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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Apr 27 1896, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - April 27, 1896, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Twice a week monday and thursday per twice a week monday and per volume april Price a ii since Houck has announced himself everybody asks what is the meaning of this Houck slate i that he in a candidate own enters the Bace with the of Woumert be a candidate j Roin a Iii it signify wit Back of the new move Thorf of the Many questions Char propounded today by Rauzy pct Jisc Uliey live Learned that i i Jenny Houck is an actual Cali Vidato fur Congress and will enter into i for the conferees of thit announcement was in the body Akins everybody else Forth form Juiyin the at Fri Jimiy Fri noon immediately after his return Fritz and ordered his published in the a he said i to yielded to the Earnest of to fool friends in the re publican party and am a candidate in the int reils of Houck and no other j will enter the contest and Waye a fair and honorable and make the conferees from this county uni to win tie nomination if it if by any Chance i should fail in Secu intr the nomination this time i Wim be in line fur it the next and this imy Only purpose in announcing myself a i will go the shop Kun Lebanon county upon the rerun i have made for myself without against my opponent nor do j want my friends to say or c anything against any i want 1 win fairly and honestly and will Condu an honorable men gathered today the a emf of discussion was or in Dirks As a Cau Itiat for unquestionably lie is one of popular men in the till a Jedi did record for him Seif the Quarter of a Century o wifi re that incas been connected wit1 the Public schools of this county an Knur years he was u bionic the candidate for by refit to of his Friendship for or while speaking about Thi Jonck paid Woodier Lias bad his two Terra in As it is the Rale of Thi District not to give and Man More than sweep the he will draw sup port from who have heretofore As Well As those who have opposed congressman the Harrisburg Sta Independent of Friday evening Hae the following concerning Houcks announcement a special dispatch to the starine pendent late this afternoon announces that Henry Deputy Euper intendant of Pagliu and Liv ing at announced himself As a candidate for Congress from this and in accordance Wilh the Crawford county rules which Are in Vogue in that registered As such to this will be a big eur Iise to the friends of the popular and it is be will receive the unanimous endorsement of the entire he has been a Deputy in the department of Public instruction for Many years and enjoys the reputation of being one of the strongest Sci ool men n his friends Are to be found the army of schoo teachers throughout the state will be sorry to think that they amylose the services of this whole souled and Able since he wih ild be impelled to resign his present position o accept a seat in if Levi of is fatally injured on pretty Home two he no reasonable right to Vii it the nomination this a Tonii Init Republican this Huck the most Popula n Lebanon county and will win i any opposition to he is Fiji knows How to tiie and cannot be sex his speeches enthusiasm among the peo Wili la formidable Candi 11u1i1 then an exc ii approach celled o Jile and Aii Tiit Llepun Licini said i do not quite what Houck Jie cts y coming out As a Candi Date it this he holds a Good office and a Good Chance of becoming nex superintendent of Public in the miss Estella North fifth was tendered a Surprise party on it being her Leith her friends met at the Homes f miss Bessie Shiner and miss Charlotte and from there pro needed to the Home of miss he evening was spent in various names and refreshments were served to All pros a most enjoyable time was Tiss after recovering from her did All she possibly could to in Ertain her those present were issues Annie Lena Lanche Katie Hessie Ada Charlotte Nora Lieuberta Daisy Nellie Emma Jennie Annie Katie Annie Bessie Cora Katharine Annie Irene Dietrich am Charles Walter herbs Burger Harvey Charles Hoffman Walter Earnest Edward Gcorge Capstick Paul Harry Wellington Walter Walter Emannel Ray Milton George Seabold Floycie Monroe John Charles Anil Tor appoint Eil to inquire into the presumed death of Jonas who is a under the will of Jacob late if South Lebanon and who is alleged to have been absent and he jumped Oit a Beight Tadj while it was in a Ald motion and wan burled Fader died soon after Bezel Vine the strange team which arrived at Levi a Coal aged about 21 of was fatally injured Fri Day afternoon on the Lebanon Tremont at where he attempted to jump off a freight train coming to Elmer i Haak and Ailts Lizzie i the Happy on thursday e Mer Haak Ai both of were United in marriage by pastor of the the ceremony was per formed in the handsome new Home of the Young on South Railroad in the presence of the parents of both families and several intimate the wedding was but the House was prettily arranged and the Young Cou ple at once went to housekeeping in although there were few invited guests reday evening at s Oclock Al haak7 and Mies Lizzie the Baldwin receives a Large russian Money markets More favourable no a material improvement in the position of industries Speca Atli san swayed by they received a handsome and coi Large number of very the Ward this Accident he died soon after the unheard of for More seven Harai the Ruth Schropp and Myrl the last to but of course he will be a Strong Cali limit if really in like these were made by i univ but they adj re fund o hive names a6 Tony it want to lie our Tell some Tom tended that in a can