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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Feb 17 1896, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - February 17, 1896, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Twice a week monday and tiny Day per per volume monday february Price a and their wives or widows of the reformed the Baffey Home 15 myj3bstow5 tur Rhand by a German woman and presented to the Churchin Honor of her Sune the building will now be properly fitted up for a tie Baney at has been purchased by Linda of the deed for it will be it is in a few Days to the Board of managers of the society for the Relief of ministers and their widows of the reformed Church of the United the property is dedicated to the memory of Raubs de ceased Daniel who was a resident of Myerstown and the purpose of the gift is to provide a suitable Home foraged ministers and their wives or widows of the reformed the Board will at once bring the matter be fore the Church and prepare plans forthe equipment and conduct of the the Home is to be known As the Daniel Stine memorial Home for aged ministers and their wives or their of the reformed Church in the United for that purpose Only will its doors be opened on certain conditions without reference to Section or those admitted will be expected to pay a certain sum which i 1 entitle them to maintenance for the Baney mansion is a substantially built dwelling front three feet Back two 30x40 feet one feet with suitable and Over n acres of divided up into a Large Lawn surrounded by a Fine an extensive fruit Orchard and Large truck the dwelling contains 10 sleep aug besides sitting the Board of managers consists of David Duncannon Charles Mercersburg and they will in due time make known the ways and Means by which the Home will be carrying out wishes in every fraternal Delegat Loni from the City Campi Palmyra a to sixteen members from Camps 254 an this and 7 from Camp o of of on Friday Evenin paid a fraternal visit to Camp a the degree team o Camp 254 initiated six candidates into the rites of the a proposition was also handed in at the there were about 40 members presen and those in attendance from this City were conveyed thither in a four horse bus by Moses the Campbells town Camp is in a flourishing condition and the meeting was an interesting after the business had been disposed o addresses were made by Shinde Victor Smith and me of this City o and Brown and o before leaving for their Homes the guests were handsomely entertained by the members of Camp who extended cordial greetings to a Veteran special Gla Bur Ingeb transacted before judges bar Good and a Lent saturday judges or Good and Light Beld special court and Beard the argument in the Chestnut Street evangelical Church Case in Howard of this of represented the com the and George the the United previous to the argument the court held under advisement the petition of Kilwani liar to to modify the order of the court directing him to pay per week to Elizabeth Shaud for the maintenance of Hie to March term of repro Isentol tit Luward presented the Jiel Tirik Henry Shonk for the appoint ment of Oon rep Stine As guardian of Liin minor Raymond the and Hail in the sum 0iio was directed to be on motion of shirk and Grant a Rule was granted Apon the Clafflin 10 a Liiv cause Why a motion to quash the writ and dissolve the attachment against Leo re Koser should not be Gobin addressed the court on duties of election by reason of partisanship interfere with voters at the and cited a num Ber of he desired an expression of the court and was directed to present his petition in an Iron workers clone War run of 51gj Chestnut rougher in the 12inch at the Pennsylvania Bolt and nut made a narrow escape while at work on thursday he was engaged in making several changes at the oils when Jug apron caught in the revolving lie was being drawn toward the Rolls when Thomas a by a Quick and Strong pull disengaged the apron from the Gallagher sustained a badly wrenched foot elected vice 21 the tenth annual banquet of the alumni association of Frank Lin Marshall at the hotel Friday Stabler among tie Nuin Ber who made in Rechea wis Frank who was subsequently elected vice president of the superintendent Cyrus Boger also attended the demise of Thomas Reynolds at the Hamp saturday morning Arnold received a letter from governor of the National Home for disabled at announcing the death of Thomas a Veteran of the late who was a res ident of this City for a number of on tuesday february at 1c and stated that he was buried with military honors on Friday in the National soldiers a neat Tomb Stone will be erected in memory of the Gallant it will be remembered that Reynolds was taken to this Home by Stephen son of George who resides at sixth and Lehman several weeks Schall Wilhelm one of Yorks prominent citizens succumbs to a complication of Scoball son of the late a Tennis Olio resided at Cornwall for Many where he was manager of the Coleman estate until Cole Man leached his maturity and assumed the died at the residence of his father at shortly after go clock on Friday from a complication of 37 years old and leaves a wife he was he