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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Aug 24 1961, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - August 24, 1961, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Good 11 you to write society bag that Mil live Sifo Lxvii so the near hts Central Ruth possible showers tonight and High humidity Vith moderate eight pages thursday August 1961 eight pages copy five cents House passes education t a year soviet note accuses us of airlifting spies into Berlin via air corridors Washington a a new Supply lines to West Berlin As Vierec Tion of East Berlin Border soviet note on Berlin was being studied by diplomats informants said it accused the United states of airlifting espionage agents into the City and May so far these have not barricades imprisoning been disturbed by the communist the 17 million East berliners and As they mount pressure on the the East germans behind the barbed ire and Concrete cur officials believe soviet i 7 Iii thais uti Ieve of View a forewarning of some soviet Lajer in saying he the Western commandants in Lane ring with air in file tampering with berlins air Cor the who had been briefed on the notes said it had arrived from Moscow will sign a peace treaty i communist East Germany by the end of the has not made protested As illegal the new red under which the West berliners and West germans Clear what this would do to a were restricted in entry Points to Cess to Berlin rights Stem from world during a session wednes Day of Western big four ambassadorial group considering the so Viet moves in Berlin and How to meet Avay the not which has not been Viel Callon made the United on the grounds that the new states of provocative acts in Berlin Border restrictions i East Berlin and no German the Western we Thor Western officials were told they Powers say Meir by on sided so could enter at Only one vice president Lyndon son was reported to have recommended to president Kennedy a further buildup of military Power in West Johnson reportedly was propos ing that troops stationed i to there be Given some More mod lined comment pending a study run Lyls sources indicated that urn military the of the a Western diplomatic and response by the forces in Berlin total said the document dealt with would the about 6500 since the arrival of Cess to key question in the state department said the More troops during John the German new restrictions follow a comm sons visit last weekend to the the Western allies regard their nist highlighted Fay one source i imposed by the reds wednesday while the state department Deid not directly impair Western reds halt use of water Cannon As Gas threaten instructions released City schools to open 6 registration up doily news watchful troops lie Down in the grass near the Ber Lin Border As East German Peoples police look on from behind barbed wire barricade on the three Western Allied commandants in Berlin moved troops to the East West Border of the City while heatedly denouncing new communist Berlin travel the reds have now closed All but seven of the original 80 Border crossing Points within the Berlin City Berlin up communist pop Norman superintendent of Lebanon lice shot a High pressure Stream Eity released Pupil registration data today and Cannon across thesmar mounted that the schools will open on september West Berlin i u u h i e de urls wl11 n report Start in drive Almyer Slown 24 my irs towns operation recreation Start toward i the superintendent of chestnufstli5100000 goal Asil underway a from a water Barrier into nest Benm to i j i 11 l 11 i r 11 and in another Border incidentlqfi9flrf de pupils of the 1961 barred four army school term during next week at the office from entering East the superintendent of sixth and Chestnut communist Border police re1 a11 Grade including those who night at t combined fused to allow three army sight tended the preschool must Register in the and Over town seeing buses and a Sedan to Cross superintendents office to receive an admission the fund the line into East Berlin after the pupils entering the first Grade will report to their army officer in charge of the assigned schools september at 10 tour refused to show his identity card to an East Berlin police Man under the fou Power agree ments on Berlin the East Ger mans May not control or Checki Western Allied the soldiers were turned Back at the Border shortly after the East German police turned on a Jet of water that splashed the feet of two american soldiers on guard the communists shut of the water when the Amer ii 24 Enthus Caris reached toward their hands Jasm Anc attendances mounted evening services draw to us Cam meeting students who were grades one to five inclusive last year will report for assignment at ing among those present were members of the Lions club who Are participating in the Campaign As a club the financial drive is sched wednesday to the same building and the same room they occupied led to be t 4th at the close of the last school sin Nunn Pinai u Only Border opening i wednesday As the 65th annual pupils entering grades eight and nine will report on wednesday at to the schools to which they were As signed at the close of school in sophomores will report to the High school auditorium halted at the Friedrich Street the Only one still open for their movement into East Beryce Drew arid the juniors United Christian seniors will report to their passed the Halfway High school Home rooms at the evening evangelistic who will be attending congregation of the Lebanon City schools for the in spite of unpleasant j first time in grades one through first the buses were refused j Ammon must Register in the superin passage when the officer my charge of the tour of soldiers the Campbelltown us their families refused to show the identity card to the communist the of so j the invitation and altar service later a Sedan carrying a Colfo Lowed the devotional