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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Feb 20 1896, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - February 20, 1896, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Jet a week monday Jund to mrstny per per volume thursday february 1896 Price die Gros Gesch Wetz Hen wage in Der Grieg Hen est of Maphie raise Flicker Ness Vauney hot Chr sail me Sei Sel Lesle Ware All foil wind ill Uon Zug feel was am cum panic hic Kertiss 1 i Frier Vanneri Seit pm february met Kkt Deitke Ich Liobe Chun Oft acht Gnu Medos die Kerls so sin for in Der Grieg a we Battles Wechta mite Moul sin Ferk Ommen Zug Faul Eppes a Schoffen Welle Yousch an Der wart Heiser and Schlorer Ruml Orlenn wants Derno Grieg Lehne sic net Bis Sie redraft Warre so do Hie a so Kerls sin was Ruer full wind Haist in Wann Meren no Del Oder sch Ell in Sie scat Eck Donn Duhne Hie Zirini Moransee Weeeng Wynnter Hob Ich Doch now Schunn Oft in Udit Unes Schwei Teichs Zumer Lien a so we Enni Han Ken thus Pulfer Werd do in unscrew under Leit do Dorcha Weg Ein Braf Unrecht Rie Lewe Mit Friede Mit Ihre Noc Borer in Melinde Ihre Eugene Bis until Damon Hen a die Musket in Letscher Grieg in Hen Ilir Jill Echt Gadu we Soldate in Sie Siu Fiel Fon Oil Der Leit in Der so weit Wie Ich Wase Kumme tie Oil pit a Awer Sie Welle Nim Nie in Der Wann Sie is Helle Sie Hen ois Sci in a sat Dos die Bis Niss Fon Leit a Schiese in Tod Schlange Ken fun untie Hen Sott Gricet we Sie Draus Ware in Lien for die Union Bernie die we Noch net Zug olt sin Oder Ferker Lippell wants Sei Awe Widder Werd Donn sin Sie a wid Der redly for Chr share Zug a Over few Hob Eichen Sennich Scheiwe Welle Fon Denne Kerls we so Gros Schwetzke in Battles Fechte i it Wie Mer Hen Etlicher do in Der Valley Lin die Hen in orig Gros Moul hot do form in Der Sei Mes Sage in Der Congress a Schick hot wage Venezuela in Liong sat Dos England mus do was refit is gauge Selle Leit odder die United states Date Ferl Eichten Hond Drin Derno sin die Sun Dawes Soldate Dorun Hen Gros Sie Ware he wet in so Tor in Ben we Gem Grieg wus now debt Zwischer in gland under United Sie Hen pm ant die Valley set in Companie Rahse in sett a Gar Ken Zeit Ler Lohre Sie Hen a Schun in Drain Bosch Tell so Dos Ahner Well Larne Konn dry time wants Emol of Gahl Niichel Wei Oder Drei die orig Schpuz Niche Kerls ois of sch Tor in Hen Gor Sawich Gros Mit Ihrer Mer Het a Adeolu sin Awer Mol die Rechte sort Soldate in wonn die Englener die Iii nine Donn sch print in Gonse Sie Hen no Fonge Orrige preparations Niolee for in Der Grieg Der nah Nin we Sie Hen Wahr die Hie Kerniss Valley unit Chr Hen tie in Gros picker fora he do Yader Soldatt Hoten Doppelt la Fiche Cugel in Groser revolver in Vader Schiffel Rohr Ynen ircle foil desiere for Uin Der Leib Hovic Sie Hen a Schun in Caiman Uri Onnerem officers a pick in no so go rewind of die Eold Awde Redde worry ii ire Valmie Zug Evve in Liechte Torno hots on Drill Gaselle Olle wet Bis Der is resident Rule dust for die Wun Jie Kire Well Des Ding is so for in Well fort in die Leit do rum Hen Mit Wun Ner in fers Lanne a watch was Fez Draus Geveva nil Lith Donn Kummet die news Mol a wet in or inert die Neidic Heite doses Harklich Grieg Evve Kent in Dos die Englener Dahte for Schiff in do Iive die orig Schun Niche Pulire in editor in Hen Mich sell Hoere Lesa Ich Hob in acht be Nunizie Dos Aimer Nochem Annerer non Stihi Icelic is in Bis Meh Fertich War base War net Oliuer Mahim die Leit Lien of Gunnert Wos is Dann Gewe hut Mil Ungerer Awer is it Niemond Sage Kenne we Sie Hie Kumme is Schlimm St is Das net Aimer hot Sich die Zeit Mab in sch Tor Saline sell wars Lescht Fon Der Sola we Companie in Mer dust a Nix mail Damon Ich will we Trees War Selle chaps ear Lerdo Ili Liumes Hoecht Grieg Geve in Wonus Het Donn Het Alle Ahner Fon seller crowd Sieh Iai Berg Fei Schlupp in Het Sich in Imine Sehne Geh Mer you Siht Mit Denne Kerls we an Der in Der wart Heiser Oder sch Tore rum Stane in Duhne Amsz up Knut Dich Knif Farlosse doses so Bummer sin of Gar Ken h n in Zug Erichs foul Ein for Suh Evin solver in decent Zug Holte Noch Wen Richcr Eppes Nitz Liches Zumer Hen a Etlicher so Kerls Noch we Der Annerer Leit Nimer Sage Kenne Wie Sie Ihre Bauereis in Bette in Hewer to Giaier Sie Kenna seller net gut Gan uni Houshalter for die Glazder we Sie Ulm Buckel Hen Zusie Wiste Wie Sennich of die Init Holte of Chr a Bobble Doun Dahte Sie Fer Leicht net so lie Blouse in Ihre a Gene Bis Niss is Ware a Tiel Hesser for Sie in die de Cento in Ferst Niche