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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Feb 24 1910, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - February 24, 1910, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Bow North Cornwall on on Wilhe leading from i Lebanon to about 8 there 18 not treat i to flowing terms the in of Isar he says Lihty or Tihy lookup and that there hot hmm in for Many for Toner in either the the not tet has a poor but Only the is to be found and the fact that is state is cited by the reason for this com condition of at Snyder and miss Sarah a daughter of and both of thug were on monday evening lie1 to Krooni is a son of Jamas of this daughter of Tell Esther of shh at Myerstown on following services conducted the Childs 0 monday eve of saxes w at on Seaboh in North Anaville left non of tha Jung Javoia North to about mile from car the Fol property Viz 8 of horses and mules Serif cd 7 years Good single line Lender and Safe of All objects 7 years old Good size extra Fine Safe ail Rouneil 9 years both line leaders and Safe All Ilist Tfir Mumtaz Ever stood on 4 feet Black coming three and broke to Well rat some 20 head of Good Milch and butted most of them having calves by their bide on Day of of them Are close springers Ana few own 6 Fine 2 of which arc close springers and few fall cows nine s Fine Stock weighing 600 to any one in need should not miss this Sale weighing about i7uo so head off consisting of 3 Breeding 1 a Poland China and 2 Chester Jib Nave pigs either on Day of shortly after Tho rest i weighing from 30 to 125 Idab of Eric Katib 14 new Beber used very tire1 2 and 3 horse Millburn with Rox new Home made top on Wlllie class front and sides l card Wagon new Home made run it Frajer Hay 18 and 20 trouble runner Market Pic Complete sporting in Good condition Deer r i earing Patent roller lit Boden Harlow and roller for three Spike 1 to Lerow Corn with fertilizer new 3 1 Oliver chilled Ana potato Good As now double Corn with Shaker threshing Muehlner Cylinder on for shredding fodder Hay Straw cd Corn set of Jun manure grind t Irorita 2 Yankee express 3 buggy lots of two Check and other halters jockey log ohs he now chains grunting Ciroto potato lots of Othar shovels single double and triple shaking manure and Harpoon Hay Fork with up keys Bierei Jpn a kith truck upright 4 horse Scle Tinc 3 Enterprise meat Cut meat saw Butcher Gambrel Kettle furnaces and with Coal stove two flour 2 Walnut legs Kitchen 2 bedsteads 3 american Cream Senara cider tool 1th ice Chest 2 fire holds seed 7 seed potatoes Anil Mitmon irom Joe Lauon to about z team Berks acid mlle from Tho Fottner and 4 Miles from fat Leland to 4 i tote latter place Ami at Tut Ingle f Cleona by Myers Mill Northwest of the following per walk from trolley Sonal Viz 8 l8s a credit Oflga months win be Given Lnor Over be sold or Thi at 12 ooni3uioils i e at Tho Irol and automobiles 4 years Saab we to club zit a Stock t Public on Ubach on the Coover and j ill civil ass old Bolce Bonfele and doubt an ext k Black horse double nos these Colts Noa 25 it Roll cd Cois son e Stock pounds sows Fca Iancic i the Ling ii Otiis and steam 2 and i u any 11 coming f All a single line Gray coining 1 ill we Viva u 11 a Good Breeding and 2 Drey coming t t Nile and double n coming 3 years broke 10 and 2 Koan old in Nave the size i and pair Bay Otily 6 minutes walk from trolley the following personal 9 head of Hornes not Muff Bay 7 yearn Good worker and a single line Leader sorrel a efts extra Good cannot be hitched extra Lender Bay Good double worker and on extra Good single Safe for lady to drive Bay 10 years excellent Good Road marr5 in Grood double hard to beat n Bay Corning 6 a Cora old this i a Good build Mare for nil purposes no and pair of Bay coming years both time and to an excellent Hong la Lino Icador 8 and pair of Bay com ing 4 years old both Well to one a single line Hend o consisting of 21 and Holstein Stock 8 of them will calves by Day of the bulk Nee a close springers and fall cow this i a Fine and heavy Bunch of cow an Are Huml to beat in Quality yearling Heifer 3 extra Flo