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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Apr 23 1896, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - April 23, 1896, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Twice a week monday and thursday per twice a week monday and per volume april Price a so hut Enni Hau in Yunger Karl Gadenko he Veteran owe i be Wab eppe8 ohtter80ht de War Toucht in by Otther Dot die Uddo on Der Letz Blotz a dab Liaw demo Fra Annerer Mono set Bett Olloff Hicke Eniss of Der Anneyre Seit pm april mister Deucker do die Onner woes is Eppes gab Appen de in Ungerer Valley Dos in wisc the Wesh Gena Het Kenna Ower Zug Ellem Glick is Olles gut of Gonna in now is wid Der Olles Lovely and the Goose hangs Wie Mer ols a sat Hen we Noch Buwa die Schicht hut net Raus Kumma Sella Over Engla Regli huts Gap Fla in now Wiesma Oil die Buwa in maed is in Der Gonza Der Yung Sam Fin stinger Unsei die in Berdollt Schaun in Sulich la Wohne Drova in hex Dawl in sin of such Kamma in Unser Sie Hen Chr sch tapping plots pm act Beim alte Mike of Seiner Grosza Sie Warre Schon Etli be Dawe Dort a West in Ben Sich gut pm Mike Sei raw in die mad Hen gut a Koch in Gabon a in Hen Ihne first rate in Ellem Noch Hen Sie in Eunich Zurich Grabt Enn How he wet Wie Sie in Belt Ware hut Der Sana Wunner Barre Leibsch Martza Biz a Bol Nimme Wiszt hut Wos in or hut Emol for Zellein so in sch Ell Kotta under Duckter hut die Larnt Wie in Mustard Blosch Ter Zug mache Dos orig gut War for so Endlich Wie Dann Ken Tonnera wage War is die Liddy ufos Chionna in Nunner in Dun la in die hut in licht fun Naun Dann Iver Weil so in Blosch Ter Reddy Sie is Kernp Widder in Dun la Zurick of Der Schweicher Mit Ihram Blosch Ter Olles in Over Der Sam War Suhich be Darer die Liddy hut Over Gadenko die Schmartz Mechta Widder Zurick Kumma in Sie hut Donn Des Blosch Ter Scha Ulm Sam Sei Bench Slagt in hut Sich Donn Navich Ihn ins bet Omacht in Bol Warre Sie Imma Edessa Der Alt Mike hut in Yunger Knecht Ulm Hofton Der hut in Der sch tub Navich pm Sam under so gaga Mitler nacht hut Der Knecht mad Derlich a Fanga Zuer hut Goolt Wie in Kaschte Brinner is is in Rosse Schlong in Meim Bett Dopper Kummet Unmacht Sie Tod Ich sch pier Sie Grottel Mer Ulm Ganza Hinner Fartel hurry up in Kummet Mer Zug Hilf son scat in Deses Lescht fun die Liddy in Rivvers Bett Der Sam is in Dunklau Klei is Der Mike in Sei raw Kumma mite Liebl in Knecht Sei in do War Fer Softich die Liddy is Chionna Oswie in kind Beim deck on hut net Gie it was Zug is die Rosec Schlong Hen Der Sam under Mike Der Knecht hut die deck a Kohva in Dort Wor Over is Wor Der Liddy Chr Blosch Ter Ulm Knecht Beim Dale wus Lescht Iver die fens in besets sell die Liddy War Navich pm Knecht in Belt a West Der Mike under Knecht hens Blo Achter aug Numme so Gschwind Dos Sie Hen Kenna under Sam hut die Liddy Divver in Chr sch tub Gumma in hut Ihra in Komp Liete gute Leek tur or hut a Farscht die Goshen Kott Dos die Liddy pores Des Blosch Ter use Hinner Fartel Slagt Yousch for in ousted so Dos Wann die sub try Rous Kummet Dos Sie explain Kennt wies happened hut Dos Eie in Bett War mite Mike Seim Knecht die Liddy hut Ower drug is Chionna Dos Sie mistaken War in Dos Sie in Dun la net Der in Derschied Wissa hut Kenna Zwischa pm Sam Oder pm hut Der Sam Dubisch Over Doch a net so Dumm of in net Wischt Well of Der Leib in Well is Onner Dale die Liddy hut in Sis drug Dos Sie excited War in doses in mistake Der Knecht hut Sio Haera Karla in is Der Liddy Zug if or in pm Sam a sat in Kanst Dich drug Fer Lossa Dos Ich Gec Lofa Hob son scat Het Sie Mer net sell Blosch Ter on Der Blotz we Sie Ich Het gated Zug Endlich Dann Hen Sie Widder Olles of Der Kneght in Der Mike sin in Ibre Betta under Sam in die Liddy Gin in Chr Bett under nags it Morga War Olles Liebs in gut in Der Sam Wor so Friendlich in Der Liddy of Wann Gar Nix Letz Ewest Wahr Ower Der Knecht War net Imma gnat sell Blosch Ter hut Ihn so naga Younst Dos Arsich Nel Hies itza Hul Kenna except or hut a Farscht in Kopp Kisse Gricet for drug in for about in Woch is Erbo Eratt Lich rum Gloria Wie in die Liddy hut Eich Gar sch tarns a echement Bahga dem Blunder in Eie Omacht hut in Sie hut pm Sain Ken rub Glovest Bis Ermit Ibra name is ins hex die Schicht hut net Rons Kumma Ower Sie is Ewa Doch in Nan mus Der Knecht he Rhelta Wanner in Der sch Tor Kummet die Buwa Frohna Ihn ols Eber net Boll Widder in Rosse Schlong in Bett Howa in Ferros Dos or so a Grischa hut Wann even Scha webs Mensch Navich Ihm Schlosa hut Mei maning is Ufko hrs doses in mis take Ower Mer Haert so Fiel Heitich Dawes Fon Kra Erta Weib slept Wie Sie Eich of Gena Mit Tonnera Menner Dos die Mensch a Fon Ihna goats Chat Warra in Ower Fiel Fon Der Monns Leit sin Ken Teser in missa a a Watsche Mei Aveis is Bleb of Deim a Gena Misch Bof in Wann Duen Blosch Ter usage Wilt Imma Fremman hone in in Dun la Dann be sure you Are then go Der Liddy Chr blonder Het wisc the Soche Fer Ursache Denk Yousch Amol Tif ende Olles Ower Eshet Onner scat Dee Alt Polloe department Meredith and Grant of the police committee of visited the police station tuesday evening and looked into the wants of the they decided to recommend the Purchase of Flash John muh today celebrated Hie san Tomt major John of 9 South ninth wednesday