in thy interest of olm ii who is anxious to go to bin Jia we have above a Lurk As Viires is that lie in a Candi in own interest and is in no Dull for anybody Woomer and Houck for been warm personal friends evidently Are such at least the ailed upon the latter this and they had a Friendly Wilh each Wii Wenoner be a candidate for the third or Iii this is a jul Enion asked with a much interest As the other Houcks candidacy congressman Woomer was Wen at his Olliie in Tho Peoples Bank this morning by a representative of the a numb of friends were Home ibis and others from various parts of the Woomer did re Jill directly to the question Are you a candidate this year ml6s Katharine he did Noi say positively that he is that he w ill not he rather eve Suthe but gave the in Jire Siun his manner that he will be a he said since Llouel has announced him self 1 Lifavi ha1 a Large number of re to Call on a number came to my House Friday and one of them who Hud bitterly opposed Zae two years Ajo Cameto assure me that he would Iliff stand by Woomer further stated i had my two terms of and some time ago thought if 1 secured the conferees from this county 1 Ouight possibly succeed in getting the nomination this time if any come Licat ions arose Between Dauphin and now Wister declines to be a Ami As i have a Strong Fol lowing in very 1 might possibly secure the nomination if i get the conferees from this 1 had the largest majority in Terry county any candidate Ever a prominent Republican from London Derry township was in the office while this conversation took place and he said 1 have it from a Pood authority at har Tilburg that is expected to to Luck to Washington for the third we Cive these opinions and conversations what they Are and the readers Niay draw their own it i said that Olin eted is anxious to go to Congress will make special Effort g if necessary in order to it is reported also that Exco Gressman John Kile will try once More to get the conferees of Dauphin in which event a Lively contest will be the result in Dauphin Rife is a shrewd politician and dispenses Money Woomer announces himself the contest in this county will be one of he announces which it is believed he will and enters the in real Earnest the contest will become As Lively a one As we have had in Many for the two War horses who were formerly arrayed on the same Side will then be pitted against each so As far As Houck is concerned would made and also to make distribution of the bal Ance in the hands of David Werner Countant and sat in the court 1 saturday for the purpose of his appoint pension increased to a John formerly of this but now residing in who a member of Haust been granted an increase of pension rom 5s5 to a for Dieh of he Pieart and of rial it As is Well has been a paralytic for some time Anil is the increase was secured by pension this governor Iiams a governor Hastings planted a Norway Maple in front of the executive riday in the presence of a Smai i i he named it Jacksons ree in Honor of colonel the Tate last Arbor Day the gov Biles boarded the of which Frank of this at intending to ride to Swedburg and walk to he was warned by brakeman Yocum not to get off at sued but not heeding it he made the at tempt when the train was running at the rate of about 12 Miles an he was swung under the train and terribly in his left leg was Cut off and the right leg dislocated at the besides suffering internal the train was stopped and he was carried into the where Seibert and of attended but they knew at once that the Case was after lingering several hours he Biles Ras employed in the Lincoln that strange it appeared at to Newmanstown tuesday in the when Charles of the firm of Veffer proprietors of the at returned Lorae near Midnight tuesday evening rom the Sheridan where he had to meet his he discovered in he Yard of the hotel a strange horse and which a Brief account appeared in the which were not there when he left a Short time no guests who might have come in the team during his absence had registered and no one about the hotel could give any information about the Keffer then returned to the stable 3ard and examined the the horse was found to be nearer dead than he was a hitched and placed in a stall where Keffer Young people who have just entered the marriage state Are both very popu Lar in Myerstown and Vicinity and have a Large Circle of a of whom unite in wishing them a Happy and useful Haak is a graduate of Lebanon Valley a member of the state association of the and a partner with his in the lumber at the Young Bride for some years was a teacher in Jackson township and is an accomplished vocal and instr she has a Sweet voice and frequently Sang in both Are members of the Church and actively connected with the societies and interests of the they Start on the matrimonial voyage under the most auspicious with sails unfurled and gentle breezes wafting them let us Hope that they will Al ways have fair weather and Plain sailing Ana enjoy a Long nor planted a Carolina which is i stolen a Good Long distance from new rowing and looks Stute treas and that the thieves had the worked Over him fully an hour and when he visited the stall in the morning the animal was much the horse is Bay in with a White Star in the Centre of the forehead and a few White Marks at the he is 15 j hands the vehicle was a White Chapel buggy with top and aide bars and was very the Cushion of the seat Keffer found a Dirk with a Blade As Sharp As a it is an rely looking weapon and would do considerable damage in the hands of a desperate the knife was in such a position that to pull the Cushion away and grasp it ready oratus Sel would have been the work of a Sec Ond in the Carriage was a