Stock bulls l cd Pecl atly hard to int weigh ing 7io 50 Bend of Berk Cheater White and Jersey of Breed 2 Breeding Lino pm Pitt White boar the rods Ron Slot o 3 boars and 2 weighing about Loi each the Balanco Range fron suckling plea up to Ion in weight 2 Good 4 and c horse Acme Wagon with Box 4 and Al horse Wagon Home made with Patent spindle borne Wagon with Home made Good 1 with Glass front Good As new sweep horse Good As new Tomano bin incr in Good running order Mccormick Good order Thomas 9 hos disc with Fertl Izler with 2 sets of cups or sow from to 1 ton per acre new York Liny self dump Pood As new Spring tin Virsal and 2 litre with St Fol beams a set of Huv 20 feet Long 1 a nor hew h Section steel land Good track Hawk double Row Corn re Nair Row Corn 2 heavy cultivators 2 sets manure Corn plow am Forn a Heller with fan no nth Tornado 10 fodder Cut Good 4 Inch leather Belt co feet Long Market with l pleasure double runner Bob jump sent Carriage earring i Pood As new Spring Wagon Cream Capac Ity 00 per in Good order Good Hind gears Good front c c 4 c ily Good As now chock team plow and other lines single double and triple Trees cow acid Bailor chains Ijler Gleif Iron Crow Briar 2 grass Clover pred Power and Manv other articles too numerous to mention a cup riot of 8 months will be Given kale to commence it Oclock p when conditions will be made known and Peters Sale of 1 property will he Syhl at Public Sale on March by the on the premises in Dauphin the following k head of horses and mules i Cay m years broke to All fearless of All weighs about 1150 this is an old mans Borso and any woman or child can drive him 2 Bay 7 years weighs about 1400 broke to All harness Gray coming s years of Good Bone and Good double weighs 1210 Ana that Brood Mare As Good As anybody has Black coining years broke to will make a Gunnil purpose horse Hay Coin ing years broke to lie is the maker of a heavy draft horse Bird Bay coming 2 years old weighs 1000 bred by Andrel French coach stallion silo can not lie beat for style and which was conceded at tin Lebanon county fair in and Lei she was a Blue ribbon Winner twice and la a Beauty 7 and Panot in Mare mules coming s years fear less of All one a Good Singh line Leader these mules arc both workers and Wero driven in n milk wag on 27 head of 22 head of extra Good milk of these cows will to fresh on Day of of which 11 Art Holstein As Fine As they grow and Somo no 50 per Day the rest Are close springers and Fallows these Are All big milkers and is a lot of cows As will be sold this Holt Len 4 Holstein Stock bulls is Good As they All fit for 30 head of Breeding sows 1 improved with litter 2 month 1 with litter 1 weeks 1 will have litter in Tho beginning of april l seed tit for service the bal Unce weighing from to to Lii about 20 pair of nearly us Plymouth rocks i 1 Borso wagons i Inch 1 Box holds 120 Bushel pm in the ear 2 horse these wagons in Good condition Box White Chapel Good As new buggy Portland goo is new Light Spring Wagon without top Sci 1 year 2 pair Hay a Teet Long other ladders Walter Binder in first class condition Advance Huo Keve Good As new Lew Mccormick Hay used season new Hay Rake ump seasons disk Riding cultivator Ianul Superior seed Drill with 2 Oliver chill i 1 Syracuse Mountville Corn Corn Corn scorer Janet Spring Harrow lulling fun lining Mill Cottini manure Patent Hay Fork with Ropo and pulleys hag warm grass 2 Grain Lawn 2 Hind All in Good condition Ollers team Saddle Good r Spring Wagon Good o Siuw double in of Spring Wagon har Complete 2 pair of Check lines tier Load r pair prices pair breast jockey poles cow log and other Loci do Nide and single Trees hiking and Lime empty butter churn Copper Kettle cum kettles meat Cutter 2 s milk milk of Al kinds and Illier articles not Omenihu a Liberal credit will lie no Public served Sain to ii Mience 1 will r s w i and and Viz 4 head of Chestnut Krown f years old very stylish Niver f5ay j Safe and sound Hay years Stife for a child to drive Ray 10 years Good single line brei c head of hol Hjeln and Durban Fomo full and some Holstein Vul Stfan Hock i of from fit to Joo Breed ing heavy