celebrated the seven to fourth anniversary of his Natal Day by entertaining his friends in Royal style at his major Mish is a Veteran and among his guests were several heading who pre pared a special program for the consisting of a which waa also translated into the and Selec Harry will my William Scott and Anthony of the orpheus beautifully Sang the following composed Ivy Thomas of the beading song of the old Oaken How dear to the heart Are the Meadows and when Orchards Are fragrant and bursting with Bloom when Lanee Are aflutter with life and with and Birds in the treetops Are singing their How fondly we turn to the Shade in the wild Wien Somme re hot breath with fierce heat a and drink from the that recalls our Blest the Days when our hearts were As pure As the those Golden Hoed How with rapture we Greet them i the june of our so Bright and so fair though gone like a dream from some Eden of we Praise we bless in silence and prayer i of dear though Long we have loitered among the Sweet haunts of our mountains and fond Memry brings Back its delectable treas like echoes of songs from some far Distant ther count the Yeara that Are crowding upon so Long As our hearts Are in touch with lifes May the perfume of the voice of the a the glow of the Een Winters fierce Twenty years on Reading in which Many were was without Aby four Daub but serve to imbue us with magical with Subtle like the doors of Spring so heres to the to the Stream and the to each and oar Best offerings we col Zimmerman read the lied and a selection growing county the prohibitionists met this afternoon and elected the prohibitionists of this county met in convention wednesday afternoon in the court rigor was made chairman and Sec the attendance was the following were elected As delegates to the state convention to be held in association on Mav 6 Cyrus Light and these Are the alternates Borener at Simon Haines and it was decided to instruct the delegates to the convention to present the name of Lee As Lebanon county Choice for National the National convention Meels at Pitts on May Bomberger was elected Bomberger and Cyrus Smith were appointed As members of the state Central the following congressional conferees were chosen Molly and before Adjo Mirent slate chairman of gave an address on the party principles and spoke of the Good work already it was merely the breakdown of a freight gathering at Harris Risburg and preparing for birthday of a Veteran wild Enmore were on the wednes Day to the effect that the East bound Pas Senger train on the Lebanon Valley rail which left Here at had been wrecked at Robesonia and that 18 passengers were killed besides Many in As there were Many Lebanon ans known to be on the train the friends became anxious and Many inquiries were later in the Dav the report was that the Accident had occurred on the main Between beading and somewhere near and a it was impossible to gain any information the friends of those who were passengers on the morning train became exceedingly anxious to know More about the Acci at 2 Oclock this afternoon All kinds of rumours were afloat and the number of persons killed and injured had increased in what Lent color to the rumours was tha feet that the Philadelphia papers die not arrive in this City until at a representative of the news after having exhausted every other Means of finding out More definitely about the sent a Long distance Telephone message to and it occasioned Surprise there that such a Rumor should have been the explanation was that a freight engine had broken Down during the morning on the main line and this delayed the other trains for several it is stated also that a slight freight wreck had occurred near but beyond this there was no foundation for the Many wild rumours that were in circulation Here to reprint Tram the Dally news of two april John Nolly of who went to Lan Caster to bring a Load of Susquehanna Ahad to took suddenly ill while in Jefferson of rented the Railroad at David Matthews and Selim who had been for some time engaged gathering defaced postage ended their labors on the morn ing of this Day and reported having pro cared which they sent to the poor Blind Jacob on North eighth Pat no a handsome easter with highly coloured the news says tree presents a Beautiful a we have heard of christinas but this was the first easter tree we Ever the club scored a grand Suc Cess tuesday Lancaster conference the Mikado finely read bed were Hail last a change of Twentyfive degrees in tem about tuesday night Hail fell in Eastern Pennsylvania for several the Hail stones were about the size of in the Vicinity of Bernville the storm was More the Hail being As Large As Hickory some damage is reported to the fruit Many branches having been Cut after the storm the temperature took a sudden drop and it continued going Down until this morning at 7 it reached this would indicate a change of 25 degrees in less than 12 county Oran ate who will receive com Mon school John of county superintendent of common reports the for common school diplomas for the present with the exception of Jackson and Independent which Are at present receiving his attention Abner Amos Naomi Palmyra Mildred Bessie May Belle Walter Oscar Maurice Clyo John Ann Ville Harry Sarah Edith Estella Lebanon David Harry Bellegrove Adam East Han