scrubbing a two Bushel bag marked and sum Mer Lap and fastened to the cur Ains on the rear was an Eye Keffer is very much he raced the wheel tracks As far As womels but Only to that Point could he Dis anguish no one has Pat in a for the team and he has scoured he entire but without finding an judging from the condition of the team and its the most plausible theory is that it was stolen a Good Long distance from new plenty orders on the Lebanon foundry and machine Xiv the Lebanon foundry and machine one of the most prosperous manufacturing has established an enviable reputation in the Philadelphia markets for Quality of work and promptness in Ami As a re sult is very successful in obtaining Eon tracts in that the company has again received three orders one from a Woolen Mill in Philadelphia for two 100 horse Power boilers and smokestack one from a manufacturer of Emery also of for 100horse Power and the other for a l0horse Power and f tack for the Prescott Cream these with those now on will keep the works of the com Pany running double turn for the next trip lug drop in the Price of lower than Ever new april Dun weekly review of Trade says in Sines bus been favored by seasonable and the distribution produces Haa made fair not yet Rej Nojd retail or wholesale of stocks far How to materially improve the position of those stocks have upper entry been larger Ever since the fever of buying Lasc full and the actans buying of con sumption smaller has Boon generally Kunca All the great industries Ere embarrassed by Lack of adequate de and in some cases the accumulation of goods in anticipation of demand has Pono about As far As it Money markets Hove grown More As Woll As the state of foreign and until Revi til of discussion about the Vene Zuela difficulty there was brighter Proa pact of european investments strikes of some importance Are threatened in building and window Glass and the working Force is lessened by stoppage of Fiorio factories because orders Are prices of commodities of the lower than Ever having declined about 2 per cent since april 1 and 17 per cent since or the fall in manufactured products is a Hittle less than it was april bet in farm products speculation is swayed by trifling influences lie to markets Are very the recent Advance checked buying of wheat for and Atlantic exports for the week wer Only flour against while Bell interesting addresses made b Taro gentle men from this the dedication of the placed in Johns lutheran can Rob Van an elaborate services began on saturday evening and on sunday the was con there were add uses made and sermons by the of Hummelstown of and of addresses were made also by Henry Houck and Houck spoke at the morning services and As this is his native Home Large numbers gathered to hear him and the speaker was in an unusually Sood he de voted much of his talk to reminiscences of his Early Days in and around he referred to the old school House in which he was educated and the Church to which he became deeply he alluded feelingly and eloquently to the companions of Liis boyhood and he remembered How when a Small boy he tolled the Bell of the Church when some worthy citizen had these touch ing allusions to men and women of his time who had passed from the stage of but Are remembered because of their Good touched the hearts of his so that most of the Large audience were visibly affected and tears trickled Down the Cheeks of Strong men As they listened to the pathetic Tel r this morning before judge Ehrgood and business that was disposed of today they have their Semi nearly half the on monthly pay reelect Hay Wood and several others assisted in phone lick the around he which is a Fine protect Acai oot a ministers some Days Apo it was announced that he Elvin a lutheran o would deliver an Idress at the dedication of the new Erple of the Heb Ivy congregation in matter was Rought up in the meet in of the Lan conference of the lutheran minis of and resolutions Ere adopted protesting against and such Idreas by a minister of the an old spelling an old fashioned spelling Bee was held on Friday afternoon by the boys and i weapons Handy to use in Case of discovery or then they drove the an Imal at a fearful Speed and finding that the fatigue was telling on him they deserted the team and the horse made his Way to the hotel which is on the Public Keffer values the horse and vehicle at about he is very anxious for the owner to turn up and has written to several parties whose teams he read had been stolen to Send on a de As a bag marked with Fochts name was found in the the sup position was that the team had been taken in the Vicinity of but As far As no such theft Haa been committed in that How a bag containing his name got to the Carriage j is a mystery to and he is v two prominent the Lewisburg journal of last week has the following on monday of this week evil president of the Irethia Fann ers mechanical and Industrial and of the executive com came to Lewisburg to have a consultation with John is vice president of the and to arrange for their grand display a the gentlemen called at the journal twice and we fun Yuul them affable and now the head of the term cart drug firm in is also a director of the Cornwall to Lebanon an poet and All around Joil Good Snavely 15 one of the Best informed and most progressive Farmers of Lebanon and is vice president 1 of the National Farmers Alliance and sex president of the state he at tended the Farmers int Itule Here just relieved after Sevim while playing about the House the Gearold Daub of John Kenned of run a Needle in her left which broke a piece three fourths of an Inch remaining in her the child big Fierlej great pain while the piece Xmas moving about her