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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Jan 3 1910, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - January 3, 1910, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Tondt n q a Noodt ear to a Euld pow Ibata jaw red in new j Best in others this i county Jajer sate Ady tis be in nearly with Wol Law More Wolfe at Jack Gruber n an hvide to j by Der n 10rl f Wergley Millcreek Miller Sheds Villa i Phi Luppy Bethel Leb m31ngrlch j s Annville h n Lebanon or Bodeman near Joneson v any ready can drive t Aad i dark Bay any child pm work with them both 2250 gentle single line Leader Welsh Jar 2100 19 head of cattle cml Steinjr of 10 milk cows 6 of them will have calves by Day of yearling 3 bulls flt for service and 6 Ihben Thyl old 10 head of 5 of them fat weigh ing Between 300 1 sow will Haye in balance Are shoats weighing from 40 to 100 1 4and Wagon with body 2vfc Axle and Tiro 1 3 and a horse on with body 9 brakes in Axel 2 s befit Hart Rmah schaeffers town Kleinfelter near j Swanzey Lebanon 15 Daniel Grott near Klimmer Lings 15 Gep w Meyers n Cornwall 1 5 Jacob c fasnacht j h Bicksler or Rederi Quabg 16 John s Bechtold s Lebanon t 16d w Bicksler or Frederk Sig Jacob Slegel so Ellaville san yer near Jonestown n of tmkw1 j j d Isaac v South z parting Bast Hanover 1 it Torii r n Leb t Lebethel is Berks Berks co Hammer Straus Etown p Greary Wolf Bethel Leb s Krali near Lead n jackal Katterman it jrey6t6wn 3 Lebanon Rcd Brown Bethel Berks e Light Swatara it Arron Berks Walmer Bast handler 0 Bethel Berks Bachman Zlenna Mill r near e Hanover Cleona North Cornwall j Schlappig Bethel Blu i pet Fer Tulpehocken we h so bets pub zoo Hazod of peso Tai in Raferty i will be Abid the Rebsdat Jahi Kajitt 13 1910 on the farm v Henry formerly of j the Road leading from to from place the following personal property to Viz extra Good i working Tio Flea i agood1 single and double Driver f ear 1 trolley cars sides Apphy Johnson condition lever in tire both Fleetwood make in Good conditionoweg0 1horse Wagon lop Spring Wagon with glasses front and sides top buggy Good As new Buck Board Wagon with top one year in use new double Block Sleigh carries two tons pleasure Sleigh Only used a few Binder cuts t feet used very Little Champion Mower Champion self dump Hay race foot v or 2 horses Hay Tedder with six Forks Missouri phosphate Drill Hoosier doable Corn 3 pair Patent Hay ladders 14 20 feat Long Imboden har Row and roller Spring Harrow with levers land Rouer 2 cultivators j with lever 4 double Wardt Oliver Syracuse and Hamburg 1 4 h p International gasoline engine and feed Mill in Good condition in Belt 65feet Long Good As Penna double Corn Sheller wind Mill Hay and Straw Cutter 1horse tread Power ant Wagon threshing machine 2 pulleys 2 sets a nature planks 12 and 14 feet scythe 2 Grain cradles spreader double and triple Trees poles pair breast chains fifths cow Halter log and other chains 2 Hind and three front gears 2 Yankee harness 1 Testim and 1 Riding Saddle 3 buggy harness 5 Uio users 6 heavy and 2 Light Fly diets collars bridles halters 2 pair chock lines single lines and All of rakes Forks shovels Iron about 70 chickens no 12de Laval 450 Ity capacity Only 1 year in use Tor House 8x10 feet x Cooke no stove Glon Var Yang Range no 8 1 barrel cop per Kettle butter churn of hands barrels tubs other articles no dinner Sala to at 12 Oclock noon be Marte know by Anson a Llllian and Emerich Light Abri Tisherman Clos 13 expose at in in North e on near my the following and to t about 14 yement 61dwelirh Safe for anybody to afral4 of any object 9 years old the roed leading from Booker Hill ton to town Driver 4 to Tat Mart 8 Yeara out 1chjo