Over Irvin Sallie George Wayne Harry Flora lick Dale Titus Harvey Zimmer Sadin Onset Lizzie Boes Sallie Mary him Laura Jacob Jonestown Ellen Over Fredericksburg Alice mock april the personal property of the Lebanon paper Mill company was advertised to be sold at Public on april Jacob Bedel advertised for 15 or 20 Shoemakers to work on army shoes for which he had a Large government con of leased the handsome store room in the Ross South ninth in which he intended opening a dry goods Joseph of the Lebanon Valley presented the Washy fire company with a handsome Pound beautifully iced and the top of the cake contained a Fine shield in on each Side of which three flags were and on it the raised figures 1776 and at its base 1876 stood out in bold the item Lowry is very Handy in the ornamentation of cakes and has few the eighth National guards of received the pay Rolls of the regiment for the payment of troops who served in the Coal regions during the Coal riots in Schuy fall Lebanon two com the Coleman guards and Freeman waited Long for their pay and the receipt of the Rolls was hailed with Delight by the considerable talk has been occasioned on the streets of says an item of this by the sudden disappear Ance of Aaron Lessee of the Light rolling which he leased some time ago and ran steady for Over a some of the hands have not been paid off for a week or and As soon As the news of his leaving in such a surreptitious manner was made they had an attachment issued upon a car which was just about being containing nine tons of for wages due the attachment was made by Squire Murray and served by police april Henry who resided at the Cor Ner of eighth and Guilford was seriously he had sometime before this split his which caused him severe and at this time also suffered from John and William two Young men from this left on the morning of this Day for where they expected to find a before a appreciative Solo parts were All very Well taken and the choruses Bung in Good there should he a ble gathering a Large audience greeted the first rendition of the comic the or the town of by the Well known orpheus in Fisher opera tuesday shortly after 8 Oclock took his seat at the and assisted by miss Estella played the overtures and from the Rise of the curtain to the finale the audience was kept in a Contemp us Good this in comedy and tragedy Are is full of pleasing pretty Solo parts and stirring and presents a Good Field for the display of various whether of a farcical or tragical while the music in most of its parts Calls for Good the opera bad been presented Here before by Good Bat withal the members of the orpheus club and those who assisted them made a decided hit by the manner in which they Ren dered it and All who were present were highly the Only regrettable feature of it was that the House was not packed with for those who presented it went to much trouble and expense in preparing the opera and putting it upon the stage and they did this so Well that they Are deserving of the High est Praise and we have no now that everybody is so highly tonight performance will be greeted with a packed the leading characters were taken by the following ladies and gentlemen the Mikado of Mcadam Bruce Breslin id Theran ministers taking part the dedication of a Schantz and Delegate Lantz and George attended the Spring meeting of the Lancaster conference of the lutheran minister rim of held in Christ Church which was brought to a Clos wednesday when these gentle men returned to this the most important discussion of the meeting was whether it would be prope for a minister of the gospel to deliver an address at the consecration of a Jewis the following Resolution was adopted be it that while we deem i our duty to present the gospel of oui lord Jesus Christ to the jewish people whenever a proper Opportunity occurs and Are earnestly desirous of doing so yet it is the sense of this conference thai the presence of a Christian minister Ai the consecration of a jewish am taking part in those does no Only Compromise his official but gives Sanction to a movement hostile to our Christian the foregoing Resolution was presented because of the announced participation of a lutheran minister in the exercises attending the dedication of a new jew ish Temple on being on the pro Gram for an traverse Juri drs Millbach Sallie Sadie Leah Eddie Wal Newmanstown Harry Schaefferstown Harry Laura Fanny Cleona Fontana Annie Katie Naomi Fanny Ida Calvin Avon Amelia first anniversary of the North Cornwall literary society will be held saturday the North Cornwall literary society will celebrate its first anniversary Satur Day april the exercises will be held in the Isabella school in North Cornwall and the following program will be rendered Wolf moral Killian Mattie bom Berger Sarah Hauck patriotic Bomberger Westenberger Lydia Hanck society the music will be furnished by Bru Bacher and honorary addresses will be delivered by prominent a lovers of education Are invited to v received the Jacob and Ben who will leave next thursday on their bikes for Cali today received two Beautiful Orange coloured with the words Delta in Pur ple upon they Are Dis played in the window of Frantz who furnished the remainder of the outfit will arrive in a few removed a fish on tuesday John Walter and Biever removed a