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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Apr 18 1910, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - April 18, 1910, Lebanon, Pennsylvania V c i 5 monday april Bishop Rudolph dubs be Ives word from son at Changsha station is attacked formerly miss Carrie this Safe am the foreign owned building in have been destroyed fire with the exception of the British All the rented by foreigners have been loot the chinese Cilicia is on Day issued a that they unable to protect the lives property and thereupon All foreigners made haste to the City so far As is no foreign resident lost his than Kasha is an Interior Cit y of and is 400 Miles North of Hong the above dispatch cabled to this country caused consternation in All parts of the coun try and particularly so in Pennsyl because of the missionaries from this state who Are in among them is o the Platte River and formerly miss Carri of a daughter o and Martin Newton who is superintendent the missions the United Low Angelica Church Ait which have attacked by rioting escaped a merch ant vessel in the a he telegraphed that the Folly win missionaries Are according the latest reports and c Newton of Harrl Alburg re and of Chicago and of Carlisle of Williamsport miss Renft Etta and and the natives Bird Coleman Furnace work was again resumed at Plant on two blowing engines were put on 3 of the Bird Coleman Plant of the Ija Kawanna Iron and steel one on i Day evening and the other on Sun Lay morning and work was a fire occurred at the Furnace on rid a evening and the arge engine by which the Plant is damaged the mow ing engines us3d in generating the blast for the Mary Smith Dies at age of 84 kvas a native of Berks died sit Home of of Edward Buchmoyer discovered at foot of embankment family theatre closes North eighth tills Mary widow of the late Peter Benks died on saturday in this at the Home of her 38o North eighth she was aged 83 9 months and i she suffered with dropsy and a complication of diseases incident to old Aige and was ill Many her death came As a Welcome Relief from Smith maintained a Home at but spent each Winter with her Only she came Here last october and later became Al who High the Best of medical Aid and tender nursing Avad Lawe was tendered to Toring her Hack to Tihe efforts were fruitless and declined David who resides at is years of the body was taken to Ham Burg today and the funeral will there on Boen in this City of death is mystery two Sisters reside i Here the body of Edward a Buchmon of 937 Maple Allen the Well known was found saturday morning at 10 Oclock in a Small a Short distance West of the Plant of the Taylor engineering at a Section known As the Ketter the discovery was made by a youth who spent the morning fishing along the Little Lehigh performances May to Iivo under auspices of the family theatre dosed on sat urday evening for the there will Iio no further ocular perform ances there for res of this theatrical but there us several local enterprises on the iils and it is expected that the place will be for a week or during the next two Wiluin Sixx Mally Lect cd professional on the wonders in been requested to locate some the Vaudell lists Whoso contracts Are wit a a View of them give a special performance under the auspices of one or More local pretty wedding no diminution in ranks of nine from this City names of veterans Saim Iol Muin Fortl and miss a pretty wedding took place at the Home of Ami John North fourth on saturday evening 7 Luen their miss Bertha was married to Samuel h of this the ceremony was performed by the boy notified William i James Daniel pastor of Araa plan fial incr t1ir int Tor was been inflamed is Busy agent of the action at the chinese officials in cornering and controlling the of when they began the missionaries and other foreigners fled and were taken aboard a merchant Steamer in the the United evangelical Church was established in june Newton of son of Bishop was anointed superintendent of that he and his family left May he made the first trip to May he entered r 100 1 on Page had his right hand crushed Fred Fertig local horticultural inspector of the department of Agri culture of division of left this morning for ring Schuylkill where he will spend two Days making demonstrations for last week he was in Somer set and Fayette counties on similar work for the department and met with very enthusiastic receptions in All the season for Spray ing for san Jose scale is now nearly at an end and the spraying for coddling Moth will soon the Early appearance of Spring More or less crippled the and the More expert inspectors Wero Given a Hardy Chase throughout the Fertig was one of selected to go into districts other than his own and he had a very Busy time of it for some weeks lie will shortly begin work in Lebanon county ways of getting rid of the coddling this insect attacks fruit just about the time it is forming after the Blos soms have and if allowed who was also the latter was horrified to that the Man was the body when found Lay at the Edge of an embankment about eight feet High on the Side of the Lehigh Valley cause what the actual cause of Buch Moyers death and the fact that he roamed to that Section is a mystery to his last place of employment was with the at 955 Hamilton for the past week he had been drinking Friday evening while in fluence of Strong he entered Bellers shop and stole p from Cash eight Oclock saturday morning he went to the shop