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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Apr 14 1910, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - April 14, 1910, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Of thursday april of prominent members party from City and county at meeting Moyer president will to permanent with social features As Side Issue Lebanon county Republican an organization intended for purely political but so Ria features As a Side was launched in this City on wednesday a Lars re number of influential republicans from the City Rind county were present at the Gath ering at which the plans were launch and Hie Trio Venceint starts off a very representative and Slive the it is in will occupy spacious quart ers somewhere up the rooms to be equipped with Pool and other for social to it is a Well known fact that Dur ins the i Jet few years Lebanon to has gained a Illace in the Republican of the and one of the purposes of the new organization will be to so unify and the party in this county is to give it even wider apply a car the club will be made a nent and a charter will leap for in a the application to bin Good is being besides the purposes of bringing the Republican party adherents into closer there has Ai of a suit Able meeting where party mat ters ctn fhe club will be a sort of Headquarters for All party the club will Start off with several Hundred members if expectations Are and the organization is sure to become in in Oppl heirs an organization was effected by the election of the following officers Moyer Intreri Noll Rob Ert Likht financial Raymond aboard of a Board of governors was elected with the following1 members Dawson Henry the Start work tomorrow Given instructions by All of die thirty Evon who tomorrow mor Nibur will taking hip census in of Ninon Oihi were Semi Oral As to their worthy former actor Uio supervisor in i this Rongus ional at a meeting bold on wednesday eve Nick in the Odice of the on the second floor of Tho office after Ward the entire party were the of Light at the passed through City assisted it fourth Street i Teri Aii Chuich Ron Iii passed Thron this ing on his Assisi at lie Timoni which the Bis Ity Liik Ninor to m Martin place Thoro Resy held state German society slim Ink Atton Clung mesh ii of executive senior Pas Tor of Salem outlier an left this morning to attend a meet ing of the executive committee of the Pennsylvania German at will remodel Bucher Home contract awarded to Harry Cilly by amount subscribed trustees elected and after business session social hour was enjoyed upon Lehigh alumni smoker will take it to Morrow the la High alumni As social Ion of Centric Pennsylvania will hold its Spring Winokor in the to our of the 2 lit Mark of s Oclock tomorrow evening left for Vermont Hei Irv i Fotek will ill Var to f of the member son wednesday even i Arrisoni and the a phial in the application which will be presented to the court of common pleas the will appear As incur Dawaon mov will be occupied by Street Tui Lowny company As Ottyce and waiting Harry Cilley has been awarded the contract for the remo Dalinis of the Bucher on Cumberland at Liberty for Jig occupancy by Itlie Lebanon Valley electric Street railway com Pany As an office and waiting the upper floors will be arranged into suites for Light the contract was awarded by architect of the Shenk who has the plans for the changes to Rito hers of lace has also awarded George Beard and company the Eon tract for the erection of new Berks county Trust company build ing in and to Baker to contract for the erection of Haven Trust company ing at the for both Trust company buildings were made in architect pitchers offices claims against guard Lantz Hart conference with adjutant general this at bad a Ron Ferencz with adjutant general of the on the question of claims against the guard As the result of its last Encampment at there was some property damage and a few unpaid in Kutkus this morning took out letters of administration on lie estate of the late Lavina Hershberg Geriot East Hanover is attorney for the Reid and and a committee was appointed to for and select quarters for the with the following hav Ard and Noll annoy twinem was made attorneys Warren of today by senator Walter charge of tie Graeff and will committee since the sent the incorporator a in the Applit Wesley a that the Republican cation it is convention that the application will be filed in 1isbur the prothonotary office june 22 As Date for holding a Pul state on Whu has of appointed to Mike a Campaign for the funds reported that not Only had the de sired sum been had been to Little thus making a for contingencies which May am o let stib9cr1b some time ago a member or Friend of the a Jerson whose name has thus far been held feed