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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - February 3, 1896, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Ousted Art uht ten Matt from All parti of re tit ded urto or matters intended in a brewed to be 49thx3xiuwmclt swi u by got me umut and to Lac of febuary Witt 8eccbs the Bond Issue it was undoubtedly the intention from the beginning that the Syndicate of Bank ers should secure All the Bonds of the new which will be awarded on the fifth of next the newspapers by exposing the scheme aroused the people and it became necessary for the parties in interest to change their hence the Treasury department put the matter in such a form As to give it the semblance of a popular after which banker the head of the published a carefully prepared letter disband ing the in which he showed How the Combine had been formed purely out of love for the country and to save the government if it Ever got into Finan Cial this allayed All suspicion and the people have come to forget the new Bonfil now at the time approaches for awarding the Bonds the Treasury department bends out a lengthy statement showing Liat All the arrange ments have been completed and that Faaagi have been received for the entire Bond and it would not Surprise the Treasury so reads the if they were to find a pack when they open the bids next week from Morgan and his offering to take the entire Issue on terms better than those which the government could secure by dividing the Issue among a number of other How child Lile and not the Surprise would be if Morgan and ii disinterested friends would not secure the entire if course the Syndicate will again Clear its millions and every member of and it would be interesting to know who comprise the each get a fat slice As their share of the these Are the men who toil not neither 1o they yet the wealth of Solomon no comparison to j Tok hitch ekies if it in reported that the humane general who was at the head of the Spanish army in did not push the War with As much Energy As he might he remembered that the cubans Are sons of Spain and that they have a just cause Jar opposing the he urged that genuine reforms be granted but the government turned a deaf ear to his pro Many of the soldiers even see the injustice of against their who have been and hence have not entered the contest with a True warlike general Campos was recalled that a More vigorous War policy might be general who was appointed to assume command in is said to be in Many respects the opposite of general Campos and is known to be a brutal hence Many fearing imprisonment or even Are fleeing from Cuba before he while Many of tunic join the ranks of the belligerents at 1 f w Eyler will adopt such a policy and treat the insurgents taken As prisoners in a inhuman Man this country should immediately take Steps to put an end to the War and give the cubans the Freedom for which they have struggled so Long and sired so much the former practices of Weyler Are described As belonging to the wars of Barbaric times and if in dealing with insurgents he inaugurates such a policy he should be stopped at once by this general Campos Pur sued the proper if the Spanish government cannot maintain its supremacy Over the cubans unless by a resort to cruel then it should be compelled to withdraw altogether and leave the cubans to themselves the United states have a right to demand president of Gettysburg under the direction of the lutheran has tend ered his to take effect next the new York Tribune says he favored1 a Liberal and progressive Ulicy in the conduct of the but his ideas have met with so much opposition that he deemed it Wise to we can hardly believe that such a policy would in objected it has been said that of Balti formerly of this has been tendered the and he surely would favor a Liberal and progressive policy if be should take charge of the Tut big Tunnel under the Hudson which was begun Twenty two years to connect new York with Jersey it is expected will be com Bleul and in operation within three work had been stopped for Sev eral months for Lack of but an arrangement Lias been completed with the american and English bondholders by which it is believed a sufficient sum of Money is insured to push the scheme to a successful it will prove a great Benefit to both Tjie new Jersey legislature is wrest Ling with a religious garb it had been introduced in the same body a year ago and was this year a Mem Ber who is prominent in the introduced a Bill identical with the Pennsylvania Law and a Strong Effort to pass it will be although there is said to exist a Strong feeling against it among a number of the members of that legislative armenian atrocities is engaging the attention of our National lawmakers and vigorous speeches Are being made on the we can see no better remedy than that proposed by senator which is that the United states urge Russia to use her influence and put a Stop to the horrible but Cheries and re store she is in a position to do so and undoubtedly will to it if she is sup ported by the miss Csak auth xxv has again been elected president of the woman suffrage she has held the position for years and in this time has rendered great service to her who each succeeding year Are accorded falter rights and exp Bernor no senator has made the looked for Maiden speech and he has shaken up the dry Boon of the that body which each great pretensions to dignity and in his speech delivered several Days ago he terribly arraigned the president and Secretary of the Treasury individually and in a general Way uttered some very wholesome he declared that the office of president Baa never been so the appointing Power so much and the chief executive has paid heed Only to the interests of his moneyed might say his owners or can on be saved by the people mar shaling themselves