period a two led by Elmer Dut and a was refused entry into East in another incident the communists demanded documentation from a army Sedan return cont Nudd Pace four court martial finds innocent in Tower trial Law officer presiding at the court martial of William today found him innocent of neglect in the collapse of a Texas Tower in the Atlantic Ocean the finding still is subject to approval by the Board of officers of the the court recessed after the finding by Jean Rydstrom and was to resume later today for a decision by the eight officers comprising the the prosecution concluded its arguments at and the defense immediately moved for dismissal of the the collapse of the Tower in a form of the new Jersey coast Cost 28 Weiler of the Colebrook John presid ing conducted the first of the Days services at the prayer and Praise at was led by Jay Booser of the Palmyra and con Inird in three turns Advance Down London up portrait Painter Vasco Mazzolo sat Back and waited today for reaction to his scheme for keeping abreast of parking meter he sent Scotland Yard five pounds in when i get a ill Tell office 28 to obtain forms for the assigned pupils attending the City schools for the first time in grades 11 and 12 will report to the High school eighth and Church prior to the opening of Dies of Burns sought for three projects in connection with the Myerstown Community Park the first project is the construction of a combined artificial ice skating and roller skating the second is the construction of a school age play area and a the third Calls for the restoration of the roof and Walls of the Isaac myer old fort Home the reported at the Campaign Kickoff dinner came fron four the workers were they Are Myerstown Bank and Trust company and Quaker a11 o y casting each Hiway lanes Bowling 500 Myerstown senior woman Point to Success i program participants pointed to this auspicious Start of the Campaign As evidence that it will a of nearby Herman died Victor co chairman at Butler county Hospital wednes of the Campaign Day from Burns suffered when some gasoline spilled on him at a charcoal fire near his Home july up doily news escape Hatch an East German couple escapes from the window of a Home in the com munis controlled sector of Berlin onto a sidewalk which lies in the Western the photo was made just after the communists sealed off the Border Between East and West them to debit it to my fire stops picnic Sioux annual firemen picnic was can celled wednesday because every City Home ransacked jewelry taken see social revolutions looming As big threat to latin americans sixth in a series of articles based on information gathered at a today foreign policy briefing conducted by top government officials for the nations news by Ted Gress City Lebanon daily news revolutions Are More of a threat to latin american nations than military continued Page three High humidity will prevail in county showers and High humidity will continue to dominate to j u to firefighter in town was at a seethe county s weather through in Ena Larm Blaze in a three Story Day and possibly to temperatures will be m the 80 1 a southerly flow of moist air in Advance of a trough of Low pressure Over the Mississippi Val Ley was responsible for the unsettled widespread fog was reported throughout the state this morn demos ask gop backing to break divided Senate harr1sburg democratic leaders went to work today to line up enough Republican votes to assure passage of Mil lion in new taxes to finance education the tax Bill a 2 per cent Levy on Capi Tal gains and royalties was approved by the House wednesday on a party line vote of two democrats joined solid gop a Republican Senate source indicated there May be two and pos Sibly three gop senators ready to give support to the the Senate is split meaning the democrats must have gop help to win a 26vote the gop sources indicated a Bill reorganizing Penn Sylvania school districts in to some 500 Large units also would win speedy final legislative action in the Senate next that linked to the education tax was approved 108 94 by the House a scant 25 minutes before the re venue measure was called the reorganization Bill had been pinpointed by Urban area democrats As the key to their support for the tax the states major metropolitan Delphia and Long sought school District reorganization As a Lon term Means of easing their own school tax the reorganize t i o n measure would establish a mini mum District with a target Public school population of the minimum could go As Low As at the discretion of the state coun cil of the reorganization would have Tobe accomplished by the House amended the Senate John Umberger John Dies in Kuwait John Roberts Umberger a former resident and businessman of died saturday at Kun saudi word of his death was received in Lebanon members of his fam ily said death was caused by a heart he was a son of Mary Brubaker 54 Harvard and the late John he was educated in the Lebanon a graduate of Lebanon High f Gid Ucucu juju Muu n i k n version of the reorganization Bill school and Hopkins requirements listed for meter installation property owners of the City who Are having a water meters installed were reminded today that certain requirements must be met by the Waller says Eleanor is patriotic Washington Pupil Francis was quoted wednesday As saying that Kermit water super to exempt seventh class counties from some of its provisions affecting school District eighth class counties already were exempt the Senate is expected to agree the which was recon continued on three Kiwan ians Back Gap reactivation members of the East Lebanon kiwanis meeting last even no at the Treadway drafted a form letter calling for the re activation of Gap military the club plans to print copies of the letter to be signed by residents of Lebanon and adjoining counties and then mailed to state and Federal legislators impossible Secretary George Patton read the draft to the speaker