was president of the Pennsylvania agricultural society and identified with several Busi Ness enterprises in other Wil Helm was Well known in this City and his Many friends Here will learn with regret of his castilian debating a stated meeting of the castilian de bating society was held in their the sons of America Friday when matters pertaining to the proposed joint debate Between the Excelsior Socie of and the on thurs Day March were it was decided that the debate be held in room second of the sons of America Hall also that Eugene Sie Harry Miller and David Siegrist represent tie Ca stalians in that Franklin Uhrich deliver the oration and John read an Fred Light was elected chairman of the even the society decided that they will Issue All the invitations and admission will be by an election of officers was also held which resulted As follows Franklin Uhrich Harry Gebhard and James the reports of the out going officers showed the society to be in a Good gave u Pluner miss Laura of s21 North eighth on Friday gave a dinner party in Honor of Reading and also guests from this which included Tome of our prominent of society ladies and among whom were the misses Maine sly and sue and Paul Ray mond Reigert and George the affair was quite an elaborate and the Juetts from this City speak very highly 3f miss who is an excellent Host graduated dance and the reception and dance Given by the leading High school Friday Rajah was a Brilliant there were about 10s members if the alumni among whom was George of Conns jewelry after the rendition of the entertainment a program of 18 num Bers was it was the inaugural event of its and it is expected that similar gatherings will be an ele Gant luncheon was Rives Chanler to marry Prince he is a artist and composer Baring Tytla menu to in to he a expected that soon a new stated that Adelle hives Well known is about to he married this time to Prince and that the ceremony will be celebrated within a very few it is believed that who secured a divorce from lick Armstrong latter part of last met the who is Well known in social and circles in London and lie being entertained in the of who had become a reigning favorite in society in is to have met him at a Gard ii party 1tniast Chaucer returned from Europe n Little More than n week in is said Fay her limn Eliuta who arc also in formed that she at once went old the hives tit Castle there she has Prince Troubetzkoy arrived Only a few Days Aga and went at once u Albemarle upon leaving the he was met by a Carriage from Castle Hill and driven to Tho borne of his be Tho marriage it is said by persons acquainted with to Rives will take place very in it is expected at any and it is sup posed it will Ocener in a Man of who is an will not to Waddad according to the ritual of that Churuti because of the regulations forbidding the second marriage of divorced and the tumor declares that l ceremony will to or formed by to Paul Menzel of who is a lutheran asked if to Rumor was denied that he was about to marry Chaslor to Prince though to is a says that he is not acquainted with the Prince troche Tasini is described As an exceedingly line of More than feet in fair of complexion and about 4r yearn of he Speaks eng Twenty years Berlat from the Dally or two decades Jacob residing at Swatara was making arrangements to put no bathing houses and property in the so As to make it a summer resort right in the Abraham Reifsnyder lost his pocket containing a Small sum of while attending Market this John councilman of the sixth presented a handsome i copy of the holy Bible to Kitt tiny Lodge United of Thomas made the presentation was responded to by thursday night thieves entered the Boot and shoe store of Henry Fishe near Stoever in Swatara township and stole therefrom four pair of one pair of mended boots and b lot Kip the whole was valued about and a Reward was offered f the recovery of the John who had been for some died at 1 on morning of this George in ing his lifetime filled Many positions Trust and in Early i was engaged in the mercantile Busi and the Bee hive at co Ner of eighth and Cumberland streets where the Lebanon Trust and Safe d posit Bank building now w familiar to the people of the whole com he was county treasurer at on time and served in the town Council be eral he represented count in the legislature two was Active in the establishment of the Gas Compau and in the organization of the Valle National he became its firs president and continued to serve in the capacity to the Day of his mor than 20 years at the time of his deat he was also filling theoffice of postmaster of Mary aged 24 year died on Friday at her in Wes at a meeting of the perseverance fir company held Friday evening it a unanimously decided to accept the proposition of Button of Wate to allow that firm to Tak the perseverance engine and place it o exhibition at the in machinery the firm proposed loan j ing the company another Onirine durin the time the Perse was on the debt of Lebanon county at the time was the receipts of the Rar Institute at Avon the place of the Battle still Mahee to hit to Ehtee the Lish has achieved struck by an Iron Frank of 315 Walnut roller Helper in the 