under the Banner of Jeffersons democracy and lincolns re determined to restore the Republic to the form in which it was left to us by our senator Tillman will be denounced As a fanatical and no doubt upon some questions he is but there has been a trucking to the Money Power by those in authority that bodes no Good to our the president goes Duck Bunting and having a Good time in while the lawmakers Dawdle about Washington attending to social and All the while the Busi Ness of the country is languishing and thousands of honest workingmen Are almost reduced to the ranks of beg it is High time that persons in High places cry out and spare Al though it makes the ears of those ii authority Tingle and smart there is no use in going about and when there is no the country is in a state of unrest and Dis Congress and the Senate should pass the needed Revenue and other Bills and if the president vetoes them the blame will rest upon this business of issuing Bonds in such enormously Large sums whereby the Money Sharks make immense fortunes each time should have been stopped be fore if the government needs Money to pay Ite expenses there Are honest ways of getting it while the millions Are in want and distress the few Are reveling in luxury and licentious senator whatever his politics May did right in calling things by their proper honeyed words count very Little at any influence of a there Are numerous instances recorded of persons who were led to Reform by hearing a Sweet song Sung and some one has claimed that he could Mould the sentiment of a nation if be were privileged to write the songs for the it has it is to soothe the Savage and there is scarcely a person who has not Felt the refining and exalting influence of a song Well those who compose As Well As those Iho sing songs May never know the influences they set at work for ill or Good according to the character of the have my to say is an old familiar song which has often been hut it Seldom happens that it exerts such a Peculiar influence As it did quite recently at a few months ago several burglaries of cared that real estate and insurance offices were entered and station Ery and fixtures were taken the other morning when a real estate agent came to his office he discovered a pack age hanging to the door opening it he found Many of the articles stolen from his accompanying them was a note from a in which the writer stated that the Day pre Vious he had attended a meeting in tem Perance Hall and had heard the real estate agents wife have my to say and he then deter mined to Lead a better at other offices similar packages were found with a note of explanation and asking forgive Ness Foi the Wrone he had the people of Schuylkill county have a White elephant on hand in the Lyon Dunn each of whom claims to have been elected judge of the orphans judges Craig and Ehr appointed to decide the have made an order that the ballot boxes containing the votes cast at the last Gen eral election must be held and As it is impossible to reach the ballot boxes and scrutinize the votes before the elec Tion to be held february Schuylkill county must provide new ballot boxes for every election of which there Are it is claimed that their Cost will be and the sheriffs costs for notifying All the election officers that they must keep the old election boxes intact will amount to besides the counsel fees and the expenses of the contest will amount to a consider Able sum of minister who is expected to represent the United states in evidently does not concern himself about the duties which he was appointed to perform and numerous serious charges of neglect Are reported about the president has been urged to recall but Terrell remains to misrepresent this country and its William who bad gone to Turkey to find the body of the murdered american and have thenor Zierers succeeded in securing heir but there the matter in writes from Erze Roum that through he indifference of minister Terrell he Las been unable to accomplish anything and Start for when general Harrison was in new Fork last week he was on Bis Way to Washington to make an argument before he United state supreme where spoke for two hours in a very important it is said that for making that me speech he received a fee of ten thou Sand or at the rate of five thou Sand dollars an men of such men Tal calibre need not worry much even if hey Are disappointed in their political among the Many men who do aspire to political Honor there Are very few whose services in any calling or profession command such a High Frank a son of the popular is As Sensa it in his sunday Sermon be denounced the modern funeral and said there Are More More More hypocrites at the average funeral than anywhere on Earth end the people who bowl the moot care the least it no doubt is True that quite of ten too much attention is Given Toab Ward appearances at funerals but such prices of potatoes trill induce for tuners this r to reduce the acreage in the Hope out the Price May be the new Era counsels against this and Aye it is baldly Likely that we will see a second enormous yield right on the heels of last a decreased acre age May not be Good policy after All the end to be kept in it above a is to grow Large crops to the there a where the Money is after the men who do that will be the win no matter How other things this is the Only Correct View to take of this in conversation with Henry the progressive during a visit to his farm at he informed us that for years he has made ibis a special experimenting with varieties of potatoes and the kinds of fertilizers that Are Best adapted for growing Large and he can impart important and valuable information on the As Well As upon Many others relating to fruit and while the Price enters into the question to some it is a question Over which the grower has Little if any but he can by a study of