks and 3 Teeth in each Fork phosphate on Tario has 10 and used Only a few seasons Lancaster Hay 1 a self dump 2 pair Patent Hay 20 feet Long Riding 2 with 14 Teeth Joy land in Wood condition Imboden Harrow and roller combined 2 Oliver chilled wierd 2 Wallace Corn Spring Spike Stone body and new fanning Corn grind Large manure 2 Corn it pays to see Kaufman for glasses Willow the above goods almost entirely being used Only one and two no dinner will be credit of 8 months will be Sale to commence at p when conditions will be made know Bale of farm Stock i will to sold at Public Sale on by the undersigned in Bethel Teterka 1 Miles East of the following personal pro to wit 10 head of As follows Blacic b years weighs 1000 Gray 9 years a regular family pet Bay 7 years single line Leader Good All Over Black 9 years a Good lady Driver Bay i years Bay 9 years old Bay 10 years old latter Good single and can not be hitched wrong 8 and yearling and Bay Good very broken to Halter a Good old horse 12 head of Milch most of them some with calves vyv others fresh and close 1 2 Fine Stock 15 head line Poland China Breeding 4horso Bernville with Good As new 2horse homemade Livorse Schwab used very Little an old farm 4 new top Miller log Good Buckeye Champion Mower nearly new Wood reaper in Good condition Spangler Low Down Grain and fertilizer Drill Hay Rake 1 pair Hay 22 foot Long fanning Corn Corn Spring and Spike 2horse Power grinding land 3 Universal and Oli ver chilled 1 front Yankee har bridles and team Saddle und thick and other lines single and double All kinds of rakes und Forks and Many by Gibble 12 William Sells Public Bale of Persona ii pro Petty will be sold at Public Sale on february 1910 on the premises in Bethel berth Between Fredericks i Irreg and Millersburg on the Road Lead ing from mlle Asburr to about one mile West of Millerburg pm the farm of Jonathan the follow ing personal Viz head of Bay years weight 1300 a Good worker single or an extra Fine Leader and a Fine fearless of All Gray 7 years old weighs 1200 works single Doo Ible extra Fine very Bay 5 years weighs 1100 works single and double a Good Saddle horse and a Nice and stylish any lady can drive fearless of All 10 head of cattle 8 Good milk some have calves by Day of Sale 1 Yearl ing Heifer and 1 yearly Stock 12 head of weighing form 20 up 1 Only used a few times Pota to 3 Grain 2 Hay with rope and pulleys All kinds of rakes and Forks 2 spreaders and sixth double and triple cow and Halter 2 Hind Good As new 6 front team Good As new 2 express 1 goo1 As new bugs Good Riding Saddle and 4 Fly nets lines and House i id such As Dock Ash flour i water Kitchen cupboard i d Many other articles not also at the same time and place a Fine piece of pasture containing 10 acres and 8 situated in 3ethel Berks a credit of 8 months will be Sale to commence at when conditions will be made ski be of Tribbs of personal pbofertt1 will be sold at Public Sale on on the premises of John shark North near the Road Lea from Annville to water Kauffman meeting the Folio personal property one Safe family Good two fresh by of two heavy with one ten so weighing about 50 3 Masc a d Spring with top end pole top Ono in Good Condi pleasure Hay four univ Spring two single planters two potato two wheel cutting 16foot step two to harness a lot of front to new three buggy co Check and other Sleigh and Trees and and together with other 01 Iron trough four feet i and digging grubbing Cross Cut splitting scythe and Grain Small Cook Iron chairs and Many other a not a credit of six months will be no dinner Sale to commence at 1 Oclock conditions will be made known by known by Stupp and Jonathan Monroe 1227 Elmer Grubi 1223 Sale of to 75 40 Milburn Wagon with 3 Inch tire 4horse Wagon with 2 Inch tire Hay Tedder with 6 2 pair attend Hay 18 and 20 feet Joy Multi Bessel Gill plow single Corn plan Good As new single Corn Good As new Hay Fork with Ropo and Good As 135 Long 2horne Spring Good As new Spike Harrow 12 Tornado feed Cut Ter As Good As new All kinds of chains double and Tropple Trees front gear Hind gear bridles and a credit of 8 months will be Sale to commence at 1 Oclock when conditions will be made known by William articles not credit of i Stock fan main at purchasers risk till March Good care will to Sale to commence at 12 Oclock when conditions will be made known web Bebich pub Iio Saab of