with Hitler these hogs arc Poland Tina and Tiluy Are a line lot head of nearly All Plymou Tii Hok 2 and i horse 11 Etwood in condition top so drink front Jenny with rubber Tim Toi sporting Portland Cut As Good As new Market Pony dec ring ii foot Cut fool Hay Low Down Grain with hoes Forti lizeta teach intents open end steel land set Patent Hay ladders feet Long double Corn with att element Spangier sin Gle Row Corn Al Riglis Riding Elvator with planter walk ing smoothing with re tenth us Bonin Spring Harrow Spike Sioris Imperial plow and Wallace potato new Holland gasoline mounted Holland baby for above Fiig lne 10 Tornado new Holland baby circular with in Inch bag is raw 2 wheelbarrows nil feet Levi tit fanning set manure rope and pulleys Anvil Anil nil kinds of Fork f i 2 sets Yankee 2 sets express buggy Check halters jockey poles cow Ami Halter Narring pole National Kiearn Iron Kettle Ripper with a Larrer seed of different Vari Hoed Lawn butter butter worker milk cooler and milk Fonee making outfit and Stone quarrying tools also the following 2 with bedding for nor Side Wale Bench dozen Hen Ehos incubator and Brooder Kalamazoo extra with in at or bag Cook Coal 2 to Yards Home made carpet 1 vans Home made Stair flour Market lot of Home made lot of tinware and Many other articles Tim above named Are All is Good As a credit of h months will be soil to commence at Oclock p when conditions will be made n own by a lie s in Kast the i Nebo to mag Tintown personal to wit one s years Good which will to fresh by Day of Sale about 40 chickens 1 Wagon with Good 1 Surrey with Pood As new Bob pair Hay Hay Corn cutting plows Spike potato Corn grind 4 swarm of too finished to Evirt 18 Long Yankee har 2 buggy 2 by Cheek and other and rain ment and Copper butter churn Nyrl barn half and Peck set of splitting Brond rail fool crate and ice Cream Apple butter by the crocks and jugs lard lot of old books and Many other articles too numerous to no dinner will be a credit of 8 months will be kale to commence 1 when conditions will he made known by till m a at Tho same time and place the pro Perly will be for 8 acres More or a Good variety fruit Trees and All the necessary out 196 head of live consist iwo of ponies Avent Long and Way Mare Good Oseph Bome Koers of vill Moi Widmoy March on to premises in South Lebanon Lebanon a on the leading from Cornwall to near Cir ohs the follow no personal 4 head of Ifor ses Roan horse i years Good Doulde worker Brown 7 years broke single and double Lack s years old a Good Driver and Safe at Aid Orrel 11 years old a Anglo vice at or and Sisifo at automobiles and any lady can drive him 10 head r most of them calves by Day of othes Fresn and close springers Iju Liam and Lel teen Stock co Chelci Petit four horse wagons 1 of thin in Rood Columbia make 2 or l Home undo 1 horse top an Good As and used l new Rake and roller Spring 00 if Var 2 no 40 Oliver chilled sulky plows used Lily 1 season phosphate Lake Lanning Straw set Munro manure press harness Cir Orlinm single i l works Hay and Triplo t Coli ies of Lac ears both single Lead of cattle with consisting of i 11 with calf Stock Durham Ami 100 head of 7 with litter by Day in Farrow a balance Are shouts i 10h pounds this is Alicot w All Home of Mer and Britt Here Stock also 3 i Tomkey Gobbler and i Guintu will 0olj then cattle and women be at Oclock p to Idle Iotus will be made known i John from Lebanon Ana Myers the every you can have your Christian Herald pictures framed very cheaply at harpers Art 744 11 l v v Jalo to household goods carpet by 4 new of Tel Hitov Rake Sau Saffo stunt or a u 1 1 ticks of on Lebanor he Allis Load leading irom Trio and to West web and sons Sale of Persona i pro debt 1 will be sold at Public Sale on March on Tho premises in Swatara Lebanon on the read Lead ing to about 1 mile Kast of the Jar Sonny Viz 20 head of horses mid works any lure b years sorrel workes find Jirair Gray coming s years both line pullers and Cuc pair Hay Coin ing 4 years i single Linn both Good workers and gentle pair mouse coming years Good workers j pair com ing 2 years Haher broke these arc Good Kli aped und Well