fertilizers and varieties obtain such results As will afford him a Good at a Price which would not leave his indifferent neighbor sufficient to pay the interest on his invest ment farming in general must be con ducted upon different lines than were followed half a Century the men who think and Experiment while they have help to do the Mere manual work Are making their farms to be profit Able while the following in the footsteps of their fore barely eke out a poor the farm at Westmont besides others that might be named Are examples of what the intelligent Farmer can effect of a the tears of a Beautiful woman exert a stronger persuasive Power upon a jury than the eloquence of an orator or the arts of an experienced Only aet september a Yount mail and woman of new York were married and several Days ago the so recent Bride already applied for a the husband proved y a number of witnesses that he had treated his wife of several months As a True husband but that the As so often was the cause of this divorce the judge could not fully satisfy his mind after listening to the witnesses for both sides and so had All Edu led from the court room except the jury and counsel and then once More called the Young wife to the stand and put several questions to she positively denied that Ber Mother had influenced her and then with hot tears streaming Down her Rosy Cheeks and in the most heartbroken manner possible begged the court and Ury to save counsel for the defense went before the jury and said he would sum up in just ten As follows what god has joined together let no Mother inlaw put he expected this would offset the tears of the pretty but in a very Short time the jury rendered a verdict in favor of the the tears won lincolns rklig1oi someone has recently again revived the question concerning Abraham lincolns religious this person claims that Lincoln was an Unbe Liever and that in Bio youth he wrote a Book on free in which he at tacked the Christian this non sense about Jef Ferson and others of our great statesmen is periodically but believed by very it is sufficient to satisfy any one that Lincoln was a firm believer in the Christian religion that he was frequently discovered pouring out his learn in Earnest prayer to almighty god and invoking the divine Aid and bless it is also an established fact that in stated to the members of his Cabinet hat he had written the emancipation proclamation on his and that when the subject was brought up at a second meeting of the called for the he declared that he would publish the document As he had made a Promise to god that he would do so after he first Victory the Union army had and it was published soon these and Many facts in the Ife of the greatest of our presidents show convincingly that he was a Christian in the highest and fullest sense of the it matters Little what his Creed May have a impression had prevailed that Rob Ert Louis the lamented novel St and was in straitened financial circumstances during the last few years of Bis life and that therefore he was forced to keep on writing even during his this not the a his personal estate has just been taxed at a sworn valuation of about although his farm at where he loved to roam about the Fields and super intend the was a somewhat costly yet he had sufficient at All times to live it is believed that he continued to write because he bad a Strong desire to do so and was reluctant o give up the it is said also that be had a Strong desire to Aid his Jloyd a Young aspirant for literary to whom he was very it is now reported that the Steamer which was said to have con aimed a cargo of guns and ammunition or the cuban insurgents and was sunk several Days was Only a Blind that he boxes thrown overboard contained a and that it was known by the Crew that the Steamer was the entire it is was got up for the purpose of throwing Spanish spies off the so As to land the guns ammunition safely in Cuba another let As Hope that Tuch is really the we regret that he a Trainer Hawkins with c Large cargo of guns and Nam Union for the in a agents was sunk several in a rough and we Trust another expedition will be fitted out As soon As can be and safely landed on cuban tit Best Salve in the world fur Salt fever chapped and All skin and positively cores or no pay re it in guaranteed to give perfect of Money Price although there Are signs of no demand foe any product us left for some forms of Iron fic weaker and lower in Price Trade is smaller Thau it was a year Dun to Niggli is the fisc of it pc now believed that the first Puy inuit for Bonds will cause to further and the Money markets Are easier As 113 aspects Loans on though the difficulty of making commercial Loans will Check but Largo maturities it the end of january have been met More satisfactorily than was and Mer chants and Bankers report that the signs Promise a Good Spring no increase appears As yet in Tho de Mand for Tho principal products unless for some forms of Iron and in which Good contracts have been made this and uncertainty As to congressional action still affects both industries and but the increase in inquiry and the reports dealers Are deemed Assurance of Large Trade coming whenever the uncertainty a Domestic Trade recorded through Clearing houses is percent i Nair than a year which has not happened before for about two Aad per cent smaller than in the week of but happily Tho Cutie irions which most affect business at present Are of a Tempo Rary so that Hopes Are entertained brighter to Litton accounts current would signs of improvement in the Iron and steel business Aro even a Bush they Spring from com bin at ions which have raised Tho Price of Cantu and allotted the output of Lake Iron a contract for tons Puc Ilic taken by a Eastern concern in Competition with foreign makers a contract for tuns plates for Tho East Jersey waterworks contracts