Leit Hetteen win Nich Niau rest Heeckt for Ich Het Garn Jos Selle sort Kerls do in nose re Valley Des lapse in is Derno a in acht wonn Des Kenn gut Dight Doun Dulius Ich Fer Leicht Mol Sennich planner Rous Kumme Roit Der Pek Annville balls the cases of it the Lebanon i Annville Street railway were argue 1 before the supreme court at Phila Delphia on Bassler Esq represented the plaintiffs and Esq the defendant the court decided that it would not give its decision unless a certificate from judge Ehrgood to the effect that More than damages Are claimed be Twenty years from tie mzail7 Degadea monday night the residence of Jacob on East Cumberland was entered by a burglar an Dan overcoat was stolen from the hat rack in the aged at this time about 31 and an old Soldier of the War of who resided on North eighth was lying seriously ill and no Hopes were entertained for his thieves entered the cellars of Edward Rudolph Keller and Jona than in and stole a lot of bread and other provi Christ of the second was appointed postmaster of the Lebanon vice John de and his name was this Day sent to the Senate for the funeral of the late John postmaster of this place and president of he Valley National took place on he morning of this Day from his late residence on Cumberland Schmauk and Johnston delivered addresses at the where the funeral services were at a preliminary meeting of the Myerstown military held tuesday the following officers were elected Kauffman first Miller second for men signed the application which was sent to Hamburg to be acted tuesday evening a prominent physician of was United in the Bonds of holy Wedlock to miss Ellie Dann liter of Daniel a Large Circle of friends attended the ceremony to wish the couple a Long and Happy Kramer and Johnston Lemuel while engaged in coupling cars on the got Jis hand Between the bumpers and had it mangled in a fearful Jacob who lately received a arge contract Lor shoes Foi the United states was busily engaged upon them and weekly turned out a Large on the morning of this Day Fanny widow of Abraham who resided on North seventh breathed her last she was a sufferer for a Long time with and was aged about 35 ignited in hit during the excitement of the fire on monday a sales Man employed in the new common wealth ran to the front door n ascertain where the fire and to is great Surprise he found that a numer of matches which he had placed in Lis pocket suddenly ignited by colliding with a for some time beam knew nothing of the danger he was and Only by smelling a Peculiar sulphur1 Fie at once went to the thinking there was fire when he bund that the Best part of his pocket was beam was considerably frightened after seeing that his coat lad already caught Protection for the employees of Philadelphia leading Railroad company in this City Lave been notified by station agent Jotter of a which went into effect on which provides the Protection of brakeman engaged in moving freight cars that Are not equipped with drawbar or couplers which conform to the specifications of the statute have not been moved Money for immediately after the terrible Accident happened to Milton of 29 front in the ten Inch Mill at the Enn Sylvan Bolt and nut on tuesday a subscription was started among the employees for the sup port of the within an i credit Ible Short and without coing out Side of the 72 was still inter Chitea in at the Public Sale of Daniel services next sunday at Tulpehocken at in at at 2 and Grane a service will be held in the interest of the of Oiler at 7 the Stop Isburg oct Ette will also be present to assist in the made m sheriff Stine today Madea Levy on the personal property of Morris at the Sale will the hold on february Bucl Tlena the Best sales in the world for Isalt chapped hands Aad All skin Krapp Toni and positive la or no pay re it is Gulfi Steed to give perked satisfaction or Money Brice s5 cents per Sale by Boss Pon sumption in its advanced St gee if beyond the of Man used to swing in his younger was offered for which he bid up to a Ood the doctors fancy now is of an entirely different make used for other purposes taken suddenly a woman who gave her name As Eliza Jeth from while on her Way to Tremont wednesday was taken suddenly ill at this she was re moved to the office of John on North eighth where medical Aid was Given her and after an hours de Lay she was Able to proceed on her Jour Junior mechanics at a new Council of the will be instituted at Avon on saturday on sunday evening a special Sermon will be preached to the newly instituted Council of in the Grace