boned mules i horse coming 2 years Halter broke these Are promising Colts and the shape and j 2 milk some some dose some Ifo Steim som fail cows 2 20 Stock bulls of and Tolu join Stock s Breeding All in Farrow big 30 from suckling to 125 pounds of to horse with Box top apr Lair Wagon top pair Hay Hay self land phosphate seed double Corn 2 plows used 1 2 Spring bar rows used 1 Straw grind 2 Yankee 4 front collars ily Check hoi Sens double and triple cow and Fahrr Hay with rope and pulleys Forks seed potatoes and cooking la and Olur to com nonce at when conditions will be made know by and Light and and to Leppi Iees Public Sale rep pbopebty1 also time and Hay coining5 years single line a Good Driver not afraid of a Good worker top buggy Al most new new buggy har Othor clip Lotf Lover cultivator potato meat Cutter lard meat new butter Butcher Iron Kettle Lukk Lvell Saul of valuable live stock1 will be sold nubile on March by on the farm of in South to Man Lebanon on the Lebanon the Lebanon Road sorrel stylish j tvs is of x leading from Myerstown to 1 mile South of the Alyer town depot the following farm i head of Triay coming Yenis broke and ban Stylo and action and a worker dark Jray horse coming 4 years Good worker and makes an Excell ent horse for All purposes hark Gray coming years broke double and will suit Lor Breeding per Pohek sorrel coming years old boned a Wood will make an Excell ent horse coming 2years and will Makii a Good one years Halter Livote a Good chunk is head of h All Young and with some and some them k Holstein and coming Anil Nii Iki if Good Ami St with Day Iii u a a very i to Hullih weighing from Hillh d Viland Hiiri i wit ii it and i in i Durham fit for of Hows sow still april Large China boar Sliester Lite i Monelus Good be rest Are shoats from s weeks old to Ido pounds in nil of them to China and Chester White Stock Spring demure horse with Jack and in Corn planter and combined into in has Spring Teeth and is m Good Clover Saver Bay and Straw 2 hav Forks Ini me plow h Ninny Oiler to dinner be Servid a Liberal Tju to at i when conditions will to Illi Lii act i and farming implements Webb in Coleman Public Sale of personal property1 will be at Public on March 10 on farm of Elixabeth situated in Kiwi Beth Lan Caster i mile North of Linc Kerville and Miles North West irom the following property head of mules and 14 including storm King pair of Bay weighing 2000 both Singh Lino and workers pair dark Bay weighing 2300 1 a single line Lender Good workers single Ulack hands weigh ing 1200 single line Leader and Good worker pair Kay Attoun King Geld 4 yours 10 hands both broke single and double and extra Good they Are the produce of Shire Breed and no Well boned and muscled and have proper style and sic Tion Nark Bay years hire Good in foal from per Cheron pair of Gray years hands Good double 1 broke single and in foal irom big Abu Jack Bay storm King years 10 hands broke single and is a very stylish horse and can Trot fast Bay storm King 4 Yoars ii pacer broke single and and bows both these Bays Are produced of pacing Marn with Speed and grit Hackney 12 years broke single and also a handsome Driver pacing years Breed to storm King this Mare has produced storm King Colts that with proper care and handling should to a Pocky storm King stands 1g hands re Cord sire of and others with although getting old is still producing Colts balance of Horsey Are old family 21 head of 7 head of Milch r Holstein cows some fresh and dose by Day of sale2 hoi Stem heifers with 1 hol Stein Holstein fat 2 Holstein Stock bulls this All pure bred Holstein Stock and All the cows Are great milk producers 2 Durham g months 23 head hogs and 2 Poland China Brood sows in profit 21 head Chester White and Poland t0 two 4horse extra heavy wag b ton 3 Inch 100 3 Inch tires 2 horse Columbia Wagon with Spring 2 Road open Wagon run Pony Good As new 2 sleighs Stone bed for 2 horse set Hay 20 feet set set Hay 20 feet i foot Mccormick 2 Mccormick g it 10 Mccur Mack self dump International s Fork Hay Tedder Good As sweep horse for ii or s 2 Hole Corn 2 no Missel chilled 2 40 Oliver chilled 4 horse Spring