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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Aug 4 1910, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - August 4, 1910, Lebanon, Pennsylvania F t thursday August fishermen alleged to have used Seine by chief Criswell Grace Wolf Dies of diphtheria Little of Chaklen South second Street private will be a posed to View at the front window Grace neb three entered bail two made their escape arid one was shot at by the officer chief or the state Ulph of on wednesday evening made a raid on a party of who Are alleged to have been using a Seine and other illegal Fishi Sitf paraphernalia in the on Swatara the Waters of which were drawn off for the purpose of making necessary repairs to its three of the fishermen were Talun into custody by Warden Criswell and haled before Squire of who Hehl them for a further hearing monday caught in it is reported Here that five Fisher men were enraged in capturing the 113h when Warden who had Beeh in made his a further investigation is Bein Mafle today with a View to making More entered those who furnished bail before fun ire Bohr gave their names As John 47k North sixth Street John of North fifth and Longe All of this shot one of two men who escaped was shot at by Warden Criswell Lii daughter of died this m Cha the six year Folio she ends and a port of and Charles South second a ving an s survived victim of dipl illness of nine by her Pat she of passed through the City on wednesday inspected Ore was a member or the James Luth eran sunday the funeral will he on sat urday morning nine Oclock and owing to lir nature of the disease which cause 1 death will be strictly in order to permit of neigh and relatives View ins the remains they will be exposed at is now student at the York school new o one of the front windows at the Wolf Home for a to the Funera aged period of one hour prior couple weds Squire Janus Coyle tied the knot that binds Squire Jaent marriage Adun san Elizabet Booth members of Moose will hold smoker members of the local Lodge of Moose will participate in a smoker this evening after their the meeting will occur at the 1ir in knights of pythias and the smoker and luncheon will held in the banquet room of of America a glorious time is an and a Large representation of the members is expected to be lies on of August i depend United in Besnoy and us both of at the county fair Miller Organ ax1 1iaxo so Lukks will occupy exhibition an attractive display Section of the Miller Organ and s have Booth in the big expose of the a permanent ton Buldini on the Lebanon August promises play there the week aureus in promises piano Corn constructed Valley to be of the to be in Auto to Reading Uhrich and of pass through City of passed through this City this morning in his interstate swing to Reading to spend the he was accompanied by his wife an3 Ehrichs Henry at head ing they will meet the daughter of and who will a Heinon their return left for Newport Young ladies Alay make their permanent Home misses Ethel of 1041 Rullford and Louise of North tenth left this morning for where they will spend their i suns miss Margaret if they like the they will make their per manent he Hie one of Troat attractive of the sex the company has secured All Puthe space at the Eastern end of the it has a Fiji decided by the fair management Tojo provide place in the Larse secure 1 for Tho state College for department display of All cereals ind the taking of rom tie exposition Belld ii eded Roon deserts ing it 13 provide much in that dough Chariot to pass ont schooners tie a cafe Tom employed for a num Ber of years by Paul the Spruce and Mifflin streets has deserted the Dieh Chariot to Pasi schooners at the Majestic Lee he succeeds Frank Hart he has Nan As a Sailor and us friends and an obliging tie has a Good Chance for a successful his Many friends wish for him much Success in new unheralded and a More or less distinguished native of passed through Lebanon on wednes Fie is a civil Engineer of Sethna is the son of a wealthy Mercl want of who diled some years the Young Man was educated in his and then came to this country for technical at Columbia University he took course in chemistry and a now a student at the new York school of his Superior Talent having won him a year in Advance of other visiting mines he is spending his vacation visit ing the of the country to see them in lie has already inspected the Anthracite mining and on wednesday came Here to inspect the Cornwall Ore he was Inch interested in the open mines be found and today will leave for Alabama and other Southern soft Coal mining he Speaks English has Largi fortun1c having a Fortune at his disposal he expects to Start mining operations in India when he is finished with his mining education in Ameri time enjoyed Outing at rocks float along lie so Nuriu a merry party of Lebanon ans enjoyed a pleasant Days Outing at Brocks boat along the swat Ara on they from the Home of on South seventh the party consisted of and and Cyrus a Effeil Ambrose Bessie Maine John Groff and miss Elizabeth tale of United it s new York v Atlantic c v Boston j Buffalo now 82 Clouds Farmers picnic at Heilmandale will Bio re Joist affair of kind Khlil proprietors of the Plant started operations this week now operate three not known what met eco it will a live on