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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - April 27, 1896, Lebanon, Pennsylvania A valuable by who Buck Simmons walked behind the huge Prairie realing watching kith evident the Choco late coloured ribbons of Earth which tie plow Wae turning the two yokes of oxen that Drew the plow were show ing no inclination to hurry throng which disposition Wae in Perfec Harmony with Bucks own feelings on the he did not believe in phys ical precipitation in connection wit common to be in a hurry seemed to him to be a of Folly Liat was totally on reaching the end nearest the Cabin he brought the team to a Al lowing the cattle to Graze on the Lux seated himself on the beam of the plow and lighted his pipe to there aint much better land thaa this in Cluase he As Fer it cant be beat this Side us the a covered drawn by a pair o shabby sorrel came to a halt in the Road close and a Bushy bearded Man got names he As he came up to the spot where Buck was in looting for a claim to Cau you direct me to where i can find a Good one which could Purchase at a reasonable figure be a struck it better i searched Fer a replies removing his pipe from his Mouth and blowing a Cloud of smoke from his bearded that responded the then i May infer that you can give me the desired information Yeve sed thank in the land in question near ire bout six inches from where Yere i your own claim is for Sale it ran be How much land is in your claim a full Quarter Section Yeve sed is the land Good think id be aplowin1 pore land what do be take me Fer must think in powerful fond us to i assure replied what advantages does your claim possess besides that mentioned taint More an four Miles Ter a do you Call four Miles from close be would if Yed hauled it 20 Miles Fer one but i live in such a coun try Afi a Man get any thing but water hauling thar want anything else Ter do didst you raise any crops Mary what made you stay in such a coun try frit what made you go Ter git a what of Earth could you want with a claim in a place like that a mans pot Tor Meek a a living Itow diff you expect to make a living in a desert where Noth ing would prow sell my How did you happen to find a buy it rained once a year then we Hus cd Ter sell out fore Ibe ground that As our what do you suppose a Man would think of you for Selling him such n claim j never stayed Ter i suppose what did the Man that your claim do when be found out what kind of a place had Yot into lived liar till the next what then lie bold out Ter another the test is a great a Feller cant Stav hear Long an1 be a Yii nay so fore hear a this Yere claim us to be were talking about your i can Sec that uie land is very and i suppose water could be got by pinking a i like the Lay of this piece of and if your Price is i might strike a bargain with Yeve sed what would you Call a fair Price for your claim bout or thousand a thousand dollars i can get As Good a claim As con be found the county for it member you can give no but Only quit your i likewise knows All that this Yere aint no common say two fifty is the most i can then the claims very i will come Back in a few Days and have the papers fixed that seems Airlike but i puts it Yere a stranger Ter an webby be Cornea webby be if i holds this Yere claim Fer be pays me now s25 in the rest Ter be paid in three when be pits the stranger took out a writing the desired gave them to Buck to while he Coit out the required sum of when the amount had been paid and papers Billings said that fixes the matter All i will come Back in three Days and pay the rest of the Money and take pos session of the he was about to retrace his Steps to lift dragon when Buck stopped him a wave of his As i War just he this Yere is no common claim but thar Aire tellers that would try Ter Meek nut like have the claim As a what do they Sny is the matter of attn it asked growing in taint hardly Worth went on in a careless puts it that it is jealousy us see Ive got the Best claim in the set if you seed one us them Fel lers its Likely hed say that thar cant be no water got this Yere hed say that the Well Borer War hear in bored about goo got no a that would be a cause he Only bored 400 but ill Allus believe item v got water if hed bored deep then some object Ter the cause they says Ive settled on a school which aint open for thai ill Haf Ter git off soon As a school Board is but How the Sam Tail do they know the school boards Ter How can they Tell what there Ter do fone there elected some people does Meek me have that tired it that is the broke in i dont