Good Saddler drive her and to Road too far for her no 5 Light Bay horse old weighing about 1200 not of motor steam or automobile Good Driver no 6 Chestnut Bay years weighing about 1300 3tyl Josh Driver High actor any lady can drive her no Road too far for her also a double worker no 7 Light of weighing about 1200 Safe Driver suitable for a doctor or Young Man shows plenty of Speed she Uja Dandy no Road to far for her no 8 Bay horse 12 years old weighing 1600 ibs Good Draff horse works anywhere nos 9 and 10 pair of Bay mules coming 4 years old la Good single line Leader weighing about 2400 nos 11 and 12 pair of Black Mare mules coming 3 years weighing about 2200 1 a Good single line Leader Bard to beat heavy Buim 14 two Colts coming 2 years Good size 30 head of cattle 27 head of to lately Durham South of Quaker Hill Ion of aaa tre irions Railroad known Bunker Hill general following Mes tract at land All that certain tract or piece of land actuate la township Swatara in the county of Lebanon and state of the East Side of the Pella and Readler railway and commonly known As the Balcer Hill railway and bounded 5and de scribed As follows to wet at a Point on the East Sid of the Phila and Rezaine railway and lands of Lillian Blouck thence the lands of the said Lillian Blouck by the tar of Topi to about f former and 3 from la tax plans Edward Wolf deceased the f old Uoo Rood worker and e fearless of no 2 5 1100 double fearless of Alt used this under the Saddle sum Mer 3 Jet Black 6 years of 1 11 of and Jersey Stock 12 fresh byway of the lands of the paid phyla x Kapps put brio baud of Pope but 1 Adbert b Hanover Kurtz deed Marion Loeb or Wintersohle i Blatt Heidelberg Hin gear 2 Check lines Fly j nets about 10 bushels planting Pota rop8p no feet Long is new Hay knife Hay ladder 16 feet Long Iron Kettle Copper Bomberger twp a hear Midway t Jef Thalac s Lehman n Jake a Bif pop Grove two Miller Beckville Shert b Hanover r Rehr Ersig butt traces and Many other or tides not mentioned served Salet commence at l Oclock p Sharp when conditions will be made known by Samuel a Llllian act we h Sheetz 13 a tub p Xor Majib ptts Xic Saub of be Baolai pc the prom sea in Jackson township 1ebanon county on the Road Lead ing from Myerstown to it about i Miles from the former and 2 Miles from the latter place the personal property to Viz k Hostetter or Lona Berks Host Kreider South Annville win be sold at Public Sale on Keller i Steck Feck by i Gettle Rehrersburg Ellig Jackson Shuey s Jackson t a or tyrus Union township sp6leher North Jackson n Gingrich Palmyra Host Sattazahn b Hanover Sleker Ifft Milto Eek Brugh Tbell North Jackson v m Gingrich Londonderry j8rwiilougnoy Kline 8 Lebanon Wolf Betkel Leb co i Shuey Grant Llie 3 fic Haeffer Sheridan Walmer Union t a seem Tapper Tulpehocken Grant Wagner n Annville git Morrill j Smith Meyer North Cornwall v s Hanniah Tali Hocken Long be near x3rantvllle Spannuth Myerston Mercey Tulpehocken Light and Swatara Blatt Marion a Light near Greble Cath Bollinger n Jackan gobble n Londonderry 8 of Oltz s Ann Vine t Schware Marlon of Spaak s Lebanon Hanover Hertzler 9 Jackson Etc South Annville 25iih p Miller or Jonestown following one horse works single or double a Good Leader 2 cows j one fresh by Day of Sale 1 1horse Wagon 2 top Spring wagons 1 with Glass Surrey with lamps 2seated Sleigh motor Johnson make Good As new land roller 3 sections Good As new Hay Rake in tooth Spring i Harrow Spike Harrow 2 plows 2 scorers potato Digger steel cultivator Corn Shel Ler cutting Bench wind Mill grand wheelbarrow elder Preas Ahlf t inst ladder and Onu other ladder front gear buggy harness express harness new bridles lines Grain Cradle arrays scythe Forks rakes shovels lot