proposed new Mill hero prominent speakers to pres ent and program prep am will be sure to please unless All the annual tanners picnic at Heil Murdale on saturday next will be t lie biggest of Tair of the kind Ever held by the organizations pack link tie project the picnic will be Heilman Dale under the of the Leb anon county agricultural and Horti cultural association and the several Granges of the Secretary of the first named and Sev eral other including Fred have the arrangements in charge and they give Assurance that not Only will the crowd be but the program will be entertaining and the secured for Tho occasion Aro experts of note and Are sure to drop valuable and Lead interesting conferences and the social features of the Outing will also be Worth while and All persons interested in agricultural and Grange Wor should be fair Bride from the Quaker City Harry wed Jcj to Mish Clara Wright trip up the Hudson heading rail non excursion train leaves Lebanon at next Satin Day the Reading railway will run m the Hudson Kocur a train leaves Leb anon station at and not As appeared in a Reader in these arrived in City last e von ing and were in cited station by numerous friends miss Cmara of los North and Harry of North tenth this were uni etly married at rising afternoon at 1 the ceremony was per formed by Daw a Jui Nisler there were no attendants uni Only members of Tho families Imit were the Bride Slih daughter of Florence and met her Hus Yuri attend iut Pierce at from they will parents for the pres enjoyed country drive visit the Muskrat club Back from new Jersey George theuk was in gauged on Furnace work at of this re turned of wednesday evening from new where he was employed As a bricklayer in Furnace constr Tiou work for several left the Shoue Harrisom ref George form of Harris tie Here arrange aunt a and Caspar Ray of this and now prominent members litre this ments for Mort Nieh always and leave h matters were Dis Jii a time am Selsted Lii wife sind of minus and misses Virgle and Sarah of Auu left tuis morning for Atlantic to spend several their Headquarters is the Ohanui euros Chester to Burg of came with u number of friends to Muke arrange he Iii dual Outing tie than a score of Lebanon participate in the Oins the in a special pertaining to lie Oulina sed at the meeting Iii w As a Helms Monroe Valley of North eighth and mrs of 820 Mifflin enjoyed a drive to the Kingwood farm tin Monroe Walje Itchey spent the off for Prairie state hand while business sch which he is reside with on their in train last tie depot in who dually with r other accept u bridal party to walked take i Groom had n Pirn on tin they a Large Oclock were it at number of greeted them most Cor h and things thing at a they were compelled instead of begin allow in the Bride at i event hotels Kridor and wife came for family Itei injun and of of place for the Camp was captured Here who were guests and of w i Cimbri Laid left this morning for Atlantic where they i will spend a few Days before leaving j for their j they came Here primarily to at lend the Kreider reunion at Kreider is a sur Neun consid Erable Hils to j find particularly tin Lipomi of his Hix yes1 they a visit to thu Ore c the Lotel he Lai Caslor newday Juji if Miller Ami evening at i of red Ucen Eulay at of Regis tried wed noon at the american Nell iss Shu one saw pm wednesday interest apaches t announcement made i la Iio effect that Jansen of the Soiu digit have opened another silk Mil at Orter Piso is to Tod at Reading and was formerly conducted by the heading silk whose inter have been Puro Husted by the Leb anon confirmed the Gloninger maker have Headquarters at Bijj Spryn new and the Apeuli most of Thor time Neith or one of the members of the Ilam would to seen hut Thomas the local con firmed the Rapoff of the Purchase of the Reading he states that the Plant was started this week with aft out a snort and Trio number will he increased to a Hun dred or More is As looms orm be placed and operators secured now own Turku pret Fem now operate three the other Ono being located at the new Jersey Plain a vory Inge is it was stated this morning by doily that the now Enterprise at heading will have no Elleott whatever on the cd Loninger the local Plant to be kept run Ning just the same As if there is any effect at All it will he to increase Trio capacity of the local As the company in Gru wlm in reputation and and has plenty of Market for of pro proposed Niiva the chief Comers of i lie local pub lie is As to what effect the Reading Enterprise win have on the project for a new Mill the Lebanon Board Trade had the matter of fur no Shliff capita for the firm for n new Mill under for Many and while the matter of organizing a company to hold the Bonti of proposed corporation was Uri it was understood at lust a comets that enough Money Hall Ibson secured to the Mill in the Southern Section of the when interviewed this morning said he inn no information concern 1 1 lie local Deal in the it h thought in some Cir Luil Lebanon has lost its and that Junshan and this colleague will now develop their heading establishment to the place of Tho one they helped to build Money in Bonds and mortgages Al Iuo port sent to Risi Uius he clerk Light amount is an in that last year of county commissioners clerk Rob Ert Light has forwarded to the state Treasury