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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Apr 30 1896, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - April 30, 1896, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Wos happen won Siene Ihre a Gene Birnis Moo a Hel Duwel Iff Dee Welt Menner Lassa waiver in Kroner in Etycl no Welver die fluent my Schlechta rum Home pm Nix Hick Kniss of Der Anneyre Keit pm april mls Teh dry Ckeek Mer Laist in Haert Heitich Daw a to Fiel Fon Keberte Menner Dos Ihre waiver in Kinner Hucka Lussa in Ghana fort Mit Tonnera die a Fohre Nix nutz in Fon Meirte waiver die Ihre men Ner in Kinner in deck Hucka Lussa in Schuringa Damon Mit Onnerem Ucli Konns Gar net Fersth in Wase Der Schinner net was Letz is Mit Denna Beshure orig Fiel Koment Doher Weil Fiel Fon Der under Weib slept Zug Fiel son scat Gumti Onira of Blotz Fon Sleiva in Zug Ihre a Gena Bis jigs do is Zum Biec Spicl in Morin Der Neiert Enneis Yung Madel in Sie Tonga eth hour Halta Mit Sie Kumma gut Hen Lawe Recht Echola in gut a Sahna Bei Ihrer i Vern Weil Duna Sie Sich in hah met in Fer Leicht in Schick Sie a Cholla Hort Alle Kwa in sin sch or Aam in Endlich sin Ihre Kinner mfg Wash Saun Kneiert in Sie sin so weit Oreah Dos Sie Bol die Welt in Wennith Kernp for icky Der Monn Fer Leicht son Ferricita nos Chen Dos or Glei Cha Date in la Metli Zug Ovva in Erges Sich Fiel of Miter mus ords Rich Oft in die sch Tod for die Polit Ischen re Sahne in Bleidt Mowete sch pot Draus ols Amol Kummler Hame in hut Zug Fie in Der is Nabicht Dos Mer Baert get Arsich Zug Fiel of Mit Tonnera webs Leit in be Long is die raw we Bei Ihm is Chionna hut Dorich Dick in Hase in Ufi Choffy hut Bis Ibre Finger in Schleif Nimme Gons gut Gaer Wase Apar Tich Fon Arnera die Ifield Schenner guck Wie Sei in Twann Erzu Schwetz Oder in Chr thous Kummet do is Eie so Freindlich in so sch Michlich Wie in Yung Koetzli uner Gricet die nos Chen Des Weib Mensch Enki Kiel Mah Fon Mir Wie Mei Hageni we Enni Hau Zug olt in Zug run lieu in for Nau Lookout Olter Wann la in son Poschen Daytz Ufa to Charns for Liczba Grund in Wann do net Damon sch Ringst Wie in Chufi Ereiser Dann War scat do be chucks re Kerscht wants a Mol so weit Gonna in Dann Branch Der Monn Yousch Noch in Sennich Lender rum Fula Dann oppt or in die foil Unes Nai Gecht Dos Mer Haert Rauser Berdollt gut a Blecha Dod c3 Ihn Wibrecht uner Herliert Sei Schani Oder is Gonna in hut Sei Brahe raw in deck Hucka Lussa in Ihre Ofta Wann die Kinner a Niche rest Heeckt Hen Geveva Sie oct of die Ovdenk on die Yucht Weil Der Zenonn net echa Der Hame gab Livva is Bei Seiner raw in hut Zug Seiner a Gena Bis mis Des is Nau a in Der Tonnera Kate Gate die raw in joint in Weib slept Lodge Oder society we die Mowete meetings Haite in Duna Naha for die Der Monu he it Der Hame tin Tiht Hou Shalta in die Kinner Dee Ding Gate so fort in Pahr Yohr Derno font in Oun Erer Monu a Sie ols Emol Hame Nemma Weils so Schrote Evver Weil duster Sie Ragel Kaszich Hame Sahne in Wos or Doch so Neis is Zuer dust Sie Liel Besser Triesta Wie Ihrer Olter Omega Tohrner we Nimme so Fink is Wie or War Zwan Sich Yohr be mols hut Der Neis Monn Randy in sock an dust Der Frauen lot Zucker Geveva Zug xau Geb Mit Mer Lossick Mer die Micka do Hengescht Dich Den Monn be do drawer Jucht Dick Weis Dos Dei Olter Mike Dick aet Recht Gaust hut in Dos Dufiel Zug put Ibisch Forso in Monn Wie or Aimer be reicht hut die raw Drei Oder Fier so Smarte Kinner in die Gons Parrisch Irrer die Der Mike Dent or hut die Bescht raw in Der Welt in dust a Nice Eppes for Sie Zug Sei orm Hartz Dent Gar Nei draw Dos in Annerer in Lidder dec kicker Raskell Dos or Ihn Prowitt Ower sell is was a Noch is Unah Nocot Kummet die raw net Der Slike in die Kinner bin Gons wild in waste die Gous nacht for die Mam Hame Zusie Kummet Selle nacht is Sie Dorich Gonna Mit dem Monn we Sie Fer Plauder sin i tonner Noch Der West in be Long lust Ersie Dort Hucka Mitma Unni Geld in Sie mus ins Orma die laser fun Der sem weekly a web Denka Ferle Clit Dos Ich Des Ding Zug great Ich Ower is Isdio Deitsch Wohr it in wonn Dir Mol so Long in Der Welt Grabt Het Wie Ich Dann Werd Dir Ous Finna doses to Ocba get Untch Der Monns Leit Unich Wase Fon Kwa family in Vvera end Fon lingered Val Ley in Denna is grand so Gate wonn Bie net Gschwind Ibre Dumm Heita is sin Alle Kwa Neise in Over Der Monn Fon Arnera in die raw Fon Dei Tonnera sin Gons Parrisch Iver Wann Bie die cans Hen Duna Sie Zora a Schlupp in Fiel Fon Der Nochera Sauna Wos in wonn Sie Des Zug Sahne Griega Date Ich Ihna Rotha Pletz sch sch Topia Unen Yates Derame Blei Bei Seiner a Gena wonn Sie net Duna Donn Bollert Beim Henker alms Fon Deuna Zeita an Derno gets wonn Amol Kwa Kneiert Hen Derno Hen 6ie Gar Kern Birnis Sich of Zug Gena Mit Tonnera Monns Leit in Unes set in his Sei Dos Wann sies net Duna Dos die Nochera Zomma Kumma Sella in Sie Olla Kwa gut Yaschia Mitera Waer Mei Dee Alt april first assistant Engineer of the Reading fire at this was in Lebanon monday evening and when the fire alarm was raised he look charge or the Tonene of the Friendship Hose on the morning of this Day John Shindel and John employees of the Weimer machine left for the Centennial grounds for the