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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1961, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - August 31, 1961, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Good eve eng a Diplomat cab Tell you eth tit to to Aid make you look for Ward to the the weather Central fair Aad Coo to fair and warn High Lxvii 82 eight pages thursday August 1961 eight pages copy five cents a year reds to test super nuclear bombs hero coming Bock clays assignment to Berlin As ambassador fills his Promise to return Washington up they called him the hero of when Russia blockaded every ground Access to the beleaguered City in the Sharp featured military governor for Ger Many rallied the forces he infused West berliners with the enthusiasm to beat the Block and they and when it was and he he told them that if they Ever needed him again 1 would come Back on my hands and he is going president Kennedy wednesday announced he is sending Lucius the Man Congress called the hero of Berlin Back to the City that regards him As a mighty Symbol of resistance to red pres Kennedy announced wednesday that Clay would embark on the task 35 and serve As Long As the special arrangement seems i crisis because of communist Clay was certain to be welcomed this time he will go As ambassador the presi dents personal not As a general of a conquering he already has been Back to West accompanying vice president Lyndon Johnson ear Lier this month on a morale boost ing visit to the re encircled the president told his news conference wednesday that the situation in Berlin is a serious one and i wish to have the advantage of having on the scene a person of general clays out standing capacity and expert Kennedy said clays appoint Charles Coburn Charles Veteran Dies at age 84 confers Khrushchev blames allies for decision warns West of missile Power on bomb test moratorium Juk recalls Geneva envoy from nuclear weapons treaty Parley Washington president Kennedy set up emergency conferences to Day with top military and congressional leaders to consider urgent resumption of nuclear Richard Briggs Fine voiced judge fines violator Moscow the soviet Union today scrap Ped the three year moratorium on nuclear testing with a t h renting warning to the West and a plea for understanding from the nonaligned nations the Krem Lin is Premier Khrushchev gave the godhead to his Des Lowa Robert summoned to court for driving bombs with an explosive Force of 100 million tons of uiiimf5 times More powerful than the bomb drop on the wrong on Hiroshima in world War ii complained to the judge about the soviets blamed the United states and its Al the tone of voice patrolman jes for their decision to resume nuclear weapons testing in View of the soviet unions bomb Shell decision to scrap the three Earold test Mora action came quickly after Moscow broadcast news of the decision which a new York Aci Parentis washing whose and other world Capi the Fine is municipal judge Howard Brooks and i Hope you approve my soft tone of ment will not change the exist Tor Charles ing responsibilities of our military it anguished Gruff voice and Tau by and diplomatic officers in Ger ready wit familiar to Audij Kennedy issued a statement and he for More than half a the soviet step As a with West Berlin faced with Ancla would add to our resources is dead at blow to worldwide Hopes for Dis Coburn died of heart failure and a threat to the Lenox Hill Hospital world by increasing the shortly after undergoing minor dangers of a thermonuclear Lucius Clay perhaps even More dancer of judgment and berliners expect new High 3 weeks of rest bigger los included from red storm in boards program is shot accidentally in Arm by brother an Annville re 1 child was re Throat he had entered i today at the Good Samaritan hos inroad sur Sci j no nou Cut ice Tauau t j ii j it j the Hospital monday for a Check he called ambassador Arthur j when he was wed was Acci Dean Home from nuclear test Nesda energetic Man More Active ban treaty negotiations with Theden Lally m the Arm by a Berlin up ii a Lull in the tension in this communist Cir immediate Steps Are being taken to improve school1 energetic Man More Active ban treaty negotiations with the than Many half his Coburn j Union at younger came Here after completing a 6 and word went out from the Day run Only sunday night in an i White House that in the next 24 Fon or Indianapolis production of you hours the president wanted policy cant take it with the i meetings with his atomic play Drew the largest audiences i Energy and playhouses 8yisers and after he was Acci Robert it is an open said a govern ment that the United states is standing at the threshold of carrying out underground nuclear explosions and Only Waits for the first suitable pretext to Start because of and because France has exploded bombs the statement the soviet Union has decided to test new bombs and to add to the world crushing