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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Feb 6 1896, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - February 6, 1896, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Light u mailed to at of Tate per Jet e from All part of the Thomas the author of the Polar novels and a number of is described some Critis As being too pessimistic an the tone of his books is declared to be repulsive and even they place Bis works in the same category As those of recent authors whose writings real Are of questionable Kiwi it at m Botn Bentli u the Auni the Daif it cwt and an of the lev Ereita of the i Mytr u All Reut or matters intended fora Bali the current number of the takes an altogether different View of or Hardy and his he regards hit As the greatest living English who writes his novels with a purpose which is to show his dark Sidi of so that Man May ameliorate i lot by looking tinge in the face and la importance of Pire Boring to improve he is a True it is somewhat surprising that in All and the work of a True artist ii the discussions during the last year on j never repulsive to a Public trained to a the water question Quantity Only was con As though Quality did not play feb Rusev predate aside from the genuine humor and picturesque local colouring or Hardy writes because he has a Story to Trent says the question to be considered is whether this authors Erit eran a greater after nil the vital question i considering a water Supply in an abundance of water if Imp pure is More harmful to a Community Jcj sni of life is if it be we than a pure Supply that sometimes runs j Are next forced to ask what contaminated water in which can we do to improve our own lives and Lurk disease germs quietly and almost i those of others in the particulars that perceptibly deals out death until its rav1 have formed the Burden of on novelists become so terrible that a thorough i to Man or woman can read examination is but Long be any of hardys books and put this for this Many precious lives have been i and the seeds of fever have j been sown so widely and Are germinating so numerous by that a Long time in required to completely destroy the More one studies the reports of health boards and reads the records of current says the new York in the More thoroughly be become convinced that outbreaks of typhoid fever will never cease till every Community in with a protected water brought from Ancon in or one filtered through Nicro reproof brought up from immense Depths by a honestly to himself or herself without becoming Wiser and any writer who creates such impressions and awakens such impulses is doing Pood and his books arc destined to live Long after most of the latter Day sensational rubbish is seals fast it is amazing How Many fur seals have destroyed in recent last summer three separate counts and Esti mates were made at the rookeries of the 1rihylov to ascertain about How Many fur teals were left in the Herd that and Lewars receive their at Tatj Buday Eveking interacting exec hates of Atli use and an Oriel Natl poem by frent had a Hoiten Joy ble one of Annville most pleasing social events occurred on monday and Lewars celebrated he fifteenth anniversary of their wed Lewars is the popular pastor of the new lutheran at that a Large number of guests were present from Lebanon and get and other who filled the spacious Parlours at the on Dain Street As accompanied by or professor f the the logical entered the a wedding Anarch was George who was master of announced be regret of a number of friends who and expected to be present but were Unble to Wolf had the pleas 15 years of pronouncing and Lewars Man and and after reing called upon by he re ended by making a speech which wag ear Tilv appreciated by All Wolf was followed 6y pastor of the reformed who offered a Beautiful pastor of seventh Street lutheran this then read the allowing original poem to the great in Ament of All present sailing Down loves Bolt and Nat Fra Poh another the Pennsylvania Bolt and unt com Pany has bad ground staked off of the new factory for the is of a new building in which will be erected the nut making the build ing it is proposed will extend from the new factory to front Street and will greatly add to the output of the but making machines alone will be placed in the new i the nut making machines now in to factory will be removed to the new nil ing upon its completion and machines but Only a sea an unpleasant the North end Foos Gauger John Albert George John Banks and Sev eral Days ago made a tour on foot to the a distance of 15 or is Miles in the Northern part of the Dur ing their stroll they suddenly came across the sunday International Leaton for february Sermon on the arranged from Peloubet Golden Callye me and do not the things which i Luke the Section includes Luke and 6 and with the list of apostles in 1 the choosing of the cd Watt As the department at present crowded with adjourned in Saor Celue granted Tilliam b1 try for the mansion an adjourned session of court was Hel Taes Dayl with judges and Light on the License George petition not for the revocation of the liquor Licens granted Frank for the Man Sion and the granting of said 1 Cense to William the com granted both estate of Henry widows appraisement confirmed estate of John widows appraisement confirmed hungarians Vav gub up Tiv Ltd us lit Tersian there Are constantly not was full do a valuable earring outbreaks of typhoid through the ubic of infected milk but where it rigid examination by a trained Tjien tilt is it is Learned that the milk cans had been washed in water that had been undoubtedly j even when the suspicion of adulteration by infected water wag a during the past and in furn Ifred striking