for pipe at taken by Alabama Wilh contracts for Tho commercial Cable and other build Ings Here covering Are Tho main but there is also a better demand for wire nails after Long stagnation Ami also for Southern pig Iron is rather Southern works computing speculative buyers of some months arc Selling be Low present Furnace but the a Urago for till products is practically and per cent below the highest last Coke production has i Gaiu Down tons in a single Anthracite producers and carriers have at lat made a new agreement dividing the spoils for the it is will to Quioro nearly observed than others which Havo minor metals arc strength ened a Shade by the demand for boots and shoes ours not though prices still d eel to about 3 per cent for the week and hides and leather Are both after falling per cont from Tho highest boots and shoes still average u per cent above the level of n year while after declining 3 from the highest still averages above a year and after declining from Tho highest still average above a year buyers show no increase of Confidence and most of the shops in operation Are work ing part Tho Cotton Mills Are to list cussing curtailment of us goods continue with an output largely exceeding though Tho week has brought considerably mom in and a larger Spring Trade is still j woolens Aro practically uni us each passing week of opon weather diminishes the Prospect of profit Able while clothiers and retailers have considerable stocks of heavy goods sales of Wool at Tho three chief pounds Domestic in january against last foreign 550 last have dim hushed of manufacturers buying Only for present needs and finding Little encouragement ill the goods bin wheat has again advanced nearly 4 cents for but Only cents fur Al though Atlantic exports arc Little larger than a year and for four hour have been against last neither this fact nor the continued excess of Western Tho week against last an and Vance for which the basis or Tho excuse must be sought in foreign Corn has ceased to and cords Little Cotton is a Shade lower than a week notwithstanding Strong arguments by Grill and but receipts from planters go on it nearly the nmn spinners takings fall behind last year As and the marketing of goods does not support the Brilliant Esti mates of increased consumption this exports in january have been 50 per cent spinners1 takings 35 per cent less and receipts from plantations 119 per cent less than last and receipts have Iwen but spinners takings and exports both smaller than in from a crop of there is an increase of about for the month in imports at new the increase in dry goods being that much in Tho last week while exports of products fur the month were 10 per cent larger than last the pain being nearly All in Tho last Tho earnings of railroads in three weeks of january were per cent larger than last and Only per cent less than in and it is the More encouraging that there is a gain in tonnage of per cent Over 1 Sou in East bound from and larger at Indianapolis and Louis As usual tin Block Market has been lifted by these re turns and hopeful monetary to that the average for Railroad stocks is per and for trusts per share higher than a week failures during the week have been 404 in the United suites against 354 last and 70 in Canada against 54 Hist thirteenth knights of Mystic Chain observe their thirteenth the thirteenth anniversary of Lebanon Valley ancient order knights of the Mystic was celebrated in a fitting manner by its Ishii on thursday there was an entertainment followed with a ban Quet and both were successfully conduct much pleasure was afforded by the excellent music which the mandolin club of the Junior mechanics and Young americas social club the opening exercises consisted of in addresses and subsequent la the members sat Down to an elegant lunch which was made doubly enjoyable by the Good Fellowship which the affair was in charge of the following to whom much credit is due for its Success John Frank John Sheetz and observed Lut in Trinity the meet Ngat Trinity thursday in the interest of higher was a splendid Success from and Point of Bock presided and May indeed indulge a just Pride in the interest he took and in the work he did to have such a thoroughly interesting the meeting was largely attended and is certain to do much All the speakers appointed to address the meet ing were present and each acquitted him self so Well that the appreciative Audi ence was both entertained and they spoke in the order and on the interesting themes following on the influence of the Christian College and univer sity upon the Progress of christianity and civilization on the Christian College Aid the United Brethren it has done for us and what we have done for it major on do we need a thoroughly equipped College East of the alleghenies and what i necessary to have it and on Christian College As a medium of per Sonal usefulness and on account of one of their number be ing disabled by a severe the Arion quartet was not permitted to be present late in the Rock sent an invitation to the Lebanon Valley College quartet and they kindly consented to be and More than delighted the audience with several after the addresses presiding elder of Shamokin East German offered an earn est prayer for gods Blessing upon the cause of Christian education and especially upon the colleges and schools of the the meeting closed with the Benediction by the All agree in it was Good to be nomination certificates certificates of nomination have been placed on file in the county commission ers office from the following townships North Democrat Amos Heilman Albert Bowers school John John Hershberger John Bodenhorn Samuel Heilman township John South Charles Goldschmidt Nath Aniel Light school Harry Fisher Henry Craiglow township Samuel Snavely township Jerome to Ilene of Henry Newmanstown re Hoffman inspect Thomas