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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Jan 6 1910, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - January 6, 1910, Lebanon, Pennsylvania I heard by judge Ehrgood this morning in the court House asks for committee alleges Mother is in capable of managing her affairs judge Ehrgood this in Iro Orn court heard testimony lip the matter of a petition for the ointment of a committee to take of the estate of Sarah of who is alleged capable of managing her is examination of mrs Funck represent link Tho i i s no u if get that the aged lady has lit condition of her is hat of which Foi years has been looked fell into Hole Harry kellers slightly bruised about body and Harry residing on the Cornwall and employed by one of the local Telephone while digging a Hole for a wire lost his footing and feet into the he was assisted out by fellow j workmen and escaped with minor bruises to his hands and his injuries will not incapacitate him from a unit off heavy fall of Snow predicted failed to materialize leaves the Hospital Morris Nittlo underwent successful operation for an Morris a Fanner residing in North Jackson was discharged from the Good Samaritan Hospital on after four confinement there for he suffered from an abscess and under went an operation at the tie is of almost fully ceremony grandsons As pall bearers her to eth other securities of and remains of Annik the in Fortig to Robert again pre in the sum of goo by the Swatara electric Light Power company to indemnify Esq from loss in the place of the company of two poles along ithe South bide of Maple West on property owned by objection was made by to the torm of the petition of in that it did not set unit the number of poles and their act Light explained to the court that his opposition to tie placing of the poles does not Rise from a question of he is attacking the Legal right the company to do business in the township of North i or Adams promised to Amend the brition and again present it for Fli Heivi Stook place in seventh Street and sleet traffic somewhat delayed on the trolley and steam roads the heavy Bunch of Snow predicted for wednesday evening by the weather Man failed to keep its appointment and sent a precipitation of rain awl sleet it May be remarked incidentally that the average citizen extended a More Hearty Welcome to the substitute than would have been to a Tor As the matter now traffic a merely delayed a instead a Complete As would have been the Case if there had been a very heavy fall of for the country roads Are still banked a Iii with Snow at some do driving is still very rain and the precipitation was in Progress practically All of during from Ioup friends in this City hear from Frank frieds in this City arc in receipt of letters from Frank a Lebanon who is at present in the employ of the Union Pacific Roll Rad company As a Telegraph operator at Loup situated about Injo Miles Northwest of with a population of Kroh Oftas formerly engaged at Sioux but was Transfer red to his present position after see ing two months ervice at the former City Revi he is a t and Fred Erick of this cutting water House nearly Nwe ino1ikb thick and of Best proprietor of the hotel will Harvest Severn thousand ice cutting commenced at Church and inter ment at the funeral of the late Anna of 479 North sixth was held this afternoon at 1 with services in seventh Street lutheran in charge of the and followed by interment the funeral cortege arrived there in the pallbearers were four grand John Harry and Walter undertaker Steiner had anal Harvey of Pottstown and Eugene Amanda Henry rehrer and til Tori All of were Here to attend the Institute postponed returned to Newhaven and Clippinger visit in take place at West 011 january teachers Institute which was louled to take place at West lab in on the has been Post lied to january de at the Tornius and Early afternoon the Snow came Down in such line and tiny there As particles that it was almost inv is keeps up Ible except for the Little flurries swept along the pavements and streets by succeeding gusts of winds which the particles to Ward 4 sleet began to fall and this was soon accompanied by on Striet from the first appearance of rain there was trouble on the Street rail the tracks became very icy and cars moved with great superintendent Louser had the Snow sweeper out very but while it helped to ease things up thrice Clung too closely to the rails to make cleaning pos schedules were abandoned and an extra car was put on East cum to that main car could ply Back and Forth Between Myerstown and Annville without making the Avon the railway men looked for a bad just As suddenly As came the freeze just was the Relief about n Oclock water House dam on wednesday proprietor of the Hote at that ice is nearly Niiva inches the Lola and several thousand tons will be stored away in the houses for hotel it is not unlikely that some of the local dealers will secure supplies there As last if the cold traffic will increase with new Western Maryland developments linking of systems will Send Coal Trade up to the highest Point in history is the opinion in local Railroad Cir that the Harrisburg of the Philadelphia and Reading rail will grow in importance As a Coal carrying Railroad along with tile developments of the Coal lands in weat Virginia by the Western Maryland in entire the entire division was affected inv the traffic agreement made to United 1 Well gation gathered if Eft Elf