know i aint through put in me Tell be All the onery skunks Aire Ter nun the Zeper Tashun it Fijn Trgve soon it puts it i franc it la too close Ter the line us the injun that that Road Agente on1 Liat Eji Tishua viru Mente would be in Spilin us the society us the Neil boyhood but thar Saint been but to men killed this Yere claim since come which is full six Mouth them War both strangers verb War in the Road an Neve whatever Els could Sich chumps expect that is horrible said with a i were going to say in that i aint through continued Buck is an honest Klieves in Tel in the whole Story which them slanderers Aire so fond us exaggeration some puts it that the snacks on Yere claim is its greatest drawback Ter hear talk Yed think tha a Feller stay hear 15 Minnet without Bein Swal cred by them by wait till i tells be the True now these Yere Maiks Aire Perty be know How take a Felk must Wear High boots an keep his Eye then i wears or bus skin Sui under my other which has my life More bar a buggy who lived Over thar 01 the next he comes Over Ter me one Lowin he aint a feared of no snack he want the mater listen Ter no reason he Corner Awerin of them Low dude gaiters an the first thing he knows Hes big with one us them i clobbers round a takes a try tar ill then curls up an s deader an twant As How be had been warned but some folks will be us course accidents will sometimes even with the most thars my wife you find t Eer Fuler woman an but it Al happened like this one night one in hem dad blamed snacks gits an hides self in the the first thing Ive knows Mandy is it want her Fer who think us wearin Snail Naruc tors in the bed she pumps a Gallun us my Best whisky Down her an it Kinder Newt realizes that Ere so instead us she Only Las some Mandy aint no Slouch n a when them fits on Yed be Safe in that 1 by hands she gits the that everybody is after an Tut she at Laug trus its about by his an she meets sol who v out Early Lookin Fer his site necks Fer an fore he gits on tur that Shes driving she Lias sliced univ me of he an he Only scapes by Bein one of the Best runners in the she next slashes the head us my Best dog an after she a lived the Tail off one us my i finally ropes she gets quiet after but them fits will come Jack on that is interrupted the i live on this claim or All the land in the give me Jack my and we will Call the Nide we replied i Reck in the contract dont say about Rivin the Money if be want the pay the rest its Yourn but f the 25 is that the con lie was interrupted by a shriek which Saucil from the and the next to it the figure of a woman emerged rom the door and came running wildly i Cross the nourishing a Corn knife about her blame my that Mandy ii us them Lite cried look it Fer herself an while runs Fer a rope but Billings did not wait to nth one bound he was in Liis and a moment later had lashed the mles into a Gallop and was disappear a Down the Trail in a Cloud of Buck darted around the the Jinan in hot and this was ept up till the stranger was Well out f then the two went into the i reckon Hes gone for said 3avi the Corn knife on the Yeve sed that snack Story fixed it Allus How much did you get out of this bargain asked the that the fourth this a Hundred a week aint so reckon ill Knock off work for the and he sat Down and began to sex mine the Money he had Fis Urig himself that it was ill Tell he a Feler cant be too Kerful in dealing with hem Eastern they Are Allus p Ter some Winlin tricks Ter beat unrest miscellaneous has 27 National Evite a combined capital of he state Banks number the members of the Vanceboro Board of health Are quarantined n account of Scarlet fever in their f am the eighteen people who died t during 1s95 ten were More than 73 years and of these ten five were More than 80 years Box of Earth has been sent from tie grave of Lafayette to the laughters of the american a Public t san in which to Plant a ree of Hunter in Bracken ast week Cut Down a tree to get at a and when the tree came Down e found it contained four Ivo five Young squirrels and bout 100 pounds of authority on deaf utes says hat the ratio of deaf Mutcis to car no is about one to each Accord in to which there Are about Uch persons in the United states and bout in the worlds entire oldest postmaster in new in posit of continuous perv is beb eved to be Samuel f he has been Post Aster in that place during the past 5 he is a but lace has never been threatened by political Are supposed to ave been the first who attempted the perilous Enterprise of killing the the Bisca Yans engaged in a jugular whale fishery in the twelfth