10inch rolling at the Pennsylvania Bolt and not was struck writhe breast and in the face by bar of red hut Iron on thursday night and painfully the Iron burned and lacerated his breast and also his he Pic kill continued How injured on the a George of badly injured at on Friday accompanied by a Friend be rde to that place on a freight train and in jumping off was burled to the he sustained severe injuries 1o his right shoulder and face and was of neved to his labourer painfully David a labourer employed at the Pennsylvania Bolt and nut had his right leg painfully squeezed be tween a heavy truck and a support in the Mills on the leg is badly bruised and compels him to remain away from requiring the attendance of a the Ariel passes the containing the head officials of the passed through this City 03 bound for hams they made a Short Stop in this and a general inspection of the on the Lebanon Valley funeral expenses All widow of the late Charles who was buried on thursday desires us to state that the funeral expenses have been Clilly of Amos the four months old son buried on thursday afternoon Wes a child of and Amos residing on leh Man and not William As Lias been left for John Eon of William of my has gone to where he accepted a Post lion in an extensive a cough is a danger signal of worse troubles to onre the cough prevent Ite results by using Wood kor was a worthy subscription lists have been left with Jenty prothonotary Oscar in be prothonotary a and with Schmehl hardware Mer for the purpose of procuring a sufficient sum of Money to Purchase two artificial limbo for Harry the popu Lar news agent and Boot located at the court it is to be hoped that our Good people will freely contribute to so worthy an object Hare accepted the Camp of of have received an invitation from Star Hope to accompany them to divine services on the afternoon of february Washington birthday at the of that to listen to a Sermon by at the meeting of the Camp on Friday evening it was decided to accept the refuses to Mooney of who last week was struck on the head with a Sledge by his Daniel at North Lebanon will be taken to the Good Samaritan Hospital on Mon Day for the wound refuses to heal and his condition has become Yew of 771 Maple has been engaged to operate the elevator in the Nutting and cum Berland a courteous and obliging Young Man and will no doubt gain the esteem of the Many persons who find the elevator the Best Means of reach ing the different offices in the another Patent for Penrose of 604 Cumberland has been granted a Patent on a new process of manufacturing the Patent was secured through Snow of Wei give an Mcgills of West will give an interesting entertainment in the school building next Friday an elaborate program hag been arranged and indications Point to Ite being a grand hive Are not dangerous to but Are a prolific breeder of misery and Doans ointment pres in quite a reputation in an artistic be ing known As the some very Clever and inn of Hie four net Opuni which in was in met Cuvo and caused cosside Rabii the writer of the libretto is and the Story of the Hienei is said lobe not along the after Tho fir mail to in rids in Larmony and to Mew intr equity of Tiv is to lie Tho composer of us vol Eurn Dinghy which has repeat mulls sii3ipr for Tojo entertainment of Lor English French her literary i Jinjr Kami Lapanse of her Horary work and because of jut so Cial her first Tho Quick or thu created discus Aud Liao by according to Tolm and tilt Sand dig her is v one in the her Gruini Fuher was minister of he United or nuts to the Murt of Louis Abii Pijie and fun fluent of that colonel Alfred was is can lers not Lar miss Mac grand daughter of Bislimi ii Alicr was mar Al to John Arm Strong Clia Nhi at still in and Lias sent ii her Lime of Vanler was an enthusiastic traveler in scat i and recent la 2c Escanio a member of the Leo of Maxwell at i2li to is very wealthy and is Allied with the Winthrop and astir Prince Trout a Tokoi Saiid to to among Toboso who spoke of him the impression was that be is a pole and not a his family is an ancient and distinguished monday morning judges Ehrgood and Light held court this William Saltzer was appointed a special Constable of the North Lebanon District to serve on election county the preceding year exceeded i expenses while on his Way to Over Stow thursday night of the Halfway was held up by to Highway one Oche men lie the horse while the other searched or Grohs person for before securing anything the robbers evident became scared and made a Hasty at an Early hour on the morning o this Day fire was discovered in the res Dence of Daniel residing o North tenth occasioned by a de the lire was quickly sex Yingui eyed and no alarm was John Spangler was appointed Post master at this Henry of Cornwall town died sunday aged Abou 40yeara a fire broke out about 3 Oclock on the morning of this Day in the Fram building owned by widow in Union near the Aqueduct the House was not occupied at the and was saturday afternoon while Daniel Seltz of North Lebanon a at the a Fine Hunting Case Silver watch was stolen or lost from i the funeral of the late g Lantz took place on the morning of Thi from his on