est a of the Ine Temetia t Jat fies Daniel Tetter on the penitents bowed at the altar tonight the from feb m4t Ternas Wil Mattern Tab la pastor of a reformed near of Grace reformed Avon asked preparatory services in connection with on of Trifi on account of Tho funeral of Harry disa Lnger on saturday after Csc Nims the German preparatory services to in reformed win conference flirt to and held in connection j census thro with the comm Nylon on the ice hereabouts is just As but the water is very Low and at places the ice is therefore and of bad nothing like Ven half a crop can be expected from the City this serious fall to mks editor Down flight of suit ninety severe injuries to spine but his Early recovery is looked Inder thanks t6 the news la chants grateful fou a and of new returned Home this morning after spend ing Christ Mas As Tho guest of her of Clippinger is a student in the divinity department of Yale ind attended the students Volunteer at As a rain stopped and with a consider Rise in temperature conditions i the Rai Svay righted then traffic opened up this Morri with very Little the steam ors that Over splendid articles in your Val Sheet regarding waiting they news is in receipt of the Fol letter from the retail mercy Jim protective association text of which Speaks for itself Dally ithe regular meeting of the re Luere Hants protective Assoria tuesday a Hearty Ilif thanks was expressed to you Nen for the kindness you Havo directors an officers of the safety Mutual fire insurance stockholders of Tjie safety Mutual tire insurance company met in Annua meeting on wednesday evening a their in the Van de Sand build ing and elected the following directors and officers Beckley president James vice pres Dent major treasure James Secretary William 15 solicitor a Seabold and b commander officers installed by coi Mandery Gener of new former City treasurer Charles editor and publisher of the daily was the victim of a ser ious Accident today at while in the act of descending the stairs leading to Samuel wolfs Barber in the Filbert at ninth and Cumberland Bowman lost his footing on Tho treacherous Ace tween the two roads last Spring Wilca gave the Western Maryland an out let to Tidewater Points Independent of the Baltimore and and increased the amount of Coal sent through the Cool Trade off the Maryland strikes the Harris Burg division at its Southern terminal at and leaves it at the Eastern end in All the Coal sent to Tidewater Points by the Western Maryland is shipped y Way of and the development of Tho acres of land is expected to sind the Coal Trade up to the highest Point in negotiations for the Purchase of the Pittsburg Coal company Stock by the Western if will also affect the reading1 from the same standpoint As All of the Coal sent East will he handled by the latter East of for both Railroad Man say that Tho linking up of the two boat Nib meow if much for both the Philadel phia and it is pointed will get the longest possible haul Over its and in addition it will be Desylvia will be Here that by in the not As Imp Ebson he As 1 la so proo Pei a anxious get places As Hal been Caput no c noted Ator and i remain before Date will appear it meeting of woman the consideration of club on saturday in will be tend the examine test a noted Impersonator and who want inked on a had won High favor in new 13 scheduled to appear before the Lebajo anon woman club at the regular supper mooting in Lukes Parish House the afternoon of Janu Ary Hiis appearance Here will a rare treat find is sure to attract a number of the members of the Louis Hubley buried icon Gevecker thaw Ali huge ser funeral services were held on wednesday evening Over the remains us thu i Auu Nikii i Given much that would oth1 of Tho late Louis at Tho Serwise Rook other in the Traft panel Street Tho b he at raiment with the heading the Western Maryland has a much Shorter route to Tho being Aible at the Wali party of heartily enjoyed f supper at the hotel enjoyed on wednesday party of veil too ten As follows misses a Eilzabeth Maze matches James Bro Nan and to make much better ii jul foil to the foot of the lie was picked up in a state of compile collapse and for a time it was feared his spine was to seriously on Tho steam roads conditions were i As to paralysis of his of Hurt at but re tie amount of traffic Over the and flute Brethren conducted vice assisted by the Wistor of ohday presbyterian Teilh Mot Long the remains wore taken to Joy on the bouncing baby boy i Stork brightens Home of Harry the hone and on i to Branch is already beater flan Cornwall and 11 Over tin in at Otas bad at but reef was longer in trains delayed this morning on account f icy and traffic in soneral Vas several hours More probably n account of the tardy movement of Rains last night than from direct Fusee Low of jump wednesdays weather As a whole was phenomenal for the morning wit nosed one of the lowest registrations of the temperature of the and during the Day there was a decline of fully Twentyfive in Rural schools health officer Dixon will Institute medical the advisory Board of the state do lower limbs in Suc a coded in having the sufferer respond to treatment and he was helped to his Home not far where he is now in bed under the care of his it was at first that Bowman had sustained a fracture of the but from present indications he is suffering from a severe concussion Only and his Early recovery is looked Over in nun practically due to Tho Southern Coal where services were held