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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Apr 20 1896, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - April 20, 1896, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Twice a week monday and to misday t per monday and per volume april Peice the event celebrated thurs Day evening at statistics of the Lodge make a splendid bowl Ngethe membership at present u 138this City Well represent the Parade witnessed by loaf the Celebration of the 48tb anniversary of the organization of Myerstown the 77th anniversary of the order in this was held at inn Ruday eve and the occasion was one Long to be an elaborate which was published in thursdays was strictly carried and proved a highly interesting and enjoyable speeches were made by past mid who in i Burnal Jolly mood kept the entire audience in a continuous and frequently was heartily Croft past grand master of the grand Lodge of Pennsylvania and the present grand chaplain of the order of this delivered an interesting he is possessed of rare intellectual endow ments and is an elegant and forcible addresses were also made by District Deputy grand master of Leba non and by of Albright collegiate in the three represent ing the four divisions of the were the most Beautiful seen in that town for the statistics of the Lodge were read by As follows total re total members admitted during the past 48 present some of my Ere towns Best and most prominent Citi Zens Are members of the order and take a deep interest in its about 150 members of the order in this City were they were conveyed thither Over the Lebanon Myerstown Street Havine chartered three care for the patriarch militant Lodge was accompanied by the sons of veterans drug and were left off the curs at West main from where they marched to the Hall of Myerstown Jodge Here both societies formed and paraded the principal thoroughfares of the the sidewalks were crowded citizens to witness the Beautiful sight Twenty years Christian tub second annual county convention to be held in this City maj the second annual convention of the Lebanon county Christian Endeavor Union will be held in this May the Forenoon and afternoon sessions will be held in Sti auls evangelical Church and a mass meeting will be held in the even delegates from every society in the county Are expected to be present and will be handsomely each Delegate will receive a souvenir program find a reprint from the Dally news of two decades april who bad been in Leba non looking after the interests of the col retained Home on this Allen thursday exhibited to friends several Large cakes of unleavened which the jews eat during the season of the commemoration of the feast of the it was presented to him by a Levi ranch commenced digging a cel Lar for the erection of a Brick dwelling at the Corner of seventh and Wil Low the blowing which Wei Mer to be placed at the Cen Tennial was finished and tested on thursday the engine worked satisfactorily and came no to the fondest expectations of its designer and prof Bond announced that he would give an exhibition on the Slack rope on easter on which occasion he would be assisted by Isaac of who was a Pupil of the proves april Hostetter on the morning of this Day shot a wild Goose in the Vicinity of the Union canal when weighed it Meas ured from tip to tip of 5 8 some persons Friday evening removed the Steps at the residence of Robert my South sixth placed it in the Middle of the pavement a lady returning from Church fell Over it and sustained several a son of of died on aged about 13 at the Domestic markets on the morn ing of this Day butter and eggs were eggs were sold at 18 cents per dozen while butter readily brought 32 cents per in a card published in the Sammy Andy Bobby Rudy Sherk and Johnny members of the defaced postal stamp extended their thanks to Willie Hauer fora Large envelope filled with received through the Post office this Adam an employee of the Miller Organ had in his posses Sion an old brass about the size of an old Copper bearing the Date 1744 in Plain this relic of a Button had been taken off an army coat of a British officer daring the american conflict at the Battle of Bunker Friday col John Embich and Cyrus of visited har ten cases set Down for trial at this the Ottob hey who take Paet writ of attachment the court Friday afternoon issued an order staying for 10 Days the writ of attachment of Fox Green against Behney and Lewis trading As the Keystone ice the order was made in compliance with the granting of the petition of the Lebanon Brick which is a mechanics Lien the stay is made that All creditors of the company May become parties to these sheriff Stine was to have sold the ice an Achinee personal property Friday after Jacob represents the Brick company and Fox a lengthy an adjourned business meeting of the Lebanon rifles was held in their Friday business pertaining to the recent carnival of nations was trans a communication was read from the chemical fire engine inviting the i flies to give an exhibition Drill some evening a and decided to Risburg on says an item in the and visiting a hotel registered the colonel neglecting to write his a number of folks at the hotel eyed Embich slowly and finally some of them stepped up to Shook him by the hand and greeted him with the salutation of youre looking How do you think the Boom Bill