at to Felsburg the annual report of Money invested hero in on which state lax of four per be the this year in an increases of Over last when on it re Alt Transfer Coyle and others to Cahterine lot of ground in North Lebanon will leave for Home Nan liter of Oftle spent six weeks in City Suo of who has been spending the past six Here visiting Wpm leave for Home tuesday and will he accompanied Iby Allen Kava Llight of y North ninth machine of Charles of with pole Auto turns occupants fortunately escape slight leased a von Ball grounds i Olkmann will Laok til pm opening tame on a Lidny lift lie Awikam and Palmyra dogs in Annville Lowr collect cd tax on very one in District Thomas lax Coll actor of Aiu Iville Lias made suit Lumen with the county treasurer fur Tux in Liu Vang Coll Vaezi tie tax on Day in the and it inc collector to fur miss Kkt kit on visit a in the proprietor ship of the Avon tie base bal Park at that Long wll e my entries will be played there at frequent manager of the Aultum has engaged the grounds for the season and on Satur a next will play Palmyra Asau opening locals Defeated Palmyra on rafters in twelve inning game and it la expected the game saturday will be a great kid h t Tirier for Atlantic City last been a cured a slab artist for the Herr Bunch for the season and the rest of the Tuam is made up of Best if the club is Keven any encourage it a proposed to revive base fill in Lebanon and to organize a for next year to play regularly at dance Hellen armory Hall Mem Bukh of slavonian iof Ipi a l Hoci Tkv orchestra Hon doll familiar airs and the comely and Kwh Iliin had merry time licenses clerk a Urriago Tii in Hurtis Hail examiner Here a naturalisation of tie department of labor we Tobii Etty of Samuel Snyder this in orning Aire sied of Harria Bure 011 a capias issued by the Harrisburg ii is claimed edit Ere bail to a newer a quarterly pension Day and Notum Iii Busy executing Public Kepi his and then be was found at a at one or he was h the a Rev on fifteenth and was the crap Iron id at City of an Harr Alburg jurisdiction face pc this was quarterly pension Day Pennsylvania and the old the widows and dependent children those who have already answered the Jual appeared before Ball pending aldermen and notaries Public to exe from the Jitt their consequently was a Busy Day for these Offil Herbert of i mis daughter 1436 Lurk Allou Honic and tic or of town i to the Fullow lug i Kon of David filter with Agnes it twas of Kolii Belgeri Hoa of Liu of of Canon i Lisa Ella Daub Alm of Newmuis by Portrude of 117 North fifth wus a on the Slit will visit her Harria and to Atay for a of two Klok is Hulk Omil aint live months old of and Dennis of i i miners died on wednesday evening of summer b of Bobor held a in a Nunry on the knt lab Nan ii the Kiven above la site Mav Onlan Beuel Idal it a Jill Plant Aud waa much enjoy to by the members of the slavonian a or music 1m ported for occasion to play fall and comely Dame from foreign lands danced to their hearts on tent with their swains of alien Gefreh meats were sup 1hed in the halt and the affair will not soon be John Michael and Tony Masar he Movi Nir in the and hey conducted the social to the entire of their fellow countrymen and the or More at american Yot Nur folks who part Charles a n narrowly Recap of an automobile cold edit off and Darphin turn Pike Oft to Tiffi of the affair this mount Schelver was Pike toward reached the Bill West Ftfe Between annfllle1 he saw a vehicle the opposite direct Oji at to to Schreiver was Hill at a Lively Aad and Wagon was Elco foot of the Mil the de out for the other too wide a graph pole or Fence machine to turn happened then nobody it occupants of the Motoh by some few injured la tabs the car was cards receive Trout solicitor cards from and who Are of cards posted j Ohio folks were ankle misses Josephine and and with i Arbo were the for several Weeka of Hursh and of 028 Lehman returned to their motored and and la enjoy Dan to Harrl Abura on miss Kerbs Guem of Bholai in spending several Days Thi guests of Mies Lola North eighth surest missionary services Ott card people in have eran the announce meet is the engl Tah Tome a Teltoft the eueral Council of the Church in North and the will Bate they will be bed Twilight la at aged woman buried to take guv at at next sunday at Tuple and at Stop tabs 1 Wel at hotel Wallace or and mrs i harrier and of and of Camo Here this morning in a car on a trip through the Valley they took dinner at the Wallace it Erhards Couill Rcd for Suliin services help inti school controller Harry Shay and Shay left this morning for at Iii Ujco where they will spend a vacation the funeral of Ibe Fate Susan widow of the late Samuel o was held Thiis afternoon with at 3 in charge of h Hran Aon Rich Ards of lutheran at interment was made on Lebanon the Cje largely attend to by relatives and it Obland was under of the missionary will Al Striice of the la Tjeran cows at which a is a the present fyn of the common service of the an Church will be quartet of Palm Ehi Inch Walji special musical portions of 1 company h Joys Ejmi sergeant Henry any fourth of Leaday evening returned Bow the state title fat with the balance of hta employed during the coat c started Twenty men of but a of last saturday were of
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