Gulfon a Large number of people arrive from Jonestown and Way stations to at the funeral was in charge of the masonic Levi a Well known am highly respected citizen of Myerstown died on aged about 57 dropped Over dead George Gibson suddenly expired at his Home this at George of 1303 South fell dead at his Home at 2 Oclock this of Biever said death was due to a stroke of deceased is survived by a wife and Gibson was commonly known As Pat and served during the War of the he was aged about 80 Dian of Virgie Nee on the petition of her George in the matter of the petition of Henry trustee of the Church of to make Sale of real the report of Sale waa in the Case of Milton Reiter Jacob time to file was extended to March concussion of die Mooney of was removed to the Good Samaritan Hospital on saturday suffering with concussion of the it will be was struck on the forehead with a Sledge Hammer by his by Acci at the North Lebanon Gloninger reports his condition As favourable for his Harriace Samuel Leininger Ted Louise both of Jacob of and miss Jennie of Nathaniel of and miss Mary of Schaeffert Pierce of and Maggie of Gram been the losses of the Grumbein As far Grumbein son and Cornelias Grumbein Are have been satisfactorily adjusted by the insurance tto Ney or Are awarded Ruebein with broads and their families have been tired for by relatives and friends since the fire Ana will take no their residence in the adjoining building this purchased a son of this has purchased the Carlisle daily of which he has been the Edi Tor for about nine Krause is an Wideawake Young a writer of considerable and made a Good paper of the he will no doubt make it better yet now that he has become the and we wish him abundant the head of it Atnas the Philadelphia sunday times pays the following the Henry president of ursinus at was a City visitor yester ursinus College was never in greater favor than it is and this Happy and Gratifying condition in its affairs has been largely drought about through the Wise administration of a candidate Tor clerk of of South Annville announces himself As a candidate for clerk of or Phan court at the coming Republican yellow cloth sanitary policeman Snyder this after noon removed the yellow cloth from the Home of Church Street the discovery saved his beavers says to Kings discovery i owe my was taken with Lagrippe and tried All the physicians for Miles but of no Avail and was Given no and told i could not having Kings new discovery in my store i sent for a bottle and began its use and from the first dose began to get and after using three bottles was up and about it is Worth its weight in we wont keep store or Bouse without get a free trial at Ross drug new Turk the twice week edition of the new York world has been converted into the it furnishes three papers of six pages or eighteen pages every at the old Price of one Dollar a this gives 156 papers a year for one Dollar and every paper has 6 pages eight columns wide or 48 columns in the thrice week world is not Only much larger than any weekly or sem weekly but it fam wishes the news with ranch greater ire Nency and in fact it com Bines All the fresh qualities of a daily with the attractive special features of a All depends on Flint Lenmons and the Axtt scr events declared pug lists attend the Bull to Lutnen to Al will be no fight that much is no matter what comes later in the Manors eyes no still Bat be is in no condition to enter the ring Julian undoubtedly will claim the forfeit but to declined to express any opinion As to what he Connelly Camu in from Las Cruces and asked to Liao Tho ngut postponed until Fitzsimmons Aud Julian have declined to state what they will do in regard to Cluin nug the Manet simply cannot i Glit said his eyes Are but he is not Able to endure let alone Tho Glare of 1 Tell Julian it would to o to list for him to claim a for if lie attempted it i would have Peter at Tho ringside him from getting the he cannot get any forfeit in Mucor appears it Tho ring Tho articles say the forfeit can Only be claimed if Ono of thu men fails to a Julian Uhd Fitzs Nimons Aro much gusted Over the us took Aud have no hell pc mtg in expressing their they claim to Ivo been ready at any time Dur ing tie past nud that the other Side was they have engagements in the cast for the latter part of february and Are unious to keep nearly All of Tho prize fighters went Over to to attend the Bull four horsed Worth about 83 Tymich were gored to four bulls were tortured and and the Arena was covered with the us howled with Delight at the spectacle of a horse being ripped but tie fighters came Back disgusted to the last Fitz Everhart and Dixon were Pitti Immons on Ball during the fight Ono of tha hordes wag disembowel a by a Bull and was galloping around the ring with Iii entrails who sat near Tho Box of the most successful held tills yer More than 75 teachers in the teacher Institute held at Avon on Friday evening Ana saturday was the most successful held this it was held in the South Lebanon school build ing where two thrown in were constantly All parts of the county were More than 75 teachers being present on saturday after together with a Large number of patrons and