investigation will end wherever he passed he was greeted with a smile and whenever a member of the legislature passed by him he would draw ont his handkerchief and see whether the colonel had not in some mysterious manner placed therein the delusion was kept up for some when the colonel blandly remarked that it was All a Case of mistaken that he was not the colonel they took him but a peaceable bailing from the shades of Lebanon april owing to the death of the father inlaw of Lewis pastor of Trinity the pulpit was ably filled sunday by Fez Erciel at this says a news South eighth Street is filled with people waiting for the performance of Bond and Isaac Seibert on Slack rope to court convenes on april Nons crack Bale Ball Pitcher most to port to says president Nick tonne will go it sent a Deputy prothonotary Klopp has made out the following list of cases ordered for argument on april 1896 Claflin George Koser and George it motion to Squash writ and dissolve attachment Beckford and Bugbey for plaintiffs Weidman and shirk for of Pennsylvania Frank it Al special demurrer of Gobin and Capp Schock for plaintiff Derr for defendant John Reed the Richland water exceptions to sheriffs Keiser for plaintiff Capp Schock and shirk for Worrest a Amos it Rule to open and set aside judgment Seltzer for plaintiff Capp Schock and Grumbein for Ezra it John it Al exceptions to condemnation of real Grumbein for plaintiffs and Adams for Simon Felty the Lebanon Belt line Railroad motion for a new Adams for plaintiff and go bin for defendant estate of Solomon a Rule to show Adams for Petitioner and Light for Capp Schock for plaintiffs and Adams for in the matter of the petition of Eli Leibig for appointment of de Murrer to petition and exceptions to re port of George Woomer for Light Isaac George Woomer for plaintiff and Funck for Pitcher John the Friday equal to the hottest Midsummer weather the hottest april weather experienced in Lebanon was Given is by the weather Man at Oclock in the afternoon the thermometer at the news office registered 112 the heat was intense and was especially hard on infants and people who had to work out the hot wave extended Over the entire with the exception of a Small part of the embracing Dakota and a strip in the Rocky the coldest place in the country was where the Mercury registered eight degrees above Zero at 8 at Helena it was 10 degrees from other places the following reports were received 52 Atlantic 74 new 72 72 and while the heat today is not As great As yet it is far from being comforter at this afternoon the thermometer at the news office registered 90 the Weatherman at Philadel phia says this warm weather will continue during today and part of Tomor but towards evening we will experience that the indications Point that you see there is a storm now raging in Texas that calculated to Cool things time it to reach this place by tomorrow it aint a Snow or a or a its Jost a Ordinary rain storm from if it gets Here it will make the weather now dont say that it will make the weather because i dont think it cooler is the i advise people to get their overcoats and Winter clothing in Readi Ness for use it aint that kind of a it is just coming from Texas to afford us news of saturday Gretna or conferees met at Eagle hotel saturday da7id the Elb Tob pining at the it was accepted sided that instead of having the regular Drill next Friday evening the company will meet promptly at and proceed to sons of America the at 3 Oclock Friday afternoon the ther which is a government stand Ard and owned by registered 105 degrees in the the thermometer being placed on the outside of us the one at Kra uses a hardware store registered to degrees in the this is an severe record for this time of the leases thermometer registered 112 degrees when placed in the of invitation cards of invitation have been issued by and of get to the marriage of their Daugh mis Margaret Grayson Valentine to Henry of this on april at the Valentine Sie inst is the son of and Aaron is connected with the Railroad and is organist of Zion in Heran will hold a at the regular meeting of Agnes of St Lukes which was held at the residence of 605 Cumberland Street Friday the Guild decided to hold their annual Outing at Penryn Park on May purchased a new common councilman John Cilley today purchased one of the latest eclipse bicycles from Hotten it is Beautiful and it being mounted by one of Lebanon old est cyclists made it noticeable on the court House fountains Painter George Hess on thursday applied Coats of paint to the two fountains at the court the fountains now present an inviting appearance and add much to the prettiness of the surround saturday evening the Eureka base Ball club elected the following officers presi John Lenich vice Cyrus Mark Charles Moore Harry Miller Edward Jacob Kimmel and Joseph the funeral of Patsy at one time Driver of the Cornwall took place on the morning of this Day and was largely on the morning of this Day George Bowman was appointed stenographer for the several courts of this he was immediately sworn in and commenced his duties at sunday William an employee at this time at Union visited his while in the Yard at her Home he discovered a Cartridge lying upon the it was minus the bul let and covered with which he at tempted to remove with his when the Cartridge exploded and blew off the fare fingers of his left hand and severely