fish Hook from the leg of a Young boy named the boy was put under the influence of Ether and the operation performed at the residence of his on fourteenth Fay car pauses paymaster Guy today passed Over the Lebanon Reading Colum Bia roads and paid the employees their months he also paid the men employed by the company in this wednesday he went Over the Lebanon Valley line and the men on this Trout Kremer and Stanton Haak spent tuesday along the Trout streams and succeeded in Landing Only five of the speckled George Reifsnyder caught eleven Fine Trout the smallest was eight inches in John proprietor of the key Stone expected to receive on this Day about five Hundred dollars in which lie intended paying Over the bar in making says the is evidently determined to be the first to inaugurate the resumption of specie in this wednesday the sad news reached rex1 of that his eld est who had gone to Philadel phia to pay a visit to her had taken sick and died in that of broke ground for a new dwelling which was to be erected on Centre Square and was to be of Brown hungarians quarantined two suspected passengers of the steamship Illinois quarantined in this shortly before wednesday the police arrested a hungarian named who after spending the night in the police station was taken in charge by sanitary policeman Lockner and his Are now quarantined at 1259 South this action was taken by the Board of health upon receipt of notice from the state health who claim Lockner and his wife were passengers on the steamship which arrived at new York recently with a of Small pox on the couple will be confined for 10 Days before being released during which time sanitary policeman Snyder will attend to their chemical company another Large attendance and Excel Lent patronage marked the fair of the Lebanon chemical engine and insurance patrol company tuesday when the metropolitan club furnished the John morgans band of fun and Good Fellowship paraded the streets and Drew a Large number to the where new attractions Are the order on each succeeding arrived at made the Lebanon manufacturing company shipped a Carload of forgings and a number of heavy Fly wheels to different parties in Eastern superintendent Killinger is kept busily employed at this As orders for work Are beginning to the Chameleon no Walter of the new Commonwealth shoe who was the owner of a Beautiful which was brought from the worlds fair three years ago and presented to him by states that the cute reptile died suddenly tuesday Kew delivery John who for a Long time has Een employed in the grocery store of Al eighth and Walnut As a has accepted a Bim liar position with Sterling he will have charge of the delivery of holy communion next sunday at Kim merlins at and usual services at Grace at 2 will Haw an the students of the Lebanon business College have arranged for an Outing on May in a Beautiful near raid the James Mckinney was not committed to Lail for fifteen As he paid a Fine of sheriff Stine tuesday afternoon nude a James of arrived in this City at noon and was present at the rehearsal of Mikado this he will have entire charge of the arrangement of the various costuming tonight Sweet Briar Circle the Sweet Briar of Salem lutheran met tuesday evening at the Home of miss Marv 130 North fourteenth Streett the occasion was a most delightful Mission workers the James Mission workers met tuesday evening at the Home of Cyrus 710 Walnut Street the meeting was an enthusiastic one and considerable work was Dorcas society Mies Lillie of 237 South tenth entertained the Dorcas so tuesday at her the entertainment proved very inter Esting to took a Flash Rise tuesday immediately after the rendition of the opera in Fisher opera took a Flash Light of the entire cast including the two lives Phoebe of Junction was told by her physicians Ahe had consumption and that there was no Hope for but two bottles of Kings sew discovery completely cured her and she says it saved her 139 Florida san buffered from a dreadful approach ing tried without result everything else then bought one bottle of Kings new discovery and in two weeks was he is naturally thank it is such of which these Are prove the wonderful Efficacy of this Medicine in coughs and on personal property of free trial bottles at by delegates at a meeting of the Trinity Sun Day school association held monday even ing misses Maggie Strickler and Helen ranch were chosen delegates to the East Pennsylvania annual conference sunday school convention to Convene at near May 12 and Clara Spangier and miss Bertie Kerr were chosen Hay party at the Elm Leaf social which will give a May party at it Gretna Park on memorial May states positively that the Large Pavilion will be used for the dancing on that the club has added Many attractions to be Days program and has engaged the grand Cen trial band for that the party promises to be Well Penryn Park May the May party of the american social club promises to be one round of pleasure and its Success the members say is the party will be held on decoration May at Penryn base pig races and other attractions have been the perseverance band will furnish the change of George Allwen severed at noon today his connection with the perseverance fire company As Samuel has been appointed to succeed new deliver Wagon the Lebanon Hook ladder