nuclear Arsenal it claims it already the statement linked the governments decision to the Berlin United states would follow crisis As j Arthur chief Del the soviet government has negate at said soviet be been compelled to take this whose significance it fully App re Goti Ator Semyon has never Given any indication at under the pressure of the All that this was International situation created by i British Delegate David Ormsby the imperialist it Gore said the verdict of the with congressional Audi vol Ruiu v it has a Bullet wound in his the policy of the leading nato United France and the Federal i West i German of this aggressive bloc As a leaves the soviet Union no other upper left Arm caused by a the statement appeared to be the Knell for the Geneva ban talks 338 sessions cled City gave berliners a Chance if facilities and curriculum in the Lebanon City school p stage performance was the the termination of the Mora today to come out of the storm for a Man who found his Calls thorium on nuclear testing by the cellar into the the plan Calls for 1 construction of a his first Success and unilateral the seasoned German High school 2 alterations and additions to great love of his life on the j president the United at called the relaxation die the Franklin or the Stevens elementary school he began a movie career at state who is in 1953 reported Edward was on this will no doubt be the soviets themselves showed concern about the possible effect of their about face on world Opin the soviet statement went to great length to plead a peace Loving it directed an a peal to those foreigners who would perhaps judge too severely the soviet unions carrying out the tests of new types of nuclear it parents e Mitte Eines Wirbel Sturms 3 of the High but berliners believe the this week As the alternative to the joint re program he was the willbe Clear for a was Defeated in i i t people Here have lived so Long on the Brink of destruction that they have developed a sensitive nose for they can smell a crisis All the Way to now they think they can look for1 Ward to about three weeks of they base their belief on Small they notice that the Young cont nerd two Only True training ground for a Auto smoke scare Call out City firemen Graham throng big lie duped christians the Board said further i will determine which of the pro he left a full time career on the injects will be initiated j stage for the screen in on the death of his first the j upon completion of these pro former Leah he had met consideration will be Given her in 1905 while playing Orlando to alterations and addition her Rosalind in the w a s h i n g t o n elementary i company production specific counter but it was Learned that the administration has plans ready and preparations made for a Quick re sumption of testing if Kennedy the were accompanied by their twin Carol and according to Edward and James were left at Home with their two older and Robert John and Robert had been shooting soviets with endangering every one on Earth by resuming atomic he called emergency conferences to consider whether the the soviets said every pre caution will be taken to minimize the curricular program of the i the two became a Philadelphia a High is to make Billy Graham says a for advanced studies in wave of ant christianity is flood theatrical love her death came As a great blow to and he did not remarry until 22 j continued firm route 22 crash ing the world with corruption such As it has never known be mathematics and studies provide instruction in advanced foreign languages with the years later in a Las vegas 11 Ima m social1 ceremony he wed Winifred in Ljulic Umlor continued on Page two City firemen were called out by fore possible addition of russian and alarms an Auto Many of the world chinese to Blaze at and a Christian leaders will be other considerations at t h e scf6 i f Row Frank Christia leaders i Germany High include the according to fire chief Frank Miler were fooled by his Ida 06 Graham j Gram to t8he business Guilford had made a the evangelist told an Industrial arts Wood shop Furnace fire yesterday afternoon convention Hall crowd estimated in vocational Electron but neglected to open the Damper at 7i000 wednesday night that Lan instrumentation on the smoke seeped into the German leaders the basement of the House next 54 Guilford occupied defectors from East German army number 56 Berlin w fifty six occurred about Bers of the East German armed he is Samuel Dohner who forces have fled to the West since was taken to the Good Samaritan the communists sealed the Border Hospital by the Northern Leba Mary the and Hook and ladder companies together with the Joe but a three years ers had a rude he they were thrown in Graham posed the question to whether american and world Low through program in special education for the retarded and Active paid department Heads to provide supervision and curriculum assistance to additional personnel Are need riders of barbed wire