chains and a full net butchering tools Fence making tools 3 Iron kettles 2 stands Kettle holds no 7 Range stove milk cupboard table chairs tubs bar Rel 3 Strawberry crates and Berry baskets and Many other articles a credit of 10 months will be Given Sale to commence at 1 Oclock p when conditions will be made known by Cyrus p Hoffman i d Shally Bethel Leb j Gilbert act t b Klinger Clork 13 of 2 car Load of Totoa a Jed pot Tab of oow8 i Stephen Hanover r Hoffa Womelsdorf v j h Bordner Bethel Berks d gobble Richland Bra Palmyra Dan g Wagner Bethel Leb March Wagner Tulpehocken Drel Billls Host will be sold at Public Sale on wednesday jaxn7aby 13 191o on the premises of the undersigned near Rich Landrt on the Road leading from Richland to relate late the following two car loads of Fine cows some close springers and the Blanco february and March cows such As will be profitable for Spring sales Aho 50 shoats weighing from 35 to a Liberal credit will be Given Sale to commence at p when conditions will be made known by we double s Bomberger act m d m Batdorf Elk 122 it Buo tax Job sold at Public Sale on 9 1910 on the premises in Marlon town lip Berks county 5 the Road ing from Touchs Burgeo 1 mile Northwest of following personal property Viz thre6 palp of mules 7 year extra heavy Good Stock jn6 2 coming 9 Yea sold years old inc above has Good single Lino Leader sorrel horse 9 years old family broke arid a Good 20 head of Cato consisting of 7 head of mulch Iowa some close Spring Era 7 i Eiferd bulls it above cattle arc of s Wist o u or n sey f d Aid 6 Rny Stock 56 head of including 7 Breeding sows heavy with litter extra Poland China Hoar fat for service the balance Are shoats weighing from 5u to 76 pounds 100 chickens 3 4horsr Wagon new Truber Wagon with Hay float used very Little the other two arc in extra Good condition Low Down wag on with Box Spring Wagon for 1 Ori horses 2 Block sleds Arlance Binder 6 it Cut 1 Al Fiance and i Wood Mower Darla no Rake for i or 2 pair Hay 20 feet Long manure planks fanning Michel make extra Good for cleaning seeds of description Spangle seed Drill with phosphate attachment double Corn planter with phosphate attachment ured Only on season 1 Riding and single cultivators 2 Wallace 1 Syra Cuse and 1 gang plow land roller in three v sections 1 Section Harrow with 60 Teeth Spring Harrow Corn Sara Iii Sale some close springers Stock Bull weighing about 1400 heifers 30 of and shoats 6 fat hogs 60 3 c White leghorn 4horse Wagon Columbia make Good As new we Fth Box 3 and 3horse Wagon 1horae Wagon Mccall Wagon go avar new 2 runabouts Good As top Wagon with Glass Good condition Wagon Good Phaeton rubber newv2 stood ground sleighs sporting Sleigh Good As hew Market Sleigh and one Block Sleigh with Box Mccormick Binder and Mower Good As new a Mccormick 9 self dump Rake j 2 pair Hay ladders l pair 22 Superior seed Drill fertilizer attachment in Good roller harrows plows cultivators Straw Bench Patent and 2 set Man ure plan less manure Hook manure Sleigh r potato Digger double and triple Trees a vib two Grain cradles Forks allot shovels rakes quarrying tools Wagon jacks log cow Halter and other chains lot of harness 2 cart harness 3 set Frankee harness front gears 2 set Bug by it Tress Good As new express har Ness housings halters bridles Check ind other lines also some household o6db such As sink so Debara butter churn buckets milk cans Early reduced potatoes by the Bushel platform scale ind Many other articles too numerous to mention accredit of 8 months will be Given Sale to commence at 12 Oclock Sharp conditions will be made known by Cyrus m Herr Ici Lllan and act 1230 Baub os1 be ing railway company 4b degrees West 21 perches to a Point at the lands of the