reformed at a Quartetti from Strausstown will be present and Render a Hearty old Philip of West Union residing near the 4 on tuesday walked to Borders a distance of ten where he cast his Mease is 82 years of and is As Hale and Hearty As will be treated in John of East will go to Philadelphia this week to be treated for neuralgia of the heart he will be attended by Al though the disease has been pronounced grave by the local physicians he expects to be of according to the recent reports received at the state Camo the for the year has again of seventeen new Camps have been chartered since the meeting of the last state Camp and Many More Are in process of succumbed to tie Charles of North Lebanon fur was found Loiue unconscious in the Yard at Home wednesday by his he was carried into the House where the family pm Sicari diagnosed his ailment As the at noon his Condi Tion was much Benell and George of has been notified by the commissioner of pensions at Washington that he has been granted a renewal and increase of his orphan Steward of the alms morning tools to Philadelphia three or Phan who were inmates in the county the boys will be placed in Homes in that fills in joins the a Finks of Republican cities with a Large majority the first Republican to succeed in the City 4ed All the Sards by the Young men to the front they did spend us work Aud had the party thoroughly organized in every Ward and unusually Large vote was polled tuesday was Fine re publican weather and the voters went to the polls in great abuse or personalities but solid work gave splendid the time in Many years Lebanon will be controlled by a full set of Kepul can officer details of the vote show ing tie majority each candidate re chive largest majority yet received for the weather on tuesday was sunshiny Republican such As is calculated to induce people to vote the Republican and they did it emphatically in our the elections passed off quietly and a the credit of the Good name of Leba at the opening of the Campaign the news urged against the usual muddling Gand indulgence in personal attacks upon the which is frequently done and leaves Only regret and bitter Eeling in its we were censured at first for advocating such a but we Felt sure that an election Campaign can be conducted in a decent Man and the result proves that such is the instead of inflaming the lower Aud meaner passions and engendering bitter animosities an Appeal was made to the reason and Good sense of the our people Are intelligent and who read and arrive at conclusions for themselves and far More Good can be accomplished by appealing to their Good sense and the effects after the election Are More pleas ant and agreeable and no ugly sores have been the republicans in this City were thoroughly organized and had energetic composed of a number of intelligent f Oung in every and instead of wasting time and Money Amon the element that hangs around Pool rooms and Beer saloons they devoted their energies to arousing the making a thorough canvass of All the voters and preparing for bringing out a fall vote on election this is substantial the kind that counts and brings a Good another feature that entered into the contest was that All the Republican candidates were honestly and fairly Nomi not one of the candidates had resorted to any unjust or dishonourable methods for securing the nomination and this is the True Republican the people were determined to wrest the government from the control of the democratic which during the last two terms has held the mayors and other City the republicans also determined to get into line at this elec Tion for the great Victory to be won next All these things conspired to arouse the Republican voters and to give them a greater degree of enthusiasm than is ordinarily the Bat withal this the Well qualified men on the the Good work done by them and their friends and the Active Young republicans scattered through All the wards aided in bringing about such a surprising John the successful Candi Date for May Well feel proud of the handsome majority which he re and it is a splendid testimonial of the Confidence and esteem which his fellow repose in he is doubly honoured by the fact that he is the first Republican mayor to succeed his lamented and highly esteemed sex mayor and he will Well by emulating his Noble predecessor in administering the cites Weimer will bring to the office of chief executive of Katy a varied and extensive business experience a Good knowledge of the duties of the lawmaking Branch an acquaintanceship with Busi Ness men and capitalists