and to Stop other the latest member of the com continued on pile two fast City and fire leaders were oing to believe the program and to implement the existing j the plan Points out that exist Jing facilities at the High school need to be in addition o a cafeteria the High school needs a language conversion of science department into regular classrooms and build no a new four class typing distributive education three Spe Cial education a health room for business department office visual aids Honor study room and one fireman from the Hook Andi William injured his left hand in starting the Gener Ator to make current in running the smoke assistant chief Harold Mcgow an conducted operations at the scene and also at the earlier on the Ladd parking lot at twelfth and Cumberland j chief Ceresini reported that Anius Llull Fly lilt my sports car owned by Jerell u1u1 us Lull Miah 517 Walnut damaged by fire to the extent it had been parked on the discoverer 29 launched into Vandenberg air Force lot mowing an Accident several base calf 29th Days cause of the Auto Blaze has not been the fire chief adding that investigation is whipping up enthusiasm for the Impact ripped the motor Days visit by soviet cosmonaut from rj0nners and caused it Gherman East berliners to Cardl fire Fredericksburg plus Mouv Fnu Usu were ordered to put out flags company and perseverance adequate storage facilities f o r her Homes the streets and on company of Jonestown were called to extinguish the judge Ganey takes discoverer satellite whirled around the Earth today in a Polar the 19th of its family to go into orbit the launching took place on Philadelphia w incurs later that the satellite had Cullen Ganey was sworn in we entered orbit Alaska and Hawaii mesday As a judge of the court of appeals for the third recently appointed to the court by president has been chief judge of the District court tracking stations confirmed the the satellite is circling the Globe once every coming within 140 Miles at its closest Point and 345 Miles at its the oath was administered by most Distant Point from chief judge John Biggs of the circuit court in Vaneys exam Fra fire do frat giving survivors names treat burned hand Lynne 909 i Smith was treated wednes French police gave Birds at the rear of the and soviet coming in the when they returned they placed of the Berlin struck i the loaded Rifle on a on officials As a High child pulled trigger turn for the worse police said they were told that i James picked up the Rifle and i pulled the the Bullet j struck who was standing about two feet 1 the older after seeing what had took Edward and James to the Home of their and Clarence and asked them to h e 1 p Gibson said she and her husband had heard what they thought was a shot but didst know what had taken place until the Hoffer children ran to their she said Edwards continued in three a Ohio Man was injured Early today in a truck a incident on route about one mile East of the i satisfactory this Accord he has the right and multiple lacerations of the face and i u uie Idue Auu Cooper b Jins Teltow canal in he reported gunfire was directed said at but the red gunners they had killed two olh1 ers trying to swim the ill flip u i a a Driver hauling barbed wire Semi driven b Vondus for the Fence along the Cana also 26 Wichita managed to swim across while the police attention of guards was end of the pillars of a broken Down Goodman was attempting to turn is said Dohner was operating a Van Type straight truck West on route when he struck the rear of a Thrush warns super bombs can be borne by soviet missiles editors note following is an analysis in depth of the meaning of russian intention to test huge written by up space and nuclear Energy writer who has been covering these Fields since the first postwar bomb test at by Joseph Myler Washington Russia has con fronted the free world with the threat of Thermo nuclear devastation launched from that is implicit in russian announcement that it will resume testing to develop super powerful nuclear bombs equal violence to and 100 million tons Megatons of such the announcement could be delivered anywhere in the world by rockets like those which put Yuri Gagarin and Gherman Titov into orbit around the atomic officials take the threat they believe this country also should resume testing to perfect promising new weapons with which to hold the russians at the russian decision ends a 34i month a policed moratorium on Rig As Bridge gave him the communist press began off the Highway into the driveway of a menial patient facing burglary charges flees a local Man facing burglary charges was still missing today from the Wernersville state hos nuclear testing which this coun where he escaped monday try at East has scrupulously according to Hospital Many among them atomic Energy commissioner Robert Wilson and Stuart believe the russians have cheated with secret underground cannot be he was identified As David band instruments