to contribute the of the if the other members made up Tho other glue i constituted the the members at to work with i the result that the Money is and by april l it is reason ably certain will be a Mort Gage burning which will be a to the there were other routine presented to the congregation which was presided Over the Leonard Pas k reports tie treasurer presented a showing All current As Aud the reports from the different associations Orwan ined bodies the Church showed the congregation to be growing and prospering most Carson of general superin Ondein of the North Ern Central and Cirre Divi newly elected presi Dent of the will president of Assoc a will be present Ami will meet the member for the first time in his new donated two volumes to Hicks Ilist Orical the trustees we reelected All but Houck were re social Horil after the Meetins Here was a Cial arranged by the entertain ment committee of the Church brother Light retire Simenis were served and were much As also the Wood social of donated to county ills Orical society volumes at the meeting held at v they Iron industries of Lebanon Henry and Lobanon county in f Berda of wills of late line Register Kiider hearing i testimony in Deputy Register is today Maucri of of Uio two wills arc at Lii dds went to Newmanstown rec Lianas will speak Luther death of Edward Ford victim of pneumonia Antl was aged 45 will be held in Hur on june this ii was Law Reni sorted that Penrose and other Liila Cleophia political leaders had decided to make Harry Secre tary of tie state the Nom with pc Rose tie actual directing m Ward of 11 u Walnut died on wednesday evening of pneumonia at the Good Samari Iau to which institution he had been admitted for treatment on tues he was old Ahi sur Vived by his wife and four children Dewey and an he was employed by the Cornwall Railroad company and was a member of Iii thu or pythias at banquet for boys will lie served this a cuing by ladies the sixty sixth Confer Onoe of the Berks in tinier league opened this afternoon in lutheran at of which dry is the pcs Branson Jastor of James Rompa Nied by Hia left this morn ing to attend the Richards will this afternoon on our own Terri other speakers on inc program Are of Ami grandsons were bearers i Tickal services of make a v this will fill pulpit by and female Juan tet Sev tial a torture jigs Tor of tin first reformed this at Obelok in charge i funeral servies lit ilm body Llie at the caveats tiled ii i Date Ai existence and the clip Over the in which Are Miller and Harry c the handbook Libr the schools Lebanon Miniver Eloi Tod it Tho Carlisle presbytery the business done state run of Chat tit left Liis morning for where he will on Friday an address along educational to Tho of list second of for til in to struck Ion by Why general is Ontic lotto As Cemilla census ossuary to one copy acl of ii titled to Only Jon of Public in was today Deputy actor to any copies f the lie As May be Nec primary a Chulim ordinarily the instruction Popien has filed fifty deeds Milton leis lies has to lie k Milton Hershey Cheol at Harri Thor in i Ami Iwens the recent foi1 the am leis his and Sun Only to lira proprietor of Ihirg for record new of on of Industrial Iho beaut in ing Oliree oho son As place Cor holding the session William was elected just Trator 1all aos Aion it Tho Yoboud session of the Cardilo Market Square on Tho fall meeting will be held at those coins sinners to the in eating of Tho general which meets at Atlantic City Tho latter part of were elected Fenry and Allen Oha Meisburg Henry and Nis Welsh aside from Lection of a mod orator and Prysby tory continued the routine business during the the morning a Hsioh opened 9 Oclock with Short devotional exer Ives by of Clun Trio annual trying Tho estate of religion in pets Butery was read by Potter jntbr10st1ng Rio port one of Tho most inter sting Roji Orts presented to and there were was that of Henry pastor of Westminster which showed that of the had been subscribed to Tho William West nem Prial fund Wlinich was established at Tho former fall this amount has been subscribed of members of Westminster for tie executive Omini Sion that the budget for be Levo Lenco was about completed and would be sent to tie various churches within the next ton honorable rat Arlun William of Tho Centre on a count of advanced asked for a dissolution of pastoral rebut to Lake effect july lurch yield was honorable retired by presbytery and the action of the Centre congregation in asking him to remain As pastor of Crittis was Hurch Licud has served in Tho past Oral o for Boiu forty rkl110f Hose reported for i to committee on ministerial Relief Ion for Aid to the amount of an increase of Over year for lie same to this amount about of Foo will be it Deil a the fall meet presbytery draws from