Meiser assistant Republican David Lienne Thum jus Tice of the Charles Kesser school hos totter Joseph Good Auni Lape township Moses Gerber school Henry Hain Elias Boes Hore Hoffman Daniel Justice of the Daniel Hain registry Moses Fredericksburg re William Sherk in Milton East John Reed David Lii Ottenberger John Donley assistant Kaiser 1 pitch school 3 by school 3 grit Tinger Oscar Bowman township James township by James West Goshert Kaul Lunan Denjamin do lev assistant Smith school 1 Patch school 3 by school Grittinger Oscar Bowman town ship James town ship Eby William John Mohn school Nathan Gibble Shaffer Dissinger John Rover Jacob Hart Man George Zimmerman town ship John at hymns altar of Cross kill Berks was married to miss Sarah of this thursday at the North eighth by Freeman of 377 North eleventh on thursday evening was United in marriage with miss Sarah of fourth East at the residence of Joseph Schmauk performed the Charles of and miss Nora of were married on thursday at the brides by of court House Sain Del again Joseph of 723 Chestnut has received a letter of recent Date from i his who is in the employ of a japanese company interested m the Eastern telling him of Bis promote Tion to second mate on a Large trading i vessel sailing from chinese and j and East Indian Kra uses Headquarters Are at and his Many friends in this City will be pleased to learn of his rapid ment ont Kitchen an overheated stove set fire to the Woodwork in the out Kitchen at the borne of David in North fall at an Viu jul w Early hour Threda eve and the flame were extinguished by neigh Bors with buckets of an alarm of fire was rang in from ninth Zandleh George called the at Tention of the court to the continuation to february 17 of the mansion House liquor stating that Frank Tobias had failed to lift the License and asked that the Case be heard in special session or in Chambers As William Behney was desirous of lifting the judge Ehrgood said the Case might be Beard before the tavern License of John Park first has been transferred by the court to of who will conduct the business in the judge Ehrgood Friday issued an order in court for the final discharge of Irwin Schell from the Huntingdon Schell was convicted of arson and was sentenced june dynamite in a Dan herons a stick of dynamite was paced on the Wall Between the joints in the cellar of Cornelius at in some unforeseen Way the explosive fell into the Coal was shovelled into the Coal scuttle and emptied into the parlor heat sometime during monday night the dynamite shattering the stove to pieces and doing other by extraordinary efforts the fiery coals were extinguished and a serious conflagration was Rennon the crap Billstown band gave a Fine concert at the Rexmont fair thursday evening to a crowded a Straw party of this City was also there and All went Home Well Friday night the Schaefferstown band gave a left for District attorney Shindel and went to York on saturday to be present at a Public Sale of real estate in which they Are interested As guardian and attorney re a successful the Fredericksburg band gave a successful entertainment in Woelfley thursday consisting of drama and to a Large the full band was in arrested on a detective George Hunter arrested Georee residing near Fredericks in uhf on on a charging him with betrayal the Case u one of longstanding and will be tried at March tendered Sec week o by the san tors some weeks ago a stranger died in the con nov almshouse and an examination of his ejects showed that he was Peter a survivor of the 82d members of Sedgwick of this were notified and at once claimed his body to prevent it being shipped to a medical they gave the remains a soldiers burial on the sol Diers at Lebanon the adjutant of the Post then endeavoured to Dis cover friends of the deceased Veteran but failed and then corresponded with the survivors association of the from which organization he has received the following acknowledgement to the officers and members of Sedewick Post department of Ann Boot bars at a meeting of the association of survivors of the 82ud Field january was unanimously resolved that the Heartfelt shauts of this association be tendered to Post for the Many courtesies extended to oar late Peter Gor during his and for the kindness of said Post in providing a suitable last resting place for the remains of our deceased As fellow soldiers you acted in the Trae spirit of Charity and grim reapers those who have been recently called to Exchange time for Valentine Valentine Aeed 71 died on thursday at 5 of a drops Cal after a lingering deceased was born at Newmanstown and was a Miller by but until recently drove the de livery team of Fox lumber a son and both children being survive the funeral will be held in tues Day Clara City solicitor Fisher on Friday received news of the death of his step Clara at South aged 51 deceased was the second wife of Fishers Samuel who died some Vears ago and her Maiden name was Clara Fiaher left for South Bend saturday consigned to the Tomb departed friends Idilo to Best by gentle Lovine Sadie the tuner of miss Sadie Wengert was held at the residence of her and 1114 gift in ser vices were held in Gingrich meeting House and interment made in the adjoin ing Archdeaconry of a convention of the ladies connected with the Archdeaconry of which was held at on elected Gilbert of South president there were about 75 ladies in attendance and the main topic of discussion was the United offering of the auxiliary in the United the work of the organization is devoted to training and sending out women workers among presented a Gavel the Excelsior of was presented with a neat and handsome Gavel by of at next tuesday evenings meeting the familiar and practical re that hard times Are profitable to a will be a Large at Tendance will Greet the and addresses will be delivered by honorary