in United Brethren nearer there were Many Floral funeral of John Boe burial Rinal of sons of milk try tons delayed Iii Ladelphia papers arrive in City a Forth fifth brightened tuesday Hoe Val of a bouncing Batty father is manager at the k knitting Mill at ninth and heavy reports at Early morn houses shaken and Mavy Auk Awa Kenko from observed at Eunena services Over the body of three hours the late John were con the Philadelphia morning papers ducted this afternoon at the j in Lebanon three hours late i i t delay of the scheduled to arrive Here at 6 distribution was begun shortly after 9 in Lebanon by i Louay owing to the m proc pastor of is Lukes apis m1lk which is Copal following which the Bur Ial ritual of the sons of veterans was members of Sedgwick Camp Stal by furnishing the Dally paper j waiting As Well As articles you had in your i a Waal Sheet you can rest assur1 Elul of the sous of Cam the favors you have shown i Lun on wednesday even inn trom his ire not in for they were in York Ami m not to bring food stalled the new officers of Levanou i Yea Cater huh in the behalf of the t thank you Ita tily for the kindness Yoi Tow towards the As the general who Ken advantage of the yours j interred Tondu Toti by Ipp tuis afternoon of in sons of America following the installation the distinguished visitor Madr an he proceeded to Pottsville sat As commissioner Ruth took testimony in court stenographer John Ruth this at the court Bat a taking testimony in the statute a system of medical inspection i of Public schools in the Rural districts throughout the Board also decided to put Hook pellagra and infantile paralysis on Tho list of diseases v b re Nied to the health authorities physicians and filed that no funeral should be held for a person dying of Moas los or whooping cough until the has been disinfect acted a Thmpson was the undertake at drovers Exchange Ball season to open on May Tiu state league Magnal hit at adopted schedule of were guests of Lancaster club at marriage License clerk has issued a License to the following couple Frank of Myers Edward pastor of Maner of the Rule e United Brethren of noon conducted funeral in the cases of Ballantine and sous and miss Mary b Ter of Henry of Lancaser or i Ier of the Richland xau onal and ton orly taught in ii 9lhfols of having came in with Snow Anil caused a Large number of cell Lions were awakened from their slumbers about 3 Oclock by i Navy detonations which Shook the City to its very found Shufus rattled an if in a Breeze and House fairly there were several very heavy reports us Many Citi Zens Laid Asauo for a time expecting to hour a alarm follow the in jury at the Iurna corf of the Pennsylvania is eel company solicit fed the information that while a ladle with Nolten Iron wan on the was o Tho casting i i i Daush k01k of escaped and coining own i Contact with Snow and ire i caused Tinin Javy Trio first of trouble the s i took to heed und thus no 0111 was Feu on ice Harry Hartina sustained severe in juries to ill Harry proprietor of a Cigar store opposite City on North ninth is confined to hit Home As a result of a fall on wednesday Hartman was on his Way to his while passing the two carloads of horses will he sold two carloads of horses were received at the drovers Exchange hotel by proprietor Samuel Tho animals will he sold at the usual Friday auction Salo Broom making shop he fell on tin to badly in lurid at Nicholas to was hip that joined in pastor o Tho reformed at on january United in a anlage Wai f to Duniy us juju a i was unable to Wayne Kim Ollna Mav Mel wont to hex Ami of de him to his own from when h was taken to his Home by Harry t presbyterian cleric Basket Bali league the annual meeting of the Lagro was held in Lanoa Ater y All of the Cluba Labein it decided to Start season on May 4 and to tember with the it can be lengthened by Youj of the the circuit will be the of tone w of Given the privilege of club Ouy City he Mifty Octal nip the approval of the Board of directors we As follows Ellis w town Bert l and Wuu am the schedule was adopted will not to Ary the and to my will at meet visiting newspaper Row Wea of club St a Yuson and Ullh will attend luvs Leonard and in 11j or and company against j at one time r the body of the late Charles 1 to i 1 i 1 was Jade Ojzer for a period of Twenty was employed As Driver the Coal delivery teams of inc Linan William kick i Steiner was the under j High Adams was also u Tea Clur in Are counsel of j of the his Bride the Public Day death of 1m ant Linin will next tvs aft Moon it tour a lusting of Elfric of Garriti Buirk w be held at us letters went to of 427 North sixth left this afternoon for Potta Niue where he will join who left several Days ago to visit North Londonderry their Albert David Deputy Register Freidet granted letters testamentary on the live months old son and m Lieuary at ii Hanover did this morning at i 0 the survivors arc the parents and the follow ins Sisura and Brothers of 1 Bertram Audrey sight less at old formerly of j who went his boyhood Home at has be come according to a letter received by a Friend la this Nivea of the Church a a islet Hall clubs will this Wiuff at Tho v a sched id to be and an official Ewud for the death of Stepfather Roy Liis receives word from York Roy of this has been notified or the death of his step Fath Henry in hold it the hotel of Tias Ben as1 Refon aed and the Little Berk John both shops at m i Brothers lift

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