in All parts of the and a firm Detent nation manage one municipal the greatest Good the greatest Hesseth candidate for City Falls very Little if any behind the Candi Date for mayor and majority a a splendid tribute to he also will bring s Good business training to of Cha leg Fot leads the ticket he is an up right citizen and enjoys the Confidence of our the same is True of the candidates far City Aller and who Are elected by Large not in Many years have the Cane gained Inch a signal Victory in the Oty ooze clively and in All the second which not so Many years ago was solidly Here Alderman Miller is reelected by a very Small majority and Frank Yost is elected both Are old in have Many friends and Al Derman Miller has been confined to the sick bed for some which no doubt created considerable sympathy for him and aided in his outside of these two instances All the Republican select and com school and other Ward officers Are a very Large vote was polled and the republicans were Active at work from the time the polls opened until they closed and every pos sible Republican voter was brought to the this evidences what Good organization and Well directed Effort May the Young republicans Are deserving of a Large share of the credit that attaches to the grand Victory and they have just cause for congratulating themselves on what they have we cheer fully Grant them this because they have earned and richly deserve official giving the Correct vote each candidate received in this Deputy prothonotary Oscar with mayor Albert Garrett and Ezra the latter appointed to compute the election met at noon in the Library room in the court House and com put Edthe returns of tuesdays judges Ehrgood and Light also were present and attached their making the return John the official returns of the City election foot up As follows weimers 1s41 083 34c 3170 1041 1008 07 858 s43 r 1981 00 118 300s 082 1903 18ss 18s3 1158 959 988 120 129 129 total Forster r r p Hedricks plurality Millers weavers below we give the result of the elec Tion in this City in detail largest the following gives the majority of All the from 1880 to the present which shows that John Weimer received 347 More votes than any former majority Isaac 477 Peter 217 John 611 Albert 16 John 858 745 730 j25 cold weather these the weather on wednesday was varied but cold All the Way in the morning the temperature was but the Sun shone for toward noon a slight Snow of full and about 2 Oclock in the afternoon a Strong Northeast wind began to toward evening the cold increased and later it became very about 6 Oclock the wind was piercing and the temperature fell until at Midnight it reached about 10 this morning the cold was in tense and this continued throughout most of it is reported that a storm is coming Snow is predicted for Friday and furious gales Are expected along the sea coast Well known officers major John major of the fourth was in this City Earnest is Well known and registered at the Valley he formerly was Captain of the Pine Grove company and is very prominent in military of at present representing the Hanover silk York spent a Short time in this cite this visiting both gentlemen stated to a news reporter that the prospects for the division Encampment at Gretha Are very they preferring that to other it is expected major Earnest on his return from on will attend the Drill of the Lebanon rifles in on ninth registered As 926 Chestnut has registered As a candidate for Delegate to the Republican National of 423 Walnut is a candidate for Delegate the state con Jonn of 138 North eighth has announced himself As a candidate for Register of wills on the lican ool Era Elf of this and Corporal Jerry of have registered candidates for delegates to the Republican state convention of has also Leisterer a scam Ligate for Delegate to the Republican state received an Daniel Secretary of the Union fire has received an invitation from the Columbia fire no of inviting the Union Bremen to take part in their Centennial september 24 Ana 1896theloogmin Cal exercises in the opera grand in the respective boroughs and officers elected Fob this 7eae in some districts the contests were Tather Fine weather indeed Many voters to come to the Ber of totes each candidate below we give the votes cast in the respective boroughs and townships of the county for each of the the Fine weather induced Many of the voters to come to the poles and in some districts a heavy vote was cast the re sult is As follows judge of Hoffman 331 Thomas Meiser Henry Matthew Spaak 76 Schaum 314 David Bennethum Hart