company monday received a handsome delivery Wagon from coach maker pounds and will be drawn by the company three will Benm to Allen son of Henry Daugh of 524 Walnut who is attend ing the conservatory of music at and was called Home by reason of Bis brother Josephs will leave Tomor Row to resume his a those stinging Manorma that Combine to make up the torture of any itching disease of the skin Are instantly relieved and permanently cored by Doans take no Lineaweaver Beall barter Shugar Shugar As the Stan Ley As and As played and Sang admirably and their voices Are Well adapted to the parts they have As was exception ally his comedy parts provoking bursts of while Bis local hits at the City councilmen and the water were greeted with rounds of in Loobah there was an Opportunity for Harry Lineaweaver to display his Rich Bass with which Lebanon people Are Anil for much sided acting and he acquitted him self miss Harter again Sang sweetly and pleased the As on former of while misses Florence and Sadie Shugar bang prettily and in a captivating in the three Little girls from these ladies made a splendid hit and the audience was highly delighted with their Sweet a difficult which miss Gertrude Light was unable to take on account of a prolonged was very acceptably performed by miss Sadie she had Only a Short time to surprised the audience by the excellent rendition which she the three Young ladies were in Good voice and Sang with splendid effect indeed the solos All through were Sung with much expression and added much to the Beauty and interest of the perform the fact that the soloists were frequently encoded is proof that the Audi ence was highly pleased with this is but a Brief outline of the Good work done by the performers in this pop ular with its catching songs and pleasing and those who have not heard it should by All Means go to night the will be surprised and pleased with the excellent Talent that is Dis miss Carrie one of the end ladies in the also played the part of Pembo in the beginning of the second while miss As was changing her and she acquitted herself very Grant who ranks As a first class an attend ant to will Bro voted much laughter and fully sustained his reputation As a comic the chorus work is exceptionally the voices Are Well balanced and All the singers have been thoroughly it is one of the delightful features of the entertainment following Are the names of those who Sang in the chorus misses Elizabeth Nellie Lena Jaime Effie Carrie Sadie Tillie Mary Rod ear Lena Sadie Mary Rosa Carrie Florence Elsie mame Cora Mary Lieuberta Kincad John inn Grant Harry Morris Hammond Paul Nelson Irwin the costumes Are handsome and among the prettiest Ever seen while the stage setting has been done with Good effect under the direction of of director Mcadam certainly deserves much Praise for the Good work he is do for special May term of commencing May sheriff Stine with jury commissioners Gettle and Shuey wednes Day afternoon Drew the names of the following traverse jurors for special May commencing May 1896 North John South Isaac East h sixth South fifth sixth Frederick West South John North sixth first second first North North seventh John second John North Samuel second Elias Uriah seventh sixth sixth Riley Seltzer North North fourth North Frig Tonea by the mules of Snyders bottling while hitched to a Post before the Palace hotel wednesday morning shied a some waste paper in the Street and Tor but before they succeeded in get Ting away they were caught by Severa one of the bridles was in no other damage was there is toe much Loose paper flying about the Street of our City and this frequently cause0 horses to state convention unanimously for the old was reelected state Oha Ismair to end the contest Between Elkin and of the caucus last evening caused to order at ten Oclock this april appears smooth on the surface of state re publican politics and senator Quay is More supreme than at when the Battle for stale chairman was Pierce Between the Elkin and Leach fac Silas Lyman Gilkeson and others called on senator Quay and insisted thai he continue in the office of stale chairman at first be re As strongly As Nina 1 with Pennsylvania for for against promiscuous immigration it cordially endorses governor Hastings administration As justly entitled to the Confidence of the people of the and will carry the usual resolutions respecting the obligations of the country toils soldiers and it concludes with an endorsement of the proposed Reform legis lation which has been prepared and submitted for the John reidel held in Salem lutheran Church and largely services Over the remains of the late John reidel were held this afternoon in Salem lutheran Church and interment was made at it Lebanon for several hours before the funeral was held people came in continuous streams and reviewed the remains for the list the body was dressed in a suit of Black and reposed in a handsome Black casket with Silver about the casket were the Floral tributes among them being a Pillow of easter and ferns from the Harp of car nations and Smilax Troia the Lebanon brewing Anchor of White and Pink carnations from Wreath of ferns and bouquets of roses and clasped in the folded hands were several White lilies and lying in the casket were ferns were Solomon Cyrus in Brief services