but the whales then caught Ere of a Small size and were employed whalebone appears to have seen then used for the first the Boundary line Between Cana and the United states is marked Ith posts at mile intervals for a great Lart of its funds and Timber posts Are also id through the forests and swamps line a Rod Clear of Trees and in has been across the do artificial islands have been put support the which Rise about igbo feet above the High water Jarley is simply wrapped up us should aay he they do Cay that lie proposed to Madge squeezed difficult to the train rushed through Albany the rate of 70 Miles in Ductor came through the o letting he announced that there would be no Stop until they re acct a Young Man offered his ticket and asked if he could not Gei Cut at answered the you but god knows where youll a clean f die cordon t and emphatic sounds were issuing from the private chamber of is th1 matter Pat inquired his faithful Matther enough quoth Whin of bought this curse plaster of thought of Hod a bargain but of know him j the shy Young Man and timid maid in silence wait from week to each modestly whose place it really is to after the the Ball was Oer within her room the Maiden stood with brow of and muttered while her dark Eye flashed the crush is Oer and no one mashed in Texas the cause of at those ill kempt whose Are they Are you so poor All that no Ive plenty of this Voltis but my wife is a Reform a modest of is a very Harit ably disposed so she asked tramp if she could not assist him by Memling his he i have a and if you will sew a shirt on t you will greatly oblige if the supreme you May be above noted for your or have bettered mans condition by the Good that you have but this fact in free to you have missed lifes chief intention if some second Grinde convention has not dubbed you favorite his Effort As a tried to pay the new woman compliment last but com to be did you say said that the leave Large footprints on Thi ands of did 1 you to bail lie Boston lady to the Art that that Van picture needs is tin sphere Luen i begin to understand a a quark made by Dobbles which was hitherto about this picture lie said lie wished he could link of some Way to lapse the wind intermittent do you own Jour own Home ask a be passenger to makes a business of Selling i do every said the othe i own it every that Lary Anns afternoon Polis other opinions Sot you like the your Nan who is paying attention to your a Uliter Mary warm ton what difference is that make Mary Ridge Iii just informed t who Van enjoy ing a Shuirr with the that he rare As it tended to Krup hit v when Bobby had the o you Demk it late at dont Bobby what put that Jec Ito your head heard Masny that whenever Yoi Home into at right r and i Snow cd she mean bloodshed narrowly averted on liner new trouble Ovee games of cheap Liy its All the rom the Young men plays spend too much Money in Oung in whose ryes they c r anxious to find courtship is too the returned the f 1 he it is comparatively comparatively its a lot cheaper and More satisfactory than paying ago desire kind of a boy s Willie wiggles Little is a talk to bout one of your Little he a t the Church supper the other Hen one of the ladies asked if n had eaten All he wanted he told or instead of saying lat hed had All he could text Tang Youn wife to handsome girl Horn her husband is rather hat do you suppose makes Charlie so Ond of me lately miss Sharpe absent mindedness changed he understand you ran away to sea when you were a boy i started to Bufrey ice caught and i went on a whal in expedition with him Chester you have an affaire de Leur with Young Cadley Siby 1 a found out what lie passenger by Tiro of if an alleged Vino Macef and he Drew a he april exciting Epi which it Lime was perhaps near occurred on the last voyage of the american liner new York the evening before her arrival at shortly after the vessel let new York a Well but overdressed giving his name to various fellow passengers As arranged several poker games on successive among Oil two Young and apparently Well to do englishmen and a quite Well known american to join in the by last monday night to had managed to win some from then their suspicions appear to have been a rinsed As to his character an gaming on tuesday morning the two Young Brown and or Cavendish went to Hills Cabin and denounced him they also called upon Purser Howard Husley to learn something of the the Purser told them he had Given an other Nuncio than Hill and had registered Only at Tho lust moment before another passenger him having bout Over to new York in Tho Paul of the Saina