said Pella and Reading railway company and the said Alillion Blouch the place of beginning containing perches the improvements thereon consist of Frame building dwelling with store room office and a room which was formerly used for the rail Way ticket office with Frame barn new tin roof pig stable Large weigh Scales and never failing Well Olav siding con Taining a number of the basement underneath this build Ingv Cari be used for living1 purposes in us Rzyner time theft is iffy True front porch alone the and aides of the this is a splendid business Opportunity and person desiring to Center m Erc Handl be business at established country stand Salto commence at Oclock p when conditions will be made known by administrator of Henry a bean a Krum aug e d Slegris atty al8t at the same time and place there will be sold the following articles of property 1 Wrick horse i Spring Wagon 1 so Elfi 1 Carriage and numerous other articles consist of notions and merchandise Gener following courses and distances South s5 degrees East perches thence North 88 degree perches to a Point thence South 40s4 degrees East perches to a Point in the Middle of Public from Bunker Hill to Jonestown thence along the Middle of the said Public Road South 68 degrees West perches to the Middle of said Public Road thence along the he said lil Lian Blouch South 40 degrees Bast 21 perches to a Point on the Bast aide of the lands the Phila and Reading railway company along the Sands of the said Phila and Reading railway company North 48 degrees West perches to a Point in the Middle said along stands 15 hands h has Fly left and action Belhayes Well at All is Asj Fine a Bone As i Ever owned nos 4 and 6 2 a Fine team 6 and 7 years old welgh1060 each Good work i Good Drivers no Road too Yiem tar etame you la very Day and pair old Coo Leader Are tame la stable and a Arnetar no 8 Black Mare with a Little age single line Leader and Tam for a child to 12 head of Young cows some with Day of Sale some close springers and a few Cowa e Bead of yearling heifers h sow with pigs 25 Bale the Are from up 100head of chickens Truber 2 Inch Axle 3 Inch tire with body Good As hew Columbia Wagon 2 Inch Axle 3 Inch tire without body Over the Struber pattern this wag on was Only Usel through Hay making and harvesting last summer 2 horse body Gruber Makein Good condition Spring Wagon without top in Good condition buggy in Good Condi ton gig extra with Binder used few seasons Adriance reaper a Good 2 mowers Johnston and Continental makes with 8 Forks anl3 Teeth in each Fork phosphate Drill on Tario make has 10 hoes and used Only a few seasons Lancaster Drill 2 Hay rakes la self pair Patent Hay bladders 20 fee Long Riding cultivator 2 cultivators with 14 Teeth it Joy and Rouer combined 2 Oliver chilled plows Wier plow 2 Wallace plow Spring Harrow arid new fanning Mill Corn Sheller grind Stone Large in Anure Hook 2 Corn planters 1 a few times Pota to Digger 3 Alythea Grain Cradle 2 Hay Forks with rope and pulleys of rakes and Forks 2 spreaders and sixth Chain doubles a triple Trees it jpay3 to Orji Rufil for go Cor Styrl 4 of oboe will be sold at Pubill on the preirus serb township Lebanon co South West of race mile Southeast of Jit the following personal 11 head of horse 1 Roan horse l All worked line Leader 12 years of extra Good Obj iter tji Bay horse 10 5 Good Saddler Bay Pace extra Driver Safe at j Forse shows Good spec amp nth Colt 1 old 41head of i and the balance these cows in producers 5 Heij Jurham 11 b log cow and a Walter chains gears All y on the premises in Bethel Berks Between Fred Stifts Nigg and ill Leesburg once Road Lead ins Forti about one mile West of on of Swope the follow ing personal 3 head of no 1 Bay Mare 5 years pounds