but was unfit to with another employee Tif he walked Down Hamilton and when they Buchmoyer told him he was going to a drug store to Purchase headache that was the Tost seen of him when found a slight wound was noticeable near the left the fingers of both lands tightly clutched Earth and and the supposition is that he must have rolled part of the Way Lown the and to protect him he grasped at the the causes leading to his death Are in first United evangelical Church wedded on saturday wednesday is anniversary of Date left for front the another year has elapsed any Diml Mutton in the ranks nine survivors of company contribution of the fifth in the War of the fort nine jeans Eso at season of the year there in soldiers had been or Euller United Thomus Snavely Anil Sliss on saturday evening Thomas suavely and Mary Trout were the Ceren Toniy was no by at the Homo of the on new ear purchased Auto Coal mid lain bit merchant will hive Uco David the Well known Coal lumber of has piu1 chased a hand some Hep through Isaac through the City for the mobilization cat nips and nil Lebanon was ural with the martial citizens held meetings and tinally Oan Sipany was Organ the organization left on april anniversary of which on wednesday of this the John Ulrich was the but of that sturdy company there arc now but nine they Are George Joseph Abraham Henry Cyrus All of John of the soldiers at Hamp ton and Edmund water Sijohn who later headed the was member of the during number of years Litiere have been Many depletion in the ranks of the but last year Tho remainder of the organization Brighton Beach race Cyrus tills will drive Stennis Cyrus of South eighth will drive a w horse Power steams car in the li4 hour race at the Brighton Beach track May 13 and his friends were inclined to the belief that he Hod Alband Onei Mobile driving and the announcement hint he will race Asan was received with at present engaged in the sales department at the Lebanon Chain Post held meeting the next convention judge Ehrgood Tion to Largo of motions list is to use rest in Deavors to have meeting held it members Post travellers protective of this held a largely attended meeting on Day at which the state next discussed at some length thiere to Ell Fht Irani Lodge in and those selected several weeks ago have All signified their intention of going to the Oon the delegates waa were instructed at the Post to use their beat endeavours and influence to have their convention at l5erehey on the Borders of Tho Chio Collato made an offer of tender incr All of has forty Road agents As Cadi dates for Meomi Borsilli in the order if Tihe invitation to Hershey is and the Loal men will make a plea for Hershey As the next meeting Tor the judge Shull presided session judge this morning sided at a special at the court to a Large number by Tow the March civil used to this judge James Perry especially a special session of court this Ter of appointing a guardian weak minded person and tent on to such bluer Busone was brought before policemen at judge Ehrgood Thomas and Peter Nicomen on the groups Sylvan la petition being made by1 president of the Board of Mana presented by to place permission granted Louis Flesher As to a mortgage for in or estate for the permission John Long As commit 4i int or the com has been Deli the local a the new car ered Anid will be ii used in Nan just As soon As the condition of Tihe roads remodelling state commissions Walter agent of the new York life insurance la having the Acme touring which he purchased from who purchased an Overland remodeler at the Reading fac tory of the Acme the car will be brought to Lebanon within the the Republican state Robert of 1s65 Centre pleasant had his right hand crushed Between the bumpers of two freight cars on saturday afternoon he was in the act of coupling the cars when the Accident near Mailys on the and beading go makes Wormy starts operations new 10incu Mill of be Caiiou Valley Iron the newly built 16inch Mill of the Lebanon Valley Iron company went into operation Thia morning with about a Hundred hands employed in addition to those formerly in service in the old As the fur Naces and Rolls Are View will be several Days before everything is in ship but operations will be pushed from the very and the Plant will be run to full Newborn babe Dies was Horn to and f a daughter was born to and Albright col at the Jefferson hos on but did not the remains were in the Mauch chunk Ceme Tery by Schlegel on Aad he returned to Sohle Geis condition is not their family is scattered for the pres the two Little boys Are with their grandparents in Mauch chunk and their daughter is visiting in born in deceased was a son of Sarah and the late Michael and was born about Twenty eight Yeara ago in this when a youth he Learned the Trade of a Barber and during his residence in Allentown he worked with John my Thomas and j Friday evening Buchmoyer remained away from Satur Day morning when Coroner Goheen no titled his wife of the finding of the body of her she Buchmoyer was a Good and when sober was an industrious pm on other hand while under the influence of Strong drink lie neglected work and also his he is survived by his Ella three children Florence and Harry Buchmoyer his Mother and these Brothers and Sisters Hiram Harvey Allentown Isabella Ida Allentown Annie Emaus Kate James this and Carrie residing la the for aldermen and of City and state have been made out at Harrl suburb in the following Lebanon justices 1 aldermen East