line Only a fortnight be fore and As having won a consid Cerauli sum during Tao did not resent Tho verb attack of to two but just fore the dinner hour be appeared again in the smoking when some fiery male passengers Wem As soon Asho entered the two englishmen took up their station at the smoking room am professor Norman Wyld of prob ably by a pre concerted arcs in his place Aud formally called a meeting of those pointing to i charged him with being a professional Gambler and with having used Crocket methods in winning Hill at seemed very 1m then assumed an impudent aggressiveness and even interrupted professor a Wylds do enunciation with frequent hear hear the English method of apr Ilauna when professor Wyld bad Young Brown continued the applying nearly ovary epithet of the Cata Logue to Hill and challenging him to go out on Dock and Bavo it out meanwhile Hill had called in Quick accession for four or five drinks of Whis and As Brown continued to put his right hand in tie pocket of his sack Emit and half withdraw a a Igitol in one of the passengers hurried out to Purser Kinsley room and brought him Kinsley saw the pistol inc hurried to Captain Frederick Captain wat on going to the smok ing in Tho situation at but with Bis Well known duct said brusquely theres the Dinoni please Clear Tho room at to had n lir Lof conversation with who went to his Cabin and did not appear at Hill went on Dock obviously under the influence of and showed n pistol in each pocket to Purser Hinsley and to a Tho Purser insisted that Hill should go to his und lie did not Ngi Tiu show him self until after All Tho other passing cars had the next morning Brown and Taylor waited Ubo tit thu Dock with a policeman for some after but if Hill went Shoro lie managed to elude their the passengers held a meeting and Drew up a letter addressed to Tho company officers in London praising capt in ferns tact and saying except for there probably would have Boon n Purlous difficulty Tho letter also suggested the company provide detectives to travel on their steamers and warn Jers against professional gamblers who Nivel to and it is rim mered that some years Azo Captain wat son or Oul ctr of the Lino and Captain of the started a vigorous crusade against travelling Gam warning passengers when to recce need Ono of Tho fraternity nut to play with if he is one of Tho apparently was not recognized by the a is described As obviously an about 35 years with Tiara mrs Nehe slightly sprinkled with he dressed but with a Largo Diamond stud in his Ruut and Diamond rings on his among lha passengers on Board wore Alfred Cun Kline and Liis Colling of Tho american con sul general at London her John Tirie of Ajuis professor Pinion no comb of to United states Tho occurrence us used great excitement on there was our Hill on Tiiu list of but he is not the individual above referred whose real nails was perhaps that Given to the horses seat bit system cannot stand it there is no saying More True of any disease than of kidney that Yon dont know to have it till it has win resold it begins in such a Way that Yon Hay dont care about it it is Only a slight and the following live Viz flooded to you soon learn seems to be very deep it it is in the kidneys and will stay there unless Aud Nae the life oat l hands in its sapping and painful we years old by Mambrino simply say to Stop it and permanently when Back aches is the rime to do it easiest and Best a Little in South Lebanon Lebanon 4 Miles East of Lebanon and 4 Miles West of Viz mares 5 piano Organ when Tod Oak of the ceremonies took place in their rooms above the the annual installation of officers of Hermit commander knights of this City took place in their rooms on the third floor of the Breslin North ninth thursday when the following were in stalled eminent John Bucher Wil Ziarn at Captain John code William Ward was again installed As the past eminent commanders Are among the most prominent men of the several officers who rank very High were present and after the installation ceremonies an elaborate which had been pre pared by Charles of the co Lumbia was partaken loj ored in a John the Well known Carriage of was severely injured thursday near by his horse running while Saylo was conversing with a Friend a Short distance East of Annville the animal frightened at a passing elec tric car and ran Saylor had grasped the animal at the bridle and was dragged some he suffered a number of painful wounds about the head and fire is put out easier than a big first symptoms Are More easily eradicate than chronic Doans kidney pills never fail