were held at 2 Oclock at the Bouse by who also preached at the the to ilk sudden transition from pen Ury to Patoin inhibits and a sheaf of wheat the pall bearers so Gator ing in our City in d Talent found among developing the musical in our Young people and bringing it up to a higher degree of per his work is manlies All through in the performance Given tues Day schools and miss Hoch presided at the piano with much acceptability and played with lost Tram a Bay horse with a White Star on its forehead attached to a White Chapel buggy came to the Park newmans tuesday and taken care of by landlord the team came from the direction of Womelsdorf and in the buggy were a Batcher summer lantern and a bag on which was the name of returned to her miss sue of 635 Maple companion of miss Fannie of it who spent the Winter in Flori has returned to her miss Brown is at present staying in Philadel phia and will shortly go to mercantile Appeal Jacob of North tenth mercantile sat in the county treasurers office wednesday to hear it being the time for appealing from the appraisement building a Augustus on canal is erecting a shop on North seventh Street he formerly occupied the one near the Industrial new members and five new members were initiated and eight applications for membership were received at a stated meeting of Sedgwick Gamp sons held will beside at Casper Shaak and of 825 Chest put on monday will leave of where they will re Spaak is superintendent of the Washington venetian Blind company which has its office and factory at fourteenth Street and Penn washing Klo Glor for Eschief of police Eiley o 02 Walnut has filed his Applina cation in the court of Quarter sessions o this county for appointment As detective Eschief Ringler became a terror to Evi doers during his term As head of the Cit police and will no doubt do Good service As a Nineteen applications the Iroquois wheelman at their next meeting on Friday evening will act on it propositions for received a their last the organization is steadily increasing in membership and bids fair to become prominent in wheel ing circles in this returned from Edward son of Edward of 12g North eighth who held a position As Telegraph operator in the offices of the Western Union Tele graph at has be returned Home tues Day harks mite the mite society of Marks re formed Church met tuesday evening at the Home of 127 North twelfth the attendance was Berwyn the Park Laid out East of Hathaway on East Walnut published in these columns is to be known As Berwyn the location is an excellent attending the Walter and left on wednesday for where they attended a meeting of the democratic state candidate number of North Lebanon town today registered As a candidate for county thus far there Are nine candidates for the had his fincer Conrad who is employed at the North Lebanon shoe on wednesday had the misfortune to have the second Finger of his mashed while operating a heeling left Arm cot with miss Mary 431 North eighth while passing through the vesti Bule at her accidentally broke the Glass in the severing a ligament in her left Howard Allwein dressed the old old people who require Medicine to regulate the bowels and kidneys will find the True remedy in electric this Medicine does not stimulate and contains no whisky or other but acts As a tonic and it acts mildly on the stomach and adding strength and giving tone to the thereby aiding nature in the performance of the electric bitters is an excellent appetizer and aids old people find it just exactly what they Price to cents and Floo per Tot but finally he saying e was convinced it was the Only Way to no the fight in the and is the Battle for state chairman was de ared another change was Ray who is a coloured Alderman of Al was taken off the slate for nation and of put in his this was one both to compliment a most efficient Uay Leader in Lancaster and to give the legation a Little better geographical the ticket now is Joseph Park Daniel James Joseph Boies Arthur Frank Charles Beacom was put on the slate for but Samuel Dav of was substituted to run with Flinn and a few others from Pittsburg and other sections of the state Are still shouting but the overwhelming sentiment is for Quay and when the senator was endorsed in the convention today it was a whirlwind of Loyal Quay admiration and obsequies were largely among those attending were delegations from Kitt tiny Lodge and Mohegan Lodge and Tinea Encampment of undertaker Thompson was in april civil Quay badges and buttons worn by nearly the exceptions being those from who Are for my Quai foe the first Resolution of the platform presents senator Quad As the candidate of the republicans of Pennsylvania for the nomination for the this Resolution does not convey in such would be they would not bind the District Dele Gates in any Way and there is not one among the eight delegates Large who will not vote for and support senator Quay As Long As his name is before the the most of them also Are men who will accept his suggestion a to second Choice whenever Bis name w but the Resolution Isa most cordial it sets Forth the fact that Pennsylvania Fidelity to the principles of Republican pm entitles the state to consideration in he National convention that it has Tor years led the Republican column of the and that the time has now