scattered through health documents fori of this a summary of the results of these three Raunft a As follows on the Breeding july 0 hot Wmk 7iiimji nut in at that Tel uni Ilik year iils Nih Hove me of h Only is glib through starvation and the killing of their mothers is or a total of which deducted from the above leaves Only about authoritative censuses taken showed that from 1872 to there was a Herd of these says the Are More eloquent than columns of words on the i Wanton destruction of one of civilizations that for Man to left a11 Allie j Herd has dwindled from to though carefully guarded in respect j assured that lit Pilot will keep her from by to Liev and i on their weddin Eanno a who now Prace this festive orca n person have answered the kind Inifi Tiou to i tues the at crystalline of a Skiff thatty been launched thic fourths of a score of years in the Len j your ears to a tale of Marineill who on loves Rire set i will Tell my without Pera Ven How the sailors before us agreed on their Ven for a fellow thurld know a roommates old prices or Thlork you that Theolu Gnes Are a get of dry stick no Collegetown girl has any such notion if she soon suffer Futol Back in Lite in Seminary there was time for the boys to forecast ail their ways Many a with problems so repaired for solution to the Houise of some Maiden Well knowing that on Lowed the River of put to practice lecture and looked fora that was the Way our friends Here United schooldays were their troth lad been since parting was cruel and ended their laugh Wholl blame them for marrying just half a year after their Bible had Tan Htit both the Precept did the new York from which Twenty Are accounts of Ihm Epi Ilove genre re says Pelagic Hun de mics from the milk can in the Akupu act have taken last always to Back to some wr11 about while the los of pups or they Are produced on the wholesale was the Case in Chicago previous to the Ireat into the Lake of the Fourmile intake the Independent cites a number of other places that have been1 stricken by disease because of the impurity of the water furnished the and it is f in Leas than a i and on wintry Supply Ofa City be pure free from of fur a skier two Lover sir any of whatever for this if for no the water now that the Neit Sriry appropriation Bills have been passed by should make special Effort to a far As How much of a Supply May be safely counted upon at the South Mountain that the water there is pure no m e questions that the water of the Swatara Creek is impure and sometimes unlit for use has been attested by per sons who have for Many years resided along Ita Banks and know All about to Quality the two Bear no comparison to each we believe that a sul Lucient Supply is an Accident at North Leti not on a employed at North Leb anon monday had the misfortune to fall into an Ore while in the act of unloading he is said to have been intoxicated and Hail fallen into the top of the roaster in which some time before there had been consid Erable hot Ore which had evidently Cool when he was picked up he was found to be in an unconscious but recovered after a Little he was slightly Lee broken at the Daniel of nil Walnut fell on the rear porch at her Home on monday morning and sustained a fracture of her right leg three inches from the hip and it is feared May have injured several 1j Gloninger and Gingrich set the fracture and placed Sand bags on the injured limb to hold the Bone in position while it is Doi lev is bearing up bravely under the Circum took action in the armenian when Leader Jacob Honafius s suggested that they capture the fellow he at once made the attempt Todo but while in the act one of the fingers of his right hand was bitten through to the which caused considerable pain and Rafi ering for a Little m Honafius says the nest time he makes journey Over the he will b More careful in handling h fellow members have considerable spot at his expense out of the although he might have been injured mores Everel by the sly this is one of the first adventures to be noted for thes who Hope when the weather is favourable to make frequent with the Samuel the North eighth ref t is confined to his residence on Spruce with a severe Eli who had been unable to go nit of doors for several is Conva Epping John cashier of the National who has been confined t Lis Home with congestion of the i Rapovi Norand tuesday night lie rested itis honed that he Viil shortly be seen in our midst wife of r the is recovering from a cent serious manager of the Gret a ice who has been confined o his on Guilford with a lib rat attack of the is Able to be out Philip a prominent re Idiner near West is seriously in Fleming from Erysipelas in the ittle Hopes Are entertained for his re Albert conductor of shifting Igine on the Lebanon Valley rail to Bis Home Withan at Eckof the an invalid a most agreeable Surprise was Given inn Niue of Crosskill irks proprietor of the Well n Mills by the most promo and respected citizen in that Viii on when he celebrated j his with birthday has been an invalid for Over a year and is Iii iced with Low motor the monthly meeting of the City Niini at Xor and general interial association was held on monday he was Neree ably surprised on Satur in the St Johns reformed 1lay when he was made the recipient Ufa reclining purchased by his he is now Able to be wheeled from the room to the where he has the pleasure of again View ins his Mills situated near Span when Warren Johnson i r1 reclining purchased the minis11y his he is now Able to be which j wheeled from the room to the read an interesting paper on Ter of the word As a was followed by a general resolutions were adopted suggesting that in every Church Public attention should be called to the armenian massacres and offerings