purpose of placing weimers blowing engine in a news item says William who owns a tract of land about two Miles East of designs converting it to the use of raising Early vegetables and placing Ponds upon it for the purpose of propagating fish he has also in contemplation the raising of 100 or 150 David who died monday mention of which was made in hese items was a Soldier of the served through the whole chm Sugii and was one of the vie orious soldiers who entered the City o a meeting of the Hook ladder com any was held monday evening at to ingers hotel and a consisting of Jacob Karch and Job Shaak was appointed to Frame a serie f resolutions on the death of we late president of the Nelson who resided Nea died sunday Bennethum had a reputation for the Rapi manner in which he made Wing claimed that he was without to multiply any Given bum an Ive the result before another was Abl to set Down the figures to make the Cal the old Fortna owned at Thi Ime by Dawson at the Sani was destroyed by fire monday even at about the building was a resort for and it was sup used that it was set on fire by some o Hose vagabonds while whose name has frequent v been mentioned in these items of and another fall from a Slack a he fell a distance of Abou Fleen feet on the hard sprain no his ankle and bruising himself con wife of Samuel Brandt red on the morning of this of con april Hauer son on the morning of Thi by received a Large invoice of tobacco insisting of Over two tons in John accompanied everal officiate of the Mutual Aid left tuesday evening on the Ain for Blair where a suit o the society was to be Claude Leonard announced thai on saturday april he would walk a rope Stretcher from the Northwest Corner of ninth and water streets to that assembled in the opera the bobs Bedd hug was Dohe Felix lights Sale a distance 01 700 a news item says Lucien residing on North eighth possesses one of the handsomest Yards in and it is greatly admired by per sons going and coming from the Many of the Flowers in the Vard Are at the present time in full the new railing which he has erected is receiving a coat of nailed against the ceiling of his drag store a Fine american Flag whose dimensions spread from one end of the room to the the Flag was beautifully proportioned and made an attractive appear it was the work of the clerks of the John proprietor of the key Stone received his second lot of which he tastefully arranged in pyramidal style behind the bars and paid out in change Over the Brooks was the first to inaugurate specie payment in Lebanon at this Cyrus april proprietor of the buckle a Arnica the Best Salve in the world for Salt fever chapped and All skin and Posi Tive cares or no pay it is guaranteed to give perfect or Money american this had a Large Cactus Plant containing Over sixty buds and the Liberty Steamer was tested wednesday on North eighth and worked the Tern says an old boat that was three fourths bunk in the canal was pumped after which it quickly Rose to the the Liberty boys Are highly pleased with their Little giant Bond and Seibert gave two per Brances on the Black at Annville wednesday one at 3 Coloci my the other at 6 the Washngton of that discourse Nusic at a Large crowd was present to witness the who Purchase he lot adjoining his property on North fifth Laid it out into Beautiful walks and Flower John who formerly brewed Deer in this but who had moved t leading and entered into the restaurant removed to 324 Peon says the Wil e pleased to have his old Lebanon friends Call on him at the above tuesday night the depots at Union orge station and Jonestown were enter but very few articles were the finneral of the late colonel we shirk took place at 9 Oclock on the morning of this the funeral cortege was led off with the Hook ladder of which he was the worthy followed by the Odd representatives of the Lebanon National the masonic fraternity bringing up the rear of the having charge of the tuesday about 23 died after a protracted Register voters and enumerate school the county commissioners of Berks county have decided that the registry assessors of the different election districts must make the registry of voters and the counting of the school children at the same some of the assessors thought that the voting list would first have to be made and that they then would have to go Over their districts again and enumerate the the commissioners think that time can be gained if both Are done at All the books will be Given out this and the registration will begin next the pay will be per the Law says that the children must be registered at the same time the votes Are counted or soon there by a Large majority of the position to the unit Bole was out of sigh Paulson warmly endorsed for the the democratic state convention was called to order i the Academy of by state chairman Wright the Hall was beautifully the stage was the delegates were in Ood humor and the music was the weather was the finest the Bureau could provide and everybody was Well pleased in beyond a doubt this was a convention from firs Fojto last thing the Philadelphia Boa got the opponents to the out a circular the Day before denouncing the unit Rule in unmeasured terms and the opinions of Many leading democrats