persons interested in Educa on Friday after player by Grant a merchant of made the address of Welcome and in his kind and courteous Way soon made All feel at the response on the part of the teachers was made by Henry the or Chestra then rendered a after which miss Mary Bucks recited curing and miss Cora Swope read an essay on Rock was next introduced and More than delighted the audience with Hia soul stirring words on governor arose und walking up to to governors interpreter said ask Birn How he that sort of to governor replied that lie saw Noth ing Bud about Spicl ask him if he thinks fighting with gloves is Nuy where near As Brut i us this bloody thing be is looking the governor replied that he did not exactly approve of killing but was laying nothing regarding the Yurizo fighting is Golf to bloody remarked Fitzsi Inions in Wrath after be bail seen the third Bull there Are very Feriv sporting men kit in Elpaso Ai Jimmy Dukeley Anil a few others Are at hot the majority of the others have gone All the Small fights have been declared to olympic club of new Orleans has wired Captain Backer of Horace asking if be will cons Nir Bis Jan meet Everhart in that if the details no the fight will be Everhart has been Slack in training Lor several Days and is now much Over Glori was for a time disposed to claim the forfeit for but finally let it Stuart Suid that the whole matter of the Jig fight now depends on Julian and con and that they must Settle it Between themselves or to what disposition will be Mode of he is willing to carry out Bis rians and bring off the fight if the others come to Orourke for Walcott and Kenny Tor Bright eyes agreed to bring off their match Between their men at the Lenox now on March 8 for the Gate the Barry and Murphy match Ake at the same place in the same probably of to same f negotiate us pending with new Orleans do not Niter Gulizo Everhart and Leoda till fight at in t was arranged that the Dixon Marshall ight should come off on March 17 at bos Corbett to return to the to the Haymarket announced rom Tho stage at to end of the first act hat if the fight takes lace he will return to the ring and wrest to championship from the the announcement was two number of some Money and a watch on saturday night another Petty theft waa committed at the residence of Sam Al North ninth when tie refrigerator on the Back porch was robbed of a Large lot of Many of Tiem prepared for none of lie family knew or heard anything of tie robbery until sunday to Mcadam says they did the Job very Nice and next time he will try to give the Elloway a warm reception if they should ome another robbery occurred at the Resi ence of candidate for select Ohn 613 North ninth sunday while the family were attending Ati Entrance was gained at one of the Back doors and the after ransacking House took Silver open face water and a Little Over s dollars in it is supposed that y the return of the family the fugitives Here frightened or the number of a tidies stolen might have Bishop Stanford Bishop Stanford of the United Evan helical Church preached two Able and restive sermons in Pauls Evari Geli Al Church in the morning j principal Berg of Albright j collegiate was and in i in evening a number of the male Stu ends both congregations Ere very school buildings the school directors of Millcreek town lip sold two school houses in Newhaus Jan on saturday the Pur Lasera were Jonathan Zimmerman and the Board of directors ave decided to erect a suitable building that place next to be finished time for the fall lantern a lighted lantern exploded this morn g in the milk delivery Wagon of of North Lebanon it stood at the Central Owman was seated in the Wagon at the me and before any damage was done e threw the lantern into the Street care for As a remedy for All forma of headache electric bitters has proven to be the very 3esl it effects a permanent Core and be most habitual sick headaches yield its we urge All who Are i cited to procure a and give this things better than a permanent organization was effected on saturday morning in which Bordner was elected presiding officer and the admirable Way in which be per formed his duties showed that the Institute had made no composition work was discussed by Milton Phillips and of after which wern supt Snoke and Ensminger spoke on thought Power in physiology was the subject of a talk by and Swanger spoke of How to secure and maintain at the afternoon session Harry Benson and Mark spoke on moral Rock being present was called upon and alter paying a High trib Ute to the speakers gave a few of his experiences a a overcrowded schools was the subject of a paper by after Ivsich teacher of the Hebron gave a class Drill with one of his gave u talk on Penn Sylvania German idioms and Rothermel spoke on United states history in a very interesting and instructive Jno Snoke followed with an address on our imperative the evening session was opened with music from the school a boys opinion of by Horace and a girls opinion of by Lizzie were the topics of two very amusing old ways and the was admirably re cited by miss Saline of pres and master Paul Kurr spoke on the Little miss Martha Poorman read an Esay and