tooth lever Harrow with two 3horse Spring tooth lever with wheels 2 shovel s Spring Hoe Grain Drill with fertilizer attachment 2horse walking 2 1horse walking combined scorer and log roller in 2 Good As Newl set harness with part leather traces s front 4 set Hind pears 20 set buggy double set Carriage s double Pony single set Pony har lot single Check team Riding find 2 strings Sleigh manure 2 and 3 prong pitch lot scoop and Lime shovels lot 2 set breast s 4 doubt i single 3 Triplo lot jockey 2 Sot manure manure Harpoon Hay rope and 2 farm furnaces Ron lot i foot Chestnut lot Oak lot 2 grind lot Blacksmith Jack Szirow digging lot Broad mortising 2 i and 5 Cross Cut hand 2 Bushel Saddler lot cow Large ii curse 2 dry powder scalding trough Brier wire milk wheelbarrow 50 lot guineas ii Iii turkeys is Jet of my Tutki 1 lot wedges a axing Forks 2 and 3 Pong plot in manure Extension Scartt Linig Horn lot and Many other too numerous to no dinner will be a credit of f will be Sale to commence at 12 on paid a fyn when and conditions will to made known by executors of Debbie Coleman come and Bee Timmich Ana a mba Noti youths personal 5 head swiss0 convincing one Sam cute pop Betti f Are of theft will be sold at Public Sale on a butt on the of John in South Annville Lebanon 3 Miles East of Oum Bell on the Gingrich near the following personal 40 head of horses mules Bay years weighs 1100 this is a stylish fearless of All dbl oots no 2 years weighs Jelfo Pavo and fearless of All a bans up Good one sorrel c Vears weighs 1100 family extra Driver Koan g years old weighs 1200 Safe and Good Driver Bay g years extra weighs 1200 Emily horses and any lady can drive him Black i years weighs 1200 family broke nos 7 and 8 pair Bay 6 years old Sood family horses 9 and 10 pair Klack 3 years broke to heavy weighs each this la a special team dark Bav years weighs 1200 pounds Jar Lago with style and action no 12 dark Bay 4 years broke to Light and heavy Good express chunks weighs Mno 13 and heavy Gray 6 years to All weigh 3100 pounds Bay i years Welchs Mio broke to heavy harness the bal Ance Are All Good ranging from 3 to from still so my extra years Black Mare stands most among of them fresh this lot Are 12 by Day of a Liberal credit will be give 03 t and Motrii Bomberger and i Henry and Rhines Public sate of farm Stock i will be sold at Public Sale on March Lebanon co on the Road leading from my mown to tides to wit horses Haldeman Public Sale of personal propbsty1 m March anon Iron Atso the Rol Howing March on farm of Ellz Heth a Tuatoo in Khz Beth township ter it mile South of the following property head of horses and ponies Bay 7 years Good double Light Bay 9 years extra Good and these 2 mares Are a handsome work hard to weigh ii too pounds dark Bay years Good dark Bay u years extra Good Black y years old Good double worker Black Good double worker nil these mares Are Good ranging in weight Troia Lino to 1400 pounds they All been producing Scro to balance to some in foal Hackney Mare i Rue ulue bred to old Bay extra Good 1 Colts As year old 2 sired by storm l by they All pm i a Sii Ihlo line t 2 year eld coming Brown years tearless of All objects no sorrel 10 Voaris works single and double Brown coming3 years old works single and double Good mule years single line Leader j head of mostly fresh by Day of a o Somo fall s Tine Chester White Poland China heavy with pigs 2horse Reber Good As Home made 2 or 3horso wag set Patent Long grass Hay seed land 2 Corn Corn scraper Corn Oliver chill i Spring Spike Harrow plow 40 Ziani plow Wallace american 3 Corn manure fanning Straw Corn also 2 Good double seated 2 front 2 express buggy lot of bridles also Good team Lofio chains jockey double and triple Forks and time and place the following House hold goods Good milk Corner cup water dozen chairs 2 Small lot milk 2 butter 3 clocks lot of and Many other articles riot to cot Menc at 1 Oclock when conditions will be made known by and and e Sprinc wit inn runners Milwaukee big i Fost rut in Good used very o a Cerling motor foot like International portable gasoline in Gina 8 horse used very Little like Appleton manure