in kidney i any but we wish we might so impress the fact that backache is kidney that All May Knoff the feet while it on takes a few doses to we Are a nation of newspaper and rapid learn the matters of everyday interest it is so in Pottsville and the condition Are bettered wherever Doans kidney pills Are o 124 Academy gives i opinion of Doans kidney to is webers own words he said have been troubled very badly for Abon a at times i had a Sharp pain in the Small of the Back directly Ove and in the they also extended up the Back and caused severe headaches a catch in the Back As it was often prevalent when stooping Over or bending or or when i caught a am colds always made Nie affecting i began taking Doans kid Ney and Felt improved after three or four doses and Nev helped Righi Ishal Luey pills to i am satisfied they Are a Goot and shall take them again if occasion requires it for Saleby All mailed by Foste Milburn burial sole agents for the along until i got entirely Over it always recommend Doans kids seeing it should always be born in mind that Price is no guide to and even among the most reliable makers of goods they will differ not Only in fineness of but in colors no comparison with any other goods should be made without the goods being actually seen and must see Dimity dress goods from 8c to form a have China silk in Ulack and the handsomest Ever shown in our store for the ladies summer 5c a piece and great bar the celebrated which has no ninth and Willow streets Lebanon Sample shoes to sell at manufacturers whole Sale Only a Small lot just pairs coming soon Eagle shoe other goods received dont ail to give us a Call or you will miss great 846 Cumberland will Pat a team on the John of the grand Union Tea has sent his order to head quarters of their delivery wagons which he expects Here in a few he is also negotiating for a pedigreed horse which no doubt will shortly be he says he will have one of the prettiest teams in the left for Allen of who attended the funeral of his who was killed in a runaway several weeks left at for where he will spend sunday with Erin who is attending the University of on monday he will leave for Palac Koom the billiard and Pool room at the Palace hotel was opened Thor slav even ing and is managed by Charles the room is handsomely appointed and is the finest of its kind in the painfully i Jared at the Martin of it was pain Folly injured at Light Brothers saw near on when be was struck on the leg by a piece Ofa steel wedge which pierced the limb to the i of Over an Ezra Gunnn of it dressed the try a can of Hopkins steamed Homi s s Fains in the i Sallow loss of appetite an3 there is Only one which is liver Pius and t Pink i the liver Anc or sonic Pellet acts As a gentle laxative in keeping the restores the digestive zone in the nervous mates Ner Rich blood two Nedi ints Oce treatise and Sample free at any sew for Sale by schools and Frank Atkins buy your wallpaper by at wholesale prices 1oo samples new designs and elegant of files and Borders same Low Arrante to suit or Nio Oev Send for Post dec deduct when 8o5 Westminster t itral hinder6orns or Tew an c f wry kind ase Leicea Man who were j lib Beni us ninth at Church sole aft sni f or tha Howard hot Aib Nanaline 1st by walkers trav broken Sincle and showed a 2 38 gait at Rry last fall and this Spring will show a she 13 one of the Road this Mare can show better Speed than any Mare Ever sold in the Knutty Standard and registered Bay la hands g years Well trotted last fall in can show Liis Spring a sired by Knighthood record Neby Aberdeen sire or Alabaster 1st dam country dam of country and Almond Fasha pet Bay by sire of Maggie 1st Pat Tell is a last and can show a Call anytime not afraid of steam or trolley 850 i m she was afraid she is one of the Best Road sters in the and no Road a too Long for her in a a Road 16 hands Hiffa 9 years sired by Kilbuck one of the Best sires in the she is one of the roadsters More work the and never had six mile track at 2 years she won 2d Money at Ana can no show a is j looks years old in hands very stylish and free has trotted in and 40 a flue to pole cannot be beat for a Tull Days no buy hands years sired by Thomas Jefferson 1st a Canada Jennie is very kind and Gen Good worker and pleasant fearless of steam and and a the Best fam ily Mare i Ever Young hands 0 years sired by Gold dust 1st 8ne is fearless of steam or trolley and is an elegant Road these marcs Are a Fine sorrel 15jj hands a years sired by who is one of the Best of Bells Mambrino who was 8lre cynic test she by Kilbuck record 2 doll is a