should be made to carry on the work of i i h annual catch by All to Gulitz restrictions on the part of our gov itis not our loss Only the loss of the what a commentary on the elaborate assurances of the British sir i Leo rare Laden Lowell and Goorge harm while now enriched Keels sure that no Stu Mcloud can shut out his on Hie Day they set sail Tolj get tier to wish them the Lurk of snort Wio ils and fair Vith the treasure just friends name to Ronld do nothing to seriously o the welfare of the Przbylo fur Seal held from nearly five million Down to Les than two Hundred thousand it remain Only for the tailed states to close out the business by Kili Ingoff the paltry remnant obtainable at the 1south Mon Tam the Ami skins for proper coarse and we and Canadian urge the water Board to adopt Jon the rest applied in i Dpi agric would on wil1 Tolje tokens they loaded their put Fec sealing would and Lille me fondest of Windward the Best known intelligent to that to test May be exhaustive and if a sufficiency of water is obtainable there when streams that were not heretofore known to fail Are it is fair to presume there will he an Over abundance at All times when water abounds at other a new Yoke Clergyman it is said Rej gently scolded his congregation for their failure to support him in proper he claimed that his salary of a year did not represent the value of his services and that it ought to be at least twice As he told his people that he Ronld make More Money if Fie were to take up some other and it would be Well for that congregation and for the cause which that minister sents if he would engage in some other whether he would succeed in making any More Money than he is receiving is somewhat the labourer is worthy his hire and ministers of the gospel must live the same As other but when a minister receives with Euch a Large Herd As we hat Twenty years ago acid with proper care the business might have been continued almost indefinitely and each year enough seals might have been killed so As to make the business a profitable one to those engaging in but great Britain is never satisfied unless she gets and by her scheming and conniving she has managed to get most everything she wanted in All parts of the her history is a continued record of greed and seat ii in his recent speech in the Senate showed by figures taken from the Treasury records that the United slates government had Only paid about five and a half million Dol Lars in commissions to Bankers who assisted in Selling the of Bonds which represented the debt incurred during the civil this was less than half the amount paid ont last fall to the new York Syndicate which took the 1 Ond Issue of the Cleveland think of for about on Fortieth the Large a salary As this one and complains amount of Bonds issued by the demo because it is not it is evident that cratic administration pays More than he cares More about the salary than the double the amount paid by the remix the Cut which Uncle Oil in Homes sunny and launched the new hark on Mysti Cal the winds were like tar ground hog that Church of the 1oor the revival meetings held in the Church of the by herring and Are meeting with Good Suc the meetings had been on account of the Many seekers they were started anew wednesday evening there were 13 seekers at the Al tar and the prospects Are for Many the Public is invited to Nuth is Well known Here and is a life Long at hymns they their in yet Felt no Dis slut sailed from that Facini Sunshine and gliding Down the charmed without one to buoys a lated acid none did they pee save the boys washed and their num in this Trio of Seaphas they easily in the interest of Send by of Secre tary of the state sunday school Assoc a morning on a trip embrace this ing Pool Sivilie York and Lancaster in the interest of tin next week he will visit the counties of Westmoreland and Somerset on the same i Uii Becca daughter of Ucb Ocea 814 Walnut and Simon of this we married tuesday night at the Home if the this Peroff Irmil the the wedding Only the immediate friends and relatives being in the they were the recipients of a number of hand some wedding Liev will reside at the Home of the Bride until when they will 140 to housekeeping in of the ser Mon was spoken on the horns of or mount of a Square soaped about 60 feet in with two tops near the Center of the West coast of the sea of two or three Miles from the and seven Southwest from lesson Jesus had Bihis gracious teach Ings and his divine gained so and some of them had reached such a degree of his spirit that the great teacher could begin the organization of the working Force of his and Lay Down the platform of its this marked a new epoch in the development of his its place in the life of Christ Jesus had spent the whole night in that he should spend so much time needed for in secret prayer shows How greatly he Felt the importance of the crisis to which he had and the value of secret prayer for meeting the Mission of the twelve apostles selected was to learn of and then life preachers of the and foreign say Sbishop Warren Jesus chose twelve that every in All might find Lii self represented among the pos the Doubter finds himself in Thomas the Quick tempered Man finds himself in he son of Thunder the impulsive Man in Peter the hard practical desiring the first place in the in we Are All and to All of us an come like worthy of apostle having begun the organization i his Speaks to his disciples and the multitudes who had come up hear Here he lays Down the urine ipacs according to which All who re members of the new kingdom must he begins with the pathway to blessed at the same time Jesus Points out the pathway of to v Ai n men not to walk both beatitudes and woes were Jesus also shows Luke that rot Force but