Man 102 the Charles Kessler Kauffman 149 school Illig Hostet Ter 274 Joseph Good Henry Hoffman 1 Lape 310 township Shutz South Lebakos judge of Werner David Stager 115 Bomberger Morris Peiffer 133 assistant Moses Steckbeck Kreider 123 school Mund Reist Rex 88 Daniel Stoever Henry Miller 121 Martin Grostefon 131 Seth Light Isaac Bra Baber 137 John Bruce Jonathan Snyder 132 township Aaron Kim Obein Nimrod Dohner 128 township Hiram bom Berger Isaac d Brandt Lebanon judge of Jacob Bender John showers sir Harry Geb hard Aaron Fisher 52 assistant As Binner Franklin Keith 42 school Edmund Reist Henry Hoke Cyras Rex 82 us Daniel Stoever Henry Mil Ler Martin Grostefon 101 Seth Light Isaac Brubacher 53 John Brna Jonathan Snyder 43 township Aaron Krum Bein Nimrod Dohner 43 township Hiram Bomberger Isaac Brandt Millcreek judge of Samuel Klopp 200 Isaac Firestone Sny Der 125 assistant Shultz 207 Matthew Hartman David Bennethum 19 Justice of the Charles Kessler Kaufman 203 school Illig Hosteller 205 con Joseph Good 190 Lape 105 township Shultz 16r East judge of Yorty Joseph Urich 49 Houser Jacob Tobias 3b school Wagner Edwin Shuey Frank Blatt 48 us Boeshore John wentling Ephraim Shuey speck 65 Boeshore Hoover 34 John Don Moyer Jacob Kauffman 78 town ship Gerberich Corne lius Fox 27 Justice of the John books judge of Goshert Wenerick 68 Kauffman Zimmerman 51 school Patch 1 Eby 3 Grittinger 3 Henry wit met 3 Ichael Spangler 3 47 Benedict Waltz 92 Oscar Bow Man Witmer 58 William Mohn Stabler 52 township James Hummel Oliver Hoke 60 assistant Smith Gem Mir 75 township Eby Amos Border Cornwall judge of John Reed 63 David Blottenberge Grant Christ 5 school Patch 1 Eby 3 Grittinger 3 60 Bene dict Donley John Miller Waltz 16 Oscar Bowman 58 Mohn Uriah Stonier 1 township James Hummel 60 Keiser 65 township Eby judge of Adam Sherk 135 in Grant Gernard rein bold 53 school Michael Gin Erich Frank fake Kerke slayer95 Peter Boeshore John fake Jacob Kohr 91 Audi Edwin Gerberich Wea Ber 52 Slise Henry Bohn 78 township John Boes Hore 132 township Henry Bross 130 Justice of the Haldeman cold judge of Daniel Mease 7 in Henry Mease Henry Moyer 4 school Straw b Heisler judge of Solomon 99 John Mcclure Behney 20 Kleinfelter Adam Titus rank Shaud Henry loser Moses Jil Ilton shocker 93 school i a Jpn Schaeffer Solomon Kern 94 Bohn 97 High con Aaron Byle 91 Justice of the Jacob Light 91 Martin Wengert judge of John Rover Samuel Blecker 120 Jacob Hartman Stonier 125 school Zerbe Nathan Gibble William Fetter supervise Krall Mohre Moyer 331 George Zimmerman Samuel Hewett 146 Constable Shaffer Dissinger Griffe 104 township John Fet Ter Kennedy Walter Jackson judge of Miles 138 Henry 120 school Bat Dorfi Charles 104 Daniel John Aaros Weidner d Foesig Holtz North in judge of Peiffer Adam Bricker 70 Kochi Enberger Thomas rank 81 Adam Zeller William Biecher 73 township Saltzer Philip Folmer John Kreider mover pvt Jujuana ii Fri Aaron Brickers Audito Jacob d Miller shirk 24 Reifsnyder South judge of Adam Bricker 70 inspector Koch Thomas rank 81 school John Kauffman Ehas Rittle John Rohland 123 anx3 Meyer John Lutz Edward Arnold Adam Bolly 108 Moses Kreider Cyrus Helmey 131 con John Maeider John mover 174 township Saltzer Philip Fulmer 160 assistant Adam Zellers William Biecher 73 township Peter South judge of Groh Williom Arnold 79 Henry stick Peter stump 9sschoql i John Kauffman Ellas Urich John Rittle John Rohland 87 Amos Heyer 48 John Lutz Edward Adam Sholly 61 Moses Kreider Cyrus Behney 92 Kreider John Moyer 85 township in Saltzer Phili Folmer 95 assistant Kreider Nathan Wolf 82 town ship Peter Sholly North Clement Houck Uriah Gingrich Kline Amos Frederick Jacob Herchel Rode 72 Bomberger John Garman Conrad Miller Joseph Fittery 69 John Hagy 118 Snyder 60 Risser Cyrus kale 41 township clerk Brubaker 140 Justice of the Johnson Miller North judge of Charles Miller Amos 69 Miller Albert Bowers 54 school Ezra Kreider Smith John Boltz 60 super Jackson Wood Connalle Man John Hershberger 51 John Sherk Samuel Heilman 60 Thomas Smith John Bodenhorn 179 township John tramp John Noll judge of Henry Kreider Ericus Hartman 35 Franklin Schwartz Adam Soliday 22 school John Martin Henry Brandt William Bowman 31 William darkes Adam Bedgar Boeshore 10 John Amos Soliday 39 David Boltz 97 township Schwartz 92 jus Tice of the peace bean judge of Sherk Emanuel Wolf 99 Milton Reed Samuel Miller 97 school i Henry Hain William Klick 84 Elias Boeshore John Spangler 84 Hoff Man George Kleinfelter 103 con John Mohn John Krick 95 township Daniel Meyer Elias the Wechter 