at the session was Francis of representative of investors Diversi fied who showed a film on his local representatives introduced were William Viall and Roger president Marvin Levin con ducted the at which initial plans were made by the club to hold a local Beauty pageant in the j it was also announced that a he was a registered Engi for Many years he was associated with his father in an electrical construction business at 1007 Cumberland at the time of his death he was employed As an Engineer for the Bechtel of san and had been in Kuwait for six he was previously with the Dupont for several years and also worked for the Boeing air plane designing electrical units for besides his he is sur Vived by his Violet Trego formerly of Ephrata one Jacob and a Juliet state a number of nieces and nephews and an Henry us also commissioners reverse food stamp decision Pittsburgh fed eral food stamp plan no longer has the endorsement of the Penn Sylvania association of county the group will study further the which is under test in eight areas in the including Fayette the commissioners had endorsed loan has been approved and food program tuesday after sales drawn up for the stated that the Coni clubs Purchase of a prefabricated tractors installing the m e t e r a building to be erected at Louser have in some found in i sufficient space for proper in As Well As leaking pipes memorial third and Maple the building will be used for recreation purposes As an auxiliary to the skating William Sullivan was welcomed Kohr pointed out that these songs a new member and a birth editions must be corrected at vat inn was Given James by and o sight of the Blue j Cere and Roosevelt is sin expense of the property owner Uffner mrs not Tantin inf Hac anal Uhro t out has Given and where rearrangement of the Siant of Ting Ivilue statistics for 24hour period Aid to communist Dom Branch line is needed to run u ing at 730 am today Ligated through a single Ilia High 74 chairman of the also he borne by thernon Pihion according to these corrections should he made within City police were gating a burglary at the Home of and Charles 356 fourth which occurred monday while they were six Silver about to in Buffalo a num Ber of pennies and a set of cuff links were reported the White Home was also ran according to the police the burglary was termed the Wor of a youth by detective ii Ford White is the former Mary sister of police sit John newsmen assembled Here from All Over the nation were so informed by top government economic changes Are the key to the situation in an area where the average yearly wage runs from to the latin americans Are now unwilling to accept this Low level of living without Ted Cress social revolutions definitely Are on the horizons in latin one offi Cial we can expect develop ments in this Field within the the danger of social revolution is that it can be subverted from Low 67 j committee on Una Merican act Vii property average 2 below Normal also was quoted As saying 68j there Are not sufficient grounds rain impeaching chief Justice 30 Days property owners Sunset today As demanded by the con acc Cave notification from the Sunset ser Vattie John Birch Walters views were reported by i Morris in a newsletter to Udall said he hoped Walters statements would Lay to rest some of the irresponsible charges made by the Birch so retired weds 65 Bureau of water As to the plumbing conditions existing in their after the conditions Are Cor the owner is asked to notify the Bureau of water so seen in Competition for souls Philadelphia f a evangelist Billy Graham says two forces Are bidding for the souls of men Marx and hearing about its operation in they rescinded the endorsement after it was brought up again wednesday in the closing session of their 75th annual con delegates from several Small counties revived the laying they haunt wholly understood the original at the same the commissioners approved a Resolution thanking the Federal govern ment for using a Pennsylvania county in the the delegates also asked that the association investigate the feasibility of employing the controversial Wel fare plan in Pennsylvania coun a Book or leaned just a Little on his Cane As he stood before the minister and repeated his marriage the retired Farmer from was married monday in the Clintwood Baptist Church to Elsie of Pikeville the seventh the Bride for asked where they would spend their Wright replied Shes All the honeymoon 1 were going in organization called the Arizona mothers for Earl War he Only Christ is seriously competing with the atheistic speaking wednesday Roring duty night to some persons at that he latter May got in touch fourth session of a monthlong Rio with the contractors installing crusade for challenged his audience to dismiss1 the meters and have Hose men return to Complete the runs and other Kong groups Christ As an egomaniac or accept him As the owners of an ordinance passed the Bible says Middletown of Annex Washington pro posed disposal of the air Force storage Annex at was approved wednesday by he Glasl february by which stated thai than one building City Council where More through a single service the he said 11 this claim v is Christ is the key to All is supplied All knowledge and All it is not is Ai separate line curb cock must fraud and should be dismissed and j you have to vou1 be installed for each this Kohr is the real estate subcommittee of the responsibility of the property House armed services commit owner and not the and was can Linurd on fit cannot by Neutral some 225 persons came Forward after grahams talk to make decisions for Luff patrolman Horace Duke sounded a bit provoked in his Duke was assigned Day to investigate a Telephone Call to a woman telling her you will be blown up by an atom bomb by 3 after patiently waiting with the complainant until after the set he reported this did not materialize 1 resumed
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