who Are opposed to it were but the ant unit Rule men were without leadership and organization and could Muster Only a Small vote on wednesday evening the streets of Allentown were crowded with people and bands of music were heard on All fully men were in line of the Parade that preceded the reception of the reception was Short but Gratifying to Harrity and gave him to understand that his work would be respected in the convention All the Way there was kicking in some delegations because of the treat ment they received but finally order was restored and when the convention met everything was Serene and most of the kickers were in line shouting with the crowd for of Lancaster was elected temporary after the business of the temporary organization was disposed of Dwight of the Defeated candidate for was elected per manent chairman and the other previously agreed were for congressmen Large John of and Smedley of were the Are As follows William Charles Tinner of Fredericks while engaged in repairing the roof of the summer House at the residence of Constable John of the same slipped and fell to the while he caught hold of the Chimney to save himself out the bricks gave Way and one of the loosened bricks struck him on the head fracturing his he was carried Home in an unconscious con but is reported As doing quite m cathar the Catharine late of 5 North eighth was buried Pmj morning in St marys Catholic Ohab oed offered by was chanced held the Hersh and 1366 was held by the Apt Chooh in the or Eflene at several Hundred Par a covered jut in time at Midnight Arnom of Chow will pay their in at 2 Oclock i Bis afternoon the bicycle Good will fire company and ticket won the conducted by druggist Iever on the at twelfth and Lehman in the Luu Ruiu in do a icu4circjjr sri i l j Atter thee funeral services had been presence of feral Hundred anxious my feed inst marys Catholic at 830 father Adam Christ paneral director James Robert Henry John Benjamin John the electors Large Are William James Denton Thomas George the platform endorses Robert Patti on As the Choice of the Pennsylvania democracy for the presidential Nomina favors the unit declares for a Gold Standard of the the re Irementa of All Treasury notes and All Evi Dences of government obligations and for he redemption in Gold of every form of Oyer ment notes for the divorce of the from the use of Silver Only n subsidiary and for the rigid maintenance of the Gold Standard for taxation for Revenue a jul Toses Only by customs and excise tax and against every form of Protection and Avoir Tim the maintenance of Friendly relations with All foreign countries and untangling alliances with As pro claimed and expounded by Jefferson and Loi Iroe strongly denounces the last be publican state legislature for its failure to economize in expenditures and to equal be taxation for its creation of Sape flu us and unnecessary offices in order to pension political favourites for its refusal and failure to make apportionment to d Force the Constitution and to adminis r the state and endorses presi ent Cleveland administration and the cd Assn a fast the infant daughter of and James of was buried there this afternoon in the evangelical Rnecht conducted the Brief services at the Bouse hire the funeral of Mary Savior was held this morning at ser vices were held in the Dunkard meeting Bouse and interment was made in the adjourning William late of it Leba was hurried tuesday afternoon at Lebanon funeral services were held in Christ presbyterian Church at 2 Oclock by Reifsnyder was Ucb beloved in the Community and Many paid their last tribute to his memory by viewing his silent form for the last William the funeral of darkes was held at Oclock on tuesday from his late near and was largely services were held in the Dunkard meeting on the Fredericksburg Road and interment was made in the adjoining Levi the funeral of Levi of who was run Over and killed by a local freight on the Lebanon Tremont rail at Suedberg last was held on tuesday from his fathers at interment was made in the were Drai and Addie before the held in such a could see that the tickets had been deposited trom which they two Nancy Light were blindfolded it was Public manner that All was fairly and honestly Young i avs cemetery police patrolmen Conner and Brandt arrested George a wednesday for Glass was Given a hearing and discharged upon payment of his Murray Gilbert Beck Aloysius Geo Kile and Mcmanus were arrested wednesday night by patrolmen Conner and marines for drunkenness and disorderly conduct Corcoran and Kile were discharged but Ristenbatt and Beck were committed for 30 Days Williams was Given 10 and Mcmanus 5 attending the miss Mary while biding Albl Cole near the vol Tapa Ilia the pleasant evenings this week have led Many Youn f ladies who Are not yet expert on the 1 Cycle to take the wheel after dusk and i company with one or two gentlemen try to master the two wheeled Steed several evenings ago a plucky Young Sady was practising on Green Street in where the Road runs parallel w the and close to the quit she was making Good Progress while the wheel steadied by a firmer band than but presently she had Confidence enough in herself and asked to be Laft to As she was sure she