the Board and contrib uts through us churches Irron find offer Ings were urged tie presbytery Diou Rcd in the Evo the address Wib made by Allon of Kan thi5 is hour los co that Oberholtzer estate attorney rank Tollman this Hoard tos attorney Frank Johman this ing sol us auditor in us estate of Uio Christian of Koutlis Londot Nirry represented the big Surprise for Amos Long that what Man received of bar printed in Mimi Irh of 1iihlk class Call was recipient and of gifts and vocal i not i menial Imi Iwic avas of Ami of was the Sceno of a pleasant Surprise party on wed Mekdisy Tvan when thirty Jive munitions of the clouts of Pauls of Ali Julf Long is a former path Ord at Hom unannounced in Hon or of his birthday which occurred a very pleasant evening sixt Andi a program of Merit was Leo Cash for of Mie m St Nia Titial was Tho Rudh and App it two Iii Rich rendered Hany in behalf of the presented soup with a pair of military brushes and a handsome manicure Iran been ill for six months and has been to his 1t is proprietor of Tho in sikh whop North ninth Only one of is purchased by 1c23 Chestnut Philadelphia five hundred1 Quarter Inch Tho cover of while 4 by 0 May a pretty is amount will receive Tjie description Only orb Opp of Tje up orc the i an4 is kind known to at Tow Uio Pioneer Luu Dep tie the since then but and he sprue Chev a utto Tia rain at u printed title the translated a in Ijo coaster county without knowing of Tihe of More thai Ordinary bid it up to at Lous Lator it a pretty entertaiiuxl1 the Weimer Murray Here i1 lend who with him five Hloy clo exhibit Wolmer Murray formerly or this but now of Here Traish Octzik Busl Niss ail Cal Lenur on Murray was in Flnoy a Promise it of is an bicycle rider and wednesday Evn arranging to i uhf have in exhibition for Anise Cut imn ibor of Aumain Tancel ii h of a and Consold Albi dually an for Tho and this Daffy Ilbe lie wants the Book for a has a of and die mysterious wan Tod to Complete in Ion of is known to be in Hellman forwarded Philadelphia on by and it valuable lutherans to at Tiik Forence at returned to Brooklyn Theodore lick Nail his to in this of returned Theodore Ruih three weeks a tiny his Jacb u in Elm Jim it win my Uit Sou Anil North fish ild on Weill Erduy the int fill was held to play with intense in at Lebanon loan la the Miu after a in Lily Wiki of u my Otis in near him Karo Hecker and Llano of composed an automobile party which visited bore they stopped for c nor at the Ciaglo twin refuses to take under the i Hauch pastor of Johns Voll speak sunday visiting his Atli up at de of will preach at sunday morning service in i this in Roin of the tin ladies auxiliary will serve to All the boys of i tie Servi will be in i charge of i of whih Daniel is i and the Otu i of marry is nearly 100 lava Reyna tired and Ati intent int least 125 Are i the speaking vill in charge of four work Wilson Sherer and the j waiter j find hiking clubs will we la general Attall Trio Lipsou kin1 Ai us John Kintli at i ser Vii n i Iii of h Mary he Viilu hard and Lra r a sos and nearer my Jod la and r in 1 i Kiili Uerlings Xor Man and s and As pall save 25 to 50c on the Dollar u camera our april 16th s5e out window write for prices Harpell Art meeting of Brethren Ami Olluis in at Leisi Lukuc no final Inry i Tini Taxt Lis Trici it Miedl from Andrw Jeisy and a tar Iii Iwuc of Vit Torri ii in Leburn imn Akter in Nailiu Ilarie the is lie lie various Iao irom Earh boy will Tou Xiv to Hmoih Kikm Hick lutheran ministers and their in this City l at Weikl the Spring to Duns of Lancaster conference lutheran tuesday and if in Keller at of Harry is Branson James w Junior pastor of of it is said document Comins a of Only for Uio ctn Slick to take under tin will of her the Laie Peter the Creek this the Lias Erik used of William to Rop Resini her in which is exp Esteil to result from her i the Leor Gotso which filed for to enl and letters Tesia Inci Ilary issued to the of ibis and Jonestown will of and of to Tufa of will have Ftp devotional at tote Ohio of the of this is f the Miller to will take As Bride Voung Daniel i of Cumberland Baa v 4 tie annual v to avs Valley Trust of to lots at estate to William 13 acres and 43 ii orches of Laud in Millcreek Coji Dallel Witter to John wit House and lot in mesday uis Aimi out of Iho Reuis uis Oltaire ail it is said it a bequest of Only widow in Akeri by the v contains for t in sued Lur Braiu of Day t0 in Keller Maui Ozial the Barr Lampe of to William on to Viire fat two Miller is a son of Aud of 109 nor i thu and has been a years he a civil it Oltre Koch Ruderfer today issued a Coj lilt marriage i Dieiso u the following Lull at Steelton by updo i i Jacob of 37t i High and miss Nellie daughter of John of 117 Illig
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