injured his the Washington Hose company fair was opened this Day in Ross new South ninth Street civil court convened this morning with Robert Henderson on the Henry William David Kreider and Daniel Noll were excused from serving As jurors on account of this Dav was celebrated As easter Mon and Lebanon was filled with Strang ers and our country and yet the news was not it says we distinctly remember when the streets on this Day were lined with peo on stores crowded with purchasers and under the porticos at the Bee hire store and a mass of people gathered which made it utterly impossible to pass on the pavement even the practice of the landlord giving free egg Nogg on easter monday Lias been Chung John formerly of the firm of Waltz received an appointment in the United states custom Phila he received orders on this Day to report immediately and Lefton president toting says mobiles claim or his services is John the of 601 canal Independent has been notified by president Nick Young to report to whose claim he says is just it will be signed to pitch for Detroit and was claimed by he claims Mobile owes him salary and neglected to Send him a contract in Ely told a reporter Friday evening that he would refuse to sign a contract with but would play with the team if he is sent a ticket to come he says by signing a contract he May be reserved again by the team and this he does not want Ely also received offers from the Toronto club and says that unless Mobile agrees to take him without a contract he will play with the Cumber Hind Valley chemical company the Philadelphia item says the guards men have been the Philadelphia of thurs says the guardsmen who have been on a nervous Strain for the an Nual Encampment this year would be at it Gretna or Are now Emitt ing sighs of Relief Over the announce ment that the great event will take place at Minim the selection will doubtless be hailed the Apollo orchestra delights a Large which spends Aloney sons of America Hall presented an Ani mated scene Friday the occasion being the fifth night of the chemical company which will continue until next saturday the crowd came Early and left at a late tendering the company Liberal patronage and in turn enjoying the excellent music furnished by the Apollo who de serve special mention for their excellent a cake walk was held and dancing was enjoyed for several hours on the smooth Joy by nearly All of the especially those who displayed such an Abhorrence against going to it and those who took Comfort from the items prophecy that the Encampment would not be held at it Are now Over Joyed that the prophecy has become a the writer of the above was evidently in the language of the Street through his hat although the Parade grounds at it Gretna May not be quite As Large As they should As claimed by yet taking it All in All there is not a place to be found in the state that has More advantages and is better adapted for holding an Encampment of the guardsmen than it while there May be a few disgruntled guards who will find fault with any site we doubt very much whether the selection of Lewistown will doubt less be hailed with Joy by nearly All of the mtg file of Perry and Al of this Kleeta Dele go meet ing largely attended by the Republican conferees of Lebanon and Perry counties met Satur at the Eagle and elected Mifflin of Perry and Lucien of this delegates to the Republican National conventional St Alfred of this and of Perry were elected of this was elected presidential Dauphin county was froze out As predicted by the the conferees were called in Conven Tion in the ladies parlor of the at there were present Samuel Mcl Benney and Elias of Dauphin county lab and of Perry and mayor John Raudenbush and Harry of Lebanon mayor Weimer was elected chairman and Lehr Secre Miller nominated Weimer for Backenstoe nominated senator and Lahr nominated Mifflin Weimer and Smith received the votes of Lebanon and Perry conferees and Mccarrell the vote of Dauphin Weimer and Smith were then declared on motion of Backenstoe and Mcilhenney the election of the delegates was made Kaudenbush nominated Alfred of this of ferry for and on motion of they were unanimously elected by Raudenbush also placed in nomination the name of David of this for presidential and on motion of his election was made unanimous by chairman Weimer appointed Lahr and Mcilhenney a com Mittee to notify the successful and Defeated candidates to come before the convention after an Jacob Jacob of died Early sunday morning of general 80 beam had been for tie last 50 years identified with the hardware Trade and was Well known in Philadelphia and the Central part of the he was born in Londonderry and at an Early age moved to where he resided continuously until about four years when he removed to beam was prominently identified with politics and the anti slavery movement in the Early fifties and daring the War rendered valuable service to the government As an officer of the secret he was a gentleman of the old school Broad kind and generous absolutely honest and even though it required self he often with Delight recalled his acquaintance with Webster and Clay in his and later with and others who assisted in making beam was at one time but misplaced Confidence and the dishonesty of those whom he As wrecked him financially and left him comparatively funeral ser vices at Annville wednesday morning at 9 interment