a Good worker Algle of extra Fine Leader and a Fine Driver fearless of All no 2 Gray horse 7 years old weighs works single and double extra Fine Driver very stylish no 3 Bay 6 years old weighs works single and double a Good Saddle Hora and a Nica ande Thysh any lady can drive her fearless of All objects c head of cattle8 Good milk cows borne have calves by Flay of Salej 1 Yearl ing Heifer and 1yearly Stock Bull 12 head of pigs weighing form 20 ibs up to 76 ib3 46 Milburn Wagon with body 3 Inch Wagon with 2 Inch tire Hay Tedder with 6 Forks 2 pair attend Hay ladders 18 arid 20 fee tit Joy cultivator Bissel Oill plow single Corn plan Ter Good As new single Corn Sheller Good As Newham Fork with rope and pulleys Good As new 135 it Long and scorer Corn Sheller Corn Cuttler 2horse Spring Harrow Good is new Nachine Hay Fork with rope and Pul Loys Complete 2 Hind gears 6 front Coars 2 buggy harness Check and other lines Good team Saddle 8 new Fly nets bridles collars halters log Halter am cow triple double and single Trees shovels rakes jockey poles and 1 extra Good scalding rough u s Cream separator swing butter churn 1 wooden and 1 galvanized butter Box 3 tables tubs and Many other articles too numerous to mention most of the above articles have been used Only three years and Are in Good condition and will positively to sold As i wll move to town Sale to commence at Oclock p when conditions will be made known by ahas Schooner acted h Kurtz Elk Leonard i Kapp 13 isaac8 it Tito i of Pikso Taxt Pope but 1 will to sold at Public Sale on sat Abdat Tebb Takt 18 on the premises in North Jackson township Lebanon county on the Road leading from Myerstown to preys town about 2ms Miles North of Myers town on the old Spannuth farm following personal property Viz the or or Holinger Heidelberg twp win sold Public Sale on v Tuple Hockett Murat Jot t Isis 1 on the farm of Daniel Ole won about 3 head of horses no 1 Sor Rel horse 12 years old Good single and double worker no 2 sorrel horse 14 years old Good single line Leader and works any place hitched Safe for any lady to drive no 3 Black Mare with foal n years old Good single line Leader and a Good worker 6 milk cows two fresh and the others Are close springers Stock Bull fit for service d shoats Chester White Stock lot of Choken and Guinea fowls 2horse Wagon Reber make Good As new top Spring Wagon top buggy pull Hay ladders 16 feet Long Mccormick Binder in Good condition with truck Mower works All right chilled plow for 2 or 3 horses no 5u1 land roller Spring tooth Harrow with lever Spike Harrow Corn Corn planter self dump Hay Rake Hay and Straw Cutter Hay knife grind Stone Carpenter tools Brace with augur chisels saws tree saw set of splitting tools Grain Cradle scythe a Bushel and Peck measures bag Wagon Large rope 2 arts manure planks Bone Mill 3 loj chains Anvil 4 sets harness front gear 2 Yankee and 1 buggy harness bridles collars halters and tying straps All i rakes and Forks single ant1 double Trees 1 Patent hitch car be used at any Wagon also household Lona Vireen like leu Union Wood Chest table carpet by Copper jims Birru i 8 Meyer w Cornwall to Sofia an Niue Wake l Miller n com Wali it the Box Karly potatoes of John a Saj tiers hem Oefler Grantville boo feet of White Oak Lum by Tho Bushel All the above it consisting of boards planks and articles Arn As Good As new Tulpehocken scantling about 16 cords of slab Wood i Iso under served 1 county on the Road leading from Iron Kettle 4 milk cans lot of buckets Zion to it Aetna about 1h Miles from j Bubba baskets horse blankets mall Heidelberg sawed on Short length about 40 cords i a credit of 8 months will be of cordwood lot of sawdust Sale to commence at 12 Oclock p m 1 commence at 1 Oclock