what was the cause of the Case of Israel who died suddenly near on is still being some persons believe that he committed suicide while others think he was Poison Poison was found in his stomach by the but it was Learned la Ter that the undertaker had injected embalming which might account for he was buried on presiding Eider smokers elder of the Hartsburg United evangelical to Kleinfeltersville saturday and preached that evening and on Sun Day morning conducted communion services on sunday afternoon and evening he filled appointments in the Chestnut Street evangelical mentioned As a Samuel president of the Lebanon rolling Baa been mentioned by a number of friends As Dele Gate from this District to the National Republican which will meet at a number of persons Are urging him to allow his name to he Large order the Miller Organ which has established a worldwide reputation for their famous morning received a Large order for Organ from Lon this company has been running steadily and will be kept Busy for a Long time to county the report of the county just shows a balance in the county Treasury january the sum of was paid by the county commissioners on the county debt during the year of leaving a net county debt of an old Franklin of the first is in Possession of a Book with the the count de a German printed at in the names Michael and sey Sertare written on the title a successful Krum successfully removed a Large tumor from the breast of Frank near thursday of Potts and of engine to be the Weimer machine works have received from Colebrook furnaces the shifting which was put in the machine shops for a general an old expos master Heilman of and Well known in this will on March 24 be a subscriber of the news for a period of 13 original pension George of has been notified by the pension Bureau at Washington that an original pension has been granted him by the granted an original James of 1330 Brandy wine has been notified by the Jension Bureau at Washington that he has been an original letters Deputy Register Donley Friday granted letters of administration on the estate of Al Elizabeth Weidman to Grant Weid a valuable editor writes Yon have a Valu Able prescription in electric and i can cheerfully recommend it for constipation and sick and As a general system tonic it has no Annie 2625 College Grove was All run could not eat or digest had a backache which never left her and Felt tired and weary Bat six bottles of electric bitters restored her health and renewed her Price 50 cents and get at one time in my life i Xmas Gover in the family of sir William mor daunt my Only Pupil was his Only and both sir William and lady Mordaunt were the kindest and most generous of my Pupil was a docile child about seven years old at the time the event i am about to relate took then the inevitable he appeared upon the scene in the person of Frank a younger brother of lady Frank was in the army and had been in India for some time with his but was invalided Home for six before that six months was Frank had fallen desperately in love with the pretty am a staid old mar ried woman so this is not con when it come to the crucial i could not find it in my heart to say the Little word tin would make him for one though 1 liked him and was pleased with his i was not sure enough of my own heart to marry him and for an kind As sir William and lady Mordaunt i did not feel by any Cleaus certain that the marriage of their Young brother to a penniless governess would be altogether to their and i was too proud to enter any family where i should Only be received on so i sent poor Frank away very went tip to London for a few was thence to go to Ireland with the regi ment into which he Hall when Frank of after4hc fashion of my i wished him Back life seemed very cat without his sunny smile and kindly but it was too late so 1 tried hard to persuade Misc of that ii was All for the and devoted my self with exemplary Assiduity to the interests of my our next visitor was Jasper mor it brother of sir Jasper had been suffering with severe mental Strain and nervous Depres he was not Happy in his mar ried and it was thought the com plete rest and change in the bracing air and Lovely scenery of our Welsh Home would be beneficial in restoring him to sir William and lady Mordaunt went to but the later Only returned with his lady Mordaunt having gone to Brighton for a week or two with it was late in the evening when sir William but i own i Felt some what scared As i caught a passing glimpse of our new visitors cadaverous face and dark eyes his appearance next morning did not tend to reassure More especially As he immediately singled me out As the object of his exclusive and kept fixing his eyes upon me As i sat at the head of the table dispensing the Tea and Coffee in a manner which to say the slightly he addressed nearly All his remarks to and inept paying me such Broad and unnecessary that Felt myself getting parti with vexation and partly with amuse sir William looked on and at last said this wont do if you say so Many things to miss Mon i shall have to Send for keep you in order and by the you have not told me How you slept last i Hope you were that set him slept a excitedly i never slept a Wink All one blessed miss 1 expressed and sir Wil Liam inquired the cause of jaspers ill Tell you All about he said first of do you believe in the of souls certainly replied sir with it is on exploded us is then answered Jas i can Tell you it is nothing of the but a certain and ill prove it to and Tell you Why i could not sleep last some years ago i knew a lawyer he lived next door to and was reckoned a very respect Able member of the this Man was an awful scoundrel and swindler used to get people to entrust him with their Money to and then make away with knew three Sisters for whom he was and whom he completely at last this Man failed for i