personal Pope Bovi will be sold at Public Sale on january on Tho farm of Tho undersigned in East Hanover Lebanon coun on the Road leading from Jones town to 4 Miles West of near harpers the Fol lowing 10 head of horses and mules 1 weighing 1200 Good single line cannot be property t will be sold at Public Sale on january on the farm of Henry sit uate in Bethel Berks near the Public Road leading from Frey town about 2 Miles North of and on half mile South of Zollers and 2 Miles Northwest of the Fol personal to wit 5 head of horses and among them 3 Good and two of them extra leaders Bay com ing 9 perfectly Safe and Good single and double worker 11 head of among them 7 Good Milch some with calves by their Side on Day of Sale 2 Stock 2 1 with calf 1 heavy four horse will body one now Bernville 2horse Wagon top Spring 2 top 1 of them As Good As new sporting Wagon Osborne up borne new Spangler Low 1 of n Grain Drill steel land Siovie Spring har Good two horse with body and pleasure 2 Oliver chilled potato set new Hay 20 feet Long Sot Patent Hay lad Hay 2 Hay 130 feet rope and wheel bar single Corn 2 Yankee har 2 front buggy Fly single and Check cow Halter and other chains double Anc single new Cre Aiji Range Wood Chalrs 2 bed knives Anc tin Apple tubs and John Bowmans Saj of personal will be sold at Public Sale on february on the premises in North Coil Lebanon Berks and Dauphin 1 i West of the City of at Oil the following personal of Over 200 head of live slating of 25 head of mules Bay 6 Yearl weighs 1100 extra Good Al horse Bay 6 Yean weighs 1100 Well Good delivery horse Bay coming 4 years Kentucky and hard to beat coming 5 Safe for a lads drive Black Bora years perfect Dis Poi and is a finely gaited Trotter and broke Grey 9 be extra Good family make a Good general Chestnut Bay 7 Al weighs 1350 Good for a Coal or lumber team 10 years weighs an extra Good worker and car Bijj Bay 12 years Bro Jef and cannot be hot Chela dark Bay Good we Carter Seal Brown j years old and extra Good Fame Safe for a lady to drive i Are both broke single and Good pair Good mule 7 years Well Rich color and right kind p coming 7 years 2ioo Well very the one is an except single line they Are Hail pair Bay mules coming 4 year 17 hands both Well by by Alfred Bethel r 1 numerous other no dinner Sale to commence at hitched Good cart Ludier and no our i door from buggy in pass now Grain lot chains und a full full Sot nce making l Iron act to milk bar 3 Atrul Juryj Berry Iris and Many other a or lit of Iii Inthis will be Given Bule to at 1 when conditions will Bonjulo known by Isaac lehmans Public Sale of pub Sohaili pop Buty will be sold it Public Sale on Iebba Abts on Tho premises in North Jackson Heb Annn on the Road loading from Myerstown to keys ubut Miles North of Myers town on Tho old Spannuth tin following personal Viz 3 stud of horses Sor Rel years Good single and double worker sorrel 14 years Good single Lino Leader and works any Platco Safe for any lady to drive Mack Mare with ii years Good line Leader and a Good worker 5 milk two fresh and Tho others Aro close springers Stock Bull tit for Sorvino 5 Chester White lot of Chicken and Guinea Lam use Heber Good As new top Spring top pair Hay 10 feet Long Motiu Pubantz it 8th Annu All Public Sale of hew Home Shade harness will be sold in Public Sale on Jahu Aby at the Tannery at Cross kill Berks the following grades 40 sets front Back bands Are Nudo from 3 to 4 in syrup work in proportion Complete i Chain traces and 20 acts Hind and breeching when conditions will be made known by Samuel Jonathan 1220 of Kos lev i h Hoffman 1s 1s Public Sale Al 2 Lau of Tiona and Potter oow8 t Nick bin Dor in Good truck grass chilled plow for or with works All Rig tit t horses so on hits Prem Piir Vicli Laius to be on january h tit the u Leai Iii trom the Tolk Iwig Ila of Fine some and tie balance Furu Kioh us will be two lot close Ary and March profitable for s also Shoa 125 a Liberal credit will be weighing from 35 to Bale Tocoinis conditions will Boi Bergt ence at Blun be Nistl known by land Spring tooth Luis run with Spike Corn Corn Bay Niku Hay and Straw Cutter Hay grind Carponter Brace with Angim tree Sei of splitting Grain soy t m Bushel Peck bag Lar Jjo Roii 2 sets Mumiru Bone 3 Iok 4 sets front sear j Yankee Ami 1 buggy harness and tying All i incl of rakes and single Usu double 1 Patent Borse Cai by