come when it May justly present one of its own citizens for the Republican Nomina Tion for the and it therefore presents senator Quay in some Eulogi Stic the Republican state committee met with senator Quay in the chair and went Over the Roll of delegates to the state therr was but one t was from the 8th Allegheny n the Roll As read by Secretary Rex were the names of Morrison and dal but lieu tenant governor Lyon questioned the correctness of the Roll Ami submitted the names of Scott and Bartley As the persons elected the Reform Bills submitted by the spec Al committee were explained by Pettit and were adopted As a recommendation for the of offered a solution which was referred to the convention requiring county chairmen to place before the voters at primary elec Ems the names of candidates for United tales senators who have registered with he state Frank willing chairman of the executive submitted the re seipts and expenditures of the committee or the last Campaign and the accounts were banded Over to an auditing com consisting of John Russell Young and of and of senator Quay announced that a news paper Story having been printed to the Fleet that Leach received As chairman of the executive was of wanted to move an endorsement of senator Luay for but the senator would not have it at that he adjourned the committee while a Tams As trying to be heard until 1 the the Republican stale convention was called to order in the opera House at 10 of Philadel was temporary and a Ito general permanent chair the nominees for Congressa arge Are grow and of by a Large the Quay contest no delegation from Pitsburg won their go Monthe ground that they received Lemont xxx the platform pronounces in fever of Metal list by International agreement against the free coinage of and in 1 there can be an International tuesday Howard attorney for John made a motion for a new trial in the Case of Alena Vannany John feigned Mary Black John Bodenhorn and Amos Weidman and Henry for Funck for defendants and Capp Schock for Valentine this Case was brought to recover dam Ages for the injury to the plaintiffs credit by the Sale of a owned by on an execution against her bus band and the los of the the jury awarded the plaintiff wednesday the third Days sessions of special april term of common pleas court convened at Oclock yesterday morning before judge the first Case tried was that of Sallie and Elmer Sholly Araminta Zeller and executrix and executor of David Assum sit Benson for plaintiff and shirk and Houck for defendant the Case was brought to recover for services furnished to the deceased during is the Bonds of land is Gerberich and Henry aldermen of this were approved in the sum the petition of Kerra Iid Samuel Light to have paid into court for them in their Case against Joseph Lauser was the Money is for policies of the Mutual Aid assigned by Isaac beneficiary named in the the rest of the platform declares the fourth Days session of special april term of common pleas court convened at Oclock this morning with both judges on the the return of the commission of lunacy of Samuel of find ing him to be of unsound mind for a period of 1j John of this was appointed trustee of the estate and his Bond of was sheriff Stine acknowledged the follow ing deeds for real estate property of Morris Carver to Franklin Himmel Jacob Lersch to Peoples build ing loan Henry Peiffer to David the tavern License of John de of the City was transferred to Fietta his and the Bond the widows appraisement on the estate of Levi was the Case of Sallie Sholly and Elmer her Araminta Zeller and executrix and executor of David which took no the entire wednesdays was argued by Council and the jury Board of a number of prominent divine met to transact an interesting meeting of the Board of managers of the orphans to at Jones which is supported by the protes Tant episcopal Church of was held at the Parish South sixth Street at Oclock this after the Board is presided Over by Bishop who arrived at and the Secretary is of among those present were Edward Lancaster Harrisburg James Pottsville Scranton Jonestown and of they were entertained at the Eagle business pertaining to the welfare of the Home waa the Board has entire charge of All business connected with the k Ware of the police received word this morning from asking them to look out for two who were supposed to be on the train which passes through Here at they were unable to find either of they Are said to have robbed a Man at the Reading depot of in Cash and some notes and also robbed another at All plumbers must All plumbers in this City Mast Register according to so say the members of the Board of the necessary papers for registration can be secured from Secretary she used in poverty la new Una re melted reliable in formation that ller aunt pm left Tomt april egg Moldo Gaudlin of Woodlig in Fuchu after years of Bard Baa Sud Denly found herself Belows to tha enormous Fortune of the Torr of this miraculous turn in fortunes wheel is surrounded by Circum stances of a most dramatic my Gaud in was born in the midst of Tho pyrenees mountains about 58 years her Maiden name was Eglantine Harte she waa left a widow Whan Nitu Young and Folind herself almost pen her aunt and godmother at thas time lived in and by the assist Ance of an american lady named Louisa