dont know How Many and numbers were involved in his among others the three Sisters i told you then the Man shot that Man had not the soul of a Man at had the Sony of a a sneaking vermin of a and when he died his soul went into a rats it was late one evening when a big Blac Katrun through my which was on the other Side of the Wall to it was an enormous quite with White and very Bright and it ran squeaking and shrieking through my room and then i could not see where it went the next morning i heard the Man had shot then i knew it was the mans non which had gone into the body of this Black of they had an inquest and brought in the verdict temporary insanity and they had a big and All his relations they invited and i out of you know but when they came to that bit in the service about the soul of our dear brother resting i i could have laughed in their for i knew it was not rest ing in peace at but careering away somewhere in the body of that Black sir who had been looking grave during this Here broke into a and observed old i dare say you Are not to far out it would be the fittest punishment for such a scoundrel a you but did you never see the rat Many times but the last time of All was in this very cried indeed said sir then you must have brought it with such retorted scornfully a rat like that does not want to be he i am confident it is also identical with a Little dark Man who has taken the lawyers and who goes to business every Day carrying c shiny i watch him every Day a he and i always say sir under my you Mark my and look out for that 1 got up and chased it All round the room and out into the and i am confident it disappeared in the you not seen the last of it before Jasper had been very Long in the House it became evident that big mental derangement was of a More serious character than bad been in at times hews quiet and Lucid and then be would Sud Denly break out in to some Jetco went the schoolroom with gilts of fruits and or sweets and or anything for which he Imd heard me express a one soon after 1 was on the Lawn with snipping dead roses off the Bushes and gathering a fresh Supply for the Here Uncle Jasper let us said i turned and beheld Jasper and in his Peculiar ambling1 Fash flight was so i hem Mays hand and waited until he came up with he held an enormous ful1 grown Crimson Picotte in his hand and came eagerly up to a my i have found you i have been looking everywhere for you to give you pressing1 the Gaudy Blossom into Yoy dont you remember the old miss Monroe the Rose is the violets carnations and so Are you you he cried you Are my Rose and my Carnation and my morn ing All rolled into where this outburst of poetic Elo Quence would have ended i know for at this moment the came to he will you please come and speak to or William in the study he wants to see you on Busi very Why do you come and talk about business when you Sec me talk to miss Monroe demanded go i cannot attend to you or business on my representing1 to that i must attend to mine and take May in to do her lessons he consented to accompany Simpson to the As lie walked away i will go but i shall come again i have something1 very particular to say to about a week after sir William and lady by the doctor that though Jasper was no dangerously violent at he might at any time become u to town to see and arrange about having her husband placed unde proper even k Only for a Shor Simpson has experience in Menta cases and will take care of so you need not feel said lad Mordaunt to As she went i resolved that i would spend the a in the and give my Cecen Trie Lover a wide in the after May complained of a and i sent her to her nurse to lie tempted by tin Beauty of i took my Book one went intending to spend the after noon on the i walked through the Crowley now Lovely in thei autumnal out on the Rabbit War and Over that to 1he 1 made my Way to one much higher and Steepe than the known As the great Tor and climbed to its a Moss co v cred bit of tableland jutting out Ove the and commanding a Gram View of the surrounding i was a dangerous and one to wheel t never ventured when i had my restless Little Pupil with i established my self As close to the Edge As i dared Ven and sat for some minutes lazily enjoying the quiet Beauty of the scene before me Lay three Cliffs wit the Silver shimmer of the water shining through the Arch of the first tall Cliff while on the other hand was Owid sloping Down in a richly wooded curve to the Waters wit the quaint Little Square towered Church nestling at its and looking a though it Rose directly out of he sea the Waves sparkled and rippled in the Bright As they gently kisses the Loit stretch of Golden Sand by Ion Between for a few minutes i gave myself up to the luxury of enjoying1 the Beauty of this fair and to the dreamy influences o nor of danger and peril so close at hand then opened my Book and was soon absorbed in its for a Little while i read on Undis Turbed then a sudden Shadow across my Book made me look and there with a wild Glare in his and a look of Savage frenzy on his stood or 1 started to my feet with a cry of Hor ror there was no mistaking1 the deadly Light of insanity in his i was on the Edge of a dangerous Cliff with a mad Man my my Princess and he i have found you at last they have been trying to keep us apart at but now we have found each other and will never part any his Princess and i imagine i must have resembled a frightened thundercloud More than any of the above on him and i did the most foolish under the circumstance that i could forgot that i was dealing with a and spoke to him As if he were please to go away at i come Here to be and do not wish for now you Are going to be just like my wife she is always scolding and never gives me a minutes but i love my i he As if by Way of after thought i love Iny wife do you be Lieve me under the was a satisfactory