half sister to Kate e she can show a 3minute gait at and no track work was used for Breeding and Road purposes is Well broken single and Bay nearly 3 years old sired by he by has 45 in Lisi 1st Susan she by item Wood beat a3 821 at any and at your Owr terms we also have a Fine line of mandolins at greatly reduced instruction Al ways free with these instr t 40 5301130 Tot 7 50 s 35 is 01 10 10 t 00 3 00 6 20 is 40 410 s4s 125 4 7 i 531 8 38 3 s12 501 8 05 30010 30 4101130 Pittsburg Arusla Ork y pm pm aural Dally except tickets or a Westem of checked Bah Road Lebanon Lancaster joint line a Aad after member fun wider Tiu a Fol to a u Fallows Ute track before 3 years old Aud i Best Road one of the h m stay any 3 years bands High sired by files 1st dam u Good Road Mare can show a 3oiinute 11 and Une pair of 3 and 4 years old Jet Black sired of Gold dust lat they Are broken single and and can show a Good gait Brown nearly 3 years sired by Mies 1st pacing can beat a 3mmute gait on the Road at any one Black 1stj bands years old will show a Good gait it Day of Salt sired by Alin ont record lat Roan nearly j years old tired by Mies 1st she by Kilbuck Tom he has a number in the list from to 2 one Bay 4 years 1sw hands Tigh sired by son of Bashaw 1st u fat by nor Mim one Brown 10 years Ono of the Best Riding mares in the country broken to drive can Trot close to 3 minutes to Saddle she goes three different a Brown 11 years it lands High one of the Best Road mares and the Best walkers to be had fearless of steam trolley cars very gentle and can be driven any Taksa number of the above to be sold were sired by one of the Best bred horses n the state his sire is who has 15 in the and 18 in the and is Jne of t he Best sires in the world in the Mes can with ease show a and is not yet fully developed himself on the Niles commends to serve my is Seldom allowed to serve strange us pedigrees furnished on credit of 8 months will be Sale to commence at when conditions will be made known by api22 Samuel re nov Haahti Public Sale cows pigs will be sold at Public on May at Lebanon on the Leb anon Valley Brandi of the Philadelphia and leading 4 Miles East of Lebanon and Miles West of Myers mile of Lebanon Myerstown Street the following live head of selected cows this lot of cows consists of different Breeds and All Are Eitra having among them 3 1 of which has a milk record of 55 pounds per Day 2 Guerney 1 of them a regular u Fino Milker and it Good butter has her third calf Here fall blooded Good Milker the Ither 20 Are Durham Stock and Are extra milk ind butter the 2ti cows together have yielded pounds of milk in one rom which 9ti2 pounds of butter was All these cows had calves before january and will come in profit again next and will be sold without As i have no Pas ure to keep them Over parties in Vanto food cows will do Well to Call at my Tabie to eee our milking time is a Oclock and 5 Oclock any Persun desirous can see Ihetu 1 extra Dur Ham Stock 10 weighs none finer or Bethur the a head of Poland China con is Lugof 1 full blooded 2 tears with Pedigree and Chiba ii months 2 pos Zissi and China Breeding sow 20 Poland tuna from to weeks Ohi Poland China weighing from Tio to 8i 10 fat Weiching from 2i0 to co Nice Ime Allut the june 0 Fin Good As new Butler 40 egg and Many of her to trains from Harrisburg and Wuy us ions stopping at Prescott arrive j and from p leave for Harris org at adj of and a credit of 4 months will be Sale to commence at 1 when conditions will be made known by Wienky Aprim papers la Jindou shades a the latest styles of shadings and and cheer Ful As Well As the most delicate Quality the assortment prices the samples cheerfully you will save Money by making your selections out of this 21 s eighth 73f 75s it 313 321 321 1230 1231 1142 1215 125 119 165 200 110 a 712 7m 72t 730 739 745 768 835 915 Lebanon i hh02 7561011 am is id if is us 4 35 is a in 4 2013 c a 4s 00 a a Mars Jlon Agnore Cornwall Hope Jattan Heinz King up 12 3d 1234 542 lit p m 755 7k1 810 he is 444 920 Donaghmore Cornwall miners Village King Columbia 932 928 ill 845 800 809 w 1 355 is 1 31 4 6s 2 v to 45 45 Skira North and South bound trains connect at Lebanon with trains on Fella Del bal Road to and from philae t0 e balls Oak Cor Arany mileage books accepted on Cornwall bal Road system dental Parlours 120 n eighth Lebanon Good set bout set Teeth for 83oo for shoo Chou by i Teeth 25c Silver Teeth anon Lam i vitalized Teeth extracted wit Bont a Mcnea owner and Ralls Public Sale wagons and a raid Idt Plemens Rill be sold at Public of May t ids on North eighth