love is to be the moral Power of his in these verses there Are certain applications of the Law of love to daily which not Only show us How to but Are tests by we can know whether we really possess love is to be shown to our to those that arc bad and Dis by kind words and by by without Hope of commencing with verse 41 Jesus Adam Bainer is a Little Gray Abo fihe but still looks so Youn that few could suppose him to have served in the civil he was in tie army less than a How he went out of it he told me in some such words As these an orderly from the direction of Meads Headquarters galloped into our Parade and straight for the men on guard before the colonels that was pretty late in the afternoon of a Bright March Day in but the Parade ground was All red mud with shallow i remember Well How the Hind hoofs of the orderly Galloper threw away great chunks of Earth As he splashed diagonally across the his rider never slowed till he his horse to its haunches before the sen there he Flung himself off in caught up his and ran through the Middle opening of the High screen of sapling Pines stuck on Side by All around the acre or so occupied by the officers the though was not and All Tolfe men of my regiment were in their hats when the galloping was then Tyty hurried out like bees from rows of ran up the lanes Between the lines of and each company separate on the Parade ground opposite the officers you we had a notion that the orderly had brought the Rord to break the with a Kino 1 remember my Delight that he spoke my front on we possibly the shots had Beau heard by the party half mile further for they greeted us with a a horse coughed hard and pitched Down behind his rider yelled As he then two More shots came Crowfoot reeled in front of and somehow checked his i saw him no next moment we were upon the ground with our men dont Stop to fight roared As he got a Rifle was heard so close to my head that the flame burned my Back and my ears burned for half an hour or my Bay leaped High and dashed Down a in a few seconds i was fairly out of the How Many of 1113comrades had gone Down i knew nor beside whom i was suddenly our horses plunged into a Hole his the Man pitched Forward and was left be then i heard a the Clatter of another falling the angry yell of another thrown on we relics of a saw we rushed out of the Pine Forest into for five months the army of the Potomac had been in Winter Quad and for weeks nothing More exciting than Vidette duty had broken the Monotony of our we understood that Sheridan had received command of All Grants but did not know but the orderly had rus cd from Sheridan yet we awaited the mans reappearance with in tense instead of the out ran our first a longhaired named lie was in undress a Blouse preliminary injunction judge on the application of As solicitor for Moses of Jackson tuesday granted a preliminary injunction against county i 41 a i v i slow n to re on county liquor league held f Ehe Rili thuland of Brick Cryn Jackson of at tie 1irmers j on a judgment which Dundore on monday president holds against Catharine and Ftp late l obtained against the Secretary showed the admission to the league of several new members while the Treasury was reported to be in an excellent the league will next meet at the West end though heroes they vere and accordingly obligation resting upon him As a Christian minister and he should leave the holy office for some other employ ment in a recent speech delivered by first lord of the Treasury of he made use of this remark England and the United state should work each in its to promote and extend the Anglo Saxon ideas of he de great Britain was in Alliance with the United states she could fulfil the duties Providence had entrusted to and need not fear a foreign foe or inter Nal this is not the bullying tone which so is it a wonder that the people protest against such robbery it is High time to break no the Bond the Republican newspapers of Scran the Tribune and the Republic seem to be wasting heir energies in quarrelling with each other instead of aiding to elect the Republican City charges and counter charges Are hurled Baek and Forth and the longer this continues the More Iii the ranks of the party be tic proper thing to do always in to make such nominations As will lie acceptable to the in a own and then for All the members of the newspapers and to Combine in electing the fir tit the came climbing on deck Eit the Brave Hunt round Mother till the the Noble Young stepped gracefully Forward and brought us the Treyve teen Salline from year unto Anchor cast at this crystalline pier Alid Here Treyve but Harbord to take a eur icy and learn they Are Elf town full knots on to in Way o deck out their skin with fresh Flowers of and to catch in their sail gods Ilreath from already their boat is beginning its motion heading Down on its Way to the Ocean Lut no sign of ill not even a a marring the Prospect of live sailors on wit fair shores and by fames Lustrous hell Glide to either As to catch her her kind o wish then is left of All under the Sun ave to Hope Neer face dread eur but Eail Down loves twixt reef and mid Breakers the keeping Eye on Hopes until past the stations of Silver and Anchor where life never derailed at engine drawing local freight on the Lebanon Valley was derailed in Landis at on the West bound the Reading and Brol i two years after she had sold the pro j Perly levied on to the hearing the Case has been fixed for monday i next at 10 Oclock it sue Hose the fair committee of the Rescue Hose will meet and make a final report to the company this evening in regard to to be held on the 22nd of this arrangements will also Bernade adding wreckers went thither at noon lie horses and apparatus from i put the engine Back on the