when when conditions will to made known by conditions will be made known by i Isaac s l s Ekrhart Bordner act Tunt act isto we Simot Elberon Elk Spike Harrow no 12 Tornado feed Cut Ter As Good As now All kinds of chains single double and Tropple Trees front gear Hind gear collars bridles and lines a credit of 8 months will to Given Sale to commence at 1 Oclock p when conditions will be made known by William sell p Stupp auctioneer ully sold in a country store 121g Ida bean a a Para Iii Peb Sakai pro pest i will be sold at Public Thor Buday 20 1910 a on the by else in Bethel township Lebanon county paid near Road Lead Ingro in Lebanon to Frencl Ericksburg about 1 of shirks Ville from Joyc Estban to about 4 Miles from the nines latter the f personal property and mules 1 Black horse 5 years old very gentle weighing about 1 Sorrelhorse cd mpg r a apr Safe of All objects weighing Van duty 1200 match teams in coming 5 years told till Spring Cream not be hitched wrong and both Good saddlers 3 Bay horse coming 8 years 18 hands inches High family broke 1 pair mules coming 10 years old Well mated Safe and gentle both Good leaders 12 head cows 8 of them Are fresh by Day of Sale rest Are heavy with calf by Bale 1 Heifer with calf by Day of Sale some Home Len and Durham Stock 3 nne Holstein bulls flt for service 1 weighs about 1200lbs shoats twp 4horae wagons Columbia 4hprfie wagons 2horse Wagon with Box Low Down wag on Spring Wagon with Glass Mallei make this Wagon is but rely not having been used just out of the shop Buck Wagon Spring Wagon 2 Patent Hay ladders 18 and Clarice Binder 6 foot Cut 2 Arlance 5 foot Cut l Hay Tedder 8 foot Cut Arlance Hay Rake for 1 or double Corn planter Bullseye potato planter Iron age make Etar mers favorite Grain Drill land roller Harrow combined Large land roller Spring Harrow Riding cultivator walk ing cultivator cultivator 2 scor ers and fur rowers combined for 1 and 2 horses Oliver chilled plow South Bend plow walking plow potato plow Grain fanning Milr Corn Sheller new Holland grinding Mill 8horse Power gasoline engine manure Sleigh Market sets planks 2 wheelbarrows gel Riding Stone be Good As new 5 front gears team Saddle 2expressharness 1good new buggy harness Good Riding Saddle and bridle 4 rhousens1 Fly nets collars bridles lines and straps House f id goods feat water Bench Kitchen cupboard d Many other articles not mentioned also at the and place a Fine piece of land containing 10 agree arid 8 situated in Bethel township Berks county a credit of8 months will be Given Bale at 12 to Oclock ajar when conditions will be made known by Monroe Wolf Stupp an Kline Aucta Jonathan Swope Clos 1223 6 inches wide 48 feat Long 2 Largo 2 single and 2 one spreader 4 Hind fend 2 front gears 2 Yankee harness sad die collars bridles halters 3 Chee thries Fly nets chains Forks rakes Grain bags set Stone Quarry tools2 years bars 3 casting drink by the ton and Corn fodder bythe bundle and Many other articles too numerous to mention above irrow Are new Only one and two will be served a credit of 8 months will he Given Bale to commence at Oclock n when conditions will be made known sys Bomberger aug Jno Swope gtd 12 28 Jos thaw w t oebbbbibg8 it Buo Sake 0 Rob Pejett i sold a Public Sale on tote sat jaitt7ast 18 191o on the farm of tie Uii designed in East Hanover township Lebanon county on the Road leading from Jones Tonto Miles West of Jonestown near harpers hotel the Fol 10 head of horses and mules i weighing 1200 pounds Good single line Leader cannot to hitched Good cart horse pair Bay mules 14 Yra old both single line leaders Safe and gentle 1 mule 14 years old single line Leader cannot to hitched wrong 6 mules coming 2 years old till Spring Well mated heavy boned