Borj Ner spoke on Mutual which was highly appreciated both for its value and for the silent forces was the subject of the lecture by of the lecturer inspired Bis hearers with the Power and Force of unpretentious he is a speaker who knows How to inter est and instruct and All were highly a male Quartetti rendered excellent the different audiences responded liberally in the collections and the executive committee paid Allex lenses without laying an assessment on the full iffy Fri the Captain general assumes autocratic his despotic Ishnea a cast Iron code of All violations of ills arbitrary to be the to be completely Captain general Weller hits just issued three proc Lama the following is a translation of the first Don Valoriano Weyler y nine quis of governor and Captain general of general in chief of the desirous of warning the boast of Cuba and those Loyal to the and in conformity to the does on Lur and cum mail Aiti clo All inhabitants of the la our Aivil the provinces of Puuri Aud suit Luigu do Cuba will Liaro to Cone Trute in places which Ere Tho Headquarters of n a Bri a column or a and will Nave to be provided with documentary proof of identity within eight Days of the Publica Tion of this proclamation in the Munici to travel in Tho country in the rat line covered the columns in operation it is absolutely indispensable to Ivo a pass from tie military command ants or chiefs of anyone tacking this will be Dnn ined and Cut to Headquarters of divisions or brigades and Obeno to it my by the first possible Kvin if a pass is exhibited which is suspected to he not authentic or grunted by authority to persons with known sympathy to the rebel t or who a Bolivor rigorous measures will result to those article All owners of commercial n tents in the country districts february Jacob one of the most influential and wealthiest Farmers in this died on at o aged 63 the funeral will be held on tuesday the 18th Insl Charles White will officiate and interment will take place on Groves a wife and ten children sur deceased was an honest and up right citizen and was respected and esteemed by All who knew he was an enterprising Farmer and bandied i Large estate in a straightforward and Businesslike Jacod has charge of the Leighton infant son of Jacob Gerhart and died on thursday aged about four and was buried on saturday afternoon at Goshert at Amos an esteemed Farmer of died on sunday and will be buried next saturday at the Union meeting Ger of this has charge of the Johns lutheran sunday schools Are practising for their easter will Vianu Puiul Tom urns will Triko it hoofs of As Ali col Gretna acted Date of opening the annual meeting of the Hoard of directors of the Gretna exposition association was held on saturday in Smiths those present Weie Dawson Cole of the Railroad com Pany James Lewisburg George York Columbia Swarthout and Harrisburg Snave Westmont and Beds Ccker and of this it was the annual meeting of the Board and the following officers were elected Leb vice Lewis Borg chairman executive Dawton executive to h Westmont York Marsh and a Arnsberg George York Philadelphia Lebanon j Pitts Borg new recording Heil superintendent of transportation Lebanon plans were formulated insuring a larger exhibit than those of former years and Steps were taken to make the poultry show even Superior to that held in new York the Date fixed has been August 17 to 21 the fifth remedy a fair in cases of habitual interesting exercises held in Trinity Luth eran on sunday evening the members of Trinity lutheran on Lehman celebrated the fifth anniversary of the organization of the the Church was crowded to its utmost the sunday school attending in a and a Large number of friends and members of the congregation being an excellent Sermon was preached by the and the choir furnished several Beautiful some of them being rather this Church has been self sustaining in this Short being the outgrowth of a and the manner in which its affairs have been reflects great credit upon pastor and grim reapers Harvest Hon Tybo have been recently called to Exchange time for Sallie miss Saline aged 25 died at sunday after a lingering of at her 444 North seventh Street deceased is survived by her Susan and two Joseph and David both of this she was a faithful member of the seventh Street lutheran Wilhelm Tea miss Wilhelmina aged t4 who resided alone at 1124 Chestnut died on sunday deceased has no immediate relatives living but was distantly related to a number of families in this she will be buried tomorrow Wilhiam ranch died at the Resi Dence of his Daniel to 545 South thirteenth of a complication of aged 37 deceased was bom and raised in Leba he Caine to Lebanon in july and was last employed As a Carpenter by the Railroad he waa a Aad leaves two Sisters and a of their regarding while fur Tho country Hirvo Tho enemy hid ing a hubs in Tho Woods mul in article paid hitherto issued Hurey become full incl the my Liturgy in Tho of come Flonorah Scyler Tiesu Muff the judicial of general it nil Pru Vaus for Mili tary Coop of reserving Tho right to review Ami Uhi Tigu the of units in the third proclamation general ice dec arte i a Macc known taking advantage of Trio temporary