69 Justice of Daniel Hain 106 assistant Adam deck 138 town ship Henry judge of Daniel Yingst 102 Brubaker Dis Singer 17 school Risser 92 Samuel Kaylor Gingrich fasnacht 100 Jacob Brandt Cyrus Reed 92 Rise Henry Baum 94 consta ble Lineaweaver 95 township Jonas Eby 96 Longenecker 99 Justice of the Risser judge of Jacob Snyder John Killinger 3 Hiram Pep Ley 121 school i Elias Hartz George bran Ner Wellington Yoder Cyrus Daniel Yrus Walmer Benson John Boeshore John Bank 121 Bowman Seibert Rudolph Behm Light 102 township Horst Henry Lesslie John Rick or 115 Justice of the Jacob Betz 173 Eby Zimmerman West judge of Frank Weddle Kilmoyer 35 John Bullock Gates 34 school direct David Howard Joseph Strohman Cyras Gross John Kilmoyer Sheeler 36 trap Lin Jeremiah Bohr 30 Gates John Lerch John Shaf Fer Alfred Blose 34 township George Petry 84 Justice of the Fertig judge of 97 William school Henry Hiram 59 Elias John Henry 90 George 51 John John 91 township Daniel Elias Thier 73 Justice of the Daniel 65 assistant Moses Bright Henry South judge of Adam Light John Beaver Nathaniel Light 39 school Harry Longenecker John Gingrich Ezra Harry Fisher 41 Martin Branner Henry Moyer Henry Craiglow 137 Adam Barnhart Samuel 35 Jacob Walters Henry Herr 87 township Bowman Jerome Bode born who survive will celebrate the birth of the Moyer Henry Early Henry 137 by Al Rucht co Desiate the entertainment to fag Given by Morrow and his ladies Banjo mandolin 305 and guitar cd Abbas been postponed from t 133con Henry Monroe 137 township 173 assists ant Elias a 107 Justice of the judge of it 344 Harry 152 school Barjes Daniel John Aaron Lein Jacob 101 148 Henry search to May on account of the Spring vacation two More teachers will be employed daring Herspring seventy five new hymn books have been purchased and placed in the reference h also a Standard the gentleman Day students room has been Auburn a bet Lebeuf Dan South Bethle Benyani Tosenberger be among the applicants for License to preach at the annual conference of the United evangelical at ten lecturers will deliver arc Tum of lectures free to the fifa dents during the Tern Henri statue at this Oitt All am int Ltd to be Preidl should be a parlor Hestine Thor sat the Fortieth anniversary o the birth of the Republican party Wil occur on saturday the 22nd the principles of that grand old party will remain the bul Wark of political Faith of every conscientious and continue to be the Rule of our government the pioneers of thai political Faith who stood by the Cradle of the organization and cast oar votes for that intrepid Leader of Republican John in the presidential contest of join in inviting every Republican in Lebanon county to meet a the court House in Leb on the 22nd in at 3 Oclock m to celebrate in a becoming manner the anniversary of the Natal Day of the Republican Organ which saved the government from destruction and taught the coun try the True sentiment of on immortal declaration of let there be a spontaneous outpouring of republicans let our principles Lead us to do Honor to so grand an Occa John Tobias Levi Jacob Israel Joseph Adam David Levi jobs Henry Louse John John Elijah Charles James Josiah James and 17th an elaborate proc mme arranged for tie occasion by Camp of Washington of will celebrate its seventeenth Anni in sons of America on saturday february com mencing at s an elaborate Aud interesting program has been arranged for the As follows grand Central band Arlhur orpheus club Esenwein grand Central band master Alfred Dehuff orpheus club major Reed mandolin club Rin Erise orpheus club grand Central the entertainment will be free and Al members of the order Are especially in Vittert to As Well As the general ing of much Praise for the Able Way which they did their the Dif work of Junior the entertainment and festival Given on wednesday evening under the auspices of Marks Junior Christianen a Success in every sense of the the Young people who participated in the entertainment Are de serving of n in which Ferent dialogues were Well taken and the groups of Happy Young folks presented a fresh and inspiring the festival following the entertainment was Well patronized and in nearly All instances sales Weie Only suspended when the Stock of cakes and ice Cream be came the Endeavor ers realized the neat sum of by their examination at the examining Board of the third com met at Harrisburg today and examined the newly elected officers of the among those in attendance and Well known in this City were Tae following major of Pine of the fourth regiment Reading Pottsville