Well shaped extra Large for their age they Are hard to beat 24 head of Fine cattle consist ing of 16 extra Good heavy cows nearly All with Calva by Side the balance Are close springers 5 heifers heavy with calf 3 Stock bulls flt for pigs and shoats 2 sows with litter 2 big sows 1 Large boar Chester White he a As you can find one rest Are pig Sand shoats some4 weeks old shoats weighing from 60 to 150 pounds 1 Good 2horse Box make with 3 brakes Spring Wagon Good As now with Glass fronts and sides Miller homemade Johnston Mower Good As new homemade double Sleigh carries 2tons used Only a Little new pleasure Sleigh Hay Rake 60 tooth Spike Harrow 2 wooden Frame Spike harrows Plank land roller cultivator Yankee harness in Good order buggy harness with names and collars com plete in Good order collars bridles arid chock line single and double and Trees Lime shovel Forks 2 set manure shovels and Many other articles planks Pine also about 3000 feet of i Sale to commence at 1 Oclock p lumber consisting of boards Planka and when Torma and conditions will Ster Teks 8axob of will be sold at Public of pm Bat jajtt7ast 7 1910 at his place of business on South Railroad Street Myerstown following Viz one Milwaukee Binder an Mower single and double sure drop Corn Plant ers 2h p gaol no engine Good As new new Birch plows Hamburg plows All kinds of Spike Spring and Riding cultivators lot of single and double harness collars bridles halters straps and other harness goods blankets Lap roues a lot of cooking utensils Rake it Buo Haub of to id at Public Sale on str Sbat Jat Tabt 1810 far of Henry uate in Bellai county near the from freys tawn about 2 Miles and on half mile Mill and l Miles North West of my Leesburg the Fol lowing personal b among Inu Lex Good workers and tra leaders Bay horse com ing 9 years perfectly Safe an Good single and double worker 11 head of cattle among them 7 Good Milch cows i some with calves by their Side onday of Aale 2 Stock 2 heifers 1 with calf 1 horse Wagon with body one new Bernville 2horse top Spring Wagon 2 top Buggie Sll of them As Good As new sporting Wagon Usborne new Osborne Mower new Low Down Grain Drill steel land Osborne Spring Row Good horse with body j8116 pleasure Oliver a tinned Polowa Hay ladders 20 Foet Long set Patent Hay lad Zarfl a Tow my Lara o 2 Fork feet rope and pulleys wheel bar rows single Corn Sheller 2 Yankee har Ness 2 front gears buggy harness Fly nets collars bridles single and Check tines Forks rakes shovels log cow Nalter and other chains double and single Trees new Cream separator Range tables chests carpet Wood Chest chairs Scales cupboards kettles 2 Beds bedsteads cite ensnare tinware knives and works tin kettles Washer Aprile butter potatoes barrels kegs tubs and numerous other articles no dinner served Sale to commence at Sharp when conditions will be made known by Samuel we p Stupp Jonathan Swope Elk 1220 it Buo saxes of Bax not pm Bohai pbopsbt7 i will be sold at Public Sale on Jab easy in 19o9 Allence of David Eisen in Bethel township Berks Oil the Road leading from Ali Broburg to the Blue Mountain hotel 1 mile East of the latter As follows i that certain 2story Frame dwelling House and 2 acres of land set i s township adjoining hands of Moses Isenhauer Wilson Peif to Eisenhawer and others was erected last summer certain Taret of Timber land situate in said Bethel township and of Perce Smith Wilson son Yerhart Harry Miller Cor Plyler and containing 19 acres and 6 perches part of this tract is 40 years growth balance in Chestnut sprouting Alsa at the same time place will be sold a cooking stove water Bench cupboard 8day clock Copper Kettle Iron Kettle 3 chests Wood Chest meat Cutter sausage stutter Wash a lot of Cedar tin and