rails i during the process of the Iken it is caused the acc ii Etel is considered advisable frequently emanates from the English i nees Ihus we fear that unless Prees and some of the Public England be required to change her ideas of Liberty and of the rights of others before she can sex Peel to form an Alliance with the United Kven then it is doubtful whether such a thing can this country much As Ever needs to keep itself free from All foreign entanglements and Al except perhaps in isolated for the purpose of righting a great w in the Case of the suffering armenians with the approach of Spring comes the occasion for calling attention to the necessity of improved country it unless an abundance of Snow rain should fall in the that the roads this Spring not be the papers quit their quarrelling the re publican candidate for mayor of Ficrane ton will be and thai Tould not some of the enemies of Platt that he is i imply favouring the nomination of governor Morton for the purpose of securing a ken1 York which he will use after Vardvi in making his political talk drop final grows old the exercises of the evening were interspersed with vocal and instrumental music and several Beautiful selections were rendered by the Lebanon Valley glee and Leware received the congratulations of the Many guests and wishes for Many Happy re turns of their wedding anniversary were the remaining hours of the evenings Celebration were spent in Gen eral conversation and were rapidly whiled elegant refreshments were after which All retired for the of and a sister of were among the Gueste present among those from Leb anon were red seeker and Martha Lea ars is held in High esteem wherever he is known because of the Good qualities of head and heart Thili he and All unite in Hearty to him and Bis on their Happy Crystal wedding anniversary county con Reulon of Snail by the convention of Lebanon county sunday schools will be opened in the moravian this on february and a special invitation in extended to All sunday schools to Send so As to have All the room but tin1 consent of the members of the com Pany Wil first he obtained at the meeting to be hed this at s National guard of ulcers general commander of the third went to to meet Snowden and brigade officers of the National sri Wrd to take action relative to the summer possibly a a valuable belonging to Robert i division Encampment will be hold and if of became wild Beso Gretna will most Likely be chosen fore its breaking ont of the As the camping place ran to returned to Colebrook and then ran to the farm of Edward West of falling dead at the the animal was valued at North Lebanon Republican the republicans of the Western District of North Lebanon township held a caucus at the Exchange on Mon Day and nominated Jonathan Peoer to succeed Elmer Krnich Abr for judge of the former having refused the became wild before death must vote in tie Blank county commissioner clerk James Snyder reports the failure of the democrats of Jonestown Borough and of the East District of Cornwall township to file their certificates of should they desire to vote a he they will be compelled to use the Blank space on the coining the cirls1 first grammar Tau rat by misses Zweitzig and will hold a in rises saturday for the Benefit of their piano fund in which they Are in there will be no admission charged and 01 Nusl eve body is invited to be took advantage of the snowfall on tuesday and enjoyed a novel Sleigh he has a pair of very pretty Young oxen that to has been training for some time and on tuesday afternoon he hitched Busy Willi department Henry Deputy superintendent of Public went to Philadel phia wednesday of work connected with his Houck has been chosen to deliver the evening address at a Load Institute to be held at Berks on february he Wili also talk the Fol lowing chose its at a stated meeting of the Republican City held on tuesday it was decided to make the committees Headquarters in room 4 of the court House on the night of february where the returns from the dil Lerent wards will be Leibli ride with an of Jiu Cher Samuel of West Myers teaches that True Reform must begin at right in our own and re the test of sincere hatred of he draws a picture and shows How morally grotesque id the conduct of the a Man with great beam in his own Eye can see nothing proposes to remove a Little splinter from his Brothers a delicate re Quirin Clear to one can right fully or successfully help others to from sin who does not at u Ith Earnest try to overcome his own faults and says according to the revised version there is no Good tree that Hrin Geth Forth corrupt it is a strange Here brought that from the same by Means of the same Sunshine and under the same different fruit will be produced by different so that the Only Way to have Good fruit is to have a tree which not Urajoy produces Good the oui Way to have Good fruit in our lives is to have hearts and principles of the heart is the source of All the treasures of from a poisoned Fountain Only deadly Waters can the is the easiest outlet of the feelings and character a bad Man May sometimes excellent but watch note nil hit speech under differing the words will infallibly indicate in some Way what is in his a parable of warning the parable of the House built upon the Rock end the House built upon the the House is the general fabric of the outward in religious the Rock i Jesus the floods and represent worldly one Man build his House upon a lie hears the of and brings his heart and life into accordance with Ilis expressed another builds his House upon the Loose soil above the this treacherous foundation Way with the first the sain1 and though he wore Low he dashed through the mud and water toward us in a great sergeant i want ten men at Miller