could go it for a Short time but Sud Denly and unexpectedly the wheel took a mind to run Reward the Creek and in spite of the contrary it in a Duck would Ladys efforts to the 1 Strait for the water a then the fair rider the train this morning for where she will attend the wedding recep Tion of Het miss Minnie who was recently married to Leander the reception will be held at their handsomely furnished Resi on Stanton Pitts miss Abele was joined at Harris Burg by miss Minnie of who also attended the wed Ding i this City and will be present at the Ilson Tariff taken in whue on a Rebecca of who is the guest of Het patrol Man Aaron of 131 South fourth wednesday evening while visiting Sarah of 730 Cumberland was taken suddenly ill with a Ner Vous she was conveyed to the Hospital in the ambulance and k Gingrich attended today her condition is much two Little urls Lottie and Nora Gallagher tots of ten Der Reading on Walnut wandered Sway from the Home wednes Day evening and a search was prosecuted for them by the anxious Mother and they Irene found admiring Fine display of candies at e Crystal Palace club Ball pleasing event held in sons of America Hall tuesday the Crystal Palace club gave its second annual Ball in the sons of America Hall tuesday evening and its Success was Only be of the Many pleasant features of the the grand Central band fur shed the previous to the opening of the Ball the committee of arrangements with the band had a walk around which termin ated at the which was Well filled with dancers and interested Spectra the grand March was led by Clem Westley and miss Sadie Tetter and was a pretty the couple successfully executing Many intricate figures with commendable miss Tetter was the recipient of a handsome Basket of Flowers and miss Annie Soulliard won in the prize Waltz contest the program consisted of 24 the master of ceremonies was Miles who with William Samuel Nat pettys and Clem Westley As floor had charge of the shakespearean Hannibal the Well known will give one of his popular recitals in room sons of America Hall this instead of tuesday evening As was Hie subject is King Henry the recital will be Given under the patronage of a number of prominent ladies and gentle of this lost control of herself and with a scream she and the wheel took a headlong plunge into the Cool someone who Vaa standing off a distance and watching the proceedings says that for a Short time the Only thing visible in the Creek was lube Young Ladys the wheel Ana her body having been completely the gentlemen escorts to her Rescue and she was soon called out of her unpleasant when she Home to repair the this was the kind of header bicycle riders do not usually take and we Trust the Young lady will not become so entirely discouraged that she will hereafter abstain from trying to ride a Bat she go so near the or else allow the escort to hold onto the unless she is certain that she can guide it and make it do her will disburse said that Barnum first pay Day will be in Barnum which will the United states civil service commis Sion has ordered that an examination be held by its local Board in this City on june commencing at 9 Oclock for the grades of clerks and carriers in the postal Only citizens of the United states can be sex the age limitations for this examination Are As follows 18 years or Over Over 21 years and under 40 no application will be accepted for this examination unless filed with the in Complete on the proper before the hour of closing business on May applications should be filed in order that time May remain for correction if the commission takes this Opportunity of stating that the examinations Are open to All reputable citizens of the United states who May desire to entire the ser without regard to race or to their political or religious All such citizens Are invited to they shall be and certified with entire and wholly without regard to any consideration save their As shown by grades they obtain in the for application full instruct and information relative to the duties and salaries of the different Posi apply to Secretary Board of postal Leb Ephraim of removed to caught severe Gold 05 the wat collided with a will leave next Jacob and Benjamin of Grant Dauphin who expected to leave this week on their trip on a tandem to will not leave before next week sometime the wheel has not been they will ride under the colors of the Delta of this proposed leap tear a leap year party will be Given by Young of this to the gentle men friends Friday when the party will be driven to Myerstown and As the gentlemen i Royal the prospective guests fondly Hope nothing unforeseen May intervene to mar the evenings All Are Bent on having a Good elected senior vice Adam Zachariah Adam Barnhard and delegates to the annual session of the commander Jeneral commander sons of returned wednes morning from Frantz was honoured with the office of senior vice commander by a Large Oriental Conn masque the arrangements for the masque of Oriental court of this which will be held Fri Day evening in sons of America Are All but perfected and the court has every reason to believe the Effort will be successful in every respect Many new and pretty costumes will be worn on the of miss Bennethum miss