Allentown Smith and there were also several lieutenants present from some of the neighbouring they passed through Here on the 853 train this among the number was general Gobin on his Way from doing a Good the enterprising furniture at is doing a Good Busi he is rapidly gaining the Confidence of the which Means their patronage As the spacious Furni Ture on East main Are crowded with the latest including All the necessary furniture for persons intending going to he makes this class of business a which is shown by the Many Complete outfits already sold that will be delivered next he is also in demand As undertaker and Eire in n fire was discovered in the residence of William at West North of the wednes Day and bad it not been for the timely arrival of Cne of the it might have been it was extinguished by the assistance of some of the Little Dato age was the unions let Ltd the Union fire company will be 116 years old on the 22ad of this the Union was organized 17 a the hotel now the american Houi on South ninth and ranks among the Best managed Aad equipped fire organizations in the its anniversary on saturday will be appropriately Cele Benbin at the Public Sale of Reuben to be held on March a seed double Corn Grain cradles and jockey which had not been enumerated among the articles in his Sale in an Caber column of this will also be sold v to at the requester Coleman Post k of the teachers of the Public schools of North and sooth 4nn Vule an Londonderry town Thipa have arranged to celebrate Washington birth Dayon interacting exercises will the our february a number of oar people attended the Public Sale of David Back of on misses Sarah Heilman and Amos Jerome Miller Harvey Deininger and Ramon scholars of the Franklin heirs taught by the revival meeting at Black Oak Hill came to n close on sunday Public sales and skating Are Young americas favorite pleasures and Samuel Kreider were the guests of John rank and family on Sun some of our Young folks attend the singing class at the Union water taught by Augustus and John Miller were the guests of Adam Miller and of sunny Harry Treider is seriously she is suffering from that dreaded Dis the John Himmelberger a Dadam umber Ger attended the Public Sale of Simon in Swatara on Mon what cold if we Only had Sleigh ing would be a the funeral of Jacob took place on the body was gowned in a White gown and rested in a handsome casket the features looked the cold hand of death had obliterated All care and suffering and the dead Man appeared As if he enjoyed a peaceful interment took place at grafts Hoyt and Wengyr officiated at the the funeral Wra largely attended by the people of this the meeting of the North Cornwall literary on was called to order with Killian in the after Reading the min Tea and a Well prepared program was re exerted by the teacher than by the was affirmative Edwin Ira Bowman Jacob the Sarah Tacy Killian and decided two to one in favor of the a general debate was opened by followed by Risser and next saturday a patriotic Celebration will be held in Honor of Washington by the a full pro Gram will be Snoke will Likely be the German Baptist revival services commenced last to continue at least one the meeting in hokes meeting House was fairly attended owing to the Incle ment february on saturday teacher of the primary attended the teach ers which was held at today John Capp and Ben Netch made a business trip to Ira Bennetch visited relatives in Reading Over today Isaac and David and miss Emma Phillippy left for where they will John Phillippy has a Chestnut tree on his premises which measures s feet and 4 inches in 4 inches from the Lizzie Melinda bom Berger and Barbara Reist today Are at the Home of Kate on monday evening Bucher and Ira Bennetch attended the meeting of the literary society of the question discussed that immigration to the United states should be february the weather is cold and the election went All Zimmerman Brothers Sale was Well attended and Stock brought Good Rudolph Spang had an Eitra Good Sale Joseph Miller finished his ice House to Butcher Stohler is waiting for another Supply of ice on his Zimmerman is a candidate for county Butcher Brooks team from Lebanon did a Good business on pay Stohler sold Over Worth of meat last George Shires is slowly Lineaweaver and Mother Are on the sick we expect to have a Good entertain ment on the 20th and look for the Young girls from Cornwall to february Hess will preach to the of on thursday february in place of As previously an sold at Public Sale the school House and lot of ground 1 to Jonathan