used at any also household Wood cur put by thu upper barrel Iron 4 milk lot of buckets and Bushel horse mail Karly of John Sahyers by the All Tho about articles Are us Good As no dinner a Ere Jit of s months will Sale 10 commence at in when conditions will be made known b isaac1 John j Strong and made for s sets Yankee with 2 trimmed in brass and Ball top something Cial for heavy Muling of k sets Dunkoe harness without trimmed in brass Ami 4 sets Spring Wagon Long trimmed in Goud for 1 sets double buggy har Complete and trimmed in Nickle and nits in this assortment is something special for Carriage 6 sets single express in brass brass wire and sets single Carriage with Collar not traces Are 1 a Good Plain harness for Carriage 30 sets single buggy trim med in Nickel and White made up in single 100 Yankee or Tuam trimmed in Nickel and brass fronts and rosettes Woolen and horse Lap 100 and stitched halters team Check plow hitching harness 1ersons commencing farming will have hem an Opportunity to Purchase every thing they in this All Stock will be displaced and sold in our Large Tannery Tome Early and examine for a credit of s months will be Sale to commence at 12 rain or when conditions will be made known by Kantz horse pair Bay 14 both single line Safe and 1 mule 14 years single line cannot be hitched wrong 6 coming 2 years old till Well heavy Well extra Large for their age they Are hard to beat 24 head of Tine consist ing of 16 extra heavy nearly All with calves by their the balance Are close springers 5 heavy with 3 Stock tit for service 40 pigs and 2 sows with 2 big 1 Large Chester he is As Tine As you can find rest arc pigs and some 4 weeks shoats weighing from 60 to 15u pounds 1 Good 2horse with Schwub with 3 brakes Spring Good As with Glass fronts and Miller homemade Johnston Good As new homemade double carries 2 used Only a Little new pleasure Hay co tooth Spike 2 wooden Frame Spike Plank land Yankee in Good order buggy harness with Hames and com plete in Good order bridles and Cheek and double and triple Lime 2 set manure Pine also about soon feet of consisting of planks and scantling and Many other articles too numerous to no dinner will he Sale to commence at 12 when conditions will be known by Public Sale of pm Oriel and Shuey and 3 Public Sale at the Heilman january at 2 of the Small farm of about 11 adjoining Tho farms of late also of two 5acre grazing All situate along the Swatara near Jones see hand Bills for farther 1 3 10 agent for owner and personal property 1 will be sold at Public Sale on saturday january at the late residence of David Bisen in Bethel Berker on the Road leading from Millersburg to the Blue Mountain 1 mile East of the As follows All that certain 2story Frame dwelling House and 2 acres of sit uate in Baid Bethel adjoining lands of Moses Wilson self Wayne Eisenhauer and this build los erected last summer All that certain tract of Timber land situate in said Bethel adjoining lands of Perce Wilson Harry and containing 19 acres and 6 Perch part of this tract is 40 years growth balance is Chestnut also at the same time and place will be sold a cooking water 8day Coppei Iron 3 Wood Chest meat sausage Wash a lot of tin and Queens Are lot of Carpenter Carriage and machine fruit lot of sawed consisting of scan line and of fall and Many More articles not Sale to commence at 12 when conditions will be made known by agent for the act 1216 steel Roan mules coming 4 both Well the one a go will make a heavy team Paluf coming 4 years Well mated and Well Well boned pair Black coming 8 years Well this pair is hard to Are Tho kind lovers of Good looking Tho above Nan and mules Are All season eds mated ready for sound with the exception head of Fine consuls extra heavy milk cows of them will have calves their Side on Day of of them Are close Spring of lovers of Good cows to see them a number produce 50 per heavy with Fine Holstein heifers and by in age from 3 months Tor this Young Stock All Oria the Hershey Dairy fall to see As the marked and hard to 125 head of 14 bad some with litter and heavy with litter on Day balance Are shoats from on up to 100 in w Good As new 6 goo Good team 8 Good ii 4 sets cart Barf condition 2 Acme 3 of them Good As nil Stock must Allbe As will positively be sold for All lovers of fail to attend this persons wishing to a distance can do so fron on railroads to the City from