Harriet of Harns who has charmed Lebanon people by her Street voice on More than one of visit to her at 31 South second returned Home wednesday evening after a prolonged visit dont forget the mask remember the masquerade Ball of during her Visi Daniel at Oriental in sons of America it will be the Dandy of the Bay the committee having it in it will be held tomorrow Friday issuing the committee on arrangements for memorial Day of Sedgwick Post Are issuing invitations to All the secret organizations in the county to participate in the Days entertained the Reinoehl entertained the members of the mite society of Salem lutheran Church wednesday evening at her Chestnut Street the evening was much pay then employees their first months wages in this it was so reported this and if such will be the Case there can be no doubt that the merchants and business people will be greatly the statement was made by one of the men employed on Advance car which was Here to the management pays out a very Large sum monthly and As this will be the first pay Day on the considerable Money will be expended for necessary articles the actors and employees will the daily expenses of the show Are said to be about May play yet with John of 601 canal this whose services As Pitcher were claimed the by Detroit and Mobile clubs and who was ordered to go to Mobile by president of the National possibly May play with Detroit the Mobile management have not made a demand for his services or sent him a ticket and president Toung was notified by letter today by who save he May yet play with Detroit by reason of mobiles Ely is practising invitations to an a number of Young gentlemen of this City have received invitations from the Toung mens social of to their May to be held in armory wednesday May the committee in charge of the Assembly consists of some of pin Groves Moat prominent Young Seltzer or of will furnish the it is expected that a number from this City will Aaron Allwein injured at the Arm and limb by a reckless Aaron liquor in the Central Market while crossing seventh Between Cumberland and Willow at 8 Oclock tuesday evening was run Over by a bicycle and considerably his face is scratched and his left limb and right Arm Are considerably swollen Allwein does not know the Yonng Man who Rode the in took Possession of the which was rented from Corner ninth and Wil Low and returned it if bicycle riders were a Little More careful such More should be exercised and the Bell vigorously ring so As to give notice to pedestrians of the approach of a bicycle returned accidents would not caution at crosswalks Schmidt has Folly recovered from the second delicate of 518 North eighth who had his left leg amputated at the in the Hahnemann returned Home tuesday evening fully recovered from the effects of the commander Schmidt is a past of Sedgwick Post and received a wound in the leg during the which refused to a cancerous growth made its appearance on the wound making amputation the second amputation was soon found to be necessary and nearly Cost the patient his pneumonia set in and on monday no jct he body will be brought to Rich land today be funeral will be held tomorrow the latter part of March Ephraim a prominent and prosperous Farmer of moved to where he had purchased a after the household live Stock and farming implements had been for Hertzler with Bis wife and children started away from Richland in a Carriage to drive to he had runners fastened to his so that when there was Snow on the ground he could use it As a Sleigh and when the Snow disappeared he used the an account of his trip appeared in these columns at the during their journey the party was caught in a severe but continued on their Hertzler contracted a heavy cold and when they arrived at Cordova he was suffering to such an extent that he was obliged to Call in medi Cal his condition grew worse and finally pneumonia set he gradually began to sink and on monday night breathed his last he was aged 51 years and leaves a wife and several the surviving Brothers and Sisters Are Levi and John Hertzler and Amanda residing in Kansas John Daniel Royer and Daniel of and Samuel of today the remains of Hertzler were taken to his late and tomorrow morning funeral services will be held at rovers meeting Bencher and Fleer will conduct the much sympathy is Felt for the wife and have lost a kind husband and Good Midnight visit of of the Pottsville miners journal says Charles cos of Lebanon Adam Barnhart of Annville of Philadelphia of Reading All members of the of came to town last they Are on their Way after hav ing been at the of convention at they stayed at the Pennsyl Vania Hall last night our City judge Ehrgood wednesday has Laid aside Bis judicial duties and in company with spent the after noon on the judges in Union town Adams also has a farm in that Vicinity which they intend to take a look at before returning Exma Yor Garrett is spending the greater part of this week on his farm in East Hanover which is ten anted by his Wesley Jolly five club the Jolly five club was out tuesday evening serenading a number of residents of the first court crier Charles Enra at 116 South sixth was visited and the treat was highly the club is com posed of Harry Charles