spreader for am i Hay body 1c foot Long 1 year pair Hay ladders if plan Jand new q enl file chop fanning Mill too it inches endless Belt new borne Spring for 2 and 3 i double Winter Corn banter both Oliver chilled plows potato com new about 3 Bushel seed feet Long Mam re c Over Peck Clover seed f Iok breast Halter 3 bran scoop 300 Pound i use Bantam Pitr Good As milk inns Honfi Many other articles not White leghorn Hale to commence at 1245 n m when conditions will be made known by a d u Bachman fun ii Saluc of personal Rofer Vapi be sold at Publ Sale on March in South Annville Lebanon a on the Patel no hotel Annville Imi v n Nuitt from the former and 1 mile from the latter Mace the to lowing personal property v of hoses is a Blacic Roan coming 5 years a Gool and is clean and is a Roux Corning 5 years old a it liver and fearless fall a clean and sound 4 years clean and bound and a Good double War no dark Bufty years a Good worker and a in Ltd a obie ets and coming s years old tits j n y iln1 silly jul Gray works and place you hitch him l Milch with calves some close head of took from 7 to 1000 pounds 28 head of to so fat dior Wei Irh about sepherd dog 2 4 and 6horse wagons Stone bed Box Asi Good i kml1 Hay is and 20 it stood us new in Good running g foot Cut grass 1 a Mccorm old As Good As 1 a Champion Johnson Hay Ted Der in Good condition Good Hay Rake 2s Inch Cylinder in running ring horse Power Good condition threshing machine with maker and fanning Mill Corn shelter us Good As with York seed Drill with Poi Plato in Goi Laud is Good As 3 1 Universal scraper combined double Row Corn planter new single 2 t potato plow Black Hawk As Good As 110 feet Long tin Iii no 1 by Ilai incr Urey 1 and Are Halter no Iii that the proper style i any one Amlung Lor a i year huh Spring i site Kiino Heid White Pony years old Ioway k 2 Hay puny malt Pizir 1 and in of household goods be it Public Sale on Mabou by Tho undersigned on the farm of Andrew in Marion an the Public Ruad leading from Pic Lium to Millersburg and 1 Miles from Avn Tresville and 1 mile from the i Farly new Square Extension s Teet Long and 2 other 1 rocking i dining room Kitchen Morris Large looking Glass Small ones 4 Beds with with Spring and utress id window Princess Flange no us Good As new 2 to Yards j rag carpet us Good new u Yards j us Brussels to Yards ingrain 4 plates to Small Doxen Jarguz and Small misses 2 did a u Doxen dishes Small dozen sauce dishes Abou o i pieces Glass s Day cooking id Wash boiler barrel Copper Ball Doxen buckets i Largo Iii Sci and i marts crocks of apply Haiti Clover seed Ballon Many other articles not m Houise Holifi w Only a few no dinner will to Coimin Elife i 1 used plow Ines of All 8 isrsjfcer3 Good International Cream in ipod condition cook4stove Sale to commence at when will be Killian and auce Henry and 1 oel Neir made known by Brahman 1eo Maun in i is foot my self lard t jars my Wash 12 milk for to personal 1 Leleh scald in coir lotions b Madi in Kurt ilk Vul by u coir lotions will u a fut Aua no dinner will he Hale to at 1 leu Gondi Iyua Avih be known by sure Rue r 11 i c k 11 dump Hay s 2 to Lissel chilled Chiuve 2 Wiard chill a shovel 2 Row Hosier Corn planter with fertilizer attachment Good As i 3hortse Spring tooth har Wood Frame smoothing i Grovv Spike tooth shove Harrow 2 horse Pivot 1 cultivators log roller in 2 sections Ideal Good As new 94 it i 4 Inch Sand Jay 6 and will j timing Henky Benne Achs Sale of valuable live Stock will b planing by Neil Yan Liee 1 to choir lard new improved As new Pine tobacco Yood As new ily double Bitch Iii and other rakes in Moke of id Public ale on March farm Kijiu Vii Hucher from Mill Bush i act us to if Nead of mostly 3 to 4 to by Ftp ow6 Saue with calf is do of rest close springers from 25 Acme n e w 2 Good window up 1 a Jpn St Cal inv Good As Cook stove Ifo Walnut Kitchen Dresser Olur Hahs Small tables ouch 2 dour cot bed bed Qadi Tiff Feather lot of lot of lot unit dishes of 4rt 100 Sale to by Saeou in a credit of Mouths will be Sale to commence at 1 Oclock Condit Wojsa will is Wade known
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