there by trolley Tol every half hour and Manojl too numerous to Mentior a Liberal credit will by Sale to commence at 1 when conditions will a John s Killian and to Uhrich and Morris 13 appointed Samuel has been appointed auditor in the estate of the Lute miss Liz abet of this u the Resolution Montgomery county poor directors have adopted a Resolution forbidding employees at the poorhouse o Pui supplies at the cent milk and which shall be wholesale prices Public of a farm of 160 acres of will be sold at Public Sale on on Tho farm of and Forney near in North Annville town Lebanon formerly the Maulfair this is a valuable tract of of Lime having been lately hauled on the same with lots of it is in a splendid condition and brings Fine there Are 2 16feet Wells on the farm and running water in each also a lot of fruit Gino Ion Sibl of one car in pobby our Man writes they will be sold at Public Jai at the drovers excl Cath and Willow jguj2i one car Load of Pel consisting of Holstein ii the improvements thereon con Sist of a Large 8roomed 2 Story House with a barn 40x80 feet a cattle and mule shed 40x40 a Large implement Wagon and Corn Large pig sly and a Hay shed 30x30 Sale to commence at 1 when conditions will be made u2g Bat of Anc some fresh springers and Are As we could an Yod cow should not fail Kcf a these cows five Stok 60 Days credit by Sale to commence when conditions will j 01 Aucul thursday elfin Ink january judge Ehrgood Oval ipod licenses to All Tho old applicants gravel Hill revival dealers r closing their places of business on Christmas Day judge at the annual i court this morning in the grand Ury room of the court Uisok i Caslon to commend the action of the liquor men in closing their places business on Christmas there nothing in the Law which requires licensed places be closed on that Hollday and the action of the License Witters in making the move led the Stirt t0 make the also advised the wholesalers to exercise care in the of so that there of the Law by making the having been filed us Janst any of the Aid wet in the matter of the Whoie in la vent it Liq to Ere arc two applicants for the h judge Khz Rood granted licenses All he once began testimony applications of Peifer my George each of whom seek to have Hie wholesale 11 Romig in charge of ser vices metting Well the revival services which Are in Progress in the Oravel Hill United Brethren Are increase air in interest and the was assisted a few evenings this week by of the solicitor for the Quincy on thursday evening Boyd a student of Valley will will repeat Quaker City wedding funeral of Stober Sci Tor Jet Bench and postmaster attend tie state senator and Early this in0111 ing for Lancas Ter to attend the of the late state treasurer they will return this comity agricultural and horticultural association so decides to be double affair Ono for Tho children another for Tho adults and getting read for inspection Case perfecting 1jers of company will fill All Vern tries on no Coin missioner staff it Drill Tomor Row continued on Page fire destroys smoke House farm of near pair Captain Harry of company is perfecting nos company for the annual Spring inspection schedules for Captain is til 10 new inspector of Tho and the local rail Laimon Are desirous of making As Tine a showing As pos sible on the occasion of rhe new in f priors first with this cml flow Captain Case at the tomorrow evening till All the vacancies on the non commissioned by promoting Junior officers and men from the after his formality is com of hip Lebanon county a Ricu Timu and horticultural association have decided to repeat the Corn contest during the Corning on a somewhat More elaborate basis j than last on the occasion of the previous and As the o rough t blighted most of the there were less entries than j it is expected conditions will j Ibe changed this and i the members look Forward to a move i successful double it has been decided Bald a double j contest this for the Chil Dren and another for prizes n Cash will be and is not unlikely that Lebanon merch will be interested to Tho extent j of contributing merchandise j to deliver lecture of in in of in Lvi Theran Corner Anil cheat nut on Friday at to Del Ivo rills Mular Leo Turo in Hie the lecture is Silhi rated with at least one him Ltd Slid Clown icing the i and of Uio 1 lecture has Lioen highly by those who have heard it other Hal