Harry Lasch and Abner shattered window glasses awaken Joseph Samuels family in Good a fire of unknown origin came near ending disastrously to the sleeping occupants of the Home of Joseph 13 South fourth wednesday night about Midnight the Canvas awning at the rear of the House became enveloped i flames in an unexplainable manner and in a Short time toe fire communicated to the Wood work of the House at the the window glasses were shattered by the heat and awakened the a Stream of water from a Small Hose extinguished the flames and no alarm was sent the loss is about returned from the county chairman John Ris Moses Eckenroth and Barney Reilly returned wednesday evening from the democratic state con held at they arrived Here on the special train run Over the Valley Road for the accommodation of held services the deaf mate of arrived in this City wednesday and held services m St Lukes Church in the even Kehler has several members who Are being prepared for the annual confirmation services in the near he left again for Philadelphia this morn for regular term of criminal be ginning june grand East Ira fifth third Edwrard third John South seventh South John Milton g Hart Benj Heidelberg John seventh a fifth Ward Percival Jolin North Petit South fourth first North South East Hellman North fifth East Smith Jonathan fourth North Josiah sixth fifth fourth Bethel North Clinton seventh North first North Aaron John first South lumber fifth Ward seventh paper fourth Uriah first East Oriental mask a bad Young hungarian miners Village wanted Poe Tosho Otami will form an this evening the United Brethren of Harrisburg Anil Vicinity will meet in the memorial that to form a United Brethren the purpose of which will be to Advance the interests of the denomination and to bring the members of the several congregations into closer will be held in sons of America on Friday May about the last Ball of the season to be held in sons of America Hall will be the mask Ball of Oriental that it will be a fitting closing of the season is an assured fact the committee in charge have the Assurance that the at Tendance will be much larger than it has been upon any previous occasion of the the Side splitting act of the Crown ing of the May King will be Worth seeing and in itself repay the Price of an admission ticket at Oclock in the evening the Oriental brass in fall will make a Street you dont want to miss seeing it will entertain the Mikado the orpheus club will entertain the members of the who assisted in the presentation of the Mikado and their friends in the club thursday the entertainment promises to be an enjoyable one As the clubs hospitality is Well society burned about the head and 15 years of 743 in Ilford employed at the Penn Sylvania Bolt and nut was pain Olly burned tuesday morning about the Lead and face by an Iron he was taken to the Good Samaritan Hospi Al where Gingrich attended latest in Flower Florist owner of the Keystone has added quite an attraction to his Flower room on cum Berland near a Flower stand of the latest design and Tom Mann ure was received there on tuesday and is much array conc Lor their capt by nags and of the Delta Rode to visiting his Samuel formerly employed in the sunbeams but at present working in a Large Job in new York is spending several Days with his family on Spruce will be a Wallace son of Samuel Spruce on monday entered the Star printing on Willow where he will learn the visiting her of is spending some time in this visiting her superintendent manager of Colebrook Forn City councils to both branches of City councils will meet this evening for the purpose of passing upon several important measures which require their immediate i Cuiray committee to the Highway committee of councils will meet this evening previous to the convening of councils to transact some unfinished Berks got the two when the conferees of the Berks Lehigh congressional District met to elect National delegates Berks insisted upon having the As Lehigh received one National chairman Wright Lehigh kicked but Berks insisted on having the two and one of the Lebanon delegates is reported to have said that Berks was too smart for the Lehigh democrats feel sore Over their defeat leave Yoor address in ladies in costume who desire to have a cab Call for them for the Oriental Ball tomorrow most positively leave the address at Frantz furnishing store no later than Friday other Wise they Mav be compelled to walk to the Hall Bih tilday a birthday Surprise was Given Charles tuesday at his South fifth his Young friends made the Surprise Complete and enjoyed several hours in games and other social All partook of an Excel Lent sapper before returning phenomenal musical Chisholm has rented the Weimer North of the court for the remainder of the week and will give therein two professional musical enter the performances Are said to be marvelous displays of musical preparing for their the orpheus club Are today having their room in the Ross building beautifully decorated with Nalma and plants and tastefully adorned throughout for the entertainment of the members of the cast in the which was recently purchased a handsome common councilman Boll Man has purchased a handsome Wagon which will be need to