insecurity of cd Muimui cation Between Tho District Aud the rest of thu notices which convey uneasiness and alarm arc invented and mud some More during have take advantage of this to draw Ilic deluded Aud Tho ignorant to the rebel i am determined to have the Laws Oboyd and to make known by special Means the dispositions ruling and frequently applied during such times As the through which the Island is now Aud Toniuk Clear Bow far certain Points go in adapting them to the exigencies of War and in the use of the faculties conceded to to by article of the code of military Justice and by the Law of Public order of april that the following cases Are subject military among others specified by the Law Janse who invent or propagate by any Means noticed or assertions favor Ablo to the re Ball Ion shall be consid ered As being guilty of of lenses against the integrity of the nation and comprised in article of the military whenever Euch notices facilitate the ene mys clause who destroy or dam age Railroad Telegraph or Telephone wires or apparatus connected or those who interrupt communications by opening Bridges or destroying High clause in town or or those who cause As shown in chapter article volume of the penal code ruling in clause who conveyor deliver arms or ammunition to the or who Supply such by another or thuse who keep such in their Power or tolerate or dealing such through the and employees of customs who fail to confiscate such importations will be held frees clause being Telegram divulge telegrams referring to the or who Send them to Persona who should not be cognizant of clause through the press of revile the prestige of her the volunteers or fire or any other Force that cooperates with the clause by the same Endeavor to extol the clause who Supply the enemy with cattle or any other War re clause who act As and to these the utmost rigor of the Law will be clause who serve As guides unless surrender inc at once and showing the proof of Force Majure and giving the troops evidence at once of clause who adulterate army food or conspire to alter the prices of pro february 17 of spent saturday and sunday with his Jerome Snavely and Annie bark Holder were married on an unfair was held in the evening at the Home of where a goodly number of his friends and relatives assembled to partake of the delicacies pre pared for the and to wish them both a Long and Happy voyage Oer the sea of Martin Pelly and of sunny visited Snavely on saturday and miss Carrie Brunner left on wednesday to visit her the wire of at quite a number of our people attended the Public Sale of Jacob at on on Friday night a delegation of about 27 members of Camp of of with 15 members of Palmyra arrived in our town to pay a fraternal visit and initiate six new member in Camp of of was in town on saturday visiting his Eby and attended hol lingers on Green miss Mary who spent some time with her William at the left for Philadelphia on Friday Clay son of p hauled her to the station at in Samey made a quilt mrs Alberson Hhan miss Kate Zimmer Man assisted Grant Deaven was Busy hauling Loga t the Home of Hia Jacob Deaven on William William Zim Merman and Amos of Tia Plad attended the Public Sale of Daniel i near Wol Meza 14th inet we have very pleasant weather considering the time of the made a trip to Leba non of Lantzos Bible class sunday tee spacious Hoosic All the Beer Cimfl of an interest Tec Addman by Remi the spacious audience room of Salem lutheran Church was taxed to its utmost on sunday afternoon when Lantzos Bible class held its Fly tax the exercises were opened by an Organ voluntary and after Schmank had conducted the opening Vesper service and a hymn waa George read Uio class the class has a member ship of with an average attendance of Dorins the past rear there were two the class a in an excellent r financially and and f j has done commendable work of a Chari and reformed table nature whereby its name has be come town All Over the after the choir had rendered in an admirable manner the Anthem jubilate of new arose he said he did not need to be introduced As be was sure an knew of Kroutel is an Able speaker and after a few Brief introductory remarks he entered upon his he called attention to Bis first visit hero in 1349 and in the fait of the same year again when be was called to succeed Trie late How Well he could retail Tho five Happy years of work in this he spoke of his great pleasure upon his return Here in 1889 to attend a meeting of the he had nothing but the highest Praise for the work already done by the class and expressed the Hope that it May remain a Power in the con the Bible which they Studie t s the Book of and anyone studying it attentively and is sure to be me no matter in what work in is Luthers translation of he is considered the Standard of the High he referred to this month As the month noted for the birth r death of wonderful including Luther and Hia who wrote the Augsburg confession and later the apology he Church creeds is what the lutheran and after touching on the ques Ion of symbolical books and the Luther Ite Chism he thanking the Audi ence for their attention and again attention to the sincere Pubis Are of addressing