probing proved fruit less and it was poultice for Tome and on monday the Little began to fester and the child squeezed the linger when to her astonishment the Needle dropped to the it had been in her hand seven a member 20 on Friday it was sex Active 2 Vears that receipt were bushels Aga let it last since july 1 Atlantic including have been Only bushels against last year to though Western receipts Livan been about Bush Els against to data last prices with generally fair prospects As to win Tor wheat Trio Price has dropped about 2 Roomy i reports Early this Corn receipts continue and Tho Price is a Shade a single enterprising buyer was Ahja to push up the Price of Cotton an though the Progress of planting gives Promise of a Largo and the receipts continue As Large Asia though about Bales larger for the year thus Cotton Eoo ils were bought Lees freely last and the Northern Mills have taken or nicely any Cotton this the is More hopeful because retail Trendo is Tho situation in Woolen goods docs not though women goods Aro Selling especially sins into Leo prices of some French goods were but the Mills for mens hosiery and carpets Are rapidly de creasing sales of Wool included about half a million pounds australian and some Domestic for but were in All Only and for three have of which Hyto against so his of which were do is run orders taken for Loots More than nearly equal to and prices were reduced to let a cilia to Silt in Jii last jul april thus far 5 per cent Ijuin orders Aro net now coming freely Csc Apt for Inisi Ciliata delivery to fill out broken lost of the works still Havi for gome time to leather is with heavy averaging about 3 per cent Lover far Tho he though hides at Chicago Are a Pic do f t Bro Lars at Are still Selling steel co cents blow the Pool though it was fori aed More than three s and Bessemer pig has declined Thoro to with Gray forge orders structural angles Are a Shade i Ivri ii cat Tiu a trials i i George Resk inf on Chesti contracts Aro girls of the secondary taught by not aware that such an article has been Katharine Hundred i stolen from his words was the list to be All the pupils did remarkably and misses Kim Rael were speakers the of this who will give a smoker in Lebanon rifles May have extended invite who resides at Are and who will deliver Rived in this City on Friday i of Allen he will epee sometime hereafter which who is major of the fourth regi he will go to Bueno Argentine of the knights of the Golden South the interests we Aso make an of several manufacturing Small ticket books on tie electric Street railway companies Able Force inflicting a severe wound and unable to gone to owing to the illness of miss Tacie formerly Foreman at who teaches one of the City Longs left in for schools on Lehman miss where he Lias secured em1 Jenkins on Friday taught the pc Ament at his Kosher has i Many friends Here who regretted to see i him leave and he has the Well wishes of i i his Fred several months to accepted a position As clerk in a Larue j grocery at has resigned Jol his position and arrived in this cite Fri granted an Howard of eighth and Lehman this has been granted an original pension by the commissioner of pensions at candidate in of East Hanover today registered As a candidate nut became a member of the patriotic order sons of Rise has been a hard worker in Camp this and has a record that he can Well be proud he has gone through All the chairs of the Camp and has been a Delegate to a number of state Conven and is Well known throughout the Arm fractured at Tho about a week ago a valuable horse owned by James of the mansion trod in a several Days ago when Tobias was cleaning out the sore the animal threw he fell on his right it at that since the Accident he has been confined to his bed and the Arm has swollen to twice its natural Keifer is attending left Lor Edgar who has been spend ing several Days with Bis North eighth left on saturday for Philadelphia and after spending several Days there will resume his studies at miss Mary Birkinbine left on the same train for where she will spend several Days with her parents and again return to this still says his confession murder Holmes now freely confesses that be cooked up that Hind confession for Revenue Only that he needed the and that As certain newspapers j a l 10 tempted him to make is much of a Crit son statement As he filled the Bill to earn the on a for the present he will reside for director of the poor on the be publican his at 341 North ninth ticket will lecture at Henry of this will deliver a lecture at Satur Iraq you wheel Zeno at a stated meeting of the Iraq Amie Ceca Verosto Day May 2 the proceeds will Goto were the membership the enlargement of the Public j is steadily p school us simply say Here he has record for himself among his of which he May justly feel for three decades he has been a until Iii worker in the interests of popular and the Good he has clone will live Long years after he is dead and beside she is a thorough Republican and has always been True to h is Public record is his Best the liar Risburg Telegraph of Friday evening says Henry to state Gujer intendant of Public instruct today registered his name As a candidate for Congress in compliance with the urgent demands of Many of the leaders of the Republican As yet no other candidate has Bat in Jany event Houcks ability and popularity will doubtless enable him to commence May the special May term of common pleas sunday afternoon at 2 court will commence May the to instead of May tsp ubi be present services at uie widows William Farber will preach on 2 Oclock at the Public is invited to Ideal James l Chicago a valuable of the in system tonic it has no Annie 2625 cottage