choose the ten Best Able for a long1 and give them the Best horses in the com you matter whose the ten Best horses give pm to the ten Best i said boys he ill pick out four come your and bring Corporal Crow Pri vate Badger and private Absalom i remained near for i was so Young and Green a Soldier that i supposed i had no Chance to hurry up Parade is soon As pos one Days rations Light March ing Over Coats and said turn ing in choosing your a ror that no the remark which brought me i was bred among and one of the Best in the regiment had fallen to my Kennedy and his Eye caught on Saddle boy i guess youll away we Man Jack of us knew for where or the colonel and standing grouped before regimental relieved a cheer at it was taken up by the whole regiment it was taken up by the brigade it was repeated by regi ment after regiment of infantry As we galloped through the great Camp to Ward the left front of the to this Day i do not know precisely where we nor precisely what soldiers Are Seldom informed of the meaning of their what 1 do know is what we did while i was in the As we approached the dense Pine Woodd the lieutenant turned in his slackened Pace a Broad and i saw two riders Between me and the lieutenant one Man almost at my shoulder and another galloping ten Yards Bader and Absalom Gray were near est neither spoke a word until we struck upon a space of Sandy then i could far behind the rear a sound of galloping on the hard there after lieutenant shouted Many Only one he slacked Speed and we cried Hes coming the pursuer gained so rapidly that we looked to our pistols then Absalom Gray cried its Only a horse in a few moments the great Gray of fallen Corporal Crowfoot overtook went and slacked Speed by the Good hell be fresh when the rest pro Down shouted let the last Man the Gray suddenly the hoofs of Crowfoot Gray and the lieutenants Bay Thun dered upon n plonk Rood whose hollow when we All reached should have been heard it took us through wide Orchard lands into a Low lying Mist by the Banks of a great till we passed through that strode heavily up a and saw the shimmer of roofs under the straight through the main Street we pounded whether it was wholly deserted i know but not a human being was in the nor any face visible at the Black not even a dog i noticed no living thing except some turkeys roosting on a Fence and White cat that sprang upon the pillar of a Gateway and thence to a out of the Village we went off the again upon i began to suspect that i losing a great Deal of my on fire with whirling thoughts and wonder where All to out of this raze i in to were quickly overtaking on lieutenants had to been hit in the fray and bled to weakness i Only know still galloping while we the famous horse lurched for almost turned a and fell on his Stop the paper shouted we Drew and found Millers left scr under the big Bays the horse was quite the riders Long hair Lay on the Sand his face was White under the Moon we stopped loner enough to extricate is the Hope of the the men the forms of religion adopted from or love of or temporary and the ruin which comes to that House is great and com he tuesday the Public and justices of the peace of the county Are busily engaged affirming the vouchers of the Many old soldiers d rating which will be forwarded to the commissioner of will open a Barber them to a Larue sled and took a Sleigh h is Span of Oien behaved excellently and attracted much Litween Tho forces of evil and of righteousness is no Rexon from n superficial Point of i Oliah had everything his own slut the unseen cod was on the Sale of the Shep Herd object of study is not to but to live a biblical history is More interesting than any be cause its application to life is made and shouted Bunch up near me he screwed round in his Saddle so far that we could All eee and and said the order is to follow this Road As fast As we can till our horses or else the johnnies drop or else we drop upon three brigades of our own i guess Treyve got somehow but 1 dont know my self what the trouble Are the brigades Are supposed to be somewhere on this i guess we shall do a big thing if reach those men All were got to do is to ride and deliver this dispatch to the you All understand sir sir sir it is necessary you All now we Are not Likely to strike the enemy in but we Ore Likely to run up against Small if they Down you Are to Stop just Long enough to grab the Dis Patch from my breast then away you on the main if they 3own you after youve got the the Man who can grab it first is to take it and hurry Forward so right to the last if they Down and Hes got his senses when he Hes to tear the paper up and scatter it As widely As he do you understand sir sir All string out again he touched the Bay with the and shot i was still thinking of the probability and he came to his senses just As we made out that his left leg was Forward he what in Thunder Are you stopping for the dispatch Here away you go Good by in attending to Miller we had forgot ten the rider who had been Long gradually dropping As to galloped Absalom Oray myself and Crowfoot ride less horse looked behind for that Comrade but he was not to be seen or we three were left of the from the loss of so Many comrades the importance of our Mission seemed with the the the the strangeness of the Gallop through that forsaken the won tier How All would the increasing belief that thousands of lives depended on our and the longing to turned 4p took at already no Wadi scarcely soon he dropped ont of sight hut still i heard laborious pounding of his desperate my Bay was gasping Tiow far was that faintly yellow sky ahead it might be it might be five were Union or Southern soldiers be Neath it could it be Cocci cd that no troops of the enemy were Between me and