in the afternoon at Lebanon May he rest in with judges Ehrgood and Light on the business teams noted today Josi Aji Josiah aged 68 died Friday at his in Myers of he leaves a wife and the following children Martin and of this City Thomas of and Daniel of deceased was a member of Myerstown and Myerstown the funeral will be held monday after services in Friedens lutheran Church and interment at the Union Cem Schantz will offi pet tons presented and widows appraise ments of Gale of prop erty of justices of the peace a special term of the court of common pleas convened at 10 Oclock this morn ing with judges Ehrgood and Light on the the petition of George executor of the Long naming the Reading Trust company As was the petition of Ephraim Woomer to pay out for the maintenance of his Minnie was estate of Franklin widows appraisement estate of John widows appraisement in the Case of Caroline Hynicka Mande Davall it the motion for division of property was referred to Hock to examine the in the Case of George Stine the Montz a Rule was granted on the defendant to show cause Why the Appeal should not be stricken the petition of Abraham Light As signee of Solomon Boyer and for the appointment of John Black and Samuel As was an Lillian mistook it for a Beer at Oclock Friday of 605 Cumberland discovered a Man going no the front stairs in Bis Home and promptly ordered him the Man next tried to enter the Home of City treasurer next but Lineaweaver intercepted him and sent for a the Man was intoxicated and told the policeman that be was looking for a Beer he was directed to his Lebanon Cycle clubs the new rooms of the Lebanon Cycle club were illuminated Friday evening and although but partly furnished were occupied by the who enjoyed much Comfort in lounging on the easy Joseph Bowman have the contract for furnishing the clubs ele Gant the Price Matttie the markets on saturday were Early attended and the Farmers left for Home As soon As they had disposed of their butter sold at 20 cents per eggs at 10 Centa per dozen and Spring chickens at 18 cents per a fair Supply of Green vegetables were also seen on the and they sold in preference to those received from a More Southern Liberty company annual the sons of America Hall has been engaged for next thanksgiving when the Liberty fire company will hold its third annual these occasions of the Liberty boys Are always Long remembered by All who have enjoyed their the Ball committee Are Al ready at work arranging for the event returned from Lycoming of Secretary of the state sunday school Asso returned Friday from Lycoming where he addressed a county convention at Jersey shores he left for where he made an address before a county which was in session Tiro Xeres Phoebe of Junction was told by her physicians she had consumption and that there was no Hope for but two bottles of Kings new discovery completely cured her and she says it saved her 139 Florida san suffered from a dreadful approach ing tried without result everything else then bought one bottle of Kings new discovery and in two weeks was he is it is such of which these Are that prove the wonderful Efficacy of this Medicine in Cong he and free trial bottles at Boss drug one to five applications of Doans ointment will cure the worst Case of itching piles there Ever Canyon afford to suffer tortures when a ointment never a Berrew Circle at the Excelsior review Circle is the name Given to an organization made no of former members of the Avon literary its purpose is denoted by its name to review the events and discuss the questions of the present it has also resolved itself into a class for the study of political to be taught by the other topics Are current foreign of Spain and and the work of Congress and the political it meets weekly at the Homes of members and is to be continued until the Avon literary society will be re Organ pythian doings at Myers at a stated meeting of Lebanon Valley knights of of held Friday three esquires were advanced to seven applications for honors were also received and referred to injured her a Young lady by the name of Mary who is one of the operators on the machines at the Industrial had the misfortune of having her left thumb caught with the Bobbing strap and severely Cut she suffered consider Able pain for returned from Henry of West Lehman who spent the Winter months with her in Marion returned Home on thurs Day Light says the weather in Florida at this time of the year is very on her return trip she stopped at Washington for several where she visited a summer Xebe Monument which is one of the most Beautiful spots in and around Leba is gradually beginning to present a summer like the grass on the Lawn is growing and since having been cleaned by pre after several Rains this sacred spot will still be More Bright new officials sworn mayor Weimer on Friday in office one of the recently elected City assessors and who was appointed a patrolman in place of officer Brandt will have charge of the sixth and seventh Able to be about miss Cora who has been confined to her Home with and unable to teach her is Able to be about George clerk in Frank at kins1 drug who was confined to his at with is about Osl lakes their regular weekly Wiki St Agnes will 1 meeting this week on thursday instead of at the residence of sooth eighth cheer of 545 North tenth presiding elder of the Lebanon who was confined to his bed