Grove was All run Down could Washington venetian the Well known Corner ninth and Chestnut has added to his already Well equipped bar Ber shop the manufactured by Shaak at thirteen patients at the there Are thirteen male and 8 female receiving treatment at the Good Samaritan during the week three patients were received and three were All Pauj Enthat the Hospital Are doing nicely at will again be of will Wal be caterer at Gretna Park this he visited the Park on Friday preparatory to opening for the fast approaching and there been Salea of tons Eccl rails tons cast plop for a russian order for of Loco motives prevented reduction of Force by the Jsam Vin and the Reading company la expected to take there is considerable but not enough la sight to support the Large pro Slany of Aro working part and Lake is offered at tin is Dull but a shads higher at and Lead with West Ern alow makers of tin plates have Igetti to maintain j being stil quoted for Bessemer full weight the a suits of an inquiry regarding leans of new York bunks show a decrease in commercial from about 77 per cent of the whole a year ago to 04 per whith Many regard As evidence that the accumulation of extended paper has been lessened Lyas the volume of business seems than a specs Hixion in stocks and products is Lesa and yet there would seem to be about More loaned on Collater als than a year As aggregate Loans Are about Domestic Busi Ness reflected by clearings throughout the country is for april about half of 1 per cent larger Ihsen last but per cent smaller than in foreign Trade shows exports 17 per a talc larger in imports 7 per cout smaller thana year liabilities in failures during 16 Days of april were against in 18 Days last and 585 in 19 Days of manufacturing were last and n while trading were against last and in it May be remembered that March commercial liabilities were failures for the have been in he United states against 230 last acre 44 in a Anijan against 37 last Houck paid a very High compliment to the choir for the excellent music they and then in his inimitable manner he interjected flashes of humor into his talk which bad the effect of drying up the tears that had been produced just a Short time Houck commended the congregation for the Good work it is doing in that locality and complimented it for having erected a handsome which is now fully completed by the addition of a Fine new Gobin also spoke at the morning he devoted his talk mainly to the dedication of the Bell proper and the origin of the system in using Church Bells for calling the people to he claimed that Mahmmed originated the custom of calling his subjects together for prayer by the Hama voice was originally employed and is still used to remind the millions of their from this followed the system of ringing the Bell now in which was dwelt upon at some length by the in the afternoon Gobin again spoke and his remarks were directed More especially upon the struggles of the Christion Church and her effect upon he quoted numerous historical showing How her existence was and Drew inferences from such events As Are represented by Columbus discovery of the birth of Martin the expedition of Cortez into Mexico and the granting of All the new country discovered by Pope Alexander i to the then the Bead of the Catholic he concluded by showing that in spite of All contrary efforts this new land seemed to be destined to be dedicated to the Christian before closing Gobin made a stirring Appeal for Finan Cial Aid and had the satisfaction of hear ing that enough Money was secured to pay All the expenses of the new on the Julia Garrett causes great consternation in the county William who is serving a nine months sentence in the county jail and during his imprisonment has caused much again caused some trouble on saturday afternoon with the Able assist Ance of his fellow con Ner and sunday when he was alone the the police were called to the jail to subdue the Garrett and his pals occupied cells in 2 corridor and saturday afternoon they destroyed everything destructible in the breaking the Walls and cell Gar rett was removed to 3 corridor and his three pals were incarcerated in the they claim Garrett threatened to injure them if they refused to Aid him in his work of sunday evening Garrett again acted wildly and began to destroy sheriff Stine again telephoned for the police who upon their arrival found Gar rett very he was searched and a petitions heard and widows appeals pm deeds acknowledge and divorce proceedings for a new trial in one a regular session of april court convened at 10 Oclock this morn ing with both judges on the the inquest of Justice of the on the dead body of John of Monroe was the verdict was to the effect that he Ca me to his death by his own the petition of George Deaven and William assignees of Jacob Dea Ven and for an order of Sale of real was granted and the Sale ordered to be held on june Charles auditor on the estate of Jacob was granted an Extension of time to May to return his the first papers in divorce of Mary Hummel by her next Best Henry against William were filed and a subpoena was returnable at june estate of Daniel widows appraisement a citation was awarded As prayed for in the matter of the estate of Eliza returnable May Edward Shuey and Peter Burgner were appointed appraisers to appraise the real estate of Jacob who As signed recently to David sheriff Stine acknowledged a deed for circus people real estate sold As the property of be Becca Snyder to Ellen and Rebecca Sny estate of Edward deceased order of Sale of real estate for the pay ment of debts was granted and ordered to be held May the attachment execution of Abraham siberian and Samuel Meyer it was dissolved