Speed nurses at the Fenn hotel sales Otaolea by horse jockeys and prospective the running gear is yellow and the body Trinity lutheran Seip will occupy his pulpit next sunday at the Trinity Church Council will extend Bis vacation to Jane in order that his restoration to Good health May be More rally the final inspection of til Day inspected the which Are being built by the Lebanon foundry and machine company for the electric Light at Atlantic he was pleased with the excellent work done by this company and returned this Fowden is the Patentee of these returned from the Aaron John miss Annie Shenk and few returned wednesday evening from where they attended the nuptials of Henry of this and miss Margaret Valen of that which were solemnized at High manufacturers want to locate mayor Weimer Sayrs he is in receipt of several communications from manufacturers who Are desirous of placing their plants Here that inf ancient inducements Are afforded the mayor says he will see what our merchants Are willing to do to secure the women Mission in session Mountville harried Gettysburg High noon in let co a Delegate to information has been lodged be for Alderman Miller and charter Booth by Mike miners against his John surety of the Constable Zahn and detective a Tycer each warrant for Bat he cannot according to the Story Given by i elder the Nephew and he Are n Friendly disposed toward each other u the boy has repeatedly said he won kill the Climax was reached m Day night when after a quarrel f Nephew procured a pistol and Mach ineffectual Effort to enter his inc Lea n he then emptied the the revolver by sending five through the after which he Niau his the shooting created some and acerbic decided to have the boy a a notified Alderman Miller i despatch and then went before Alder Man the officers went Village but after an exhaust Vij search returned without their who is in hiding on the both the Verbics Are hungarians Tui employed on the Ore married at High Henry Siegrist and miss Margaret Valentine United in at noon the reside my the brides at it miss Margaret Grayson Vuki Tine and Henry of 218 ninth were the is a highly accomplished Yonng i sister of Sterling of Lii and Well known the is the popular chief clerk of a i Railroad company at this place and wide he is an Accuri Plis bed musician and for years has by an organist in this he is the univ son of and Aaron ii 218 South ninth Street among the guests at the wedding this City were and Sie and and John Hofler and will go to Simon one of the to the democratic National the delegates to the democratic rational convention from the fourteenth congressional at was agreed upon tuesday evening at thu caucus held in As Simon this and John of Perry John of Dauphin will be the Roval is a Soninlaw of Henry this it that Royal would be selected As of the but the Lebanon Perry county conferees combined this left Dauphin out in fast an infant daughter of and James Betz died at Catharine Catharine widow o Philip of 419 North died monday afternoon at of general was about 7s years old and a faithful Ami consistent member of St marys Cathu Lic Strawberry and ice Cream thursday evening the Yonng Peoples of Salem lutheran will hold a Strawberry and ice Cream festival in sons of America the tickets of admission Are Only five and the members of the society expect their friends will All be sure shot a Harry of this shot a Loon at blowers North of this this he brought his prize Here and soon found a purchaser for it at a neat Heet tomorrow there will be a meeting of the first Ward Republican club tomorrow evening at Oclock in the a full attend Ance in Kec Elred another the Lebanon foundry and machine company wednesday received an other contract from a party in Philadel phia for a 100horse Power boiler and work will be commenced upon it at won Twenty Yards of Elizabeth residing on the Schaefferstown East of this won 20 Yards of which were chanced off wednesday Evi pet Weaver Isaac i Ford this car Siguil Taney a tilt to be chanced at a stated meeting of Good Shepherd Home to be held this a for which auditors Charles auditor on the estate of Jacob held a hearing wednesday in the court attorneys Derr and shirk were present drawing to be the drawing for the bicycle offered by the Good will Hose company will be held wednesday afternoon at Oclock at twelfth and Lehman bight band Ralph of 381 North ninth machinist apprentice at the Wei Mer machine had his right hand mashed wednesday by a piece of Iron falling on it Glon Filger dressed the Iron Charles employed at the East numbers at a Large number of people left this City this morning for Lancaster where they Are attending the second Day sessions of the woman Branch missionary society of the East Pennsylvania the meeting closes this spoke on armenian Joseph a native addressed an interested audience in Johns reformed wednesday speaking on the armenian massacres wit great bad done is a graduate of the american col at injured in a while driving a spirited horse this morning in the Western part of the City a Young Man named residing near five was thrown oat of the Carriage and painfully the horse ran away and damaged the vehicle to some will visit the William of 1221 Brandywine will visit presbyterian next