Lias travelled Exlena Voly in these countries and of his aides Are from original Mii graphs made by is director of the theological Library of the Phoolo Sircal at a very and Richards entertain Reyhl during hts visit to wednesday even ing by of South Bethlehem the first officers Tang How of left and the Happy miss daughter of and Simeon Hoyden Gull on of and John or cml by of were int on tuesday the Cere Nony Ocetik ring in the plat Presby Erlon Divivo Hun dred Smrtic plated in the re Eption at the Thyl Fortl Home Tol Owin which was per formed by John an Uncle of the of a few York the Arkle is a Nice of and prime mov go Krous the boys Mojie choir of Lukes will Hethe a generous Friend at at the saturday of Kirk Brown Worth of meat was Vns also ton on he Ullrich Soi Tih of n fair Ait an Early our this morning suffered the loss the lire was not annul it was under and All efforts to suppress it e hons waa completely consumed the Tutki Wuhen of House tit Drulis will be conducted to Sake a week with vigor and pains taking it is proposed k bring the company up to Hie a highest stand Ard of the officers and men Are All enthusiastic in preparations for Ojo ordeal and will d their to make a Good rating As it will be the first in 1he Annville Bank suit for damages Slit used by Arthur Crown Newton suit in trespass for damages was this morn Iii in the local common pleas court by Arthur Brown against now ton both principals Are residents during an alter cation at Tho Lichovitz shirt Himmelberger is alluded to have thrown sustained a Rraci Urtel Tov which juju re attorney for enjoyed Sleigh ride waa Jouly Sleigh ing party party of visit Home of a parly of Laddie s from Cornville enjoyed a Sleigh rih to the Homo of and a at on Tho Driver Hiram Aid the party was chaperoned by wife of thu ladies in the party were Charles Charles Charles Charloff Thopiah and my Sites Alico Nind Annie after enjoying dinner Tho again Oclock on the churn Rural Carrier also lured a the tops is of which red in the were being frit of certiorari Reuler is member of Hoard of Aaron president of the Kreider shoe is a of Dho Board of Dir tors of the Annville National a Viii been reelected at the annual meet ing of Hie stockholders on monday the name of Kreider was inadvertently of mixed from the list of Diw tors published in the news of Alderman Miller and Constable tier visit Hunker Miller Ond con stable Samuel Snyder this morning enjoyed a Sleigh ride to thinker they took a circuitous going and and thus made a ure journey out of a Mission intended fur they visited various friends along to infinite and when they returned this Afie Nonn exp hoped Iliani serves de ii or in work of looted president another Benell Cial and social or gang Catlon was added o those Ai Cady existing in Finis City on wed when soufan instituted a nest of owls the haymakers in sons of Amerlia had been leased for the occasion and there forty seven Well known citizens gathered and were initiated into the tits the institution ceremonies were entirely in charge of Sar and was followed by the election o first they Are past k St Ccreary Vico Danle Felty Ila try Felty Ward Boltz Martin Mars John Oress Howard Matthew Miles 1v prod Rolv Horn Miller Gerlach aug wary on the first officers of Tho Orde clip oils very greatly the fun cosh of the nest and care was exercised in who has been chose n p has Vixen the prime move in the work of an order in this City and his tames Efi torts wore rewarded in his selection to the principal Nilow on saturday last i hitch is necessary for the wordings the the toward of a lectors was last eve Ning of powered to chd Osc a suitable at m male member Oil presbyterian for Mutual arc is Well Lin own this services next sunday at Klimmer Ings at 10 sunday school at sunday school at Tulpehocken at 2 Walo rounded up Coal thieves Over dozen foreigners a rksti51 by in found veritable mines of con a urls and in Force go two special headline railway Detec Tives Ukia morning made a tour of foreign at East ladies Church Seifred supper about sixty the Mutio of fourth Street Preabt fowl gathered around it banquet the main sunday Scudo Church building of and thoroughly of Good things of Thev As Well As a the the affair Cess Ful throughout and ent organization was Likely there will he credit of much of the credit tvs of the affair belongs to of the ladies Aid Ultima to therefore