by agree ment of petitions of the Keystone ice company to Grant rules on Meyer ice machine Many and Philadelphia engineering Many to strike Oil the mechanics were presented and Rales made re coi com turntable May Barton combination car robbed sometime during saturday Burton a Carrolls which is exhibiting at Corner of fourth and Chest nut this have a combination which is used by the people of the this car was left standing on the siding of the Lebanon Valley and about 10 Oclock saturday night some one broke the lock and entered the the thieves carried off overcoats and other they also Rau sacked the entire breaking open a trunk and other sealed the Rob Bery was to chief of police Stine Sunray afternoon and he at once mind a visit to the car and made an Ives there is no clue to the Rob but an attempt is being made by he assisted by a to Erret out the robbery and if possible arrest the guilty the jud3e sustained by the supreme court in the Street fall Wuy Simon attorney for the Annville Street this afternoon received a despatch from prothonotary Charles of Phila notifying him that the supreme ourt has handed Down an opinion Allin no the decision of judge Ehrgood in the to cases brought a Aust the railway company by Henry Heilman and John and Kiley Bossier of this represents the Light told a news reporter that be action of the supreme court will Leek Al similar suits brought against e he registered with Fertig this Ait hoj Tobble Public oases he will co before the people or Thia to upon the record has Madell Cam Palco now opens and it will timely one from first to in our article in saturday a new stated that while Woomer did positively decline that he would t Congress he Gaye the impression n his manner that he will be a candid he has now decided that question today his card of announcement in our Woomer this morning with chairman Vertu candidate for Congress from this Dinv he has entered the Campaign in r Earnest and we Are now free to re wheel ens club were Mude sunday by our three wheel Meu the Fine Wenther of sunday Deriv Large number of wheelman to participate in the different club runs made to adjoin ing towns and All report having had an enjoyable Twenty three members of the Delta wheelman took a spin to women aloof and a distance of 28 in the and were accompanied by Sev eral guests fifteen braves of the Roqu nerf dub left Here it Oclock in the morning and pedalled returning Home at Early a number of the Lebanon wheelman Simon attorney for Andrew enjoyed spurts along the Cornwall Pike Reitzer in Hia Sui against Samuel Cornwall in the morning and returned has made a motion for a new the suit is brought to recover Money on a due it was Capp Schock and Gobin for plaintiff and Derr and shirk Lor de to their rooms in the chemical fair after a successful Linn of Tiro weeks it saturday the fair of the of the Lebanon company closed saturday evening after a i successful run of two tin pro a Good attendance and rapid naked tie last night of the cough remedy trial bottles free at Koss cos drug in cases of any of the other accidental pains Likely to come to the human Bod drag my husband had two cancers taken from his face and another was coming on his he toot two bottles of Burdock blood bitters and trailing Arbutus the Little fragrant trailing is making its appearance and persons go to the mountains South of the cite in search of Hunting these Flowers is a pleasant pastime for Young ladies and proposed Moonlight the Star of this will bold a Moonlight dance at Penryn Satur Day May the perseverance band will furnish the music on the Occa will speak on memorial Gobin has accepted the invitation to deliver the oration on me sauce ssh package the efforts of the members of the ladies Relief of Sedgwick Post to realize a sum of Money to help defray the expenses of memorial were surly successful Friday even when they held a package party in a room in the Rue the proceeds amounted to a neat razor and which was made out of a table were taken from that he would be prevented from causing further disturbances he was locked in the Blind cell in 1 where he will remain for some time to alderman1c arrested of two John of West was arrested saturday evening by Constable charged with assault and Bat Tery and surety of the on oath of John Alderman Miller held him in bail for a Hearin on saturday at 2 illegal car riders Joseph of and Barney no were de this morning on a freight train on the Lebanon Valley Between Sheri Dan and by special officer Wartman they were taken before Al Derman who fined them anniversary the following program was rendered at the anniversary of the North Corn Wall literary society apr1 the invisible Killian violin and Hoke and Brubacher Mattie bom fiercer Sarah Hack Hoke and Brubacher i chemical in i no and insurance patrol sunday com Nan v nuns we sati Irilan o interest off sessions held at Richland on san attendance waa a sunday school convention was held at on under the auspices of the Lebanon county Sun Day school together with the quart Centennial anniversary of the Richland Union sunday the Beautiful town presented a pleas ing aspect dressed in the Hab aliments o As observed at this time of the the Church was Well filled with representatives from the different town in the county and from Richland and i the topics on the program were selected with care and were discussed in a masterly manner by those who were the including afternoon and evening sessions All were largely the music furnished by the Ric blam musical organization was of a High and under the Able direction of station delighted All who were such Talent a Seldom found m a country town and their music reflected great credit upon those who permanent examinations