that the Doc tors who performed the operation for chronic appendicitis successfully May see the condition of the second Advance show car the second Advance car Barnum Bailey shows arrived in this City wednesday evening from Lancaster and again today in conspicuous places May be seen the glaring posters announcing the coming exhibitions of the putting on a new the old covering on the Wall around the lot of Salem lutheran is being torn Down today and a new one will take its it is Likely that the covering is nearly 100 years old and it had commenced to Carpenter Cyrus Miller is putting on the new to tilted the county commissioners Henry and Sholly visited the county jail of wednesday to ascertain the damage done by William Garrelt and his fellow prison Conner and re pairs will be made most Likely at Welsh Brothers popular Welsh Brothers popular Price shows will arrive in this City on wednesday May and exhibit at fourth and Chest nut streets the shows Are Well known and always give strictly up Iodate Mission workers in the St James Mission workers held a meeting tuesday evening acc the Resi Dence of 508 Chest nut Street the meeting was full of in Terest to All who enjoyed the evening very David David 72 died tors Day morning of the grip at the Home of h mrs Sarah at seventh and Maple he is survived by five David Ani Davilla of this John con of and Elias i ing in infant an infant child of Charles of 547 North tenth Street die wed new y morning at its of brain i was seven months reduced Kates to ladles mite society the ladies mite of Marks reformed met tuesday evening at the Home of John 31i Weidman and spent the evening very Crich l of registered late tuesday afternoon with Deputy chairman Victor Smith As a candidate for state senator on the Republican ticket Iron Muta the 10inch rolling at the Penn Sylvania Bolt and nut operations tuesday morning after a Brief the Mill had suspended operations for needed Dorcas society the Dorcas of Salem lutheran met tuesday evening at the Home of on Willow and several hours were enjoyably spent in social store closed this this morning Cyras one of the firm of Seltzer ninth and Willow attended the funeral of his Benjamin and the store was closed until 12 Ben resents it chances have been will be Lebanon Iron became exhausted chanced Dinder can sniped to the Weimer machine works company while at work tuesday evening and was forced to leave off of thin went to Reading this morning and is representing Lebanon Council at a convention in session there win address College Henry Hock a Fol give an address Friday afternoon before the Normal class of Lebanon Valley Ann medical examiners the medical Board of pension examine Ere met wednesday morning at the s when a number of applicants for pension were single fare for the round trip Penn Sylvania account the fifteenth International convention of the Tong Peoples society of Christ Ian Endeavor will be held at july 7 to and that occasion the Pennsylvania Kail Rui 1 company will from july 0 to s in excursion tickets to Washington and return at a single Fere for round these tickets will be Good for return pin Sage until july 15 but if de posited with the agent at Washington prior to 6 july be extended to july 31 full information in regard to rates and time of trains can be obtained noon to plication to ticket beading degree team the Deeree team of daughters o of will visit this cite saturday May when they will become the guests of the local the team will Confer the different ranks on a number of waiting applicants in the Lodge room of Acme Lodge of seventh and Cumberland seven new members at a stated meeting of Sedgwick Camp sons of held tuesday new to the Camp is growing with remarkable rapidity of Burton and Carrolls Burton Carrolls shows closed a three Days engagement in this City tuesday when the final exhibition waa Given to a crowded at fourth and Chestnut Are ail of great interest and Merit kiss Mary Beard miss Mary teacher in the Hie Bee a cobol thirteenth and Man is confined to her bed with Mies Julia Jenkins is acting As ont the impurities from stood Trout Wesley of 17 Cumberland went to Jonestown this morning Ana is spending the Day Trout dubs to of will preach m Chestnut St evangelical Church on sunday at morning and evening from an extended of 741 Chorch Agency for Lebanon of 327 Horth eight has taken the Agency for Lebanon county of the Polar Star ice Cream a valuable editor Morrison of the Worthington writes Yon have a Valu Able prescription in electric and i can cheerfully recommend it for constipation and sick and a a general system tonic it Annie 2625 cottage Grove was All ran could not eat nor digest had a backache which never left her and Felt tired and Bat six bottles of electric Bittera restored her health and renewed her Price 50 cents and 00 get a bottle at itching irritation of the or itching in any part of the Loans ointment a Worth its weight m to matter Bow Long 1 pythian ten Brm Price is cents Par stages confectionery 211 Sorth or there Cepon of the Delta the uniform Bank of Acme Lodge Farr w for Sale by Boos a today shipped to the Carnegie Iron and and returned steel at two area mine Lodge ointment ribs to
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