for some weeks with has re covered sufficiently to be about Christian the Christian Endeavor society of St Marks reformed Church held a business meeting in the Friday the meeting was enjoyable As Well As profitable to All old old people who require Medicine to regulate the bowels and kidneys will find the True remedy in electric this Medicine does not Sti Mulato and contains no whisky or other but acts As a tonic and it acts mildly on the stomach and adding strength and giving tone to the thereby aiding nature in the performance of the Cellenti a electric bitters is an and aids old people find it just exactly what they Price 50 cents and per bottle at Ross 4 Cas drug easiest Way to kill a Chicken is to break the egg before it is same improvements at Gas the Lebanon Gas company is contemplating extensive improvements at their works in addition to those recently the Lebanon Brick company is deliver ing Brick for the foundation Walls new machinery and a Large building will quite Likely be erected within a very Short putting up the Klein of who have the contract to furnish the various draperies in the new Lebanon bicycle club today sent one of their men who was busily engaged in arranging the which Are said to be very each expressed his thanks in Brief Raudenbush moved that a vote of thanks be tendered to the Dauphin and Perry candidates for their kindness in giving Lebanon county the the convention then adjourned and were entertained by the successful can senator Mccarrell stated to a news re Porter that he and Dauphin county were Able to stand the Dauphin he has while Lebanon has and Perry sen Ator Mccarrell left almost immediately on the train for the convention was scheduled to take place at 10 Oclock in the in the court but was changed to be held at the Eagle it was almost eleven Oclock before the Perry and Dauphin contingent they were Able to enjoy a Hearty meal before the Lebanon conferees put in an some thing appeared to be wrong and much comment was heard on the result among the strange faces seen in the crowd were of new Bloomfield Samuel of har Risburg of Elliott Borg of Harrisburg new Bloomfield Mifflin of Markelsville of Carlisle James of new of Millerstown James of new Bloomfield Samuel of Harrisburg Elias of Harrisburg of Miller Borg of Duncan non of Harrisburg of Duncannon Charles of this action whereby Dauphin county has been entirely said a Nom Ber of our republicans to a news will surely meet with the disapprobation of a Large num Ber of republicans in the who feel that As there were but three offices to be distributed in the com Mon Courtesy should have Given one of them to especially since its Republican vote is several thousand in excess of the combined Republican vote of Perry and seeds of discord have been sown that will produce a Harvest which it is not pleasant to Weimer and Smith Are both avowed Quay Lillian wife of William Hartman and daughter of Margaret and the late Conrad of died of consumption Friday at the Resi Dence of her 354 Pear aged 23 deceased was ailing for Over a year and was be fast three she was born in Lebanon and resided at Reading since last fall1 her husband and four children and three Harry Miller and All of deceased was a member of Trinity Luth eran cables Charles aged 29 of be died saturday morning at his Home of Augustus aged about 33 on canal died sunday morning of typhoid he leaves a widow and several Small Bixler was a member of St marys Catholic Harry the funeral of Harry late of West was held sunday and interment was made at Ebenezer sen ices were held in the at West undertaker Frantz was in Nathaniel services Over the remains of Nathaniel late of this were held this morning at the Home of his at interment was made at new undertaker Frantz was in charge of the Furnace blown Sheridan Furnace 1 blown oat today for needed Furnace at was blown ont for which will be made As soon As both furnaces Are now Idle but repairs Are rapidly hearing completion on Furnace 1 fur Nace was in need of repairs and the cessation of operations was imperative the employees will begin work on tiie repairs at the remains of Emma the infant daughter of and Horace Frohn of Clifton were brought Here at noon today and interred at it Lebanon of Salem lutheran officiated at the undertaker Thompson was in William services Over the remains of William late of 525 North eighth were held at Oclock on Satur Day in Salem Church and interment followed at it Lebanon Ceme von Nieda conducted the services at the the funeral was attended by a Large delegation from which furnished the pall the funeral ceremonies Over the body of the late Wentzel were held at the 346 North seventh on the services were Brief and were held prior to leaving for l Calvin Fisher had charge of the a special car was attached to the train for the family and friends who accompanied the funeral to where interment was made and where services were also the Corpse Lay in a Beautiful Cedar round cornered covered with Black and among the Floral tributes was that of a handsome Pillow made of carnations and and a purple ribbon with the word mother1 upon the estate of Ephraim widows appraisement estate of James widows appraisement assigned estate of Adam the Bond of Levi was approved in the sum of the order of Sale of property of Henry guardian of Carrie Anil Sophia heirs of Jacob was assigned estate of and Susan on motion Martin Bowman