it never mind my orders were i Rode straight and 1 was still Riding straight no increase in the distress of my when he stopped As if fell on his tried to rolled to his groaned and i was so weak i could not Clear my i Remetier my right Spur ing in my Saddle cloth As t tried to Freo my foot then i pitched of convard and Xot yet i at Raj breast for the mean ing to tear it to pieces there my brain and in full View of the of the night i Lay when i came t Rose in my left Elbow and looked near my feet my poor Bay Lay Stone Crowfoot Ceniu foods Gray to lashed on i might mount the fresh Buirse and ride wine tie Civ As i peered round i Hernrd faintly the sound Ofa to coming my Way to faintly and faintly a heard the Hod the Gray Pone on then without the dispatch i eau Shefl at my my coat was paper was gone i god but it was comforting to hear those faraway and know that ruler must live come taken the papers and de Crowfoot still clod for a ten mile ride the dispatch was guile for Ward we had not All fallen in Oniu maybe the brigades would be saved How purely the shone when i stifled my they deemed to Tell me of a great peace to How still was the nip and 1 thought of the silence of the Milt Tudis who had died for the now the galloping had quite died there was not l sound i slight Breeze lint there Vivere no leaves to i put my head Down on the neck of my deed Kef Ranii fatigue wok Bennim Nothe of my now swelling Nora was 1 was but a sound that somewhat re Vived Joyful it crept on the i sat at first died As the hide Breeze then grew in t lie and came Over More clearly is the wind it was a sound divert is sound of the Distant a hip ingot thousands of then 1 knew that in adar into the udon the Dis Patch and told Story which a quickly passed through Bader i never saw nor nor any Man if whom r Rode that 1 to my rinses i was in Hospital at City thence i went Home invalided to no no it the Hospital would Tell me Elf my regi or How or i where i All they con i i me Richmond was the Irma fur away in Pursuit of and i Enmor Liv ing that the great of the South had surrendered rent Appomattox court old bavarian and other committee on permanent principal of the is the men elected a Dele delegates to Tolje a special Gates from that state to the Republican National convention have minds of their own and wih know How to vote Whent be Comet we being if they Are unfit lobe As Dele Gates and others should be Jacob has been pastor program is being prepared under the direction of and in Morris Hayes Oliver announces that he Lebanon High John o will open a Barber at eleventh and i and miss Esther of Church having bought j have been appointed the con Herman Buchmoyer Barber at Hinr the train on the Lebanon Tremont Mittee on permanent certificates for this under the act of june increase of pension Adam of Richland Here at 2 delayed an Las been granted an increase of i hour Ovington a Large Coal train pension by the Cortni Sironer of pensions blockading the Road Between Brookside tilt and store proposed Sloot at lire Bardi of and Muddy condition As is usually i of the Trinity lutheran the nevertheless it is a fact that food roads Are a Comfort and real luxury and everywhere that they have been afforded real estate has been increased in there Are so Many Good arg Lavor of improved highways this tie wonder is that we still have so Many miserably made cite and country heading for thirty one and on sunday special services in commemoration of his Long pastorate were in the evening Fry preached from the text in 1 corinthians i have Plant apollos but god gave the Fry is a very popular preacher in his Church and held in High esteem by Theeo Leof t who will meet All primary teachers on j the Day previous to the she j will hold a conference on primary Sidney Johnson has sold his Cigar of this will shoot a match at store at 830 Cumberland to William 115 live Birds each for a at Avon who will again conduct on saturday and if a primary among the other speakers will be of stole a number of John Wolf and James Bou of this were on on oath of George charged with stealing two hams and two shoulders from a in South Lebanon town they appeared before Alderman Booth where they entered bail in for a or Friday at 2 i the will be buried on Susanna of whose death we made mention will be Bur from her life in Jones on thursday at 2 pension examiners the pension Board of medical examiners met at the hotel wednesday morning and examined a number of Iron worker badly Robert an ironworker in the it shows god w within tie that i should get further on the Way keeping watch above his ban airy Comrade except the Lieuten or perhaps Crowfoot and a like the austrian Geniv Llose horses were in great shape i eral at has failed because he Reaa than Huff myself Likely to win pro was unable to calculate the value of Motlon before when a Ery ame out of the darkness the words of the i was not Able to but i heard Miller unset we Shook out More Speed just As a Rifle spat its Long Flash at us from about 100 Yards ahead for one moment i plainly saw the southerners Kennedy reeled beside Flung up his hand with a and his horse stopped at in a moment the lieutenant had Ridden the sentry my brain was Bader led the ride less Gray Thun dered beside him Absalom Rode rup to Stirrup with me he was a vet eran of the old where it was that his sorrel rolled Over i do not re member at though 1 re member How Absalom sprang Stag shouted my foot is sprained and fell us i turned to look at him and went racing then i heard Abov the sound of our hoofs the voice of the Veteran of Down As he his spirit was in in the favorite song of the army his voice Rose Clear and Gay and piercing Hurrah for the Union Hurrah shouting the Bat Lefry of Freedom we turned our Heads and cheered him