their so and rounded up a or More they also found Verit tote mines of stolen they the detectives spent a quiet night in tie and this morning for while the honest were enjoy King their Well earned the detectives say the foreign element was out and working industriously stealing the of who prepared Ibe Bati Juet a Vul of hos incs his David of Carrier of Rural free delivery mute whose son was fatally shot m a re cent shooting has re Miniad his duties As during his absence a Shire filled Hie place As icons practically All c Tho night Rohowiak men and women from Trio Railroad Yards to their All of i to plus rms of Tho night be tug Laden with bags of this dior Nizik Tho Dot Pevea went to Alderman minors Home and arts he themselves with search wan ants and other and then started to search arid Pai at places they say they found Coal continued on and also served it tempting other appetizing dishes give of the presence of cooking the infant sunday was fitted up for the with the malt Hafie of Ftp plies at the Home of neat door to the Chat Rohu Tho ladies added to Speedwell f ire Laddie is May thai Ives will be and All club provided for the Tite merry Sleigher 1 firm of Fisher of lie of certiorari was allowed and a Fredericks Huig m uie judgment of Justice of of who Young Hebron people Afine of for alleged evening enjoyed a ride to Fredericks of Hebron Young people visit a merry parly of Twenty Here from Jersey game on saturday of the act relating k Hawk in he Berks county t Reading on wednesday by this line is to he paid u John and to the the suit on december Al Inether of the defendants a the a tuition of defendants for an of the writ and Aii Oal to Leges that the record shows had no jurisdiction in first because the record charge the defendants gently set Forth the commis offence cognizable by jus Lithe record is defective and 4 where they slopped at the Kagle of Harvey spark is and had the trip was made in a four horse sleight from the Bluner the Start from Hebron Mililani Robinson was the Iii eur of Fri Iii William of a Salesman for a new Yorr Diug was Here As tie guest of Frank clerk of select this was Robinsons first visit to to expressed himself Well pleased with his e and Lebanon schools will lob aim and Harrus Lairg hig1 ill Tonui rivals in All athletic will meet on saturday after january in a name of i Hall on the armory at no Atli and Scull Ilay will at revival services 1 mukti w i be icat old an meeting held at Berks to protest against a change in mail facilities a1 Griesemer Spangsville Manatawny and missionary association common councilman if Clay Lancaster s in the City today on he was greeted by Iuie friends and acquaint Given a most Hearty located at Reading dui Ilmet accepted a position with shoe George Connerly of this has located in having a position with the Curt us manufacturing and on leaving Hen or located in Schuylkill Daubert a had game at alien town tie the the executive committee of Loa Suin Pennsylvania Branch of omans missionary Assoc of the United Hix Kiiren in Trinity Ilii Tecl Brethren Church this and Perlic Ted tin program Lui the annual Branch meet ing to he hid at april Kittli Ward team will Imay this evening Tho in Progress i went Mark pastor of the United Brethren at West is a very Huc revival in the High supplicants Are at the and of Nve Ungs Are being conducted each evening1 wit ii spiritual school gym meet Coin petitions for positions by Milf Pond civil District for in taif school gym Ami 011 the hour will be Hhd by the Independent i strict tomorrow the Wini ims of Grade in j the Schizo he Musiol tin Tinct will Tupil with Olter for the room wherein the to Lump new handsomely fun comforts will in Rouit ovation of the principle of the Ordor Are Good Fellowship n my they Proi to to assist their Loury Fotio i dead and brighten dark Momo Iha in i Tho Homos of imm Birs and sick benefits arc Pio Vidd for a sum Muhs will he paid in event of to uioc15ivk quite a null or of men who pro Pone to join order were unable to in but these will Velve Dihimi at Tho first regular to b held on january Thorn have Rocci thl Between j vis Lity and ninety applications for on Nof owls has been Steadi nun ily increasing in sting the i lie 1nitpd stains during Tho past year and it is represented in Porto Phllip Plenc and Sandwich is South Rafiha and this of in All varieties and and some heaps of several tons or