Lantz made a few remarks in reply o Krot Els words of Praise of him Elf and class and after a selection by the and a the exorcists were closed by the closing Vesper Kroutel preached in evening t a very Large audience in a highly acceptable manner and after the Sermon greeted by a number of Kroutel is one of the Ablest and most for Cible preachers in the lutheran Church and exerts a Strong he is not Only a favorite and popular pulpit but wields a very facile pen and his contributions always Are read with unusual interest As speaker and writer he Baa few equals and although he a Well advanced in life is mental faculties Are As fresh and vigorous astr Kier have Ever he is one of the strongest All things in the lutheran and numbers his friends by scores and Adam Markd the Publio Sale of Adam o March will be held on the farm of in North Lebanon a Niles from Nort of the furnaces of Coleman Anc not on the farm of As hereto fore see his advertisement for full nibs broken la a Jennie of 922 Cheston fell last week on the ice at her Home and fractured four Chag Liller reduced the fractures and the patient in doing Domestic tie following prices prevailed at Lebanon markets i fifths clause by Means of commit the offences referred to in the Law of june made to tend to this Island by the Royal order of seeing that these of tense affect the Public and the Law of april Grants a Power to leave to the civil authorities the proceedings in such cases Are comprised in captions 4 and 5 and treaties 3 of volume 2 of the common penal when the culprits Are not military or when the importance of the offence renders such action clause messenger fireworks or other communicate news to the clause offences when the Law prescribes Tho death penalty or life will be dealt with most clause other proclamations and orders in conflict with this previously is sued Ore annulled by Valeriano Fork per foam 11 Cora per Gulli per per 40 Sweet Ier a Jet per nor it Lima per j per if per per g per Losli per per Lebanon daily per consigned to the Tomb departed Laid to Best by gentle Miriam a daughter of and of 913 Church who died several Days was interred Palmyra theodere Schmank 10 10 20 4 20 4 3 schools Dufeau of and of this shot a match at 16 live pigeons Eachon saturday afternoon at Avon inn in the presence of a Large the match waa for a Puree of an was won by who killed 14 to his opponents 13 won the Levi Scotia and Al employed at Colebrook won the prize of 10 for having the Best record in sem weekly per Apple per Shell per per per sour per per 15320 horse per 5 Oyster per 5 per a Jajio mince per2 25 produce following Are the prevailing paid by our merchants for country produce Correct cd by fresh 14 7 7 dried a 4 20c sales of beef cattle to receipts were West Philadelphia Yards North Penn Ujco previous weeks beef Ai Spring he for state iat Milch i is dressed Bee live Stock was j sheep steady Export veal Grain corrected weekly by Strickler february 1 bed is to fire this morning Frame building adjoining the Penn hotel in with the Mercury at Zero Thia morn ing the entire fire department was called out at Oclock to tight an ugly fire in the Row of Frame houses 622 to 636 cum Berland adjoining the Penn on the East the firemen were Quick in responding and within half an hour the flames were Extin the loss May aggregate a few Hundred dollars and is fully covered by about Oclock Eddie errand boy for who con ducts a Branch store for Wanamaker Brown at went into the rear Addi occupied by Arthur and said be smelt together with Detweiler they made a Hasty examination and soon discovered the fire Between the ceiling and having originated from the defective stove pipe of Futchs tailor in which be had built a fresh an alarm was turned in from seventh and Willow the upper part of the House was occur died by Samuel manager of the Union clothing and his Senia and the children were break fasting and lost no time in making their escape from the Mutch succeeded in removing everything of value from his As did also Detweiler Vith the assistance of a numer of firemen and others removed the household goods of the Senie family while others engaged themselves Simi arly in the Barber shop of the flames spread with remarkable but despite the great difficulty n getting at the fire the firemen worked hard and with Well directed streams of water and the Patent hand extinguisher soon gained control Over Michael of 412 Cumberland owner of the told a re water that the toss on the building is Billy covered by insurance in the Washington Senie says Hia leasehold goods Are insured in the of Ord Mason of the Rescue lad Hia right hand badly mangled by be no struck by a the Good will rays were prompt in responding and did excellent Here is an offer to All new Send for a years sub Cristion to the sem weekly jews and the paper will be sent of two times each week for be which is 104 f at any time within 60 Days of Are dissatisfied with the Aper you May order it stopped and we will return All your Money to what More can any one want Here is a fair Chance to sem weekly pore blood and a Good digestion Are on dans nce against disease and
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