and Davis were appointed Grant was appointed commissioner to take testimony in the of lunacy brought by Cyrus Huey against Henry of Jones in the Case of Joel Yeagley a Rule was granted on sheriff Stine to show Rause Why the appraise ment should not be set the Bond of following Alderman and justices of the peace were approved in the sum of each David fourth Ward Tara Frank Jackson North Cornwall Richland Union Jonestown North the following were appointed tips aves for the week George will Iam Josepn Fernster Mayber Benjamin Elias Runkel the Bond of Samuel collector of taxes for South Lebanon was approved in the sum of the report of on the estate of was Edward John Assn sit the defendant con fessed judgment in open court to the amount of with the understand ing that it be liquidated on payment of and costs by August Harrisburg views concerning the Freue on Dauphin celled last below we give some of the views expressed by Harrisburg papers relative to the action of the Republican held in this City saturday the printed saturday says it was a sizing and Dau Phin county was not in it there have been Many conferences of the leaders during the ten Days with a View to giving the republicans of Dauphin county their proportionate share of the Hon ors in the Way of representation in the National convention at St but the Combine formed by the Lebanon and Perry men was too Strong to be easily there was talk of All sorts of but the program mapped out by the Combine was carried Dauphin county received very Little con the Call this morning says editorially Lebanon and Perry Shook hands Over the Heads of the Dauphin county Republican Bosses and the latter Are still guessing Why it was the like the other papers from which we have gives the proceedings of the after showing How Dauphin was ignored it says Dauphin county republicans can stand and i am Able to stand said senator Mccarrell after the 4i would rather be Defeated than be in such a Deal As i could not ask any body to break a written even to Benefit if these men considered it just and Wise to make and keep Tuch an i am they can afford it i certainly the conferees from this county Are not inclined to talk of the of the who presented senator Mccarrell u reel the result of a runaway in this Accident to is Kobe a5d win death or proprietor of City hotel heirs of Harry Marc on Antn Raja held in tile two without any apparent cause the Hort driven by Farmer William of near ran away on ninth s North of saturday collided with the Inlet covering at the Quitta Padilla Kline and his wife aged 30 were thrown of of the Wagon Ana the latter was injured at the left Eye and will in All probability lose the sight of the after Spillin horse con Tim the occupants ont the its dash ont ninth Lehman As far As eleventh and caught at eleventh and Brandy ice the Wagon was damaged some what and the harness Kua c was picked up and carried into the of Butcher Michael 152 North ninth where dressed an incised wound on the left Eye ing very badly Over the senators defeat we were and that is All that there is to said Backenstoe yes Uncle Sam Mcelhenry smiles and says if the new apportionment Bill in Pennsylvania should separate Perry from the fourteenth congressional leaving Dauphin and Lebanon what would be the result so far As Divi Sion of patronage is concerned said Eli one of the Dauphin Thant Woomer which controlled the Lebanon county Confer made a Deal last monday with the supporters of John of Duncan a candidate for by which she was then taken to the Home her 138 North ninth where she spent the sunday morning after examining her said he feared tha Eye sight would be lost she wag then taken to her klines body was covered with con used none of them the klines were returning borne Froc the sixth Street at about 7 when the Accident he recovered his team at the West end hotel and most of his farm Church of interest to the members of Iho Harlom superintendent of Bethany orphans Adams and Miller for Schock for defendant surviving administrator of Sarah administrator of the estate of Assum sit the jury found a verdict of in favor of the As directed by the death of John a successful George seventh and Willow has purchased a handsome delivery outfit which will be placed on the Road in a few George knows what on people want and is try ing to accommodate and thus is meeting with adjudged a Jacob heard testimony Friday morning i his of fice before a in the matter of the lunacy of Joseph of Donaberger was adjudged a will Hove to manager of the Singer sewing machine South ninth will in a week or two move to where he will manage the office in that sheriffs sheriff Stine today sold the following properties sue and to Peoples building and loan for Jacob to Peoples building and loan for Cyrus Terre to peo Ples and loan for Morris Carvers for to Frank Himmel Henry to David for Union brewing to for John Kocher to John who for a num Ber of years was Foreman of Longs in this has resigned and will after a weeks res accept a similar position in a Large bakery at Gocber is Well known and Baa a Host of who will see him go with much regret he will spend the week at the Penn senator Mccarrell senator James of har Dauphin county candidate for National conferred with local Ali Ticiano thursday evening in this thumb cat with a Harry an employee in the Cigar Box factory of Werner today had his left thumb Cut through with a Frank Peter