took place saturday adorn ing at the Lebanon ban Leas the committee on permanent Cert consisting of Charles wit shirk and miss Estella met at the rooms of the Lebanon Busi Ness on saturday where presented themselves for in i Agnes car the follow in examination it Lizzie Alic Elight and William the follow ing were examined for additional branches of their certificates John Aaron Leopold and Emma the additional branches were civil Geom English Gen eral political bookkeeping and they Haa a Good the Harrisburg Call of this morning says the officers of the National guard who visited mount Gretna last Friday report having a Good time and pronounce Dawson president of the Corn Wall Lebanon As a Jolly Goa Coleman is a Jolly Good fellow and knows How to entertain in princely it is not therefore that the National guard officers had i very Good time while they were i we Trust this and the Man splendid advantages of it Gretna con Vinced them that it Gretna is the place Par excellence for the division encamp ment this needs will net up a neat figure for the sales Marke the doll contests were won by misses Margie Gates and Tacie John won the bicycle the following drawinu9 were held Centre Virgie Bell Minnie Uhler jewel x Hartman cuts and Kisie Strickler Silver cake Nellie the Winner of the dinner pet wrote Bis in Guch a manner that the comr could not decipher deaths i1enjam1s Benjamin Light died at 2 Oclock Sun Day morning at his at the Lino water at the Ripe age of i year horses who were formerly arrayed on same Side will now be pitted against congressman Woomer has the fourteenth District during two Tern a highly creditable manner made a Good and special from us at this time is unnecessary desire merely to Call attention to the in that he is again a he is we known to the people of this county is a Good organizer and inde Fatigati he has Many friends and i for the this county will be Well conducted r both sides and no Elbrt will be spared him and friends to gain an Advant Moth candidates will go before the people upon their own merits and the voter will be Able to decide for themselves i to which of the two is entitled to Liei Suffrages at this Boomers career whether As Soldier or congressman is honorable one and known to All our w he has lived an upright life and has won the Confidence and r the Community in which he has heed whether the Republican voter of this county shall support him or or his opponent for Congressi or to will no doubt be made More a Iii As the Campaign advances and tin claims and merits of both gentlemen be made More fully let us say right at the opening of Tho Campaign that we Trust it will be Cou Duteil solely upon the merits and claims of the two men and that no Petty Preir dices or mean personalities will be played with the intention of Rocsin the passions and baser feelings the contest should be clean Able and a becomes tin people Honor n office for which they Are candidates and conducted along lines of fairness and then let the Best and most de serving of the two be the Winner without leaving any ugly wounds and Nasty sores tint time can scarcely the Philadelphia times says editorially the following of Houck 3 candidacy a new Factor in polities comes Forward in the of from which Ferer for some Hoke and Brubacher supt Snoke Mccurdy and Henry Houck Dox fell Down the Maria residing on South eighth was among the Large num Ber of people who attended the funeral of Jacob Bowman leaving the Down several braising her left Side and skinning her cob Bowman and while iving the Church she slipped and fell buckles Arnica the Best Salve in the world for Salt fever chapped and All skin and Posi Tive cures or no pay it is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or Money Price 25 cents per for Sale by Boss i aj1 those stinging sensations thai Combine to make up the torture of any itching disease of the skin Are instantly relieved and permanently in twi err Triana m1 t at hymns Allen of and miss Fate of newmans were married saturday even at the brides the Young couple have a Host of friends who wish them every Joy i their new with the William a news is confined to his 743 Monument with miss Carrie of 519 North tenth is ill with an attack of the proprietor of the Oswego who was reported seriously ill several Days greatly improved today and Weiss and Zim Merman state that if his present Condi Tion continues they will expect him to be Able to leave his bed next Harry a has also been confined to his Home with serious is rapidly gaining web Egnots at Ine the Oriental degree team of Derry of Nummela of the members parabola Ramachandr Ayya the above is the name of a Brahman convert from the lutheran in he is a High caste a Grad uate of Madras with a thorough command of the English Lan speaking it fluently and eloquent he will be Beard Here on next Fri Day when he will lecture in Zion lutheran Church on the social customs and castes of in All probability his lecture will be illustrated by stereo Ticon views of country Home places of pilgrimage and other places of interest in it will be a lecture both interest ing and instructive and eminently Worth a Silver offering will be Donk Ards at Derry a Dunkard Loye feast a being held at Derry Church today and will be continued on wednesday and thurs Day the District Council will meet in a meeting House there Are Twenty six churches in this District and each Church is allowed to Send two delegates to the the feast is attended by a Large number of drunkards residing near this Trout Fry seventeen cans of Trout Fry were received in this City this morning from Amaua station fish the Fry was consigned to parties at Good Spring and Tremont and will be placed in the head Waters