assertion on jaspers and i hastened to assure him of my perfect Confidence in his conjugal adding but she would not like to see you behaving in this Way Loose my and go for answer he Drew me closer to him i could feel his hot breath of my and my terror was increasing every to i love my reiterated Jas but i love the morning and you Are the morning let us jump Over this precipice into Glo rious and we will Circle round the Moon be Happy to my Jospe placed 5iis arms round me and forcibly lifted me off my in another instant of should have started of that Aerial Jour Ney Jasper wished to to struggle in that Vise like grip wus Una railing there was cot a human being within reach to come to my assistance one More step and we should be Over and must inevitably be dashed to pieces on the rocks i could no longer control my i uttered one piercing then a Clear voice rang in my ears Jasper Jasper what Are you about for heavens Eake this lady do you want to kill both yourself and then i Felt myself wrenched from the grasp of the madman and almost nude to a Safe distance on the Frank Frank i cried hour thankful i am that you have come for Frank Dudley indeed it was though How he whom i opposed to far away in Ireland should suddenly appear in Power in time to Rescue from a terrible Fate i did not myself to it was enough for me that he was there and that i Good has be Hurt i am net Only terribly and indeed i was trem bling in every limb and struggling Harj to repress an inclination to go off into fit of hysterical Frank had barely time to place me on a Low piece of Rock and then turn his attention to who now came Forward with very threatening Bent on battling it out with the Man who had come Between himself and morning Simpson also appeared at this Strong As Frank he would have been no match ror the Simpson had but left his charge for a Short and on missing after a fruitless search had him to the Between them overpowered Jasper and took him Back to the i feeling still very but resolved to hold up the when we reached the of i and was glad to take shelter in my under the care of one of the and wit i the Aid of a Glass of sir Williams Good i gradually later in the evening i was sitting in the same but quite when Frank Dudley came i i can new thank you have saved my life but for you i should now be lying crushed and lifeless at the foot of the great he seating him self on the Couch beside i was this afternoon May i not stay so i forgot then i was so fright i did not think what i was say i and i know i got a eff red As i said it was very i wish you would always be so and not know what Are when you Are talking1 to but you have not asked ree How it is i am Here of for Way in Ireland i have not but How was you see the regiment is not to sail for a week later than was at first having the time to spare i came Down they told me you had gone of the to i went out to find i came Back to see if would reconsider what you said to you would give me any Hope i dont know who spoke next nor pm wisely what was but i know i found Franks Strong Arm round and Felt his kisses upon my All this happened Many years my husband is colonel of his regiment and my two Little girls will leave their play in the compound and come and sit in the veranda while Mother tells the Story of How mad us Clef Jasper tried to jump Over the Cliffs with and father came and rescued talk about in great Britain the Lent Tincu of Breeding them is quite the Goat receives much More Atten Tion As a domesticated animal in eur Jope than in in Many of this country one might spend a Lite time without seeing a but among our transatlantic cousins they Are for or trained to draw Chil Drens while in Many a Large stable a grave and stately Billy a found on terms of Friendly acquaint Ance with both horses and the goats of England Are not the Dainty White Agoras which have been no largely bred in the a listed states and in the Itri Tish Cape Colony for to but Are Tho so culled native Oats with an occasional tog Wenburg or other example of foreign Goat breeding1 is pursued with much spirit in and the Brit ish Goat society has on t he Rolls of Ita membership Many names which Are widely at the in null of the British Dairy Farmers Asso held in the Koyal agricultural White the cha1ip1on Liberal prizes Are offered for outs and the classes Are Well at the last of these Dairy a bowl the Cumber of entries in these wus against 25 the previous the Champion medal was awarded to the milking Goat White owned and entered by of Lon the accompanying is a spirited portrait of this very Fin the first on Goat Lings under years was awarded to White Juk laughter of the Champion and the second to Heather a crossbred White Kose was pronounce to be the finest for Bize and weight that has Grep been among1 other Baroness Butts was Ineata or Abl three of her being famed As lug Lily the magnitude and Quality of the Dis play of goats at the great National no less that the social Biol Nence of some of the ladies and men who loth testify to the popularity which Goat Breeding my attained in great our sub scribers quite f request by ask a to Tali them where to obtain and Little business in Breeding goats Jefff be possible in proof of the attorney Tor the defense Bee ant do Yon Aak proof that my client if insane be there ill Lenty of when he came to by services he promised me f i would take the and yet a Hast a is that the act of a sane Man old Yon know that when Yon took the Case asked the attorney for i cant see that that helps him n any but it would make b spleen did plea for you were you on and the court so evening real said the Meek looking Ive no doubt youve had some Godf Hunting experiences in the i have Buffalo and Bear of Yon just coma around and Lal my wife take Yon r House Hunting and bargain Hunting with begin to know

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