ear tha in the City of lot of four and Sis horse lot of new second banded Dayton Spring Wilsona with Spring wagons without surveys with Extension lot of orse Hay Hay the for pole or lifts Corn lot of land feed lot lot South Bend lot Syracuse Spring tooth car manure single shovel shovels and one Hoe eed and Many Otner articles Toj Namer is to Sale to commence at o conditions will be made known by kit apr j bolts Public Sale of Blacksmith wagons and kill be sold at Public on april t the residence of the in North Lebanon the Road leading from to about on half mile from the following described Viz Jull and Complete set of Blacksmith Only been used one year one new Spring 3 new a Iree Stock of new one vinegar new scald Strough with and Many ther articles too numerous to Sale to commence at 1 when will be made known by apn3 Cocoa Boi unc water or if your corns or Sun ions Are have an easy shoe made order by David 720 c m Berland manufacturer of shoe and Gaiter also dealer in leather and Shea flied los i prick successors to Weigelt artificial Stone Are prepared to put Down Cement pave curb floors for Slaughter watertight Cement can be had in any All work Antn Arelta Coal um1 insuring clean neat and in effect March trains leave Tor new via m Sun and for new tin fc50 and 9 for for 8kb for fur 45 for Sun for for for for for via trains Fob leave new Fork via of and Al leave new York via and Allen leave new York via leave 4 leave Sun leave m leave Tor Atlantic leave Chestnut Street wharf and South Street for Atlantic City Saton Liy Accomma he Tumang leave Atlantic City whisk 8j5 Toi a com 7j5 parlor cars on All express general attend to Knesy Lakia and after november trains we Lebanon As connecting at conc Wago for All Points on the Pennsylvania Kan Road leave Lebanon at at coat Wago 7js in Phu Adel 11x20 new 1153 Harris 6jo this train makes close connection a Harrisburg for Points of the Northern Central and Philadelphia Erie leave Lebanon ave at Cone Laia Phila Delphia m new this train makes clone connection at Barri Sbur for Points on the Norstern Central and Phila Delphia brie leave Lebanon Arrora at Conewa new York 8jb m Harrl Sturg chm office 527 canal Catarrh Isa Sili Cal disease is the result of sudden climatic it can be cured int remedy which is applied directly into the in being quickly also edit gives Relief at Elys Cream Oali you can travel with the fastest if you always in the Lead ride the g or f1896 Flodel manufactured by the Lebanon Cycle 301 Cumberland Lebanon f makers of sprocket spoke polishing brazing rim i when in want of a High Grade patronize Home 1 Industry and buy one of Kalbach g or f 96 Model wheels and you will have the Best our guar Antee goes with every wheel and we Are right Here to look i it Call and see our Large line of repairing of All kinds a is acknowledged to be the most thorough cure for nasal cold in head and Hay fever of All it and cleanses the nasal allays pain and i Flamma heals the protects the membrane from restores the senses of taste Anil Price at druggists or by Ely is hereby Given by the Ungern tuned that he has associated with himself Harry veterinary and hereafter the fir i name will be Seltzer the fact that f Hare moved my family to Belle Grove will not interfere with my practice which will receive As much attention As Ever and one of the Jirm can always be found at the thanking my Many patrons for their Liberal support lathe Oast and asking a cont Maranco of the same i remain Harvey veterinary administrators notice is hereby Given that letters of adminis trait in on the estate of Menno late of North Londonderry Lebanon have been granted to the All persons therefore indebted to said estate Are requested to make payment at an Early and those having just claims will please present duly for without to the Lebanon a Charles Llort Igei and Legal Menta of All Kinda written and Aetna pledged acct Stu collections pen tons All com Dendal pennyroyal saw halted Slih my to take oed ebs in Boeby town and no wages no lock required our tap protects american capital will insure your bicycle against a bicycle equal to the one stolen will be replaced at terms Brightbill Cycle change agents for Lebanon you want to be then go to shod 16 ninth for your largest assortment in the l Vert is Lebanon sem weekly heis a pleased expression comes Over the face of every person who has l dental work executed at our parlor swe use Odo Tunder and that pc accounts for it kills is entirely harmless and that Why it is so you can Only get it Maher 812 Willow

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