of streams which Are much frequented by Lebanon dark Fertig clerk of orphans court John Fertie is confined to his on Maple Independent District with an at tack of Victor is in had been a at he leaves Tiwi and the following children and Jacob Amanda wins this City Lydia Ami Amelia a deceased was prominent Mei Ber of the United Brethren Church an for Many years was a trustee of the Wate House Fie greatly i Ijoyce revivals and Cam meetings and away took a Active part at each Intel so that he was known fur and wide he lived an Christian was devoted husband and father and Steeme in the Community in which he Loveil aft Long he goes to his we Learne the funeral will to held of thursday morning Oclock at the services will be held in the water House Church and int Trameri in the cemetery adjoining the William William Atod year lied Friday Eveni Pat hid at after a lingering illness of complication of me four song nil four ii fender was As Engineer o a shifting it North Lebanon fur for Many and was j Tor of Christ hich he was a faithful and Consi Nten Jacob after a lingering Jacob now of North tuesday svening Oclock at the Home of his Albert of aged 83 deceased was a retired Yar Aier and his wife died seven years 11 leaves fro survive him two sons and three daughters John of Lebanon John of North Cornwall township Lewis of Myerstown Albert North Cornwall and George of he was interred at the reformed Church cemetery on Fri Day of and of conducted the ser i11a Ira the Onemo Thold of and Adam of 222 South tenth died on the funeral was held sunday morn ing with interment at tie Young parents have the sympathy of a Large Circle of friends in their Bereave William died at his Home near aged 67 the immediate f Hia death having overheated himself while at work on the Public the effects of which ended besides Hia the following children survive re siding at Home Maria and of i Jonestown of Independent District of Ebenezer of Mogul town of Reading of Bunker Hill of Xion of Sand or Houck has been so Long connected with the Public schools that in one in the fourteenth District supposed he had an aspiration of the congressional but his declaration is sufficient notice that the Lebanon end of the District Haa decided to retain the Honor of representing that Section just As Long As it is possible to provide a the counties of Lebanon and Perry Are United in this respect Ami their determination is the sort of action that the Dauphin end of the Deal is a Lone hand in the and that is All there really is to if Lebanon and Perry Are Houck is the tilt Harrisburg Call undoubtedly intends this As a neat compliment to or although it has no bearing upon upon his candidacy for Congress for services rendered Henry Houck will he allowed to drop the word Deputy and substitute to Bis present title in the Public instruction de the following also is from the Call and we should say that it is rather too previous it is not giving a secret away when Ive announce that est will be the next Republican candidate for ingress from this the Henry Deputy state superin Lent of Public and Livin at announced himself As a can Ligate for Congress from the Dauphin and in Accord ing with the Crawford county Zibich Are in Vogue in that Reg stored As such this Haa been a Surprise to the friends of the popular professor Houcks ability and popularity Are concede Day to Institute another Jenkin of grand chief of knights of the Golden passed pro Nib Here today on his Way to co where he will Institute Chipeta which has a charter membership of this reception will be tendered Hill at the District meeting to be held in the near Harry White wins the the Keystone gun club held an inter Esting shoot at Blue rocks saturday after noon the Meadow North of Washington Harry White and Smith ried for first each hitting 1c ont of 25 and in the shoot off White won listing 8 ont of thereby winning the Crystal Palace Ball reparations Are Complete and it will to a first class it is Seldom that the Many dancers of his City have an Opportunity of attend no a Ball such As the Crystal Palace club give tomorrow evening in seas of Vui Erica it will be their second although their first was held bout one year it is still fresh in Tho i Mories of the fair such a rowning Success was the popular ung men composing this organization us that their second event will Reeed the former in every a they ave spared no expense or labor in per acting the that there ill be a Large crowd in attendance is evidenced by the Large number of tickets lat have been disposed of and by the umber of ladies who have accepted in promptly at to the in iring strains of the grand Central in grand March will take which ill be followed by a program of 24 the first of which willbe a Waltz r the Price offered by Schmidt for e Best and Only persons wish g to compete for the prize will be Al wed on the floor at this Leba n has some of the Best dancers in the ate and no doubt this will be a Fine democratic convention delegates will Lecce Tor Allentown to be present at the Ocan lag the democratic state convention will be held at Allentown next John the delegates from this coun and and other prominent win leave tomorrow so As to be on hand when the convention is called to the people of Allentown Are preparing for a Large Many hotels and business houses have already been profusely decorated with flags and chairman Wright has issued card orders for hah rate tickets on the rail the convention will be held in the Academy of the executive committee of the state committee will meet at u mock tomorrow to select the temporary officers of the convention and arrange other there will lie 451 delegates a the
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