Queens Are tools Carriage and a hogs horse Wagon bpm As new Pony on 2 pair front gel set double i Carriage Wagon pole pair Hay Long and Many other articles t Seroua to mention a credit of 8 months will Bej no dinner served Amun when conditions will be made Georoe cd and kill an act will Public Sale on the n i i any ready Roan drivel horse to Ming tra Good single a worker8 Kopd j them with calves by also some Shohata on with Box 1 Little used Good Patent spindle top Spring Ward pole and shafting make Good Mccall Wagon new h land in plows 1 Wiard 1 scorer single com planter set Plaris Tannure sled set Hay new single and double Trees poles hew log new breast and chains Yankee Barnes front buggy Harrij collars Ana line butter tub m meat Bench and other articles the above Stock is useless year and la in a credit of 8 months will Bel commence at 1 ocl bpm when conditions will be made Emmanuel Willoughby act scantling and Many other articles too numerous to mention no dinner will Bale to commence at 12 Oclock when conditions will he made known by w t Gerbrich pm Erich and Gilbert acts and wentling Clos be made known by is a nine bolts fruit crates lot of sawed lumber consisting of boards scantling and of fall and Many More articles not mentioned Salto commence at 12 Oclock m when conditions will be made known by m w Eisen hater m agent for the heirs we p Stupp act i b Klinger Elk Isis Jonathan l Steiner t to Morrs pub to 13 will be sold of Public Sale on Tove Faith is the name of a Book of poems j from the pen of Harvey Orit Milne pull ahead by Sherman Jat a 1910 the Al implements and boat on Haw and pump this the the author is Lebanon county entire Stock also warehouse 20x Yon by Murn 10lmt to at p a a r Fornet a 8axjq will be Eold at Public Sale Batty boat Jan Taxt by the undersigned at Dence of Adam Pelffer Deckaj East of Beckville in Bettie Berks the follow or property to wit 3 head horses pair of mules 4 Good Cowper yearling 4 z Millburn 3horse wagons horse Good troll Arlance Binder Champion f Wiard plows double Corn Elf tooth Harrow 2 cultivators Corn plow Hay Rake Pat Haj and pull Les Complete sets of working a buggy harness single bugs stood new express har bridles Fly nets of chains Rake Forks scythes Broad and Poat Penter tools More articles not mention sold As of Fer deceased sold As the property of Sale to commence at 1 when conditions will be a b we Stupp act t b Klinger Elk o of pub Borax will be sold at Public a on the premises of North Annville near from Annville to water Kaufman a meeting House personal property r one Safe family Good cows two of Sale two one weighing about 60 Spring Wagon with top top buggies one in pleasure Sleigh Hay raid i plows Spring Harrow it Bijo Bax Job of a farm of 180 ask by of Xiao i will be sold at Public Aale on tots at a Tat 18 1910 on the farm or Batdorf and Forney planters Cut Pivato sear Bellegrove in North Annville town two wheel Barrows Cuti ship Lebanon county formerly the Stone 16foot step Maut far farm this a valuable harness a lot of front tract of land bus of Lime having new three Burgy been on the with bridles halters Check lots of manure it in a Al ended Coni Sleigh Belli Dlton and Bra Norm a rep or Nurt 2 18feat on the farm and running and Halter together i water in each held a lot of of nil Iron trough four font l and the thereon con pick coca Cut Alst of a Large groomed axe scythe and brain Story House with porches a Heller Cook at ova born 40xso feet a cattle and Preas chairs and 40x40 a Large simple Waron and Corn cribs Platy and a Hay Foet to commence at 1 p when Sliv Koto a by Batdort and Tor xxx not mentioned a credit of Bon no dinner Bale to commence will wi7
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