Zimmerman for and school House and lot East of to Sheetz for Newmanstown will have a Large new schoo building under one who was Hurt on the Railroad at is still con fined to the of was the guest of his John proprietor of Zeller who was Laid up several months with is Able to walk around town the protracted meeting in the helical Church is still in so far 11 professed having found Knecht is the tank to be loaded on a Large shipment to South the Lebanon foundry and machine on shipped the Large smoke Hue connection and hot where it steamship for Cape South this contract was made for the Brill of and is for an electric Road in Cape the company has an order for two 66inch boilers Sot the Grey Iron casting Corn pan of it and several Large tanks for ice machines for this company has done considerable work of and their reputation for Good work is very an opinion filed this morn in by judges is Case of bib Webb a du5does j the Bui or complaint and injunction prayed for Batu i steam heat for engine Hosea newly of Mersot third brigade judge Ehrgood today filed Wita in Tho notary Bomberger the Follo Wim oin on Moses Bricker David motion to continue preliminary Well will Rendant Inland Smay be Lent creditor and its Validity by the the defendant in proceeding is the plaintiff in a recovered in the court of common Pis against Kline and Catharine in and has caused an execution to l one thereon against said Kline and i Hart and the sheriff has levied upon the real estate of Moses the Abov named and has advertised Tiv same for Sale As the real estate of the Saui Catharine a preliminary Junction was granted to restrain the h Pendant Aud the sheriff from any further interference with said real estate and w Are now asked to continue said the general Rule a that a judge Init seize and sell in satisfaction of his debt any real estate in which in debtor has or is believed to have in in any interest or supposed inter est of the by a tested by Here court opinion is cited it that the to continue the preliminary injunction must be refused and the Bill of complain dismissed for want of and adjudged Ami that the preliminary injunction heretofore granted be and is hereby ill and the Bill of complaint uis missed at the Cost of the Bassler is plaintiffs an defendants at local contests for municipal offices in various Pennsylvania elections were held in this Stato several interesting contests were wage n Tho larger which elected n City Tho ticket was headed by John Kinsey am Arthur diddle Republican and democratic Candy plates Tor City Kinky was elected by majority that will probably exceed the democratic was elected mayor of this City by a plurality of about aim Over and show Tho election of John mayor by plurality Over Charles democrats elected Georgo Cooko bar Ough although Tho nominal Lle publican majority is to lire democratic councilman and one school dlr Ccu wore also election resulted in the Roo Leotious of mayor Edwin by a majority in 490 Over Benjamin Democrat Tho Council is heavily Republican in both Indi Cate Tho election of for mayor Over by Small Defeated m for mayor by returns Inch Cato the election of is Ailoro Tho re publican Over Kobert salts Ian by a Small the balance of Republican ticket is was elected mayor ukr Charles by Low majority and is the first Republican Myor elected in nine returns Hull Cato tha8 Charles elected mayor Over Kobert Lewis by about 30 society bag carpet miss Emma Oberly entertained a Nam Jero Yoong at her Home on sooth front on tuesday at a ran carpet the evening was made a round of pleasure and Allex pressed themselves As being highly leased with their miss Berly a an excellent hostess and served of Willow Aldermani held for Elizabeth who was arrested on oath of Kate Soth Enber charged with assault and was Given a hearing before Alderman on wednesday she was held in bail for her appearance at Grain latest quotations for february Springs but win ters scarce and Winter in Small Supply and firm 2 2 and steady 2 for Loca 2 in Export and firm 2 Winter in Spring in bailed and steady Small Large bailed Rye and in Feir demand Creamery whole jobbing at and easy Western and live and firm Spring dressed fresh killed old Roost 7c roasting Choice and fair to Choice slips near by fair to Ita Western Western mixed hens and Young 13a Small Young Large Young old ii by near prune City coun and unchanged at it a per Bushel As to livestock East Good Goneh so Zatk cows and very Lusht Ronsha sheep steady Export s3jte3 veal Grain corrected weekly by 1 bed
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