and other equip plans in the Junior High school sys cont until on six i minimum wage Bill goes to state House France a this gallic Day afternoon at the Good Samaritan Hospital for slight Burns of the left hand after she touched a hot Hurt on machine reason for refusing to disclose the names of re persons rescued wednesday after the break in the Mont Blanc Alpine cableway you never know who travels with and in France we try to be As discreet about these no radar units yet at Annville posts no radar equipment has been in stalled at the Annville or Indian town Gap state police sub Sta As these bar Racks will have one trooper each assigned to a radar detail work ing out of attached to this detail will be trooper Raymond Annville and trooper Joseph Indiantown use of radar to trap speeders in Pennsylvania becomes Legal at Midnight Charles 203 Mifflin things As we was treated wednesday at the Good Samaritan Hospital after he injured his right hand on a machine while working at the Kercher machine Walii four members of a German family and an italian father and son were killed when two of the Cable cars derailed and crashed to the Glacier fire damage slight three fire companies responded to a Call wednesday at at the Home of Ray 310 tenth they were the Goodwill and Hook and ladder the fire was apparently caused by a Short Cir Cuit in an Oil damage was called to extinguish the total damages amounted to with listed to Doh ners vehicle and to Good arrested Early this year for burglaries at several local business including the Krause hardware he was committed to Wernersville for psychiatric treatment prior to facing court action on the whether been it is or not Russia g underground that the new has City Ponce of Fishers escape said he May have a Rifle and Armuni Afan Tion from a nearby he Moscow word shocks Neutral nations group Yugoslavia up Impact of the soviet unions decision to resume nuclear testing hit the unaligned nations today like a brutal slap in the face on the eve of their Confer is also a judo Fisher is five 11 inches tall with dark Brown Crew ence i Cut style and Brown he was the while noting this wearing Blue jeans and a said the decision knit Connll nerd on Sid the and sent to the House legislation to establish a hourly minimum wage in the riddled with Amend ments exempting special classes of was expected to end up in a House Senate conference the committee would have to work out differences tween the House and Senate Verj Sions of the j ten sutures required i Robert Lebanon wants executive seat brazilian troops ordered to action against leftist Joao Goulart supporters be too big to be contained reaction among the Dele Gates to the meeting of 24 non aligned nations ranged from bewilderment to anger at Moscow unilateral they were embittered because soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev had the Day before their Confer ence to make his its like a brutal slap in the said one incomprehensible and said the Blunt soviet action contrasted sharply with the Diplo cont Nutil on four doughnuts stolen a Box of doughnuts was from hoffmans Peanut shop on Cumberland near the Box was reported missing re had ten sutures made a Cut on his right Middle Finger Ray ordered the monday afternoon at the Good Navy Ajr Force action to Samaritan theism Ladue Southern supporters of Hospital Cut the vice president Joao Gou on a piece of Goulait claims he is the rightful president of Brazil in View of the resignation of president Janio hand fractured Robert Fredr suffered a fractured right hand monday night when it became caught in a car it was reported by the Good Samaritan Hospital where was his parents Are and Robert the wavering National Congress finally has voted to accept him As president has not decided How much Power he should a source close to the air min Rio de Brazil said military planes left a Chain of Grande do after it was ear interim government Oporto capital of go ulars sul radio announced thauly this morn ing according to he Southern to escort him All civilians in the state had been police the value of the to some place in Brazil and air called to Porto was listed at approx place Craft Loyal to the government had been ordered to patrol the Frontier and intercept a communique from the Mili tar dominated National telecommunications commission Council said units of the air Force and Navy were taking part in an action in Force against Rio Grande do brazils Southern most in he voice of la state was reported Surl Macly is rounded by trenches and Barri Rio Grande do suls Lionel is go ulars Brizzoli and fracture treated Bessie 301 Railroad Frac tured her left hand when she fell Mathado head on a sidewalk it was of the army in the have i reported the Good Samaritan proclaimed their support of the Hospital where she was treated vice she also had slight injuries to Mathado Lopes wednesday Deicer right left rib area and on thru i
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