two american men were also arrested on hit Wurie but were after paying the costs of Arkosi and Tho general charges a business College annual meeting was held wednesday oper Mons on Ileon suspended til a step Winter members of the Speedwell fire in sine ail Hose of we on wednesday held their report of tie Secre Nual tary and of another goal reached for Mph jog Liniai of is i lie and Mallard Kein Chestnut Liis prove before her Seoul miss Mollie dimmer on Walnut i the superintend Iii of Picans Lias transferred la the school at shot b k is will is Day t in my thu t Frasu Ives Jii March is Mary of Reitor of the woman is to he at Erson to nuke an fallowing ladies of the Oil in 11 Ani Viiu Annville miss Katli Ryn mum Hershey Ami miss Susan Houte 1 at this evening Ward team of the Liju non ii uht thu on Uit Luinis in a game of Basket c Phy us of i deaths and funerals miss 1lifliuan this after in Church Over Thi ii Fly of lit late of Kish Ali and burial was made at w St Iii web Chi filed declaration autoria Tamburino to Lucono an Ami cuu Antonia has tiled a Liis Lara Ion of to become an Iii Erica Tamlyn Rigi is a native of 1 a taxi old and rid Henry awarded be Coil d Walter manage Floi Niew York mfg insurance is the proud owner of a Nylic Jiust received by Rogi Steid in us form of a Heahy Gold As a re of ten years faithful ending january Nyuli Means new York incur anti and based on a or Ami out of paid failure to make food in any one year Means to All in this is an incentive Tor my Rita cd by formerly vice Presl nut of the and now of Morgan and will give in touch representative it tinder Weikl typewriter Oom for the 1rflwnon Frank special Hill lug represent and miss Champion typist of the will be at uie Hamm isl Mats College tomorrow whore will give demonstration in touch Type from two to four miss has a record of 05 words per minute for one hour on Sepreni Madison Square new York this will he a rare Opportunity for the people of Behan on to see the Champion typewriter operator give a Speed demonstration in touch Type and Prin Cir til of the school extends a Cor dial invitation to the and professional men and All those who to 1m present at this treasurer bowed1 to be in excellent and growing in operations on the Rew of Ishman have been Huntiii after the Winter Tho officers elected were Al follows Fred Loei Cyrus Gross recording Secre Dillman Obs Letania Secre Wallace to Berle financial acc Shroff Stephen Matthew toe Ray Sholly assistant Engineer David Clark chief George Clemens Augustus Budwash Board of a t David carte and Wallace a tacit ithe Ekht it c i to run Horita county last according to the re port of control or and the new year was started with a nest of in the visiting in Allentown physical director Himbert to arranging for athletic Clarence Phiys Leal director at the a in Allentown today and will Stop at read ing tomorrow for tie purpose of the associations in to boat in his plan for a gymnastic it twice charged now is free la probably to associations of Ter and Harrisburg enter the will be to banquet the s evening minion Tow colonial livery who was a part nor i charged with a to lacing Harvey and hotel twice life insurance As a the a Easi of a Ami a much of Only a limited the Agency Iii nut o business at Radlov i in order to material to enter Ali to i rules it is i Val of of lit tent Koa to Mullier of men of fire Arti draw l of euro Agency inti of Tom on first will nay thirty Pili Cal and but Dinese will partake at the Bali of uhe i Johnny tkans1 Edward properly on to John Tinl he Tho Lial is and always has been on a of Mif Ision i Ili thin new which i it was accomplished by tie kind of persistent during the Patty ten years in evict Wuh this j Wils 1 by j tallow Iii a Wooller j Wilbeny from his i person and Light Ai used him f i heal Iii a blank1 the Evi Din i Wati Insi Lff Ici out to warrant being Reni Antul Back to jail Lor Nial at the Hank til Whit District attorney Weirick looked in the partly will leave car at return in the John arranged Stout for the Init anticipated prominent in Cdr sea in the a banquet at this 7 Oclock and Wlsh Pix Fieker of the for in elaborate Turkey party and Pleau Aat tiles a1 served with Rice Isadore of 325 unt is being entertained Reading by mias i fifth on Ning she was one dinner Given by Anaa of 418 Walnut at a of at of tie a
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