Hanover nor i Samuel Swatara Union Union i Fisherman discharged ii nov Houck will by slog Rist informant afraid me could not substantiate Tho italians and an american who wore Aito sied weak on a change of illegal have been discharged from the to the informant paid the for Tho entire amounting to More than that he waa fearful of not being Ablo to funeral of Sherk to enforce liquor Laws Saloon keepers form organization in All through Schuyl fail county today completed an Organ the purpose of which is promptly to prosecute every violator j of the liquor j Finis movement has been pre Elui by the review warfare which has been waged against liquor in this i Putty far we Raj Maria go left for White Haven Lebanon party will spend two Days Tio it Alderman who issued Tho the costs in the Case and withdrew the William Charles sheriff John Lohn and Jacob Funck sunday morn ing for White a where they will upend two Dij fishing for several members f the party Are Well acquainted in the Region and clerk Kochenderfer has granted a marriage License to tiie following Thomas of Mary o Guilford this they have every with plenty of is finny sheriff Bollman of experience Ami Lim a new Varit said to be i and in the i sect of returning of the the is an Angler had with of which is by seductive for it of its Success his friends and sociability run Philadelphia inquirer its Tho Only tiling regarded As definitely commenting on the makeup of the next Republican state ticket the Phila Delphia liw Jurer of sunday has the following the Only thing which is regarded Dell Italy settled in connection with Hio of Ramilius of the state ticket Tho re nomination of Henry of for Secretary of internal the grand old As Hook is affectionately known the is one of the popular campaigners among Tho republicans of and his nomination will be favourably received matter who Whall to named for the head of Tho destination will in All Proli Mility be Tho destination of the members 01 the Lebanon motor club in their annual sociability run will in 1 to in p on a barn owned by and presented action was withheld on of John Sholly for partition in the estate of the Isaac of Norott Lebanc township of which he is ton which was opposed Jufa counsel divorce a subpoena was awarded in divorce proceeding brought by May Demmy against of this Tho person Are alleged by the is represented by Dinar act Ney is serv ing a sentence in the Eastern appointed Lincoln of died at Pittsburg wife of William formerly of this wife of William of died there on following an prior to Ahe had been ailing for a Long 6ho was 1m5 Yeara old and in survived her appointed guardian of his Donald the infant Eon the late Walter of Wmk the boy has an estate of in Road Harry i a All to Dat Iphon a few alias Distant from Tho of Ommittee which has Tho for Tho event in charge this year motored there a Ulster and a work and were impress woj favourably is a son of Mablon with the the committee has of Cowhard this Otas yet aug braisted a report and an far a Guowu has nut agreed upon the Dato when it will Back from new Orleans Adam Saylor confined to Liis on Walnut with an at tack of la John Stoiu attic mud Council of Liu la i Kukk i services conducted this morning in Tho ii urea the funeral of the late camper of was held this morning with in the United a Mimi Churchi was made on Cedar Hill Ceme the were largely at i a euchre and will lie Given j in armory Hull o thursday evening by thu members the Clover John a Well know local arrived Home from new Ilkiv he at tended atonal of 1 u la Stein Stael cwt on to return journey a rain any View tit the i sues orders to a when they arrived at Mouti new Blacksmith shop Dawson Llo linger Kroc Tel one North a Chunoi House on died at pleasant Hill profanity on streets i rest All let us at a Kribick fro i Over t the Lau Uvine mayor Frank 1mcclaiu of Lan a Telegram was received boating Caster issued on is to Tho police which the train arrest All off Udud against the la a Dawson who to a ahoy on North near for a number of Haa u my Hiiop on the rear or the lot of in North the build Iii itself is and and Well Vii pred Appella Tiesi to had already operations in til new his Well to Lio Ivie owners and others in the and Huhta of friends Vitili him in hit now four year Oil Dau Giitl of j Mary tie four year old laugh Ter of and William of 1701 Center pleasant died on saturday a victim of the and two Brothers and a survive As follows Russell and the fic vral will tomorrow with at the interment continued 69 neat sum realized senior class cleared announcement Haa to Toft the senior of school olo ared tie to of tickets for the Tjaart Jatter w produced in the of by on Friday which the class the Ury at present the Tor washing Xin trip Lefteri Are practically cover threatened her life in a brige Over bad prot Auu and obscene of the Ttoe adv aaied that to ten Roaches All will be their to Grant Geru Ort to property in Union f Bouhey Aud others to Calvin pastor of Mitrus april United in marriage Rte Tun Hyphen Vokovic of his Stephen a foreigner 04 is bail to appear Tod fore Alderman for it ins on a of de deadly weat wus and a life of Rosa i it j in his und when i of the tried to make the fellow started 1031 Guilford Aad mis daughter of David of Ilik thu Iford father pastor he it Iurii injure out d of throwing of Flie of this to the morning married Joseph Veleia of which have met any the Laii Tady revolver and Shu took a different her Aldo own
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