As we for there was some thing indescribably Inspirit ing in the Gallant and lilt of the fallen Man sincerely obedient will nol pick and choose what commands to obey and what to paid the death Alderman recording Fec rotary of Home on monday paid to George son of Rebecca ont of the supreme funeral fund of the Trostle up to the time of her death was a member of the order in Good stand will go to Tnomas of Little Arkan a member of the Board of control of the endowment knights of path in the interest of which he visited this went to Lancaster haying finished his work in this to remodel four jiving the Weimer machine works have received an order from the Lackawanna Iron and steel company to remodel their our blowing at Colebrook Rar with their improved air sold ebb widow Elizabeth of 341 Sorth employ of the and nut they Wil Start on the work in the near fourteenth has received notice was badly burned by a cinder 1 Flash on he was struck on the the pension Bureau that she Lias been granted an original widows Harry the horse received a Carload of Western on which he has stabled at the presiding elder presiding elder of the Harn Borg preached at Pine Grove on tuesday evening and this even ing will preach at electric car an electric car on the Rita line jumped the track at the on Cumberland Street near tuesday was put Back again with great the Snow packing under the wheels caused its then from the right Side of the Road p Pariti who must have been lying a toned the campfire that we plainly saw in among the let Fly at they Hod surely been surprised in Mieir i clearly saw them As their guns Forward dont shoot hide on shouted Bushwhacker thank not mounted any of you make put i horses with them sir Siren who yelled who went down3 i too bad anyone else a safer in touched in my right Arm but its i the twinge was and in the Fleshy place in front of my i could not out that i was losing and the Paia waa scarcely it was As if h Flung from the grief of a soul unconquerable and i Felt the life in me strength ened by the old Bader and i for it he led by 100 Yards and Crowfoot Gray kept his was i gaining on them How was it that i could see his figure out lined More clearly against surely Dawn was not coming on to i looked round in a world of naked peach and Cornfields ragged with last years All dimly lit by a Moon that showed far from Midnight and that Fiat Light on the horizon was not in the but in the the truth flashed on was looking at such in illumination of the sky As would be caused by the Camp fires of an the missing brigade i or a Southern division Bader come come on i was certainly gaining on but very before the nose of Iny Bay was beyond the Tail of his the wide illuminations had become More distinct and still not nor a nor a sound of the proximity of an Bader and i now Rode Side by arid Crowfoot Gray easily kept the my horse was in Plain but baders was nearly take the be said any pan want go much away and i Drew now quickly still Bader Rode on behind in a few minutes he was considerably be perhaps the of being alone increased Ray feeling of waa i going to reel ont of the All the hens in must somewhat if turkeys in j Kepl it ail be kept they frequently t nun the a writer in the aide Ricapi poultry adv eau Ion Cerious Joe says Flint time is annually lost Jii no Ivair Nril Turkey eggs by the in Tanir nests in far away lure they Are not ecu ill except in the wiry Skunk or other so cup eyed and this ions is ill the More inexcusable in univ be avoided by a Little ingenuity ind judgment on the owners he claims to know a breeder of Strain of Turkey whose More than half the eggs Laid by his ten or twelve Bronze tire was a Large Wood near his House into which his hens regularly each Spring plunged and sought for he complained of his loss from and Oiler vermin and when told How easily it could be he expressed and Ivas willing to make the to save More of his according to our instructions lie priced some rough piles of Brush about the Corners of the Fence near the House and and in the he Ilso Laid some empty barrels about in Sutof therway putting Straw and leaves in and some Brush on and about this was done in february Ulm again in All his hens were laying and All the nests Wert inside his ground the work of finding the nests was reduced about three fourths and All the eggs All the hens want is p place that looks somewhat they do note Are for a faraway nest like a place that gives some Promise of not being a prominent Public if a Loose pile of Brush is thrown in any Sutof therway pay behind a clump of shrubbery and near a in a Corner of the covered up with one end Only visible slight a few hoards leaned against Fence and covered with will any or All a for Madame Turkey to Deposit her eggs it is Best to not disturb the nest too much when once the Hen has begun let her have her if the nest has a proper Quantity of Straw or leaves in it the Hen will up the covered sufficiently to keep them from some hens will not mind having eggs Token out o their nests but others will soon look for some More secluded the chances being in favor of being placed away out in some Ain deep Field or along tie Hill or mount in the of broody before they Are to set the eggs must be taken out of the and the hens broken up for the time be beehives for most Farmers would have better Suc Cess with bees if they used Only the old Straw or Box beekeeping with the movable Frame hives is an Art which few care to learn the Straw hive is a simple tool which anyone can before the Behemoth became nearly every Farmer kept bees in this simple the introduction of italian Bee has done away with this with the old fashioned hives women and children can do most Ai the and like Pool try
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