Man dressed the wound in follow evening for Sale by James who was arrested by several new thursday even Way Pine syrup is a positive cure for officer for Comer Friday in Honor of ladies who of Hopkins steamed Homi and nothing will cure was locked up for the night and does it pay to neglect the Alderman Booth held blood at 630 Oclock the boys again the boys taught by an the girls taught by miss Carrie Al in the Fairview school build were again contestants in a spelling which was won by the Smay catches of John Albert Reizenstein and Casper Shaak caught 15 Trout on their Meredith and Rise Bowman caught two Trout Friday bae Klena Arnica the Best Salve in the world for Salt fever chapped and ail skin and Posi Tive cores or no pay it is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or Money Price 85 cents of lid of the coffin was also a Silver plate with the word Mother upon it James Mcgovern had charge of the interment Harry the funeral of Harry Weaber was held from her late 229 North eighth this and was largely among those from other cities were Louis Bocan and miss Mary of the Pottsville John wife and the remains were dressed in a Black shroud and reposed in a handsome Cedar Black cloth covered Satin with eight swell bar Silver a Silver plate with the word Mother was upon the the Floral tributes were among them were a Beautiful Bunch of White from the Sweet Briar Circle of Salem lutheran Church f White Carna wether hold a hand some Pillow made of yellow roses and White from her Stella and Bertha a Beautiful Anchor of White peas and from Lebanon brewing company Wreath made of White lilies and and George Ehr Hora Sickel of lilies and and John Fessler Wreath of roses and mite society Salem lutheran Church White Sarah Weaber Pink carnations with Rose Weaber Pink Youtz mixed Seibert Pink Rosen the deceased held in her left hand a Bunch of Sweet from Sallie and a Beautiful Bunch of Cut from the surviving the pall Bearen were John Harry Mart Reizenstein and Simeon the services were held at the Bouse at 2 Oclock and were con ducted by Theodore James Mcgovern had charge of the fun a prominent hotel keeper breathed his last today at John landlord of the City died at Oclock this after a Brief of a complication of aged 63 he leaves a Fietta and two Samuel and both of this also three Brothers and two of of new Cumber Rebecca Eisen Hauer and David All of this no arrangements have been made As yet for the reidel was recovering from an at tack of illness due to general debility when a week ago he took a cold and suffered a Hope was held ont for his recovery until sunday when he became much surrounded by the members of his family he passed quietly away at the noon John reidel was the last of a number of men who years ago were Boatmen on the Union he served As a police Man under the late Henry Tice and was a charter member of the Liberty fire for Many years he Success fully conducted the mansion ninth and and afterwards took charge of the City he next leased the Farmers at tenth and Cumber land but shortly afterwards again took charge of the at eighth Street and business up to the time of his he belonged to the United funeral Mohegan Lodge and Uncas deceased was a Man of remarkable weighing about 360 he had a genial and kindly disposition and was Well and popularly known throughout the deed of of fifth and cum Berland and Susan his have made a deed of assignment of their property to David of this for the Benefit of the amount involved is Between and it is expected that the As sets will cover All Roedel is the manager of Jacob Roedel Asboe a director and the treasurer of the Berks and Dauphin Turnpike com a director of the Lebanon National Bank and manager of the Stoever at rendered excellent the choir of the first reformed recently organized under the efficient leadership of on sunday evening Sang several pretty among them being it Antoci a by Ner and Smith should be chosen National delegates and Dauphin county left entirely in the this arrangement was subsequently changed so As to make David Lebanon county candidate for National Delegate and presidential it was intended to make Harry of National Delegate instead of his the arrangements As to Tho elector remaining thus the plan remained until Friday when who had been endorsed by Lebanon county for Delegate by an unanimous vote and controlled its changed his mind and refused to permit himself to be Ohns reformed in Bible lecture on wednesday at in St Marks reformed special elections held l3ht saturday for officers of Cornwall and weat Cornwall special elections were held saturday in Cornwall and Cornwall townships for the election of officers to fill new offices created by the division of Cornwall the elections were held at Carpenter shop of the Cornwall Iron at and at the Public Hauae of at in West a Light vote was cast the results Are As follows Coe Wall Republican of the Lee 56 Kei 58 Georgi Gleim 51 Daniel 54 school 3 55 2 50 1 57 township John 56 Jacob 57 Brady 54 West John 62 59 school i John 1 44 Rolandus 2 35 3 73 John 1 76 Henry 2 83 John 3 with the sprained John the hustling representative of the a rant Union Tea in this whue delivering goods last week sprained his left ankle and is now compelled to use a dry councils to both branches of pity councils will of a Trio by misses rein Bard and match and Lucellus Walters and a Soprano Solo by miss the choir has been