Jackson she came to this on her arrival Here she very quickly discovered the amounting almost to on in of finding her she therefore at once set about earning her own living As a by the nid of letters of introduction Froni Ameri Ctm indies she and met in Franco she scoop surrounded Bera Elf with a Fine and worked for Many wealthy and fashionable women in this ago and 111 health at length overtook Ami out of her savings Ahe bought a piece of inn at where in in evil hour she entered into a contract with a building so Cloty for a for some reason the contractor has not fulfilled Hia contract and the House is not during the severe Winter just past tha water flooded the lower part at tha bold and she was nearly Frozen the poor woman funds had nearly run and bad it not been for the assistance of kind friends it a doubtful if she would have survived the privation and expo Eara she bad inquiries to her a stranger came to her Bouse s Faw weeks ago and made some rather pointed inquiries As to bar Ber Maiden her the place of her birth and Ber this stranger proved to to something in the nature of a fairy he waa a lawyer from califor the Legal representative and of the will of pm 1 lie Nee formerly of afterwards of South hut More recently of it appears that this who was lost godmother of bad mar ried a Man timed Pinaud while in Franca and hid gone with him to South where to engaged in the tanning Busi thereby making a huge which he had very carefully there was one child of this around this child the whole of Thea Story had it cover been Bora Gaudin would have remained poor and Al most homeless and would have bad no expectation nor according to the Law of a Law which prevails in exr alataua to this Day and in name parts of great Britain under the title of the Law of the birth of a child leaves the widow absolute possessor at his death of on half of Ber husbands Andre Pinaud died Worth Gaudlin is heiress to Ber aunt and and her Fortune is Andre Pinaud had a Nephew and Oleca the Nephew was Joseph Francois a married with two Andre their father became a missionary on the death of Bis wife and died some years ago in these two inherit Between them the sum of the Niece married a fiut Renberger and followed Bis she has Noi Sinco Boon heard she alone of the burrs is now and the exeunt of Are seeking her in order that they May administer the enormous estate in thei of course Gaudlin sudden of hint of Fortune has Speed like wildfire air around the Vicinity of and aha has had numerous offers of marriage de spite her 50 and Odd she holds Hei Tongue As to her but that there Aro friends whose kindness Dur ing Bor troubles and poverty she can Nevi and she will remember them her own wants Are Shu will Bav no difficulty in satisfying birthday will be Given in method let episcopal Church Thea a birthday to be Ziven in Cen Tenary Church pro Mises to be a pretty Lee the Well known Elou will give a number of which will be interspersed with several Choice vocal selections by miss Harriet of and the Arion of this the guests will be received Between and cake and Cream will be served in the lecture several Hundred invitations have been sent oat the committee who have charge of the party Are John Ellenberger and come be Good great and come be Good Short and come be Good one and All come to oar birthday therell be pleasant friends to meet therell be plezant smiles to Greet therell be cake and Cream to treat at our festive birthday weather warm or weather whether Young or whether come with your your Silver or enough that shall Tell for the years Yoa have the Money you place in this Nice Little please in rank h the door band it Back when you come to the birthday to the Abner either this morning left for where she will take her daughter to Hahnemann Hospital end have an operation performed upon Yanne people 1vui there will be a meeting of the Young Peoples society of Trinity lutheran Church at the Home of the misses on North eighth burned ills mayor weimers desires information prom Alvayor Weidal concerning wheel ens mayor John of has written to mayor Weidel requesting information As to readings enactments in regard to the privileges accorded to he wants to know whether wheelman Are permitted to ride on pave at night without and if the Speed is regulated by the All the desired Points will be famished to Lebanon chief the bicycle which a to be enforced obliges the use of lanterns at places the ban upon use of but does not regulate the Speed Permis As in larger an ordinance regulating Speed would be obnoxious to the riders of at the present time scorching is diff conto danced by the several Harry who is employed at the confectionery store of Georgitso while engaged in doing work around the steam Bis Cheek Loyal the Loyal Temperance legion will Here after meet on Friday evening at in Stead of saturday in cases of or no any of the other accidental pains Likely i held Thia evening in their there to come to the human Thomas i is considerable business on the Calendar electric Gores almost relict i which requires comma deft Lebanon Valley commander sons of of this Bea in caged the sons of America for May when a festival will be held water common loan to a regular meeting of the Board of War Ter and lighting commissioners will be
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