in existence Only a Short time but already is becoming very former Lebanon Ball Monte who several years ago filled the position of abort Stop on the Lebanon base Ball and played with the Pittsburg National league is at present playing the same position with Jacob of Weils clothing who is ill in is very Low with pneumonia William of it is precariously ill with a complication of Sarah of 935 Chestnut is recovering from a Brief John clerk i Weils cloth ing Liis was at Reading Sun on a visit to his Jacob who was removed to the Home of his parents last with an attack of typhoid he says that he found Weil not improved and that at times he was delirious during the Philip pattern maker at the Lebanon manufacturing who re sides at 429 Spruce was unable to attend to his work this morning on account of an attack of of which a great Many people at present Are Church society Marks mite society meets on tuesday evening at Home of Samuel 127 North twelfth sociable on thurs Day evening at the Home of Cora 357 North eleventh on saturday at 2 Salem James Mission workers meets on tuesday evening the Home of Cyrus Walnut society meets on tuesday evening at the Home of miss Lilian her South tenth Sweet Briar Circle meets at the Home of mists Mary on fourteenth Street Transfer san Abraham Horst and Abraham executors of Jacob de to Abraham for farm and saw Mill in Heidelberg consideration Lingle and wife to for tract of land in East Hano ver consideration Henry Noll and Peai Dent and Secretary of the Jackson school Board to for a tract of land in Jackson for Bachman and wife to Harry for land in Londonderry John Tobias and wife to Marshall Case for House and Chestnut Street and Liberty Marshall Case to Emma for House and Chestnut Street and lib erty held a miss Kathryn Smiths sunday school class of Christ presbyterian Church Sev eral evenings ago held a entitled that the mind gains More knowledge by Reading than by observe three speakers represented the affirmative and three the negative sides the debate was held in mins Smiths Cumberland Street and the judges decided in favor of the negative these debates Are held returned from the William of 1221 Brandy me this who was operated on at the presbyterian for returned Home Satur Day Betz is regaining Hia health rapidly and will soon be Able to resume his duties at the Lebanon Industrial Elreed the following persons were elected to fill the various offices of the Kings a society of Zion lutheran Church Daniel Musser vice miss Kate schools treas Misa Nitrauer and miss the society is composed of a number of Active members of the no sprinkling with City the water commissioners at a special meeting held recently decided not to Al Low the fire companies to use City water for sprinkling purposes until dam i begins its the dam is filling rapidly and the Day is not far but until that time Quitta Padilla Creek water must be in tit boy restored to his Fred at the eighth Street crossing on the Lebanon Valley found a Small boy walking on the Railroad near Bis Post hat Only even he took him in charge and sent him to the court House where be was claimed by Hia circus Advance car the first Advance car of the Barnum Bailey will exhibit in this City in arrived Here sunday mom the circus employees Degan placing on the spacious Bill boards flaring Rasters announcing the coming of the Delta wheel ens a la he Large clubs the St Louis his Pla been commended by some playing of tie t1 has Hila Delphia they aay that be is putting no a Fine article of base Ball and predict he will make a record for him will give a several Young gentlemen of this City number of Delta whee men left s at seventh and cum Berland at and with a pacemaker made the run Towy a distance of 5 after a refreshing rest the return to the City was erecting an Frank the Cigar manufacture this morning commenced building an addition to his already Large Cigar at Spruce and Lehman the increase in Bis business necessitated an it will be 24 feet deep and the full length of the present Harriace Harry of 14 North tenth and Hiss Agnes tenth and canal Allen of and Katie of Billing the this morning six of Kralla teams left for different parts of the where they Are putting Uphill Foobar num Baileys which will exhibit Here on May Twenty one men Are registered at the Valley visited her miss Rosa who is attending the state Normal at Lancaster was the guest of her parents on sunday and left again this morning to resume her she states that she is greatly interested in her new work and likes it very mob jul leave for tar noon Owen the of 112 South sixth will leave for tre Moat this where he hag secured the contract to remove several Large for of that his carts and entire outfit will be shipped by freight this he Kinney gets but mss James who was charged by patrolman Boyer with disorderly conduct and resisting an officer was committed saturday evening by trate Booth for 15 Days putting up today Thomas waa busily engaged putting no Call Bells at the Lebanon Valley a number of them Are being put up in the rooms which have been in Tarzeal left for lock the Stamford comedy for lock where they will occupy the boards this meeting of the a an important meeting of the Hook and ladder company will be held this even ing at the a foil attendance is lumber of the Calon testis Thomas of this alerted a member of the Union of
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